The Trap Starring Robert Pattinson

The Trap Starring Robert Pattinson

There is a new film project on the horizon and the anticipation for it could not be higher. The Trap, an intense revenge thriller starring a pair of brilliant lead actors and led by one of the most original directors of the last 20 years is already being tapped as one to watch in the new year. Casting for this crime drama will be starting soon and several exciting roles will be up for grabs. This is one of the most outstanding film collaborations of the year and the casting call opportunities for it will surely prove to be highly sought after. Submissions are being accepted now from performers of all ages and types.

The Trap will follow Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro (Traffic, Guardians of the Galaxy, Sin City) and Golden Globe Award winner Idris Elba (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Luther, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom) in the story of a pair of childhood friends whose lives went in completely different directions. While one of the once-close men has enjoyed huge success as a rap star, the other has spent the majority of his

adult years in prison. Now he is out and out for revenge against his “friend”. In addition to these two powerhouse leads the production will feature an ensemble cast lead by skyrocketing star Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Franchise, Maps to the Stars, The Rover), Oscar nominee James Franco (The Interview, This Is the End, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and the Academy Award winning legend Al Pacino (The Godfather, Manglehorn, Any Given Sunday). This intense story is written and directed by Independent Spirit Award nominee Harmony Korine (Mister Lonely, Gummo, 42 One Dream Rush), a filmmaker with a truly unique vision who gained incredible recognition for his last feature, the mainstream hit Spring Breakers featuring Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

Producers and casting directors for The Trap are searching for fresh faced actors of all ages for a number of exciting roles. Interested performers can submit themselves for consideration for available parts in this movie thrill ride today by sending emails to We will be diligently posting all audition updates for this production as they are released so check back for further information and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this project and why you’d like a chance to participate in upcoming casting calls for The Trap starring the winning duo of Benicio Del Toro and Robert Pattinson.

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  1. Alanna

    i am fourteen years old with blue eyes and blonde and brown hair. i am 5’2 in height and a 120 pounds. i would love to be in this movie although i have never been in a film but i am trying to jump start my career as an actress. i hope you would consider me for a part in your film.

  2. Kristen

    i have a lot to offer. No need to explain in text when I can show it in action.

  3. LaQuanda Jones

    I am a natural woman who can appeal to the masses. I would love to have this opportunity. Sincerely Blessed

  4. Nicole Guzman

    Name: nicole guzman
    Age: 16
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    experience: participated in many plays mostly comedy and drama. Also attended john casablancas modeling and career center.

  5. D'Yanii

    I am the ONE.

  6. Ardis Gipson

    My name is Ardis Gipson, I am 19 years of age. I live in Louisiana and I have always wanted to be an actor. I went to acting school in Atlanta. I am an african american male with brown eyes, brown hair, 6 feet tall and 235 lbs. I would love to act with such amazing stars to start off my career.

  7. Deneysha

    I have 4 years of acting training/experience. I am very passionate about acting and I would love to work with Jamie foxx, he is an amazing actor. My resume and headshots are always ready upon request.

  8. shay hughes

    Hi, I am Shay Hughes and I am 15 years old and will be turning 16 March 25. I am a African American female who would happily take a role playing in this movie. I am 4’11 , 130 pounds black hair ,brown eyes.

  9. Asia

    Asia C. Griffin
    Age: 16
    Color: Black

    Because Im Amazing

  10. sasha jefferson

    would love to audition please contact me






  12. Raphael crescendo

    My name Raphael I’m 5’10 I weigh 150 and I’m a 22 year old African American
    I’m also a singer and songwriter I was always passionate with acting I come from a lot of pain in my life but I still have a stand out personality singing and acting is my dream I work hard I know how to become the character I’m playing I can rather much show you better than I can tell you

  13. Justin Marcus Momin

    H: 5’6”
    W: 250-255
    Pants: 42-43 L: 28
    Shirt: XL-XXL
    Shoe: 12 ½ -13
    Boot: 10
    XP: Some acting at Nightmares Gate Haunted House (Douglasville, GA), Finding Carter (Back Ground Extra a few scene)

  14. Ryan stalcup

    A confident can’t miss! Casting me would not be regretted.
    Acting and putting on a show has always been my personality. I love being under the lights. I love people and creating connections. I have always been extremely motivated to be an actress. I have put sweat and tears into acting. I am willing to spend countless hours into what I love.
    Age: 18
    Race: white
    Height: 5’7
    Eye color: hazel
    Hair color: dark brown
    Skin: fair/light
    Weight: 130lbs

  15. Carli Christian

    Hello my name is Carli Christian and I am very interested in receiving more information about audition dates for this film. I am fifteen years old and a well round actress. My desire is to become a successful actress’s and bring a new light unto the perceptual form of Hollywood. From the description above ; it says that this particular film is looking for fresh faced actors / actress I would be honored to get the opportunity to receive more information and audition for this spectacular film.
    Thank you so much , Carli

  16. Keisha Crawford

    I would love to be a part of this movie because I love both Jamie and Benicio. It would be a tremendous opportunity to learn from them and I would be a valuable asset to production.

  17. Terrance Groce

    Hello, my name is Terrance Groce
    I’m 5’9
    Athletic build
    180 lbs
    looking for the opportunity to land a part in this movie. You give me a shot you won’t regret it!

  18. Jonathan Williams

    Hello my name is Jonathan Williams im 30 yrs old have acting, singing, and dance talent. Im very eager to audition for this part, im six foot tall even, slim build light skinned. Please contact me really would love to audition THANK YOU and God Bless!

  19. Lauryn

    Lauryn Owen
    Age:12 (13 in May)
    Skin: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown (short)
    Eyes: Brown
    Weight: 97 Ilbs

    Experience: I’ve wanted too be an actress since the age of 4, but have been acting since the age of 5.Right now I attend Bak middle school of the arts, in which I am currently a theatre major.
    And I’m currently in a show right now called “Sweet Charity.” I’m taking singing lessons, and dance as well.
    Personality: I’m very bubbly, high spirited, outgoing, almost never shy too do anything, and love to take risks. I can be talkative and very playful, yet when needed serious, and understanding.

    If you would like to email me or call me on where casting auditions may be, or have any questions my email and phone numbers are below.

    Hope you have a good rat of the day, thanks for your time!

    Number: 561 797 7746

  20. dans Johnson

    My name is dana Johnson
    Im 6 feet even
    Im an actor
    I have black hair
    Im 16
    My family has just had a dramatic impact so now iam currently poor.
    I love acting.
    I played football for 4years
    Im native American
    I have light brown eyes
    I have long hair. Its currently braided
    Ive been in 7 school plays
    I live in Missouri. But willing to relocate

  21. Eric N. Black

    Hello, My Name is Eric N. Black. I am 15 years old and will be turning 16 on July 25. I am a African American American Male Actor and Singer.. I haven’t had any acting roles at all but I have played in local plays. I think I will fit in very well with the Movie Family. I am very talented and I promise you wont have a problem with me apart of your cast. I want to make a difference in others lives so making it big will help me be a role model. I feel I can add something to the show that no one else can. I may not be as experienced as some of the others who responded but I know I will do great. I believe in myself and pray to god that one day someone will recognize the true talent I uphold. I am also a Singer and Coordinated Dancer so I will add different aspects to your show. I am a very humorous person so we will never have a boring moment on set. I love to see smiling faces. I love to bring life and happiness to other people besides myself. So I think I am a Perfect candidate for this show. Other people are very talented as I read the other responses so if I am not picked for this role, I know the right choice was chosen. But I wont give up on myself. I will keep pushing until my true talent is revealed and realized by many. My Information is Below.
    Name: Eric N. Black
    Age: 15
    Race: African American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Height: 5’4
    Location: Augusta, Georgia
    Facebook: Eric N. Black (same for like page and regular page)
    Instagram: forever.eric__ (2 underscores after eric)
    Snapchat: forever.eric

  22. Darnell Rose

    After reading the movie summary, i think that it will turn out to be a great film and i would love to be apart of the cast. I am an intermediate level up and coming actor who’s looking to work with the best so that i can become better.

    Age: 24
    Height: 6 0″
    Weight: 157lbs.

  23. Ayesha Campbell

    To whom this may concern…
    My name is Ayesha Campbell.
    25yrs old
    131 lbs
    I recently came across an article for the future casting of “The Trap”. I do have acting experience. I’ve performed (acting and singing) at a few performance halls here in my home town of Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. I am very excited about this movie and would love to be a part of this brilliant journey. I have a go-getter spirit and a very positive attitude.
    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing back from you all. I’ve attached some-what of a headshot below. Please let me know if you need anymore information from me, I’ll be more than happy to oblige. Thank you again!

  24. Stephanie Reyes

    I’ve never had an acting job but I would love to participate in this thriller, I also have 4 children, 9yr old boy ,7 and 4 yr old girls (that act and sing all the time lol, drive me nuts) and a 3month old boy. If you need extras or actors. If you need more info, please contact me. Thanks.

  25. Daniel Buckley

    I have never had an acting job but am a singer and rapper. I am of Jamaican,Irish and British decent. I am black, muscular, a few tattoos and have an intimidating face which I think would work well if you are in need of gangster roles, or performers. Any who, if in need of anymore info please contact me. Thanks.

  26. Jamie Rakuita

    My name is Jamie I’m turning 13 on March 4th, I’m a girl. I would really like to be involved in this movie, it would be a great experience for me to be around such legends like Jamie Foxx. I’m mixed Fijian, PNG, and a little Aussie. I currently live in Sydney I would love to be in this movie.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.


  27. Diamond Searcy

    My name is Diamond Searcy
    age:13 years old
    race: african american
    height: 5 feet
    weight:100 pounds
    I am really interested in acting i love to watch movies and i really want to be in one

  28. C.l. Wright


  29. Nathaniel Lowe

    Nathaniel Anthony Lowe
    Age: 17
    130 lbs
    Mixed: Puerto Rican, Jamaican and Chinese

    I’ve liked movies my whole life and been wanting to pursue my career in acting. My first scene that I tryed in was in the upcoming whitey bulger movie based here in Boston. I hope that one day that I would get recognize for my work and one day be a star of a movie but til then I’ll be an extra.

  30. Tammie blasingame

    Hello, I’m Tammie. I would love to be apart of your production. I recently transitioned out the military so my background shows dedication, discipline, teamwork, and hard working. I learn easily and a good listener. I’m really grounded and dedicated to do my best. Thank you for your time. Be blessed.

  31. Deandra

    I am a young vibrant young woman who is versatile. I am able to play any role from a timid child to a cracked out drug abuser. Although I am new to acting I believe that information can be beneficial to what you are trying to achieve. Im easy going and eagered to learn new things but most importantly I want this more than anybody and I’m here to execute my skills and improve them. This is my calling and I “NEED” this as much as a drowning victim needs air. THIS IS MY CALLING!
    Race:African American
    Sex: F

    Any follow up questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at

  32. Rakeem Arnold

    Hello im Rakeem im a Floridian aspiring singer and actor who would be both humbled and thankful to be apart of such a great production and great cast ive been following Jamie foxx career every since I was a child and would be blessed to work with him look forward from hearing from you.

  33. carmesha thornton

    I am 12
    I am:5.2
    I am skinney I really want to be on live in Maddie because I have the talent do it I have bout five different personally tom boy some times then I’m girly another time I can take a lot of pressure that’s me I got let down before I do something’s I do but when I do it its just light up at the end they have a smile on they face I love to act thats just me when I say I light it up that’s what I do and Maddie and her twin they make my day when my mama say do something I say I’m watchin
    My future franns I can take any thing wrongs and rights I love yalll

  34. Patrice Ivey

    Height : 5’6
    Age : 15
    Weight : 126
    Eye color : Dark brown
    Hair: Black
    Ethnicity: African American

    My name is Patrice Ivey. I have been acting since I was nine years old. I attended a School of the Arts in my local town in Florida. While attending the school, i majored in drama and was in many plays. Despite not having the major leading roles, i was still able to stand out among the characters. Being in this movie would be important to me as an improving actor and will also benefit this upcoming movie “The Trap”.

    Please Contact me @

    Thank you , Patrice.

  35. Cambree Robinson

    Hi my name is Cambree and I am a 28 transsexual trying to branch off in the acting industry. I feel as I would be the perfect candidate for a role in this movie because everything that’s need to execute a part should come from within. I am able to tap into any emotion and pull whatever is needed for whatever role is assigned & I haven’t had any acting classes but I believe the best portrayal of a character should come from within your own emotions & I’m very open to learn whatever is needed

  36. LaToya Akins

    To whom this may concern,

    My name is LaToya Akins, I am thirty one year African American women, mother and wife. I don’t have a long drawn out story as to why I am before you today in fact I was looking for something for my two year daughter but somehow I was led here. I am someone who love art from film to fashion to directing, writing, performing I love it all. I can’t put my passion for the arts in a box which is why I decided to take the opportunity you’ve present here hoping someone would actually read it and give me a chance. I may not be like most people here trying to sale themselves and maybe I don’t speak like them but I will say that no one has the passion or determination that I have here today. I am hungry!

    God Bless…

  37. Robert Thomas

    My name is Robert Thomas. I am outgoing. I’m athletic. I have a good sense of humor. I want to showcase my acting talent to the world.

  38. Eunice Staten

    Hello, my name is Eunice Staten. I am 15 years of age and it is my dream to become an actress. I am a very dependable person. I take my job very seriously. I live in Dallas, tx and I am an African American. If you have the time I would absolutely love it if you would give me a chance. I promise I will not let you down.

  39. Daniel

    Thank you for taking the time for reading my post.
    My name is Daniel Westermann, I am 17 years old and I live in Germany. I’m currently on the Heilig Geist Gymnasium in Menden and I love to act. I love to be a part of our school theatre and with the own words of my literature/theatre teacher, I am an excellent actor. Because of this, I would like to be part of the movie “The Trap″ to gain more experience of being an actor.
    Thank you in advance for a positive feedback,
    Yours sincerely
    Daniel Westermann

  40. Stephanie zarate

    Good morning ! I am a 20 year old with a family I have one child
    He is my motivation to keep my dreams going,
    I am from camden nj a small poor town with plenty of talent !

  41. Larissa Collins

    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: brown
    Height: 5’6
    Age: 14
    Location: New York
    My name is Larissa Collins. I am currently enrolled in an acting course with Barbizon and I think that this movie could really boost the career I hope to one day have in this industry. I am hard working, persistent, I take good direction, and am reliable. I hope that you consider me for this job for it could be such an amazing opportunity for me.

  42. Savannah Clark

    Hello my name is Savannah Clark, I am 21 years old and live in Austin, Texas. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of acting and am now looking for a sort of way to pursue it although I don’t really know what steps to take.I’ve been an extra in a few movies all because of my brother Gary Clark Jr. who is Grammy winning blues/R&B artist. I am also a singer and play the guitar, piano and a bit of the violin. I have done back up singing for him a few times at places such as the Apollo Theater.

    I used to be a basketball player and play college level but after so many injuries, I had to withdraw. So now I am looking to pursue my other dreams. I’m an ambitious person just trying to do something good with the time I have here on Earth!

    I am 5’9
    African American
    Athletic body
    Black curly hair( Medium Length)

    Thank you!

  43. Latonya mitchell

    Hi I’m 22 a single african American mother great acting skills.Incredible personality..looking to star in your next upcoming film.

  44. tafon

    really don’t think would get a chance but just said to try
    one maybe my one chance to say heya Foxxy to Jimmy
    Cameroonian male

  45. Donald Dixon

    My name is Donald Dixon. I am a 33 year old black male, but I could portray ages 20 – 40. I weigh 185 lbs. 5’9″. Medium build. Black hair, dark brown eyes. I am versatile, allowing me to analyze the mind of the character being portrayed.

  46. Elerenzo Roberson

    Elerenzo Roberson
    Height: 5’5
    Body type: Lean muscle

    I feel i would be a great asset to this film because I work extremely well with others . I only need to be told once and its done. Fast learner Im looking for something to keep me occupied.I have always wanted to be a performer and pursue a career in acting, modeling and singing. I let life push me away from the things I love, like so many often do, and now I feel like I’ve lost the essence of myself. I am a smart, handsom and talented young man who’s ready to get out of this dead end job life and show the world all that I have to offer. Being in this film would not only be a dream come true, it would save my life.

  47. Danii

    I should be considered because I am a star in the making, this role could be the start of something big for me and it would be good to know you were the ones that made it happen.

  48. Kamry Hicks

    Name:Kamry Hicks
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    185 lbs
    I am a young aspiring black actor just trying to make it. I am a very good actor. I am a fresh new face. I am very funny! I live in Kenosha, wi. I think I would make a great cast for this movie!

  49. jaquaila wynn

    im 25
    slim body
    from Atlanta, ga
    athletic, healthy
    black African American
    im just an person with incredible acting skills and i would like to show everyone a different side that i have i live a normal life grew up in the hood on a bad street survivor of not going to jail like the rest of my friends.. i know what it takes to perform and show people that if you want something you have to push yourself to get it..

  50. Maya Ashley

    Height: 5’5
    Ethnicity: Trinidadian
    Gender: female
    I can become who ever you need me to be. I enjoy becoming different characters and transforming a dream into a visual reality.

  51. ledarrell johnson

    I feel this the perfect film for me to show case my talent. I have only worked with Glorioso casting in a film called Zoo that will be appearing on CBS. I feel given the right role I can excel at my dream. I’m willing to learn from everyone from directors to the talent in front of the screen. Please email me with the great info. Thanks LeDarrell Johnson

  52. Alexandra Morfin

    Hello my name is Alexandra . I have been part of THE ACTING LEAGUE in HollyWood and JOHN CASABLANCA . I know how to model and act . I would love to be part of these movie , and if you make me part of it … I promise you won’t regret it !

    Age: 12
    Date of Birth: October 14,2002
    Place of Brith: San Diego , California
    Height: 5’1
    Color of Hair: Brown
    Color of Eyes: Brown
    Gender: Female
    Color of Skin: Olive / Tan

  53. Lucy Logan

    Hi my name is Lucy Logan and I am interested in participating in this film because it is my new found passion to act and I believe I could bring a fresh vibe and feel to the world of film. Unfortunately I have only been taking theater classes for the past year but it is very enjoyable and I am interested in possibly taking it up as a career. I can memorize lines fairly well and fast and family members like to say I add spunk to every conversation. This is probably unnecessary to say, but I tend to be a very positive and optimistic person who can be one who lightens the mood and deals with stress easily. I am young but I look a bit older than I am. I also live in the Miami, Florida area.

    Name: Lucy Logan
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’7.5″
    Weight: 152
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

  54. Neah Williams

    Hi! Im Neah Williams.

    Age: 14
    Acting Range: 13-16
    Skin Color: Chocolate
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 118
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair: Can be curly, wavy or straight. ( Can hold any style)

    Thank you for your time. I hope I would be a consideration for any type of acting work.

  55. linda

    Dear Reader,

    Hello, it would be a great pleasure if you read this letter from the bottom of my heart you see my 13 years old daughter Amanda always wanted to become a famous actress and model. Amanda is a very confident girl who would be a really great actress in a performance . She can she definitely sing and have any kind of great accent from English, Spanish, Australian, and French. Most importantly this Christian girl has so much confidence in her that she would strive to be known in the tv world. So please just please rather if it a yes or no please respond back.


  56. Pam Miller

    Hi, I would love to be in a Jamie Foxx movie! ! I was an extra in the movie The Campaign and can be seen a few times. I am 52, 5’4″, 150#, Caucasian female, LONG, black hair, blue eyes. Hope to hear from you soon! !

  57. Dakota Babb

    Name: Dakota babb
    Age: 16 (I turn 17 on March 7 2015)
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 144lbs
    Eyes: hazel (they change color often)
    I have been dreaming of becoming an actor since I was 11 and I have
    Been looking online at a bunch of scams so I hope this is real…anyway
    I just want to see if acting is for me I just want to see what I got it will open up
    doors to a new life and new opportunities I just want to try

  58. Yrral Clim

    Hi my name is Yrral Clim an for a few years I have been inspired by actors through out the business and I want to be apart of the whole experience. And a opportunity like this is what I habe been waiting for , and I am hoping for the best.

    Height: 5’8″
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair
    Ecthincity: black
    Country: America
    Sex: Male

  59. Jennifer Onyiah

    Name: Onyiah Jennifer
    Country: Nigeria
    Weight: 60kg
    Eye colour: hazel
    Height: 5’10
    A chance to show you want i have and what i can do. and am really good at it.

  60. Stephanie Drummond

    Awesome story line, not very typical but yet familiar.
    Would love working with Jamie Fox and Benicio Del Toro
    Let’s see..I’m happy and Grateful:-)
    All the best everyone♡

  61. Andrew Evans

    Hello, my name is Andrew Evans. I grew up watching the TV and always dreamed about being on the big screen, well, here’s my chance. I am willing to gain or lose weight for any role, and do just about anything else.

    I am:
    16 years old
    190 lbs
    Dark hair
    Live in Minnesota but willing to travel
    I play football and ultimate frisbee
    I have a very outgoing personality
    I am always there to cheer someone’s day up
    Experienced in acting
    Very emotionally advanced for my age but still very fun to be around

    If you have any questions or would like any further information please e-mail me. Thank you.

  62. margorie Paul

    Hello my name is margorie Paul and I’m very energetic and love exciting and new things. I work well with others an Im also a people person and I’ve always wanted to be cast in a movie. I think I will be a great female asset to this movie for consideration. Thank you, have a blessed day.

  63. Shafi Moh

    My name is Shafi Moh. I’m 18 years old- I would describe myself as someone who is modest, hard-working and consistently sets firm goals for myself. Then, once I’ve defined my benchmarks, I take the necessary steps to achieve those milestones. I woould to whatever do reach my goal. Im black and im 6,6 high.

  64. Anasha Leary

    Hi I am 12 years old. I am 4’11, soon to be 5’2. I can dance, and sing very well ( sometimes like Ariana Grande). I am very outgoing on I get to know you, Also I am a very good actor. So plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz!!!!!! PICK ME!
    Thank You!

  65. Steve O'Donnell

    My name is Steven O’Donnell and I have been acting in theater and improv for the last 15 years, I have performed improv in comedy festivals alongside people like Colin Mochrie and Fred Penner. I have performed in every genre of theater from Shakespearean comedy to greek tragedy. I have some tattoos but they are easy to cover if need be, they are on my right forearm and back. I know I have a lot to bring to the table to help this project be as great as possible.

    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Gender: male
    Eye color: blue
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 6’7″
    Weight: 280 lbs
    Nationality: Canadian
    Phone: 1-204-960-6877

  66. Dikinson Jacques

    My name is Dikinson Jacques, i’m a young black male that is very energetic, funny, responsible. Love to work with different talents from all across the planet and have fun doing so. I would love and appreciate the opportunity to Audition for the new movie “The Trap” along side all the other amazing actors and actreses. Thank you! Phone: (407) 765-6347

  67. Stephanie

    I feel i would be a great asset to this film because I work extremely well with others . I only need to be told once and its done. Fast learner Im looking for something to keep me occupied I’m on a journey of finding myself and I’m dibbing and dabbing in a variety of different careers to see which ones suits me best. Im not camera shy at all. I own a sony a5000 and take it everywhere!!!! I’m also quite a laughter love to smile and be happy and i never ever question why…there’s a reason for everything….give me chance to shows my skills 🙂

    xoxo stephanie

  68. Trinity Emley

    Hey there!
    I’m Trinity Emley
    Age : 16
    Acting Age Range: 13-24
    Gender : Female
    Height: 5’1
    Eye color : Very Dark Brown (almost black)
    Hair color : Black (I like to dye my hair so I can dye it light or dark brown or even purple or red!)
    Weight : 110 lbs
    Race: Asian
    Ethnicity: Filipina
    Skin color: Light Mocha

    I would love to star in the move The Trap even as an extra. I am willing to gain or lose weight for any role. Because of my race I can easily look 13-24 with or without make up. Also my ethnicity would help contribute to a diverse cast. I can change my acting personality in a flash and make it convincing! Normally I am sarcastic and enthusiastic, but other times I can be serious and intimidating no matter my height! I will reconstruct and acting personality to whatever you need to be filled! I feel I am fit for a position and if you concider me you’ll feel that way too!

    Thank you so much for your time and consideration! Hope to hear from you soon

  69. Marvin

    Hi my name is Marvin. I’m a Hispanic American and 18 years old. I would really love to be a part of this exciting film and will be willing to participate in any way possible. I am a quick learner and I’m always enthusiastic when it comes to an artistic project. I will be honored if you read this application and even more so if I got an opportunity to work on this film.

  70. Kyla Palmore

    Hi my name is Kyla and I’m a 13 year old girl but turning 14 in May. I’m a tomboy because I would rather play sports than getting my hair or nails done. I live in Virginia with my mom and little brother. I am 5’3 and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I love to act. Acting is my dream in life. This would mean the world to me if I got a chance in this movie. I’ve been in a play in the Swift Creek Mill house and two plays in Elementary school. I appreciate you for taking time and reading my comment. Thank you. If you would like to contact my mom you can at or 804-205-7831

  71. Tatiana

    Gender: female
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 150
    Eye color: Green
    Hair: straight dark brown
    Face shape : long
    Body shape :hourglass
    Ethnicity : Russian

  72. Micahel West

    Well first off I think this is going to be a excellent moive. Hi my name is Michael West I am 24 an would love to be part of the movie in anyway i can help i am 5 foot 8 ,140 pounds,tan skin,black hair,an brown eyes.thanks for your time.

  73. Courtney Maurice Haynes

    Courtney Maurice Haynes
    Black Male

    Hello my name is Courtney Maurice Haynes and I’m a very energetic person who loves acting out roles. When I was younger in grade school I always was the person signing and dancing around on stage interacting with people in the crowd I’m from Springfield Illinois and trying to be an inspiring actor is hard here in the Midwest would love to show the world I’ve got what it takes work my magic on the big screen. A couple of years ago I audition for the part of Tupac Shakur but the directors to my knowledge still haven’t cast the role yet well there is still hope so I’m ready to change the world and the people around me if I get just one chance to show my talents don’t let the age fool you 38 but look like I’m in early 20’s. I would love to get a chance to work with lead actors like Mr. Foxx and Benicio Del Toro to show the world my acting talents.

  74. Kira Barnes

    Hello, my name is Kira Barnes. I am a 17 year old that is a Principal’s List and Honor Roll student. I think I should be chosen because I have auditioned to be a model/actress for Millie Lewis of Savannah and I made it through. Also, I’m very fond in acting and people say I am quite an actress. This would really jump my career off to something big! When I graduate high school, I want to pursue in acting, modeling, photography, etc. I have goals and those are my goals I would love to reach.

  75. Saadia Amany Green

    Saadia Green
    Age: 25
    Mixed -black and white

    I have always wanted to be a performer and pursue a career in acting, modeling and singing. I let life push me away from the things I love, like so many often do, and now I feel like I’ve lost the essence of myself. I am a smart, beautiful and talented young lady who’s ready to get out of this dead end job life and show the world all that I have to offer. Being in this film would not only be a dream come true, it would save my soul.