The Nice Guys Starring Ryan Gosling

The Nice Guys Starring Ryan Gosling

A brand new feature film project has been announced and an incredible casting opportunity is coming along with it that could be the big break that up and coming performers are looking for. The Nice Guys featuring a fabulously accomplished cast that led by superstar Ryan Gosling is set to begin shooting very soon and casting calls for a number of roles are starting now. This could be your chance to be a part of the next great Gosling movie event.

The Nice Guys is a period piece set in 1970’s Los Angeles that will tell the gripping story of Holland March, a private eye hired to investigate the death of a young woman who unwittingly stumbles upon a conspiracy that treatens to bring down both March and everyone around him. This

intense thriller will feature a truley outstanding cast that will feature Oscar nominee Gosling (Crazy, Stupid, Love., The Notebook, The Place Beyond the Pines) and a stacked supporting group that includes Academy Award winner Russell Crowe (Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind, Les Misérables), Emmy nominee Matt Bomer (White Collar, Magic Mike, The Normal Heart), Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers, Palo Alto) and Academy Award winner Kim Basinger (Batman, L.A. Confidential, 8 Mile). This highly anticipated project is being shepherded by mega-producer Joel Silver (The Matrix, Die Hard, Veronica Mars) and will be directed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Lethal Weapon) from a script written by Black and Anthony Bagarozzi (Doc Savage, Deathless).


Casting Update 12/2/2014: Casting for this project has concluded. Please click through our other listings for more incredible audition opportunities.

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  1. Brittanie Marie

    Hello, my name is Brittanie Marie, I am 19 years old and I live in Sacramento, CA. I’ve wanted to be an actress since I was 8 years old but wasn’t sure if it was right for me, now I’m very positive this is what I really want to do with my life and I think this would be the best opportunity to start my acting career. I currently have no professional experience with acting, but I pick up on things quickly and I love acting and joking around. I’m very determined and I’m willing to do whatever it takes! I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Daniel

    Successful actors tap into a part of our consciousness as human beings that is capable of universal communication. A character from a movie or TV show embodies certain traits that are within all of us and that all people are capable of feeling or exhibiting. Most people don’t realize this because the ego that defines us has been molded and characterized by a wide array of our subjective experiences and thoughts since childhood. This ego defines our character, and I believe that to act successfully is to break out of the role our ego has established and to explore another side of the deep wells of character we’re all latently equipped with. The ability to connect well with others often stems from the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, a process that is hindered by the ego. Drug induced ego-death taught me this lesson a long time ago, and I have since lived my life fully – thinking, feeling, loving.

    I’m a 25 year old Asian American, generally considered very attractive and unusual looking with respect to other Asians. I’m 5 ft 9 inches. Born in the U.S., and fully Americanized. I speak Chinese fluently. I play guitar and sing very well. I think Asian-Americans are viewed through a myopic lens of long out-dated stereotyping. Given a chance, I would love to shed new light on the perception of Asian-Americans and the new value system resulting from an American and Asian upbringing.

  3. Nicolette Goochild

    Name: Nicolette Goodchild
    Age: 20 Height: 5’0ft Weight: 108

    I would love to come and audition for a spot in this new upcoming feature film project. I have wanted to be an actress since the age of six, and have been working towards this goal for the past six years. I love gaining all forms of experience in the Performing arts from onstage to off-stage work.

    Here is my resume.. Thank you for taking the time to look over my resume for consideration in your upcoming production.

    Film/Television Experience:
    ABC Studios: Nashville, Extra, Nashville TN
    ABC Studios: Nashville, Extra, Nashville TN
    Danse Macabre Films: Hysteria, Lead, Nashville TN
    Danse Macabre Films: Cat and Mouse, Lead, Nashville TN
    Danse Macabre Films: Cat and Mouse, Camera Assistant, Nashville TN

    Commercial Experience:
    Danse Macabre Films: Bloody Acres, Nashville TN
    Nashville Film Institute: Sex Trafficking (PSA), Nashville TN
    Nashville Film Institute: Live Interview, Guest, Nashville TN

    Modeling Experience:
    Joico and ISO, Tech Model, Nashville TN

    Theatre Experience:
    Bay De Noc Community College: Miracle Worker, Supporting Role, Escanaba MI
    Bay De Noc Community College: Little Shop Of Horrors, Make Up Crew, Escanaba MI
    Backdoor Playhouse: The Yellow Line, Lead, Cookville TN
    Backdoor Playhouse: Jimmy the Antichrist, Supporting Role, Cookville TN
    Nashville Children’s Theatre: Avenue Q School Edition, Ensemble, Nashville Tn
    Nashville Children’s Theatre: Steel Magnolias, Supporting Role, Nashville TN
    Gordensville High School: Super Comics, Supporting Role, Gordensville TN
    Smith County High School: Beauty and the Beast, Backstage Manager, Smith County TN

    Education and Training:
    Bay College: Associates in the Arts (Presently working towards), Escanaba MI
    Bay College: Public Speaking, Escanaba MI
    The Actor’s School: The Actor and the Director, Franklin TN
    The Actor’s School: Scene Study, Franklin TN
    The Actor’s School: Acting For the Camera, Franklin TN
    Moore Casting Agency: Commanding the Audition, Nashville TN
    Music City Improv: Introduction to Improvisational Theatre, Nashville TN
    Black Box Theatre: Act Like A GRRRL, Nashville TN
    Nashville Children’s Theatre: Young Actor’s Company, Nashville TN
    Nashville Children’s Theatre: Advanced Scene Study, Nashville TN
    Nashville Children’s Theatre: Youth Performance Ensemble, Nashville TN
    World Champion Productions: Ballroom Dancing, Old Hickory TN
    Stra8ght Up Studios: Vocal Training, Nashville TN

    Acting, Singing, Musical Theatre Song and Dance, Airbrush Makeup, Public Speaking, Secretarial Services, Type 80 WPM, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office, Great Memorization, Exceptionally Punctual, Child Care Experience, Animal Care Experinece, Equine Ground Handling, Experienced dog walker, Bartending , Radio advertisement and commercial experience, Exceptional Note taker.

    Thank you!

    Nicolette Goodchild

  4. Michael Jurgens

    Blue eyes
    Brown hair
    Height 6’2

    just want to show people what I can do.

  5. Samuel Judd

    I was Sgt Judd us army infantry and left the service in 2009. Since then I have worked manufacturing. I have been looking and looking for a way to break into this industry but it seems impossible unless someone gives you a chance. I’m still very athletic and I watch more films than anyone I know. My emotions are always bubbling below the surface and ready at my becan call. This is the only thing I could see myself doing and finding even an ounce of satisfaction. I pray that you find it in your heart to give me that chance. I will travel any distance for the opportunity.

    Vital stats:
    29 years old.
    6″ 1′
    175 lbs
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Slim athletic build

    I’ve been told I resemble Edward Norton and Ryan Reynolds, which is quite a stretch. No one is that sexy.

  6. John Paul K. Waken

    I believe you should consider me for any role in this film because I love Ryan Gosling not in the crazy way but he inspired me to try and become an actor. I am 23 years old 165 pounds average to athletic build with dirty blond hair.I think being able to watch Mr. Gosling in his craft would be a huge help to further my own career in acting just so i can see how a professional does it.I have no prior acting experience but i would take and role just to have something to put on a resume. So please consider me JP waken for any role that needs be cast.

    Thank You for Your Consideration,
    -John Paul Waken

  7. Julia Weimer

    Hi, my name is Julia Weimer and I would love to be an extra in this movie! Please hire me.

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’1
    Body Type: Muscular
    Eye color: Blue/Teal
    Hair color: Natural brunette, but my hair is dyed a dark auburn at the moment
    Skin: Pale



  9. Natalie

    my name is natalie
    Eyes: light brown
    Height: 5’7

  10. Khari Colter

    Hello my name is Khari. I have strawberry blonde hair am about 5″1 1/2, I weigh about 106 pounds. I live in Oviedo Fl (near Orlando) I have loved acting for as long as I can remember and I would really love to start my acting caree and I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider me.

  11. David Frazier

    I am both a voice actor and actor looking for my break, being in this business is a passion I have had for many years. I would love to work in this movie to share my strong passion with the world, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a chance. I can prove that I could exceed in even the littlest role, and I promise if you give me the chance I will not disappoint.

  12. Mary

    Hey yall. My name is Mary and I have this CRAZY dream to be in a movie. I work hard to make people around me smile and I feel like life is too short to not try and go out for what you want. So this is me, going out on a random limb to see if maybe this dream of mine could come through. I’m 5’7, white, blue eyes, freckles, and brown hair. I weigh 110 pounds. AND IM FULL OF HEART and sunshine…. Anyways that’s me and if yall feel like taking a chance… Put me in coach

  13. Walter Timms

    My nickname is Billy. I’m 5’10”, sandy blonde hair and 210 and very atheletic, now. As for your movie title, NICE GUYS, I am what your looking for in a non-threatening old friend with rugged good looks. Looking forward to hearing back from you…

  14. Sofie Lutfy

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 120
    Age: 16
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Experience: high in acting and modeling

  15. Elizabeth beckas

    My name is Elizabeth I am a fifteen year old girl, I am 5’5″, I have brown hair and blue green eyes, I am fair skinned and have some freckles. I have no experience in acting but everybody needs to start from somewhere. I am a hard working and I try my best. I hope you consider me.
    Thank you for your time
    Elizabeth Beckas

  16. Irma Valladares


    My name is Irma, I’m from Miami, Fl and I am 16 years old. I would love to be a part of this movie. I attended the school of International Models of America, where they trained me in modeling aswell as acting. Ever since I was born my dream was to be an amazing actress, I honestly could care about the fame and money, I truly have a passion for acting. I really hope you would give me the chance to be apart of this production.
    I have an account on, so if you would like to see pictures of me and find put my information

    Thank you, God Bless You and have a great day!

    Yours Truly,
    Irma V

  17. Megan Mathews

    My name is megan and I have the talent you’re looking for.
    Im 19, big and beautiful, 5’4,230 pounds, brown eyes and brown hair and ready to fill any part you will need.
    I’m in recovery, so im /no/ stranger to hard work and dedication.
    Give me a chance, and you won’t regret it.

  18. Jenna Zick

    Hello! My name is Jenna. First of all lets just get the boring information out of the way. I am 12 years old. ( 13 I’m December) I have blondish brownish hair and green eyes. Now to the fun part. I live for acting. I love been on stage and thrive for it. One of my favorite movies is divergent! I love the diolog and all the emotion in the movie.

  19. tyler

    I love to act I was in multiple plays at theaters. I am 13 and I think this movie has a very interesting storyline. I work well with others.

  20. Anthony James Pendergrass

    Hello there I think or well I hope you take me into consideration I acted in high school and I have a knack for acting although considered a personal opinion. I am looking to get out of my current life and make a change. I never took interest in acting because I just thought I was stupid for ever thinking till my high school teacher reseved a role in a play for me only where I play the father. I was forced to do it and no one got my spot with no audition. And that’s when I realized even after my training I got from classes that I had something. I’ve lived a odd life and dealt with various backgrounds and situations in my life. I am 6’4 white and I’m white and half Mexican. If I was took in as consideration I would do anything asked of me. I really would like the opportunity. I’m very intelligent and I almost have a different personality or multiple when it comes to change my character. I will meet any standard set at the best of abilities and give full devotion. I am very fluent in the English language. I’ve been reading past college since 6th grade and didn’t learn to read till 2nd due to learning disabilities I learned to over come on my own. I speak it with great diction and can alternate my voice.

  21. Tilly James

    My name is Tilly James,
    Im 14 years old, mousey blonde, 5’6, blue eyes, fair skin colour and quite skinny. I love acting and would love to be considered for any roles, i can look older or younger as i have quite a versatile face. Acting is my passion, and i would love to be anything,i do have a talent, thank you very much, Tilly

  22. Emily Aviles

    To begin with I would love to star in a movie especially with the Great Ryan Gosling! I have been dreaming of being in a movie for years! It would be an amazing opportunity.

    Height: 5’3
    Race: Hispanic
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown/Black

    Hope to hear from you guys soon!

  23. Vienna


    I am more of a rookie to the big screen. However, I do have theater and modeling experience that I believe prepared me to take this route, I would absolutely love the opportunity to be a part of this film! Some basic features are listed below.

    Gender: female
    Age: 20
    Hair Color: Dirty blonde
    Eye Color: Blue/ blue violet
    Height: 5’6.5

    Thank you!
    P.S. Ryan Gosling, enough said!

  24. Victoria Lazenby

    Hire me, well, because I’m awesome.

  25. James Johnson

    I’ve always been a Ryan Gosling and the movie sounds like a interesting story line. It also sound like it would give me a great building block on my prior experience. Thanks for the consideration.

    James Johnson

  26. Grace

    Hello Casting Directors,
    My name is Grace, I am 18 years old. I have performed in several plays and showcases at the theatre in my town. I love to perform on stage, whether it is acting, singing, or dancing. I would love to be on your show! I love every movie with Ryan Gosling in it. He is an amazing actor and it would be an honor to be in the same movie as him. Thank you for this opportunity!

  27. Dillion Kade Graf

    6 foot
    Brown and green eyes
    In shape
    Chasing my dream
    Experienced in roll play.

    Will upload picture please email me. Thanks.

  28. John Brenner

    My name is John Brenner and I would love to play this role because I have always been fascinated by all periods of history. Playing a role on the 70s would be a dream come true.
    I have blue eyes, red hair. Athletic build weighing 170 pounds and standing 6 feet tall. Thanks for the consideration!

  29. Makayla wynns

    Hi, I’m Makayla Wynns. I’m 14 years old, female, 5’0 ft tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin color (Caucasian), 110 pounds, and curvy Body shape. I’m a great actress and a hard worker. I am Miss Baker Teen USA 2015. I am very active, meaning I love working out and running. I have been in acting and dance classes before and did excellent. I reside in Baker, Montana and wouldn’t mind traveling. I would perfect for any role because I’m funny but serious when I need to be. I am looking forward to your reply!

    Thank you!

  30. Josida

    Hi, my name is Josida, and I would love to be considered for any type of role in this movie. I have been acting for 5 years now, and love it more than anything in the world. I would love an audition for the experience as well as the chance to see the film side of acting; considering I’m used to the theatre side. I tend to be type casted as more of the ‘Pretty, Bitchy’ type, but I am perfectly able to expand beyond that.
    Age: 18 (But I look like I’m in my early twenties)
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 112
    Skin: Medium/tan
    Body Type: Skim
    Ethnicity: Puerto Rican (I’m constantly told I look more Native American, due to my resemblance to Pocahontas)
    Thank you for reading this, and for hopefully considering me for an audition.

  31. Molly Sullivan

    Hello, I would love to be able to participate in this film. I’m very interested to go into the field of acting, so this would be an enormous opportunity for me. Ryan Gosling is one of my favorite actors, and being able to work with him would be incredible. I’m also very willing to simply be considered as an extra, as I’m also looking into pursuing a career in TV/film production. Being able to see the industry at work would be a great experience and something I would be forever grateful for, as I could see great actors and directors at work. I could easily play the role of a late high school age student, as I am a 16 year old junior student currently.
    Height: 5’9″/5’10”
    Weight: 130
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: brown/ dirty blond
    Complexion: irish (freckles etc)
    Thank you so much for your consideration and please let me know if you would like to have me, even just as an extra, in this film. If not, I wish you the best of luck in producing the film and can’t wait to see it!

  32. Brianna Cosey

    Hey guys, my name is Brianna c: I would really enjoy being apart of this movie. I have a little experience because I have taken theater from 7-9 grade. I am open to even the smallest part available, even if it doesn’t have a line. Please give me the opportunity to live out a dream of mine!
    Age: 14 (could pass for a few years younger or older)
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 109
    Lives in dallas metroplex

    Thanks for considering ((;

  33. Eliana Zavala

    Hello, my name is Eliana Zavala. I am 5’4″ with brown hair and brown eyes. I’m fifteen years old and also very athletic and outgoing. Not only would it be an honor to wok with such talented actors like Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, I know that this opportunity will have many new things in store for me. Thank you for your time!

  34. Adam Babcock

    I just turned 40 years old, look 30, have an athletic build (5’10” 170 lbs), red hair, and a neatly cropped beard. I’ve spent my life in high-risk, field-oriented jobs, so I have a bit of a weathered look with fair skin. Friends have said that my energy is calming with a quiet intensity – maybe from years of being outside, interacting with forces of nature. I produced and starred in a documentary film that we released in 2010. I do some freelance writing and photography work. I’ve always wanted to be part of a major production and have a lot of respect for the actors mentioned.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Adam Babcock

  35. Martin Pizarro c

    I have the energy needed to break me in this new challenge, and for this reason that I would like to take part and prove my talent.I have 20 years, Mido 1.83, live in La Serena, Chile. In you decision last this and if I choose, I promise to deliver everything on the whole.

  36. Brendon Luka

    Hello, I am interested in acting for this movie due to the avant garde type roles Ryan Gosling usually plays and I find his acting superb. I believe in my ability due to playing certain roles and characters since I am a professional wrestler on the indie levels living in NY. Also, the time period interests me very much. Thank you.

    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 165 pounds
    Height: 5’11”
    Body Type: Athletic Build
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown

  37. Edward A. Perez

    Basically I’m more of an average teenager look. I’m 17 years old, 6ft tall. I know a thing or two in the acting industry. I’m bilingual, I can bring out the best of me when acting is what I love to do and always will do.

    Thanks for having the time for reading this. Is not much I know but I promise that you guys give a chance to do this I won’t disappoint you.

    Extra characteristic:
    Skin color: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Hair color: Brown – curly
    Weight: 168 lb
    Eyes color: Brown

    So yeah that’s basically it. Oh I can be an extra too. Thanks again.

  38. Benjamin Nicklaus

    Hello my name is Benjamin Nicklaus, I have been singing since I was 6 years old starting in my church choir. As I moved from state to state with my family, and going through my parents divorce, I ended up living in Naples Florida. I performed with the Naples Philharmonic for 7 years performing 3 solo performances and received training from a world renowned maestro Eric Kunzel. After performing I joined the Marine Corps where I was injured and had to come back to the civilian life. I slowly worked back into my music writing christian music, and now a song I wrote for my daughter called “Daddy’s Girl Prayer” won an international song writing competition. Another song I wrote called Prayer Redeemer has become a huge hit in my town where I have performed it at 2 different churches. I am known throughout Naples Florida as Josh Groban Jr. because I sing a lot of his music, though I can’t compare to him, he is my idol. I would be a perfect fit for this audition because music is my life, everything about music inspires me, and I am actually majoring in music production and entertainment business for a career. I will stop at nothing to make it in this very difficult industry. Please select me for a chance to excel my life in the Music World. I have also been trained in many musical theater shows, and won a talent competition in 2008. There was over 2000 people in the competition and I won the overall competition in Soap Opera, Sitcom, singing, TV Commercial, and Modeling. From that win, I received an offer to be in the movie “Sex Drive” starring Seth Green. I want to excel my career in the Entertainment World, whether it is in my voice,singing, or in my acting. I have been told a lot that I look a lot like Brendan Fraser.

  39. Alex Estrada

    Well hello my name is Alex Estrada I am 19 years old, my looks are of a 21year old,
    Im 6’1 green hazel eyes, light skin.
    I have had experience with acting gigs in the past.
    I am very outgoing, i have a magnetic personality/energy that would definetly be felt through the big screen and it can be used to attract viewers.
    I am a scorpio, and Mr.Ryan Gosling is a scorpio aswell.
    I know that we would do a very good job working together.
    I am a team player so I know hot to communicate well with my directors and cast members.
    I have a unique look, wich is something that is always looked for in Hollywood.
    If i get this opportunity i will not dissapoint.
    Fame, money, and attention are nice.
    But experience is the true gift of life and Hollywood.

  40. Ashley Richardson

    Hello my name is Ashley Richardson. I am very educated, I am a sophomore. I am 15 years old and I am 5’2 and I am between 100-110 pounds. I am pursuing a career in acting.

  41. Kelsey Blackmore

    My name is Kelsey Blackmore and I am 17 years old. I’m currently studying Drama, Film and General Studies at College. I live in the UK, but am willing to pay to fly over if necessary. I also have family that live close to the filming location who I would be able to stay with. I have medium length, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Medium build, wear size 12/14. I’m going on to studying Acting and Stage Combat in University, and I also take language classes in my own time. I have starred in productions in my college that have had good responses.
    I feel that this would help kick start my acting career as I know its a hard industry to become a part of, and mostly comes down to Luck. This would be a great opportunity for me to meet new people and other aspiring actresses such as myself, and learn new skills from the more experienced actors.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  42. Aimee Kennedy

    Hey my Name is Aimee Kennedy and i am 13 years old (i know i’m probably way to young to even think of replying to this acting call but i just am really passionate about acting and my ultimate goal since i can remember is to be in movies) I live in Australia (NSW) however i can travel if needed. I always do skits for my family and just love to act. Acting has always been so fun because i can be someone else for a while and really immerse myself in that persons role. I haven’t had any professional acting experience, but i have been in a few school plays and bright sparks as a child. I also attended drama classes at my high school, i loved it so much i have chosen to do the most drama possible as my school electives. I would be happy to play absolutely any role.
    Also -Ryan Gosling is amazing and makes me laugh every time i watch his movies.
    I am extremely exited to see this acting call and would love to make my dream come true.
    Hair: Long Blonde
    Eyes: Green
    Weight 145lb
    Height: 169cm
    Race: Caucasian
    Skin Colour: Pale/ medium
    Age: 13 (i look older)
    I am ready to put myself in hard situations as i have always enjoyed doing before (ready for absolutely anything and everything you through at me if you would give me the chance) Please consider me it would be so great to make a few people smile and achieve my ultimate goal…
    thank you for your time
    Aimee XD

  43. Jillian Deller


    My name is Jillian Deller and I am interested in being cast in your film. I am a 19 year old female with brown hair and eyes. I am about 5’9 with a slim, athletic body type. Unfortunately I do not have much experience with acting but I am very interested in it and I believe that my confidence and willingness to learn makes up for my inexperience. I hope you consider me for a part and please feel free to message/email me back if you have any further questions.

    Thank you and good luck,
    Jillian 🙂

  44. Kelsey Edelman

    russell crowe and ryan gosling are not only insanely attractive, but two of the most inspiring actors ive ever watched. the privilege of just being an extra in a movie starring them is more then i could ever ask. ive never really been outside of harrisburg pennsylvania so i shot like this would do me a world of good, id love to be able to branch out and see what options i really do have for myself.
    with these two actors i believe this movie is going to be amazing and i cant wait to see it when it comes out. seeing myself in it would just be a bonus (:

  45. Briannna Leduc

    I am a hard working actress looking to show my talent.
    My name… Brianna Leduc and I am also a Canadian/French. I would love to have the opportunity to show what skills I have. Please feel to view my site at Fountainhead Talent Toronto.
    Looking foreward to hearing from you.

    Brianna Leduc

  46. Ariel White

    Name Ariel White
    Age 22
    Sex Female
    Height 5’6
    Weight 150
    Hair color Brown
    Eye color Brown
    Ethnicity Caucasian

    Hello my name is Ariel, I’m from Phoenix Arizona. I am attractive, young and full of energy. My life long dream is to become a famous actress or comedian. I’ve been inspired to act since I was a kid by watching actors like Jim Carey, Will Farrell, and Adam Sandler. I have a very funny and outgoing personality. Since I was young I’ve been class clown and the sarcastic joker of the family. However, I am also able to be serious or play a more sophisticated role. I’d love to star in any movie as a extra or even a small role, I’m determined to get my personality and face out in the media because I know that the “set” would absolutely love me.

  47. Rachel Rose

    Hi ,my name is Rachel Rose. I am almost 18 years old and I live in Woodstock Ontario Canada.
    Growing up i have been involved in various musical/plays at my church and my school. I am also involved in various bands at my church and school as well.
    Whatever role I get, i work hard to do good, and to memorize what i need to memorize.
    Some Other little thing about myself:
    Caucasian, Female
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 140
    eyes: blue
    Hair: medium-long, brown

  48. Robert H Gwinn

    I am an experienced IMDb credited, stage and film actor. I have been an extra on several projects, most recently as background, in Mall Cop 2, and I know my place on the set. I have Written, Produced, ad Directed several of my own films as well. I am a character actor looking to ad more film and television rolls to my resume. Happy to play anything and willing o change my appearance to suit your needs. I can happily provide you with a headshot and resume by email at your request.

    Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
    280 Lbs

    Thanks you for your consideration.
    Robert H. Gwinn

  49. Jonathan Brown


    My name is Jonathan Brown. I am 24 years old and live in Fort Smith, AR. I took film as a major at Carl Albert State College in Poteau, OK for 2 years. I made MANY different short films (I would be willing to mail you a film reel, or link you to the YouTube channel where the films are) while I was there. I did everything from acting to directing to editing. I even ran sound and did makeup. I have been in many different roles (Comedy, Horror, Drama) and I am very good with improvisation. Acting has always been such a passion of mine. I’ve always wanted to be on the big screen, every since I was little. Whenever I went to college for film, my biggest dream was that someone out there would see one of our short films and snatch me up. Of course, that has yet to happen, but never say never. Maybe someday soon someone will see them and take interest.

    I think that I would be a good extra for The Nice Guys because I can easily catch the lines and deliver them to perfection. I have been in a few ‘period piece’ short films, mainly westerns, and they are so fun to act in. Getting to dress like people did back then and being able to actually relive those events in some way is such a thrill! I am easy to relay information to, and deliver it back just as easy. It’s simple; I can and will do an awesome job at being serious and/or dramatic, or being in any role for that matter.

    I know that this post may not go anywhere, but if it just so happens to catch someones eye, please note that I am not messing around when I say that I have what it takes to be an amazing actor. Everyone has to start somewhere. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start out big from a small town like Fort Smith. Thank you to whomever is reading this, for your time and interest in reading my post. Hoping for good news, even if it’s not an extra in The Nice Guys!


    Jonathan Brown

  50. Lupe

    Okay, for one, Ryan Gosling is in this. For me to say one day that I was in a movie with him would be a total dream come true.
    Secondly, I am very responsible and professional. I will be the best character I can be, please consider me for a role. It would mean the world to me.

  51. daniel

    I would welcome the opportunity! it fits my personality!

  52. Belen


    My name is Belen. I am a 21 year old hispanic chick. But no one ever seems to believe me until they see my license. Its because I’m white skinned with green eyes and I look like I’m 18 years old. Instead of 21. My height is 5’1 and I am size small in shirts. But in pants I’m a medium. I am open to any part. I’ll even act for free. Becoming an actor has always been my dream. But hard to get because Im from California but i live 2 hours away from Los Angeles. In a very small town that no one ever heard of.

  53. Ariana Hosseini

    Good day! My name is Ariana. I am 17 years old and middle eastern. You should consider someone like me because I am an example of diversity. I also do have experience in acting. Even if you could put me in as an extra or for a very small role then that is a start. I would love to have advanced experience in these areas. I am always ready to work because I am great at what I do. If you consider me, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for your time.

  54. Buddy Eubanks

    My name is Buddy. I gave up my life in Atlanta(career, friends, etc.) to become a caregiver to my disabled Marine son who was injured multiple times is Iraq and Afghanistan in multiple deployments. A decorated war hero(purple heart recipient, etc.), he, himself, is an accomplished writer and is attending College studying drama, as thankfully, he is doing much better, which gives me time to pursue some of my own interests. We plan to incorporate a couple of businesses including his acting and writing career along with a 5013c charity to give back to wounded soldiers and their families, and I will run these businesses for him as I am college educated with a master’s degree(MBA) and spend quite a few years in management of corporate America.. We feel that a great way for me to get a true understanding of the business is to participate in some capacity in some moves and/or plays. I have an outgoing personality and a great sense of humor, and yes, I still have a bit of a southern accent. I am open to any role that may be available, and look forward to learning more about the possibilities. We make our home in New York, about an hour from NYC. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  55. Elsie

    I would love to be in this movie cause it can be a great opportunity for me

  56. Elizabeth Harris

    Hi, my name is Elizabeth Harris. This project sounds like an interesting one, and I’d make a good addition to it because I’m a big team player. I grew up in a big family (try having five sisters sometime!), so I’m always looking to get the most work done with the least conflict. If work is hard, I stick it out. If it’s boring, I make it interesting. Additionally, I’m not easily shaken, so I don’t have a problem with being star-struck. I want to be an actress because I love movies, and more than that, I like seeing how they are made and being part of that. As far as experience, I’ve been in some community theatre and a student films (my Luisa from “The Fantasticks” was kinda the talk of the town). I’m five feet and seven inches tall, weigh 140 pounds, and am 22 years-old. Thanks for your time!

  57. Skylah graham

    Hello my name is Skylah Graham, I believe Working with ryan gosling would be an amazing opportunity and could open doors to many other amazing roles. I also take well to instruction and become very emotionally invested in amazing story lines. If I am offered the chance to be in this film I would give it my all.

    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’6
    Ethnicity: Multi – racial
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

  58. Kathy Hernandez

    Hi I’m Kathy Hernandez from Daly City, California.

    Im currently 15 turning 16 in April.
    Im a dancer, singer, & acrobat.
    I’ve never actually auditioned for anything but I take drama & acting at school & I think that being in this film would be an honor. Although I’m probably a tad bit young for this film, I thought I might give it a shot.

    My email is & I hope to soon here from you:)

  59. Ivory Rowen

    To be cast in a film with Oscar Nominees/winners is quite a dream. My name is Ivory Rowen Nguyen. I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, age 16, Vietnamese, but burned with a gift. 🙂
    I know I am made for the movie industry. I’ve written/worked on my original screenplays as well. Minor roles, major roles, I just want to begin this kind of career. I am also having my eye on that Oscar and be the first Asian actress to claim that extraordinary title. 🙂

  60. Corey Tompkins

    Hi my names Corey Tompkins and I’d love to snag a roll in The Nice Guys movie. Acting has always been a dream of mine and one day i plan to fulfill that dream.I am very determined and i never give up. I am hard working and proud of my work. If interested email me.

    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 220
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Build: Average
    Im physical and down for anything.

  61. Zachary Pepin

    I should be considered because i can bring a strong will, and mind to auditioning and performances. I have had music performances, local gigs, so i’m not shy of the public. I can be very goofy, but serious when needed. I am highly versatile with personalities. I am patiently waiting for my big opportunity to break loose into the industry. Being chosen for a role, even its just a minor role, would be a great honor.

    Age: 22
    Height: 5’10
    Ethnicity: Bi-Racial
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Build: Toned

  62. Jessie Seubert

    Hey my name is Jessie and I’d love the opportunity to be in this movie. Ryan gosling is one of my favorite actors and he always kills a roll when he has it. I have always wanted to be a actress and I feel like this would be my breakthrough roll. Please help me pursue my dreams and accomplish them. I can play many different rolls and I learn very quickly. Thank you for your consideration,
    Name: Jessie Seubert
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 140
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Body type: Fit
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Blue

  63. Isaiah

    Open to any role

  64. Jennifer lockstedt

    IMDB Jennifer Lockstedt

  65. Aliviah McKenzie

    Hi, my name is Aliviah.
    I believe I would be a great addition to the cast of ‘The Nice Guys’ because I am very hardworking and passionate about acing. I have been in school plays/productions in the past.
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 139 lbs
    Body Type: Athletic Build
    Ethnicity: Caucasian/White & African American
    Age: 14
    Thank you.

  66. Sharmistha Das

    I am Sharmistha Das. I am an aspiring actress from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Acting and modelling is my passion. My ambition is to be a Hollywood actress. I am requesting for an opportunity to showcase my talent in the Hollywood film/television industry .
    My details are as given below:
    NAME- Sharmistha Das
    GENDER- Female
    LOCATION- Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    DATE OF BIRTH- 05/Feb/1993
    AGE- 21 years
    EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION- B.Sc. from University of Calcutta
    LANGUAGES KNOWN- English, Bengali, Hindi
    HEIGHT- 5’3″

  67. musaku chibesa

    I am a good actor and have had some good acting experiences, being in this movie would help me. A lot.
    I am 17
    1.7m tall
    And am fluent in english

  68. Guillaume G. W

    Je m’appel Guillaume et je suis français.
    Je me propose pour ce casting pour rajouter une petite touche française.
    Je n’ai pas les moyens de venir jusqu’à votre pays, mais j’espère que cela vous intéressera et que vous me ferez venir (en me payant le billet et me le déduisant de mon salaire).
    Je suis un passionné du cinéma et Ryan Gosling est un exemple pour moi et un de mes acteurs préférés.
    Taille : 1m85 , Poid : 75kgs , Blond , Yeux Bleus clairs , Style : Européen (Français) , Musclé

  69. Martin Nordrik Hansen


    My name is Martin and I’m an 18 year old Norwegian boy. I’m 183 cm tall and have an average body size. My eyes are icy blue and I’m white skinned. My appearence is Aryan, with dark blonde hair.
    I have som acting experience in commercials and smaller acts in theatres here in Norway. My English is good, and I’ve spoken English as a second language since I was 5. I’m an outgoing boy with a smile in my face at almost all times, and I would say I’m very charismatic.

    Thanks for your consideration!

    – Martin

  70. Joy Chipidza

    I am a hard-working amateur theatre actress and who loves new experiences and I would be honored to take part in merely the auditions even I were to not make it through

  71. Justin Carson

    First and foremost, my name is Justin Carson and I’ve always lived by a thought a well known friend named Danny Aiello once told me, “I can never be myself until I’m someone else”. I am a 30 year old guy from the upstate NY area. I’ve been in the entertainment industry all my life ranging from music to acting. I’ve worked with many successful people In the entertainment industry ranging from Sean “Diddy” Combs to Danny Aiello and have learned that there is much more to the entertainment industry than meets the eye. Deep down I have a burning desire to show my talents to the world. Ryan Gosling is a very talented man and I strongly feel I’d mesh well with him in a movie, whether it be a lead, supporting or backround actor. My personality speaks volumes and honestly I just want the opportunity to show the world something exciting, new and admirable. I’m willing to work hard and give it my all for a shit at the big screen and an open casting call could be the move that changes not only mine, but my family’s life forever. I hope my short summary has caught your interest and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Justin Carson

  72. yehuda

    My name is Yehuda and i love to act
    and i’ll act for free

  73. Chana Gravy

    Hi I would love to because I just finished my tv and film certificate at LACC College so now I’m ready to hit the big screen to get some experience in the industry.

  74. Jocelyn Lacey

    Hello, my name is Jocelyn Lacey and I would love to be considered for “The Nice Guys” because I need some R & R (Ryan and Russell)

  75. Rachel Kirk

    My name is Rachel Kirk from Toronto,

    I have always had a passion for acting and have been pursuing my career in the industry. I believe that any experience and role that I am blessed with is a great stepping stone to enhance my career. I would love to have a chance to be a part of your production, not just for the amazing acting opportunity and experience that will come with it, but for the opportunity to meet many great people who can help direct me. I have acted since I was young in plays, commercials and radio. I am a student currently in Television Broadcasting.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Rachel Kirk