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Nickelodeon TV Show Casting Call

Are you wondering how to audition for The Thundermans? 2017 acting auditions for Nickelodeon are here! An extras casting call for the popular teen series “The Thundermans” is available to apply to! The network is filming the show’s fourth season. Casting directors are looking for women of all ethnicities who appear in their 30’s. The team is looking for females who fit the following specific sizes. Those who want to apply must fit either a 34B and have a 26/27 waist or a 36B and a 28 waist. Females must not have any tattoos for this role. This paid acting job will compensate selected actresses $115.00 for 8 hours. The series films in Los Angeles, California. This is an exciting and fun opportunity for actors to work on the teen TV show. Sign up for the 2017 The Thundermans casting call today!

About “The Thundermans”

“Meet The Thundermans, a typical suburban family that happens to have astounding superpowers. At the center of the action are the 14-year-old Thunderman twins, who share the same bathroom, the same school, and the same annoying little siblings. Their only difference? The sister is a super student with a super sunny disposition who super looks forward to being a superhero someday, and her twin brother is a super villain”. [Nickelodeon]

What They Are Looking For

Currently taking submissions for a Nickelodeon show with a fitting on Wednesday to work Thursday.

She is looking for females, any ethnicity, who can portray 30s and fit the following sizes: either a 34B and 26/27 waist OR 36B and 28 waist.

No Tattoos

Must be okay to work for $115/8 rate!

***Union Submissions ONLY***

How to Apply

If this is you, please email your name and contact info to: Be sure to include a current photo.
The subject line of your email should say Thunder
Do NOT email the casting director if you do not fit the role. They will release a casting notice if more roles are available. A

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125 Casting Responses

  1. Peace

    Hi am Peace from Nigeria am a huge fan of nikelodoen,i love to sing,read,act,and i would love to act on any of your shows

  2. Vincent Akers

    Actor is my job to do

  3. Roini Hamutenya

    Hi my name is Roini Hamutenya and i have been watching Nickelodeon seens i has 6 years old and i just wish i could be in one of the Nickelodeon shows 🙂 love the thunndermans

  4. Savannah Olsen

    Please I need to, and want to be on the thundermans episodes season 4 of the last! Because, it would be so cool, and fun to try a new experiences!!!!!

  5. Ephraim

    Hi I am Ephraim a ten years old boy and really want you to give me a chance to act in the thunder man’s please I really need a chance if you can allow me

  6. Savannah Olsen

    I really want to be in the last episodes of the Thundermans. I really do.

  7. Ephraim

    Hi I really want to act in thundermans

  8. Sara Jelassi

    And I love the thundermans I can just hope the best

  9. Sara Jelassi

    Hey, my name is Sara Jelassi Im 13 years old and live in switzerland I was 3 years in a actor course
    and my dream is to become an actress. I can speak 9 languages German, Swissgerman, English, French, Italian, Arabic, Czech, Chinese and Spanish.
    My hobby is ACT, singing and gymnastic I would like so much to be an actress,
    and now I can just hope with best 🙂

  10. Chelsea Okpalaeke

    Hey, I’m Chelsea Laeke. I actually wish to get this but only fair and square for world peace. I’m a normal black girl fired up with dreams and motivated with bravery

  11. Ayeesha

    Hey Nick
    I’m Ayeesha from Nigeria I’m a big fan of yours I’ll like to be part of the nick family…
    Go go nickelodeon!!

  12. Dishod Davis

    i love acting

  13. Dishod Davis

    i been always wanted to act in a show but i will keep trying

  14. peris njoki chege

    hi am peris from Kenya…Its my dream to act in Nickelodeon since I was 10 and now am 21 still following my dreams…I have been acting comedies in high school….please help me follow my dreams…

  15. nicolle gomez

    hello my name is Nicolle Gomez ,I am 13 years old .I love acting ,dancing and singing

  16. Patience Njeri

    I love this program and I hope that you will give me a chance to auddition with you, I will be very grateful to you and I believe that anything is possible. Please give me a chance to act, it has been my dream.

  17. kurt

    hi my name is kurt small I ma 15 years old.I love the show thundernams your show is amazing.

  18. odane jones

    Hi my name is odane jones and I am a huge fans of the thundermans and I would love to be an actor from I was a kid. It is on my dream/wish list . Please make this huge dream of mine come through , I am 13 years old and I am really a big fan of the thundermans .I don’t know what but there is just something that is amazing about the word thnderman . Please let me be an actor on the thudermans .

  19. tinashe

    i am interested in acting and i will gladly take any roll i am 14 years old and ready when you are


    Hi my name is Teonte grant I live in virginia beach virginia I am 13 i will be turning 14 in july 21 2004 so I am saying this because, I love nickelodeon and I am a big fan of acting I been wanting to act on nickelodeon since I was a little kid I really want this part/ role on this role is really important to me If I can get the part if I audition it would be a dream come true I hope somebody like the director or somebody important in the show see’s this because I really want to act on t.v. I pray to god that I do it I wanna be sucessful in my life and folkow my dreams this is one of them I hope that I can audition and really be a star like people on t.v. and for now on im not going to say i wish I can be on t.v. im going to say I will be on T.V. Because, God can make things happen I can be anything I want Because, God is real so if I u want to call my mom number my mom number and say hey Mrs, Trerina and say hey your son Teonte is getting a chance to audition on Nickelodeon and audition please make it happen I always wanted to be on T.V. so make a miracle happen for me please I love you guys so call my mom

  21. Liazidi

    I want to participate is my dream

  22. Liazidi

    It is my dream i have a participite or nikelodeon

  23. joseph

    hello my name is joseph I am 12 years old I have experience acting

  24. Favour Peters

    Hi i amFavour Peters and want to be a part of this amazing show i am13 and have a little experience thanks

  25. sebastian

    hello my name is sebastian I am 12 years old I have experience acting I hope you think it well and choose me many thanks

  26. joseph

    hello my name is joseph I am 12 years old I have experience acting I hope you think it over and choose me

  27. Charya hayes

    I love nick

  28. femi

    Hi nickelodeon I am from Nigeria, and I am a big fan of yours, cause of that, I will like to act in my favourite movie show the thundermans. Thanks to all nickelodeon stars

  29. Scott Banda

    I am Scott Banda , I want to act in the thundermans to be evil too. I will still dark mayhem powers and plan to destroy well phoebe and max are looking for me

  30. Guerdy Cassamajor

    Can I pls get a Job in Nickelodeon pls

  31. Mackenzie Todd

    Hi i’m MacKenzie Todd and I live in Louisville Kentucky and I am 13 years old and i love acting.

  32. Laurencia

    My name is laurencia Joseph I am tall brown in complexion 15 year old I love dancing acting an singing mhy goal is to become a TV actor an meet celebrities I am a saint Lucian I would love to be on this show 💙💯

  33. Emery Leah Zamora

    Hi my name is Emery Leah Zamora I am 9 years old since I was 5 I love to act and be goofy I take most of that from my dads side he’s my inspiration my dad made me love the arts of acting thanx to him I would love to show my love to act.

  34. Luyando Lizzie mang'wato

    I am 13 I have black hair,brown eyes and I hope to get a part

  35. Makayla

    Hi, I’m Makayla and I have always wanted to be an actress…I hope that one day my dream gets to come true!

  36. Joseph Ghazouani

    Hi i am Joseph and i am 10 years old i live in Dublin Ireland i love acting and singing they are my passion and i want to be an actor please accept this thanks Joseph Ghazouani

  37. isabel munalula

    hey….I am 16 i love acting.i am zambian i realy love the friends,family and school apreciatee for my outstanding peformans and so will you.

  38. Baileeann

    HI my name is Baileeann
    (Bailee-Ann) I am 11. And I live in Green Bay WI. And I have been watching Nickelodeon since I was growing up. So I want to see what it is like on Nickelodeon!

  39. Cassidy

    Hey I am Cassidy and I watch those pop stars go on the stage and act well can I ? YES !!!! I love to act and I am 11 years old and my fav. Show is the Thundermans and My Aunt has cancer and I want to support her😊 Please send a mail

  40. Charles

    hi I’m Charles and I’m 12 from Australia and i like acting because it just makes me feel alive`

  41. charles lane

    Hi i’m charlie, I’m from Australia and i love acting because it just makes me feel so alive and when i say I’m an actor to my friends they just think I’m joking

  42. Maciej Suszczynski

    I’m Maciek and I from Poland I’m eleven I love Nickelodeon and my biggest tream is to get qualify on Nickelodeon

  43. Jireh

    I would love to be on the thundermans and feel like it would be a great opportunity and also lead to more open doors for my future as an actor

  44. laura

    i love the thundermans and nickelodeon .All say to my that I am the born actress .I have braun hair and i ‘m 13 years old

  45. laura

    hi im laura im from germany i can bery good speak English and i love nickelodeon. I have braun hair

  46. Ngozichukwu Eberechukwu

    Hi, Greetings to you. My name is Ngozichukwu Eberechukwu, I just entered Eighteen (18) recently. I’m a lovely person. I love singing, acting, dancing and modelling. Acting, especially acting in Nickelodeon has been my dream ever since I was a child and I will never give up on that dream. I will be so happy if Nickelodeon will make my dream a reality by choosing me to be their actor. Thank you so much for giving me the privilege to write to you.

  47. Sarah

    Hi I am Sarah, I live in Germany and I am 14 years old. I love acting it’s my passion. Most of my friends don’t take me seriously when I say I want to be an actress.