TV Show "Endlings" Starring Roles – Kids & Teens

Kids & Teens Casting Call – Nationwide

Have you always dreamed of starring in a TV show like Henry Danger or The Thundermans? A kids acting audition for a new L.L. Johnson TV show is looking for you! The acting casting call is for the new television series “Endlings”. Casting directors are scouring the United States, Canada and UK to find the perfect kids for the new series. This series will air on a major United States streaming platform like Netflix or Hulu, which one is still to be announced, CBS in Canada, NBC Universal Kids and the BBC! The team is looking for boys and girls ages 8 through 13 years old for the starring roles. Video auditions are now being accepted. This is an opportunity that doesn’t come around too often so you don’t want to miss out on it! Apply for the 2018 kids acting audition for your chance to star in the new show!

About “Endlings”

Sometimes the end is just the beginning… When the last elephant on Earth mysteriously vanishes, four foster kids discover that they’re not alone in the universe, even though sometimes it can feel like they are.

What They Are Looking For

Johnny: Male And Female. Age 12. Series Lead!
Note: **For This Role We Are Looking Throughout Canada, The United States And The UK**

Tabby: Female And Male. Age 10. Series Lead!
Note: **For This Role We Are Looking Throughout Canada, The United States And The UK**

Finn: Male And Female. Age 8. Series Lead!
Note: **For This Role We Are Looking Throughout Canada, The United States And The UK**

Julia: Female And Male. Age 13. Series Lead!
Note: **For This Role We Are Looking Throughout Canada, The United States And The UK**

All of these roles are open to diverse casting in all ways
Open to all ethnicities, all physical abilities, all personalities!

Sinking Ship Entertainment prides itself on its diverse, gender balanced casts. Please feel free to submit ‘gender blind’. We’re eager to see performers who are differently abled and those with diverse body types. Kids come in all shapes, colours and sizes, the “Endlings” cast will reflect that.

Network(s): Major US streaming platform will be announced in April, CBC (Canada), NBC Universal Kids, BBC (UK)
Director: J.J Johnson

Filming will take place in the greater Toronto area, Fergus and Ontario, Canada.
Outside Date(s): Mid July-end of November

How to Apply

Deadline For Self-Tapes: Friday, March 9, 2018 By 4:00pm Eastern
You can find all of the submission information at
Send Self-Tapes Directly To:
Please read the instructions on the website carefully before emailing.
You do not need to email for permission to submit!

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159 Casting Responses

  1. Sloan

    Hey my name is Sloan Brookson and I’m 13 years old and I’ve wanted to acting my whole life. I have blonde hair and I’m around the height of 5’3. I weigh around 100 pounds and I really hope I hear back!

  2. Logan Drummond

    My name is Logan Drummond. I am 13 , 5″3, 110lbs, brown hair with natural highlights, brown eyes, tan. I really think that i would be an amazing person for this show.

  3. Sienna Sayle

    Hi my name is Sienna I’m 14 and I would really appreciate any roles. I’m willing to do any requirements needed and cannot wait for a response. I really hope you consider me for this job. Thank you for your time.

  4. Colleen

    Hi I’m colleen I’m about 4.2 I’m Irish/Portuguese my dads portugese but I live in Ireland I’m 13 I have brown hair blue eyes and tanned skin I am experienced in acting I’m grade 7 with the leincester school of speech and drama I can also dance and i promise i would put 500% in if I got a part

  5. Colleen

    Hi I’m colleen I’m about 4.2 I’m Irish/Portuguese my dads portugese but I live in Ireland I have brown hair blue eyes and tanned skin I am experienced in acting I’m grade 7 with the leincester school of speech and drama I can also dance and i promise i would put 500% in if I got a part

  6. deqa ali

    Hi my name is Deqa Ali and I’m 13 years old. I have no experience, but we are making a movie in my class and I’m the lead and everyone says I should be an actor and I love acting so why not give it a chance.

  7. Ellie Hernandez

    Hi my name is Eleina Hernandez (Ellie for short). I have Brown eyes and Brown curly hair with red tones. I am 12 years old but would like to try out either way for the role of Julia, snd i am 4.11 feet tall (almost 5).I am half from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Canada, and a small part of me is from Italy. I do a bit of guitar. My hobbies are dancing, singing, acting in my head, and reading. I’d love to be a part of this and audition for Julia. Thank you and please respond back to me ASAP. I will send in my tape soon I hope. Thx

  8. Kallyee

    I’m kallyee I’m 5’1, I live in Illinois, I’ve always wanted to start acting, I’ve never had an acting job!

  9. Robyn Mckinson

    I’m Robyn Mckinson. I’m 14 years old, 5″4 and I’m black Caribbean. I have shoulder length, curly black hair, and dark brown eyes. I live in London, England and have a passion for film and tv!

    I would love to have the opportunity to take part in this show if you would have me! You can contact me by email
    Thanks, Robyn.

  10. Kaylee Green

    Hi I’m looking for a acting job. I am 5 feet tall, I’m 14 and live in Edmonton. I don’t have much experience, but you ha e to get started some where. Email my if you interested.

  11. Deveron Hildreth

    Hi my name is Deveron Hildreth,
    I’m from the UK,
    I’ve just turned 14 years old but I look younger than what I am,
    I’m about 5’0-1,
    I’m around 6-7st,
    I have dirty blonde hair
    Greyish Blue eyes
    I think the idea is really original and it is something I want to be apart of. I really want to get into acting because I believe I can be more than what I am if I try hard enough so this is me stepping out. Hope you consider me!!!

  12. Chayse levy

    I’m Chayse Levy. I’m a 13 year old girl with brown hair and brown eyes. Im from north carolina in the usa. I would love to act as julia i have no major acting experiance but have experiance in allstar cheerleading. I have wanted to be in a movie/tv show for as long as i can remember. It would be a dream come true to be julia in this show

  13. Natalia

    hi my name is Natalia. i am 11 years old almost 12. i have permission from my parents to be doing this.
    i am Mexican/canadian. i have dark brown frizzy/ curly hair. honey brown eyes and tan-ish skin colour.
    i am short for my age and a little chubby. i live in canada. i speak fluent spanish and english. i am female.
    i have never done acting though i have done a class play.

    Thanks for you time

  14. perlissia mahoungou

    hello, my name is Perlissia Mahoungou i live Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)
    height; 5’7”
    age; 14
    hair color; black
    eye color; dark brown
    race; African descent
    instagram; perlissia.maho
    snapchat; perlissia.m
    Acting has been a dream of mine since i was 8 years old, but people would always tell me ” you won’t make it or this is just a phase” but i kept believing and improved my acting by plays and online classes.
    I am also getting good grades in school because i know that if i start acting i have to do good in school as well.

  15. Pollyanna

    I’m Pollyanna Dyer ten years old and I want to play the role of tabby

  16. Margaret

    My Name is Margaret
    I’m 159 cm tall, I have dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair.
    I speak fluent english. ( I’m American, Canadian, and I have a Chinese background) ( i’m quite tanned)
    I have some type of exprience, since I have been in school musicals, and etc.
    my age is 11, but soon 12.
    Personally, I do feel that i am desperate for this role (especially Julia’s) pretty much like most people here. I always been in a very strict family, so I’m very timid, and quite shy. I never knew what I liked, and what I didn’t, I just followed as my parents pleased.
    Yes, I may be really late as to post this, but please consider trying to add me, or considering me to the Endlings.

    From many hopes,

  17. Raquel Goncalves

    Hello! 🙂
    My name is Raquel
    Age: 11 (but I look a bit older)
    Appearances: dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, my height is 5’4
    Experience: I have been taking musical theatre classes for a few years
    Residence: Toronto, Canada
    Looking for role as: Julia and/or other roles that are suitably available
    I have always wanted to act and perform professionally and I’m looking for my big start!!! I’m ready to put my ALL into it!!!!!! Good Luck to everyone auditioning!

  18. Jackson Sutton

    Would love to put this on my continuous resume :)! I’m very passionate about acting in commercials and tv shows. Love making new friends on new castings and having lots of close relationship with the people acting with and for. I’m 18. Birthday is August 10th. location tusla Oklahoma , But willing to travel. 5’10 black hair brown eyes. Shoe size 13. shirt size small. pants 30/28. Shorts small. look forward to your response❤️

  19. Summer Heaton

    Name: Summer Heaton (female)
    Age: 12
    Height: 5’3
    Weigt: 109
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: Green
    City: Washington D.C.
    Race: White/ American
    I have lots of experience with acting, from camps, plays, etc. I’d like to be the role of Julia, and if its too late, Im sorry.

  20. Frances kiadii

    Hello I’m Frances
    I’m an African Canadian
    I love acting
    Non experienced
    I like to try new things
    I’m a good girl
    I love meeting new people
    I’m 12 but some people think I’m only 8
    I would love to play any role I’m giving
    My eyes are bark brown
    My hair is black

  21. Keyanna Dolch

    Hi, My name is Keyanna. I’m 12 turning 13 in September and would love to play the role of Julia. I don’t have much experience acting but I would work really hard and try my best.

  22. McKenzie

    Name: McKenzie B.
    Sex: Female
    Age: 13
    Hair: Brown/Blonde
    Eyes: Green
    City: Fredericksburg,VA
    I hope you pick me. Thank you

  23. Tara Nell Cummings

    Hey y’all! My name is Tara Cummings, I am 13 years old, I am a female, I am from Russellville Alabama, I am about 5ft 5in but still growing, brown hair (in the sun my hair looks red), I speak English, I am white, I have some acting experience I have been in a movie I was a main character but the movie never came out, have been in shows before like school dramas. I really do hope y’all give me a chance at this! I have always been a great actor and dreamed for a moment like this! Even if y’all dont chose me I wish y’all the best of luck filming!

  24. Holly White

    Hi, I know I’m pretty late but I’m attempting to take a shot at this. I am 12 years old and I love acting and dancing, sometimes singing. I’ve been looking around a lot for a good casting call that fits my age and I feel like this could be the perfect one. I have really dark brown hair, dark brown/black eyes and tanned skin. I live in Toronto, Ontario and do not have any experience in movies or commercials, but I’m guessing thats where all actors have to start somewhere eventually. I haven’t put in my real name for safety reasons, but if I manage to hear a response from my email, then I will be sure to put in my real name.

  25. Isabella Frances Spruill

    Yes I am late Sorry.
    NAME:Isabella Spruill
    Nick name:Izzy
    Hight:5ft 1inch
    Age:11 ( but looks 12-13)
    Eye color:blue
    Hair color:blone
    And I would love the role of Tabby or Julia. 😃

  26. Isabella Frances Spruill

    ( I know I am late)
    Name: Isabella Spruill or Izzy
    Age:11 (but look 12-13)
    Hight:5ft 1inch
    Hair Color: Blond
    Eye Color: Blue
    City: Elizabeth City
    Race: White
    Experience: None but from School
    I would love the role of Tabby or Julia
    So if you pick me just tell me
    But you don’t have to

  27. Paulina

    long brown hair, brown eyes, 12, 5’7, wear glasses, and would love the role of Julia. Live in California, Santa Maria.

  28. Shelly Gasper

    HI, my name is Ty I am 4’8 with green/ gray eyes, dirty blonde hair, English, 92 lbs from Illinois. Not the tallest kid around but I have a great sense of humor and can talk to anyone, anytime. I have no experience but more than willing to learn. I am the class clown and love to be the center of attention. I have a quick mind to pick up things that I am told to do like reading lines. I get A’s and B’s in school, I’m in sports and would love to have such an amazing chance to prove myself!

  29. Lindsey

    Lindsey Mathias
    Hi my name is Lindsey Mathias, It would be a dream to audition for this. My dream was always to be an actress not for fame but doing something I actually Love and connecting with new people.
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’7
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown
    Weight:150 pounds
    Eye Colour: Dark Brown
    Race: African/Canadian
    Country: Calgary, Alberta
    Thank You for this opportunity and I know one day by God’s Grace I will be able showcase my talent.
    God Bless.

  30. Jake Gonzales

    Hello my name is Jacob Gonzales (Jake) and I have had some good experience in acting and actually just finished a production I want to audition for tabby m I too late this will mean the world to me I am ten brown hair and eyes with glasses and contacts I really want this gig because I can show you wonderful.

  31. Jake Gonzales

    Hello my name is Jake and I have had some good experience in acting and actually just finished a production I want to audition for tabby m I too late this will mean the world to me I am ten brown hair and eyes with glasses and contacts I really want this gig because I can show you wonderful.

  32. Emily Rice

    Hi, I’m Emily.
    I am exactly five feet tall and thirteen years old. I would be ecstatic to play any role you will offer me. I have very little experience in the acting industry, however I am willing to improve myself as best I can. I weigh 135lbs and have a relevantly stout stature. I have brown hair and a set of turquoise-gray eyes. I wear glasses and am witty and sarcastic at times. I am from Jacksonville, North Carolina (aka, the middle of nowhere), and I am a caucasian female. I sincerely hope you will consider me for any role, and will place all of my effort and focus into the show if you select me for the role.
    Thank you,
    Emily Rice

  33. Ziona Morris

    Name; Ziona (female)
    Age; 14 (but can play ages 12-17)
    Height; 5’4″
    Weight; 123 last I checked
    Hair color; Dark Brown
    Eye color; Dark Brown
    City; Atl, Georgia
    Race; African American
    I read the description and I know I’m late and over age range but this seems like a show I would love to be in. I’m also a new face and I think I could be a great asset to this show. I have acting experience in a copule shorts films and a few plays

  34. Ashley Thompson

    Ashley Thompson,
    My name is Ashley Thompson
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 198 last I checked and working on losing it.
    Race: Caucasian
    Hair color: dirty blonde
    Eye color: Hazel
    City: OKC, OK
    I know I’m late but I would really like to audition for the role Julia please give me a chance thank you

  35. Elijah Little

    Hi I’m Elijah weird black and brown hair. Age – 13 race – African American height – 5,4 I really want to try acting to get the feel for it And to get used to it i would send you one of my videos but i don’t know how so if you have the time could you have me audition thank you so much Elijah

  36. Elijah Little

    Hi I’m Elijah weird black and brown hair. Age – 13 race – African American height – 5,4 I really want to try acting to get the feel for it And to get used to it i would send you one of my videos but i don’t know how so if you have the time could you have me audition

  37. Kim Bussey

    Hi, kim, 13 years old but I can look younger. I’m around five foot two, i have kinda dark blue eyes and brown hair. I don’t really have experience in this but I am in an amateur dramatic group considered to be quite good. I also have a really posh accent, I am from england. I understand that someone with more experience than me would be a better fit but as Adam Jake Smith says below, everyone has to start somewhere!

  38. Alycia Kurtz

    Hi I’m Alycia Kurtz.
    Height:I think 4’11
    Weight:I think 81lbs
    Hair Color:Brown
    Eye Color:Hazel
    Town:PV, Arizona
    I would love to be in this show! I’ve been wanting to be an actress all my life. It would mean a lot to be in this show! -Alycia

  39. Tara Price

    Morgan Price
    Hair~Brownish Black(good for afros)
    From~Flint, Michigan
    Race~African American
    Height~4’5″(Last I checked I’m Short)
    Grade~5th(I just came from 4th grade)
    Hi, I would LOVE to play Tabby! I’m Widdy and have no experience but if I get this role I will have it afterward please except my applications and thanks for giving me a chance!

  40. Eddie Rider

    oh I forgot my important things
    I’m 12
    brown eyes
    36 inch waste
    blonde hair
    live in England

  41. Eddie Rider

    Hi I’m Eddie I love acting I can fake cry I can act a diva I was in an acting school but we were doing thriller I had to leave because it didn’t work because I do rugby. I can act the bully, I can act the kid getting bullied, I can do anything. I’ve always wanted to act its a dream come true if you do let me have an audition I would be so happy it would make my year.

    Thank you Eddie

  42. Becky

    American; about 5″; blonde hair; 12 years; female; green eyes;

    I am hoping to be noticed. When I join something I try to put my best effort into it. I will try my hardest. I am looking for an activity that I can enjoy. I am not experienced at all. But I am hoping you will except me. Thank you so much!

  43. Khaira Kukich

    Hi, My name is Khaira Kukich. I know I’m severely late, but I just started looking for auditions. I am 13, I have brown hair, fairly tan skin, 5 foot 5, brown eyes,weight is around 130, I’m muscular since I am athletic, I’m American with a little bit of everything. I live in Tucson Arizona. I’ve never really done any kind of acting, but I have got to start somewhere. I hope I’m not too late for casting, for any new information, my contact info is at

  44. Sydney

    name: Sydney
    part: Julia
    age: 10-11(look thirteen)
    eyes: blue/green/gray
    race:American/Europen(mostly Europen but speak english more than europen
    I might not beat the other competition because they all have good response’s.I just want to start my acting carer early. And I can also take any thing you put on me in actin ever if it scars me I will still try it.I hope you pick me because I can bring alot to the show

  45. Rose Hart

    Hello my name is rose hart I am 14 years old and I would really love to be on the show. I have red hair and gray eyes with light frecals on my nose and cheeks. I’m from a small town called Benson Arizona. Acting has always played a big role in my life. Ever since I can remember I’ve always been playing jokes on my freinds and family. Every day my friends are telling me to audition for something whether its a school play or a tv show. I know if I am to get a role in this tv show I would put all my best into it not only for me but to all the viewers outhere watching. The reason I love acting is because its fun and it give me a chance to express myself to others.many people have dreams and many people follow their dreams. I and someone who follows their dream and a role in this show is my dream.

    Thank you from rose hart

  46. ibtisam mohamed

    hi I know I’m late but I have a lot of experience in acting like lead roles in school play and drama class and acting course . I love to acting so please let me audition I’m 13 female, black and I can play any roles I love to act but never had the oportunites and I though on set I could finally make some friend because everythink I’m weird but I think I’m unique and that why I love acting it ok if I lost this oportunite but if you have any other upcoming movie I’m your girl bye thank

  47. Karly

    Hi my name is Karly McCrady I live in Dauphin Manitoba
    I have brown hair
    Green eyes
    I’m 5’2
    I’m 12 years old
    And I’ve been interested in acting since I was 7, because I live in a small town I haven’t been given the opportunity to act, however I was in an acting group in my school and I was also in a local acting group in my town. I hope to get in show business as this has been my dream!

    Thank you,
    Karly McCrady

  48. Aidan McCormick

    Hi my name is Aidan McCormick
    I’m 5,4ft Hair colour: Dirty blonde Age:13 weight: ( I believe) 108
    Eye color: Dark brown Race: Caucasian ( sort of tanned) City: Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada I have always wanted to be an actor and I plan on doing commercials and ect but I have some experience I’ve taken a lot of drama in school I’m in high school right now and I thought this is a good place to start acting I guess professionally. I looked at the roles and description and I know I would like this role I know it’s passed dead line but I thought about giving it a shot cause it’s still up on the site. Anyway if you get the time to hopefully read this, I would very appreciate it have a good day.

    -Aidan McCormick

  49. adam jake smith

    hello I am adam smith, I am 15 years old,5ft7ich, dirty blonde hair, green eyes, English, no experience apart from showcases but all actors have to start some where I really hope you consider me as I always wanted to act but have never been given the chance and if you do pick me I will put 110% in it and it will be my main focus and I promise you wont regret it

  50. Ashaurie Hamilton

    Name; Ashaurie (female)
    Age; 15 (but I look younger)
    Height; 5’2″
    Weight; 104 last I checked
    Hair color; Dark Brown
    Eye color; Dark Brown
    City; Atl, Georgia
    Race; African American
    I read tge description and I know I’m late and over age range but this seems like a show I would love to be in. I’m also a new face and I think I coukd be a great asset to this show.

  51. reagan

    age 13
    height 5,2
    black haired
    I would love the role

  52. Olivia Isaacs

    Hi my name is Liv (Olivia isaacs) and it would be a dream to audition for you. I have read the description of what its about and I feel that I would fit in very well. I’m fairly tanned, from the UK but I can do an American accent petty well. Please email me. My hair is blonde/brown and I have green/blue eyes. I have a fresh look and my acting could bring a sparkle to the show! Thank you Liv xx

  53. MARIA Valenzuela

    Hi, my name I sent Maria Valenzuela! I know I am late but I hope you will give me a chance. I don’t have experience in acting but I love everything about it. I have been wanting to be an actor for so long and I really want to help my family out as well. Eye color: green; hair color: light brown; city: Wasco, California; age: 13 (but look younger) ; height: 4’9 or 4’8; gender: female; race: Mexican American; weight; 100 (the last time I checked) please give me a chance I have dreamed of being an actor for so long and it wasn’t because of the money I just love that family feeling you get after every movie or show and I want that.

  54. adam jake smith

    name- Adam Jake Smith
    height- 5ft7inch
    eyes- green
    hair- dark blonde
    nationality- white Caucasian
    location- England, north Lincolnshire
    hobbies- athletics, and army cadets
    age- 15
    I know the age group is 8-13 and I’m 15 but I hope you like my application and think of picking me

  55. Adam

    Hello is the show gonna be filmed in Canada?

  56. alanis williams

    Hi I’m alanis Williams and I’m trying to get started in this industry it says in one of the descriptions you are looking for a thirteen year old. I am fifteen years old but I look young for my age everyone thinks I look 12-14 years of age. I have blonde hair blue eyes I’m 5″2 and 103 pounds hope you can reply back thank you for your time!!

  57. Aarushi Ganguli

    Hi I would love to play Julia. I am 15 but I am small for my age and I have aspired to become a actress since Grade 7

  58. Yasmin Lynn

    Hi, I auditioned for the part of “Julia” about 3 months ago and I just wanted to know when I will find out if I got the part or if I didn’t.
    Many thanks Yasmin.

  59. erin gootee

    I would love to be on this show!Please will you respond to me and tell me if I can because trust me I can act lol

  60. Gabrielle Simms

    Hello, I was wondering if you were still accepting video auditions? I am 13 years ( though age well), and have many acting experiences, please give me an opportunity to impress you, thank you. Have a great day.

  61. Daniel soluns

    My name is daniel soluns I am a 12 year old male who’s favorite hobby’s are soccer and acting. I have always wanted to be an actor. And I would be happy to play any roll that’s suits me. I have blondish brown hair with blue eyes and my favorite actor is Cameron Boyce. Thank you for your time

  62. Maddi

    Name: Maddi
    Age: 10 (but often looks 12-13)
    Height: 5”4 and a half
    From: Edmonton
    Weight: 110
    Eye colour: Hazel
    Hair colour: Blonde
    Gender: Felmale
    Acting experience: None (aside from school)
    Hobby: soccer
    Race: White
    Ethnicity: Canadian
    Wants role for: Tabby or Julia

  63. Maddi

    I totally wnat to be tabby! I’m going to audition, but i’m nervous because I look older for my age..

  64. Christopher Masterson

    I’ve been looking for casting jobs and have only had 1 audition so far, I would be very interested in auditioning for this Tv Show ASAP.

    • Christopher Masterson

      I forgot to mention,
      I am a 14 year old male from Ireland, I am approximately 5″2 in height. I have dark brown hair with Blue eyes. My desired role would be to play Johnny.

  65. Kamryn

    My name is Kamryn and it is my dream to be in a movie.
    I want to audition for Tabby or any female in the movie. Hope it is not to late to audition for a part.

    City and Province: Albera, airdrie
    Age: 10 turning 11
    Eye colour: green
    Hair colour: dirty blonde
    Height: 4’6
    Gender: female
    Hobby: basketball and acting
    Skin: white but tanned
    Country: Canada

    It would be a honour to have a chance to act in this movie!!

  66. Ashleigh Bratcher

    My name is Ashleigh and my goal is to be a actress star and to show my uniqueness and make new friends.
    Age: 12(look older)
    Ethnicity: American(mixed with German, and Indian)
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 190
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown
    Gender: Female
    Hobby: Singing and Dancing
    Times on TV: 0

  67. Crystal Devinner

    Hello, I’m interested along with my son age 8 in future castings. Thanks

  68. Tomi

    Hi my name is Tomi I’m 11 I’m from Africa but I live in America um I’m 5’4 I have black eyes and I really want this thanks 😀

  69. Tomi

    Thanks A lot u make me want to try hard

  70. Bella

    I do understand if can’t be in the show for any reasons. But I do hope you look at these comments.

  71. Bella

    My name is Bella and for me my goal in life is to not go out as a nobody and to me acting is fun and amazing and I love it so it would be a pleasure to act with this cast.
    City and providence: Chicago, Illinois
    Age: 13 (But look older)
    Ethnicity: American
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 160-170
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown with blond
    Gender: female
    Hobby: Volleyball
    Times on TV: 0

  72. Bella

    My name is Bella I know I am late but I just came across this and it is a great opportunity and I would be willing to play any female in the show.
    Gender: Female
    Hobby: Volleyball and acting
    Height: 4’7
    Weight: 160-170
    Times on TV: 0
    Age: 13
    Hair color: Brown with blond
    Eye color: Brown
    Race: American, mexican
    City: Chicago

  73. swad omer

    hey! my name is swad i am a 10 year old girl and i would like to audition for the role tabby

  74. Kamalnoor Sharma

    Hi J.J,
    My name is Kamalnoor, and I would like to try out for Tabby or Julia. I live in British Columbia, originally from India and 11 years old. I have tan skin, long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I cannot publish a casting video because I do not have the necessities available to me. Thanks!