TLC's Married By Mom & Dad Seeking Singles

TLC’s hit series “Married By Mom and Dad” Season 2 is Now Casting

Did you ever think about using your parent’s expertise (After all, who knows you better than them?) to help you find the match of your dreams? Well TLC’s hit show “Married By Mom and Dad” is here to help! TLC is now casting single men and single women looking to get their parents!

About The Show

This is the show that explores what it is like to be partnered with someone – without your input! Instead, your parents will meet great potential matches, and THEY decide who is the best match for YOU! If you’ve been having trouble getting hitched by yourself, why not see if it works out with someone your parents choose instead?  This is a voluntary modern day take on arranged marriages.

What They Are Looking For

TLC and Thinkfactory Media are looking for single men and women who are open to having their parents find their spouse and are willing to do so on television.   Are you tired of the dating scene? Are you ready to find the “one” for you and get MARRIED? They can help you find the love of your life through our unique social experiment. If you are single between the ages of 20 and 35 and are looking to find a wife/husband in an unexpected way, they want to hear from you.

How To Apply

If you are interested in finding out more, please submit the following to

1. Name
2. Age
3. Contact Info (Phone and Email)
4. Location (City and State)
5. A Recent Photo of Yourself
6. A brief paragraph describing your dating troubles and why now is the time for you to get married. Also, please describe your personality and what you are up to in your life these days, including your occupation and social life.

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1 Casting Response

  1. Brandy Harmon

    I was recently in 8 year relationship with a women it didnt work out dated a guy it didnt work out lol my family think they know whats best for me… which cant hurt to try because apparently i dont know whats best for myself in the love aspect