The YOU Generation From Simon Cowell - YouTube

The YOU Generation From Simon Cowell – YouTube

Simon Cowell, star maker extraordinaire – the man who changed the face of reality TV talent shows forever is ready to to take the next exciting step in performance competition entertainment and this time everyone in the world will have the chance to be a star. The man who brought hundreds of millions of viewers the glory that is American Idol, The X Factor and America’s Got Talent is set to premiere his next talent show enterprise, The You Generation on YouTube and now the call is out for talented people everywhere to show the world what they’ve got for a chance to win fabulous prizes and at shot at global fame!

The You Generation is being touted as “The world’s first global talent audition” and will be available in 15 languages in 26 countries around the world. Mr. Cowell’s fabulous new project will be searching high and low for performers of all ages with original and unconventional talents in every facet of the entertainment industry from singers, actors and musician to chefs, magicians, photographers and makeup artists – if you have a talent Simon and his team of producers and casting directors want to see you.

This could be your once in a lifetime opportunity to put your talent out there for some of the most brilliant evaluators in the entertainment industry to see – all from the comfort of your own home! There will be no standing in lines for hours and hours with the hopes of being seen, now you can take your time and create a video of your skills that put your best foot forward and truly show what you have to offer. All interested contestants can post their performance videos here for consideration. The contest will run for one year with new winners chosen every two weeks and a grand prize champion being named at the contests end. Take a chance on yourself and your talents today!

Vidoe uploads will be accepted in various categories very soon. For more information on the The You Generation you can head here We will be posting more casting call details as they become available so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment in the space provided and tell us why you want to participate and what your talent is.

The next great talent show series is here and so is your chance to show your stuff. Apply today and you could become the winner of Simon Cowell’s The You Generation.


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  1. Lily

    Hi, I’m Lily (12 years old). I love singing, acting & dancing, which I know is pretty much what everyone says. But, here are some things that could stand out. I’m a self-taught level 4 gymnast, also a self-taught contortionist. I have a YouTube channel, where I post gaming, singing, and some random videos. I’m in my school’s choir, and I do an acrobatics class. I’ve also performed in many musicals, some part of a musical theatre company, some school. A couple of my favorites were Grease (I performed as a few different speaking characters), and Seussical (I performed as Gertrude McFuzz). I’m also close to performing a variation of The Wizard Of Oz, The Yellow Brick Road. I’m Australian, and was born in Brisbane. I’m planning on going onto Australia’s Got Talent, but I have to be 15.
    Hair Color : Golden Blonde
    Eye Color : Hazel Brown
    Height: 4’11
    Race: White

  2. Inari

    Hilo my name is inari eckstine and I have a natural talent for extreme challenges that push me over my limits i am 12 years old i weigh 90lbs my height is 5.3 and also I have a talent for escaping the most inescapable situations also I have a dark sense of humour

  3. kira saylor

    hi I am kira saylor I love sing and acting In my choir I did a sing solo and got first place to make it to states I also got first in states but could not go cuz I was not able to afford it , I do talent shows in front of crowds all the time I act in front of people all the time they say I have a voice like an angle and I put hard work in to every thing I try to do I from a small place call Beaverton mi but growing up here you learn a lot from people and you grow as a personal in all the thing you put you mind to and I love to grow every day in what I do I hope that one day I can be like tessa brooks so I hope you consider me for this part.

  4. Tequyra Hammie

    Hi I am Tequyra {Ta-ki-ra} and I am 12 years old and I love to sing and act. My family told me that I am very good at acting. The singing part comes naturally. I get my inspiration from Fifth Harmony, Beyonce, and Demi Lovato. Out of these inspiring people, the person I get the most inspiration from is Demi Lovato. I pick Demi because of the fact that she is honest with her fans. She also is a very great singer. Finally, she also started acting at a young age. Anyway, I would love to pursue my dreams and become a successful person like Demi Lovato.

  5. Rocio

    Its really exited to hear that this company is giving people the opportunity to accomplish their dream, i would love to be one of them! im really interested of becoming a famous actress and singer!

  6. Rocio

    My name is Rocio, i’m 16 years old, i love to sing and act i hope you can give me this opportunity! my dream is to become a famous actress and singer, the love that you receive being in the industry of acting is awesome! please give a opportunity
    Rocio Arevalo

  7. Susan Holt

    I would like to apply for the You Generation

  8. Viktoria

    I would like to know how to apply for audition on disney channel? thanks 🙂

  9. Cesar Emilio

    Hello, tremendous excitement to be able to contact you. I am a music lover, romantic, and with a very unique and very special voice. I’ve been part of many plays and I’ve gotten a lot of recognition in prizes and people falling in love me. I was born in Mexico City. I live in Texas. this September I’ll be 15, and my biggest wish is to grow in this entertainment business. I sing, I dance, I act, I have the facility to speak, I’m charismatic and a lot of talent. (I’m Bilingual) I have knowledge in music. I play guitar, I was in the school band and I played saxophone, and I have a great personality, I’m the lead singer and guitar player of my church band, and I just need for someone to see me, and believe in me. With great pleasure I present myself in hope of an answer of this amazing opportunity.

    Greetings Cesar Emilio. 🙂

  10. Cesar Emilio

    Hello, tremendous excitement to be able to contact you. I am a music lover, romantic, and with a very unique and very special voice. I’ve been part of many plays and I’ve gotten a lot of recognition in prizes and people falling in love me. I was born in Mexico City. I live in Texas. this September I’ll be 15, and my biggest wish is to grow in this entertainment business. I sing, I dance, I act, I have the facility to speak, I’m charismatic and a lot of talent. I have knowledge in music. I play guitar, I was in the school band and I played saxophone, and I have a great personality, I’m the lead singer and guitar player of my church band, and I just need for someone to see me, and believe in me. With great pleasure I present myself in hope of an answer of this amazing opportunity.

    Greetings Cesar Emilio. 🙂

  11. Uredise

    At the age of 4 in Suriname I knew I was born to be a performing artist. When I moved to Netherlands, there my grandma send me to theater school. I played in different kind of musicals and did story telling, dancing and singing performances with my band. Now I’m here in Georgia and I’m a international BFA Theater Performance Track student. Soon I will be know as the singer/ songwriter and actress that persuades people out of negative thinking. However I need my team to make that come true, so let’s work together and be a powerful team?

  12. Cate Bailey

    does it cost? sounds fun

  13. Cate Bailey

    I Would love to act for you. I have auditioned for movies befo

  14. Solomon Sinethemba Madosi

    I need to do this get me on stage am ready..

  15. Latanya Lavan

    I would love to be on the show am a Africa American

  16. Latanya Lavan

    I would love to be on the show am a Africa American women with lots of funny

  17. Latanya Lavan

    I would love to be on the show am a Africa American women with lots of funny in me would love more than anything to get on the show I would bring the funny back in to game show I love to play games at home watching on the TV playing along so pick me please

  18. Creature from freakshow tv series

    I am in my own class world recognized self made body mod freak I will bring the freak to this show

  19. Tris Tan

    Umm hi, i’m 17 turning 18. I speak thai and english(not that good) haha.
    I love to sing but I not have enough confident. Most people who know me didn’t know that I can sing, just only few people that really close to me heard me sung.

    In Thailand have TV show for everyone who want to show their talent such as “Thailand’s got talent” and “The Voice Thailand”. In the beginning of this year, I told myself to stop nervous and try to relax to make a dream come true but finally I can’t make it.

    I sing alone in my bedroom for many years since I realise that I can sing. There’s only one people who known that I can sing, she is my best friend. Others than that they don’t know as much as my best friend even my parents.

  20. Rasean Knight

    Hello,My Name Is Rasean. I Am From The Caribbean Island Of Barbados. I Want To Act As Well As Animate. I An Amateur Animator And I Am Very Composed In-Front of The Camera. I Also Started A Vine Channel So People Can See My Content Check It Out!
    I Can Draw and I Am Known To Have A Very Very Big Imagination And Being Creative. Also I Never Give Up.
    My Information :

    Name:Rasean Knight
    Age : 15 years old
    Location: Barbados
    Hair Color : Black
    Eye Color : Dark Brown
    Height: 6’0 +
    Race: African American

  21. Robert Rico

    Robert Rico, 22

    Former Co-producer/Performer for Stand up Comedy Show at Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena CA, was also a rap artist with a short lived group called “The Almighty” which opened for Yellawolf in Santa Ana, lastly a Singer/Songwriter specializing in composition of piano and Acoustic Pop songs.

    I’m a recent graduate from the College of Contemporary Music in Hollywood CA and currently interning at Ziggy Marley’s artist management label, “Tuff Gong Worldwide”.

    Very interested in more information on auditioning for the 2015 casting call!

  22. Kayleigh

    Hello, my name is Kayleigh and I am twelve years old. I am an aspiring singer/songwriter with too many hobbies and side projects to count. Mainly, though, I’ve always been in love with music, words, and lyrics, and the way they flow. It’s amazing how stringing them together can make such a huge difference in someone’s life.

    I’ve been singing ever since I heard music, and from then on it was a passion of mine. Through working on it through the years, I believe I have the necessary skills and talent to put it to professional use.

    Thank you for taking time to read this and consider me!

  23. Aly Shourd

    Iv Loved Singing Since I was a child. I Love To feel Music and Every Song Has a Feeling. I Want To have This opportunity to Express my Feel Threw Music, I just turned 25 and it’s Now or Never!! 🙂 I ❤️ Dancing, Modeling, and Acting As Well’ Just My True Desire would be to Have Voice’.

  24. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    I would love to take a part on the you generation its one of the most thing i love to watch and i would love to be in the you generetion

  25. Shante 2cool Jefferson

    Hello Simon, this is Shante, who when you used to fly Private at Van Nuys airport, I’m the young guy who commented on the age limit for American Idol. So now I see that you have a show for all age groups, so I will be uploading several of my videos showing my talent for you and this time when we meet it will be on the big screen. So I’m gonna keep in touch to see when to upload my videos , because I don’t wanna miss this opportunity. I am still trying to get seen so maybe this will be my big break! Thank you.

  26. Tanzania Mosley

    I have a 9 year old daughter her name is June treasure Bennett aka RockStar JTB she is a Rising Super Rap Star people from all over the city come to these showcases and events just to see my daughter rock the mic I’m sure she would have the people glued to their television set watching my baby girl rock the mic!

  27. Stephanie Valle

    hi my name is Stephanie valle, known as stephybitez in my hometown, Ive been singing since the age of 6 I am now 20 years and a college student of the arts. I put music aside for 5 years and I continue to dream of a moment where I am on stage but its empty, I feel as if its a calling card to me to do something and mabe its time to seek that. honestly if I had a chance to perform and be where I dreamed of I deeply answer id take that chance in a heartbeat. -steph

  28. MacKenzie Atkins

    Age: 11
    I’m MacKenzie Atkins, and I’m from Connecticut. One of the many things that I love to do is to sing. I have always had a strong connection to singing and being in front a full audience. I have always loved to sing, ever since I could speak. I’d sing in the shower, the car, on the bus to school, at home, everywhere. My friends and family have recommended
    Me to try out for American Idol when I became a little bit older. As I grew, me voice got more advanced as I would sing more songs. I am really interested in entering this. Thank you for your time.

  29. Eli Smith

    Hey I am Eli Smith below are a few things about me you might need to know
    Height : 5’7
    Age : 14
    Ethnicity : African – American
    Grade : 9
    State : Jonesboro , Arkansas
    I love to dance it is basically my all , without dancing I Dont know what i might be doing. I also act here in Jonesboro with school plays. I host talent shows here for some of our elementary schools and junior highs , So i don’t have stage fright.
    I want a role that would possibly include dancing or somebody that loves to talk and has a sense of fashion.

  30. June Treasure Bennett

    My name is June Treasure bennett aka RockStar JTB I’m a 9 yr old up & coming SUPER RAP STAR! I would LOVE to be in this competition because i know i have what it takes to be a STAR! I’m not your average kid rapper! my mom takes me to perform at showcases with grown men & women and i do know how to ROCK the crowd! its so sad that I get HATED on! I get BULLY i school a lot because of my talent plus Imma a HONOR ROLL student and my HATERS are the ones who watches my youtube videos them most! even the school officials will stand by and watch me as the older kids have tired to jump me! & they would say you think you’re better than everybody else! I would love to give my HATERS really something good to HATE on me about watching me perform on your SHOW! my mom said my HATERS are my biggest FANS! you can check me out on the youtube link com/watch?v=8bxObNq8gbg please leave a comment thank you for your support!

  31. Jana Henry

    I see others have written in re:someone else so I am writing in re: my brother, Gary Severns. We are in Las Vegas, Nv. I recently entered Gary in a talent contest at a large casino. He went all the way through to the finals but did not win. He was asked to do a spot at another casino variety show. Everyone loved him and was very impressed. One judge told him h should quit his day job, ( he is a painter).I always tell Gary he sounds better then original artists without a mixer board lol. I’ve put a few videos on youtube. Check him out. Just type in Gary Severns Do I (cover) Luke Bryan, or Gary Severns Tomorrow (cover) Chris Young or even Gary Severns Whiskey Girl (cover) Toby Keith. These are videos made at karaoke. Gary is super passionate about C&W music and sings with much feeling and and with a strong solid big voice. He is know at a few of the karaoke places here, like Gilleys Club, as “Big Sexy’ Please, give him a listen and a chance. Thanks

  32. johnson

    You Generation audition dance competition – LITTLEPOPPIN

    My name is Johnson
    Dance Nicknames – LITTLEPOPPIN
    speaks Slovak Czech German
    I would like to fulfill my dream and dance

    You can see my videos on my youtube link

    I am looking for sponsors and managers , I am self-taught dance in the street.
    I want to make a career for himself in the dance, to get to Broadway dance school in New York, USA.
    Dance is my love, my life is just dancing. It was my dream to dance with Michael Jackson. and Ashley Banjo
    Diversity Dance Group of London United Kingdom I train every day, poppin, lockin, Breakdance, Hip Hop, Street dance, Pantomina, Imitacion Michael Jackson, Robot, my big dream – to see Michael Jackson’s family to see the dance legends like my idols Lucinda Dickey, Adolfo “Shabba Doo” Quinones, Michael “Boogaloo Shrimp” Chambers,Poppin’ Taco, Electric ,Bogaloo’s, WEST COAST POPPERS, SALAH, Rock Steady Crew, New York City Breakers Thank you so much for your help! I would accept an invitation Thank you for peace

    I would like to get an offer video clip shooting Each dancer’s dream, to try to show the world that I have talent, looking for sponsors managers to help me financially

    . I want to make a career for himself in the dance,

    Please contact me on my email –

    My idol is Michael Jackson and dancer Salah king in poppin and Ashley Banjo Diversity Dance Group of London United Kingdom

    Dance is my life Thank you Peace

  33. Alyssa Hoag

    Hello, my name is Alyssa i am a 19 year old Canadian girl currently living in Australia. I don’t really have any conventional talents but i have a love for learning and traveling the world. My dream is to travel and make memories and share them with the world.. for all of those people who can’t afford to travel. take them on an around the world trip. Have weekly competitions for others to join me on my adventure.
    If this doesn’t interest you i am also quite good at hair.


  34. Kelsey haynie

    My name is Kelsey. I am 19 years old and my talent is singing. Give me a chance and you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  35. Casey Hope

    My name is Casey, I’m 19 and I love to do rifle drill exhibition. Witch simplified is spinning/throwing a rifle, such as the marines do. I’m great and would love to get better and hopefully teach it. This could be the next major hobby! I could even get a partner, I used to do it in high school in AFJROTC and keep in touch with a few classmates I used to practice with, and we have drill rifles. (They don’t fire, show only, 8 1/2 lb)

  36. Elena Cathalina

    Hi, my name is Elena, I’m 14 years old and I’m from Germany. In September I started studying in England for a two terms. My hobbies are writing, singing and acting. Since I was really young I’ve dreamt about becoming an actress. Drama is also one of my GCSE subjects. This would be an amazing chance to prove that I can do it.

  37. Emi

    Hey I’m Emi and I’m 13 years old, nearly 14. I live in Germany and I have Green-brown eyes and dark blonde hair. I’m very interested in speaking English and I have an A. My hobbies are playing tennis and acting . 🙂 Since I was little I’ve dreamt about becoming an actress and this would be an amazing chance to prove everyone I can make it.

  38. Sophie

    Hey I’m Sophie and I’m 13 years old, nearly 14. I live in Germany and I have Blue eyes and blonde-brown hair. I’m very interested in speaking English and I have an A. My hobbies are playing tennis, dancing, singing, acting, riding horses and playing the violin and the guitar. 🙂 Since I was little I’ve dreamt about becoming an actress and this would be an amazing chance to prove everyone I can make it. And I’m definetely going to make my Dream become Reality. And I can remember Lines very easily.

  39. Thomas Lincoln

    Hi there, my name is thomas lincoln and i’m a aspiring singer. I’ve been singing on youtube and posting clips on soundcloud for just over a month now and im very interested in posting a video for a competition which is relavant to my aspired career choice, thanks and hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

  40. Katriana Reyes

    Hello! My name is Katriana Reyes I’m really into acting and dancing. I’m 15 years old turning 16 soon and I plan on graduating early. Most people want to do this for the money and although it’s a bonus, I believe that it would be so fun and it would be an honor to do this as a career and possibly for the test of my life. I’m 5’1 and have dark brown hair. I believe this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

  41. Fairooz Rafia

    hi simon! I;m 15 and i lOOOVE to sing and act,I can play the guitar and traditional instrument- harmonium. Please i dont know how else im going to fulfill my dreams. where i live, nobody comes and holds auditions or believes in dreams. I know my dreams are not meant to be forgotten. this is my only chance. Please help me!. I tried to upload a video on u tube but i dont know why the servers saying that its unavailable. Please, please help me fulfill my dream!


    Hi Mr. Cowell, We’re 3 teen brothers from Chicago. Our rock band is REBELMANN or

    I’m Clayton Mann, 14, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, but I solo too. Johnathon Mann, 16, is my brother and plays killer lefty guitar – he’s a rare lefty, handsome dude too! Bryce Mann, 16, is Johnathon’s twin and plays killer drums.

    We are all 3 trained musicians, and take professional lessons. Please check out our website at and we hope we can be a part of your show! We actually play our instruments, write our own music, sing our own music, own our own music, and don’t use any autotuning. it’s just music. Hope y’all are interested!

    Clayton, Bryce and Johnathon Mann

  43. amber webb

    My name is Amber Webb. I am 20 years old from Spokane Washington and I LOVE to sing. I have been sinbging since I was a little girl and I have always wanted to take my singing to the next level and I’m hoping this can be my big break. I sing all genras of music but my main squeeze is country. I have a lot to bring to the table. My voice is very powerful, and controlled. When I hear a song I like I can learn it in a matter of minutes. Not only can I singbut I am very outgoing. I make it my goal to bring entertainment to anyone I encounter throughout my life. I likyre to leave an ijmpression on people even if I just meet them one time. I would be honored if you gave me the opportunity to futher my singing career. I have been waiting for my big break for many yearsnow and I’m hoping this can be it. Please feel free to check out my youtuve channel.thank you so much for your consideration

  44. Lashonda James

    Hello, I’m a single mom. I’ve never had a chance to pursue my singing career. Ready to show the world what I have. I write my own music. Keeping it short and simple, I’m ready!!

  45. Ellie Waite

    Hi my name is Ellie and I am 13 years old from New York….. my dream is to become a singer. I have been in choir for 6 years and my chorus teacher loves my voice and wants me to go farther with the talent I have. it would be so amazing if I got a chance to sing an maybe become a singer. I have been through a lot like my dad leaving me and my brother and my mom. music is the way I can kind of leave the real world an do something I love to do. as soon as I get home I am writing a song or with my headphones in listening to music. you have no idea how much I want this. it is my passion and my dream. I have wanted to do this since I was little
    and I think I have the talent and the passion to do what I have wanted to do all my
    life. please email me back if you are interested!!!!! thank you for reading this!!! 🙂

  46. Fanny

    Name: Fanny Tian
    Height: 5’2”
    Hair: long Brown with auburn highlights
    Eyes: brown
    other Features: i have a few beauty marks on the left side of my face
    Birth: 25 July, 2000
    Experience: If you consider school drama as an experience then i have a lot of experience. xD
    Personality: Funny, persevering, resilient, fun, emotional, weird, crazy, Happy.
    Place: Toronto, Ontario
    Skills: Act, Sing, Dance-ish

    i May not make it but at least i didn’t give up, there are many people to choose from and if you didn’t choose or get to me then thats ok.

    Hello people reading this 🙂 I’m Fanny, just a 13 year old Chinese girl chasing after her dream and that girl would love to audition. When i said a girl, i meant me. surprising eh? This is an extraordinary offer and I’d like to try something out of my comfort zone, Real Acting.
    You might think that I’m probably too young for this but this could make this really interesting. Growing up I learned to love acting and doing little performances, you can say it’s my thing.
    Beauty doesn’t really apply to me compared to many girls but i have one thing that is very special, Hope. And all that jazz.

    If i don’t make it, so be it. At least I tried.
    Thank you for taking time to read this 🙂

  47. Allyson Xiong

    Hi. My name is Ally Xiong. I am 17 and I live in Stillwater, MN. I have been dancing and acting since I was 3 years old. I love to sing and I love music. I have been singing since I was 3 as well. I singed in the Metropolitan Choralaires Choir from the age of 3-6, I joined elementary choir, and my highschool auditioned women’s choir. I also sing covers with some friends and write my own songs. Dance is my life. Dance has saved me so many times and I just want to show the world how much it means to me and to others. I went to a performing arts charter high school in Saint Paul, MN called Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists for dance. The different types of dances that I’ve learned are jazz, ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, lyrical, character, African, musical theater, and hip-hop (studio and original). I have also taken choreography class and dance teaching classes. I officially started musicals and plays in elementary school, such as Sound of Music and Annie. Then, I continues in the beginning of high school with dance theatre, and now (Senior year) I am doing both! I am just a perky, loving, caring, respectful girl who would love to get a chance to show the world what she loves to do and what others love to do as well. Just getting an audition would be just amazing. And if I don’t, of course I’ll be a bit bummed, but I am still so excited to watch it! I love dance and singing movies and tv shows. 🙂 Thanks so much for all you’ve done and have a good one.
    Stay Lovely, God Bless,

  48. Andrea

    Hi. I’m Andrea I’m 12 turning 13 in less than 3 months. I love to sing. I’ve sang since I was able to talk. I’ve been told I was very good by many people. I write my own songs, and sometimes perform them! My and my best friend always sing together we do duets. This is my biggest dream. To become famous I really want this you have no idea. I’ve entered bunches if contests. Never won. But I never gave up. Singing is my passion and I won’t give up. I love it so much and ill always do it. Simon cowell is one of my role models. (: I hope you see this and pick me because I’d really appreciate it. Thanks. (:

  49. Nily Sterling

    Hi! I’m 13 years old im 5”5 i speak spanish and english. I am Puerto Rican. I recently live in Pompano Beach Florida. I have black hiar, hazel eyes, and dark tan skin. I am a soprano singer. I am not a person that gets stage fright. I am very out-going. I myself strongly suggest you choose me to audition because i have alot i can bring an show. In my eyes i am very talented and i believe you will think the same. It’s always been my dream to become a singer scince I was 6 years old. Some of my role models are Mariah Carey Whitney, Houston, Selena Quintanilla, Arianna Grande, and Michael Jackson. I consider that to be a really good singer you have to go through Simone Cowell because he is a very straight up judge and a very honest judge too. I think that you should consider me for this auditions because i have a lot that i can give. I am a soprano but I can also hit very bid notes and i can do whistel notes also. Even though i’ve been bullied before for dreaming of becomeing a singer i’m still following my dreams and i will give 100% of me i am choosen for this audition. I have a lot of determination. Please choose me to audition and thak you for reading my reply.

  50. Amparo Figueroa

    HI! My name is Amparo (my friends call me Ampi or Ampo), I love acting, dancing and singing, and my dream is to become famous, but in my country is not very easy, and to top, my parents want I become an architect, but I don’t like it, and I’m so afraid to tell them.
    I play the piano, the guitar, I practiced theater for 3 years and I went to a school dance for 6 years.
    Age: 12
    Height: 5,18
    Weight: 97.003 lbs
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Green
    Gender: Female
    Skin: White
    Country: Argentina (So, sorry for my mistakes, in Arg. we speak Spanish)
    Languages: Spanish, English, Italian
    Religion: Christian
    DOB: 2001/04/19 April 19, 2001
    Hobbies: Acting, Singing, Drawing, Dancing, Athletics, Artistic Gymnastics
    Location: Argentina
    Thank you very much for read this!
    Ampi ♥

  51. Brandon Dion

    Hey,My name is Brandon Maye I’m a 19 year old college student.But acting is my life. I’ve always wanted to act,all my friends, family members,& even strangers that I meet tell me that I need to be on tv. I’m very funny. But I’m very versatile I can also play a drama role.
    I’ve grew up in a very rough environment & house hold,with a dysfunctional family; so I thought college will be my only way out.As I see now that’s not the case acting is my PASSION!! my teachers at school always told me i will be the one to succeed in my life, cause I have drive and passion,they wanted to be model and do casting calls. So All I need is a CHANCE to prove my life. I’m a natural and people person I can related to most real life situation. I give my friends great advice,Im a very positive person. I love to see people succeed,if the ones to hurt me and did me wrong.

    Thanks Sincerely!
    Brandon Dion Maye.

  52. Raneisha Morris

    Thank you for reading this first of all. I am an aspiring singer/actress and it would really be great to finally get my big break. I am very determined and almost KNOW i could nail an audition when the time comes. I once auditioned for they told me they wanted a second audition from me first. After i returned and nailed that one, they wanted $800 plus an additional $40 a month only to keep up my account! I was heart broken when it clicked that it was a scam. Well all i know is that i am very talented, beautiful, and determined. I really just want a chance to told what i told my mom i WILL do one day. You’ve heard my struggles so the rest is simply my resume i guess…………………………………….

    NAME: Raneisha Morris
    AGE: 15
    BIRTHDAY: Nov. 7
    HEIGHT: 4’9 1/2
    WEIGHT: 98
    SIZE: Petite and/ or Fun-sized
    SEX: Female
    RACE: African American
    EYE/ HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
    TALENTS/ INTERESTS: Singing/ Acting/ Modeling/ Dancing/ Fashion/ and Law
    FAVORITE CHANNELS: Disney/ Nickelodeon/ ABC Family/ and Oxygen
    QUALITIES: I memorize scripts surprisingly very well, on any types of “projects” especially in theater arts or choir, and i try my hardest to do better than my best. I am very honest with myself on how much i can handle, but for a job i understand their is no limit to what you can or can’t handle. Whenever i start something i almost HAVE to finish because i hate to leave things incomplete/ I love to know i’m the one that worked hard for something i have as an Independence boost/ If i have the chance to help my parents live even better than we already are, then that’s perfectly fine. Even if i’m not confident or prepared enough for something like this, i will convince myself i am and that somehow that works: For example, When i preformed in my school’s pop show i did my solo better than i expected because of my inner confidence
    CLOSING: I really hope you are convinced by my work and attitude towards my dream career. Before you read the next comment, be sure to read mines again so that you won’t forget how serious i am about my future. Thank you

  53. Jennifer Prado

    Hey i’m Jennifer everyone calls me Jenny i am 14 years old going to be 15 this October i am a sophomore in high school, i would love to be apart of this. i promise if you give me a chance you wont regret it i’m the most dedicated person i love to change my character and act like other people i am also very athletic, i am outgoing and funny and amazing person to get along with i’m one of the most dedicated and mature teen you will ever meet. i live in Palm Springs, California i am Latin/American i have brown eyes and brown hair, promise you will not be disappointed in my acting
    height, 5’0
    106 lbs
    cell phone (760)984-6044