Tyler Perry’s Too Close to Home Featured Roles

Casting Men and Women for Tyler Perry Show in Atlanta

Tyler Perry is now filming his first scripted series for TLC called “Too Close to Home”. Casting directors are now seeking a small group of extras with their cars for an exterior scene they are filming. They are also looking for a Caucasian blonde to be a photo double.  The shoot will be taking place tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia.

About “Too Close to Home”

The Tyler Perry series Too Close to Home follows the story of a young woman who escaped her working class upbringing to discover unparalleled success in the fast-paced D.C. political circuit, only to find herself at the center of a scandal. After a steamy affair with a married senator makes national headlines, she is forced to return to her trailer park beginnings, where her past and everyone in it resurfaces to complicate everything,” according to Variety. This will be his first scripted series for TLC.

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are seeking men and women of all ethnicities to appear on the new Tyler Perry show. They are looking for men and women ages 22 and up with cars for the exterior scene. The pay rate is $64.00 for 8 hours with a $25.00 auto bump for using your car.

Men & Women
Ages 22+
Own Car
Local to Atlanta

Also Seeking:
Female photo double with stand in experience preferred. The pay rate for this role is $140/12 hours.
5’6″ or 1.68 M
Medium to long hair
Thin frame

How to Apply

Those interested in being considered for either role can apply by following the information below.

Extras with cars:
Submit the following:
1 headshot
1 photo of car
SUBJECT: “patron with car”

Photo Double:
1 Headshot 1 Full Body
SUBJECT: “blonde photo double”

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12 Casting Responses

  1. Penny knight

    My name is Penny , I 43 & would love the chance to be the woman that actually lives in a trailer park and do believe I have what it takes to play the part. And as far as ppl talking I am the one that lives ane and if a man shows up l all of sudden am having a sexual affair with this man. NOT
    …… Thank you , can’t wait shpw you.

  2. Penny knight

    I am very interested in this up coming try outs. I have always had a see a I being an to change my life , I am at a cross Tia that could Chan the whole trogetictary I my life. Hope to show you soon.

  3. Angela Safford

    Hi i just want to get a chance to show my talent im just regular person a single mom who is trying to do something with my life me and my friend have a special bond please give us a chance you want regret it please call at thank you so much..god bless you ..

  4. Hayley hood

    I’m a small town country girl from madison Georgia . For some reason I don’t know why last week I decided to become an actress never tried before. I decided I wanted to share my pain with the world through acting . Mom died in prison 4 months ago my kids were kiddnapped by the state due views on methadone clinic even tho I been clean for 5 years. Small town views are diffrent . I have an amazing story I have real pain and I need to express it by acting rather than keeping it inside

  5. Adrian Smith

    Hello I’m Adrain Smith and i can play any role if given a chance I can make your movie more funny that it already is just being myself im 37 years old from waldo Arkansas been poor all of my life trying to make something of my life instead of being in the streets my number is 818 749 5458

  6. precious darby

    precious darby

    precious darby

    please give me a chance to audition. my name is precious darby with braids in my hair with my stomach showing and my back picture is my son and daughter she has on a purple dress and my son has on a blue suit… thank you so much

  7. Darlene Belton

    I to own my own my own vehicle can travel can’t get passport ASAP if necessary .

  8. Darlene Belton

    My name is Darlene Belton and I have experience as an extra I’ve work with Avery Brooks and Uncle Tom’s Cabin Paula Kelly and Troy Beyer it was slave Time movie I originally from Mississippi I live in Atlanta curvy short at not the average but attractive black woman I want to try my hand at acting I’m sure I can do it been through a lot in my life and I think I can express a lot through acting thanks God bless

  9. Betty Reid

    68 year old glamma with personality, living “it’s never to late” life! Could pass for forty! Excited and looking forward to my YOLO debut!!

  10. Chancy


  11. Boris

    Mr.Perry I’m probably one of your biggest fans I saw the first play and I just fell in love with it the first time I saw ever since I saw every play on DVD and I’ve always wanted to be in one of your movies and play I hope that you will give me a chance to be in your production one day thank you for teaching me lessons that help build my confidence in this world

  12. Leticia Dankwa

    Will an African be accepted?