The Thundermans - Nickelodeon

The Thundermans – Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon fans and aspiring performers, get excited! An all new season of the high flying Nickelodeon family comedy The Thundermans has been ordered which means more superpowered hijinks from TV’s funniest family and all new casting call opportunities for actors of all ages. Auditions for will soon be taking place for a number of roles in this half hour comedy production.

The Thundermans follows a family of four as they move to a new to the town of Hiddenville, a very appropriate name. The Thundermans are just like any other family – except for the fact that they all have superpowers.

And an arch enemy. And one of the children dreams of becoming a supervillain. Moving is hard enough under normal circumstances but when you also must conceal your powers from the world, it becomes even more difficult. This awesome production boasts on of the networks strongest and most beloved casts that features Kira Kosarin (Shake It Up!) and Jack Griffo (Kickin’ It) as twin sibling (and rivals) Pheobe and Max, Diego Velazquez (Extraordinary Measures) and Addison Riecke (How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)) as their younger siblings, Chris Tallman (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Reno 911!, The Sarah Silverman Program.) and Rosa Blasi (Make It or Break It, Strong Medicine, Beverly Hills, 90210) as Mr. and Mrs. Thunderman and the hilarious Dana Snyder (The Venture Bros., Fish Hooks, The Penguins of Madagascar) as the villainous Dr. Colosso. This fan favorite comedy was created by Jed Spingarn, the magnificent mind behind such hits as Big Time Rush, Johnny Bravo and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Casting calls for the newest adventures of Nick’s Thundermans will be taking place shortly and every audition update will be posted right here as they are released. Be sure to check back for all production news and information for this project and leave a comment in the space provided below telling us what you think of this outrageous series and why you would like to be a part of the next round of casting calls for Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans.

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1 Casting Responses

  1. Joel Beka

    My name is Joel Beka I’m 10 years old and I’m from Calgary, Canada. My talent is that I’m really funny and I can make people laugh!

  2. Hales

    I would love to act in this I’m 12

  3. Abby

    Hello. My name is Abby. I’m 10 and I live in California, so I’m hoping you can hold auditions in LA. I would love it be in the thundermans. It’s a great show and I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I can act happy, serious, scared, mad, and sad. Please consider letting me audition for The Thundermans. If you do, I’ll try my hardest nit to let you down. It would mean the world to me. Thank you for reading this(if you even did).


    i would love to be an actor in the the thundermans episod it was my dream seenes 2013 but they could not adition me i think thise is my chance again and iam from namibia and iam 15 years old i would like my response will reach you.

  5. Ben Williams

    Hey guys, my name is Ben Williams, am 15 years and am from Nigeria, am a big fan of the thundermans and I will like to act as one of them, I hope Nickelodeon will pick me to act as one of them…….. thanks guys

  6. Blessing

    I need to be on this show it is my last hope , helping my family so 🙏 please or i will kill my self . i like to sing n to act. I am dark in complexion .i am 15of age.

  7. Blessing

    I need to be on this show it is my last hope , helping my family so 🙏 please or i will kill my self

  8. Abigail

    Hi my name is Abigail Post I am 12 years old going into the 7th grade. I have watched the Thundermans for forever and I would love to be in it!

  9. Candace

    Name: Candace Alicia Newsome
    Age: 10
    Hobbies: acting, sleeping, being funny and singing
    Please pick me I have been singing from when I was 3. And I wanted to be an actress from when I was 5.
    I want t audition for the Thundermens.

  10. Candace

    I really want to be an actress I love how they are funny too. I really want to be on ‘The Thundermans’.

  11. Caitlyn

    I would love to act in this, it would be a great experience for me. As I am 12 just going into grade 7.

  12. Samuel

    Hey my name is samuel, am from Nigeria.Africa. I would love to be an actor in the thundermans

  13. Ernest Fabian

    I am Ernest Fabian and I really want to act in the Thundermans I am a big fan

  14. Ephraim

    Hi I am Ephraim and will want to act in the thundermans

  15. Ephraim

    Hi I rally want to act in the thundermans because of their super powers

  16. Aurélie van der Wolf

    Hello my full name is Aurélie michelle van der and i’m 12 years old. I live in the Netherlands maybe that is so i’m asking if i can do the auditon whit a video. I’m a dancer and have much expression and feeling! I can act sad angry happy/funny and serious. Sometimes i write my one scripts because i love to act i see that as a hobby. I’m very creative and love to sing and draw. I really like the parts of max and phoebe they are a funny twin! And i really love the show self! A super heroe family that sound as a really good show and it is!

  17. Neo Mahlaba

    Hey love it love to be part of it l am 10 years old want to be a hero lol

  18. Ronald Ikang

    Hey I’m from Nigeria in cross river I would love to be a star on nickleodeon but their some few things am lacking and my name is Ronald Ikang you can contact me


    My name is Rebecca.l am from Kenya,East Africa.l would like to be
    in the thundermans show .
    I am 13yrs

  20. Tejiri London

    Hi am Tejiri London
    I’m 13 years old and I would like to be on the thunder mans or any other nick series
    I write movies and songs
    If you would accept me I would gladly share with you a series I wrote comprising of 3 seasons
    I am Nigerian but if given a role would gladly move to Miami
    Thanks ✈️

  21. Peterside Sharon

    I am Peterside Sharon and I am 14yrs I am Nigerian and I love acting and I will do anything to be on the show

  22. Christian

    Hi am Christian am 13 years old, i am interested in getting on the show

  23. sofia

    i love the thundermans and i would do anything to be on this show

  24. Esther

    My name is Somoye esther am 14 year old, am a Nigerian I love to sing and act.I will be very honoured if you choose me. Thank you

  25. Maya

    Apologies Mayas first casting response sent too early.
    Hi I am Maya ( from the uk ), I am 10 years old and in primary 6 at school. I have been singing and dancing since I was 3 years old . I am part of downfield musical society and go to weekly singing lessons. I have written three songs and recently went with my singing teacher to a local recording studios. I go to stage, tap and highland dancing. I also play the violin, piano and trumpet. I have been in a lot of performances such as Scrooge, the jungle book, the wizard of oz and currently the little mermaid. I am also in the local pantomime .I am desperate to be on the stage, tv and become an actress. I absolutely love the thundermans and watch repeat after repeat of all the episodes. I love all aspects of acting and would love a part In this amazing show. I would love to begin my dream of becoming an actress and a great place to start would be with a part on the thundermans tv show.

  26. Maya

    Maya has been in shows with downfield musical society and done the jungle book , the wizard of oz , Aladdin and doing the little mermaid just now. She has also done many dancing show and goes to singing lessons she has been to the recording studios as well .

  27. Stephanie b

    Hi ! Yep. It’s Stephanie again! I just forgot to put that this is my dream goal. I would love to show people that I have what it takes. To prove to people I’m not just a straight A student that plays the flute . Please, if you have a chance, contact me ❕ thank you for your time. And good luck too everyone!

  28. Stephanie b

    Hi ! I’m Stephanie and I’ve loved acting since I was little . I’m 12 years old! I would be honored to given a chance! I live in the one and only New York, Long Island!! I’ve been in plays and enjoy singing ! Even if I was an extra I would love it! Thanks! please consider this !

  29. Ruby

    Hi, i am Ruby I am 9 years old and I LOVE to act. I have been watching the show since it came out. And it would be SO cool to be on the show. I live in Ohio and please I love watching the Thunder mans so please pick me

  30. Ruby

    I would love to be on the show because I love the Thundermans and its the only thing i will watch so i would love to be on the show

  31. Amaya

    I pray to God that he will let me in but I know I am not the only one

    From: Amaya Marie Parker
    In baton rouge, Louisiana

  32. Isaiah Whitaker

    I want to be on nick I’m good at acting

  33. Miran sahin

    What’s up Nikelodeon
    I am miran(boy) and i am15,I find the serie THUNDERMAN is one the best of series for kids, I can even say it’s the best. To become an actor, it’s my dream and I am made for it, I think if you contact me you won’t regret it, I want to become an actor and I am pretty sure I can do it and the best if I am took I’ll play in a serie I love, It’a still more exciting, you need an actor and I want to be an actor and I am sure I’ll be your man, trust me !!! Please I need you for realize my dream

  34. Candise Daphine

    My name is Candise Daphine. I have been a great fun of The Thundermans. I have been watching it for a very long time. I have watched almost all of your episodes. I wish to be your first choice. I am a girl, am 1st turning 12 in September 2018. I live in Nairobi, Kenya.

  35. Miran sahin

    What’s up guys!
    My name is miran and i am 15 jears old, I love the THUNDERMAN, To become an actor it’s my dream and I have a very good talent. I am pretty sure I can do it and I just need you to give me my chance, I’ll show you I am your man for this role, trust me! If you choose me you won’t regret it!

    Have a nice day!

    Miran sahin

  36. Angel

    Hi i am Angel i am and this year im turning 12 and i am really funny and i love Thunderman, Haunted Hatheways and this up coming Valentines not so special, Game shakers , Henry Danger , . I always wanted to be a star when i was small and this is my goal .Now is my chance to be a part so please .

  37. Mikel

    please please please please please please please please please please give me a chance i hope my dreams could come true Nickelodeon i am 13 and i am funny to and i know you will not regret if you choose me please

  38. Mikel

    hi my name is Mikel I have been trying to get on Nickelodeon and finally I found this website please I want to be In the thundermans I love you guys I also love to act

  39. Sharon Peterside

    I want to act in the thundermans because I have what it takes

  40. Khanyisile Mahlangu

    Hi my name is khanyisile mahlangu
    I am 13 years old
    I live in soweto, south Africa I’d really appreciate it if you will come to South Africa and hold auditions .I love to act and hopefully one day I could become a great actress . I would love to act on the thundermans ,nicky ricky dicky and dawn ,school of rock, Henry danger

    I hope you reply to me
    Yours sincerely

  41. kgahliso

    hi thundermans I luv u guys and I want to be on ur show and im 12 and I live in South Africa and I want to act coz I luv to act

  42. Marscelino

    Halo my name is marscelino I am n big fan of nickelodeon I like to sing and also want to become n successful actor on nickelodeon or dishney channel I am 13 years old my hair is black I live in nambia nickelodeon pleas give me a dis just to star on thundermans or game shakers

  43. Haziqcat

    Hello my name is Haziq and I’m 14. I live in Malaysia and I’m an asian boy with natural black hair. My height is 160 cm and love to acting and singing. My dream is to become a succesful actor and singer one day whether it’s from nickelodeon or disney. I’m good in acting,singing and also rap. If there’s a chance for me to get casted or star in any of the nick’s show like victorious or icarly, I’m very pleased and blessed to do so. Any casting calls for asian actor do get in touch with me via email and have been given. I hope that Nickelodeon can makes my dream come true. Thank you and highly appreciated! GOD BLESS!

  44. Davin

    My Favorite Show!

    Age: 12
    Height: 5’2″
    Sandy blond hair
    Dark brown eyes
    Build: lean, broad shoulders for an almost teen
    American / lives in Canada; Homeschooler, will travel
    Description / attached email from his mother: Fun, popular, frequently makes great jokes, eidetic memory, natural born sweetheart and actor, people always saying he should be in the movies, choir member, performance drama actor, cries and laughs on cue, won’t cut his hair until he gets an acting gig in case you want to style it and it’s getting long! Skiing-swim team-biking-foosball- fluent in French and English

  45. Oluwatobi Adeleye

    Hi my name is Oluwatobi Adeleye I’m 13 years i”m a boy I’m a huge Fan of “The Thunderman”please can you accept me to be part of your Film in the next episode I want my dream to come true and i have done so many comic books about you and other many comic books “Shinato kun”,”Thundermans” and lot more,so please accept my message also I’m from Nigeria African Side. I’m will be grateful if you can reply back and say yes. Thanks.

  46. Mia obure

    My name is Mia Obure and i watch the thundermans on nick and hulu. I love the show and i would love to be on it

  47. Obatomi Helen

    I am Helen Obatomi I am a fan of Thundermans I love it pls I would be so happy if I can be part I am a good actor
    I am 12 years old Thank you

  48. Ssendagire Cornelius

    Hi I am Cornelius and I really love Thundermans. I would like to be considered for the upcoming casting call because I love entertaining people and it would be my dream of being a nickelodeon star come true.
    I will be grateful if considered.

  49. Paige

    Hi I’m paige I have wanted to be an actress since I was very little I always made movies with my cousins and friends and I love to write scripts and had dreams of becoming an actress I hope that i will be recommended fr the show by the way I’m am 11yrs old and will soon be turning 12

  50. Ssendagire Cornelius

    My name is Cornelius and I really love this show because its really cool and educative. I also like its stars like Jack Griffo. i would like to be a part of the upcoming casting calls for the nickelodeon’s Thundermans because I really love entertaining people and making new friends. Its also my dream to be a nickelodeon star.
    I will be gratefull if I am considered for the upcoming casting calls for Thundermans.

  51. Steven

    Hi my name is Steven am from Africa Tanzania, I wanna be an actor (it has been my dream) I wanna work in the entertainment industry. I would love if you guys gave us (the teens from Africa chance and holding an audition here) please Nickelodeon please give me a chance

  52. Lamoy Thomas

    I love thundermans and I also wanted to be a Nickelodeon star please give me a part

  53. Kyra

    I dreamed of being on nickolodeon so please give me an audition for the thundermans it would be the world to me

  54. Vincent

    good day my name is Vincent i have acted a lot of commercials for so many company’s like C way (Nutrimilk) and so fort i hope i can have the Chance to act a movie with the thunder man’s it will be a dream come true for me tanx

  55. Blanca

    Hi I’m Daisy I’m was wondering if you could fit me in in this show I Love❤️❤️❤️

  56. Blanca

    Hi im Daisy i want to be a actor please i love this show❤️❤️ and i always waned to be a actor when i was little.

  57. Brynavious

    Hi my name is Brynavious is and I love The Thundermans. I dream of having super powers on The Thundermans. I dream of my powers to be shape shifting. So I hope you can find a spot for me to fit in.

  58. Lorraine

    Hi iLOVE THE THUNDERMANS I Just WON’T To Be On THTHUNDERMAB THE POWER THAY HAVE. I was asking if I can fit in the THUNDERMANS thank you very much I will her from you back . I’m 10 years old and my name is Lorraine thank you

  59. Lorraine

    Hi my name is Lorraine I am 10 years old

  60. Lorraine


  61. isaiah

    i would like a part because I have been watching nickelodeon since I was little and always dreamed of being o their and I’m also doing this cause u belive that if u a dream set your mind to it and u can achieve it

  62. Toluwani

    Hi my name is Ayomide, I’m from Nigeria and Toluwani is my sister and we will like to make the show more exciting for the world. I’m 12years old while my sister is 14years old. Pls let us make the show more exciting for the world. Thank you!!!!!

  63. Toluwani

    Hi, I love singing,acting and reading but I love watching this show pls can I get a chance to make this show more exciting for everyone in the world.

  64. Chinmayi

    Now I’m 12
    – Chinmayi, 12 year old girl

  65. Chinmayi

    This show is amazing because it incorporates many different genres kids and adults alike enjoy watching. There’s comedy, a little bit of drama, and some fantasy too! I would love to be a part of the cast of The Thundermans for many reasons, some of which are because this is one of my favorite shows, and acting is something I’ve wanted to pursue for a long time. I’m done the basics, acted in some small theater plays, a few school numbers and musicals, so I think I would be good for a role in this series. Please email me
    Thank you
    -Chinmayi Manda, 11 year old girl

  66. Thaarun Thanigaivel

    I want to be part of this show because it’s always been my dream to act for nickelodeon. I love the show as it’s super funny and entertaining. Put me in please…

  67. Molly Dowling

    Hi I’m Molly. I am 8 and i love love love the thundermans
    I went to acting classes Please choose me!!!!

  68. Braylon Bush

    I watch Thundermans shows every week and enjoy all the superpowers. I think the superpowers are cool. I really could see myself as a part of the Thundermans show.

  69. Lorenzo

    Hi my name is Lorenzo and I Love this show And I dreamd of having Powers and I just hope you can fit me in and I’m so super funny And talented And handsome

  70. Fergus Lawson Johnston

    Please can I be a actor I love the show I have loved acting since I was two and it would really mean the world to me bye the way my name is fergus I am 10 years old blonde hair blue eyes and i love making people laugh.

  71. thomas elmore

    I am Thomas Elmore I am 14 almost 15

  72. Aaliyah sutton

    Hi I’m Aaliyah and I am a confident person and I enjoy watching this show. I think I would do a great job because me and my sister like to put on shows a lot. I am 14 in 8th grade and I play sports and sing in am also part of the drama club and cheerleading.

  73. Kyley

    I would really like to have a audition and everything

  74. Jaclyn

    hi, my name is Jaclyn and i love nick. I’ve wanted a singing, dancing, or acting part in the world for as long as i can remember.I think i would be a great choice because i have always believed in powers and love the thought of me doing it, im also creative, sassy, and rebellious. hope i can get a role, thanks.

  75. Pia

    Hi I am Pia and am 14 years old. I like acting, singing and dancing. I would like to be on show. Thank you so much!