The Star Next Door – The CW

The Star Next Door - The CW

Are you ready to be America’s next singing sensation? The Star Next Door, The CW’s new singing competition show is ready to take the reality singing competition world by storm this summer and they are looking for talented people just like you.

Produced by the fabulous Queen Latifah, The Star Next Door will be absolutely unlike any singing show you have ever seen. Instead of traveling hours to an open audition only to wait in line for hours trying to be heard The Star Next Door will bring the auditions to you! Star mentors Gloria Estefan (100 million albums sold and 3 Grammy Awards) and Jon Rich (from the multi-platinum selling group Big & Rich) are going to be traveling all across the country to seek out America’s next singing sensation. Imagine being discovered by some of the biggest names in the music industry right in your own backyard. And that’s not all. Not only will these huge stars come to your hometown, they will stay there while molding your abilities for your big chance of representing your hometown on national TV! This is the singing show to end all singing shows. If you have always dreamt of being a singing superstar this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Leave a comment below if you would like to have The Star Next Door come to your town and we will keep you up to date on all of the amazing details.

The Star Next Door is taking singing competitions to a whole new level, they are bringing the action to you! It’s time to polish up that golden voice and get your hometown ready for the spotlight. This is your chance to be a part of television and music history. This summer you may just be discovered as The Star Next Door.

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  1. Tonyah Coleman

    Please come to Raleigh NC!!!!

  2. Tiffany

    Pleaseeee come to Hickory, NC. I have the most amazing 16 year old w a voice out of this world.

  3. Nadiya

    Hi I’m Nadiya and I’m 11 years old and love to sing,but I’m a little shy.I live in Greenville North Carolina and want yo be part of this and let my dreams take of and prove what I’m capable of.I hope this makes me better in singing and change my life.I really,really hope you pick me.

  4. Iynasia stewart

    Hi my name is Iynasia Stewart I live in Reidsville, NC. I am a singer & a rapper. I’ve been trying to reach out to so many different people on fb and online and today I think I found hope to believe that this is true. I’ve been singing since I was 5 and I’m still singing my Facebook name is janeestewart and you will see some of my singing video please come to Reidsville NC I would gradually appreciate it.

  5. Faith Caplinger

    Hi, My Name is Faith Caplinger and I have a passion for singing and performing. I would love to be included in this singing competition to push me to grow as a musician. I love the old classics from jazz and blues as well as pop and spiritual genres. I have composed some songs of my own in hopes to inspire a healthy attitude of peaceful empowerment among my generation.

  6. Taylor

    Definitely come to Dayton!!

  7. Holly Klosek

    Hi, my name is Holly Klosek and I am from Randolph NJ. I wrote a nice long comment yesterday but somehow it got deleted. I would love a real shot at music because I have had a lot of hardships in my life. I have 2 beautiful children (3 and 1), one of which is always in and out of surgeries in Florida. I stay home with them because my son needs a lot of special care so there isn’t much time for me to pursue a passion of my own. I enjoy every minute I get to spend with them but I feel I need to start pursuing something for myself too. Music is my passion and until a few months ago, I was too shy to even sing in front of my family. While recovering from a surgery of my own, I realized this is what I want to do so I made a video and showed it to some family members. My mom cried and I got great reactions from everybody else so I posted some videos online and I got really positive feedback there too. This led me to take a few vocal lessons which really helped me. This opportunity would change my life for me and my family in so many ways I can’t even explain.

  8. Holly Klosek

    Hello, my name is Holly Klosek and I am from Randolph, NJ. I am 26 and am married with 2 beautiful children(2 year old boy and 1 year old girl). My son has a very rare bone condition in his leg and has had many extensive surgeries where he needs constant care so I stay home with my children. The only doctor in the country that is an expert on his condition is in Florida, so I frequently have to drive my kids back and forth. I would be lying if I said I didn’t love being with them all the time but it does make the budget tight and leaves very little time for me to pursue any of my own dreams. I have always wanted to sing but never even gave it a second thought until I was recovering from a surgery of my own and had some extra time on my hands. I recorded a video and showed it to a couple of family members and I got such amazing feedback, my mom even cried ha. So then I got the courage to post it online and got even more incredible feedback so I started taking a few lessons and practicing a lot. I also play acoustic guitar and the violin. We are planning on moving to Nashville this summer to give this our best shot. Being on this show would be life changing for us to say the least.

  9. azhane barker

    Greetings , my name is Azhane Barker. I’m from Dayton OH and I would love to get the chance to show you my talent and audition for you. Singing has always been a passion for me since I was around 6. I love sharing my music to other people. I create facebook videos of my singing to try to reach out and share my talent with those who love it. I have wonderful family that supports my dream of being a singer and would love to see me make it far. Where I come from it’s very small and not very many chances to get heard. This show would be the most amazing chance for me to actually have my voice heard.

  10. Haven Bowers

    Hey y’all my name is Haven Bowers, I live in Wake Forest North Carolina, and as much as we all the love sing, I love it with my whole heart! I would absolute adore being on this show! Contact me for any video clips or anything

  11. Madison

    HI my name is Madison Loewecke and I live on Rockford, Illinois. My biggest inspirations are Michael Jackson, Usher, Bruno Mars. I’ve been singing since I was little. I’m 13 (turning 14 in January 2017) and I feel like I can be the next big thing and I’d be so happy if you pick me. My dream is to become a pop singer and I would love to see it come true.

  12. Sophia

    I’d love to audition

  13. Danny Durden

    Hello, my name is Danny Durden and would love to have a chance to audition for you. I have been singing since I was old enough to open my mouth. Iv never had any musical teaching, but I write my own songs and play a little guitar. To be a professional gospel singer has always been my dream. I would love to see it become a reality.

  14. Tammy GRADY

    My Son is C.J Bluzey He is a Singer/ Performer. He went all the way through Hollywood On American Idol in 2011 and 2013. He was shown singing and dancing with Harry Connick Jr performing Stand By me. I didn’t understand why He didn’t make it further. I understand now He has grown 10 ×’s as much since then. I understand God has something greater planned for Him. He since has won a huge competition at the lake of the Ozarks, and helps Co produce shows at the lake He also performs in them as well. The only problem with this area is it is a small town with not much room for growth. He doesn’t even realize how talented He truly is. I believe your show can help Him with that. I hope you come see this raw talent for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. I could send you a video if you would like to hear Him. Thanks Tammy ?

  15. Emily


  16. Abigail Shore

    Hi I’m Abigail Shore. I’m from Gastonia, NC right outside of Charlotte. I’ve been told I’m a great singer, and I’ve also been told I can’t sing at all. I believe I have what it takes to be the next star. I want to prove all those that ever put me down wrong.

  17. tyler norris

    I am ready to be famous….. I got a song…. I got a struggle now all that I need is a spotlight…… I promise not to disappoint….. I am not the best but I am the best me….. no one else with my sound

  18. Charity Milligan

    Hello, I am Charity Milligan and I live in Yanceyville, North Carolina. I love to sing and I have been to the All-State Chorus Assembly in Greensboro. I was one of the only auditions for my school. I live in a small town and the county only has one grocery store. We are the definition of small town. I have been told by many that i have a wonderful voice but I never truly believed it. I love singing all genres of music.

  19. Srikantha Akula

    Hi my name is keerthana Akula 15 years old residing in Hillsborough NJ .I am a singer and interested to know more about this opportunity.Thank you.

  20. Andrea

    I am very interested in learning more about CW’s The Star Next Door.

  21. Frank Zito Jr.

    Yes, I am interested.
    Bayonne, NJ.

  22. Christina Dotson

    My daughter Regan is one of the most beautiful people I know from the inside out. When she sings the people around just fill up with joy. The opportunity would be awesome for her to understand that she does have a God given talent. We live in indian trail,NC and would welcome you all with open arms. From her loving momma,
    Christina Dotson

  23. Winter Snow

    I would love more information on this

  24. Heather

    Hello my name is Heather Helms I’m 20 yrs old and I’ve always wanted to come a singer it’s been my dream I’ve been singing ever since I was little

  25. Sanequa Jamison

    I’m hoping you come to Columbus Ohio! We need a new face to change this city. One who truly cares about our youth and our inner city’s needs. I hope I Sanequa Jamison can make that happen one day. A long lived dream hoping to fulfill. I’m soon to be 27 and I know it’s not too late for dreams to come true.

  26. Christin Peters

    Hello my name is Christin Peters and I am a single mother of two beautiful kids that’s God has blessed me with and I love and enjoy singing it would be a pleasure and honor to show my passion of singing to you and show my children anything is possible in life as long as you have faith.

  27. Sade Morris

    Yes I would love to know more about this opportunity.

  28. Essence Wilson

    My Name is Essence Wilson I was born and raised in charlotte, NC. Singing is my passion ,it sparks a fire in my soul! I’ve been singing since I was a little girl and I can see myself being Americas new Young and Talented artist!

  29. Claire Juliet Holdren

    OHIO! OHIO! Come to Ohio! My name is Claire Juliet Holdren, and I am a 10 year old soprano singer with a bit of opera style. I love the power of music! People say I sound like I am 30 when I sing. I recently won a local singing contest and would love the chance to be heard so I can share my voice with the world! Come and see what you think!

  30. Jen McCarter

    I’m writing for my daughter, Kenzie McCarter. She is 15 and a country singer in our small rural town of Reedsville, Pa. She currently does her own shows in our area performing at fairs, festivals and a variety of Relay For Life events. She started singing at 4 in churches and while country music has become her love, she does still sing some contemporary Christian music in churches when asked. She has been taking voice lessons for abou 5 years now and has plans move to Nashville after graduation and attend Belmont University… This has been her plan since she was 12 and it never waivers… She is not only a wonderful singer, but a complete entertainer on stage! She created her own webpage, Thanks for your time and Good Luck with your show!

  31. Or'myni Ellison

    Hi, my name is Ormyni Ellison and my dream is too sing. I love singing and it has been a passion of mine since 2. I am now 10 years old. I am currently residing in new been nc. I would really really appreciate it if you could come to my hometown and give me the opportunity to live and be my dream. Thank you so much for giving us chances to have our voices heard. My voice is Beautiful.

  32. Darius Jenkins

    Hey Queen,

    My name is Dezzie and I am a r&b singer , I want to bring the old school r&b back which I grew up and my parents grew up on . Please come to durham nc and let’s show them why R&b is still alive and will never fade.

    Love u

  33. Sarah Affiah

    Hey! My name is Sarah Affiah , I am 12 years old turning 13 in mid-may and the most best birthday present is for you to pick me in casting , I live in Durham,North Carolina and I eat , sleep and breath music I have a powerful voice that could speak good things in your life , I won my school talent show last year out of 30 kids and I’ve been looking for more and more opprutinitys to get my voice out there in the world, I want people to know you can exceed even If your not going to become a engineer or a doctor or nurse , all things are possible and if you put your mind together you can do all things , I’ve really been struggling with getting my voice out there and I promise you if you pick me I will not bring you down , I want to be the one to let my voice be heard please help me do that.

    Thank you, Sarah Affiah

  34. Salena

    My name is Salena Sanchez! I’m from Columbus Ohio! Ever since I was a child I’ve dreamed of becoming a singer. I just recently started putting my voice out there at 20 years old. A few weeks ago I participated in my first audition and make it to the second round, where I got to audition for the first time in front of a live audience! With my confidence building, now is the time I want to take to audition for other things! Please make my dreams come true and come to my home town 😉

  35. Tamela Knight

    Hi there!!

    My name is Tamela Knight…I am a 50 year old Mother of 5 and Grandmother of 2…..just recently have “stepped out of my box” and started to sing in various competitions after putting my music to rest for 30 years to raise my family…the singing bug has hit me once again and I feel I have a duty to my kids and grandkids to show them that you need follow your passion and see how much fun you can have doing it… NOT let age be a factor!!! Life is tough enough without adding anymore “What If’s”……

    I hope I have the opportunity to be on here so I can relay this message not only to my family but to people all across the Nation!!

    I live in Galena, Ohio which is only 20 minutes from the city of Columbus, OH-IO!!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Tamela Knight

  36. Selena Driedger

    My name is Selena. I’m 18 tears old and I’m from a small town in Ontario, Canada. I deal with mental illness every day of my life. I have let it control me for so long. I have missed many opportunities because of it. I’ve always wanted to sing for a living. The first song I ever sang was the theme song for Marineland the themepark. I used to perform it for my parents in the living room every time it would come on the tv. I was born to do this. I’m just looking for a chance. I hope you consider me.

  37. Shonnice Harris

    I have always dreamed of being a star. Everyone says I am very talented by it is hard to get heard when you don’t know the right people in the major music industry. I would love for this show to come to Dayton, Ohio. Our state is really talented. Bow Wow, The Ohio Players, Avant, Macy Gray, Lyfe Jennings, John Legend, Roy Rogers, The O’Jays, are all from here and the list goes on. I would love this opportunity to showcase my talents, gain knowledge and have guidance to help me stand out in this profession that I have dedicated my life to.

  38. Danielle Jarrell

    I have always wanted to sing but never could catch a break . Just hoping Lady Luck shines on me and gives me a chance .

  39. Heather

    I’m Heather mother of three and I have been in some kind of music background for as long as I can remember. Music is the way I express myself. Music also speaks to me it been a huge part of my life. I’m from Texas but I reside in North Carolina near Raleigh.

  40. Brianna Cilea

    Aspiring self taught singer that would love the opportunity to sing for QL and America>. I hope I can have the opportunity. I reside in Monmouth County New Jersey.

  41. shaynotes

    Hello Im 42 all my life Ive wanted to sing I use to carry aradio around with me as a child i sang in the childrens choir I write songs and sing all day long Im mixed people say Im more on a rock country style singer writer all my life ive been nothing and my children are always pushing me to sing they say if I never try Ill never know but I know Im not that good but love it im afraid someones gonna say im bad but I need to do it to prove it to my children that Im not a punk and let someone else be the judge (power love joy and pain) I wanna feel the power of your love joy and you smashed on me I didnt know what hit it felt like a earthquake it was worse than a tornado I was hit it was a hurricane and now when I speak your name it drives me insane I try compose myself I try to regain my strength at length im spent outta control its like when you speak you whisper to my soul my whole body feels weak i seek his heart while my heart leaks inside a neverending infernal
    . Internal fire that leaves me begging and pleading and yearning and wanting dont taught me relieve me and please me Im outta my mind Im literally insane I wanna feel the power of your love joyand pain Your hot body as I melt beneath you I need ecstasy do you heal ne with a lifetime plan In forever your wonan your forever my man without the passion I feel like Im sinking in quick sand heres my hand pull me out I wanna feel the power of your love joy and pain

  42. Kenzie wheeler

    Hi my name is Kenzie wheeler. Iam 17 yrs old and a senior at Strawberry Crest High School. Im from the small town of Plant City Florida, also known for its strawberries and the Strawberry Festival. I have always enjoyed singing and country music. I was 15 yrs old the first time I went on stage in front of a crowd. Since that time I have been working on my singing career and building a fan base. In the past year I had the honor of opening for Michael Ray in Ocala Florida. Micheal even called me up on stage to sing a song with him!! In November of this year I opened for Charlie Daniels Angelus charity event at the Tampa Hardrock. What a great experience! On January 31st 2016 I was named the 1st Tampa Teen Idol! What a great experience that was. I have two original songs on iTunes. “Just once in awhile and “Talk to you”. I believe in giving back to my community so I do charity events when I can. I love singing, being on stage and the feeling I get from that. Iam country music all the way!! Iam ready to take my career to the next level. I can only imagine how awesome it would be to be mentored by John Rich! I hope to be seeing “The Next” in my home town real soon!

  43. Jawanah Connor

    I am 36 years old my dream has always been to be a gospel singer. I am originally from New Jersey but I now reside in Maryland. This show is definitely for me. I have done several auditions with no luck in being picked. My voice was made to share with the world. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you!!!

  44. Danielle Mathews

    Hey! My name is Dani Grace and I am a 15 year old singer from North Carolina. I should be apart of the Star Next Door because this opportunity for me would be the best thing. I never outgrew the ‘I want to be famous’ stage, and music became a part of me, so it just made me want to go into music. I play guitar as well, and I am a soprano contemporary singer. I want to prove that you don’t have to have voice lessons to get into the music industry, and that you are perfect just the way you are. I was told I wasn’t when I was younger by my peers, and I want The Star Next Door to change my music career!

  45. Justin dixon

    I love singing I sing karaoke every chance I get.I am a father of w wonderful 2 1/2 year old.I’m a volunteer firefighter of almost eleven years.I’ve always enjoyed singing the smile that it brings to some peoples faces is priceless.I have always wanted a chance to be discovered by some of my favorite country artist.I’ve always sang even when I was in the military I would sing to by pads the time on the ranges.I would love to have a big time artist come hear me sing and make my dreams come true.

  46. jerniha ward

    I am 17 and is originally from Delaware but this summer I moved with my grandmother in Charlotte, North Carolina where i attend high school I love to sing i like to be heard by people with my voice i would like to take my singing to the next level i am very interested in joining and being apart of the star next door this is a very good opportunity for me. i enjoy music from all kinds of genres and like to explore i hope to hear from you guys. Thank you

  47. Summer Zeilman

    My dream has been my whole life to become a singer, or even just be looked at by a professional to help myself improve! I am 25 years old, engaged and a mother of two amazing kiddos! My daughter is 4 and my son is 19 months! I love music and sing a wide range of genres such as, country, r& b, church/soul, and love evanescence. I have let very few people hear me sing and everyone who has heard me has been absolutely shocked that i can sing. I did singing lessons when i was younger and have been in every choir in school and did great in those.

    I would love a shot to be heard and to prove myself to the world with something like this! I have a passion for music and, you can tell when i sing!

    Please help my dreams come true and, help become a great singer!