Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor – OWN

Tyler Perry's Love Thy Neighbor - OWN

Love Thy Neighbor – OWN Casting Call

Oprah Winfrey and her OWN Network are stepping up their game for 2013 and that means several amazing casting opportunities for up and coming actors of all ages in one of the most incredible productions in television history. Oprah has signed on to bring Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor to televisions everywhere and auditions for a number of supporting roles will be held very soon. You can submit yourself today for your chance to be cast in the TV project that will have everyone talking in the new year.

Love Thy Neighbor will focus on the lives, lessons learned and many laughs had in and around Love’s Diner, owned and operated by the hilarious Love family. This is sure to be yet another hugely successful venture into the world of television comedy for the mega-talented Mr. Perry following in the footsteps of his unforgettable series House Of Payne and Meet The Browns. The project will be produced, directed and written by Perry through his Tyler Perry Studios and overseen by Oprah and her magnificent OWN network. Every Tyler Perry production become an absolute phenomenon and with them come casting opportunities that have every aspiring actor hoping for a shot at stardom. Now is your chance to get in on the action as auditions are being organized now and submissions for all available roles are being accepted now. For consideration for every part up for grabs in this fabulous new project you can send emails here ummicasting@gmail.com. Every new casting call detail will be posted as soon as they become available so stay tuned for every development and be sure to leave a comment for us below and tell us why you want to be chosen to be part of the all new Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey collaboration Love Thy Neighbor.

Tyler Perry is coming to Oprah’s OWN Network and you could be there! Apply today for your shot at stardom in the all new TV sitcom Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor.

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  1. Wanda Jackson

    Good Morning Mr. Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey; It’s truly a please, just to have the opportunity to write your organization and maybe one day soon, I’ll be able to show the world how I can shine as an Actor and a Singer. I’m a baby boomer, therefore I do appreciate the journey I have traveled in my life. One thing for sure, I love and enjoy making people laugh. I have that witty personality that makes you laugh and sometimes cry. I love singing and expressing my God given talent to show that I truly enjoy my life despite all of my adversities that I may go through. I’m 58 and I’m truly am Bless that I don’t look my age. What I’ve learned in this life would be, if you represent yourself in helping others, God will fulfill you with longevity. And I’m Blessed that I don’t look like what I’ve been through. Basically, I love life and all that come’s with it. I’m very talented if given the opportunity….So if you looking for a new face that’s not afraid of Shine….Come get me….I’m READY!

  2. Barbara Sample

    Hi my name is BB , and I love your shows and plays . I sing and would love to have the chance to be in a play or show . I always wonted to sing , but I am over weight and am trying to loose weight . I feel good about my self and my mom is my back bone . My mom keeps me going when my day goes bad . This is my life dream to be able to take care of my mom and give her the things that will make her happy in life . I cant seem to be able to do that and it hurts . Tyler Perry I see and read about god gave you a new life and one day I will get a chance to have one to . You give me the get up and go I need to keep going

  3. Siviwe

    My name is Siviwe. I am 25 years of age and live in South Africa.

    I would like your assistance please, in getting a casting agency in the United States of America.

    King regards

  4. Kiana Burnette

    I am a 25 year old, Black aspiring actress, when searching for auditions I could not help but stop once I saw the name Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. One of my all time favorite actresses is Tika Sumpter and the first time I ever saw her as an actress was when she was featured on a Tyler Perry T.v. show. I will be submitting any information that is needed, and I hope to hear back soon.

  5. Destiny Waters

    I DONT REALLY know if you read these. My name is Destiny Waters I’m 17 years old pudgy but not fat and pretty beautiful ( if I don’t say so myself). I have always had a desire to act and if you wold like to give me a chance. Thank you for your time if you actually read this and Love Thy Neighbor sounds like a tv show or movie you already have.

  6. Elice Brown

    I’m 19 my dream is to be an actress I have experience but never did it where thousands of people seen it this is my life long goal to live my dream

  7. oralee e holloway

    This is a package deal, my 14 month baby born on my feb. 8 2015 and myself but born 74. My baby was a twin 1 died at birth. Abel whom is with me. I’m afraid to leave my side. although I have my fears, I’m funny, entertaining and a charm. I work hard. I’ve been threw it all and now that stable. I”M READY !!!! We look forward to meeting you soon.


    Abel and Oralee Holloway

  8. sophie ogodo

    I’m approaching 30 years of age and I feel I have not reached my full potential in life ,there is this itch or urge to become more than an ordinary person with a good job,your platform would be in my opinion ,the best to kick off from ,as it seems to be a fair platform for people of color like myself.