The Messengers - The CW

The Messengers – The CW

Arrow, The Flash, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural – the list of critically acclaimed and crowd-pleasing CW shows is growing by the minute and now it has added yet another. The Messengers is shooting now and the producers and casting directors for this epic series are looking for up and coming performers to fill out their exciting cast. Actors of all ages are needed for parts of all sizes – this could be your chance to be a part of the next CW sensation.

The Messengers tells the story of a sleepy New Mexico town that is rocked when a mysterious object falls to earth and stops the hearts of a group of strangers. When the people surprisingly awake from certain death, they find that they now possesses incredible powers and must use them to prevent the impending Apocalypse.

This gripping series is brought to the airwaves by creator Eoghan O’Donnell (Teen Wolf) and the producing team of AFI Award winner Basil Iwanyk (The Town, The Expendables, K-19: The Widowmaker), Kent Kubena (Black Christmas, Turistas, Gods of Egypt) and O’Donnell and features a fantastic cast of rising talents that includes Shantel VanSanten (Beauty and the Beast, One Tree Hill, Gang Related), JD Pardo (Revolution, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, 90210), Joel Courtney (Super 8, Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, Sins of Our Youth), Sofia Black-D’Elia (Gossip Girl, Skins, Project Almanac), Anna Diop (Southland, Everybody Hates Chris, The Moment) and Craig Frank (Victorious, Mixology, 2 Broke Girls).

Casting call sessions for the all new sure to be hit The Messengers are happening soon and will continue throughout the season. Performers interested in applying for available roles can submit themselves today by sending emails to Further audition details will be posted for this incredible project as they are released so check back for more updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this series and why you would like to be a part of the casting calls for The CW’s The Messengers.

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  1. Shanyia Nelson

    I Love almost all shows on the cw and ive always wabted to give acting a try ive always had a love for it but was to shy and know well i want to embrace it i want to know what im good at
    I want to be acceptes because i think that i will finally somwthing to do in my life and ognore all those people who have put me down over the years

    Enthicity:african american

  2. Samantha Mack

    My name is Samantha Mack and I am from Dallas, Tx born and raised. I LOVE THE CW!!! I have always wanted to try my hand at acting and I think this ma be a good opportunity. I would love to join the CW family. I would love to act on a CW show. I have never been so interested in the CW. Practically all of my favorite shows come on this channel!
    Age: 21
    Ethnicity: African American
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Weight: 138

  3. Jonesha Yates

    Hello my name is Jonesha, Yates from Georgia and I would love to be in the Messenger am not an experience in acting but I well try my best love The CW and have imagined being on the show, because I love anything supernatural and fantasy. Thank you for reading my comment.

    Gender: female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’5
    Hair: Brown/black
    Eyes: Brown

  4. Sadea Thomas

    Hello, my name is Sadea like the singer Sade but with a ”UH” at the end but I just go by “Dea.” I was in drama for 3 years, I stopped once I had gotten into Highschool only because I decided to concentrate more academically wise, however, I miss acting very much. I have been in 4 showcases, “Phantom of the Theater”, ” Cinderella in Combat Boots”, “18 nervous gunshots”, and ” My Homework Ate My Dog”. All that I have listed have been which a comedy or Mystery showcase. I dance as well, ballet, jazz, and modern. I sing as well. I am very much interested in the film industry, I think I have a natural talent at staying in character when I am performing. I am an absolute movie & tv head and I’m extremely fascinated in having and building a film making career for my self. I’m sure you get millions of paragraphs like this everyday but I just really wanted to try before I get older and going down a totally different path and regretting not trying.

    Full name: Sadea Jewell Thomas, aka. Dea Gender: Female
    Age: 14 DOB: 2-19-00 Birth Place: Oakland, CA
    Residency: Tucson, AZ School Attending: Tucson High School
    Race: African American, Caucasian Height: 5’0 Weight: 140 Grade: Freshman
    Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown, Short

  5. David Gilet

    Wow, this show sounds amazing. i would be thrilled to join the cast and create an amazing character. I am a dedicated and serious performer and my piano playing is a memento to show that dedication. please consider me, i wanna be apart of something new and fresh and i definitely believe this could be the thing i’ve been looking for. i would love to be apart of this world and what the casting crew and directors have to offer

  6. Angel McCall

    Hello my name is Angel McCall i am a 14 year old girl who would love to star in the messenger i love supernatural and vampire diaries i feel like this would be an amazing show for me and my interests. Im a new actress with hopes and dreams that i will be able to make it big one day in Hollywood.

    Height: 5’3
    age: 14
    weight: 89 to 94
    hair color: dirty blonde
    eye color: blue/green
    body: thin but fit
    gender: femlae

  7. Luchia Flores Arecco

    Hello, my name is Luchia.
    I am 14 years old, 5’6, with lighter olive skin tone,brown hair and eyes.
    I was born in Chicago, Illinois, but am currently living 45 minutes away from Atlanta, Georgia. I have had musical theatre experience for 15 (going on 16) shows, including parts such as Belle,and Ti Moune. I am fluent in Spanish and can adapt to almost any character- J am capable of many different accents.
    It was be wonderful to be taken into consideration.
    Thank you for your time,

  8. Brianna Gomez

    Hello my name is Brianna and I am interested in casting a role in the upcoming show The Messengers . I am a huge fan of the supernatural . I have had experience with acting in middle school and also in high school. I memorize lines very quickly and it would be a great adventure for me to participate in this show . I would really appreciate if you would get back at me , thank you for your consideration .

    Gender : Female
    Age : 15
    Height : 5’1
    Hair : Dark Brown
    Eyes : Brown

  9. Deseree Montoya

    Hello. My name is Deseree Marie Montoya and I (like everyone) would love to have a chance to be a part of something amazing! I love supernatural type of shows and movies, some of my favorite shows and movies include AMC’s The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and Harry Potter.
    I am currently 14 years old
    Height: 5’9
    Eyes and hair color: Brown and brown
    Weight: 165 (I’m working on it)
    I really hope I’m what you’re looking for.
    I have a lot of acknowledgeable traits and characteristics.
    I’m humble, extremely nice-to nice for my own good- but that doesn’t mean I can’t play a part of a mean girl , I love acting! It looks so very inspiring and fun. I can be very persuasive, bright, smart for my age, I understand ALOT of things people my age don’t. I am 14 but I can pass as a 16 or 17 year old. The Messangers seems like an amazing show and I hope to be a part of it.
    Thank you!

  10. KarmarainCamacho

    Spunky 9 year old tom boy with a button nose and brown eyes; like Shirley Temple without the curls.
    parent supported

  11. Logan Camacho

    12 year old male with piercing blue eyes, and a great attitude.
    59″, slender build
    parent supported

  12. Alex Camacho

    Sweet Mother of Mercy! Pick me!
    This is right up my alley!
    15 year old male, green eyes, dark hair, 5’9″,and an absolute fan of all things CW!
    Parent supported.

  13. Chloe

    Hi, My name is Chloe , I was born in Atlanta, Georgia but i’m currently studying in Indonesia. I’m short but i’m trying to grow taller. I really want to take place in this movie because i love acting and i’m adventurous and i’m also determined. I love horror movies and i would really want to play in one, i also really want to play as the ghost or a psychotic murderer in a horror movie. I would really want to get casted. This is a big chance for me. I will do my best to remember every line and act according to the character. I will work hard to be as good as the other actors/actresses. I would really want a role.
    Name: Chloe go
    Age: 14
    Sex: Female
    Height: 153 cm
    Weight: 50 cm
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair color: Black
    Race: Asian
    Nationality: American, Asian and Indonesian
    Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Acting, Reading, Writing, Listening to music, playing sports.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions, you’d like to ask. Thank you!

  14. Tristin Corey

    Hello, My name is Tristin Corey and I am very interested in your new show “The Messenger”. I must admit my heart jumped when I heard about the show. I am a 15 year old male. I am Caucasian and a sophomore in high school. I live in Los Lunas, New Mexico. I have performed in 3 high school plays. I have managed to land the lead in most of my plays. I have performed In Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”. I played the part of Mr. Justice Wargrave. I can play serious, funny, and dramatic roles. I have never been on the big screen but trust me when I say that I am a very confident actor. My father tried to become an actor but unfortunately failed. I have set my life on becoming a successful one in order to make my father happy. Please consider me for a male role! E-Mail me back! Haha, bye!

  15. Jazmyne Lee

    Hi, Im Jazmyne but everyone calls me Jaz! I’m 5’5, I have brown hair and green eyes! I’ve been told I an very outgoing and energetic. I also have a goofy yet fun personality! I love acting and I absolutely would love to be an actress on The Messenger! It seems like a grand opportunity. I hope you consider me as a character in your up coming show, thank you!!

  16. Kameah Dorsey

    My name is Kameah Dorsey and I watch the cw everyday. I know what is going to come on and when. I am 12 but im fine with being an extra. I would love to act on the cw and maybe meet other cw stars like Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Candice Accolla, Eliza Taylor, and the guy who plays the Flag. Please consider me as any role you want to. I live in Alberqurque New Mexico and I would love to act on the cw

  17. Grace Elsie

    Hello my name is Grace Elsie, and I am interested in auditioning for the upcoming television series, The Messangers. I am a huge fan of the CW network and I absolutely love the amazing programs and stars that this network produces. I have always been extremely interested in acting, and I believe I would make a great addition to the cast of this show. I have been acting since I was five years old and I have done mainly stage work with local Phoenix theaters, but I would love to have the chance to prove myself as a worthy candidate for this shows already fantastic cast. I have taken piano lessons for eight years, dance lessons for eight years and vocal lessons for six years. I have also participated in the B.A.A.(Broadway artist alliance) summer intensive for two years now, which has given me an exstensive amount of experience with acting on stage and performing in front talent agencies. I am still extremely young though, and a student, so I do not expect to be chosen for an audition, but I am still extremely thankful for the opportunity, your time and your consideration. My stats are as follows:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 118
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

    Please contact me with any questions! Again, thank you so much for your consideration. Have a wonderful day.

  18. Levi

    My name is Levi, I’m 20 years old, If I shave I can look 18. If not i tend to look 22. I’m energetic and am always smiling. I’ve had 4 years of acting experience playing various roles, such as dracula, Romeo and more. I am very interested and would love to meet up and schedule an audition.
    Height: 6 ft
    Weight: 220
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Skin color: White
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    feel free to contact me via email:

  19. Desiree' Gonzales

    Hello! My name is Desiree’ Gonzales-Vigil. I’m 17 years old and I am from New Mexico but I currently live in Chandler, AZ. I’m a pale hispanic with small, dark brown eyes and I have long dyed red hair at the moment. I’m 5’4″ and I weigh 138. When I read this I got soooo excited!! I love all of those shows mentioned and the actors too. I have always wanted to be in a supernatural type of show, especially when this takes place in my home state. I haven’t acted in any commercials or anything big but acting is something I’ve admired since I was in elementary and I even went to acting classes as a kid. I’ve been told I have a talent and I’m confident that I could be great… I would totally love to audition and get more information about this. My email is
    thank you:)

  20. Abbigail McGowan

    I am Abbigail McGowan.
    21 years old
    I am 5’0″
    115 lbs
    blonde hair
    blue eyes
    I have been acting both on screen and stage for the last 11 years. It is my passion in life, and any opportunity to get involved with a company as successful and innovative as the CW is what I am looking for.
    I have both abilities for dramatic and comical roles.
    This is the audition of a lifetime and would be stupid not to put myself out there.

  21. Unai Cobos

    Hi, My name is Unai Cobos, I was born in Spain in 1997 and I moved to Northern California 5 months ago, so I can speak Spanish and English. I really like acting, I have act in theaters in Spain and now that I have come here I wanna follow my dream of becaming an actor. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I am withe. thank uou for your time
    Hope to listen about you soon my email is

  22. Olivia Haase

    Hi my name is Olivia. I’m a film major at Northern Arizona University. I love the CW shows. I religiously watch Arrow, The Flash, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries (even read the books) and I’ve been watching the CW since before it was the CW and it was the WB. I love shows that have supernatural properties to them and I think it would be so much fun to play a character who has some supernatural ability. I don’t have that much experience in acting, but I’m willing to try. Thank you. My stats are as follows:

    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 140
    Hair: Brown/Black, long
    Eyes: Light Brown, sometimes changes to honey/green

  23. damien

    Hello, my name is Damiën, i am 17 years old i’m french but i was born in French Guayana. Actually i live in France, i’m a young back girl and in the future i would like to be an actress i don’t speak very good english but i manage very good because i adore this language but i speak very good french so if you want to contact me you have my email.

    See you and thank you.


  24. Amy

    I have been a faithful fan of the CW since the elegant peanut has been on and also as the network has evolved. It is one of my favorite and in my opinion one of the most successful tv channels. It would be an awesome opportunity to be involved in any way in a sure to be hit new show.

  25. Brandon Light


    My name is Brandon Light, I am new to any type of acting. I am a huge fan of the cw shows that are out there especially arrow and flash. The messengers is a great idea in every aspect especially with the setting of it being new mexico. I really like the idea. A little about me, I get along very well with everyone I meet. I am easy to work with and follow directions as i am told. I am looking for a shot at something fun and exciting and hope you would love to have me.

    These are my stats

    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Height: 6′
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair: Dark Brown / short
    Eyes: Blue
    Body Type: Athletic

  26. Quinlan Prieb

    19 Years old young man. Fiery blue eyes with a personality made for the camera! Ready to go with diversity galore! Want to experience something new and exciting and the Messengers seem right up my alley. Current student and can play some piano. Yes.

  27. Natalie Shoemaker

    Hi my name is Natalie I’m 14 turning 15 this summer, also blonde. I’ve played as Annie in “Annie” when i was 8.I’m in drama at my high school we will be doing “Footlouse” sometime march and april. I watch almost all the things you have ,I’m a huge fan of CW. I watch Vampier Diaries, Originals, The 100 and Teen Wolf. who ever thought of making the series The Messanger, you are amazing. I love your idea, I would love to audition for it. Acting is my passion and my life. Hopefully you will like me.

  28. sherline

    Hi, my name is Sherline. Im interested in auditioning for a role in the upcoming tv show, the messengers. i have taken part in numerous high school acting parts and minor plays as well. I would appreciate the chance to prove myself with an opportunity like this.
    Information about myself is as below:

    Gender: Female
    Height: 160 cm
    weight: 58 kg
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Nationality: Australian


  29. Edward Chance

    Hi, My name is Edward Chance and I would like a chance to star in the show The Messengers. I watch almost every CW show including Supernatural, Arrow, Flash, Vampire Diaries, etc. I have some experience acting in high school play and Barbizon Acting School. I know what it takes to act and would like a chance to show my talents. Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 155
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

  30. Alison Hinkle

    Hi, my name is Alison and I love everything about movies and television series. I am a Freshman in college and I am taking a theater class to help me improve my acting since I am so use to being behind a camera instead of in front. I am getting my associates in arts, but i hope to get my bachelors degree in creative media. I have been making music videos as well as recording and taking pictures since I was twelve and I definitely have a passion for anything movie, even if it’s just getting drinks. I am happy as long as I can experience and be apart of something I have so much passion for. Please consider me.
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’5
    Eyes: Brown/Hazel
    Hair: Dark Auburn
    If you need any other information please contact me over email. Thank you for your consideration.

  31. Anthony Violissi


    My name is Anthony Violissi, and I am most definitely interested in auditioning for the upcoming show “The Messengers.” I am a huge fan of the supernatural genre. I have done some minor roles in acting but I currently participate in my high school’s Speech and Debate team. I would love the chance to be proven worthy for a role on the show. Please consider me, and thank you for your time and consideration.

    My stats currently:

    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Grade Level: 12th
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5’4″
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Residence: Flagstaff, Arizona

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

    Thank you again.


    Hi! 🙂 (hope you read this)

    I posted a comment before, but it was for another movie. So this is again my comment.

    About me:
    My name is Katherine Rogers (not my real name I use this name as my english name, my real name is Katja). I come from a country named Slovenia (Europe). I’m 14 years old and have green-blue eyes, long brown hair and my height is: 5ft 3in. I speak english perfectly (I also speak german). I love singing and dancing ( I would like to become a singer and I can dance very good ), I also like football, basketball, drawing (everybody are saying that I draw very well) and…

    I really love watching: TEEN WOLF, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, TWILIGHT SAGA, VAMPIRE DIARIES, UNDER THE DOME,….those are my favourites cause I like action and fantasy series.

    I really wanna become an actress, I would be very happy if I would get a main role.

    Katherine Rogers

  33. Selena Banuelos

    Hi, I am currently living in New Mexico. I have had experience in chruch dramas and some presentations at school. I am a huge fan of the CW network , Arrow, and Flash are my favorite shows. I know that everything that CW makes is always great and I am willing to give my all to be part of The Messenger!

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’7
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Speak: English and Spanish

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Feel free to contact me if

  34. Adam Wilson

    I would love to be considered my name is Adam Wilson I am 12 and love all the CW shows so i hope you pick me and get back to me soon thanks

  35. Jorge Angel soto

    hi! my name is jorge angel ( george angel in english), I’m from mexico city

    I think that tihis proyect could succeed.

    I would really like to give life to one of the characters, I don’t have experience as an actor. I love the challenges and I can do this.
    I took theater classes for two years.
    I can speak english 90% and I learn very quickly.

    Age: 17
    Eyes: bronw
    Hair: straight
    Height: 1.65 m
    Skin: light
    Occupation: student

  36. Aleksandra Bitko

    Hello, my name is Aleksandra, I would love an opportunity to be part of “The Messengers” on The CW. My description is below:
    15 years old although I do look older than my actually age
    Average length brown hair with blonde highlights
    I am willing to change my hair if needed
    Clear skin
    Green eyes
    Speaks fluent Russian

    Please contact me by my email if you are interested

  37. Rebekah Rubalcava

    This would be very cool to be apart of, I am currently a college student, I have little acting experience but I love to entertain. My experience includes playing Janet in Rocky Horror Picture Show, A zombie in a Thriller show and a Kleptomaniac in a high school play called ” Check Please”. I am very comedic, lighthearted, and enthusiastic. But I have always been drawn toward more dramatic and serious roles, I would love nothing more than to gain more experience as I love being apart of any production.

    Race: Hispanic
    Skin:Light Honey-ish color
    Hobbies: Memorizing monologues that I’ll probably never use but hey, why not?, Singing, Oil Painting, Writing, Travel,
    I am very petitie.
    And willing to travel.

    Thank You.

  38. Elsie Charles

    Age-15 ( Soon to be 16)
    Gender- Female
    Height-5’11 Slender athletic build
    Weight- 135-140
    Location- Northern California
    Ethnicity- Black

    Always been a fan of the CW. I love their show The 100.
    Just email me if I’m what you are looking for.

  39. Dhena S.

    The series sounds interesting and looks to have a lot of potential. I’d like to learn more, currently I live in New Mexico because I just recently started going to college here and have been hoping for something exciting.

  40. Ruth Nance

    Hi there, I am very much interested! I love the CW and watch when I can. I would love a chance to be in the casting calls I have wanted to be an actress since I found out what an actress was when I was four, and have been acting ever since! I have just moved to the states from Ireland so I’m really looking for more acting opportunities. I have much experience!
    Gender: female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5,2
    Weight: 106
    Hair: brown, long (willing to cut)
    Eyes: blue
    DOB: 05/25/99
    Living: prescott, Arizona
    School: tri city college prep
    Me: I am very outgoing and I am very fun to be around, I have a bubbly personality but I am able to change that at a flick of a switch!
    Facts: I’ve lived in Ireland my entire life up until a few months ago. I am on my school rowing team so I am strong, I’m also an artist. I have braces but hopefully will get them off soon.

  41. Amanda Starnes

    Hi, my name is Amanda and over the years I have absolutely fallen in love with the CW network. Every show it produces I fall in love with. I would love to be a part of the cast of the messengers. It would make all of my dreams come true, I sure that you have many more people that are way more qualified but just in case you have an extra role that doesn’t even say or do anything I would be honored to be a part of it. I am 17 years old I have blonde hair with highlights, blue green eyes, sometimes gray, and I am 5’5 1/2 130lbs. Please just take a chance to consider me. Thank you for reading!!!

  42. Karissa Farritor

    Hello my name is Karissa Farritor, and I am extremely interested in auditioning for the Messengers. Ever since I was little I have loved to watch the CW. Almost all of the shows that I enjoy watching are from this channel, including my favorite. I would greatly appreciate a chance to show you I may be good for a role. I hope that the results with merit further investigation into what I can do for the show.
    Gender: female
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 150( willing to lose)
    Hair: dirty blonde
    Hair length: medium(willing to cut)
    Eyes: brown
    DOB: 8/17/00
    School: Bishop Ludden 9th grade
    Personality: humorous, happy, can be serious and quite, little shy sometimes.
    Interesting facts: I have irish danced for 8 years, played softball, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. I have braces.
    Live: Baldwinsville New York( central New York)

  43. Oya Taniya Doldur

    Im British Kurdish. I speak Turkish Kurdish Fluent English
    Im 18 I’ve been training in the performing arts for 2 and a half years.
    Im determined i have a indescribable passion for acting.
    My eye colour changes depending on my mood.
    I’ve got blonde hair
    naturally tanned
    im an interesting human being.
    i want to be part of something i watch every week.

  44. Taylor Lyons

    I can adapt to any character that I presented to me. I am a fit young woman, 21 years old, 5’8″ tall, who is bilingual in French. I can switch my emotions to be anything you want me to be immediately, My main course in high school was a PERFORMING ARTS program. I have performed at the Rose Theatre in the past ( Miller). Was on the competitive show ADRENALIN (similar to survivor). There are several music videos I have made and listed on YouTube …. I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN (cover/remix) Taylor Lyons/Mattene, DRIVE (own lyrics), ME AND YOU (own lyrics), I am singing in each and every video. I play soccer at a competitive “university level”, I am “drama-free” young woman who loves to please and smile. I would be your ideal student. No limitations please as I can easily adapt and aim to please all. thank you

  45. Christopher Giesler

    Hello managers of The Messengers! My name is Christopher R. Giesler and I would be interested for a part in the series. I have recently become a fan of the genre, and now love it! I re-watch the seasons of The Flash and Arrow all the time. If I’m not practicing on my instruments or studying for my honors finals, I’d be watching episodes from either seasons. I have always admired the genre of superpowers and supernatural. I have experience in preforming since I was in 3rd grade. I’m a talented musican as well, playing multiple instruments. I am dedicated, hard working, friendly and above all, serious when it comes to the arts.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 17 1/2
    Nationality: Half Filipino/Half White
    Primary language: English
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 160
    Eyes: Depends in lighting, been told Hazel, Light Brown, Brown, Dark Brown, Green
    Hair Color: Dark brown

  46. Raquel Slick

    My name is Raquel Slick. I’m 21 years old and I am White Mountain Apache. I’d like to be apart of a project like The Messengers because the concept is so versatile. It would be an incredible and CHALLENGING role to fill and so very interesting. I feel like taking on this kind of role could be difficult,but fluidity is something that I have in abundance. I have no experience. I work hard.

    Raquel Slick
    21 years old
    Native American- Apache

  47. Yasmina

    Hello, my name is Yasmina Cloetens and I am 15 years old.
    I am from Belgium and I speak Flamish, French and English.
    Before I played in some little scenes on school and they said that I am really good at acting so that’s one of the reason that I would like to play in The messengers.
    I think that The messengers is going to be a incredible serie with a lot of action and I would really like to play in it and have contact with the cast, it really motivate me.
    I have dark brown curly hair until my shoulders and brown eyes and my skintone is darker (= You can compare my skintone with the one of Madison Pettis).
    I am 1m63 and 47 kg.

    I understand if you aren’t going to reply at all, but playing in this movie is one of my dream and it motivate me alot.
    If you want more details or if you have any questions you can always email me.

    Thanks alot.

  48. Alorah O'Rafferty

    Hello my name is Alorah. I’ve always dreamed of becoming an actor one day and hopefully you guys can make that happen. i don’t really have much experience but i have been told I’m a natural before. Frankly i would really love to be apart of this show because I’ve watched your guys work for the last several years now and its just amazing. I would really love to be apart of this amazement so please do consider me.
    *Height: 5’8
    *Weight:152 ” willing to lose more weight ”
    *Hair: Curly ” naturally like this”
    *Hair color: Reddish brown ” naturally like this ”
    *Skin: White ” freckles to ”
    *Eyes: brown ” can wear colored contacts if needed ”
    *Area: California
    *Characteristics: Positive thinker, listening, trying hard, and ect.

    If you may have any questions please do feel free to contact me and i will get back to you as so as i can. Thank you and have a nice day.

  49. Kimberly B.

    Hey! I’m a big fan of some of the CW shows and movies. It has a lot of shows I wish that I could have been apart of. I love acting. Of course, I’ve only done a few plays here and there. Nothing major. I’ve had a few acting classes here and there as well, but nothing long time. This would be a great thing for me. I’d actually be accomplishing a second goal I’ve set out for.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 16-17
    Weight: 300+
    Height: 6’1-6’3
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown/Black
    Race: African-American/Caucasian
    Body Type: Average

  50. Veronica Salcedo

    Hello, my name is Veronica. I am 15 years old (people say I look older.) I have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 5’6, hispanic. I would love to be a part of this show, even if its just a small part with one line, I would just love to get the chance to act and expand my talents. I love acting, its always been a dream of mine. Please give me a chance, its all I’m asking for.

  51. Amanda

    Hello! I am interested in receiving further details about auditioning for “The Messengers” for the CW. I recently turned 22, and have been acting in productions since elementary school. I am in my final semester at Arizona State University where I will be majoring in Theatre(acting). I can perform dialects, am in great physical shape (I can run 5+miles/ am very active), Sing (classical/musical theatre, and play piano. I would love the opportunity to be involved in a CW show, as I am a huge fan of the network. If you have any further questions, I would be happy to provide answers. Thank you providing this wonderful opportunity!

    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 95lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Blue

  52. Melody And Alexis

    Hello, we are very interested in this opportunity. It is our dream to get into the acting busniess with a huge stride forward. Please allow us this chance to establish our credibility as professional actresses. I will go by my alias Melody as I am weary of giving my name out online. So will my friend Alexis. Together we are hard working, and very organized in our practices. I am 5’4 with shoulder length dark brown and dark brown eyes. My skin is a light brown that is almost caramel. My friend Alexis is 5’4 with porcelian skin and waist length brown hair that falls in ringlets. Her eyes are a chestnut brown that are flattering in any light. I am fifteen and Alexis is sixteen. Please consider us with the utmost sincerity. Thank you, and God Bless! 🙂 Also you can reach us through our manager Jared Evans at (703)-927-8640

  53. Samuel Judd

    I was Sgt Judd us army infantry and left the service in 2009. Since then I have worked manufacturing. I have been looking and looking for a way to break into this industry but it seems impossible unless someone gives you a chance. I’m still very athletic and I watch more films than anyone I know. My emotions are always bubbling below the surface and ready at my becan call. This is the only thing I could see myself doing and finding even an ounce of satisfaction. I pray that you find it in your heart to give me that chance. I will travel any distance for the opportunity.

    Vital stats:
    29 years old.
    6″ 1′
    175 lbs
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Slim athletic build

    I’ve been told I resemble Edward Norton and Ryan Reynolds, which is quite a stretch. No one is that sexy.

  54. Jacqueline Dean

    Hi there~

    My name is Jackie Dean and I am interested in auditioning for a part in The Messengers.
    I have always aspired to become an actress and taken part in many small school and local theater plays since I was a child.
    I have lived in England for the majority of my life and am currently residing in Canada.
    The odds of my being picked for an opportunity of a lifetime such as this is practically next to nothing, I know. But to whomever’s reading this, I hope that your curiosity is already pricked by the melodious sounds of my voice through your LCD screen and grant me the honour of a chance to show myself as a true candidate for The Messengers.
    Thank ye very much for taking the time to read this.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

    Jackie Dean.

    Background: Korean-English-Canadian
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 145
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    P.S. Don’t worry. I am able to conjure up the best American/Canadian accent out there. ^^

  55. Nancy Manriquez

    Hello my name is Nancy Manriquez and I’m interested in this show because I LOVE apocalypse shows and it would be the perfect way for me to get started in professional acting! I already have experience from high school theater that im still in right now. Anyways I would be ecstatic if I were to be picked for this show:)
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Brown
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Height: 5’3″ 3/4
    Weight: 145
    Skin: Light/Med.
    Age: 15

  56. Samantha Carter

    Hi! My name is Samantha Carter and I think this show would be perfect for me because I love apocalypse type of shows (ex: The Walking Dead) and i’m a HUGE fan of Supernatural. I feel like this show would also be amazing opportunity to help develop my acting skills as I don’t have much now as i’m in high school still. But it would still be amazing if you would pick me(:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 (16 on Dec. 30th)
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Hair: Black
    Height: 5’2″ 1/2
    Weight: 92.0 lbs
    Skin: Light

  57. Cheridan Buck

    Hello! I am a Native American girl, 24 years old as of 4/06 this year and I came across this bulletin and decided to just give it a try Again. I may be 24 but everyone I meet exclaims that I look around 19-21 yrs. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and this is the first I’m hearing about this series but I’m loving every aspect so far! I especially intrigued by the concept of super powers that caught my interest due to the Marvel movies! As for experience I have been in a independent film for Jim Finn’s Senderistas and background audience in Fanboys, I have taken drama classes in middle and high school and more classes and movement classes at Working Classroom in downtown abq in 07-08. I had been part of John Robert Powers on scholarship til family issues prevented me from continuing further. I have always held my love for movies in a special place in my heart and I even expanded to wAtching Asian dramas and just wishing to finally get my chances in film back. I consider myself a good,strong,talented,creative, and confident.
    Hair:Dark brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Native American navajo
    Will learn anything for given role
    Plays violin

  58. Fenella Whiteley

    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 133lb
    Hair colour: ash blonde (shoulder length)
    Eye colour: blue/grey
    Ethnicity: white British
    Location: Gloucestershire, UK

    I’d love to have a part in the show, working with all your other fantastic actors would be such an honour. I currently go to college. I haven’t had any acting training but I have performed in many shows from a young age. I have a need in my blood to act, I also love singing. I have that typical kind of well spoken British accent but I can do a wide variety of other accents too. I have pale skin and freckles which have always been quite a bother for me. I think I am different to other actors because I have this overwhelming need of perfecting everything. I’m also good at improvisation.
    I know that this very poorly constructed comment won’t get me anywhere but I do hope that you perhaps consider me. I’m very enthusiastic about having a part big or small

    Many thanks
    Fenella Whiteley

  59. Srbuhi Gurunyan

    Hi! My name is Srbuhi Gurunyan. I am 19 years old and from Los Angeles, CA. I believe that bringing a character to life by reading about one and attributing your insight on it is the most phenomenal thing. To be able to do that and give your best to the audience is an honor. This series seems very intriguing and different from what I have seen. I would like to be part of the casting calls in order to be considered in helping to bring this show to life.

  60. Leah

    Hello, let me start off with the basics. I am a blonde 18 year old female girl from Cleveland, Ohio. I am very passionate about everything I do and I love acting and television production in itself. I like when life challenges me and being on television would be a defiantly be a challenge for me, and I mean that in the best way possible. I am ready for a big change in my life and I am starting here. With that I will let you know I am very comfortable in my own skin, and I don’t care what people think about me , because in my opinion people don’t think. I’ve always been outgoing and I am a very hard worker. I think I should be considered for an audition/role because I can see myself being a good role model for the younger generation. I love relating with younger girls, because when I was a young girl I didn’t have many females to relate with. I have a dream, and I’m just trying to live it, starting here. Thank you for your time.

  61. Alley Carroll

    Hello, my name is Alley Carroll. I am 16 years old and I’m about to turn 17 on Jan. 31, 2015.
    I have experience with acting and modeling. I went to John Casablanca’s modeling and acting school in Memphis, TN. I’ve modeled in a Bridal Fashion Show for Arkansas Bridal magazine.
    I would love to add this to my experience and be apart of the show, I don’t care what part I get. Big or little, I’ll love every minute of it. I’m very talented and I love meeting new people, so this would be an amazing opportunity for me.
    Thank you for your consideration. I would love for a reply or for any updates. Thank you!

  62. Kennedy Owen

    Hey, CW Network. My name is Kennedy. 🙂 I am a singer and an actress and I would love to be apart of The Messangers, show. As I’m sure you’ve already heard a million times by now, this would be my dream. I’ve watched promo after promo, interview after interview, and I can’t get enough. This show seem incredibly thought provoking that I would love to be a part of. Thank you for your time! Please consider me to be apart of your already amazing cast!

    Age: 14 years old
    Birthday: January 21, 2000
    State: AZ

  63. Alexandra Beltran

    I would love to be able to be apart of the new tv series not for anything but the experience of the acting and being able to show you my skills. I will do my absolute best and put all my heart into it. I also love a lot of all the CW shows. It would be an honor to be apart of a cast belonging CW. If you do not chose me I am perfectly ok with it, but if you do I will be extremely happy and do anything in my power to make the best of this opportunity. Thank you!

    Height 5’5-5’6
    Hair color: Dark Brown with red(natural and dyed)
    Eye Color: Dark Brown (Wears glasses)

  64. Chyna

    My name is Chyna Thomas I live in Chandler Arizona, I am 17 years old
    And I senior as Mesquite High School, I’ve always been inspired to become an actress in very good at getting in the “zone” outgoing and very friendly. That’s why I’d be the best candidate!!! Thank you.

  65. Anne Grove


    I am a 22 year old student, studying the arts at the University of Arizona, and I would love to audition for this series. I have been acting since high school, I’ve taken multiple acting classes, including some at the acclaimed Dearing Acting Studio. More recently, I have been acting in local student films. Please contact me, and I can send in my resume and head shot.

    Thank you for your time,
    Anne Grove

  66. Sierra cowher

    Hello my name is sierra cowher I am 12 years old and the reason why I should be on this new show is that I know I am good actor but the reason that it is hard to do this is becouse my family is vary poor and I can not go to a lot of places and have awesome things if I got this I would never let anyone down and you guys would be saprised what I can do.

  67. kiefer

    Age: 25
    Hair: short and brown and no facial hair
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 140lbs

    I am a inspiring actor and would love to have a chance to audition for a speaking role in your show. I can send a head shot if you need one. I love the fact that the show focuses on how their gifts are burdens and how they are being tested to find out if they can save the world or not. The story about good and evil is always amazing and I know that your show will be a top show and I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of it. Thank you for your consideration.

  68. Claudia

    I’m 17. Medium blonde hair. Greenish brown eyes. I really really really love series, and acting of course. I watch Arrow, Spn and TVD, and I think its amazing series! I’d love to make part of this, I’d love an audition! Thank you so much! 🙂

  69. Zachary Carter

    Name: Zachary Carter
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6’0″
    Weight: 210
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Although i have no experience i seriously hoping that you will consider me for a role on this show. In my family i am considered the quietest one but don’t let my sarcastic joking personality that never gives in to hard work. I live in Tampa Fl due to school but i’m ready and willing to do whatever it takes to fit the image that is needed for the character that i’m needed for.

  70. Shanyce

    Hello, my name is Shanyce Barber. I am 15 years old. I love the CW I love everything you guys/girls have created and aired on t.v. you all are very creative and the actors and actresses are extraordinary, you can tell they make such an effort to make these stories come to life. They are so inspiring and that is what I want to do. I want to inspire people, not just people in the town I live in, I want to go farther, I want to inspire people everywhere, and I am hoping you can help me with that. Thank you for your time.

    5′ 4″
    Blonde hair medium length
    Green eyes
    Payette, Idaho
    113 pounds

  71. Mike Nicosia

    Hello, My name is Mike Nicosia

    I am a Pittsburgh based actor (I am willing to relocate) where I am receiving my BFA in Acting from Point Park Conservatory of Performing Arts. I am 24, with 4 years of Voice and Speech, Acting, Shakespeare and On Camera work training. I have numerous theater credits, and professional commercials on my resume. I am an attractive muscular male, (6′ , 170lbs) and believe I fit the mold of a CW actor. I have representation in Pittsburgh with Docherty Talent Agency where I am signed as an Actor and Model. I’d be more than willing to send a Headshot and Resume to a casting director.

    Special skills include : stunts and combat and horseback riding.

  72. jazmin marroquin

    My name is jazmin marroquin as know as jazzie. I love acting its been a huge part of my life. Im very passionate in my performance. I have a great personality, very humble, down to earth. If the chance is given ill give my all and wont let you down.
    18 years old
    Color Hair: brown
    Eye Color: brown
    Lbs: 113
    Height: 5’1
    Body type: petite
    Willing to dye hair and travel.

    Please contact me at your soonest convenience.

  73. Kate

    Hello I’m Kate:), I’m 15 and have green eyes, brown blonde hair. I’ve always wanted to become an actor and to be in this series would make me so happy you can’t Imagine! I haven’t had much experience as I’m only in high school however I get involved in as many acting opportunities as possible. I hope you can consider me to be apart of the show.thankyou:)

  74. Timothy Foley

    Interesting premise. I just have such good friends who amplify my success at every turn, so naturally me being a part of The Messengers will bring an insatiable cross section of the target audience and more to the word of mouth table. God bless!

  75. Garrett Fontana

    Hello my name is Garrett Fontana, and I am interested in auditioning for a part in the upcoming show The Messengers. I am a huge fan of the supernatural and superpowers, and would make a great addition to the show. I have acted in high school along with other minor plays, as well as participate in some cosplay, and would like the chance to prove myself as a worthy candidate for this show. I like to let my work performance to speak for itself and hope you give me the opportunity to do so. Thank you for your time and consideration. My stats are as follows:

    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 155
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.