The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

Another season of ABC Family’s #1 hit show The Secret Life Of The American Teenager is coming and so is a chance for you to be cast in the all new episodes. Casting directors and producers for this television phenomenon currently airing in several countries around the world are searching for fresh actors for a variety of exciting new roles.

The Secret Life Of An American Teenager began it’s run with a main story line of middle class teenager Amy Juergens who discovers that she is pregnant after a one night stand with classmate Ricky Underwood. The show shines a light on Amy’s emotional journey and that of her family, friends, and schoolmates as she realizes that everyone is dealing with something in their lives, regardless of how perfect they may seem on the surface. The Secret Life Of An American Teenager has been a runaway hit for the ABC Family network since it’s debut as it’s frank and heartfelt depiction’s of teens and their family lives separate it from such glossy dramas as Gossip Girl and 90210. The cast assembled for this fantastic program has been second to none since day one with such talents as Shailene Woodley (nominated for both a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards for her star turn in The Decendants with George Clooney), Daren Kagasoff, Francia Raisa, Ken Baumann, Megan Park and Molly Ringwald and now the search is on for the next ABC Family star. Are you ready to make your big break as part of the finest ensemble on television? Casting calls for the upcoming season will be held soon so stay tuned for all of the amazing The Secret Life Of An American Teenager audition updates and leave a comment about the show and yourself for us below.

The Secret Life Of An American Teenager continues to break ratings records, win critical praise and make worldwide stars of it’s fabulous cast with every high quality season. Your time is coming soon to take your shot at being a part of the magic. Stay tuned for your opportunity to be cast on the ABC Family megahit The Secret Life Of An American Teenager.

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  1. mouhamet sylla

    Well I’m not saying that I’m the greatest undiscovered actor but I can guarantee that I can play a good acting role in that serie.I am really confident in myself and good looking man, also have a little experience about girls, play both soccer and basketball. I love acting since I was little boy, I had people always telling me that acting is in me. Also when I am interested in doing something I give it all in order to succeed in that thing. My point is there is no serie that I rather be other than this one! I really would love to take the chance to be part of this serie because I am willing to work really hard, go beyond my limit to satisfy the producer.Hopefully i’ll be the chosen one.

  2. Caisha C. Williams

    Name: Caisha Williams
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Birthday: June 24, 1999
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 154
    Hair Color: Light brown
    Hair: Medium-length
    Eye Color: Hazel/Brown
    Race: African American

    I would love to participate in this show because acting is my life long dream. I have practiced acting various scripts in my high school acting class after school. Each one of my Teachers say I have a great talent and I should put it to use. I am very hardworking and I put a lot of effort into everything I do. I most certainly enjoy acting. I have lived in florida all of my life. I am homeschooled because I have a hemangioma (tumor) in my left leg from my hip to my foot. Many doctors I have been to said they cannot do anything to get it out. But I will not let that get in the way of pursuing my dreams! I believe that they will come true. I absolutely love this show! I have watched all 5 seasons over and over! I Probably could act out some of their parts!
    Thank you for reading this. I hope you can help me pursue my dreams! Email me at any time. Thank you again!

  3. Lupita

    Absolutely love this show!!
    I would absoloutley love to be on this show!! I am camera shy but that wont stop me.
    I mean we all gotta start somewhere, Right?.
    I am from White Salmon, Washignton but I was basically raised here in The Dalles, Oregon. But it is a very lonely town….
    I am 15 and a sophomore , I am hispanic and I can speak english and spanish fluently.
    Eyes-Black (very dark)
    Thanks for reading this & I really do appreciate it.

  4. Stephanique Moore

    Hi. My name is Stephanique Moore. I feel like I should be considered because I’m an easy outgoing person. I love ta laugh, crack jokes and clown around. I easily get along with people and I have a pleasent attitude. I’ve never been on a show before but I feel like I would do well if I get a chance to. I also watched all of the seasons of this show and I love it. If I get a chance to be on this show, I’ll give it my all n prove to everyone that I do deserve the opportunity.

  5. Samantha

    I’m 15 yrs old and I am 5’3. I’m not like regular teens. I don’t like to boast or show off. I’ve bee in a few plays. I work very hard. I’ve always wanted to be on tv not for the fame and fortune but to make my parents proud. I love music and drawing. I got accepted into the best private High school in California.

  6. marisol

    Hi im 5’2 I weight 158I am hispanic know english and spanish I live in miami fl, I would like it very much to be part of this tv show which by all means it has left me with a wow, for being it so good and yet there is a lot of drama it still has a significance of today some teenagers life and it is just perfect thanks. I have black hair and light brown eyes .

  7. marisol

    Hi im 5’2 I weight 158I am hispanic know english and spanish I live in miami fl, I would like it very much to be part of this tv show which by all means it has left me with a wow, for being it so good and yet there is a lot of drama it still has a significance of today some teenagers life and it is just perfect thanks.

  8. Ashley

    Hi My name is Ashley I live in White Salmon, WA. I`ve wanted to act since I was a little girl starring in all sorts of theaters and plays I see it as a life style choice not just a hobby. I`ve been watching the secret life of an American teenager since I was 13 and I absolutely love how entertaining it is. I would love to be an actress in this show even if its small or for a short period of time.
    Thank you
    Age: 16
    Height: 6’2

  9. Derrick DeWayne Keeton

    I am new to acting and would love to play any part you are willing to give me
    white, Male
    Age: 16
    Eyes: haysel
    Height: 5’10
    You can contact me at 417-291-8086 or

  10. Avanna

    Name avanna valentin
    Height 5’8
    Age 14 (look 16)
    Eyes brown
    Hair brown
    Umm honestly I don’t even know if I’m a good actor took classes ass a kid but don’t know if they work all I want is a chance

  11. Angel

    Hi I’m angel I’m 16 years old I live in Santa Barbara and since I was little it has been my dream to be on TV. The secret life of the american teeneger is one amazing show that I have fell in love with from the moment the first season started I laughed and I was full of joy and some parts dropped my jaw. So for me to have the opportunity to be on one of my favorite shows would mean the world.
    Race: Mexican/white

  12. Lindsey mitkish

    I just recently started watching the series and it is pretty dang fantastic!

    Name: Lindsey Anne mitkish
    Birth date: April 19, 1999
    Age: 15 pass for 17 or 18
    Hair: any color you like. Right now it is blackish brown
    Eyes: brown sometimes hazel
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 120
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Further information: my hair is swishy skater bangs. I can send a picture if you would like to see, had braces, I was an extra in a zombie movie.
    Sex: girl

  13. De'Janae Mckinnie

    NAME: Ja’Nae
    AGE: 13
    DOB: 06/22/2001
    HEIGHT: 5″3
    WEIGHT: 99 pds
    RACE: African American
    SKIN: Light
    HAIR: Brown
    EYES: Dark Brown
    GENDER: Female
    ENTERTAINMENT: Acting/Modeling/Singing/DANCING/STEPPING,…..

  14. Kelsey

    Hi my name is Kelsey. I would love to be on the secret life of the American teenager because it shows what high school is really like and, it’s so real about life and how it’s not all easy. Plus I love acting. I’ve been watching the show since day one and I would love to be apart if it in some way.
    Height: 5’5
    Hair color: long blonde
    Eye color: blue
    Age:15 (look like I am 15-19)

  15. Bless

    My name is bless Clarke I sing , dance , and act! I have been cast for many role but I always had to turn them down because they were in Cali or somewhere far! Don’t just look at this reply and think it’s just another wannabe be cause I have a passion for acting! I watch all abcfamily shows including switch at birth, The foster, pretty little liars, Twisted which I wish would come back on and many more! Please All I just Want is to be know and to be able to have an acting dream isn’t what this website for to make little kids dream come true.

  16. Sarah La Gow

    Hello I am 22 female medium colored black hair that looks natural green/hazel eyes 5 foot. I think I would be great in the role because I have seen every single episode since this show has started its one of my favorite showsand iI have gotten many people hooked on it as well. I feel like I really know everyone in this show and I feel Luke it would be a very great opportunity for me as well. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for reading my comment and being interested if that is the case.


  17. Briah Ann Krueger

    Hello Ladies & Gents!

    I am a very determined eighteen-year-old young lady who is ready to make a mark on camera. I have been involved in choir for eight years, and have been in productions through Theater Arts since the age of seven. Being on stage, or being given a character to portray is what I do best. Some people have Math or Science, some people can rock a Football field or Basketball court, but as for me; I have always felt my confidence soaring on the stage or on camera. If I or my friends and family had to describe me in a single phrase, I believe they would say I am an old soul in a young body. I am in LOVE with everything from Frank Sinatra to The Beatles. I am also a writer of poetry and have had my poems published in four different books.

    I am 5’3, and weigh about 115 lbs. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I have a few freckles. I do not wear makeup except for foundation, I do not like to wear other products.

    I am a small town Wisconsin gal, but my heart-filled dreams are too big for this little place.
    I look forward to hearing back from you, and I thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  18. lizeth

    I to be part of the cast of this show. This so amazing and I love watching it. It gives a lot of info to teens around the US and the world about teen pregnancy and how to prevent a teen pregnancy. Also I like the fact that the characters have a challenging life after having a baby.I would love to be part of this show due to the fact that although I’m 18 and not experienced in acting ,I believe I can be a great and amazing actress on this show.

  19. Ellen Conley

    Hi my name is Ellen. I basicly live in small town USA in Mississippi, anyways. My passion is acting, even though I have little experience I love it. Its always been a dream of mine, my goal in life actually. I’m also fimiler with this show. I think I would be good for the show because I know how to act. I’m not a Julia Roberts or anything but I do know how. You know someone once asked me “If money didn’t excised would you still follow your dream and pursue your passion?” I would 100%. I hope you consider me for this opertunity.

    Hair: light brown
    Eye color: blue
    Height: 4 ’11
    Age: 12 (13 September 26,2014)
    Ethnic: Caucasian or White
    Weight: 90 lbs.

  20. Eboni Leach

    Hello! I’m Eboni.. I’m 16 years old and I’ve been watching Secret Life of the American Teenager since the day it started airing, I love this show.. this show is so real & entertaining.. it leaves you wanting to know more and wanting to see more. The show really gets you hooked. As for my about me.. I like to sing, and Model.. I would love to be a singer or model. I’m a junior in highschool and I’m very intelligent. I think now would be the time to start thinking about what I want to do with myself for the future. I want to be on tv! I would love to be on tv, on camera or helping behind the scenes as long as I’m apart of the production I’d be okay. The people on this show are really inspiring, and the lessons in this show are eye openers, this show could tell the lives of many girls in this world, And for it to relate to people so well is amazing. I would love the chance to show ABC family what i’m made of! Thanks !

  21. Rawan

    Hi, my name is rawan , i’have light brown hair. Brown eyes and my height is 165cm , i love acting and i was acting in my school theater , i’m from egypt and i speak english will and i hope to act in this tv show beacuse i love it ,and i hope to be a hollywood star someday

  22. Rawan

    Hi, my name is rawan , 19 years old I’m actually from egypt , i love to act i can talk english very will , i love acting , I have a dark blonde hair and brown eyes i’m 165cm hight

  23. Kenneth reed

    Hello my name is kenneth and I am a 15 year old African American boy. Improve was something me and some of my friends used to do to keep out of trouble but last year I was in performing arts classes and was one the best students in the class and honestly that surprised me when my teacher told me. But now I realize this is something I am so talented at and also I am really passionate about. I think you should involve me in the show because I could do do much for the show I can play any character any role because there’s no limit to high for me to reach so please call me at 8326550956 and consider me

  24. cinthia

    I believe I would be perfect for this role because even though I am 23 I look like a high school girl. I love the cast and the story, I would like to bring my personality and great energy to this show.

  25. Hailey Mcateer

    Hello , I came across your casting call on and I would like to be considered for a role. This sounds like an amazing project and I felt that I connected personally with Shailene Woodley as Amy Juergens because I know what its like to be judged. I strongly believe I would be great for a role because I am a team player who takes direction and I feel I could have a connection with the other actresses. Thank you for your time.

  26. Ceana Williams

    Hello i’m Ceana Shonia Williams. i live in Michigan. I am 15 years old until the 30 of July i’ll be 16, i’m biracial and 5’4. i love to sing and act and i’m a very hard working person. i have a little acting experience with the drama club and im in vocal ensemble in my schools choir. i would be entirely grateful to have a casting audition. Please contact me for any further information

  27. fabiola sayden

    HI ! my name is Fabiola Sayden im mexican ,and i have lebanese blood , im 20 years old , i love to act , i talk spanish and english , i also play the piano ,sing and i do bellydance , this show its so amazing and i love how you show the reality about the teenagers in this days, im a determinate person and i have good memory , i love to act , and i admire the tv show so bad , i have brown hair, dark eyes, im curvy (no fat , no thin) , I’m 5 feets , i have a good accent .

  28. Tavala

    Hi, I am 16 year old girl. I can play ages 14-19. I am 5ft 7in. I weigh 215 pounds, but that is because I am a weightlifter. I look like I weigh 160. I am white, I have dark brown hair, and eyes that change color every day (but are amber). No one can guess my age right. I can look younger or a lot older. I am very athletic, I am the varsity swimming captain. I also am in track and play in musicals. I am also very smart. I have a 4.4 GPA. I could be considered a nerd or a bad girl type. I should be considered for this role because I am very funny and am a versatile actor. I am very determined and always finish what I start. Also, I would love to be a part of this show about actual life. It would be an honor to participate in my favorite show.

  29. Taylor McDonald

    Name :Taylor
    Age:19 almost 20 in 4 months
    Hair: long brown/red
    Eye color: green/blue changes with mood
    I’m white not that it matters lol.
    I don’t look my age Ive been told if I ere acted I could play a young role or an older role. I am really mysterious I can keep a straight face I’m very outgoing quite at first but once I open up your in for a surprise lol, I’ve never acted but i know I got what it takes, I’ve watched the show since it first aired never missing an episode. My dream is to make a difference change life’s reach out to people make a change better myself and my family , and this is a great opportunity . I live with family who’s had baby’s at young ages youngest is 13 so I understand and could play the role out well because I know what it’s like , I’ve had to help raise some of my family, it’s tough but will pay off soon one day. I know I got a small chance of ever getting the opportunity , but if you did by chance pick me I wouldn’t let you down I’d love the role learn it and be true to it:)

  30. Emma

    Hi, my name is Emma! I am currently 13 years old and live in Ontario! What first had me so interested in auditioning was Shailene Woodley. I am determined to follow in her footsteps but that of course, is not the reason I want to act on this production. I’m sure you get thousands of responses saying the same thing, and I hope I stand out to you. I have prior acting experience in plays, productions, and commercials. I have been a dancer and gymnast most of my life. Dancing relates to acting through emotion. And being a gymnast puts me in good shape. If any auditions or openings appear, please email me and I would be happy to send you a resume, and any other information. Honestly, I act to express, not impress so it would mean the world to me if I was taken in to consideration 🙂

  31. Melissa zarzycki

    Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do anyhing to get it? Well, I want to be an actress so bad that I would literally do anything possible to make my dream come true. I would sacrifice anything and literally give up everything just for a chance to be one step closer o my dream. All my life I wanted to be an actress and yes I fumbled along many steps but I am determined as ever now to get what I want. I have always believed I could do this even when others have gave up. I know I’m going to do great things in this industry but it’s just a matter of when.
    First of all I’m a 26 year old college grad from oakland university as well as the John Roberts power acting school. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I currently treach autistic children and housekeeping. Everyday that goes by I think of acting and how I need to get their and now is the time I start taking action. I have always been very comical and enthusiastic and starting quoting scenes and acting from a very young age. I am very interested in your show and watch it often. I do believe I would be a great fit for your show. I am young, beautiful, smart and extremely hard working. If you give me the shot I can prove it. I can insure you, y’all will be very pleased! Please contact me immediately if you are interested.
    Sincerely, Melissa zarzycki

  32. Clarice Cephas

    Hi,my name is Clarice Cephas and I live with my parents,I think this comedy is a very good comedy for teenagers to watch because this comedy is like a really truth story,and I’ll love to be amount you guys,I just want to find myself.Acting

  33. Natasha Aponte

    Model Mayhem:
    Instagram: temptvtion
    You may be getting many many responses of people saying basically the same thing over.
    Well I like to things differently. I am currently in an off broadway musical into the woods. I am an aspiring model singer and actress. I’ve auditioned for thousands of shows and commercials agencies etc. hoping for a big break which will come soon. All I can say is I’m just full of many talents and surprises. I’m a very talented actress and singer. Have any more question feel free. To contact me.

  34. jahaira lopez

    Hi iam 23, i would love to be part of this show…i have no prior experience but i do have alot of enthusiasm and tribe to reach my goals. I am a fast learner and i will give it my best.. my dream is to become a actress.

  35. Karlis

    Hi I’m karlis a 13 year old teenager who dreams of being a actress… It has always been my true dream..I would love to be a part of this show.. I love this tv show it’s my favorite.. I remember the first time I saw the first episode and then i could never stop watching it…. I considered my self unstoppable because I never give up I’m very positive and take every bad thing in a good way… I love every star in this show…I been doing acting roles in my school since 5th grade.. Acting makes me happy!! When I act it feels like the world stops and I can do whatever I want…please it will be such a pleasure to be a part of this awesome show!!!:)

  36. Karlis

    Hi I’m karlis I would love to be apart of this show!! I seriously love it !!! Is my favorite show… I stared watching a episode and couldn’t stop!:) I love everyone in that show! I live in Kansas! I really would like to be chosen…my dream would come trough!! I’m very happy you guys are making a new season and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.!

  37. Marquea smith

    I would really like to be in the up incoming season of the secret life of an American teenager. I’ve been a fan of this show since the first episode, I maybe thirteen but people say I look three years older and I’m really mature. I am also good at remembering lines, playing a teen mom won’t be hard for me because I’ve watched and help teen moms in my family. This show was literally my life and I still watch it on Netflix, One time I got all of the lines from an episode and remembered them and then put on a show for my family. And played all the characters.

  38. Cescily

    My name is Cescily from Los Angeles. I clearly watch the show enough to know about what it’s about. And I would love to be apart of the team and bring a lot more viewers and get those ratings way up. Oh and I’m 19 years old thanks

  39. Selena Trevino

    Hi my name is Selena Trevino, I am 18 years old, I am 5’1, I weigh 110 & it has always been my dream to become an actress. I feel like this is a great opportunity to audition for The Secret Life of An American Teenager. I know that I have the confidence to act in this show, I won’t let you guys down for anything & I will be committed to acting. I have a great personality, I am an outstanding girl, & I have a great sense of humor. I always love to smile & laugh, I get along very well with other people. I ask if you can please consider me to audition for this show. Thank you (:

  40. Katie

    Hi my name is Katie and it has always been a dream of mind to be on The Secret Life of the American Teenager! I watch it all the time it is on and I always wonder how I can be on the show and now is my chance. The opportunity has come knocking and I am opening the door. Please hear me out. Before you were famous haven’t you ever had a dream? Well this is my dream and I am working my hardest to make it come true. Please this means the world to me I will not let you down.
    I have watched Secret Life from the first time it was on tv until now and I would really love to be on the show

  41. Lillian

    I’m Lillian,13years old,from Taiwan,by the way, I would like to try for this famous TV series
    I’m skinny,black hair,and about 5 feet quite short for my age,but still it would be awesome to be a character in this series!!

    PLEASE contact me if I have a role to play!!

  42. Zolie Elsa Halpern

    Hi! My name is Zolie Elsa Halpern and I love the show! I would absolutely love to be part of it if i had the opportunity! Thank you, hope to hear back from you! (:

  43. Ester

    Hi my name is Ester, I am Brazilian, and never acted in movies, only plays, I hope you’re not looking, just for the beauty of the people, but also for his talent, By looking at this view, I may be qualified, I’m 14 and I love to act. I am willing to participate in hearings by skype or some marked location. I currently live in Rio de Janeiro, But I’m willing to leave. I’ll be waiting for a response, Thanks!

  44. Bianca Hernandez

    Hello my name is Bianca Hernandez. I know that you want pretty skinny girls for this show and I understand why . I may not be skinny and tall or the prettiest girl in the room most of the time but I love to act. I don’t have any experience other than one high school play. I would really love if you would contact me . I would love to have the opportunity to star in a show that deals with true teen situations. I am quick to learn and memorize. Please give me the opportunity I promise you will not regret it.

  45. Maria Ave''

    Hello I’m a recording artist and my name is Maria Ave’. I’d love to bring what I have to offer to your network. I’m a singer,writer, I’ve studied danced w/ a performing arts school and I’ve recently gotten into acting. I’m nominated for a music award and I’d be delighted to join your network! Looking forward to hearing from you.

  46. Virginia Smith

    Name: Virginia Smith
    Age: 14 going to be 15 on July 9th
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 260lbs losing weight
    I love to act I have been acting since I was 8. I really love The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I have watched all the episodes 6 times now. I live in Norfolk Virginia and I’m in the 9th grade. I would just love it if I could be part of this show it would be like a dream coming true

  47. Kassidy Noel

    My name is Kassidy, I am 26 years old, 5’5, 130lbs. I have loved The Secret Life since the very first episode aired! I have a very outgoing personality but also play the serious role very well, as well. I believe I do have a very different look that I personally believe would add to the cast In a great way! Not sure what role I would fit into the show best, but I know I could master any role you guys would like for me to take on!! 🙂 Also I am told almost on a daily basis how young I look for my age! (not that 26 is all that old..Lol) It would be a complete blessing to be given the opportunity to audition for a spot on the show! I hope that I will hear from you all soon! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  48. viridiana rojas

    Hight- 5″1-5″3
    HAIR – BROWN with high lights
    Age -13 turning 14 in june
    eyes – light brown
    Gender – female
    experience – about 1 years But really want to get better with this opportunity
    other- I am cuban mexican and American I have grown up in port st lucie florida I’m also interested in modeling and a bit of dancing I am funny or so time I can have an edge practically any edge I can fit from nerd to bad girl

  49. viridiana rojas

    Hi my name is viridiana rojas but my nickname is bb. I love acting I’m very passionate about it . I have watch every episode and it would be my dream to act in it please I hope you choose me … I’m am 13 turning 14 i am cuban Mexican and American I live in port st lucie florida and if you have any questions please email me at thank you ♡♡♡♡♡

  50. Coletrane

    Hello ,I’m Coletrane 18yrs. Old , AA , 130 , 5’3 . I would love to be apart of your Show . Because I love Acting ,it’s in my Soul. I attend a Performing Arts School here in Savannah ,Ga .Thanks !

  51. Kristin Nicholson

    I love all the morals and themes this series addresses. I am 20 and want to be enlightened and brought to life. I want to explore acting as a career since I really enjoy the idea of living many lives within one lifetime. What’s not a better way to gain experience and continuously learn throughout life!? I would love to be on set and see the atmosphere the cast, director, and the rest of the entire crew provide. Please provide me this amazing opportunity. You will not regret it. 🙂 Thank you for your time.

    Weight-150 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Body Type: Average

  52. Laura

    hi im Laura i would realy love to be on such an amazing show like yours i have seen every episode so far. i may no be the best singer or dancer but im pationate about acting and would love a chance to show you. my interests are acting,figure skating animals and scouting.
    thank you for your time i hope to hear from you soon.

  53. Simone king

    Hi I’m from Mississippi I always wanted to be on TV when I was a child I’m good at dancing and I can act I had lessons when I was little then as I got older the studio moved away I would love to be on this show because I can relate to this show, I would love to have this chance to be on TV and be the first I my home town to do so and to also support my family and also my community as well its a little town but I want to live better and help my mother out and let her see that her daughter finally doing something its hard out her in Mississippi with jobs in the income it hard when you can’t get a good job to pay anything but I’m doin it for my mother so she can get the right treatment for her breast cancer so she want have to worry about anything long as she have me so play give my the opportunity…..

  54. Nicole Nance

    I am so happy their is going to be another season; honestly I started crying because I thought this show was finished. I don’t know if your looking for a young Shailene Woodley, but TONS of people have said I look like Shailene Woodley. I could be her long lost sis or something! I’m 13 years old and love abc family. To even be considered for this role is a honor. I’m height 5’8-5’9. And email me if you want more details, I’ll be happy to reply. Thanks for reading I love this show and I could be her cousin! (shailene;s cousin) Ok thanks

  55. dulce

    My name is Dulce (Sweet,Candy) i am 15 years old and
    i love to act , i been acting for about 5 years already . It just comes naturally 🙂 i know this will be a great experience ! i get along with people i am outgoing , im a christian and im in a mime team so i perform infront of 1,000 people and i got use to of that nervous feeling so im doig Hope you make a good decision . God bless 🙂

  56. Nancy Della-Ratta

    Hey! My name is Nancy Della-Ratta. I think you would never go wrong wit casting me in your show because I loved every episode of the secret life of the American teenager and I watched it all the way to the end. I have great talents in acting and singing. I think that I would be an excellent choice in your cast because I’m great with memorizing lines and I get along wot everyone. I’m very flexible an I can take on any part that is given to me. I love ABC family and would love to be apart of your amazing network

  57. Nautica


  58. Bianca Basora

    My name is Bianca, im 17 years old. Born on October 28,as a Scorpio I believe I have a bright future ahead of myself! Ever since I can remember I loved being around people making them laugh, or even get them a tad bit emotional . Ive always dreamed of being in the lights, and behind the scenes . It’d be a dream come to become an actress or somewhat a singer! I tend to fool around alot, but can be very serious . I love Secret life, the lying game, pretty little liars, twisted, baby daddy and many more ! I’D be more then interested in working with your cast for a small or large part! Thanks for your tume .

    Yours truly,
    Bianca Basora

  59. Paige McDermott

    I am a 19 year old ambitious, adventrous, out going, down to earth, adapting teenager. I am really hoping my comment comes across to consideration because I want this more than ever! I strive for more and more each day coming from a small town called Port Huron, MI which does not come easy. But I am lucky to be blessed with the talents I have to land this big break perfectly. I am looking for a chance to prove my abilities. I fell in love with the television show The secret Life of the American teenager because I could relate to every single episode.. yes EVERY SINGLE one. 🙂 and because I was able to relate to this show it was sort of like an aid to my own real life problems. There’s nothing out there like this show for teenagers. And to some teens this could actually be like an eye opener to a lot of situations. So I really think the show is great I have a lot of talents to offer, I’m just waiting to get lucky… 🙂 thank you.

  60. Jasmine

    Name: Jasmine Toves
    DOB: 10/03/1998 (15yrs)
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 115lbs
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity: Guamanian & Filipino

    I have an interest in acting and feel that this would be the perfect opportunity for me. I can pass for multiple races (ie. hispanic, hawaiian, etc) and ages between 15-18. Being that I am young and have faced some typical teenage challenges, I can relate to any role. Please consider me and email me with any information regarding any roles. Thank you!

  61. Taylor

    Hello, my name is Shannon, and I think that my daughter Taylor could be what you’re looking for in the Knew casting. She’s a small town girl with huge dreams that are limited due to the one horse town that she resides in. She’s 16 years old, and a outstanding person. I’m proud that I was chosen to be her mother. She’s very pretty, brilliant, witty, and has a good head on her shoulders! High school has been a roller coaster of emotions for her, and Secret Life would be not only a great opportunity, but a huge benefit as well!

  62. Cvetelina Nedkova

    i am 14 and i am good at acting …i love it it is fun and everything 🙂 i don’t have a lot of experience but everybody is starting from somewhere right ? :d well i just want a chance and if something comes up please write to me on my email 🙂 thank u

  63. Harley Arbaugh

    My name is Harley, I’m 19 years old and in college. I have always been interested in pageants, and things of that nature. I have always wondered if I was good enough to be on TV, I enjoy Secret Life and this would be the show that I would be interested in.
    Email me with any information, if possible!

  64. Grace Porter-Sink

    Hi my name is grace. 🙂 I am 19 years old, I can relate to this show. I live inOklahoma if you could email me with the information I would be grateful for that.

  65. Alicia Curry

    Age: 17
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair: Strawberry blond, short
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 160

    I’ve always wanted to go into acting, and I’m looking for an opportunity. I love the show. Have experience doing films and plays in church. Also practice on my own time and would love this opportunity. I’m funny, outgoing, sociable, and am eager to work.

  66. Maria

    My name is Maria Herrera, I am 15 years old and I am panamenian.
    hair: Brown
    eyes: Brown
    I love act is my passion, I dont have any acting experience but I act all the time when I am with my family and friends.

  67. Kylie Evans

    Hello, my name is Kylie Evans and I’m 18 years old. I love this show with a passion and I would really love be part of it. Please email me with information. I want to pursue an acting career and this could be the beginning.

  68. Brooke

    Im a 16 year old girl from new zealand. I think would be an great opportunity, If there an opening for me to audition please email me if there is a spot

    Thanks 🙂

  69. Jaleisha Turner

    Name:Jaleisha Turner
    Height: 5″3″
    Experience: School plays
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African american
    Contact Info:6825824826
    I am a hard worker , Im graduating early at age 17and i work…….. I would really like this opportunity! Im ready to start my career ,because soon as I get out off of high school I want to show how responsible and mature I have became. Im willing to work hard and do what ever it takes for WHAT I WANT! Im determined and ready………………….for whatever is going to lead me into the greater.

  70. Briahna McCray

    I would love to be in this show. I have seen almost every episode except for a few of this past season. I love this show so much. It would be an honor just to be considered. I am a little on the heavier side but i’m not obese. I can memorize my lines in a reasonable amount of time. I can be serious but not to serious. I am a teenager so i can potray a teenager.
    Race:African American
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Age Range: 14-19
    Weight: 187

  71. Shantel mark

    I would love to be in this show because I am really big fan of this show and I’ve lived through many real life event like in the show I have many 15/16/17 year old friend with baby’s and it would be such a great opportunity to do something with my life and future I am just a normal 16 year old teenager who sings and dances in her room wishes it was her in the tv show . I am very hard working , responsible , i won’t show a 100% I will show 150% of my dedication , funny , eager to work and work very hard , and easy to get a long with , I also learn things fast . I would really love being apart of the cast because it would be a dream come true I have participated in various school plays and in the past created my own play for my class to rehearse .i think being in this show would teach girls who live in the same city as i do that know who I am that the show is reality and that there are chances for girls to shine and show there talent and I am encouraging myself to do that with both of my parents gone from my life I would have a motivation in acting and make people proud I picture myself being apart of a show and I really wish it would be this one , if you want to know some details about me I and 16 years old , 5’0 100 pounds , hazel green eyes change colors , I know Spanish & English both fluently , i am American , Mexican , Romanian , and black Irish , I am currently in search for a job or a role in acting , I am home schooled , and independent , if I need to be transported anywhere at anytime it will not be trouble at allI . hope to hear from you soon thank for your time to read this , Shantel Mark (:

  72. Mallory Elizabeth Hutchins

    Hi my name is Mallor , I’m 13 years old. Almost 14
    Height 5’8
    Weight 160
    Hair medium length color brown
    Eyes light blue
    My favorite show is the secret life of the American teenager . My role model is shailene woodley.
    She is beyond amazing. It would be an honor to star in any abc family show. Also I could pass to be a 16 considering my height with some makeup I could look older , I would love to play a part as a teen mom because I’m great with kids and crying on command please email me I would be honored if you emailed me

  73. Mallory hutchins

    Hi my name is Mallory , I’m 13 years old. Almost 14
    Height 5’8
    Weight 160
    Hair medium length color brown
    Eyes bright blue
    My favorite show is the secret life of the American teenager . My role model is shailene woodley.
    She is beyond amazing. It would be an honor to star in any abc family show.

  74. alexis k hunter

    iam alexishunter iam 13 teen years old but i look way older like 17 and would be so honored to be in this show iam 5.9 in heigth iam iam a female i love people and thats just little like me

  75. Nicole

    Name: Nicole
    Age: 12 can play 9-13
    Height: 56 inches
    Weight: 73lbs
    I really love to act and I can honestly do any younger roles for you because I am young and I am small I really love this show and have seen every episode except the ones coming out. I have done many school plays and have loved acting since I was 5. I would really love to be on this show, I would be so happy!!!!!!!!