The Magnificent Seven - Movie

The Magnificent Seven – Movie

Chris Pratt, the toast of Hollywood and star of three hit franchises (Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lego Movie, Jurassic World), has lined up yet another huge movie project and this time he’ll gallop onto screens with six equally talented co-stars. The epic western action adventure The Magnificent Seven will be starting production soon and casting calls for roles have begun.

The Magnificent Seven be set shortly following the The Civil War in a small town under siege by a violent group of thugs led by a powerful gold mining baron. When the gang brutally kills one of the townsfolk, the victim’s widow sets out to stop the men once and for all. She enlists the help of a mysterious bounty hunter who in turn recruits six more skilled men on a ride for revenge.

Pratt’s all-star co-star group has begun to come into focus and so far it is incredibly impressive. 2-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington (The Equalizer, Training Day, Remember the Titans), 4-time Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke (Boyhood, Sinister, Reality Bites), Emmy nominee Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Men In Black, Daredevil), Haley Bennett (Marley & Me, The Haunting of Molly Hartley, After The Fall) and Luke Grimes (American Sniper, True Blood, Taken 2) have all signed on to be a part of this revitalized western saga.

Antoine Fuqua (Olympus Has Fallen, Southpaw, The Replacement Killers) will direct the picture which features a screenplay written by John Lee Hancock (Snow White and the Huntsman, The Blind Side, A Perfect World) and Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective, The Killing) based on the classic 1954 film Seven Samurai directed by film master Akira Kurosawa. Producers Roger Birnbaum (The Lookout, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Heavy Weights) and Todd Black (The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, A Knight’s Tale, The Weather Man) will oversee this sure to be hit.

Casting calls for The Magnificent Seven are coming and with them come incredible opportunities for up aspiring actors of all ages to make their big break in one of the biggest movies of the year. Submissions from performers of all types are being accepted now. To be considered for open parts you can send emails to More audition news and information will be posted here during the film’s production so check back for further updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this remarkable reboot and why you would like to be chosen for casting calls.

The Magnificent Seven is set to ride once again and your chance to saddle up along side this star-packed cast is here. Apply today for available roles in The Magnificent Seven starring Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington.

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  1. Abigail Valdez

    My name is Abigail Valdez. Everyone calls me Abbie. I would like to be a part of this fantastic production because I believe I can be useful in acting in it, and it will boost my likelihood of achieving my goal of becoming a successful actress to have a major production like this under my belt.
    I have helped backstage with many school plays, some that showed to a large audience. I started acting when I was eight, and I acted in “The Wizard of Oz”, I auditioned and received the part of Hermia in the production “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” when I was twelve, and I acted as Miranda in “The Tempest” when I was fourteen. I have helped dress actors, done makeup, written scripts, found and made props, and pretty much been everything backstage from an assistant to the director, to a babysitter while the play was being prepared. Acting in this movie would be an amazing experience, and I would love to be able to say that I received a part and acted in The Magnificent Seven.
    I would like to have a prominent part, but even if I’m not needed for a major part, I will do my best at whichever part I get.
    I appreciate your time,
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’1″
    Sex: Female
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: White/Tan

  2. Ryan Piccolo

    Hello, my name is Ryan Piccolo and l am an aspiring 24 year old actor. I have experience in plays, musicals, drama, and theater. I am an U.S. Army veteran and am capable of working in strenuous environments, meeting strict deadlines, memorization of comprehensive material, and much more. I am respectful to others, funny, outgoing, and adaptable.
    Physical qualities include: 5’11”, white, fit, athletic, hazel eyes, dark hair, and I can drink or smoke if necessary for a role.
    Thank you for your consideration,
    Ryan Piccolo.

  3. Alexander J. Klemm

    I am Alexander J. Klemm. A German-Dominican-Japanese living in Miami.

    Age: Sep. 2. 1998 (17)
    Height: 5″11
    Sex: Male
    Body: Average
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Hazel

    Bio: I was born and raised in Strassburg/Kehl, Germany and moved to America when I was 12. I fluently speak German, French, English and Spanish. I am your multicultural dream come true. I can speak in numerous accents. Never had any interest in becoming an actor, but several close friends and relatives told me I should give it a shot. On my 16th birthday last year I was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia ALL pre-B). As of now I am in maintenance. Get rekt cancer. My goal in life is to work in the police and become Chancellor of Germany. But hey, acting could be fun.

  4. Brooke Stojic

    Hey, my name is Brooke Stojic and I love movies! But I love acting even more! I’m 14 years old and I have experience in acting at the Orangeville Theater I have amazing facial expression and a great ability in staying in character, I can cry on demand (with a couple of minutes) and I have such a passion for drama also I’m awesome with impersonations and a movie with Chris Pratt?! Umm.. YES! Please contact me back and transportation shouldn’t be much of a problem! Thank you!

    Hair: Rich Brown
    Eyes: Chocolate brown
    Height: 5″8
    Skin colour: Tan

  5. Justin Bradley

    WOW! What an incredible movie to reboot and and even more remarkable cast! I love westerns and chris Pratt and denZel are two of my favorite actors to date. They are some of my greatest inspirations for acting. I just recently discovered that I have a passion for acting and decided that it is the career that I want to pursue. I have little acting experience, only a few productions back in high school and once in the local community arts center by my home, a part which i received much praise from everyone for doing. I would be a great addition to this movie because I have always pictured myself living in the Wild West. I grew up around guns and horses and have gone on a few hunting escapades with my padre. I’ll do whatever it takes for any role I am playing to be believable. I am not afraid of criticism and am an overall genuinely friendly guy.
    I am a 19 year old white Caucasian male – 6’1″ 170 pounds of pure muscle baby!.
    I workout almost every day and make sure my body is always sculpted. I hate to sound conceited but I am a good looking guy; I know because I have been told this by many people.
    When I watch movies I feel like I am a part of them, so i can only imagine actually being a part of them! I would love to be a part of this film because it would be a great experience working alongside such revered actors and would be a great experience to put under my belt. Thank you!

  6. Justin Bradley

    WOW! What an amazing reboot and an even more remarkable cast! Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington are 2 of my fav actors to date and are some of my main inspirations for acting. I very recently decided that i love acting and want to pursue it full time. I would love to be a part of this because it would be a great experience and would also get some quality film experience under my belt.
    I am a 19 year old Caucasian male- 6’1″ 170 pounds of pure muscle baby!
    I work out almost every day and have forged my body over many years of hard work.
    I hate to sound conceited but I am a good lookin guy; I’ve been told this by many many people.
    Anyway. Would love to be a part of this film. Thanks!

  7. Jennifer Barber

    My name is Jennifer but everyone calls me Jena
    I am very interested in possibly playing a part in this movie.
    I am 42 , most people think I am much younger
    5ft 1
    113 lbs
    Dark brown curly shoulder length hair
    Hazel green eyes
    Size 3 dress
    Shoe size 5
    Please contact me if you feel you could use me in any part, I live in sebring, Florida
    Thanks so much, hope to hear from you

  8. Spencer Bishop

    Athletic, handsome, funny…the list goes on
    Don’t me shy and send me an email