The Sound Of Music Starring Carrie Underwood

The Sound Of Music Starring Carrie Underwood

One of the world’s most beloved musicals is being brought back to televisions everywhere for an incredible live event and an open casting call for aspiring actors has just been announced. NBC’s all new live television staging of The Sound Of Music starring country superstar Carrie Underwood alongside an all-star cast is coming to the airwaves this fall and producers and casting directors for this fantastic production are on the lookout for talented young performers to join the cast in a number of outstanding roles. This is could be your chance to be a part of an unforgettable musical extravaganza.

NBC’s The Sound Of Music will be a live television interpretation of the all-time classic Rogers and Hammerstein Broadway musical and the timeless 1965 feature film adaptation which captured 5 Academy Awards (including Best Picture and Best Director) and the hearts of generations. This edition of the heartfelt story of a flailing Austrian nun who accepts a job as the caretaker for the seven precocious children of a decorated Naval Captain will feature all of the stirring drama and classic songs that have warmed the hearts of fans across the globe performed by a top-notch cast that includes multi-platinum recording artist and six-time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood (American Idol, Soul Surfer, How I Met Your Mother), Stephen Moyer (True Blood, The Double, 88 Minutes), Audra McDonald (Private Practice, Cradle Will Rock, A Raisin in the Sun), Laura Benanti (Go On, Royal Pains, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) and Christian Borle (Smash, The Bounty Hunter, The Good Wife). the team of Craig Zadan and Neil Meron whose past musical hits include the Best Picture winner Chicago featuring Renée Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hairspray starring John Travolta and Michelle Pfeiffer and the Golden Globe winning Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows which showcased the incomparable Judy Davis. Now the producers of this highly anticipated TV event are holding open auditions for the pivital roles of the unforgettable Von Trapp children and you could be the next lucky performer chosen!

The Sound Of Music open casting call for aspiring performers ages 6-14 of all experience levels will be held Sunday, September 15. The audition will take place 10am-3pm at Grace Church School (86 4th Ave. New York, NY 10003 ). Characters breakdowns for the available roles are posted below and we will post more details on this fabulous production as they are released so check back right here for updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of the project and why you want to be chosen for NBC’s The Sound Of Music starring Carrie Underwood.

Character Breakdowns:

Girls: ages 6-13. Must be excellent singers and actresses -LOUISA (13 y.o.), BRIGITTA (9 y.o.), MARTA (7 y.o.), GRETL (6 y.o.)

Boys: ages 10-14. Must be excellent singers and actors- FRIEDRICH (14 y.o.), KURT (10 y.o.)

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  1. Sara Felker


  2. Chyenne Ransleben

    I’ll make my comment easy to read. I live in Spicewood Texas and I have wanted to be an actress my entire life. I am 18 and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make it and become an actress and make my family proud as well as make my dreams come true. If you have any questions my email is

  3. Tarani Best

    Name: Tarani Best
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Ethnicity: American
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 112 lbs
    Hair: wavy dark brown
    Eyes: Blue, sometimes green
    Birthday: Dec 6th, 2001

    I Love this movie so much!
    Anytime that there is a tryout or anything like that, I jump to the chance! When I was 8 my two older brothers were in a sound of music play. I know every single song from it!
    I have been in so many plays I couldn’t even count! Acting is my life and I want to spend all of my life doing it. I have been acting in plays since I was five. Some of the play I have been in include, Shakespeare’s As You Like It and Hamlet, and The Christmas Carol. I live in Hilo Hawaii. I am the fourth oldest of nine children (Another one on the way!) kind of like the Von trapp family! Everybody tells me I am an excellent singer! I really hope you see this, and consider me! It would be the most amazing thing ever!

  4. juliette tran guenneugues

    Hi, my name is juliette, I am 11 years old and I am half french and vietnamese; i speak fluent english and french; i love to act and imitating personage and voices; i play piano and i am very good at singing; i sang solo a few times at school concert and had a great review. I love the sound of music and i would like to be part of the movie. hoping to hear from you soon.
    thank you

  5. Jake Humphrey

    Hi im Jake im 13 turning 14, and I would be great for this role because i can sing, and dance but my singing voice does sound slightly feminine

  6. Alexis

    Hey! I’m Alexis but people call me Lexi!
    Hair color-blond-brown
    Hair length-past my arm pits
    Acne-not a lot
    I love to
    And play sports
    Please read this! Please and thank you!!
    If you have any questions about me, please contact me at 641-330-6558

  7. Kylee

    Hi! Im Kylee. Im 13 years old. I believe im a good actress if not i hope to be. Being in this movie would be a wonderful thing. I sing really well. I want to ve in this movie because i think it will help me get prepared and help me get better. It could also give me that one step up.

  8. Jill

    Hey! I am 13, but I am short, so I could play down as Brigitta. (when I was in fourth grade, someone asked me how kindergarden was going 🙂 I’ve always wanted to be in a film, and I stand in front of the mirror all the time, acting to myself. (my whole fam thinks I am really wierd) I have semi-long blond hair that looks excellent when curled of straightened, but left on it’s own, it will poof out and make me look like I stuck my head over a fire and then tried to crimp it with a dead branch…not sure if you needed to know that. I have a very fun sense of humor and I would love to participate in an audition, even though I probably won’t get a part. I attend Blue Ridge Christian School, and I take correction well and submit to authority with ease. I have participated in many school musicals and I have played the role of Alice in alice in wonderland as well as other countless parts. thanks for allowing me to comment!!

  9. Sydney Levenstein

    My name is Sydney, I am 12 and will be 13 March 31, I am about 5’4, I have long red hair and dark brown eyes. I love acting,and singing. I think I would be good for this movie because I’ve been acting in plays and musicals since I was about 4 and I have always love it. I watch the sound of music all the time! And ever since I was little I have had two dreams, to be a disney princess, and to be in a popular musical. So I really hope you consider me, and make my dreams come true!!! 🙂

  10. Bridgette Beltran

    Oh my! I feel like my time has come!
    My name is Bridgette (BRIJ-et) Beltran and I am 12 years old. I’m from Illinois and I love to act and I love to sing. I definitely love to sing. You need an excellent singer? I am an excellent singer. I have great vibrato and quite a range. I think I’ll definitely be a perfect fit for Louisa. Definitely. Oh yea. I would absolutely love to get the part for this. I’d DEFINITELY love it!
    You wanna know a little more about me?
    I’m Hispanic.
    I have dark wavy/curly brown hair.
    I have brown eyes.
    My skin is not tan, but not white. (I’m definitely on the lighter side)
    I’m quite slim. Not bony and skinny but for sure not fat. At all.
    I’m around 5’1.
    I’ve been singing since I was a baby and could make noise.
    I’ve never done professional acting.
    The whole town is aware that I’m a good actress/singer because every time there is a play, I get the lead role. I’m great at becoming the character itself and displaying emotions. I sing the National Anthem for almost every single game that my school has.
    I love Carrie Underwood XD.
    Definitely email me at if you’d like to see some pictures of me.
    Thank you so much and I definitely hope to hear back from you!

  11. Tessa Star Henderson

    Hello, I am Tessa Star Henderson I abs love the sound of music. It has been my favorite musical for as long as I can remember I am 16 going on 17 (and adore that song as well) I have blonde hair which is long and quite straight and brown eyes I am 5,3′, I am a HUGE fan of Carrie Underwood as well! She is one of my favorite artists of all time I use her music to learn a lot about myself. It would be an absolute honor to be able to meet her let alone work with her! Please consider me for a role in this musical it would be an amazing oppertunity!

  12. Michelle Schlienz

    I am a 5 year old girl; not only can I read very well but I can take instruction and project fabulously (my mother is writing this comment). I love the original movie although my mom breaks it up into a three night event every time. I want to act, every time I finish watching a show or a movie I run upstairs and dress up as similarly to a character on the show as possible and then I spend hours pretending to be her; accent, attitude, and all! I am really good at remembering lines too and I like to sing though the verdict is still out on my singing skill. Since everyone else has posted their stats I will follow suit;

    Height: 43″
    Weight: 57lbs
    Hair: light brown, straight
    Eyes: green

  13. Emma

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’0
    Weight: approximately 80 pounds
    Hair color: medium to dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Date of birth: december 22 2001
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Languages I speak fluently: English and french
    talents: gymnastics ,acting,singing

    I have lots of acting experience and i think i would be great for this show! i am very dedicated to everything i do and i am a very hard worker. I love to be in front of the camera and act!

  14. Bree

    Hello, my name is Bree, and I am from Sydney Australia. The sound of music is an amazing musical, and it would be an unbelievably fantastic experience to be a part of it.
    I am 25, and am a strong soprano Singer. Please consider me during your casting process.
    Kind regards,
    Bree Clarissa.

  15. Romy mccarthy

    Romy mccarthy

    Hi I’m Romy , I take three different acting classes and I am very well spoken . I like working and communicate well with people of all genders and ages . I am good at following instructions but I can also put my own spin on things . I have always wanted to star in a classic like this as a have a very classic look . I do a lot of theatre and musical theatre and have auditioned for feature films in the past . I am very musical and can sing as well . I am intelligent and would love to be considered for the amazing opportunity . I have wanted to be an actress since a very young age and I go to a highly academic school – so I am relitavely intelligent .
    Age : 13
    Birthday : 22/11/01
    Hair colour : black/dark brown
    Eye colour: green
    Skin colour : White ( British)
    Height: 5’4
    Weight : 50 kg
    I have been in three productions- The Cicle of Life (Shaw Theatre 2012), Fame ( Bloomsbury 2011), Bugsy Malone (Bloomsbury 2010), and Quality street (Stratford circus theatre 2013)and OMG (The Novello theatre 2014). I am currently working on a production called Quality Street in the Stratford Circus Theatre. I have been invited to audition for three feature films Nativity 2, The Knot and A song For Marion. I was short listed for Nativity 2.

    I have been in ‘The 12 year old shopaholic ‘ (channel 5 , 2014 )
    Munch Box ITV 2014

    I am currently on MB talent agency

    Kind regards
    Romy McCarthy

  16. Rachel Rose

    Hi ,my name is Rachel Rose. I am almost 18 years old and I live in Woodstock Ontario Canada.
    Growing up i have been involved in various musical/plays at my church and my school. I am also involved in various bands at my church and school as well.
    Whatever role I get, i work hard to do good, and to memorize what i need to memorize.
    Some Other little thing about myself:
    Caucasian, Female
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 140
    eyes: blue
    Hair: medium-long, brown

  17. Lithia Joy Foultner

    Hi I am Joy,
    I really LOVE acting, singing, and, I LOVE Carrie Underwood !!! I have been watching the original ” Sound of Music ” and I have practically memorized the original ! I am gonna have to be honest with you and say that u really haven’t been in a movie before BUT I have been in a couple dozen plays at my school, church, and local theater. I have really been liking forward for a opportunity to play in a movie or in a musical. For a couple years ( since I was 7 )all of my family has been telling me what an amazing actress I am and so I thought that I could maybe get at least a small part in an action movie. I really hope that you can give me the chance to live my dream and enjoy my life as an actress.
    Hair color: dark brown
    Skin color: light dark brown
    Height: 5 foot 2
    Age: 11 1/2
    Eye color: brown
    Weight: 100 pounded about

  18. Cindy J. gonzalez S.

    Hi , my name is Cindy, born in Montreal QC and I’ve been singing since I was a little girl.
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’2
    Hair color:dark brown
    Eye color: green
    I have experience in musical(stage) acting, singing and dancing, I think I would be a great fit for would be amazing to be considered for a part.
    Thanks for consideration and hope for you to read this.

  19. Paola Lemus

    Age: 15
    Height: 5’3
    Hair:brown and curly
    Eye’s: hazel
    I have pale skin and I really enjoy performing

  20. Sabrina Messineo

    Hi, my name is Sabrina Messineo! I love acting and it’s one of my life goals.I am 12 years old, 4 4 foot 11 inches, and pale. Besides acting, I enjoy activities like dancing and singing, as well as painting, drawing, and writing.Last quarter in school I had a 99% average. When I’m around new people I’m usually shy but as soon as I get to know them, my bubble breaks and I am very friendly.I have had a little bit of experience on my belt too: I have been taking personal vocal lessons for about 5 months now. I was in the local chorus for a year and got a couple solo parts. I’m now in the school chorus. I’ve had two big roles in my school musicals including Flounder in The Little Mermaid and TinkerBell in Peter Pan. I have been dancing for a total of 9 years. I’ve taken tap, tumbling, twirl, lyrical, and modern but for the past 3 years I’ve been taking jazz and for the past 5 years I have been focusing on ballet. I’ve taken drama camp for the past 4 years. Although I don’t have any movie experience, I would be honored to play a part in The Sound of Music. Thank you so much, Sabrina Messineo

  21. Jessie M. Nichols

    Hello, my name is Jessie M. Nichols. I do not have much experience, but I love acting and I’ve been singing ever since I was in the third grade. I am punctual, energetic, organized, and friendly. I would be honored if you would consider me for one of the roles in this production. Here is a brief description of my appearance.

    Age: 25 (soon to be 26)
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’3.5
    Weight: 290
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Dark brown, long

  22. Mariyam Hashmi

    Hi, my name is Mariyam Hashmi and I’m 13 years old.

    All my life I had loved ‘acting’, although to me it wasn’t acting, and they weren’t characters. They were people who had pasts, histories and futures. I would try and imaging what the people, in the books that I had read, what their past would be. Why would they act like that? What happened to them. My first acting experience was a play. I had auditioned for a play against up to 16 and 17 year olds, a year ago, and there were many kids, older and younger that me. But soon after I was contacted and told that I had got the lead role. I also enjoy singing very much and I am taking lesson so as to have better control of my voice and breathing.

    -I am female
    -I am half American and half Indian
    -I have dark brown eyes and light brown chest length brown hair and slightly tanned skin
    -I am 5ft 4in

    I hope that you will consider me for a part. Thankyou.

  23. Hanna Via

    Hi! I’m Hanna I’m 16 years old. I weigh 170 and my height is 5’6. Ever since I was little I have loved musicals. I grew up watching the sound of music, cabaret, Marry Poppins and many other musicals. I have been singing and acting for 7 years and before then sang at my church and did acting their as well. I love the sound of music and have performed the songs 16 going on 17, and Adele vice at my performing arts school and have practiced many others since I can remember. I would love to be in any musical especially the sound of music! 🙂 thank you for your time and I hope to hear back fro you.

    Hanna Via

  24. Erin rose

    hi i am Erin,
    i love drama, dancing and singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the plays i do everybody says i was amazing (even my teacher).I do lot of plays and pantos!
    i am skinny and very sporty.
    I do gymnastics, running, triple/long jump, trampolining, football and netball.
    I love tree climbing, swimming, drama, dancing,singing and cooking.
    it will not be a disappointment if you pick me!

    body structure:athletic built, thin and tall
    hair: blonde/brown, really curly
    weight: 6 stone
    height 4.02feet
    face;no spots,dark eyelashes
    ps: you will be glad you pick me(if you do)
    PPS: l can come to america

  25. hannah

    Hi I’m Hannah and I love this movie i love the songs I can sing dance act and ill try almost every thing I’m 13 and please accept me for this amazing movie

  26. Emerson Swartz

    i love the sound of music its like my favorite movie ever.
    i am a military child and when my family was stationed in San Diego i was a model in L.A.
    theater arts is my favorite subject.
    age: 12 but i i am a little short so i could play younger but i am very mature so i also could play older.
    eye color: blue
    hair color: blond
    height: 5 foot
    weight: 65 pounds
    talent:i play piano and baritone, i used to model, i love to act and dance, you’d have to hear my singing voice yourself i’m not quite sure how good i can sing.
    Thank You i hope you let me audition for you!

  27. Rodrick Brown

    Hey you all I’m Rodrick Brown and i don’t want to keep your here all day. I’m 16 years old i live in Saint Louis Mo and i love performing and acting for people and my family. I’m a cool person to hang around and I’m respectful. I can be shy at times but when i get around someone for a while i loosen up. lol also i can sing and write that’s also a talent of mind. I’m good at remembering things a lot. I know about 20+ numbers of PI. But yeah I’m free to do anything that you give me. Contact info is 314-532-8428. Im also about to be 17

  28. Ella b

    Hi my names Ella, I’m 12 years old or some times mistaken for 13. I’m cute and talented. I can sing (I’ve been singing for 3 years) and I can act (I’ve been in 2 plays and one musical.) I’ve seen the sound of music play. I can horseback ride and garden, and dance. I’m blonde and have a hint of brown with beautiful blue eyes and lite skin, email me
    Please consider me and I won’t let you down. Thanks

  29. savannah hall

    My name is savannah. I’m 13. I am a wonderful at singing. like an angel. teach me a song and i will have you on your feet. need me you got me! Sign me and you will not be let down!

  30. shannan

    I LOVE TO SING i would love to be louis i am 13 5’2 120’lbs i absolutlly love carrie underwood always have and it would be an absolute honor to even be in the same room as her i really want this i want to be able to share my singing with the world

  31. lexi

    hi my name is lexi im very entergetic and fun to be around acting and singing is my passion I cant live with out them I have been doing theatre sence I was 8 and kept on going from there I have gotten many starring roles and hoping this 1 will be my next I can also dance pretty good and would love to be apart of this musical
    long light brown hair
    honey eyes
    11years old
    4ft 10
    and im very looking forward to this it could be a once in a life time expirence .thanks for your time

  32. Daphne Boggs

    Hi! My name is Daphne Boggs I am 12 and I love to sing, dance, and I have been acting since I was three years old. I am blonde with blue eyes 5,1″ and weigh about 85 pounds I hope you accept!

  33. Krystal Horne

    Hi there! My name is Krystal and I’m 22 years old. I live in Massachusettes, minutes away from RI. My height is 5’4″ and weight is 120 lbs. My body type is slim/average/well-balanced and my skin is fair. I have medium long, brown hair, and beautiful brown eyes. (willing to dye my hair and make any needed/wanted changes) I have luscious lips and great facial bone structure. I’m also very photogenic 🙂 My personality would sell itself! Im always laughing smiling, or being funamatic, which is a word I put together to describe myself as a funny dramatic. But when it comes to the real drama, oh, I’m good. I honestly have absolutely no experience besides high school drama class. Many people very close to me have always told me, and still do, that I’m a beautiful young lady with more than enough potential and talent, and I should explore the options this world has to offer. With that being said, its my reasoning for knowing I would be great for the acting scene. My mother always said i would be a great actor. Now, whether it was sarcasm or not, its probably both and the truth. I love meeting new people, going g to new places, and focusing on what I can do to better my life. I do wonderful poetry speeches, photoshoots, planning, and just being funny. My people skills are impecabley flawless.
    I’m really trying to put myself on the scene. I would love nothing more. I am such a hard worker, too. I’ve done personal care, all the way to painting & remodeling.
    If only I had the chance to show myself to get out there and be amazing, and be an amazing part of the project.
    Please consider me, for this or anything else.
    My email is
    And my number is 7814140728
    Thank you for taking the time to read this once you’ve done so.

  34. Jasmyne

    Name: Jasmyne Joy Acosta
    Skin: mixed
    Hair: dark brown/ curly
    Eyes: medium brown
    Gender: girl

    Can I …
    Can I sing? Yes, very we’ll ( in choir and in all talent shows
    Can I dance? Yes, but I can sing much better
    Do I have any experience in acting? Yes, I was in ALL of my school plays and stared in all!
    In the wizard of oz I was dorthy
    In the sound of music I was Maria
    In Annie I was … Annie
    In Peter Pan I was Wendy
    In Aladdin I was Jasmine

    Hope this works out I’m just very happy to be writing this 🙂 thank you very much and have a great day!!

  35. Kendra Michelle Comstock

    Hello my name is Kendra and I’m 13 about to be 14.I love to sing I’ve been doing it since I was 3 and have a really big passion for it.I also love to act to. People say that I should act because I have great attitude and emotions. Ever since I was little i loved to be the center of attention. I am a hard worker teenager but when appropriate can be really fun and silly. Please take in consideration to look at this and contact me.

    Yours Truly,

  36. gizel armenta

    Hi my name is gizel I love singing.
    My hair color is dark brown
    My eye color is brown
    My age is 11 but I will be turning 12 in August
    I think my height is 5ft
    I’m not skinny my weight is 135

  37. Haleigh

    Hi it’s Haleigh I want to be in the sound of music. Bc it’s a butiful sense of music and I have played the whole movie in 2 grade but I want to do it again bc it’s so pretty and peaceful so here is something’s about me I weigh 95 pounds and I have blue eyes tht change to green sometimes I have blonde hair and my height is 5″2″ email me if I got it!!!!:D

  38. Alexander Clipper

    My name is Alexander Clipper. I am 15 years old and a rising Junior. I play football at a skill position because I’m very fast, agile, physically fit and have lots of energy. Plus I’m an Eagle Scout which I feel speaks for itself, I am a very hard worker; I’ve been doing manual labor jobs for 2 years, so I’m not afraid to work. I’ve been in a few plays like “Annie” and Beauty and the Beast.” Hope to hear from you.

    Height: 5′ 9″
    Hair: Dark Brown Hair, straight when cut short, curly otherwise
    Ethnicity: White and Black
    Eye color: Brown/Hazel
    Live: Silver Spring

  39. Meghan Blevins

    Meghan Blevins
    I went to John Casablanca Model & Career Centers.
    Ive been in a few school plays/musicals.
    -Greece 2012
    – Oliver 2013
    I’m 5 foot 3 inches
    I have been dancing for 13 years.
    Cheering for 10 years.

    I am mainly just a ordinary teenager with a true passion for acting.

    Thanks again for reading this.

  40. nikkita cronin

    I’m 17 years old and I can act and sing I have starred in the sound of music at school I played the oldest girl and I loved it so much that’s what started me of becoming a famouse actress and dreaming of staring in loads of musicals I’d love to join the company and relive the magicall experience again in this magical musical.

  41. Isabel Hernandez

    My name is Isabel Hernandez. I am 16 years old, height of 5’4, and I weigh 140. I can sing, dance, model, act, etc. I am a beginner, but once I get myself set to do something I am committed and don’t get distracted easily. I have brown eyes, brown extremely surly hair, and tanned skin. I currently go to the high school of Union City, New Jersey and I join classes for singing there. I am committed, responsible, fun, friendly, enthusiastic, and more​.​ I am just beginning to start a career in the acting, music, and modeling industry and would love it if this was to be my first chance in becoming someone in my life, many people might say that and I for one am committed to seeing my dreams of becoming someone come true. Hopefully you see this email and contact me back because you trust that every word I state here is true and is meaningful

  42. Myrte Driesenaar

    Hi Im Myrte Driesenaar, Im 13 and I love the sound of music. I have blonde hair that comes down to my hips, I have known english since I was a little child (i am from the netherlands).
    I think I should be considered because first of all, I love and know the sound of music. I have played in the sound of music in the high school production (our high school production is very seriously taken) while I was only in middle school. In the production I played Brigitta (we made the ages older)
    I have loved acting since I was a little drama queen as a kid.
    Im 5,5.

  43. Jordan Tipton

    Hi my name is Jordan Tipton and I think it would be amazing to be a part of a show like this. I am 15 years old and I really think it would be good to start acting younger. But everything I look up is always requesting someone older. I love watching actors work and I think I would be a good suit for a role in this show. I think it’s amazing how people can capture a character and portray it and learn and grow from that character. It would be an honor to be a part of this and I would really appreciate it if you would give me a chance. Whenever I tell anyone I want to be an actress they laugh because they think it’s impossible and I always just think in my head one day I will prove them wrong and it would be amazing if I could. To be able to say I made it. Please think about it and help me chase my dreams because if I don’t I’m always going to have that what if.

  44. Kristina stout

    Hi , my name is Kristina stout I’m a 13 year old girl I love to sing and Carrie Underwood is my inspiration … I’m a little over weight but I’m very tall 5’8 I have curly brown short hair and very dark brown eyes I’m not perfect but I give my heart and soul into acting and singing its all I want to do … have you ever been put down by someon well this is my chance to prove I’m more than they give me credit for I would do anything for the part <3 please contact me at 8652495785 please

  45. Paige Snider

    Hi my name is Paige Snider. I am currently 10 years old. I live in a rural part of PA, about two hours East of Pittsburgh. I have been acting for 4 years through theatres in my area. Some of the characters I have had include: an oompa-looma, a “Sparkle Life” kid in which I had one of the solo singing parts (Mischler Theatre in Altoona, PA) and this past October, “Annie”. I sometimes sing in my church. For the past two years I have been chosen to sing the National Anthem at our local Varsity sporting events (such as basketball, soccer, wrestling tournaments, and at my YMCA Gymnastics Team Competitions). I also will be singing at The Altoona Curve (AAA affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates) game. I would love to have an opportunity to work with such talented individuals. So when my mom and I seen this opportunity, we thought this would be a perfect way to try take a shot at it! I also wanted to mention that along with my passion for the arts, I am also participate in sports such as soccer, cheerleading. I also compete on a gymnastics team. I was also elected to be on my 5th grade student council.
    I am telling you this because being a part of these activities has taught me to be dedicated and work hard to achieve my goals and be the best I can be. I always try to remember that through any opportunity that I have been given or that is yet to come in my life, I will always be grateful to God and stay humble in my successes.
    Please consider me to be on your show. I would love to learn as much as I can from you.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this!



  47. Izzy Fox

    My name is Izzy Fox and I am 13. I am a talented, dedicated actress who has had much experience with acting and theatre. I play the ukulele and love to sing and act! I think I would be a good fit for the Sound of Music because I can play many roles and am I’m very passionate about this industry!

  48. Isabelle Koutny

    Hi my name is Isabelle I am 12 years old and I will be turning 13 in April. I have brown hair( to the shoulders) and brown eyes. I am 1.84 meters tall, I am not sure what that is in feet. I come from Germany, but lived in south africa for 5 years. All in all I would love to become an actress, because it fasinates me how people become another person.

  49. chloe

    I am a girl 14 but if made I could look younger been as im only 5 foot 2 and I have long blonde hair im welsh I am a good singer I have been offered professional training I am a good actress u would not regret choosing me

  50. katie gazzini

    Hi I’m Katie I’m 11 I’ll be 12 in 6 days and 12 and a half by the audition. I have blonde hair, blue green eyes, 5 foot 2 and love to act and sing.
    I was an oopah loompah in Charlie and the chocolate factory, Maureen in honk, Neary in Annie, and currently Friedrich Von Trapp in the sound of music. I would love to try out for Louisa, though I have no professional acting experience, I have two friends who are models and actresses, so I know about the process. Also I have a chorus teacher who was on broadway and in operas that thinks I am an excellent singer and chose me out of nearly 75 kids to have a solo in our concert, including a boy who was on broadway. I think this would be a great experience and even if I don’t get the part, would be very happy just to try out. I look forward to the audition in September!

  51. Anabel Massillon

    Hi I am interested in Disney very much I am a very good actor, and dancer. I am smart, flexible, hardworking. I have not been given a chance to show that,I would love to be on Disney I am:
    Height 5’2
    Weight 104.6
    Hobbies / skills :
    dancing acting running swimming I occasionally act out scenes from Disney shows. I would love to work with you!

  52. Bella Hall

    Hi, my daughter is 6 years old and loves spending her time acting out plays as well as singing. She has a great voice and can pick up the words to any song after listening to it twice. She is a beautiful girl who loves to “act”. She would be a wonderful addition to the team and is a very mature 6 year old! Her voice and acting skills are truly amazing.

  53. roy siebeneicher

    I am fourteen yearold boy,I have been in the Kentucky junior all state choir twice, and have been in many school productions since fifth grade

  54. Laura

    Hello, I have a seven year old son who has had some acting experience (played Captain Hook 20+lines) as well as poetry recital experience. He is comfortable on stage. Some of his extracurricular activities include, skiing since he was 2, golf, tennis and his passion is sailing. He can sail an Opti by himself and has raced 420′s with adults and teens. He also drives four wheelers and snowmobiles by himself. 49″ tall, 60lbs, sandy brown hair (bright blond streaks in summer), hazel eyes. Thank you for your consideration.

  55. Ashley CARVAJAL.

    Hi my name is Ashley CARVAJAL it would be nice to be in a movie .i know how to sing dance act and model.thank you and it would be a pleasure to work with you guys.

  56. Florencia Isch

    Hi my name is Florencia, I am 11 years old. I am a hard worker I can memorize my lines quickly and I am always told I´ve got a lot of talent. I love to sing and act and I´ve done that since I was 2 years old. If you want someone who can sing and act and do their best in the show you should consider me.
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown
    gender: female
    Languages: english and spanish

  57. Julieta

    Hi my name Julieta I am 11 years old i am blond with green eyes i am from Uruguay but i live in Ecuador I go to an Inglish school for more than 5 years I love singing and acting i was inspired by Glee. If you accept me i will do the best you could see your i know that i am one of a billion with the same dream but i promise to do my best.

  58. Denai Bowman

    My name is Denai Bowman, I am 12 years old and I have never done something like this before but always dreamed of an opportunity to allow my bathroom signing voice to be heard in public. This is an awesome opportunity for youth who are courageous, energetic, passionate, fun, an driven …this is an awesome opportunity for me to shine; I have all of the qualities mentioned including the ability to follow directions extremely well and learn from constructive feedback. I want to be apart of this musical because I want to be apart of making good bolder in the entertainment industry. I am very bold with my bathroom voice and if you are looking for me to wow you…email my mom and I will put a smile on your face that will rest in your heart.

  59. Anastasia Koorn

    Hi there,
    For starters, I am a “just-turned” 14 year-old girl, but have the talent to flawlessly play your part of Louisa (13 y.o). The Sound of Music has been my favorite film ever since I first saw it, but it has also been my inspiration. I have sung just about every piece from the original production, and some of which were even included in my accepted audition to Interlochen Academy for the Arts. I attended the camp at this Academy (Best Music Camp in the World) for 6 weeks in the past summer, and I must say that the scholars there are exceptional. I have also won Gold Titles from YMF (Young Musicians Festival), for about 4-5 years. This year I will be participating in Northern Regionals (a collection of the best singers in the northern region of Connecticut) as the only freshman selected from my school, and with this I will also be contending to compete in All State (a competition including on the best singers in the state o Connecticut). Along with acting in a production of an Operetta, I was trained for 2-3 years in a private studio.
    Thank you for your time and Consideration,

  60. Melina Doukas

    I am a 16 year old girl who has a lot of experience with acting and I have had class in speech as well. I get good grades and I am willing to travel to go to any auditions. I have always wanted to act and sing. I would love to have this part.

    I have been in several plays where I have danced, acted, and I even sang.
    I have also been in singing concerts.
    I am not afraid to show my crazy side and I do what I told and I have fun in what I do.

  61. Janaeh Deligny

    My name is Janaeh Deligny. I’m 15 years old. I am mixed/biracial with African American and Puerto Rican. I have been acting since I was 4 years old. Im in multiple plays every year at different high schools. The current school I go to is Captal Area School for the Arts in Pennsylvania, for theater. I also take ballet as an elective, and I’m in multiple clubs which are for Hip hop dancing, and an acapella group. I’m 5’7, and for more information you can contact me on my personal email: or my business email:

  62. Sam Griggs

    Hi my name is Sam and i am 12 years old i like acting however my strong point is sining i have toured paris and sung in the famous church La Madeleine and at Disneyland. I love what i do and find performing very fun and interesting. i am not the most confident however i think this will boost my confidence a lot. Also have loved the sound of music since i was very little and so have my family. This will be a dream come true for me!

    Thank you so much and hope to hear from you very soon.

  63. Salvador Gallegos

    I did Sound of Music in theatre… Von Schreiber. Perhaps a small part for this show would suffice. As I said in another reply for X-men, I only have theater experience, but I could use a small big screen part to transition from my NAVY life over to acting. I’d do well as a Nazi guy, a party guest, or an extra for starters. -Alex

  64. Natalie deKozan

    My name is Natalie deKozan, I am 17 years old, but I am petite ( 5’3″) and could easily pass as a 13 year old. I am a singer and an actress, and I have been doing musical theater for six years. Some of my lead roles include Belle in Beaty and the Beast jr, Jasmine in Aladdin jr, Nehebka in Aida, Cogsworth in Beauty and the beast jr, and Chip in Beauty and the Beast. (Yes, I have been in Beauty and the Beast three times). I would love to be considered for this show.
    My younger sister Nicole is 11 years old and also is a singer/actress. She has been in several musical theater productions also, including her recent debut in “A Salute to Teachers”, a live broadcasted TV show in which we both sang a duet: “When you Believe” by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. This video and some of our other performances can be viewed on our YouTube channel, @thesissingers. ( ). We are both very interested in being involved in this show, and we hope that you will consider us. Please let us know if you would like us to submit our resumes.
    Thank you very much for your time,
    Natalie and Nicole deKozan

  65. haven pennington

    hello I am 12 years old and have been looking everywhere for musicals. I am good at singing and love getting to be in musicals. I want to be a singer when im older and inspire kids to be who they want to be and shine. Thank you for reading my comment I would be so excited to be in the musical.

  66. Lindsay

    I love to act and the sound of music is my favorite movie of all time, i have wacthed at least 100 times. I would like to try out for the part of Brigitta. I love to sing, and act, and dance. My name is Lindsay, i am 10 years old, and about 4 foot 4. Please consider me for this production.

    Thank you,

  67. Angel Boyd

    My name is Angel Boyd. I work in television shows and commercials but I love music and watch the original Sound of Music and sing along with all the songs. I am 8-years-old, and would love to be part of your group. I live in the Los Angeles.

  68. dylan tincher

    Hi my name is Dylan I’m fixing to turn 14 and I interested to be on
    your show in a good actor and I think of my self as a good singer
    and this would b an opportunity that I wouldn’t let go because I’ve always
    dreamed of wanting to b an actor on tv and so I can prove to people that if u set your
    mind to something u can achieve it if u work hard to get it
    and I’m very funny and enthusiastic and fun to be around
    when u get to know me well if ur interested. In me u can reach me at

  69. Haley

    My name is Haley and the performing arts are my passion. I am constantly singing at every chance I get, and love every minute of it. When I sing I am filled with pure joy and I love to share my passion with audiences. I am thirteen and would be honored to work on such a beautiful piece. Please consider me for this amazing opportunity.

    Thank you,

  70. Alexis

    Hey, my name is Alexis Liolios. I’m 4 foot 11 inches tall, whiter than casper the friendly ghost, 15 years old, and a HUGE nerd. I have been taking dance lessons since I was 3 years old, so I’m used to acting on stage. I would love to experience acting behind a camera. I don’t have many friends, but the friends that I do have, I love to act crazy with. I’m always the one in the group who’s doing something crazy or funny in public. It warms my heart to see the smiles I put on peoples faces just by doing something considered “weird” in public. The different reactions I get just from being a bit “different” than anyone else in my age group. One thing that separates me from most teenagers is my love of knowledge. I especially love learning about history, anything from ancient Greece to the Renaissance, it entices me. Another thing I love to learn about is languages, I take two languages right now at my high school, sadly there is no room in my schedule for another. But I take Spanish and Latin in both classes I have a 97 average. I’m also a huge bookworm. Fantasy and science fiction are my favorites, especially books like Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings series, just to name a few. I could go on all day. Sorry if I’m boring whoever has to read this but I hope you enjoyed reading about me.

  71. samantha peters

    hello, my name is Samantha peters,I’m interested in partaking in the play that is the subject of this statementmy mom says that I’m very good a different voices on different characters and such if you ask anybody who knows me they will say I’m a very creative and imaginative person I’m 13 years old and live in Lancaster Pennsylvania I may not be very good at saying but I’m pretty good at actingalso if you ask my parents, they will tell you that I and very imaginative and creative I have been told several times that I and very soon in personations of characters animals quotes from movies things like that once again I’m very interested in particular in the place that is the subject of this comment if you find the time please contact me at 267 377 9313 or by email at
    pS There are no spaces between Daisy and girl

    thank you for your time in cooperation sincerely

    Samantha ann peters