"Timmy Failure" - Disney Movie

Disney Movie Casting Call – Portland, OR

Do you dream of being on the Disney Channel? If you love everything Disney, there is a new 2018 casting call for you! An audition notice for Disney’s “Timmy Failure” is looking for actors of all ages including kids! The Stephen Pastis book series is being turned into a movie and you have the chance to be in it. The production is heading to the Portland, Oregon area to film. Casting directors are now accepting submissions from males and females. These roles will be for background actors. They are all paid acting jobs. It is scheduled to shoot from late July through the beginning of September. The casting call didn’t give any specific criteria of what they were searching for. Anyone who is local to the area can view the Disney casting call below and apply!

About Disney’s Timmy Failure

The show is based on a popular book series. According to IMDB it follows an 11-year old boy who believes that he is the best detective in town runs the agency Total Failures with his best friend

What They Are Looking For

Filming in the Portland area late July through the beginning of September 2018. This is for paid background/extra work.

How to Apply

To submit, email all the following to timmyfailure.bg@disneympp.com and change subject line to read “FACEBOOK PORTLAND SUBMISSION”:
-your name,
-phone number,
-current picture (close-up and full body preferred),
-height, weight, clothing and shoe sizes.
-If you have a vehicle, note the make, model, year and color.
-If submitting a child, parents should include parent’s name, child’s name, their child’s age and date of birth, and on what date your child returns to school, as well as all info requested above,
-Confirm you are local to the Portland, Oregon (and surrounding) areas.
Please note, to work on the film, everyone must have valid ID to fill out the federal I-9 form (which verifies both identity and eligibility to work).

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83 Casting Responses

  1. Moses Lozano

    Hi, my name is Moses. I am 11 years old and I really love acting. I’m good at making a lot of voices and I have good talent. This is what I live for.

  2. Garrett Fedor

    Garrett I’m 5’7 and I’m 17 I’d love to work with you and help in anyway I can thank you

  3. Esther

    I really love acting and you’re my last hope please help me am

  4. Esther

    I really love acting and you’re my last hope please help me

  5. biancapieterse

    i would love to audition for your movie

  6. Abigail Serrano

    Hey!I’m 11 years old , This is very common of people saying how they always wanted to be a actress or actor or a star , but isn’t true? who doesn’t want to be in movies and meet your idle ,Well i do! I’ve been seeking for being a actress , I’ve been Trying to do this commercial , and they accepted my request , but sadly i could’t go , because of my parents had to work,I have very good memory , so i can remember lines,I am very excited to see who i can work with !, Size 10-12 , Shoes size 3, and in good shape ! dark brown hair, brown eyes, very average , I live in Chicago.

  7. Paul Whiskey

    Hello, My daughter is beautiful, creative, smart and has amazing grades. Her Name is Anika Whiskey. We Live in Holly Hill, FL. She is 14. She is 5’7. She weighs about 120 lbs. if you need anything else my email is

  8. Huntyr Doeling

    Name: Huntyr Doeling
    Age: 14 (March 7, 2004)
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 99lbs
    Clothes: Varies on Brand
    Shoes: Woman’s – 8 Mens – 6
    Resident of: Beaverton, OR