The Wolf Of Wall Street – Movie

Cinema’s ultimate dynamic duo of the past decade is set to reteam once again and it’s setting up to be one of the hottest casting opportunities in years. Academy Award winning director and film legend Martin Scorsese and spectacular movie star Leonardo DiCaprio are currently preparing The Wolf Of Wall Street as their next highly anticipated collaboration and casting calls and auditions for several roles will be happening soon. This is your chance to be a part of what will surely be one of the finest films of 2013.

Based on a true story, The Wolf Of Wall Street will find DiCaprio starring as Jordan Belfort, an infamous white collar criminal who was involved in and subsequently arrested for securities fraud and money laundering in the 1990’s. Belfort swindled hundreds of millions of dollars from investors while running his brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont and employing over 1,000 brokers in what was proved to be an elaborate boiler room. The Wolf Of Wall Street will follow Belfort’s rise to power and fortune, his notoriously hard-partying lifestyle and his prosecution which led to a 22 month jail sentence and a settlement wherein he was forced to pay back $100 million dollars to bilked stick brokers. This fantastic tale of excess and elaborate white collar crime will be perfect fodder for this the movie dream team of Scorsese and DiCaprio in this their fifth project together following the stellar features Gangs Of New York, The Aviator, The Departed and Shutter Island. The Wolf Of Wall Street will also feature a veritable who’s who of supporting players including Jonah Hill (Superbad, Moneyball), Matthew McConaughey (Magic Mike, A Time To Kill), Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights, Argo) and the reigning Best Actor Oscar Winner Jean Dujardin. Various roles in this fabulous new project are still to be cast and auditions and casting calls will be held soon. If you would like to apply for a part in this production you can send your information here and be sure to leave a comment on this film below and stay tuned for all of the up to the minute audition information for The Wolf Of Wall Street.

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142 Casting Responses

  1. Haley Pasco

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 105lbs
    Eyes & Hair: Brown
    My dream would be being acting and I’d love to pursue it. I’m very outgoing, fun, not shy at all. I’d love too get my face out there and become an actress. I do not have experience, but I am talented at faking my emotions. I want to show my daughter she could be anything she wants to be. It has always been a dream of mine too act. I live in Michigan. Contact me at 3136858640. or facebook Haley Pasco. Thanks.

  2. Samir

    Samir Khakhar
    Mobile # : (586) 995-1266

    Acted in Films, T. V. shows and theatre in Mumbai India over period of 35 Yrs.
    Some of them are mentioned as follows.
    1. Nukkad – Character: Drunkard [Khopdi]
    2. Bandini – Character: Nanaji
    3.Sanskarlakshmi – Character: Chandrakant

    1.Pushpak [silent film] – Character:. alcoholic businessman
    2.Guru – Chacter: Friend
    3.Insaf Apne Lahuse – Character: road side entertainer
    4. Parinda – Charcter: Iqbal Langda.
    1. Everything in Garden by Edward Albee: Character. Main Lead
    2. Offer –Character: Unscroupalous Father who wants his inncocent daughter to be heroin
    3. Khoonnas : Character : blackmailing goon.
    These are some of the works out of many.
    Age: 62 yrs. Height: 5’ 6” Wt. :240 lbs Hair color: Black Eye color: Black.
    Citizen : usa
    Ethnicity: Asian/Indian

    Hats off to Legendery DIRECTOR
    I will remain highly obliged all my remaining life ….. considered for small part.

    Samir Khakhar

  3. Hope Garcia

    I would like to be part of this movie because I am a very hard working person and will do any role Im asked. Im trying to get my face out there, and I think this is a great way. I am 16 years old (can look younger or older) and I am Puerto Rican and Filipino. I am 5’2″ and weigh 120lbs. I have clear skin and straight teeth.I have very curly brown hair. I am very determined as well! I have been acting since I was 3 years old. I have been in many plays and musicals (over 10) and am not shy. Im not afraid to do anything Im asked to do, I dont question anything and I am easy to work with. Please consider me for any roles you may have. Thank you!

  4. Francesca de luca

    Why should I be one of the actreses of this movie?
    First of all I am Italian, my father was from Palagonia
    (Little town near Catania). I know my kind and
    What goes on in their minds… Then I have a
    Violent personality and a strong voice.
    ( I did not kill anyone, not yet at least) but
    I become very d’angerous if some idiot try ti full
    Me around. I can act, and I am not afraid of
    The perfectionist and obsessive way to work
    Of the Great Master Mister Scorsese.
    I’d have a lot of other things to day about white collar Crimes. I studied
    Criminology and Law at the university. ( i left it after 3years)
    So….I am here. It’s me the right one. P.s I am Pescis with asc Scorpio.
    Mister Scorsese is Scorpio. He will kill me or love me forever 😀

  5. Jessica

    My name is Jessica Gorseth. My phone number is 678-602-7737, and my email is I am 20 years old.

    This information was needed for another email, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt for you as well.
    My height is 5 feet, 6 inches tall. I am broader and more muscular than other girls, not a stick figure. I weigh roughly 175. My waist is 36.5, inseam is 30.5 inches. For my jacket size, my chest circumference is 42.5 inches and my arms are 32.5 inches from neck to the base of my thumb for my sleeve length. My neck size is 15 inches. My dress size is roughly a 14 from a bust size of 42.5, waist of 36.5, and hip of 42.5. I comfortably wear a 40C size bra. My shoe size is a 10, and my hat size is a 7.

    I’m going to school now for a Criminal Justice and Psychology degree; I have much experience with animals, and I have and ride my motorcycle.

    I have very little formal acting experience. In high school I was in one play, which I honestly say wouldn’t count for much. However, during my second semester in college, several of us college students participated in a Disaster Scenario event to help train paramedics and first responders, using plenty of fake blood, limbs, and other items. We enacted a bombing scene in a conference center; we played in twice for two training teams. We were told after the scenario that it was realistic enough that some of the first responders were shaking as they “helped” us actors and afterwards.
    I used to waitress; I ended up quitting because the sports bar environment became too chaotic and potentially hazardous for a woman my age, but I have to admit that I was able to practice plenty of acting while waiting on customers.

    I enjoy drama movies like Shutter Island, and I would love to play a role in one!

  6. Callie McLaughlin

    Hi I’m Callie, I would do anything to get any part. I take acting seriously and want to pursue it as a career. I’m very creative, and I’m in a couple theatre classes. I have auditioned for the xfactor too so I know what auditions are like. I am athletic, artistic, and creative. I love acting and will take any character or part.
    eyes: blue grey
    hair: Brown with a little bit of blonde at the bottom
    height: 5’4

  7. francesca

    hello there, i am Francesca and i`m 19 years old. i am African from Cameroon. i am writing to let you know that i am interested in acting this movie. I also speak both english and french.
    i believe you will be impressed at my performance. i was a member of the drama club in my high school. i master scripts well, i can improvise words too and i perform roles like real way. i let myself be inspired by the storyline so that i ca fit into my personality.
    you won`t regret choosing me.i`ll put in the best.
    thanks and waiting hopefully.

  8. Chunhong Young

    Hello everyone!I am a 16 years old girl from China.My name is Chunhong Young.When I was a little girl,I have already fell in love with the Disney cartoons,it was cute and interesting.When I was 10 years old,I played a part in my school play.And I was considered as the best actress.And my hobby is reading and seeing the movies.Actually my favourite actress is Vivien Leigh.She is awesome!My dream is to be an actress.And I am really good at dancing.Especially the Chinese dance.I believe that I will never disappoint you.Because I sure that I am a beautiful girl.I have black hair and grey eyes. I promise I will be the hardest and firmest girl!Can I send you a video of Chinese dance?And introduce myself in this video?Please just give me a chance and let me prove it.I will do my best.please.It is so important to me and I don’t know how to describe it.Thanks a lot.

  9. Ryan Jordan Reed

    Current Number: 770-351-2899

    Age: 19

    Current Residence: Buchead (Atlanta)

    Name: Ryan Jordan Reed

    Ethnicity: Barbados/ Costa Rican

    Race: Islander

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Weight: 189 lbs

    Hair Type: curley

    Hair color: Dark Black

    Eye Color: brownish/Grey

    Skin Tone: Redish Tan

    Body Type: Athletic

    Current Occupation: Model/Actor

    Backround: I both model & act and currently just finished a role in a short fim called “Behind the Chair” which has me starring as a man by the name of Troy Davis who is a cocky and smooth street drug dealer/ pimp who is known for being very calm but underline crazy.

  10. Jeremy Barancik

    27yrs old
    270lbs. mostly muscle
    Hazel Eyes
    Dark Brown hair
    With or without a large manly beard, your call.

    I can be a large intimidating force if that’s what’s needed for the scene. I can also of course play it scared. I’m very versatile. I would make a great cop or if there is a bad guy that needs a large henchman of sorts, I can do that and would love to. Please consider me for any roles that you would deem appropriate of course. Thank you so much for your time.

  11. Howard Campbell


    I’m completely ready to get out there and I’ve waited and been scammed long enough. Acting is my PASSION and FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! I will do any thing and be prepared to work hard. It’s not about the fame or the money I just simply cannot see myself doing anything else in This world.
    *16 years old
    *Latin American/ African American
    *Black hair

  12. saeeda wol

    17 years old
    brown hair/eyes

  13. Christian Villalta

    My face is my act!.. I can sit here and talk about myself for days, but im not looking to check into rehab im looking for a career! Actions speak louder than words so give me the chance to do so. Me, I’m dishonest, and you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you have to watch out for. My parents work there :bleeping: butts off the least i can do is make an effort to repay them for all that they’ve done so far. I personally love the challenge of trying different things and wondering whether it’s going to work or whether I’m going to fall flat on my face. If there’s any message to my work, it is ultimately that it’s OK to be different, that it’s good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color. At the end of it all there should only be four questions of value in life… What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is simple. Only love. An emotion along with ambition, that can carry any human to achieve there every dream. I pray you help me achieve mine.

  14. Jerimic Clayborn III

    My name is Jerimic Clayborn III and I am only 22 years old, but I am running for the Lansing City Council at large, in Lansing, MI as a write- in candidate. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

    Jerimic Clayborn III
    Lansing, MI

  15. Tiffani Thompson

    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 5’1″

    I am what you call a movie buff. I’ve seen more movies than allot do in their whole life. Film takes me away everytime I sit down to watch. I could have seen the movie one time or five hundred times, it doesnt make a difference. I’m taken to a new place every single time. I want to be apart of the joy, hard work, dedication, fun, and life changing experiences that is film. I want to be able to change others lives through film as people like Leonardo Dicaprio and many more have done for me. I have seen all of hsi movies and he has a god gifted talent that is unmached and it would be more than an honor to learn from him and work alongside him. Thank You

  16. Alice Hutto

    Hi, I’m Alice and I’m eighteen years old. Acting is a dream that many have but cannot do anything more than just dream. I have not landed a role yet, but I am determined to do so even if that means just being an extra. I would love to be a part of this movie. I am certain that if given the chance to audition, I would not disappoint. I have been a performer since I was born and I’d love to hear back. Thank you for this opportunity! =)
    Additional information:
    Education: graduate
    Height: 5’8″
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: Aqua marine
    Ethnicity: caucasian
    Language: English



    I am a 23 year old go-getter from Brooklyn, New York. Currently in school part time and work retail in midtown manhattan. I am a big fan of Mister Martin and his works of art. To be picked to work in one of his masterpieces will be an amazing honor and gift. I am bi-racial, 5′ 6″ in height and athletic but, most of all humble! I am a hard worker, versatile, compassionate, talented and empathetic. This would be an amazing opportunity for me to get my step into the captivating world and art of acting!


    Ms. Domenica Wallace

  18. Todd Fulmer

    Hello, I am 31 years Old, 6’0,164 Ibs and have been acting in various small
    film projects locally since I was a teenager, a lot of which I have
    created and directed… including some music videos. I enjoy doing
    dramatic roles which in this particular one sounds appetizing.. I must
    be honest I have never applied for a role in this form before, so if
    photos or vid samples of myself are needed.. I can send promptly. I
    would greatly appreciate the opportunity to audition for any role in
    this film, as I have admired this directors work from “Raging Bull” on.. thankyou..


  19. Althea Goodison-Orr


    I am probably the most unlikely person you will hear from.

    I am the 51 year old married parent of a 13 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. I am black, I wear my hair very short and natural, I am 5′ 4″ tall, and I have been consistently told I have good looks.

    I am pursing opportunities to pursue my passion. I have years of experience around the globe, conducting leadership training in the corporate arena. I believe that experience prepares me very well for working in front of a camera.

    33 years ago, as a new (Caribbean) immigrant to the U.S., I was strongly dissuaded by my parents about following my dream (as a Black woman in NYC, you’ll never make it!!). I regret that I did not push back.

    I hope you will give me the chance.


  20. Beatrice

    Live on private lake –
    Also own 57 acres at thoroughbred horse farm
    Great locations

    5’3 inches brunette – look 35
    Eastern European- white
    Accents – English , russian, French, Swedish, German & Irish
    Snowboard, horseback riding , rollerblade, wakeboard


  21. Sheldon Pearson

    To whom it may concern:

    My name is Sheldon Pearson and I am a May 2013 graduate from the University of Alabama. I have always had an interest in acting. No matter what the part may be, either behind the camera or in front, I am looking for an opportunity to learn and gain experience. I will volunteer to help for free if need be.

    I have a passion for acting and will help contribute to the movies success in anyway possible. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Sheldon Pearson

  22. Jeszenia


    I can be daring, dainty, or sultry!

    age: 36
    height: 5’7.5
    weight: 170-180
    status: Hispanic
    hair/eyes: dark brown/black

  23. Jack Towns

    Hi, I’m Jack

    Age- 19
    Location: Selma, Alabama
    Gender – Male
    Weight – 200lbs
    Height – 6’1
    Waist: 36
    Hair – Black
    Eyes – Brown
    Ethnicity- African American

    I live in Selma, Alabama. I travel a lot when needed. I would be a great asset to the team because i have onset experience thanks to a student film with Columbia University in New York. I am outgoing, proactive, energetic, a very hard worker, very easy to get along with, play as a team and able to work long hours with a smile, also making sure everyone is having a great time. My strong points are my looks, manners, being hilarious,helping the days go by faster, and being considerate of others. Acting has ALWAYS been a passion of mines. My inspiration is Will Smith, Shia LaBeouf, and Leonardo DiCaprio. My dream is to star in a movie to make my family proud, make something of myself and accomplish one of my highest goals. I have a resume for promotional work for various companies so that makes me a Brand Ambassador and a Production Assistant. I hope what you read is what you need. Thanks so much for your consideration


  24. Telisha Gonzales

    My name is Telisha Gonzales I’m 24 years old, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am looking for someone to give a girl from a small place a chance to do something I dream of. A chance to be a part of something they love more then anything in the world. I know that I have the heart, passion, and drive to do something like this.I want to make people laugh, and cry, and feel all the things I do when I see a movie. I want the chance to be anything I have ever imagined, A superhero or an adventure seeker like Indian Jones, maybe even the girl that gets the guy. All I need is someone willing to help me make it possible. I hope that you read this and find it in your heart to consider giving me an opportunity to make all of this a reality. Thank you for the time you took to read this.

  25. Lea &Vera Borniotto and their mother Roberta

    I have two blondes blue eyes twin daughters, thin and tall, Lea and Vera.
    We are italian. They love cinema a lot. They want to appear in the next film of Martin Scorsese, The wolf of Wall Street, when you will be in Liguria and Portofino. They are 13rd but they are very tall and women. We wait for a reply. Thank you for your attention and sorry for my english

  26. Katina Crumpton


    My name is Katina Crumpton, A.K.A Annee, and I have been acting & singing for over 20 years and would love to have the pleasure of displaying my wonderful talent to the world. Therefore, if the opportunity to audition is extended to me, I PROMISE you WILL NOT be disappointed! I am very crafty, savvy and poised and perfection is what I strive for in EVERYTHING I do! I am also a quick learner and I am very familiar with the filming/staging process of film and theater.

    Thank you in advance for the opportunity!

    Best regards,

    Katina Crumpton

  27. Kenyon Glover

    Name: Kenyon Glover
    Age: 30
    Ethnicity: African American
    Brown Skin
    Brown Eyes
    Short Length Brown Hair
    Height: 6′ 4
    Weight: 225
    Resident: Georgia
    Suit 46L
    Waist 34

    I have 8 years of acting experience, I am a model and a martial artist. Flexible to travel. Would love to work along side your team.

  28. Eliezer Rocha

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Eliezer Rocha. I am a 20 yr old Brazilian actor living in New York City. I am currently taking classes at the New York film academy. Also, working on short films. My height is 5’7 and I weigh 140 lbs. I am told I have a great look. Many compare me to James Franco/ James Dean. I have headshots I can send upon request. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    All the best!

    Eliezer Rocha

  29. Cris Rodriguez

    Age: 18
    Sex: female
    Hair: Lower Back Length
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 126
    Experience: Acted in Commercials, Acted in short films, Film Certificates for Production, Directing and script writting, Volunteer Model, Former Volleyball captain for 3 years, Former Cheerleader, Skateboarder.

    I would absolutely love to continue my growth in the film industry with you guys. I am a girl who has been dreaming since very young to become very successful and talented in the film industry. I have been working very hard and even at the hardest times I do not give up on myself. I love to act and I have the talent and endurance to work in any situation given for a film. Acting is much of an art to me and I most definitely respect those who practiced this wonderful art. I am a very friendly person with one of a kind personality. I have no type of embarrassment when it comes to acting or my friends. By the way I speak English and Spanish.

  30. Ted Waldnig

    Hello. My name is Teddy Waldnig. For a long while my passion has been movies and acting. Ive been afraid to tell people about it because I know they would immediatly think ”This kid isn’t an actor” because i’m not super social and loud, but I am extremely mature for my age and now that i’m starting to see I have a true talent (I believe lol) for acting and I don’t want it for fame and I want to take it to the next step and think about going to auditions and what not, but it seems so difficult. Anyways, thanks.

    Height- 5ft 4” (almost 5 inches)
    Weight- 117
    I am naturally athletic and am very strong and muscular for my age.

  31. Dane Fioravante

    My name is Dane. I am a huge movie buff. Movies are my life. Getting to work in the movies would be a dream come true. I quote movies to my friends so much they know me as true movie buff. Having 800+ DVD’s & Blu-ray’s in my collection doesn’t hurt as well. I live in New York and I am ready to work anytime. I can easily memorize lines and would be extremely excited for this film.

    Medium length, straight brown hair
    Brown Eyes

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Dane Fioravante

  32. Mario Visingardi

    Name- Mario Visingardi
    Age- 20
    Gender- Male
    Height- 5’9″
    Weight- 180 ( Athletic)
    Ethnicity- Caucasian/ Italian
    Hair Color- Brown
    Eye Color- Green

    Hello. I am a student at the University of Michigan and am pursuing acting as a career. I am very outgoing and I believe I would be a great fit for any role. I live in the Metro area and would greatly appreciate any opportunity or role in the making of this work, whether a leading role, supporting role, stand-in, double, or extra. I am available anytime for a casting call or interview. Email for pictures, voice-over, or video.

  33. Brandee Thomas

    My name is Brandee Thomas and I’m 21 years old. I’ve always wanted to be an actress and the more I began to learn about film the more I loved it so throughout the years I’ve had the chance to be in front of the camera and behind. I would really love the chance to take on a different character and to really challenge myself to see what I can not only achieve for myself but for you as well through acting. I think that I should be considered because I am extremely passionate about what I do and always strive to push myself to be the best I can. I’ve never heard the story of this before but it sounds like it would be a thrilling and challenging film to work on and I am completely up for it! This not only would be a huge opportunity for me but it would act as a step in the right direction to pursuing my dream.

  34. Dakota Starr

    Hello I am in the union
    I keep getting blonde bimbo roles , I do playboy every year ,but I can play other roles ,I have a lot of exp,

  35. Melissa

    My name is Melissa Grindon, and I am an eighteen year old Irish actress. I am 5ft’6, and I am of a slender build. I have light brown hair and blue eyes.
    I have been acting ever since the age of eight. I starred in school plays and pantomimes, taking on lead roles, and I am also a singer/songwriter in my free time. I have dreamed of acting for years, particularly in films. It was due to my family’s unfortunate financial state that I was unable to hire an agent in order to gain more opportunities in the world of performing arts.
    Acting is what makes me feel beautiful. This is for one reason; I am portraying myself as someone completely different to others. I am free, observed in a completely unique world, away from my regular life. I feel like I can connect with an audience. As I have done many live performances, I feel that when I look into someones eyes and act as a character, I can create a convincing yet haunting performance, and provoke emotion upon them. This is what makes a true actress.
    I would greatly love to be considered for this amazing opportunity.
    Thank you,

  36. James Williams

    Hello my name is James Williams my age is 26 I’m a African American male, slim 145 pounds , 5,8 in height , I run & workout, I like to watch CNN & listen a lot of different music I have a great sense of humor , I live in Springfield Illinois, I know this will be be such a great experience for me , I live working with others Im truly a great people person , always able to help & give a hand when needed to others , & always having my own great opinion when someone needs it always have a thought & a mind for greatness putting things together & giving certain things a taste of style when needed it needed , I know with my character & talent I have I can make any great thing better just by adding myself & applying just a line or two or just even giving my input on something I have a natch for style & putting items together , an also I can give show character when needed in case it may be changeling up to fit any scene I may be placed into showing my different talents & characters casting is a great way to offer to world your creative side & enjoy a career all at the same time I know for a fact if I get a chance to make someone have feelings because of me by acting or even just giving my advice I will & I know I will enjoy I love working with people & this will be a grand chance to do so .

    Thank You For Your Time

    James Williams

    Hope To Hear From You Soon

  37. Austin Moore

    hey i’m Austin and i’m a white male who has seen a monsterous amount of movies and has a great deal of knowledge in the movie industry i have been in a couple school plays and did a extra job for the CW’s One Tree Hill i’m from North Carolina and i have always wanted to be an actor. I’m 16 but i can pass for younger or older and even when i was 2 i have wanted to be the best looking and the funniest kid in the room. I’m confident and outgoing and i will do anything to be one of the best actors out there. I can do comedy and drama and any other genre that u ask. i have black hair and brown eyes and im pretty good dancer and an ok singer and im 5’11 and very athletic and could do any physical tasks for a role. Please make me a star like i wanna be.

  38. Jennifer McGuire

    I have over 5 years modeling experience and have been told I am a natural at acting.
    Age: 31
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 140
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Location: West Carrollton, OH
    Talent: Dancing and Acting

  39. molly witherington

    my name is molly I am 13 years old nd I go to a stage school in London and have singing lessons which I pay for myself and I have three horses which I ride and I have been Alice in Alice in wonderland and lady Macbeth in Macbeth and Wendy in Peter pan and I have short down to my shoulders dark blonde and I have hazel eyes thank you for reading get back to me as soon as you can thank you

  40. carl cravey

    I am 27 yrs old, brown skin, brown eyes, black hair. I’m 6 ft tall, 195 pdswith an athletic build. I think I would be great in a film like this one. I am motivated and driven to be a force in the film industry. If there is room for a hard working, handsome young male please do contact me.

  41. Randi Petersen

    Hey! Im Randi! Im a female from Michigan. Just your average pretty face, cute figure, crazy teen living life to the fullest!
    Age? Just turned 16 ( i do look younger )
    Im about 5’2 and 94lbs. Slim, peite, and beatiful inside and out!
    I may be tiny, but inside is the biggest heart! Its probablly 92lbs of me!
    Im a singer, actress, dancer!, preformer! And modeling 🙂
    I am also homeschooled, i use my time wisely and balence it out between being the strong person i know i am and the dancer i dream of…
    Point is… I have lost soo many friends(passed away) and let options slip through my fingers. I just need a little push to help me out and i’ll promise i wont turn down anything that i love doing. I have lost enough stuff and time to gain the fame, and the self-confidence i need!
    Thanks for spending your time reading all about me. Maybe i’ll hear all about you!? 😉
    ( email for pictures and phone number! )

  42. Michael Telesco

    Hello,my name is Michael Telesco. I’m a expiring actor, half Italian half Irish.I’m twenty years old. I’m 6.2, and weigh 152 pounds.I’ve worked on a movie set before as a stuntman,and I really would like to pursue acting career. -Thank you

  43. Brian Stearns

    Hello, my name is Brian, and I am a 17 year old male. Personally I haven’t had any acting experience, but I am highly intelligent and a very fast learner. I am a avid speaker, and leader within my community, and personally invest in the market. I am 170lbs and 5 11 in hight. I believe I could pass for either a older or younger role, and would fit nicely in. I am very interested in getting a small role in a film or tv show and believe this could be my way in. I would greatly appreciate a email contacting me about this and I will answer any other questions you have pertaining to my character. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully I will be hearing from you.

  44. Michael Telesco

    Hello, my name is Michael Telesco and I live in New York. I am 20 years old, i’m 6.2 and weigh 152 pounds.I’m a hour away from Wall Street. I’m a really big fan and I am willing to do anything to be apart of Hollywood.I work now as a Martial Artist and teach full time, but my real goal in life is to become a actor. So I can support my mother and father, who work so hard in this economy. So all I want to do is take care of them, and have a chance to prove myself. -Thank you

  45. Jeremy Porcha

    Name: Jeremy Porcha
    Height: 6’3
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: African American

    Hello I just want to take the time to introduce myself to you for an opportunity for a part in your up and coming The Wolf of Wall Street Movie production. I am a energetic and quick adapting individual to all surroundings. I am also a very athletic with strong facial structure and I am a very funny individual with a great personality.I have not had any previous professional acting experience. However, I have been in a numerous of plays so I am familiar with the theater.

  46. Catherine Moy


    My name is Catherine Moy and i am 13 years old, i have only ever done some drama classes and have been an extra in a short film, i highland dance and I have been searching for a while to find an opportunity like this. If you would consider me i would be extremely grateful. My dream is to become an actress and with your help i would like to kick start this career.

    Thank you for your time, Catherine.

  47. Alessandro MARTINI

    AGE: 7
    Credits of Alessandro:
    • OCTOBER 2012 : Movie “Third Person” of Paul Haggis, with Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde;
    • OCTOBER 2012: TV SPOT for RAI Italian TV;
    • NOVEMBER 2012: selected to act in a theatre musical “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” , in the rule of “Benji”.
    Alessandro is rapresented in Rome.
    Name: Alessandro MARTINI



  49. Omarr Salgado

    To Whom it may concern,

    My name is Omarr Salgado I am 39 years of age 195lbs 6 feet 2″ but can easily pass for a young male in his late twenties or flip it to a more mature seasoned older male in his mid forties. Throughout my life I’ve been approached on several different occasions about the idea of acting. Partly because of my look and the company I keep. I am a seasoned musician, producer , song writer, artist. The many experiences I’ve encountered in my life good bad or indifferent allow me to adapt to most settings in life. I would like the opportunity to bring some of those real life experiences to the screen. I believe i can be a tremendous assets to your production bringing in a quality of high energy , motivation and focus. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,


  50. Daniel Schriedel

    Daniel Schriedel
    Age: 20
    Height: 6’3″
    Body Type: Slighty heavy, not excessive
    Eyes: Dark Blue
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Race/Ethnicity: White/ Caucasian.

  51. Deirdre Good

    I am a 53 yr old caucasian woman- grew up in Long Island. My profession has been Real Estate
    since 1983 but have taken acting classes on & off since I was 10. I’ve had a couple of modeling jobs & appeared on the Oprah show May of 2005.
    I am 5’6″, dark blond, green eyes & can easily portray a wall street professional or someones Mom : )
    Would love to be a part of this exciting project!

  52. Ivan Edstrom

    Hi! I am a huge fan of the work of Martin Scorsese, and am also an aspiring actor. I’ve just moved to New York for that reason, and I currently study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. Not only do I believe I could add to a Martin Scorsese universe, I think I would belong in it. I will send resume and headshot upon request. Thanks!


  53. J Kulak

    My name, as you could probably tell from my e-mail address, is Jared Kulak. I am a 16 year old male from Westchester, New York. Admittedly, I have no prior acting experience other than an extremely minor role in a camp play. I am about 6″1, lean, with brown hair; I could pass as anyone between 16-18, maybe less. I am interested in acting, but probably what sets me most aside from the other applicants is my actual proclivity for and knowledge of business. Since the film’s plot is centered around it, I feel that would help me fit a certain character type, and allow me to be successful in the role. I also have a strong interest in film, and cinematography, and frequently discuss the topics with my friends. I am unsure as to whether I am too late to audition, but why not try? I am very excited to start acting, so please reply! Have a nice remainder of Thanksgiving.

  54. Arina

    Hello! I am an interesting and enthusiastic 22 year old girl. I have blue eyes and natural blond long hair, people always say I look younger when I am. I am currently located in Manchester, United Kingdom, but I am willing to travel! I am always very bright and people highlight me from the crowd. I have playing some leading roles at the School Theater as well as was chosen to be part of the promotion videos for university. I can speak fluently 3 languages: English, Russian and Lithuanian as well as I am learning Spanish during my free time. Have been doing part-time modelling in the past. Have an architecture degree. I am always very positive and try all different sort of opportunities. I have a very good taste of music and films and I was always very challenged to take part in filming in something great! I am happy to provide you with more information and pictures if required. You can reach me via email. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards. Arina

  55. Meagan

    Meagan Davis.
    Weight: 118
    Race: White
    Talents- Dance, Softball, Acting and Soccer
    I was born on April 21, 1993. In Selma,Alabama
    I have never been in a tv show, movie or anything but I have the ambition and the drive in my heart to be the best at whatever I do.
    I am a very fast learner and have a very good memory
    If you picked me, you would not be disappointed. This is my second application I have sent in to get picked for a role in a movie.
    I would also like to add, just because I have never been to acting school or in a minor show, does not mean I don’t know how to act. Acting
    is in your heart.
    I have also done some modeling.

  56. Callista

    Hello, name is Callista Grout. Love for you to look me up on facebook. I am a Miss Colorado Contestant. I am your girl!!! I hope this website is the real deal because a girl like me needs a big break such as this one. I am a spit fire, humble, genuine, exciting young lady! I If you want someone who can get attention and possitive reviews I am her. I am a humanitarian, love people and try to make their lives nothing but the best. I am not only a fan but a great actor trying to find a great oppurtunity.

    DOB: 8-10-1992
    Hair: Dirty Blonde with a hint of Carmel Highlights
    Weight: 130
    Hobbies: Acting, Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Competing Miss Colorado, Fundraising for the Childern’s Miracle Network, Fundraising for True Colors Fund.

    Look me up!

    Callista Grout

    A.K.A Cali Girl

  57. Charlee Jefferson

    I am 21 years old.
    I have brown hair.
    My eyes are brown.l
    My height is 5’8″
    My weight is 157 lb.
    My sign is a Virgo.
    l am from Decatur, Georgia.
    I know that I will be your perfect choice the movie because I have personality that no one else has. My look is very different and unique from everyone else. In am very good at imitations for whatever character you would like me to play. I know that I will not let you down and I can be the best actress I can possible be.

  58. Evelyn Flores Diaz

    Gender: Female
    Eye color: Hazel
    Hair color: brown
    Height: 5’2
    Skin Color: Light skin
    Ethnicity: Latin American
    Languages: Fluent Spanish and English

    I am interested in acting I have no experience but I can learn and I am going to start acting classes in college this winter. I know it can take a while to be on TV and be good at it but I think that I can learn pretty quickly. I am outgoing and funny and I especially love being different people and i know that because I always try acting out what people do in their show or movies just to see if I could do it and just for fun. I am motivated and willing to go far and go through whatever it takes; especially because I want a bright future for me and since I am a young girl that did move out early I am motivated enough to do whatever it takes to make my dreams come true and stop the struggle with money. I cheer on everybody here that wants to audition because I know they are in the same state of mind as me in wanting to finally make our dreams come true and to take action and not put anything to waste; but most of all to show our family members that we can do it. So good luck for everybody on here and I hope the luck can be with me too. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope you can consider me as well.

  59. Olivia

    I am 15 years old (16 in december 2012)
    I am 5″5
    I have light blue eyes
    I am a slight build.
    I have long light brown hair (shorter than waist)
    I am from London, UK, but have a duel Citizenship to the USA, so I can live in either country. I currently live in London.
    I am signed in NYC, and I am in the process of being signed my an agent in London.
    This sounds like an incredible opportunity, and I would love it if you took me into consideration. Thank you.

  60. Danielle Jones

    Hi, my name’s Danielle, I’m outgoing, determined, and witty. Working with Martin Scorsese gwould not only be an honor but something that I’ve dreamed of since I began acting. I don’t have any major credibilities to my name but I’m a fast learner and know I can take on a leading role. Having my chance to do what I love is something that I’ve dreamed of. I can take on any role given and can make them my own.

    Gender: Female
    Age 17 (I look 19)
    Height: 5″7
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Long Brunette
    Eyes: Dark Brown

  61. Roxy galicia

    Name: Roxy Galicia
    Age: 13 March 1st 1999
    Eye color: Green with Hazel
    Weight: 170
    Hair: Dark Blonde
    Skin:Fair / Pale
    Hair length: Long
    Hair type:Curly
    Language: English , Spanish , currently learning German
    Hello everyone ,
    Ive been in acting and modeling classes sence i was 7 years of age.
    Its become a huge part of my life and its something i not only love but also enjoy doing it
    I do cheerleading , dance , flashmob , photography , volleyball, swimming , fashion, makeup
    Im very outgoing with everyone i always have a sence of humor no matter what
    Im very upbeat and always determined to me no isn’t an answer you always have to try and try harder until you succeed.
    Lifes short and Theres so much more to life that i would love to expeirence.
    Thank you so much for the time you have taken to read my comment for this audition
    Have a great day.

  62. Cole rundel


    Talents basketball, making people laugh and of corse acting, i love acting ive been in plays and skits and my dream is to act and become famous and this cood be my start. Please comtact me for more info. I am your man i will do what it take whenevet it takes.

  63. Claudia

    Hi everyone, I’m Claudia and acting has been my passion since I can remember. I was about 9 when I fell in love with it and I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I’ve attended drama classes and I’m very comfortable in front of the camera. I think that being able to get in the shoes of someone alses character through acting is unbelievably exciting. Well, simply: acting is my life.
    I would love to be able to take part in this production.

    Age: 14
    Skin: White
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Long, blonde

    I look forward to hear from you

  64. Ricardo H

    Hello, My name is Ricardo Hernandez but I prefer to be called Ricky. I am fourteen years old and A Freshman in highschool. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of my favorite actors, I loved when he played Arnie in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape. If yu could please put me into consideration it would be greatly appreciated.

  65. J. Quest Carter

    I would love the chance to be a part of this movie. I just recently moved to NY in August and would be honored to be a part of such a great movie. I’m 25 years old, with a lot of different looks, so I’m able to portray many different types. I’m 5’10.5 with a full head of thick black hair and brown eyes. I’m a quick study with many skills as well. When I set my mind on something there is nothing that can stop me. Having this mindset helped me a lot growing up as I was born and raised in Alabama and had to get out of the state as soon as possible. I’m not the Towny type. Now, I am in NY living the dream and am determined to make it. I submitted an email, for various roles, and included some head shots as well as my resume. I hope that is enough info, but if not please feel free to contact me and I will provide what ever else is needed. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  66. Alene

    I am in L.A.—-and I am READY!!!! ” a bit on the trashy side”.
    I dare you to respond to my e-mail and bring me in for an audition. I am what you are looking for and will make the movie. That positive. I will divulge all my credits when we exchange e-mails.
    Don’t keep me waiting.! Thanks

  67. Jake Hamilton

    Hello, i would like to apply for any suitable positions you may have available.
    My names Jake Hamilton, i’m 17 years old from Manchester, England, and live in Perth Western Australia. I would be committed to fly overseas for the audition.
    I Would love this opportunity, and be honored to be able to take part in your production.

    Feel free to email me

    Thank you for your time!