Trouble With The Curve - Movie

Clint Eastwood, the legendary American actor and director of such masterpieces as Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby is heading to the big screen again and several roles are available for talented performers just like you. Warner brothers Pictures Trouble With The Curve will begin shooting very soon for a spring shoot and casting directors are on the lookout for their next discovery.

Trouble With The Curve will star Eastwood along with three time Oscar nominee Amy Adams, the multi-talented heartthrob Justin Timberlake and star of the Best Picture winning The Artist John Goodman. The story centers on Eastwood’s character, an elderly and ailing baseball scout who asks his daughter (Adams) to go along with him on his last recruiting trip. Under the steady direction of four time Oscar winner Eastwood, one of the most brilliant filmmakers in American history, this film is sure to be a crowd pleasing exploration of father daughter relationships and of course the human heart itself. This is one of the mist pedigreed projects of all of 2012 and an absolute dream project for any aspiring actor. Casting for roles of all sizes especially day players and extra work is starting soon so leave a comment below and we will be sure to keep you up to date on all of this films developments.

Trouble With The Curve is hands down one of the most anticipated films of the upcoming year and is sure to be atop most critics top ten lists, can Oscar nominations be far behind? Start preparing today for this rare acting opportunity to work along side some of the biggest names in the film and entertainment industry as part of the cast of Clint Eastwood’s Trouble With The Curve.

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  1. luis mateo

    Good morning I like to introduce myself and I like to tell you a little about myself I live here in Chicago Illinois I was born here my race is Puerto Rican I work in Chicago for the Chicago Transit Authority I’m a painter I paint the CTA buses I was also a professional boxer I was champion of the world I was just inducted into the Chicago Boxing Hall of Fame and also I I sing with my own Latin group I also train boxers here city of Chicago

  2. Macayla Evans

    hi . My name is Macayla Evans. I am a 15 year old caucasian female who is very interested . i’m not very experienced but i want this as experience. i am very smart tho and i have acted in church plays plenty of times . i wouldn’t care if was even just an extra or a main person. i promise i do not care . i just want some exposure.

  3. macayla evans

    I really hope it isn’t too late to leave a comment. but i am a inexperienced 15 year old white girl. i’m inexperienced but i’m very smart . and i know what i’m capable of doing. i have grew up very poor so i’ve never exactly had any opportunities to apply for something like this. this would be a great opportunity for me. then i would atleast have a little experience. i would really appreciate it .

  4. isabella

    I’m bella I would like to be an extra or audition for a part if I could
    I’m 12 years old
    brown hair
    brown eyes
    hispanic 4ft 6in

  5. Daisy Del Toro

    Would love to come out in this movie its my dream to become an actress . I want to do this for my daughter someone she can look up to

  6. Victoria Jones

    interested in being an extra in this movie!