The Ridiculous 6 Starring Adam Sandler

The Ridiculous 6 Starring Adam Sandler

For two decades funnyman Adam Sandler (Happy Gilmore, Grown Ups, Billy Madison) has delighted audiences around the world with his one of a kind brand of off-kilter humor and now he is gearing up to bring that patented laughter to the world of westerns. The Ridiculous 6 will be rolling in front of cameras very, very soon and casting for several exciting roles of various sizes in this next great Sandler creation is happening today.

The Ridiculous 6 will star Sandler in a fish out of water tale about an orphan who was raised by an Indian tribe in the Old West. This highly anticipated action-comedy has been in the works for several years and is now finally ready to be realized with a laugh out loud script and a cast bursting with incredible stars from top to bottom. Mr. Sandler has lined up a cavalcade of supporting players to ride along with him in this western adventure including 3-time Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte (48 Hours, Warrior, Down And Out In Beverly Hills), Luke Wilson (Old School, Bottle Rocket, Idiocracy), Danny Trejo

(Breaking Bad, Machete, Muppets Most Wanted), Taylor Lautner (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Abduction, My Own Worst Enemy), Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Expendables 3, Draft Day), Chris Parnell (Archer, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, 30 Rock), Whitney Cummings (Whitney, 2 Broke Girls, The Wedding Ringer), Independent Spirit Award nominee Will Forte (MacGruber, Last Man on Earth, Nebraska), Oscar nominated comedy legend Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters, Tommy Boy, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry) and many, many more. This exciting new genre project will be produced by Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions for Netflix from a script written by Sandler and Emmy nominee Tim Herlihy (Mr. Deeds, Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer).

Casting calls for the wacky western comedy The Ridiculous 6 are happening now and aspiring, fresh-faced actors of all ages are being sought for a number of roles. Interested performers of all ages can submit themselves for available parts now by sending emails to More details for this audacious new production will be posted here as they are received so keep checking back for updates and be sure to leave a message below and tell us what you think of this new Sandler vehicle and why you want to audition for The Ridiculous 6.

New Mexico submissions only*

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195 Casting Responses

  1. Aylin Chavez

    Age: 15
    Height: 5′ 7″
    Hair: long, dark brown
    Eyes: dark brown (I have glasses but I currently use contacts.)
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Asian
    Currently living in California
    (I am willing to dye my hair.)

    Hello 🙂
    My dream for as long as I can remember, has been to become an actress. It would be a dream come true if I were to get a shot at an actual acting opportunity. Thank you (:

  2. Francisco

    I’ll love to be apart of this project
    My name is francisco
    Email :
    Height : 5’4
    Age : 15
    Hair color : short , brown
    Eye color : brown
    I love to model / act
    I’m from Brooklyn New York

  3. Dirk Fenstermacher

    Hello my name is dirk Fenstermacher I am currently a student at asu. I have been in 7 student films. I am 19 and looking to make my breakthrough in the business. Any other information that is needed just contact me via my email provided

  4. Niqui Marquez

    Hello, My name is Dominique Marquez. I am fifteen years old and I love to act. I go to a Performing Arts school and I am in the advanced acting group. At my school I am in Thespian Troupe and Youthchat. I have not been in any movies, but a lot of plays, such as, Tell-Tale Heart, Pony Express Love Story, 4 A.M, and XYZ files. I have also done many productions and classes at Working Classroom, such as, improv and a clown show. I also did a monologue workshop at Working Classroom. Thank you for your time in reading this. I hope to be getting an e-mail with this name on it.
    Sex: Female
    Eye color: Hazel
    Hair color: Light brown
    Weight: 120 pounds
    Ethnicity: Hispanic

  5. Daniela Gisell Espinoza

    It would be an honor to audition for Ridiculous 6! I love Adam Sandler! All his movies are incredibly awesome! I would love to have an opportunity to work with him. And show everybody my potential talent and what I’m made of, considering I have no experience. But theres always a first time for everything and a fresh face is always great. This is my passion! Giving me an opportunity would mean alot! My name is Daniela Gisell Espinoza I’m from McAllen Tx. A small town girl. Thank you all for your time!
    Name: Daniela Gisell Espinoza
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 145lbs.
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eye: Dark Brown
    Languages: English, Spanish, a bit of French

  6. Miceta Gallegos

    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Height: 4’8″
    Weight: 65 lbs.

    I have been in 2 community arts plays and enjoy performing in front of people. I’m outgoing and friendly. I’ve been in gymnastics for most of my life and love riding horses. People say I’m funny and easy going and work hard to achieve my goals. I love to act and sing and have choreographed several of my own plays and musicals along with other family members. Swimming is a passion and I have 6 years of dance experience including ballet, tap, jazz, and folklorico. I am a native New Mexican but love to travel. I enjoy the outdoors and love all animals. I am a fast learner and enjoy learning new things and like to teach what I know to people that are willing to learn from me.

  7. Francisco Martinez

    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Ethnicity: Mexican
    Hair Color: Black
    Language: English/Spanish
    Height: 5’11
    Email for any additional information… Not much experience in theater since i do most of my acting in everday situations

  8. Kayla Pollina

    Hello im Kayla im 13 years old. Im just going to be myself here, so i hope i don’t scare you off ;). In class when i do presentations i keep a straight face and make everyone laugh even my teacher, i make funny stories, so what im saying is that i have a sense of humor. I want to apply because in still young and i have big dreams, when you grow up its gone and you don’t think that you can do it anymore (for some people). I’v been in a few plays and i’v been asked to be a model (when i was 6 then 7). Im outgoing and im not afraid to speak my mind. Im not going to lie, i make plays at home for my friends and im kind of a perfectionist. I love road trips, we aren’t wealthy but im happy with what i get to do now. I’m not one of those girls who say “im ugly” because im not, its not called being egotistic, its called excepting yourself. I would love to be and actress because as i have grown i have always wanted to be one usually when people grow up they change their minds: oh, a doctor, or a zookeeper, or a dancer! My dream has stuck and a dream is a wish that the heart makes and i have to make my heart happy, common its the thing that keeps me alive! Im not camera shy and im not afraid to dance like a dork in public i dont care who stares! Anyways thanks for reading my looooooong thingy-ma-bob.

    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5,4
    Age: 13
    Weight: 120
    (i have braces)
    im from Illinois

  9. Arianna Nezat

    Hello! My name is Arianna Nezat and I am a 16 year old Tucson High School sophomore. I have been involved in Dance, Modeling and Acting for over 11 years and enjoy it very much. I love everything that has to do with performing and entertaining people. I am hoping I get an opportunity to audition for you now and for future movies that you produce and are starring in. I can send a head shot via email.

    Name: Arianna Nezat
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 119 lbs
    Body Type: Athletic/Fit
    Age: 16 years young
    Hair color: Long Black/Brown
    Eye color: brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Shirt size: small- medium
    Shoe size: 6 1/2
    Sex: female
    Home: Tucson, Arizona

    Thank You for Your time,
    Arianna N.

  10. Marisa

    Hello my name is Marisa I would love to work with professionals to help acclimate to the new life I’m 11 years old I’m 5 3 and ready to do whatever it is I have to do to make this happen my number is 6232241566 please consider me for the role thank you so much for reading this comment i’ve just really wanted to be an actor on my life and I think this is the time to kind of break out of the shell and I’ve kind a want to be a singer her too and I think this is the time I think doing this with the actors that you posted on this would be a great time to acclimate to what I wanted to be my whole life thank you and have a great day

  11. Mikael Wells

    Hi, Mikael Wells here. I know what this looks like, right? I am not Russian. I am a native white boy from michigan, I am 15 years old and have a good sense of humor, and can play any role. Be it a stuck-up, secluded religious shut-in, or the completely insane, drunk guy that breaks chairs over his own head. I have been told numerous times that my voice can fluctuate from very soothing and smooth, to very odd and train-wreck like. whichever you need, I can do.

  12. Emily De los Reyes

    I’m 12 years old
    I’m caucasain
    4′ 10″
    Hair : Dirty blonde
    Eyes : brown
    I really love Adam Sandler. He is my favorite actor. To be able to work with him would be a dream come true. Please consider me for any roles I would be right for.

  13. Chihiro Loh

    My name is Chihiro Loh and I am currently 15 years old. I’m half Japanese and half malaysian-Chinese. I have a huge passion in acting and modeling. I’ve been doing ballet, ice skating, ice skating, and flamenco. I had done drama in my school for years and my interest in acting grown. I play drums, guitar and violin. Also, I speak Japanese, Chinese and English. (All fluent). I really want to get a role in this movie and would be extremely honored if considered.

    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    Eye color: dark brown
    Height: 155cm
    Weight: 44kg
    Ethnicity: Mixed Asian

    Please email me if you are interested. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon!

  14. Maelle

    My name is Maelle,
    I’m a 14 teenage girl
    I’m french, i speak french, english and spanish currently,
    I have dark blond a bit wavy hair,
    I have really dark eyes
    My skin tone is pretty dark
    I’m really thin/skinny and have muscle
    I’m about 1m and 55cm
    I only weight 41 kilos
    I have a really good experiance in acting, singing, gymnastiques and dancing
    I would really love to be on this show, I’m a huge fan of Adam Sandler!!! I really hope i get chosen
    Thank you

  15. joel magana

    hellow my name is joel magana, im 12 years old and tall for my age.I know my last name sounds funny it stands for tommarow will be a brighter day. i have had 5 years of experence of acting and have been in story telling for 4 years. I rocked my 4th year for storytelling by getting 2nd place out of 33 kids.I take singing lesseons and would sing in my chior, i got a solo twice in a row. Not only that, i would perform in my school talent show and i like fighting, ive been trained to fight by my the way i love writting, alot. my name is joel magana and i would do enything to entertain people!!!! MY SAYING IS: Joel Magana NOT lozonia NOT laganas JUST Magana!!!!

  16. Tyler Lewis McKinley

    Hello, my name is Tyler McKinley I am nineteen years old. I am currently a college student at Eastern New Mexico University I am a pre- med major with an emphasis in biology. I am changing to a double major in theatre I have wanted to be an actor since I joined the drama department in seventh grade it would be an honor to work with Mr. Sandler. I would love to kickoff my dream in this film. If I fail to get that opportunity all involved in this film will hear about me soon enough, because I will make my dreams come true. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  17. Matthew Fields

    My name is Matthew and I am 15. I am new to acting but have been in a few plays in my school. I would love to be in your movie no matter how small or big the role is. I would love to find out how it feels to be in a movie, especially with one of the greatest comedians I know.

  18. Burt Stewart

    I’m a 19 year old guy born and raised in the Midwest looking for a chance to get my foot in the door.I don’t do This often but given the opportunity I feel like I could be a good part of this movie
    Height: 5′ 7
    Weight: a good looking 170
    Hobbies: football, baseball, basketball, hocke, lacrosse, long boarding.
    I feel my purpose in life is to make people happy and smile. My friends would describe me as enthusiastic and caring and I’d like to think I’m funny.
    I look forward to hearing from you

  19. Brian Varela

    Hello my name is Brian Varela. I am 47 years young. I love all your movies Mr. Adam Sandler. I would love the opportunity to meet you and show you what I can do for you on my acting skills. I am a dare devil. Love to make laughs…whatever it takes. Yep, again.. WHATEVER IT TAKES, to make a laugh come out, especially from you. It would be a great honor to be side by side and say I had some part of my life shared with you. You are an inspiring actor and humor makes life easier to cope with no matter what the situation you may be in. I have brown hair, brown eyes, light skinned and way 205 lbs. I know some spanish because my dad is spanish and my mom is caucasion. Thank you for your valuable time….

    Sincerely, Brian Varela ….San Marcos, TX

  20. logan sowers

    hi my name is Logan Adam Sandler is my favorite actor
    height : 4 11 5 00
    sex: male
    age: 10 11 in july

  21. Shelby Coleman

    My name is Shelby Coleman im 13 and Live In The state with some of the worlds greatest Snow Utah!

    I was getting ready to start auditioning for movies and tv shows in 2011 but then tragedy struck my family. My dad passed away, he had cancer for most of his married life and was fianlly cancer free when he got a blood infection and was sent to the hospital where he sadly passed away after 12 days of suffering.

    When i was younger i would always put on shows for my mom, dad, and younger brother and they would always record me, it was just like being famous! Ever since i was about 4 or 5 i have wanted to be an actress or singer. I would always joke with my mom & dad and say “Mommy & Daddy one day i’ll be just like Hannah Montana and ill get lots of money and put on lots of shows and make everyone smile.” Even though im 13 now almost 14 one of greatest dreams since childhood is to an actress. I don’t just want to be in one movie or tv show i want to continue throughout my life.

    I have a very very good memory sometimes my mom can’t believe what i still remember from childhood. I have never been in a tv show or movie but i have been in many plays and musicals. I love to dance and sing and i took drama my first year in junior high And I LOVED it! I just want to grow up with a job my dad would be proud of me for having. He used to say to me “work hard and your dreams can come true” i believe that statement so much and i hope it can be right:)

    I look at you disney stars like Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard and think to myself “Man what the life, i wish i was them” and also stars like Zac Efron, he started small in hsm and became a huge sensation! I just want to be like them. I also admire Adam Sandler! Hes so so funny and such an amazing actor.

    Im 13 ill be 14 In August
    Im about 5’1
    I love to sing, dance & of course act.
    I have shoulder length brown hair
    Blue Eyes.
    I just got my braces off so yay for straight teeth!
    And I hope I can get from nowhere to soemwhere big and become someone the world knows.

  22. Jessica Armstrong

    Name: Jessica Armstrong
    Age: 15
    Birthday: August 2,1999
    Born & Raised: WIlson. NC
    Height: 5’9”
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Race: African American

    All my life ive been acting. I use to go to a school called Sallie B. Howard for the Arts & Education and thats where i did all my acting like Willy Wonka, Anansi and the Spider, Cinderella etc. and im doing another called the Lion King and ill be playing Pumbaa im one out of 2 high schoolers that will be in it and it will be in May. Acting is like a way to build your confidence. Its a way to express yourself without people judging you and working with Adam Sandler is like a whole step forward towards that. And thats coming from a person who use to get picked on all the time. I love acting and making people laugh and every time i tried to go to websites and sign u for stuff they dont notice mean and i hope yall will change that. :))

  23. Brandy

    I am 13 years old, blonde and love Adam Sandler and Taylor Lautner. I can also do a perfect Miranda Sings impersonation!!!

  24. Chloe Mc Entee

    hi i am 12 13 in november . i can sadly say i have no acting experience no agent and live in ireland. i am the oldest of twelve and love to watch disney and hope to be apart of it
    i can sing pretty good i am tall for my age . i love to act especially very funny character i can also be a weird character i am a tomboy but love fashion like punk fashion or gothic love to hear from you

  25. Ouray Denetclaw Benally

    Age: 33
    sex: male
    eye color: brown
    hair: long, dark brown
    height: 6′ 0″
    Weight: 270
    ethnicity: native american (navajo)
    location: gallup, N.M.

    Always enjoy sandlers movies, im sure it will do great as all his movies do. Laughs and smiles are always appreciated. To set out and show my kids that they can do whatever they put their hearts into is my purpose for auditioning.

  26. brian mcnutt

    im very funny and I been holding back my whole life give me a shot

  27. Mohammed Abood

    Hello, i’m Mohammed, I would love to be given this opportunity because my dreams of being a actor is insanely big. My personality is outgoing, I love to act, and I think i’m really good at it as well, I just need that opportunity to present my self. I could honestly say that I could play any role because my body type and look, I would be more than happy to send you some photos! Thanks for your time and hope I could be given this opportunity.

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 125
    Eye Color: Green

  28. janine

    hi my name is janine
    i’m 13 years old
    brown hair
    brown eye’s
    long hair
    height 165(cm)
    play the gitarre
    live in the netherlands
    can speak pretty good english
    love comedy

    so why won’t you let me know
    it wil be awsome to be in a movie with adam sandler

    bye janine

  29. Amber Adams

    Hello, my name is Amber. I am 15 years old, turning 16 in July. My only acting experience has been in my middle and high school musicals and drama class. I’m inexperienced but, I will put in the work. I’m interested in starting my career. I hope you consider me.

    Hair: dark brown and extremely curly
    Eye color: dark brown

  30. Monique Aragon

    My name is Monique Aragon and I am a native of New Mexico. I know you are probably going to have to read through HUNDREDS, maybe even THOUSANDS of these desperate pleas coming from all of these girls wanting to convince you why they should star on The Ridiculous 6. There is probably not anything new that I can tell you that you have not ALREADY heard to spark your interest in me but I can only say one thing…. U WILL NOT be disappointed!!

    AGE: 14
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 105
    Hair: Long, Brown and naturally curly but like to straighten too
    Eyes: Brown
    Body Type: Athletic ( in EVERY sport including wrestling) Took girls nationals!
    Ethnicity: Hispanic (Fairly light thought)

    I would be happy to send you photos!! 🙂

    Thank you for any consideration you might have in me.

  31. Ericka

    Hi! I’m Ericka, as you probably read above, but, whatever! I’m 16, I hope that’s not too young!! I’m a pretty darn good actor, honestly, I think I’m amazing and other people can agree!!
    I consider myself pretty comical. I make a lot of people laugh. And something about my acting you need to know, is I’m good at acting sad, mad, over dramatically happy, etc! I swear, I’m like bomb at changing my personality! I can act any role you need me to perfectly! I’m being super serious right now!
    Also, I’m not conceited or anything, but people say I’m really pretty! That’s why once I graduate, I I’m gonna be a model. I mean, I look really young for my age cause I’m super skinny, but I think I’m beautiful.
    So, yeah, it would be amazing if you could accept me into this movie. I love Adam Sandler, I love acting, so this all plays out well for me! Okay. That’s all I have to say! Please and thank you!

  32. renzo casas

    hi, my name is Renzo R. Casas Campana
    Age: 20
    Body type: middle normal
    Hair: short dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity: Latino
    Skin color: tanned
    City/country: Cuzco, Peru

  33. Hadassah Henderson

    I am a great actor and I think that I should have a chance to be in a movie.I am a very humorous person and everyone know that Adam Sandler really makes a lot of people laugh. I am outgoing and Always up for a challenge. I am 11, A girl, 5’1-2 and African American and Cherokee. I hope you will pick me .

  34. Ericson Vega

    Hello my name is Eric Vega, I hope I will be perfect for this movie and for this amazing opportunity. Thank you and have a great day.

  35. Peter


  36. Rosalinda Lopez

    Hi my name is rosalinda lopez.Im 14 years old about to turn 15 and live in grand prairie, Tx.I love acting since i was in 7th grade.Im kinda shy but lately i’ve came out of my shell more.i would like to take this opportunity to be in a comedy movie with adam Sandler

  37. Nicole Guzman

    Name: nicole guzman
    Ethnicity: Hispanic and native American (look more native American so this sounds like a wonderful opportunity).
    Experience: participate in many plays mostly comedy and drama. Also attended john casablancas modeling and career center. I have been told I’m a delightful person to work with. Give me a chance and you will be glad with giving me a chance.

  38. Brad Posey

    Hello, my name is Brad. I am 17 years old, 5’11” and have a slim athletic build. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. In my first ever acting role I was cast as Nick Carraway in my schools production of the Great Gatsby, and I currently have a speaking role in the musical, Aida. I hope to one day make it as a professional actor and I hope that this is where my story begins. I will be sending an audition video shortly, and I hope you take the time to review it and consider me for a part. Thank you, have a nice day.

  39. Sylvia Vega

    Hi, my name is Sylvia Vega and I am 15 years old going on 16 living in Houston Tx. I’ve always had a passion for acting and I have been doing it for about 5 years now. Ive been in some school plays and I am also a Texas Thespian, so I am very experienced. After some searching, I have stumbled upon this and I think it is the perfect opportunity to get my acting career started. Adam Sandler has been one of my favorite actors for quit some time now and it would be great to be able to work and learn from him along with all the other great actors. I am willing to take any chances and sacrifices for any role. I hope to hear from you soon!
    Thank you.

  40. Deneysha

    I have 4 years of acting training/experience. I’m very passionate about acting. Im looking forwards to do films. And I love Adam Sandler. Comedies are my type of movies because I’m a very funny girl. I love to make people laugh.

  41. Mariana

    Hi my name is Mariana, to be honest I’m not sure if I would be right for Ridiculous 6. It has been always a dream to pursue acting. I am 15 years old and would like to have the opportunity to be casted in this film. I am a shyed person but could manage to handle it. This film is interesting, that I would like to be involve with. Most of the time I have heard in the radio, that there will be casting auditions but really never knew for sure if it was true. This role particular expects standards, that I could manage. This would be an experience to that could help me start off in the acting business. Working along side Adam Sandler and Nick Nolte as for Luke Wilson, I could have the opportunity to work with these actors experience to learn from them. I appreciate if you could consider my application. Thank for taking your time to read this, and hopefully of hearing news.

  42. Kenneth Caban

    Hi my name is Kenneth caban I’m 17 years old and i’m a junior in high school but i have a very flexible calendar I’m a stage actor in drama club I’m not easily embarrassed which i think is a good thing when it comes to comedy And i think it would br an honor to act with the infamous Adam sandler i think I’d be a great addition to the cast

  43. Justin Marcus Momin

    H: 5’6”
    W: 250-255
    Pants: 42-43 L: 28
    Shirt: XL-XXL
    Shoe: 12 ½ -13
    Boot: 10
    XP: Some acting at Nightmares Gate Haunted House (Douglasville, GA), Finding Carter (Back Ground Extra a few scene)

  44. Kaya Perry

    Hi I am kaya perry
    I am 14 years old going on 15.
    Brown hair brown eyes
    Cherokee indian
    124 lbs
    I love acting since I was little. I especially loved the movies
    With Adam Sandler in it. Adam Sandler has made my days
    Brighter since I was born..without him I don’t know how
    Life would go on. He makes me laugh so hard one time I peed myself.
    Shh that’s a secret. Anyways I would like to play a small role in this movie. Not a main character
    Just a small one. Please and thank you

  45. Victoria

    Hello my name is Victoria,

    I live in Australia.

    I have always wanted to be apart of a big movie production like this one and it would be an Honor if you would consider reading my application.

    I have lots to offer I am a fun and vibrant twelve year old I would work really hard to make you proud I am a quick learner and this would be a dream come true.

    Kind regards Victoria

  46. AJ SImmons

    My name is AJ, I’m 22 but can pass as young as 16 very well, I can portray any and all emotions and can tell you how I’m feeling using just my expressions. I’m 5’3 and 150 lbs, could be used to play a teen or young male. I have red hair and blue eyes with pale light skin. I would be open to playing any role you have available. I’m reliable and will be there every time I’m needed no problem

  47. omar contreras

    Age 34 : height :5″8 weight :197lbs : hair black : eyes hazel ‘ Ethnicity: Caucasian : Sex: male hi my name is Omar Im from Chicago Illinois born and raised I’ve done extra work I have been in one movie back in 2001 as a cop in a movie called the watcher and I also was a extra on a tv show called Chicago Fire back 2012.. It would be a honor to get a chance in a life time to be in a Adam Sandler movie I’ve watch all his movies he’s my favorite comedian and actor… Please give me a shot my email address is thank you for you’re .

  48. Terrance Groce

    Hello, my name is Terrance Groce
    I’m 5’9
    African American
    180 lbs
    Black hair
    Brown eyes
    Athletic build
    Looking for an opportunity to land a part in this movie. I Have a great sense of humor, not much of a stand up comedian, but I can definitely gets some laughs. I don’t have much experience acting but if you give me a shot you won’t regret it.

  49. Samantha Segura

    Hello!! My name is Samantha, I don’t know if is late for this, but here we go.
    I like to make people laugh, some people say of I’m a funny person but I don’t trust on my mother. My theater teacher told me of I a little mean in some charactres.

    I made theater on the high school, I made drama and comedy. I can dance, draw, paint.

    Name: Samantha Segura
    From Mexico
    Age: 17
    Height: 5″2
    Eyes: brown
    Hair; Curly and brown
    I speak spanish,english and some italian.
    *Please E-mail me for pictures*

    Thanks for read.

  50. Elizabeth Laubenthal

    Hello, my name is Elizabeth Laubenthal. I am from Niagara Falls NY. I am attending community college for a job I don’t want. Despite having zero acting experience, I can’t really picture myself doing anything else. I want to have a full life and make people happy or laugh. I am admire all of the work these actors have done and it would be an honor to even be an extra. I would be so ecstatic to hear anything back. Thank you

  51. Dejan Markovic

    Hello. My name is Dejan Markovic and I live in Austria. I loved acting since I was a kid and I still do. Adam Sandler is my idol, I grew up watching his movies and laughing my a** off. haha
    I want to do grat comedy movies too, because I am funny, love to laugh and love to bring people to laugh. I was playing in a theater for 10 years.
    Hopefully You will give me a chance to show You what I can do. Because I don’t have the opportunity to come to the USA otherwise. Thank You
    I am 20 years old. I am 186cm tall, have 73 kg.
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: brown and short
    big nose
    and I have a big smile
    Sex: male

  52. João Paulo Pinto

    Hello, my name is João Paulo and I would love a chance to audition for this great movie. I am a great actor and belive I can work well in this movie. I enjoy these genres very much. I was born in America and I speak fluent English. Both my parents were born in Brazil so I am also Brazilian. Thank you for your time.

    Age: 14
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 130
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: very dark brown close to black
    Other: I am a skinny guy but I am very fit and athletic. I eat very well so I am healthy.

    I am accepting any role.
    Please email me if you are interested
    Thank you again for your time!

  53. Tyra Ortiz

    Age – 16
    Height – about 5’4 (64.5)
    Ethnicity – Native American
    Hair color – Dark Brown
    Sex – Female
    Eye color – Brown

    My name is Tyra Ortiz and I am from New Mexico. I am a junior in high school and I have been wanting to be an actress for awhile now. I have been told I’m funny, outgoing, and hard working. I have been shy for awhile but I am slowly getting over It and an experience like this will really boost my confidence. Please email me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

  54. Frances Scott

    Hi, I am interested in auditioning for Ridiculous 6.
    I have always wanted to be an Actress. I think I would
    be a great asset to the movie. Hope to see you
    At the Audition.!! Thank you

  55. Ryan Vardon

    Age: 27
    Eye Colour:Brown
    Hair:Brown Short sides long top
    Height: 5’9
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Id like to be a actor especially in a comedy with Adam Sandler and the gang.
    I am a wild card but always surprise.Think id be great for this opportunity that you wouldn’t regret.
    give me a script i’m definite ill ace the part. i’m funny go with the flow and flexible.I know ill be great for this any news or even to know more about me email me.

  56. Paula Rafferty

    My name is Paula and I am an active, outdoorsy girl. I am a park ranger in Texas, 51 years old, brunette, 5’8″,145lb, originally from West Point,NY. My interest are art, travel, animals, and holography. My main job as a park ranger is mapmaking and I am a professional.

  57. Francisco Delgado

    Hi my name is Francisco Delgado i am a Native American boy i am 16. My talents are singing, dancing, acting, artist and i can sing any kind of music and i can also rap. I would love to be on Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip i live in corona California. P.S. if you do not need me can you send this to anyone who may need some one like me i can do any part think you.

  58. Ashley Cooper

    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair Color: Brown/Auburn
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Location: Detroit, MI

    My name is Ashley Marie and I am a born and raised Detroit native, whose looking for my window of opportunity to showcase that I am the next “Big Thing.” I have been in theater most of my child hood until the age of 18, and then reality struck and I was forced into the corporate lifestyle (which is not much fun at all). Recently I had an epiphany that I need to be doing what I’m passionate about, what I love and that’s acting even if that means sacrificing. I am willing to hustle my way to the top, any role would be suitable for me even if it’s completely out of the next persons comfort zone. If there’s any availability as an extra, errand girl hell even a janitor I am willing and able to start building and networking to get to were I deserve to be. Thank you for taking time out to review my information, if there is any additional information that you may need feel free to contact me via email;

    Thanks again,
    Ashley M.

  59. Cody Davis

    Age – 16
    Height – 6’3
    Ethnicity- mixed with white and black
    Hair color – black
    Sex – male
    Eye color – hazel to green

    I have always been a big fan of Adam Sandler. He has always been my absolute favorite actor and I have done multiple biographies and such about him for school. My dream is to become an actor/comedian and I really think this could would and I could find a part in the movie. I understand there is about a 3% chance of me being picked but here goes nothing.

  60. Richard Rivera

    Big fan of Adam Sandler, watch Blended 5 times awesome movie, love to work with him even as an extra a live in New Mexico Now former military Army veteran I can ride horses and shoot any kind of weapons .
    Height 5’5”
    Weight 160 lbs
    Hispanic speak English and Spanish fluently
    Black hair getting bald
    Brown eyes
    ARMY Vet
    know MMA
    Last acting job Movie Sicario with Benisio Del Toro and Emily Blunt as an extra.
    Looking forward to gain more expirience in the business as i like to become a derector .

  61. Alan Lerdo

    I have always been a huge fan of Adam Sandler , not only of his comedy but also because of his way to connect with all ages. I have been apart of numerous productions, of course all performed on stage. I have always wanted to act and direct and this opportunity is what is going to help me accomplish what ive dreamed of. It is difficult to get into movie rolls when you have no “movie” experiences, but sometimes all you need is one chance, one chance to show the world what you can do. I have started making my own short films to keep the momentum going. I would be honored if I got a roll in this production. If you could be ever so kind to email me back for an audition that would be wonderful, thank you and have a nice day.
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown

  62. Kaitlyn Sadler

    Age 13
    Height is 5’5″
    Weight is 120 #
    White American
    Location is Flower Mound Texas
    I’m particularly interested in the new upcoming film, The Ridiculous Six. I ‘m a new face but far from a beginner. I have been enrolled in the John Casablanca’s Talent Agency for a little over a year and I am absolutely intrigued by acting professionally.
    Let me tell you a little about myself. When my friends describe me in a few words it is always sweet, funny, and loud! I ‘m never afraid to stand in front of a crowed and show my acting skills.
    I am working on my 2nd degree black belt. I can sing, write my own music, and play a little guitar. I play 14U on a select travel softball team, Impact Gold . I’m also a straight A student and have many voice impressions, that range from country to European. I have been in two stage plays, and am in the dramatics class at my school. I am in the Thespian Society. If you would like a photo and resume please email me.
    Thank You

  63. Elizabeth

    Hello. My name is Elizabeth and my dream is to become an actress. This project sounds interesting, and I will love to be a part of it. It will be my first acting experience. I will love an opportunity.

    Name: Eudalis Elizabeth Dasent
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’7
    Age: 26
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Contact info:

  64. Klinton Swenson

    THIS MOVIE WOULD PERRRRFECT FOR A CHUCHUBBY FELLA SUCH AS MESELF!!!!! Hi by the way my name is Bubba well my real name is Klinton Swenson, im 35, from South Dakota were men r men and SHEEP R NERVOUS, married with 2 boys. I am a HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR by trade, but ive always wanted to either do stand up comedy or act in a comedy, i enjoy it wen i can make some assholes day by putten a smile on there face, and a chance at an audition for a comedy with adam sandler would be pretty cool!!! I have realy no experience acting but i sure give er an honest effort.

  65. Yanelie Ponce

    I’m not sure how realistic this is, or how realistic it will be, but I would love the opportunity to show the best part of myself that I know there is.i love humor and Adam Sandler. I’m not looking to be an alstar, but I definately want to work in an industry where laughter is a given, and nothing would make it better then to work with such amazing actors in a good comedy. I’m a woman 21, 5″3″ and Mexican. I’ll be hopefully waiting for a call of a lifetime! Thank you already so much!

  66. james mcmanus

    have waited longer than I should have to go for my dream of being an actor. This film would be an amazing start to what I hope will be a promising career in film.

  67. cindi whitt

    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Eye color: hazel
    Hair: black and a blondish auburn
    Height: 5’0
    Weight: 104lbs
    email for photographs
    Hello my name is Cynthia Whitt. I would love to be apart of this film i have been wanting to be in acting for as long as i can remember. I have been told im funny, Im outgoing. I would greatly appreciate if you would give me a opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon thank you for your time.

  68. Larissa Collins

    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: brown
    Height: 5’6
    Age: 14
    Location: New York
    My name is Larissa Collins. I am currently enrolled in an acting course with Barbizon and I think that this movie could really boost the career I hope to one day have in this industry, and to be able to perform with Adam Sandler of all people would be SO incredible. He is so talented and it would be an honor to work with him. I am hard working, persistent, I take good direction, and am reliable. I hope that you consider me for this job for it could be such an amazing opportunity for me.

  69. delilah

    hello people I`m 12 years old I have brown hair and brown eyes, acting is my passion so please write me back thanks for reading by.

  70. Kurt Rogers

    Hello people of the entertainment industry, my name is Kurt Rogers hand me a script and you’ll be more than glad you did (;

  71. Rooks Kelley

    Because Adam Sandler is AWESOME!! Im an actor also that graduated from acting school in Dallas. I have strong improve skills and I know it would be a great experience and we would have a BLAST!!

  72. Daniel

    Thank you for taking the time for reading my post.
    My name is Daniel Westermann, I am 17 years old and I live in Germany. I’m currently on the Heilig Geist Gymnasium in Menden and I love to act. I love to be a part of our school theatre and with the own words of my literature/theatre teacher, I am an excellent actor. Because of this, I would like to be part of the movie “The Ridiculous 6” to gain more experience of being an actor.
    Thank you in advance for a positive feedback,
    Yours sincerely
    Daniel Westermann

  73. Jacob Burse

    My name is Jacob Burse, I am 19 years old. The reason you should consider me for this movie is Because I am a funny, outgoing, very caring person and I have a lot of experience in acting. I have been doing musicals since I was ten. My most recent musical was the lion king. With my lines I had them memorized With in 2weeks. I am very good at listening to directions. Honestly with all the experience I have I think I could possibly be a very good choice and I would like to do this for my sister who has every single disability possible.

  74. Luisa

    Hey, i am Luisa,
    i would love to take part in this movie, because i really like funny movies and making People laugh. It toke me some time to realise that i really want to be an actress and take part in movies and never really considered it until now. But i thought it is never to late.
    I have been in School theater groups for four years and in theater group which performs for children summer camps (5 years).
    I also do couple dancing (International Latin, International Standard); for 3 years and a couple dance formation for 2 years.
    When i was 4 years old i started horse riding and if been doing it ever since.
    I really enjoy being on the stage, taking people to other places and telling them a story.
    I although got a nice singing voice and really love to sing.

    – 19 years (born 6. May.1995)
    – from Germany
    – 5″2
    – long brown hair
    – brown eyes
    – i speak english, german and a bit spanish
    – Hobbys: Dancing, Horse riding (started with 4 years), Climbig, Nature/Animal Photography
    I’m mostly a quiet and rather shy Person, but i anyway like to play extrovert or dramatic Roles and i like playing the villian, because it is a possibility to be some completle diffrent.
    At last I want to thank you for reading my comment and hope that you consider me for participating in the movie. I hope to hear from you,

    Luisa Wittmann

  75. Isaiah Kershner

    Age: 17
    Sex: male
    Eye color: brown
    Hair: black
    Height: 6′
    Weight: 157lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Please E-mail me for pictures
    i have been a part of 4 theatrical productions with my high school, 2 musicals and 2 UIL competitions. I am also a member of the International Thespian Society.
    I am Awesome with accents and can perfectly replicate British, Cockney Australian, country(u.s.), Russian, Irish, and Scottish.
    i plan on pursuing acting as a lifetime career, i would be honored if you would consider me for this role.
    thank you.