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The Sing-Off, television’s most original reality singing competition is back for another exciting season and ready to give another talented vocal team the chance to walk away with a fantastic cash prize and a major label recording contract! Casting calls for the next amazing edition of the singing contest that has millions watching and singing along are coming very soon and you and your fellow songsters can apply today for your shot at the next The Sing-Off title.

The Sing-Off searches the corners of the world for the most talented A cappella singing groups and gives them all a chance to perform against each other in the ultimate test of singing skill. This is the most pure singing show on TV today – The Sing-Off is all live, all voice, all the time. Contestants are not allowed the use of backing bands and instruments and no lip synching. Does your team have what it takes to win out over the best A cappella groups out there?

Each week the competitors compete against each other singing the most popular songs of today. At the conclusion of each round another team is eliminated until only one fantastic A capella group is left standing with a cash prize of $100,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music. The Sing-Off has it all and now is your chance to show the world your incredible talents by raising your true voice. Open casting calls are being held around the country shortly and online applications are also available  To submit your group and for more information on this fabulous show you can head here The first announced open audition dates are listed below and we will be posting future news and dates as soon as they are released so keep checking back and be sure to leave a message below and tell us about your group and why you think you can be the next winners of NBC’s The Sing-Off.

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195 Casting Responses

  1. Quamandra Baker

    Hello my name is quamandra baker and I am a vocalist. I have been singing since I was three years old, two years later I got into a tragic car accident and I was five years old around that time and I also was the most injured I almost lost my life, but now I am sixteen years old and I have been blessed with a beautiful voice. Please give me a chance to become somebody to this world.

  2. Arthur

    My name is Arthur I’m from dayton oh I like to sing I’ve been n talen shows me n my brothers have a home studio & I just want the world to see my talen

  3. Rebeca Noguera

    Hi,I’m Rebeca and I’m 15.I think I’m right for this because i can habdle things like this.I’m a very good singer I’ve been told and I’ll be an interesting person to be seen on t.v.

  4. Hadley

    Hi I’m Hadley. I sing and play the guitar I have sang in crowds over 400 people I’m not afraid . I entered a talent show and won. I’ve been singing for 3 years . I am signed with John Cosibloncose for acting I want to sing in front of big crowds really big ones . That’s my dream.

    Thank you hope you have a nice day love,Hadley Marshall

  5. Jamara Hurston

    Hey my name is Jamara I have two other sisters their name is Mickelle and Desiree. We like to sing and dance .when we were a little younger we used to dance and sing for our church. We really would like to start a group .

  6. Ericka Joy Uychiat

    Since when i was 3 years old I started singing that until now my dream is to become a professional singer.I’m Ekhay 12 years old.

  7. Juanita Hart

    Hi, I am Juanita. I am 47 years old. I am so ready to change my life. I can do this through my singing. I have been singing since I can remember. I started in the church choir at the age of 5 years old. Singing is my passion. I really don’t know what I would do without it. For the last 24 years I have done a job that was not satisfying. Now I am ready to do something I love, sing. Thanks!!

  8. kendra blondell

    I have been singing my whole life its who i am i would love to be able to display my talent

  9. Christine Malke

    you would be lucky to have me !

  10. Beth Nicole Francisco

    Hi I’m Beth Nicole Francisco a 17 year old Filipina girl . I am a very good looking , multitalented and very nice girl . Just email me for the auditions my email is

  11. pinkan mambo

    Hi,My name is Pinkan Mambo.I am a singer artist under Sony Music Indonesia this 14 years and still contract until 2020.I live in Los Angeles.I released 4 albums and many compilation with more than 10 hits singles.I am one of the very famous singer in Indonesia,I shows in many countries around the world.I win Mtv award.I am a very great talented singer performer entertainer dancer producer writer like Mariah Carey ,Michael Jackson,Beyonce,Christina Aguilera.I have a very great voice. Please check my video link at :
    And please check my wikipedia .Thank You so much God bless You.Regards.You can reach me at 2132105138.

  12. stephanie valle

    hi my name is Stephanie valle, known as stephybitez in my hometown, Ive been singing since the age of 6 I am now 20 years and a college student of the arts. I put music aside for 5 years and I continue to dream of a moment where I am on stage but its empty, I feel as if its a calling card to me to do something and mabe its time to seek that. honestly if I had a chance to perform and be where I dreamed of I deeply answer id take that chance in a heartbeat. -steph

  13. casey lassiter

    My name is Casey Lassiter and I love to sing. Every minute of every day I incorporate music into my life in one way or another. It has been a life long dream of mine to become recognized for my singing abilities! Not only because I highly enjoy the freedom of expression, but I would find great satisfaction out of connecting to people all over the world through my music. If chosen for this opportunity or any other opportunity that is related, I would accept the invitation with grace and enthusiasm! I am willing to dedicate as much time as needed to any project and would highly enjoy learning as much as I can about the movie/music business. I know there are thousands, if not millions of people applying for an audition…but if there is anyone that truly wants this more than anything..that person is me!! I have never been so driven about getting myself out there as I am right now. Please contact me if you would like to work with me! It would be my pleasure to work with you all! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comments. Good luck to you all!

  14. Elizabeth

    Hello there!My name is Elizabeth Vasquez ,I am 20 years old & I love to sing!I have been through so much from being in foster care since age 15,to being a teen mom as well. I love to sing and write very much but never had no one to invest in my dream. My mom was/is always incarcerated and I do not know my father. Music is who I turn to when I feel like giving up! I would love to be on your show and prove to everyone who always doubted me and told me I will never amount to nothing,I WOULD LOVE TO PROVE THEM WRONG!!Theres a lot more to my story,all I ask is to please consider me so I can get the chance to share my voice and story with this world!Im a very hard worker and won’t let you down !!

  15. Natae Knight

    My name is Natae and I am 20 years old. I have a true passion for singing. I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I am a full time college student, and I also work full time as nurses assistant in a nursing home. I know that making music and singing is what I want to do for the rest of my life, because it gives me joy to make people smile and use my gift to its fullest potential. I would love to be a part of the show not only to help me get to my dream, but to also give back if I succeed.

  16. Mannie B

    My life is music and been singing performing since age 5. I have been in groups as child called Savvy and briefly in Kumbia Kings but since then been on my own trying to make it but very hard with out all money and connections I would be honored to get the opportunity to be picked to show the world what I got thanks so much-MANNIE B
    Solo album iTunes android Amazon “On My Own” Mannie B

  17. Brie Coster

    I am 18 years old and have always had a passion for the theater as well as music singing.
    I love to sing my range is a mezzo soprano.
    When I was a bit younger I often sang in school
    Talent shows and choir class
    I am actually serious about showing
    The world my voice
    I would love to work with your company show

  18. Robert Aguayo

    Hello & Hi ,
    My name is Robert ( Bobby) … I have been singing for abt 20 yrs now & love every minute of it …A lot of people say I sound like George Strait , not only is he my idol , but it’s sure is a honor to sound like him … Ck out my videos on YOU TUBE :: Baguayo69..

  19. Mary Marez

    hi my name is Mary I am 12 years old I have loved to sing since I can remember my friends and family say I have a very good voice my mom helps me and tells me when the notes are to hight or to low for certain songs .people say I sing better on high note songs then low note songs I would love to be on this show I want to show people I can sing please consider me thank you

  20. Gezell Fleming

    Video of INCREDIBLE Acapella Group Singing “HAPPY”:

    This group is from UNC-Chapel Hill and they are worth the time to check out this video – VERY WELL DONE AND SUNG!!

    The crazy-amazing bassman is the grandson of one of our clients. I am a vocalist also – I know GOOD when I hear it and they are TOO GOOD to not reach out to you guys.

    We love your show so very much!! We work 12 hours a day and don’t get to watch much TV, but we MAKE TIME to see Sing-Off! You guys are so encouraging and the show is a refreshing change from the way of most talent reality shows. Thanks for all you do! Looking forward to the next season…

    Gezell Fleming

  21. Robert Johnson

    Im 19 years old and music is my life ive been competing as a classical singer in high school i took vocal lessons for 2 years and also I’ve done several shows in my high school. I just graduated from high school and i just want to show everyone who didnt believe in me that i can do above and beyond and i really wanna show my talent to the world.

  22. Chase Bell

    I am a Singer Songwriter with performing experience in America, Africa and Extensively in Europe. I have a award winning Rock/Pop band in Italy called Chase Bell & White Licorish.

    I sing pop songs cover and originals and am a very skillful singer as well as a studio guitarist and proficient pianist.


    Chase Bell

  23. Alisha

    My name is Alisha Clemmons I am 13 years old I live with 13 other people. I have moved around! I have 5 best friends at school I stood up in front of 300 students and sang I was scared that I might get scared and run but I did not run I stood up and sang my heart out. I have been singing since I could talk. It’s not about being good it’s about loving what you do. I am young but I am good and I have fun doing it. I hope you choose me..

  24. Lisa Tables

    I should be considered for the Sing-Off show because quite frankly, I can sing, I’m pretty, got a outgoing personality, and a mind for business. I believe I just need the right platform to showcase my talent, and let the world know you don’t have to show your nipples or wear pasties to demonstrate that you are a star and have star power.

  25. Dakota Pletcher

    I have been blessed and I want to share it with you..

  26. shriley

    i love to sing and this is my life thing to do every senice i was a little girl call me plz

  27. Ricaria

    there is nothing i can say thats different from what everyone else is saying lol but I’m 13 black female who loves to sing !!! singing runs in the family my uncle is working on his song and i want to be successful like him but in my own way. i have been singing since i was 4years i really want to show my talent hopefully you guys will give me a chance to show you my talent if you don’t then i understand that you guys are busy. thx for reading

  28. Tanisha

    Hello , how are you?
    I Tanisha feel like I deserve this position because I’m truly amazed at my talent
    I was supposed to be on Apollo but the paper work didn’t clear in time. I’ve been singing since 8 and haven’t had any training. I’m really good and I ask that you consider me to be a part of your sing off thanks Tanisha

  29. carla

    Singing is my passion and I dream music. One day someone will hear my God given talent and give me a chance to shine….

  30. John flora

    I direct a high school singing group in Jersey City, NJ named Sharkapella. We work hard and are ready for an audition like this one.

  31. Diane Ross

    This group of talented current high school young men in Washington DC would be an awesome hit for your show. They have the total-package!!!

  32. Danielle Barclay

    Hi my name is Danielle Barclay ive been a singer since the age of 2 singing with my mother across town growing up ive been in choir,show choir,honor choir , teen church choir , adult church choir, and church honor choir. i have sung for many different venues ranging from quiet get togethers to rock concerts. i music range is anywhere from a tenor to a soprano .my genres are pop R&B soul, rock . my musical influences are Mariah Carey ,Whitney Huston , Adel, Janet/Micheal Jackson ,Kristina perri, Katy Perry,Amy Winehouse , Aretha Franklin (old skool) check me out at…
    hope to here back from you soon.

    Danielle M. Barclay

  33. Keiyatta Watkins

    Hello, Im Keiyatta Watkins (18) and I believe I should be considered as a contestant because I believe and I quote from others, that I have a pretty amazing voice. I walk around my school (Paul Mitchell Beauty School) showing off my talent every chance I get. We have a in house stage and mic so it only makes it easier. I would love to have a much larger crowd and see how far I will go in this competition. Im looking to get a following so that one day I can live out my dream.

  34. Mya Hicks

    Singing is my entire life. Ever since I was a little kid its all I ever wanted. This will be a great opportunity for me. The money will be used to better the life of my family. I have been trying very hard to accomplish my dream. I believe I can win this with very hard work.

  35. Chief of Staff

    Hello, my name is Aidan Glaze, and I am a member of Chief of Staff, an a cappella group from Bellingham WA. We are about a year old, and what’s special about us is that we are all in high school. We are a 5-part, all men’s group, and do a lot of singing around our community, have released one album, and a getting pretty locally famous. We would really love the chance to share our music with the rest of the country, and the Sing Off would allow just that. If you would like to get a sense of our style, check out our website,, or Facebook Page, We would be so honored to get a chance to perform on the Sing Off. Also, to listen to our album, email me at

  36. Jimmie Bush

    Hi my name is Jimmie and I am 23, I would like my music speak for its self go to soundcloud and type in Jimmiie5. Hope you like what your hear. Best regards Jimmie.

  37. Denitra bradford

    Hi my name is denitra bradford i really love to sing i dont do it for the money or anything singing is my hobbyall i do is write song i already wrote 6 songs i would really like to come to ur show and show my true talent to all of yall. I belive my voice will take me far

  38. gianna

    I think I will be able to have the opportunity to do this because singing is my life and passion I love it I think this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity I just love singing if I do I will be singing let it go and im 9 so email me to tell me wether or not I can do it thank you email me at this

  39. donald aaron

    We have a group in OKC that is wanting to know when the auditions for the singoff will be in 2014, we have so much overlooked talent in OKC its unreal. I can pretty much guarantee if we audition we will be one of the top groups in the next coming season, we not only have talent, we have passion, heart, commitment, and work ethic.

  40. Betty Perry

    “A1 and the Sauce” from Elmira College are wonderful!! It is astounding the sounds and depth they achieve with just their voices! Very talented young men.

  41. Jim Twombly

    Here’s a sample of Elmira College’s male a cappella group – A1 and the Sauce:

  42. Brittany

    My group named many voices have cone together and started singing and we have much talent. We have an awesome beatboxer and 5 other singers in the group. We have done covers of country pop christmas carols and more. We would love to have a chancr to perform on the sing-off. We have been faithful watchers of the show since the premiere. To sing the would be a major accomplishment. We have put on concerts to help raise money for st Joseph’s children’s hospital but we would like to do more to raise money for charities and raise awareness of our group to benefit others.

  43. Jim Twombly

    I am the faculty adviser for my college’s male a cappella group (A1 and the Sauce) and believe they are talented enough to be a part of the competition. Where and when are the auditions? And, how does one apply?

  44. Talyn Salyer

    Hello my name is Talyn Salyer.
    I am a artist. I love to sing in frount of people and entertain people.. My dream is to become a singer and be on TV and do competitions.. This is my chance to try and make this dream come true. If you could help me call 580-603-0075

  45. Crystal pena

    Hi guys my name is Crystal and im in a duet with my cousin alexandra. She is 19 and i am 14, she sings rock and i sing R&B . Normally you would think it would not sound good but when our voices come together its like magic . Our group name is Turn up and we are really talented but we dont want to tell you how good we are , we want to prove it to you so please give us a chance to. We started singing together 3 years ago ,our goals were always to make it big in the industry and have fans and do what we love and it will always be our goal untill we reach it. So please contact us please we have talent

  46. Honky Tonk Sweethearts

    The Honky Tonk Sweethearts (HTS) are a group of 4 mature women, who had individual successes in country music on a regional basis, and have now joined forces to create a unique vocal group. Each sings lead and each sings harmony. HTS stages packaged shows filled with music, comedy and more. Traditional country is our forte, but we incorporate gospel, contemporary and various other types of music into our shows. We are truly a unique group of high-energy women.

  47. Pamela

    I’m 28 and I’m from Brooklyn NY..
    I’m an italian-american singer and you can check out my music on:

  48. Cynthia Thomas

    Passionate, awesome, talented, beautiful, and good at every and anything I do! Nothing can stop my strive for greatness! Loving myself first and people who believe in me!

  49. Dhan N. dela Rosa

    Hi.. I am Dhan N. dela Rosa. 19 years of age.. From Philippines.. I have a very nice range of voice.. and I am a bilter too.. I hope that you were giving opportunity on us.. Even I am in the other country.. Thank you..

  50. Maddisen Brooke

    My name is Maddisen Brooke. I an 10 years old from Long Beach,Ca. I LOVE to sing. It is my passion and would absolutely LOVE the chance to share my God-given talent with the world.

  51. Angel Morrisey

    Hello. My name is angel and I love to sing. I really want to take a chance to do something that I love to do.

  52. Juliana Ryan

    I am 11 years old, i love to sing and play my guitar, i write songs. I am a very hard worker and all i need is one chance.

  53. Jessica money

    Hello my name is jessica money I would love to have an opportunity with you guys,I watch the show and have seen how many talented people get on it. I am at the top of my schools women’s choir, and Acapella choir. I usually get alot of solo performances and im getting the opportunity to compete for my state’s competition. I am 16 years old and I absolutely love to sing (and also act too.) I would love to be a part of this casting opportunity, i understand you guys get alot of comments on this kind of thing but I really wish that I will get picked thank you.

  54. Jaszmyne Stanley

    Hi, my name is Jaszmyne, I am a 14 year old girl who just LOVES to sing. Singing has been a dream of mine for the past 2 years now and I want to be able to make my family proud and be the first one to actually accomplish their dream. My singing idols are Justin Bieber, Demi lovato, Ariana Grande, and Madison Beer who is actually my age! I want to sing for the joy of it, not for the money. I hope I can really make it far because THIS is my DREAM.

  55. Kylie Dornbush

    Hello! My name is Kylie Dornbush and I am 13 years old. I am on an award winning choir and am on the glee club at my school. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO SING! I just can’t believe that this opportunity has arisen. I know you have a large amount of comments and I totally understand! But if you could take me into consideration, that would be amazing!

    City: Fountain Valley, CA
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Bluish-gray
    Skin color: White
    Height: About 5’3
    Weight: About 98 pounds

    Thank You!

  56. Hailey Markovich

    Hi I’m Hailey markovich I’m 12 years old and I have a very unique voice I have been in school talent shows since I was 5 years old and I would like any part that you would give me thank you and please message me back

  57. LaShuandra Ellis

    I am a 21 year old girl chasing after a dream that I have had since the day I could talk I just never got the Chance to achieve that dream I feel as if I am the best person for this because I am determined , hard working and powerful singer and with the faith I have in god will lead me in the right direction 🙂

  58. Kenya Walker Benion

    I believe that I should be considered because not only to I have a god giving voice that will inspire the crowd but I am one to encourage those that want to follow there goals and dreams but don’t have the Faith to do so…..

  59. Lee Freeman

    Hi! I recently formed a group to audition for the Sing-Off made of the best singers I know in each vocal part. Sporting a stellar blend and fabulous soloists, our group is sharp, but never sharp. If we didn’t have the girls in our group, our name would be DyMANics. Oh well. Anyway, we guarantee high-quality, original arrangements and plenty of fun to be had by all.

  60. Katherine Smith

    Hello, my name is Katherine Smith. I am 22 years old and I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’ve always had a passion for singing since I was 8 years old. I am an upcoming local singer/songwriter and I have performed for many different benefit events with other locals such as Crohn’s Disease and Toys for Autism. I have auditioned for American Idol. I did not make it, but the experience was worthwhile. For me, singing is a way for me to express my thoughts, feelings and to tell a story. There have been a lot of struggles that I have been through for a while, but it doesn’t stop me for what I love to do. A lot of people see me as the quiet girl, but once they hear my voice, they think I’m an angel. My future goal is to show the world that I have a voice that is so unique. I have a YouTube page that I have done some covers for and more will come in the future. An opportunity for your show will get me one step closer to my accomplishments. Thank you.

  61. nancy medina

    I can sing and act, I am 17 years old! I have a passion for singing!

  62. Cheyenne Potter

    Dear sing-off,
    My name is Cheyenne Potter, I’m 15 years old I will be 16 in March. I am a sophomore at Inspire school of arts and sciences. My school has only been around for 4 years and I’m lucky to be apart of it.i don’t want to sit here and beg for this because it’s my “dream” or “I was born to be famous” no that’s not why I love music and singing, it’s a passion and a job that I plan on having a part of. If I don’t win a contest right at this moment in time I have a plan to go to full sail university when I graduate in 2016 and get my masters degree in Recording Engineering. Now for reasons I believe you should give me wings is because well music is my life. I currently take song writing at school along with recording studio and I’m in a choir. If you give me this chance I promise i will be the hardest worker and the sweetest girl that you have met. So please just give me the honor to be part of this team I will be forever grateful. Thank you.

  63. ayla

    sing my heart out I am 11

  64. ToniTobias

    “tonitobias A.k.a boss greedy”

    My name is Antonio “ToniTobias a.k.a Boss Greedy” James, “ToniTobias” being my R&B side and “Boss Greedy” my get crunk side. Representing Fayetteville, NC but born in Florence, SC. I am 34 years old, height: 5’11.5”, weight: 178 lbs and a proud father of two. As a singer, rapper, songwriter, dj and producer of my own music in my bedroom studio; my mission is to produce a thug passion, down south vibe. To become an entertainer has always been my life’s goal but mostly to share my story.
    Music was presented to me from the time I was in the womb and now lives with me. Since the days I began to walk and talk I have been singing, dancing and being the clown of the party. I started out performing, with my brother, at my parent’s parties, school talent shows, events, clubs, etc. I haven’t shined in every aspect of my life, but it’s those things that give me the desire to shine through my music. Music is my way to express that which I cannot speak.
    Greedy Boys Records is a music company I started with a group of talented friends. With whom I have collaborated various tracks with but the struggle began to weigh too much. So now I venture on this journey alone taking advantage of any open opportunities. My recent being the “My Time To Shine” audition in which I was chosen to perform in the show to compete to win my time to shine. The sky knows no limits and that’s why I am trying to shine within the universe.

  65. Illya Syakira

    Hey there!
    My name is Illya Syakira
    Im turning 14 years old on 20 February 2014 next year
    I come from Malaysia
    I am 165cm height with 45kg weight
    I able to talk in malay and english
    I am yellow white girl with light big brown eyes and blonde hair colour. To be told, my hair is an original one from birth
    Mixed blood (arabian (my grandfather), Netherlands+Chinese+Indian (my grandmother)
    Here in Malaysia now, is on school holiday so im working as a reseller of Dubai Duty Free perfume and eos lip balm
    My daily doing is singing, acting (alone in my room), cooking for family dinner treats and teach my brother learn his basic subject in school

    May the eyes of all people, I’m not eligible to apply. However, I am also a human being and just like everyone else. I am a daughter of a woman named Yuzaida and Ahmad Shukeri. My goal is to change the fate of my family. To be honest, only my mom that works for our family, and my dad dont work because of his own problems. But the sincerity of my heart, I want to help and want to change the fortunes of the family. At my age of 12 years, I have participated in school singing competition and got number one. I am now 13 years of age. On February 20th 2014, I officially aged 14. About 6 months ago, I participated for my school as ‘COLOR GUARD’ in international band competition. And got first place. Next year, I will be participating in a show of my school charity concert.
    My life is not like others. Im happy in my way. Positive think and professional act is my compulsory things in life.

    Hope for the consideration from your team sir!

    Much appreciate,
    Illya Syakira

  66. Jodiann

    Dear Sing-Off,
    I’ve always wanted to be a singer. I’ll sit down in my room all day and write songs, crush papers, write again,and crush more papers. I love singing songs from Beyonce like Halo, Listen, Love On Top, and etc. I am a fan of the Sing-Off show and I’ve always imagined myself up on that stage in front of millions of people and singing my voice out. I want to be heard, I just want to see if anyone would make that come true and the Sing-Off would possibly do that.


  67. Ciera Gratz

    me and my friends love singing, i am 12 and my other friends are 11 or 12 as well, i would love to join, music is my passion and i want to have this opportunity to enjoy music to its fullest

  68. Cydney Marie Fenn

    I would love to be a singer.
    it has always been my dream.
    I have a wanted to be a singer
    ever since I was 4 yrs old.
    Trust me if you put me on the voice
    or any singer show it will be the night to remember.
    You will never for get it.

  69. jasmine croff

    Hi my name is jasmine croff and i am in a group called p.y.t with my friends makayla,montanna,and jasmonae wd are very talented and we love what we do so give us a chance to show you how talented we are

  70. Lisa Pawlus

    I would like my group to be considered because my group is made up of such diversity. I am a state director for The Miss America Organization so some of my group are Miss America Pageant Girls. Other members of the group are athletes , Main member is my son FABIO (not named after the butter model), and our ages are very diverse as well.

  71. Sydney

    I LOVE to sing!!! All my friends say they can listen to me all day it has been my dream! To become a singer I take vocal lessons and I live seeing people smile and enjoy me sing! I’m 11 I. Hope you think I qualify thanks!

  72. tiara

    hi my name is tiara i will to sing on you guys show give me acall 323602\9646

  73. Jennifer Le

    Singing is not a talent it is something anybody can achieve if they work hard and try their best!

  74. kim loan nguyen

    my dream is to become a professional singer one day.i have been in choir since 5th-12th grade.i have been singing when i was little.i never got to show anyone my talent and i still get stage fright.trying to overcome that and maybe try out for any singing competition.

  75. Belinda Scott-Graham

    thecallI an an aspiring songstress and gifted to bring joy and hope to many. .l know that l am humbly blessed because l was not meant to be born as my motherdid not want me. By giving lme away to a relative older couple, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Throughout my childhood l was a joy to many in my small community. Upon my developing years, l desired to and became a career nurse, LPN supervisor. I will son obtain my RN license, but lfeel