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Theatre Acting Casting Call – Newark, NJ

A new theatre production is looking for men and women to star in it! If you have been looking for a way to showcase your acting talent and gain some experience, this is a wonderful chance to do that! This production is for the book adaptation of “Out A Order”. Casting directors are looking for African American men and women ages 18 through 55 years old. There are several roles available. Those chosen for lead roles will receive $100.00, co-stars will receive $50.00 and extras will get $25.00. The show will take place in Newark, New Jersey and the metro area. The exact dates and locations of the show and rehearsals are still being determined. Check out the fun theatre casting call below!

About Out ”A” Order by Evie Rhodes

Newark, New Jersey’s Central Ward is home to some of the most notorious, ruthless thugs alive. It’s also home to citizens who are struggling to have a better way of life. Citizens trying for a second chance, like ex-convict Shannon Davenport, whose eight-year-old daughter Jasmine is the light of his life. But when Jasmine is cut down by a sniper’s bullet, Shannon vows to find his daughter’s killer. . .

But Jasmine is not just another innocent casualty in the world of gang warfare. There’s something more sinister than Shannon can possibly imagine. A legendary curse cloaks the Ward in an invisible shroud, poisoning its residents, destroying their minds–and their souls. . . As Shannon’s obsessive search for his daughter’s real killer drives him to the edge of insanity, an evil spirit remains loose–and those who die young, escaping with their souls, are the lucky ones…

What They Are Looking For

Tawney Davenport (Lead): African-American Female, (20-30’s)
Thirty-three years old. Carmel brown skin with curly honey blond hair. Tall and slim with a shapely built. Tawney is grief-stricken mom who lost her 8 year old daughter.

Personality: Intellectual and corporate with the hots for gangster type men.

Shannon Davenport (Lead): African-American Male, (30’s) late thirties
Thirty-six years old, a tall, slim young man serious with an edge of danger.

Personality: Street smart, Original O.G. He is turning his life around.

Darryl Ross Davis AKA Ballistic (Co-star): African-American Male (30’s) late thirties
From Irvington. Grungiest of Newark’s Crime Lords, has a deep raspy voice, walks with a black cane with a wood handle, walks with a limp.

Personality: Dark, distant and has a lack of real feelings or empathy for others.

Church Woman 1 (Co-star): African-American Church Woman (45-55 years old)
Church Woman 2 (Co-star): African-American Church Woman (45-55 years old)
Church Woman 3 (Co-star): African-American Church Woman (45-55 years old)

Personality: Traditional/Contemporary and opinionated church women.

Trey (Co-star): African-American Young Boy (18-25 years old) A sullen looking young man. Thug persona.
Bobby (Co-star): African-American Young Boy (18-25 years old) Thug persona.
Warren P (Co-star): African-American Young Boy (18-25 years old) Thug persona.

Personality: Hardened, gang member mentality, totally street.

Young Boy 1 (Background Actor): African-American Young Boy (18-25 years old) Thug persona.
Young Boy 2 (Background Actor): African-American Young Boy (18-25 years old) Thug persona.

Personality: Hardened gang member mentality, totally street.

Job Compensation:

Lead Rate: $100.00
Co-Star Rate: $50.00
Background Actors Rate: $25.00
Rehearsal(s): Non-Paid

Location: Newark, NJ and Metro Area

Serious Inquiries Only!
Previews may be televised.
No minimum acting experience.

Come as close to character as possible.
Must be able to commit to the rehearsal(s).
Location and Date(s) and Time(s) TBA.

How to Apply

Please email us a headshot and a bio/resume to Josephine.
Email Address:
Subject Line: Submission for the role of Character’s Name (Your Name).

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  1. Frank

    am age 71 small white man 5’4″ 173 pounds live in Ohio no experience in acting am butt ugly like woody allen maybe wear glasses