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“Come on down!” You could be the next contestant on one of the world’s most beloved and longest running game shows! The Producers and casting directors for The Price Is Right are on the lookout for fun and outgoing male and female contestants for all new installments of this timeless game game show hit. Auditions and casting calls are happening will be happening very  soon. This is your chance to guess which Price Is Right and possibly walk away with cash, cars and fabulous prizes.

Named by TV Guide as the greatest game show of all time, The Price Is Right has been entertaining millions of viewers each day for over 40 years and it’s amazing popularity is only increasing. Now you could be standing front and center on the Price Is Right stage playing one of the shows many, many classic games for big cash and prizes. If chosen to compete you could live every game show fans dream of trying your hand at such unforgettable and unforgettably fun Price Is Right challenges as Hi Lo, Hole in One (or Two), Dice Game, Master Key, Plinko or Cliff Hangers. There is simply not a more fun television game show experience out there and now you could be a part of it. Casting calls and auditions for all new episodes of this all time game show staple will be happening very soon and casting submissions are being accepted now. If you are interested in participating in this outstanding production you can send your personal information and a brief description of yourself here and for more information you can got to and be sure to leave a comment on why you should be the next star contestant below and keep checking back for all of the fabulous casting information for The Price Is Right.

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215 Casting Responses

  1. teresa lackey

    Drew pick me I will be there 11/11/2018 @ 3pm in Nashville Cant wait to here Teresa Lackey COME ON DOWN. I have watched the Price Is Right since I was a little girl

  2. Anna

    I would like like to audition to become a model for your show price is right. I have been watching this show for over 10 years now and since I have grown up and learned the things people say I would be good at, one of those is modeling I feel if I’m going to go into something like this i want to try to go big and somewhere i feel I would enjoy. I’m 22 years old i’v been through one modeling company in Columbus they wanted me to remember lines and advertise for companies they were sponsoring I didn’t see it planing out I just needed,wanted something different. If you can help me please give me a call I’d love to show the beauty I have i what i can do with it.

  3. Veronica Cruz

    Hi there!
    My name is Veronica Cruz. I am 33 years old…mom, special Ed teacher, Graduate Student and wife. I’ve always enjoyed watching your show since I was a little girl. I wish to audition for the Laredo, TX show…. excited to hear from you soon!!!

  4. karl

    hello i would love to be on the show!! i have been watching for 45 years. one of my bucket lists. please please pick me.

  5. Patina Willisms-Stansberry

    Can’t wait to be on the show, I’m Patina 52 years old and love this game. When I do get on I will be completely over joyed…See You Soon

  6. sheila carter

    hi im sheila carter im 60 and I watch your show all the time I would like to be chose as a contestant and win

  7. sheila carter

    I haven’t ever been on the price is right but I love that show

  8. sheila carter

    I watch the price is right every day and do pretty good

  9. Amber

    DREWWWWWWWWWWW! Pick meeeeee! I would be so much fun and bring in good ratings haha. Just kidding but I really am fun and I would love to be apart of the famous show!! You all are such great people for helping change lives! Help me change mine, and others 🙂

  10. Katelyn Beal

    “Katelyn Beal Come on down!” The crowd ROARS!!!!

    Hi I am Katelyn Beal and this is my dream. I have watched Price is Right since I was in High School. I am 29 years old now. I would wake up eat breakfast and try to out guess my fellow competitors in the dream to win big! PLINKO is the ultimate game for me. I recently got married last year I have a 7 year old I live in Clovis, Ca and I would love an opportunity to be picked. Make my dreams come true!!!

  11. Bill Thayer

    My name is Bill Thayer, I was just at your taping of your show on March 12th. Me and my wife Lisa Bilotta. I wanted to send you a letter about my experience and suggestions to the show. Thanks.
    I am 55 years old. I have been watching PRICE IS RIGHT since high school. I remember buying a VCR in my college days and I would tape shows and then watch them at my leisure. Price is Right show was one of the shows I used to tape, watching Bob Barker back in the day. I would consider myself a super fan, except I still don’t know a lot of the prices, back in the day I used to just skip and watch the car prizes. I always had my favorite games and a few games didn’t care much about. I meet my beautiful wife at bowling 6 years ago. And we hit it off. We were married 2 years ago, we had a bowling theme wedding. Both of us, loved PRICE IS RIGHT. I work at 3M in IT Support, I work 12-hour days, so I work many weekends and off during the week. If I am off, I set aside time to watch the show. It’s always been a dream of mine to go to California and be on show.
    So last year, we were busy around our anniversary. So, I told Lisa, I really want to be on PRICE IS RIGHT. So, we decided to take a vacation and fly down and be on show. After telling family and friends, my sister Patty, who also is a super fan and Lisa’s sister Kit really wanted to join us. We figured it would be cheaper hotel and car rental if we had 4 people. So, I went and got tickets 3 months in advance for August 2nd. We are also huge baseball fans, we seen that our Minnesota Twins were playing at San Diego that same week. Perfect. My bucket list of my life is 1) to be ON Price is Right and 2) to see every baseball ball park (I am up to 14 so far).
    So, a few weeks before trip, I have always been a planner. So, I planned out our whole trip, every detail. We all met up and decided WHAT kind of shirts should we design for show and be picked. It was Drew’s 10th anniversary and me and Lisa 2nd anniversary. We wanted to put that on shirts, also being from Minnesota have a Minnesota theme, like drew is fishing. We wrote up our ideas and made a picture of what we wanted on shirt. Kit went and had a shirt designer put our ideas on the shirt. PERFECT. We also wanted to give Drew a shirt from the MINNESOTA GROUP 😊. So, we made a separate shirt with OHIO on back for Drew. To give him the shirt after the show when we get to meet Drew, George Gray and models. We were all so excited.
    Lisa did research on show. Looked at comments and read articles on HOW TO BE PICKED. Me and Lisa are very outgoing, we are dancing all the time, singing. At bowling I am always dancing after a strike and the league calls it the BILLY SHUFFLE. Our 2 sisters, are very quiet and shy. So, we had to PUMP them up. We heard, that, in line, they are always watching you. So, we arrive around 7:30am, we were around 95th in line. Me and Lisa were singing and trying to get everyone involved, we meet all the people in front of us and back of us and down the line. We must have meet and gave high fives to 100 people. The lady behind us was shy, didn’t talk, very nice, she brought her cross-stitch with her, she had her son, who was very quiet. The group ahead of us was about 10 kids that’s just graduated from high school, so we were getting them to sing with us and get rowdy, so after a while they were.
    As we waited in line for pictures and ID checks, me and Lisa had everyone laughing around us. Trying to make a good impression, but also, that’s what we are, very upbeat people. As we waited to see the casting director. Lisa reminded our group and everyone around us, “This is where you have to make your impression, you got 1 minute”. The kids in front of us were deciding what to say, the lady and her son behind us were very quiet. As soon as our group came up to see the casting people, I was hooting and hollering (like at work, I always make people laugh at work). So the casting director comes up and asks everyone what they do for a living, the lady next to us all sudden goes from this quiet, shy person, to this totally outrageous dumb lady and is shaking and does a 180 and is like a Dr. Jackle and Mr. Hyde. We are stunned. He comes to us and both me and Lisa make a great impression. He calls me “Wayne”, my name tag says “William”, I go by Bill, Billy or Wild Bill. But they told me they MUST use the name on your Driver’s license. We don’t over-do it, we act like ourselves, outgoing, fun-loving, excitable couple. He asks us more questions than anyone else. Both our sisters, are not making a good impression, just being themselves. They are both super fans, but we know they won’t be on. He goes to the young kids and they get excited. He spends more time with the twin brothers and then we are done. We wait another 1-2 hours. Me and Lisa are still singing and dancing in line, giving high fives. The lady in front of us goes back to her cross-stich and is very thankful we are keeping her laughing and excited. The young kids keep saying thanks to Lisa for advice and everyone said, “it’s going to be one of you two will be picked”, meaning me or Lisa. We are feeling good. We enter the theater and ushers are there to seat you, we are stopped by one of the casting people and she’s on the headphone to someone, she says “where do you want the Minnesota Group?”. So, she finds us our seats and says “William, I want you sitting at end here”. She points where. Me and Lisa whisper “I think we did it”. We are so excited. The music starts, me and Lisa are one of maybe 10 people standing and dancing to music. Just in case, someone is still watching 😊 and that’s us, the happy couple.
    George Gray comes out and its awesome. They read the first 4 names and guess what, our group of young kids in front of us gets picked. YES. We are thrilled. We stay rowdy and excited…. Next name, nope… next name… nope… next name…. nope. The last person picked is….. the lady in front of us, the cross-stich lady who changed her personality in seconds. Sonja was her name, she runs up to front, turns around and runs back to me and Lisa and hugs us and says “thanks”. WOW. We are thrilled for her, but very disappointed we didn’t get picked. We had a great time. Show ends. We can’t wait to meet Drew and George and models after. And bang…. Everyone just walks out of theater and the stars walk behind the curtain and are gone. Disappointed. We give Drew’s shirt to a usher, she says “write your names on it and I bet he’ll write you and say THANKS”. We write our names on it and leave. We jump in our rental car and try and beat traffic out of there. We are so amazed at the traffic. 6-7 lanes full of cars. Back in Minnesota, we might have 3 lanes. We have say we had a good time. We are totally surprised at WHO they picked? You guys picked some old guy, who the director kept coming down after each bid and say, “get more excited”. Why would you ever pick someone like that we wondered?
    We got home and everyone, family, friends, co-workers, Facebook friends, bowling league… everyone wanted to know “what was it like, when are you going to be on and so”! We told everyone that we would be on Nov. 3rd, Friday. We tell everyone we didn’t get called up, but will be on TV and we had a blast. Everyone asked WHY we didn’t get called up, we are the perfect people to be called up, out-going, fun, rowdy. We said “they seem to pick more of the phoney people, people that try and act crazy and fun, but you know they aren’t.
    So, we have a big PRICE IS RIGHT party at our house. We tape the show and watch it Friday night. Everyone at 3M on my floor, had the TV on and watched it. They loved it. I work with a super fan, but he stopped watching a few years back saying the people they pick are totally acting up.
    So, this year, I love planning and surprising people. So, for our 2nd year anniversary, why not surprise my beautiful and sexy wife to another trip to PRICE IS RIGHT. Just me and her. So, I plan on spring break, Lisa’s daughter will be at her dad’s house. We will fly into Vegas, rent a car and drive from Vegas. I get the tickets, I see the posting on website saying, “it’s still Drew’s 10th year anniversary”. Funny, other than our shirts I didn’t see any shirts saying that on show or when we were down there? So, I plan on a total surprise, pack everything, use our same shirts and make a great impression again and this time be picked. About a week before, word got out about my surprise, so Lisa knew. But she was very excited 😊
    We flew into Vegas Saturday night, got up at 2am Monday morning and drove to show. Mapquest said 4 ½ hours. That would put us at show around 6:30am. NOPE. We arrived around 8:25am. The line went faster. We got to know everyone around us again. This time, should we give away our secrets to everyone? Sure. So we told everyone, that they are watching you, you got 1 minute to make a good impression. So, our group got up to casting director and a course, I always let out a big scream. He turns and says “Oh, William is here”. I whispered to Lisa “it didn’t even look like he turned his head, maybe he knew we were in line”. Lisa said “a course he did, they are watching us and seeing the rowdy and fun people and you are”! 😊 We make a great impression. The casting director and his assistant remember us from last year, she even says “they gave Drew a shirt”. WOW. They remembered us. We always talked about how awesome job that Casting director does, he goes thru 275 people, 2 times a day, he’s got a very quick wit and funny. Lisa said she was going to tell him. So, Lisa tells him, and he laughs and pulls out a tissue and says “Lisa, looks like you got a little brown spot on your nose” !! everyone laughs. Lisa was serious, he does an awesome job. So, we go wait in next line and then into the theater we go. Same thing as before, you wait to be seated. We both are thinking, we will get picked 😊 the person with headphones on, has her piece of paper with the 9 numbers that will be called. She says “wait”, looks at her paper. And then says, “grab those seats over there”. SHOOT. We didn’t get picked. Just the way, she didn’t seat us special. Knowing the show and knowing they always seat the people in different areas. DARN. We both look at each other and we know. Music comes on, we stand and dance, only a few people dance. George comes on and gets the crowd going, he always says “it doesn’t matter where you sit, everyone has the same chance to be picked”. Ahhhhh no George. They pick you, they put you in different areas of the theater. You don’t see 2 people from same group or usually same area get picked. People around say, “can’t wait to meet Drew and George after show”, nope, sorry, they will escort everyone out after show. We don’t get picked again. A few of the people they picked are so phoney, its really sad. I think everyone would like if they picked REAL people. We leave, we are sad we didn’t get picked again. This time Lisa says “no more, they are looking for people that overdo it, just phoney people”. So we hit the road and drive back to Vegas. Spent a lot of money on 2 trips to try and be on show. People thought we were crazy. Maybe we were. Just trying to live our dream of being on the show. The show will be on June 1st. We may or may not have a party this time. People asked us again. And all say “you are the perfect people”. Nope. They are not looking for our types.

    Here are my suggestions for the show. Coming from a Super fan from Minnesota:
    1) Draw names. People have to wear their colorful shirts and be out going. But, put the 275 names in big wheel and George Gray draws the names. You would get REAL people, excited people. It would change the show. I know, reading comments on internet, the show is losing people because they are picking these people that ACT crazy, but are just ACTING. Pick real people. Then maybe a both a husband and wife get drawn or 2 people in same group. I bet people would be so excited.
    2) After the show is done, have Drew, George and models MEET the people. Let’s say, 1 hour, meet and take pictures and so on. You travel and spend so much money, it would be great to meet and get a picture with Drew and cast.
    3) Feed the people in line. You wait all day, you drive or fly from every part of the US. Why not treat your fans to a box lunch? If it wasn’t for the fans and the TV viewers, there would be no show. They charge so much for a simple sandwich, chips and pop. Treat the people. It’s a long day.
    4) Maybe give away prizes for everyone that’s not picked. So, you leave the show with something.

  12. DeShawn

    Leave a guest response prizes

  13. Talia Branch

    I have been watching this game show since I was a little girl and I always dreamed of coming on the show being chosen and winning I hope I get that opportunity.

  14. Jennifer Schulman

    I want to be on the price is right to be discovered and win some fabulous prizes that I have only dreamed of.

  15. samantha j sevrey

    I have been watching this show from as far back as I can remember, I am a daily watcher. I will admit it took me some time to “accept” Drew when he first came, but I have since understood why he was picked for this. I loved him in all his other shows, it was just “change” that made it hard. I have tried to get into everyone of the traveling Price is Right’s that have even came close to me, but have never got in. Please pick me I KNOW my mother would LOVE to see me on this show before her days are gone. ( she is dealing wit her 5th time having cancer) we watched it everyday together when I was younger. It would be great to either win enough money to take her to see her son one last time, or maybe even a car, because hers just quit and we are having trouble getting her too and from her specialist (they are 4 hrs away)

  16. Princess Blade

    I dream of being a player every single night. I have watched the price is right with mother for years until she passed of cancer. The price is right reminds me of the wonderful mornings we spent watching the show. It would be a dream come true to finally live out my dream!

  17. charlette mabry

    I would love to be on The Price is Right I’m a great game player. I’m energetic and I love to price thing. Just love competition

  18. Yer Sin

    I have been watching this show since I was a child, I would love to be a contestant and win BIG, BIG, BIG!!!
    Int would definitely help with the bills. 🙁

  19. Vivian Levinson

    Hi…I would love to be a contestant because I deserve a chance to win and feel fortunate. The show makes me happy, I can only imagine what it must feel to win…I want the chance.

  20. Marie

    I want to be pick because every time I watch The Price is Right I always imagined myself going on the show one day .

  21. Freda Jorgensen

    I want to spin the whe and have mama see me on tv!!!

  22. Freda Jorgensen

    I want to play and see if I could win…

  23. Freda Jorgensen

    I would love to play a game show that my entire family has watched and I love to win…

  24. Lisa Miller

    I recently lost a lot of weight. So I am starting a new life. This would be a great way to start actually living again. I can’t think of anything that would be better to reward myself for changing my life

  25. Latoya Watts

    I have been watching this show since I was a little girl. It has always been my favorite show. Being on this show would be a dream come true.

  26. John Kirk Roark

    Hi, My Name is John (Kirk) Roark and I LOVE Your Show!!!!!!
    ***Would be Really Really Really EXCITED to be on THE PRICE IS RIGHT ! ***
    I am starting over at Age 50 and need the BOOST!
    ****No worries here ask and I will be on my way! *****

    Thanks For the Add and A Place to Stay!
    ****If Not Picked I will Not Get Upset ****

    *** But Never Forget to NEUTER Your PETS! ****

  27. Brandon

    I thought it would be fun to out bid the other contestants and get called out to spin the big wheel.
    I used to watch this show since I was 4 years old eating sugar cookies with my Grandma.
    being a contestant would make her proud and fulfill a dream that I’ve had since I was young.
    I’m really charming, loud, and good looks aside I can draw the crowd in well with short vocal display.

  28. mike kallianis

    The price is right pick the right person.

  29. Ralpheal Grimes

    I would really love to go somewhere else and have fun

  30. Marsha Kramer

    I auditioned for The Price is Right, July 19, 2015 at the Mall of America.
    Still waiting to hear who won. Please let me know!

    Fingers Crossed it is me!!!!!!!

  31. Mollie Martinez

    I really screwed up my audition by biting a hole in my tongue seconds before the interview. I was trying not to dribble blood and I didn’t even get to do my happy (named after peoples response when I stop lol)dance. Bad luck but good fun thank you

  32. Seito Green

    My fiance and I always watch TPIR together and we would get half of them right. We would love to be on the show for a chance for us to show ourselves and have fun. I would love to be that one who has that chance just like they gave you a chance.

  33. Jennifer Seely

    I was 10 years old when I first started watching The Price is Right with my mother and I have watched it for the entire 40 years it has been in production. GREAT game show!!! I am very outgoing, excitable, articulate and not bad on the eye – hey, it can’t hurt to mention that. I am 52 but still occasionally get carded (perhaps they need glasses?! lol). Either way, I’ll take it as a compliment. I am semi-retired and love to travel. My schedule is flexible which makes attending a show (or two, or three, or TEN) very easy to do without having to rearrange anything. Would love, love, LOVE to cross this off my bucket list!

  34. amy lynn redfox

    Ive watched this show for years since i was little id be sick having soup and watching it that would just be an extra bonus to get on that stage its not on my bucket list but that would just be awesome.

  35. Edith Jones

    Hi, My name is Edith Jones and I live in Fremont, Ohio. I work in a factory here and nothing exciting ever happens except for the time Charles Woodson won the Heisman Trophy and entered the NFL. So I’m looking for a little excitement and perhaps win a little money. I watched The Price Is Right when I was young and I would love for someone to say ” Come On Down”.

  36. cindy valenzuela

    Hi my name is Cindy I’m from Colorado and LOVE watching the Price is Right.. growing up I would watch the show playing and guessing the prices… I learned to be a pretty good player even if it’s from my home.. I to get so excited when I get the Price right.. I sometime imagine what it would be if I to were ever on the show… My mother also loved watching the show. She watched you every day the show aired .. sadly my mom past away 2,years ago after fighting cancer for 4 years.. I told my mom that I some day would be on the show and dedicate it to HER.. She thoughts I had pretty wild imagination.. but none the less she said go for it. Anything is possible as long as you keep your eyes on GOD . In closing I want too say I just love the show and would be honored to be
    on such a historic show.. thank you..

  37. Terry

    The price is right looks like a fun and exciting game.It would be awesome to get picked to have a chance to come and play maybe win prizes. Crossing my fingers to win. Lol

  38. Betty F Johnson

    This request is not for me. My 78 year old Sister and I are scheduled to be in Los Angles for a week beginning September 18,2015. This very wise woman has been watching the Price is Right
    for over 20 years. She has always wanted a new car, and believes God will bless her with one before she leaves this world! I will be eternally gratefull if you say Merdis come on down, and give her the opportunity to win a price. Thank you very much! I look forward to hearing from you!
    Betty Johnson

  39. karen williams

    Hello, love the show and I am interested in being a contestant on the show

  40. Tiffany Carlson

    Pick me! I would have a great 30th birthday. It would be a dream come true. I could really use a fun time. Lots of bad luck lately. Please . Hope to get a string of good luck.

  41. C. Stoltz

    We went to the Price is Right the last week Bob Barker was there. The secret to get on stage is to suck up to the main page boy. He will be the one telling everybody what is going on and where to go. He will come around and talk to people and then tell the producers who interviewed 4 at a time, just asked your name and some information about you. We figured this out when our guy announced to everyone that he was talking to Mary and she wants to win a car, and Fred want to win a trip. Well those were the people who got on stage.

  42. Angel Nava

    I would love to be on this show! an oppurtunity to get my life back on track. I am only 20 years of age, but i dont only wanna get my life on track but also the people around me. i want to be able to give back to the people that helped me when i neeeded them most.

  43. Lorri Wood

    I’m a 58 yr old retired fun Lady who would love to Come on Down to the Price is Right! I’ve watched the show for decades. I must say I kind of lost interest in the show for a few yrs but Drew has brought new life to the show! I like his funny personality, and just love the way the announcer say’s Hello Mama everyday very sweet. I’m pretty darn good at playing the game in my living room, would just love the opportunity to try it in the studio!
    SO… PICK ME, PICK ME! Can’t wait to meet y’all!

  44. Linda Dewbre

    I am a 64 year old grandmother who had been watching The show for as long as I can remember. Started watching with my grandmother. I would tape it when I worked now I watch each morning with my husband both of us yelling at the screen the price as if they could hear us. I would love love love to be picked to come on down.

  45. Kathy Goodwin

    I grew up watching Bob Barker and I think Drew Carey was the perfect host choice for the most exciting game show ever. (I’m also from the Cleveland area —- go Drew!) I love trying new things in life and dragging my husband into it with me! I’m energetic, animated and would just love the “experience” of being a contestant!

  46. Yourvangelius glover

    Hi my name is yourvangelius I would love to be on the price is right

  47. Mike Whitworth

    My name is Mike Whitworth. I lived in Ada most of my life and went to school at Vanoss. I work at a production plant as a packer packing plastic cups in boxes. When I was a little kid back in the 1980’s I watched the contestants having so much fun on the stage and wanted to be on a game show someday. In December of 1997 I lost a good friend in a car accident over Christmas Break. Two months before she died my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer and later died in 2000. I want to go on and remember my loved ones the way they should be remembered. I’m fun and energetic and do my very best to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. I would love nothing more than to show up on Bob Barker’s old show and give the crowd something to cheer about. I hope I can come on down someday. I can only pray that you will pick me. Thank you.

  48. Stacey Lockett

    I will love to be a model on the show because I have the look and I have what it takes.

  49. Alana N

    Wow! I have been watching The Price is Right since I was a child and have loved seeing people excited on the show and winning great prizes. I would love to be on the show, even if I didn’t win much, it would still be an honor.

  50. kaysessa

    I have been watching this show since the very first episode. It is the best game show ever!!!! It would be a dream come true if I was called to “come on down”. I am on disability and would lovea chance to win some money.

  51. Shenae

    I have always adored this show as a child, I would love to be on this show and I’m sure you would love to have me on it. Talk to you soon. Take Care 🙂

  52. Audra Pace

    Please pick me to be a model on the Price Is Right! I watch the show every morning while working out and I have always dreamed of being a model on the show! I love to watch peoples’ expressions and how the show gives them an experience and opportunity that is once in a lifetime!! I would be honored to be a part of the team. I am a very energetic and positive person. I would help the team light up the stage!

    Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.

  53. daffaney wilson

    The reason why I should be on your show. I was recently diagnose with breast cancer and I survive chemotherapy and radiation therapy, I’m looking to reinvent myself, I’m also a big fan of the prices is right.

  54. nancy ismail

    I should be on the price is right because I always guess correct on things !

  55. Janet Wendover

    Hello! So, how do I possibly compete with all of these responses?! How can one possibly make it onto the most beloved show! I watched this for years as a child with my mom. We would host our own versions in the living room sometimes!! I’m an outgoing, intelligent woman that would absolutely LOVE to be a contestant and show people how to play this game!! Hey – thanks for considering.

  56. Christopher Cury

    I want to be on your game show because i really think i would be good at every challenge… Really think i would be a good canidate,

  57. Mark Matyas

    After watching the Price is Right enthusiastically for decades, first with the legendary host Bob Barker, and then with the very talented Drew Carey, I am ready to COME ON DOWN! It’s a great place to exercise the intelligence of shopper’s economics and the best of enthusiasm and humor! I would be a welcome addition to the high energy of your audience…

  58. Shuree Wilson

    Hello I’m Shuree and I will be more than honored to become a Price is Right Model
    For five seconds if I could. IT’S such a glamorous and womanly position of fun smiles and happiness that makes you feel proud. I love putting smiles in the faces of others and it doesn’t hurt to look good while you’re doing it…

  59. Zach Hammill

    I have been watching this show since I was 5 years old. I remember watching this when my older brother and sister were at school. Plinko was my favorite game when I was little, I don’t know why, lol. Now, the yodeling hiker one is my favorite. I would love to have an opportunity to be on the show. I am 31 years old, and live with my wife Anna in Anaheim, CA. I would love to hear “A NEW CAR!!!”

  60. Nancy Puertas

    Have been watching the show for years…. Get so excited watching the show, can’t imagine what it would be like in person. Would love to find out!!!! Girls weekend!!!! My Birthday weekend… perfect way to spend it!!

  61. Brandi Taylor

    My name is Brandi Taylor and I am a Mom of two and a preschool teacher who would love to be on your show! I grew up watching Bob Barker and now Drew and have always wanted a chance to play PLINKO! 🙂 A great getaway would be super nice for this busy Momma!

  62. Angela meyer

    I am the perfect person to COME ON DOWN. I have practiced since I was a little girl with my grandma. Now I’m a 26 year old enthusiastic college student who has helped bring the price is right game show to my college and has been to 5 mini price is right. 1 in Vegas and 4 at the soaring eagle casino annual show. I’m ready for the real deal. Plus Drew Carrey is the only member of Whose line is it anyways that I have not met. So With lots of practice, I’m ready to come on down and have fun with the support of my grandma in heaven.

  63. Zack Schultz

    I should be considered to be on “The Price Is Right” because I am a funny guy who is entertaining. I think this would be an exciting game show to appear on and a really awesome experience.

  64. Coplyn Elam

    Hi my name is Coplyn Elam. I have always wanted to become apart of the family of The Price is Right because I grew up watching this show and I always wanted to become one of the beautiful models. I remember as a child, I would sit in the middle of the floor in my grandparents’ living room and imagine myself being one of the ladies. As I grew up, that dream never changed. I can honestly say that because of the show, I was able to compete in different pageants and even win some. It taught me self-confidence, dedication and most of all, to be myself. I’m sure that everything that I mentioned summed up my reason for why I think you should consider me for a position on the show but I just want to say that it’s always been a dream of mine and I would really love for this dream to come true.

  65. Silvanus Owen's

    Would really love to get on ur show