Tyler Perry TV Show Looking for Several Roles

Casting Call for Men & Women for Tyler Perry Show in Atlanta

The Tyler Perry television series “The Haves and the Have Nots” is now filming its fourth season and Marinella Hume Casting is looking for extras and featured roles for the show. They are looking for men and women to play joggers, a couple, a priest, Quita’s Friends, Servers, Host/Hostess and upscale patrons. These are paying roles. The show is filming in Atlanta, Georgia so all actors interested

About “The Haves and the Have Nots”

The” Haves and the Have Nots”, now filming its fourth season is a television drama that follows the complicated dynamic between the rich and powerful Cryer family and the hired help who work in their opulent mansion set in Savannah, Georgia. It is created, written, directed and executive produced by Tyler Perry. It airs on Oprah Winfrey’s network, OWN.

What They Are Looking For

Filming is set to take place on Wednesday, May 25th. All applicants must be Atlanta locals. These are paid roles.

2 Joggers: Experience a plus but not required. Males and Females 21-35. You will be jogging in the scene, please have work out clothing and the physical ability to work the scene.

1 featured Couple: You can submit as a couple or individually. Male and Female 20’s-30’s. If not in a couple, no worries we will match you.

1 Priest- Caucasian male 40’s +, clean cut and pious.

Quita’s friends- African American street looks only, ages 18 and up. If you have a car that is a year 2005 or OLDER we want a snap of that car and we will give 5 special people a raise in the form of an auto bump.

Servers: Professional experience a plus but not required. 21-35 year old males and female. If you have worked with us as a server before please note that in the submission.

1 Host/Hostess: Experience preferred but not required. ages 18+

UPSCALE Patrons: Males and females all ages, sorry, no minors. Upscale looks model looks. We hope to see you soon!

How to Apply

SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING TO BE CONSIDERED. They are booking this scene now.
Select role from above.

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12 Casting Responses

  1. Rita Bedell

    My name is Rita Bedell and I am 25 years old. I would love it be apart of any of you shows/movies.

  2. Tony Hill

    I tried to send a email, but your email is full.

  3. Dudeline Chery

    Dear Tyler Perry I’m interested to working with you! Hope to hear from you soon. Good Evening!


    Hello, I got the goods you looking for, go on Facebook and watch all my movies, The Forever People by modcitymedia, a thriller that you will love to watch again and again, and my music video Deadman Walking by Blaze, I know I will be a GREAT SUCCESS because, BABY IMA STAAAAAAR, YAAAAAEEEE, YOU MIGHT KNOW IT NOW……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nathan Houser

    I wish this audition was in Michigan, Hey Tyler I am an actor from Michigan, I love all your movies, I am also or was in the 80’s a top boxer!! Look if you ever need any boxing scenes or fight scenes give me a holla, I stay in shape for things like auditions, pretty girls,……naaw, just kidding, but I dream of working for you one day acting!! Peace to you my brother, and keep making them MADIA movies!!!!!

  6. Nathan Houser

    Hey guys my name is Nathan Houser, and I been in a few films in Michigan before the tax incentive was taken away, some of those were The Forever People/modcitymedia, of course I am the black man, and Souls of Black Men, produced by Rodney Rhodes on NBC a few years ago, I am a starving actor in Michigan since the tax incentive has been taken away, could you please help a brother out, it sure will be appreciated

  7. Darielle Twilley

    Hey my name is Darielle Twilley. I’m 24 years old originally from the eastside of Detroit Michigan. Where I’m from its so many people with talent but the chances to succeed are slim to none. I like to think I’m an exception to that. I’m a very versatile actress. I believe Any role I’m asked to play ill deliver to your liking. I’ve wanted to act ever since I can remember I just never had the support or means to make it happen. I now realize all the support I need is within me so I’m taking a risk and going for what I love. Its funny because I always tell my family “If I ever get to meet tyler perry id be a star… I know he’d love me” I PROMISE IF YOU MEET ME YOU WONT REGRET IT. I WILL BE ONE OF THE BIGGEST ACTRESSES and I would love to have my first major role with someone as great as Tyler Perry. I don’t know what catches attention on these things but if true God given talent is what your looking for, its so much in me I could bust. I wont let you down. I just need ONE CHANCE.

  8. Madiha DuBose

    Hello, my name is Madiha DuBose I reside in Philadelphia. I lived in Atlanta back in 2004 for a short time. I’m true to the name Madea. The first time my mom went to see one of Tyler Perry plays she called me up and said “you won’t believe there is a man dressed up like a woman name Madea and acts just like you. My father (GOD REST IS SOUL) always told me I missed my calling. I’m hoping that’s not true and would love to join such a talented man and have an opportunity to work with Tyler Perry. I’m 44 years of age, 5″2 170 pounds I wear a size 12 in pants, large in shirts and my shoe size 8. I don’t have a head shot or body shot of me available at the time of submission. I never apply for a casting role before. I willing to fly over if ever giving a chance. Thank you. God bless!

  9. Todd Moody

    Hi my name is Todd Moody I’m really from North Carolina I lived in Atlanta Georgia in the early 90s live in San Francisco I am looking for something for a job I’m 5 feet 9 inches high and 85 pounds 34 inch waist I would love the opportunity to work on the set of something for Tyler Perry

  10. precious darby

    precious darby

    precious darby

    please give me a chance to audition. my name is precious darby with braids in my hair with my stomach showing and my back picture is my son and daughter she has on a purple dress and my son has on a blue suit… thank you so much

  11. Eshema

    Interested in what you have available now.

    Eshema Dixon


    hello my name is Musamba Kabaso from lusaka zambia in africa,am a very talented actress/singer.am 19years old and am a single mum with a 3month old little girl…ive grown up watching and learning alot from tyler perry movies and it would be a dream to be in one of your movies…i know i would be an inspiration to my little girl as you have been to me…please make my dream come true!GOD BLESS YOU!