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MTV’s award winning reality/documentary series True Life is set to kick off an all new batch of fascinating, intriguing and helpful episodes that depict the True human experience and they are looking for real people like you to cast in them. Auditions and casting calls for a host of shows focusing on various topics that effect all of society will be held very soon and applications for submission for the top rated series are being accepted now. This is your chance to show you in your True Life to millions of viewers around the globe.

MTV has been on the forefront of groundbreaking reality programming for over two decades and leading the pack of their quality documentary slate is the venerable True Life. Debuting in 1998 and now surpassing 140 episodes, this series has tackled such poignant topics as the lives of people dealing with addictions, various careers, unique hobbies and interests, relationships and lifestyle choices. Each installment follows the day to day activities of one of more real life subjects as their stories play out in front of the ever present cameras. There are few programs in television or any media that have touched, enlightened and entertained as much as True Life and this upcoming season will be no exception. some of the topics to be tackled this series include I Have Trust Issues With My Parents, I Have Parents Who Hate My Partner, I’m Preparing For The End Of The World, I’m Too Beautiful and many. many more. If you are interested in applying  to be considered for auditions for any of these topics or for more information you can head here More information on every available casting call and audition will follow so keep checking back right here and leave a comment on telling us why you would like to be featured on a new episode of MTV’s True Life.

We’re all living it and soon you can show the world your unique human experience. Apply today to be featured on the MTV reality hit True Life.

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  1. Jesus

    Hello mtv please contact me!!!!

  2. Jacob

    I like to be on your show because am going true some problems and I like to tell my stor.

  3. Jessica

    Not sure what topic I would fall under but here it goes. My name is Jessica I live in California and I have three girls and I recently had a baby with my current boyfriend who is also my EX husband. We just bought a house and struggle with our new life and the reality of parenthood and trying to make a relationship work. We love 32 miles from my daughters school and let’s just say the struggle is real. Everyone already tells me I should have my own reality show and I guess this is me reaching out. So if you have any shows pertaining to my life. Feel free to contact me.

  4. LaRee Starr

    True life I’m a single Native American mom to two girls and I suffer from anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, anger issues. And I want to show how hard it is and how i managed to stay alive on my own even though I deal with suicide daily.

  5. LaRee Starr

    Hello I’m interested in making money for my daughters. I’m a single Native American mom to two half white children. I live in a small town called Bemidji MN. I’m from a tribe called Leech Lake Reservation. Please get back to me.

  6. Lauren Rivero

    True life, my name is Lauren Rivero I from long beach, California I am 22 years old, and I want to share my story about my heroin addiction and how heroin is impacting so many young life’s right now. It’s an epidemic. I want to show my road to recovery. And all the struggles that come with heroin addiction. Run ins with the law to support your drug habit. Heroin withsrawls. But my road to recovery.

  7. Minda

    Hello, my babe is Minda. I am 29 years old and I am dating someone older. I am engaged to a man that is 47 years old. I would like to show the world that dating older people is okay. I would like to show them the benefits to dating an older man and what older men bring to the table, and the struggles that also come along with the age gap. I am from Palmer PA.

  8. Nicole

    True Life: I have Borderline Personality Disorder

  9. tylia groves

    i am 12 years old and i have a best friend and i call her my sister and treat her like she is my blood sister and she goes behind my back and talks about me but all i do is keep talking her back because i love her but this time i am done she did everything in the world to hurt me and i am done

  10. tylia groves

    i really like this show i have been watching for a long time and this will make my dream come true

  11. Geoffrey

    I am a 40 year old man, from a small town in rural West Virginia who was called faggot every day of my life. My father had a Vasectomy before I was conceived so to my mother I am her “miracle child” and to my older brother and sister, I am “the milkman’s Kid”. My father would beat up my brother and I had to become a protector at a very young age. I never felt safe. I never knew what night it would happen or when my brother was going to come home drunk and stomp on my face with motorcycle boots. One of the guys who was calling me faggot and beating me up was also molesting me. I’ve dealt with physical, emotional, and sexual abuse my entire life as well as freak accidents and my doctor’s trying to kill me. I’ve dealt with drugs and addictions and my mother not accepting my “gay” lifestyle. The one thing that has kept me sane is dance. I’m a dancer and choreographer and “The Show Must Go On”!

  12. Cheyenne Ware

    I am dating my best friends dad. And because of that me and her are no longer friends. She is doing everything in her power to get us to be apart. Making up lies just to make me look bad. And he doesn’t even care or defend me . I am 22 and he is 50.

  13. Cheyenne Ware

    I am dating my best friends dad. And because of that me and her are no longer friends. She is doing everything in her power to get us to be apart. Making up lies just to make me look bad. And he doesn’t even care or defend me .