The Magicians - SyFy

The Magicians – SyFy

The SyFy Network has been producing outstanding projects for years and now their most exciting yet is on the horizon. The fantastically beloved fantasy novel The Magicians is coming to televisions every where and casting calls for a number of roles are being held now. This could be your shot at landing in a part in the next hit production from the network that brought you Sharknado and it’s even more popular sequel Sharknado 2: The Second One.

Based on the bestselling trilogy of novels written by Lev Grossman, The Magicians tells the story of Quentin Coldwater, a Brooklyn teen who is accepted into the a secret college for magicians named Brakebills Academy. Upon his arrival Quentin finds that learning magic in school day to day can be boring but this new world to which he has been introduced and his fellow students more than make up for it. Each week this fabulous new series will follow Quentin

and his group of magician friends on their many fantastical adventures and encounter an otherworldly creature known simply as The Beast. The SyFy Network has hired 3-time Sundance Film Festival Award winner Mike Cahill (Another Earth, I Origins) to direct this ambitious project written by Sera Gamble (Supernatural) and he is compiling a very exciting and fresh cast that thus far includes Jason Ralph (The Good Wife, A Most Violent Year, Aquarius), Stella Maeve (The Runaways, Chicago P.D., Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Sosie Bacon (The Closer, Off Season, Ana Maria in Novela Land), Arjun Gupta (How to Get Away with Murder, Nurse Jackie, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), Hale Appleman (Smash, Beautiful Ohio, The White Orchid) and Summer Bishil (The Last Airbender, Hannah Montana, 90210). There are still many fabulous parts up for grabs and auditions are happening now.

Casting calls for The Magicians are happening now and will continue throughout the shooting of these incredible episodes. Interested performers can submit themselves for roles today by heading here or sending emails here Keep checking back for more audition updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this project and why you would like to be a part of SyFy’s The Magicians.

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  1. Honey Mugot

    Hello, my name is Honey and I am 26 years old. It was always my biggest dream to be an actress. I did theatre and had an acting coach. I truly love to jump into someone else’s character and be someone else. Acting is my passion and my dream. Also I truly love the series and I would do my very best to rock it and I would be so grateful if I would be chosen for a roll. Thank you!

  2. Juliet Kosabutski

    My name is Juliet. I’ve been interested in the book series The Magicians since I first heard of it, a little under ten years ago. I’m 20 years old, around 6 feet, 1 inch, with eyes that change colors and a heavier set body which I’m actively working on changing. I’m a creator, a painter, a writer. I write stories about humanity in fantasy worlds, about the realistic nature of man and beast. I restore paintings to their former glory and work to preserve works of art for the future. I craft new lives and new worlds with my pen, with my hands, with my heart. I work my personal magic into every little thing I create or work on, which is important to me as I grew up in a household with no hope, and no magic. Each day was a fight to keep smiling, to move onto the next day with my head held high. I helped so many other kids, supported my brother, and suffered through things that haunt my soul. But I never stopped smiling, never stopped laughing, never stopped making my own life my own. I saw the dark side of humanity and brought out the light in almost everyone I met, making me think I’m already a Magician. Now, maybe I don’t get a part in the show, maybe I do. But at the end of the day, while the actors are making magic and changing lives on the screen, I’m also making magic and changing the lives of the people around me. And maybe one day I’ll watch my new creations on a screen as they touch millions across the various nations.

  3. Akor Joel Nicholas

    Hi!! my name is akor joel nicholas am 16 from nigeria who has always had passion to act and also to inspire people. I have always love acting and also seen so many movie which has inspired me. And I would like to be a part of the magicians to prove to my self that i can be what i want to be. ever since i was a child i have always had the idea that i was born for greatness. and am never going to stop until i achieve my dreams and i know that one day i will be called for greatness

  4. Jason Harmon

    I have had a drive to act since I was young. I cut my teeth in some plays during my youth, and then scouts recognized my talent on the field and court and from then on sports was my main focus through school. I have never stopped studying the craft and have attended horrorhound conventions to meet some peers in the business. I am now 36 and a father of 4 beautiful kids and I want to follow my dream before it is too late. I have the passion, and drive so with a chance I know I could impress and provide a solid foundation for a new character or supporting role.

  5. Anthony Pulido

    Name: Anthony Pulido
    Age: 16
    Weight: 221 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian and Hispanic, although I look more Caucasian
    Build: Husky, I have weight on me as well as broad shoulders
    Height: 5’4
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark, or a lighter shade of brown depending on the time of day

    Current location: Petaluma CA, but as I want to become an actor I am more than willing to travel out of state to pursue a role if I am required to do so.

    Personality: I try my hardest to be kind to everyone that I can and to help people in any way that I am able to, I am shy at times if I am not warmed up to people, but once I get to know someone I thoroughly enjoy learning more about that person and would like to take more time to build a good friendship with whoever the individual is. I enjoy being around people that I know and I would be very easy to work with in any setting that I am needed to.

    Smile: I believe that I have a good smile but for some reason, even as a child I never smile with my teeth.

    Experience: None as of 8/4/2018

    Why I want a role in this production:
    “The Magicians” teaches us to not lose that part of ourselves that we are expected to as we grow older. As I am currently in high school I am in the portion of my life where most people are expected to lose that childish sense of wonder, and that incredible sense of imagination that allows us to see places and things past our own world and our own sense of reality, regardless of how people perceive me, I will now and always refuse to give up that wonderful part of myself. This show is amazing and has a beautiful message behind it that I agree with a hundred percent, and that I feel needs to be pushed more and more on to everyone.

    I grew up in a big town with a small group of close friends. Despite Petaluma being as big as it is, it feels very small when you’ve grown up here for your entire life and have seen what it has to offer. The town has begun to feel pretty claustrophobic and it is time for a change. Despite my inexperience with acting, it is a career that calls to me, as I am someone who has had to play many different faces for many different people in order to help them through their struggles. Movies and television give us entirely new realities to get lost and engulf ourselves in. Through the same medium that I use to cope with my problems, I think that it would be a great way to help others with their own.

  6. Crystalin Melody Walters

    Good Morrow,

    My name is Crystalin Melody Walters, I am 22 years old, I am a dedicated fan of the show, and I believe in the world that you all have allowed us to be immersed in so much that I wish to be a part of it in whatever small capasity I can. I am passionate about this show and magic itself, though I have no real experience, I did grow up in a family of actors, and on the off chance you would allow me to be an extra, I am submitting this for consideration. I have a medical condition that only allows me to be available at night, but perhaps as that is when there might be an extra shortage. I am content with being an extra, all I want is to be in the world, and if you will have me, I promise that I will be the best character I can be, even if only in the background. I have lived in LA my entire life, but I only have my birth certificate as proof of Identity because of my condition. If given the opportunity, I will do all that I can to help others believe as I do. I would submit my headshott were possible, but hopefully this is enough. Thank you for your time and consideration to this matter.
    Hair: Long, blonde
    Skin tone: pale

    (P.s. email address given to us doesn’t work, so that will have to be addressed.

  7. Phédysh LG

    its Phédysh Get Ready! Im me. i would like audutions for the magicians as dark.magician ..witch role or superhero like ethnic..telekenisis or telepathy powers maybe..and or more . thanks

  8. Kaylee Castell

    My name is Kaylee Castell!
    I am a 22 year old female artist, currently living in Massachusetts and California!
    Naturally artist’s are able to carry themselves with a confidence that is superb and without flaw.
    I have been working on my modeling, actress, and personal creature habit’s so I can grow in my craft and career!
    I have worked with many different establishments and small time roles in theater.
    Strongly self motivated and able to pick up roles with ease.
    I have mid length dark brown hair and blue eye’s. Clear, olive skin, 5’4, and 115 lbs. Esoteric tattoo’s. which can be worked with.
    I would say that my best feature’s could be my positive attitude, and ability to work well with all others!
    For more information on my resume / portfolio , feel free to contact me.
    Thank you, and I hope to hear from you.

  9. Elena Lens

    Hi!! My name is Ellie, and I am just another ordinary 16 y/o girl from New York with a dream to inspire. I could go on about my passion for theatre and acting, but thing is that if I did that I’d probably end up writing a novel. Acting is my passion. Ever since I was younger I admired the idea of jumping into someone else’s shoes and not being you for a while. It gave me an escape from reality, and it made me feel like I was indeed something. It sucks to not want to be you, to wake up one day with so much hatred inside of you that you can’t even breathe. Art saved me. Music, drawing, and acting made me realize that there are ways out, and they made me find a purpose in my life. I will continue to work hard and chase my dreams so that I can inspire people who feel just like I felt a couple years ago and show them that everyone has a purpose in life. Thank you so much!!

  10. Shawn Sapp Jr

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’ 11”
    Weight: 240
    Acting Experience: None but really hopeful!!
    My name is Shawn Sapp and I am from Mississippi, right next to the LA state line. I love being a part of anything and to be a part of the Magicians would be an amazing start to something more one day. Ive seen literally every episode on SyFy channel and Netflix. I’m so socially inclined it’s kind of annoying sometimes.. but I am a huge lover of all people! No hate! And I was in the military so I do know how to work well with others in a team! And to be a part of the Super Squad of the magicians and the rest of the cast and crew would be amazing. Hopeful for consideration! Love you guys and what your doing!

    Sincerely, The Magicians fandom, Shawn Sapp Jr

  11. Benjamin Bryant

    I’m an tall basic white kid with a good sense of comedy and headstrong aggressive attitude. I work well with others and would have fun while putting on a good show.

  12. Karess Knight

    If I was chosen to be a part of such an amazing show, I will work my hardest to excell and give them what they want, I’ll give them what the need, and never stop improving. I will continue to be a fan,
    Karess Knight

  13. Bryce

    My name isn’t Bryce i am 16 I am 6 foot 3. I am skinny. I love this tv show one of my favorites to date. I have been in plays for my school for years now, I am not camera shy if you want to see what I look like I have an Instagram that in the past week of Bering get used has already gotten 1.7k followers and growing so if interested just message me cool!! Have a great day

  14. Chad

    Hello my names chad
    5 foot 7 inches
    Larger body
    Have been working on voices and accents for a long time love acting.
    Would be a perfect oppurtunity to show what i can do as a extra or main side character on the show.

  15. Antwone Lutterloh

    i love magic and i love this show ans i love the esoteric many

  16. Jacob Keith Bristol

    I have worked with a local film producer and director in tucson arizona. I have watched all of the Netflix episodes of, “The Magicians,” and want to take my career to the next step to even be a possible extra or character in the upcoming season four. Please I need this. I am six foot six and six inches tall with an athletic body build and very good looking without blemishes. I am great at drama, aciting, and preforming. Please consider this message for a position for any upcoming seasons of, “The Magicians,” I can send photos of myself if needed for proof of build and appearance. Thank you for your time.

  17. John Raid

    I am a professional Magician that has been doing Magic for 20yrs. Being a Magician you have to play the role and act to sell the part. Then the audience will have a memorable experience and spread the word about what they saw. Ive also appeared in a couple of movies as an extra but am willing to learn and make sacrifices to improve myself.

  18. Cecilia Tribuzio

    My name is Cecilia Tribuzio. I am a huge fan of this show (watched all seasons in less than a week and have started rewatching). I would love to be on this show for a couple of reasons:
    (1) I have always been a fan of SyFy originals (my all time favorite being the SyFy original “Alice”) and
    (2) I was a huge Harry Potter fan growing up and always loved the concept of magic in film and television

    I am 24 years old,
    5’5” tall,
    130 lbs,
    Hour glass body shape,
    From California,
    Mostly Italian and French,
    light-medium tan complexion,
    brown hair,
    hazel eyes,
    darker features with a big smiles.
    I am also notorious for my “looks that could kill”.

    I have no professional acting experience, however, I am familiar with the camera and am not camera shy. I also have my own YouTube channel , which has made me very comfortable in front of the camera.

  19. Arthur Galstian

    Name: Arthur (Artemis) Galstian
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’5”
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Gender: Fluid
    Sexuality: Queer
    Ethnicity: Armenian, Caucasian
    Languages: English, Armenian (Fluent in both)
    Build: Average

    Hi! I’m a student from Boston, MA and I’ve been an avid follower of The Magicians novels and the TV series for some time now. I’ve always admired Lev Grossman’s interpretation of magic, his cynicism, intense character development, and the pertinent social issues he addresses throughout his work. I’ve always respected Syfy for its progressive representation of underrepresented demographics, and its skillful adaption of Grossman’s works into film. Though my experience in acting is limited, I like to think that I draw from the contradicting intersections of orthodox eastern and progressive western cultures I derive from that have been shaped by a history of Zoroastrian paganism, Christian institutionalism, genocide, Soviet occupation, sexual stigma, intolerance etc. and it’s for this reason that I resonate with characters like Julia both in the books and as portrayed by Stella Maeve, who embody and showcase common themes and experiences endured by oppressed femme individuals, but also resonate with figures like Elliot for his struggles as a queer individual, and with addiction and mental illness. Given the recognition and praise that the Magicians has received thus far I believe it’s incredibly important, especially for the continuation of this show to have characters who can navigate similar cultural boundaries and intersections, specifically regarding the implications of magical realism, and the different themes included therein (not limited to: altered states of consciousness, sexuality, gender, trauma, addiction, responsibility, and power dynamics). Given the chance I would be honored to contribute to the modern views of magic portrayed by Grossman and Syfy, and learn from cast members and their craft. Thanks !

  20. bailey

    My name is Bailey and i’m an 18 year-old female from Ontario, I’m about 5’5 with hazel eyes and medium brown hair and minimal acting experience.

    I may not have a ton of experience (high school drama, and a could speaking lines in a movie) but I would love a chance to audition. I am very interested in starting a career in acting and I’m trying to find that “big break” whether it’s on this show or somewhere else, I’m just really looking for someone that’s willing to take a chance on me even if it doesn’t turn out.

  21. Nicola Choi

    Name: Nicola Choi
    Age: 24
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Nationality: British
    Language: English, conversational Cantonese
    Height: 5’2
    Build: Average (9.5 stone)

    I am athletic, enthusiastic and hard-working. Though I have limited experience acting (only experience, 2+ years, of TV critique) I am keen to work on a project I enjoy as well as find boundless. Quite like a lot of genre shows right now, the possibilities are literally endless. I think The Magicians is an excellent, fun project. SyFy is the pioneer of representation, from the queer representation on ‘Wynonna Earp’ to female representation on the former, as well as ‘Killjoys’, and racial representation on the recently cancelled ‘Dark Matter’. I believe it is a huge opportunity and chance for a queer, woman of colour as myself to explore this project and I hope I can surprise and be part of visualisation of what you seek. Thank you.

  22. Brianna

    Hello my name is Brianna Francis. I am 13 and would love to audition for a role in The Magicians. The show is very dear to me and has been one of the first shows to hook me on the very first episode. Thanks!

  23. Jaime Llorens

    Hello, my name is Jaime Llorens. I am a 27 years old actor and i would LOVE to be on the Magicians .. the show it self is an actors dream and the actors already part of the show are amazing. The one thing i love about this show is that to the viewer it inspires hope and opens up the imagination to a world of endless possibilities and never lets the viewer down on the suspense and that is why i would love to be apart of the show.

  24. Nick

    Hello My name is Nick , I am 15 and i really love the magicians! It would mean the world to me to be a part of this show . In my real life , i thing I’ve got real magic powers , and invent magic tricks and spells all the time. It is my dream to become an actor and to meet all the cast pf the series

  25. Melvin K Hollins

    I also have two tatoos that I got back in 2015. Right front forearm – The | Left front forearm – Beast. I got them as tribute to my old Xbox Gamertag KoG Beast Balla. I was a sponsored Gaming Professional between 17 and 19. Those are my only tatoos.

  26. Melvin K Hollins

    Age – 24 | Height – 6’0 | Weight – 160 | Eyes – Light Brown | Hair – Brown

  27. Melvin K Hollins

    Hi. Melvin here again. I’m still very interested in joining the cast on set of the show. I’m currently staying in Woonsocket, Rhode Island though I was born in Stoughton, Massachusetts. I wanted to reiterate on something from my last post. I’m not looking to change the show in any way, I’m looking to grow with it. I have expirence with iPop and NYLA. I also have a Drama background from highschool. I did completed two years of Theater in my Junior and Senior years back in 2010 and 2011 when I was 18 and 19.(I never was held back, I started schooling late 😉 ) The picture will be the same as the picture on my Twitter page feed. I always check my email too! Look me up and get to know me. I’d love to talk. And oh! If you see anything on Google about me getting arrested.. WAIT!!.. I was 18 and I had my moms car and I got stuck on a tall sidewalk backing out of a driveway. When help arrived they found a bottle of open Vodka under the drivers seat. I told them it wasn’t mine, and I was not drunk a lick, but they still charged me for under age drinking and I also recived an open container violation and my moms car was towed. After I got home my Mom informed me that the vodka was my uncles. That was just bad luck. I hate sidewalks now. Naah not really 😛 they keep us safe! Cheers! I Hope to hear from you soon.

  28. Jake

    Jake ; 20 years old, 6′ 4″ ,blond hair blue eyes, around 160 lbs, tattooed. Brutally honest and motivated.

  29. Kolden G.

    Hello, I am Kolden G. and i am 14 years old (either 5’7 or 5’8 not really sure). I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I think that it would be cool to have a young teenager on the show who is advanced enough in magic to be accepted into Brakebills. In real life, magic tricks are something i love to do all of the time (And i actually get good reactions from people majority of the time, so i cant be that bad). The one trick on the show that i have seen that i know how to do is when Quentin makes a card fly out of the deck. I do not have much acting experience, but every time i lie to people they believe me for like 2 or 3 weeks until i tell them the truth. Thank you for taking your time and considering (please consider)… oh, and by the way, if i were to be on the show, i am more of a sarcastic funny person, but i can be serious if i need to be.

  30. Sara Stein

    Hello, I’m an 18 year old female with hazel eyes and black/red hair. I have no background in acting, unless you count two and a half years of theater camp/drama club. BUT I do have a passion for reading, writing and character creation. I have watched many shows and for every one of them, I have created a new character and back story and inserted them into the plot somehow. I would love to be a writer on a show like this one day, or even an actor if that is possible. Please consider. Also my name is Sara Stein…if I forgot to say that…

  31. Axel

    I wanted to be in this series almost as soon as the first episode aired…aside from here, what do I do to get casting calls?

  32. Erenia

    I would love to become a Witch one day!!! I rather live in the dark than where the lights bright.

  33. Will J.

    Hello I’m Will J. I’m an African American actor with green eyes great smile with years of experience acting I’m a phenomenon assure you.please contact me for more info

  34. Emily

    Hi there! My name is Emily Pearse and I’m 24 years old as well as a professional film and television actress in Los Angles.

    I like this project because I love the idea of doing a book to television adaptation, rather than book to movie. It allows the time it takes to relay the story in it’s full intricacy. I’ve trained in acting for 10 years now, and have been actively working as an actress in LA for about a year and a half. I’m trained in both modern and classical acting forms, as well as improv and comedic acting. I love the syfy channel and the whole idea of other worlds. Even worlds hidden within our own. I’m a huge fantasy fiction nerd. Overall, I think I would be great for this project, and have sent a submission email to the email address provided.

  35. Hazel

    Hi I am very interested in acting in this tv show I have enjoyed watching it quite much although I’m a bit young I have some acting experience more in the theater area but I have to fucking start somewhere

  36. Eddie witchcraft Ruiz

    Because, i’m an actual magician and think I will be a great asset to the show because I know magic, it’s my life.

  37. Steven Albert Coyle

    Steven Coyle,21 yrs old,Half Irish-Half Bosnian
    Fluent in both english and french I got six years on self acting.

    Quite Frankly in love with this show…everything about it cause I am a huge fan of metaphysics and science fiction all together!

  38. Bhav

    Hi my name is Bhavna I am 31 and have migrated from England. I have a strong English accent and some acting experience. I have taken part in films as extra’s, I have been in a few short student films and have also performed on stage. I am particularly talented with emotional acting and am available immediately.

    Ethinicity- Indian (asian)
    Height- 5’3
    Weight – 160
    Hair – very long and straight (dark brown)
    Eyes- brown (I also wear grey lenses which give me a Latino look)
    Skin- brown bronze
    Languages – English, hindi and gujarati
    Residence – tampa florida

  39. Steph

    Steph Pelham, 20yrs, female, Australian. Able to speak in an English, Australian or American accent.

    My brother and I have been watching this TV show and think it’s interesting. I have had experience in acting – only school stage plays though I’m afraid. I think it would be an amazing experience to appear on ‘The Magicians’ and offer myself as tribute.

  40. Minas Daskalopoulos

    I am Minas Daskalopoulos, 27 years old from Greece, half Greek half Dominican, I got no acting experience but I have a passion for metaphysics which I study for several years as well. I am confident enough for my naturality in front of the camera. I would LOVE to be a part of the series because of its theme. Thank you for your time and I look forward for your approval!

  41. Jaimie Homer

    My name is jaimie homer you asked what I thought of this project. This project shows love ,compassion, pain, deceitfulness, strength and feelings such as such as overcoming your fears which can lead you to New Horizons and unforeseen future’s which can bring you to magical places and where there good there’s always evil.
    The reference to being able to be a part of this project would be amazing! I’ve always had a passion for magic and sci-fi this project brings a whole new level to television,writer’s, filmmakers ,actresses and actors everywhere!

  42. Prabneeka

    Hi my name is Prabneeka Dhillon, I am 19 years old but I’ll be 20 in October.I am a female actress looking for more experience. I started watching the show and im completely hooked.

    I am 5″5″ I have brown eye and long brown hair. I wear glasses but I have contacts.
    I am East Indian but I was born in Canada. thank you I look forward to hearing from you

  43. Paula Parra

    Hello, I’m Paula Parra and I would really like to be in this series. I have experience in acting in a live stage performance such as, plays and musicals. I was in choir for 4 years. I have played many sports and have won trophies and medals. I am also willing to learn anything that is required for the role (I am a fast learner)….
    Home: Haines City, Florida
    Gender: Female
    Body Type: Slender/Curvy/Athletic
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 120
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Type: Curly/Wavy
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Languages: English (I can also do a Southern accent) and Spanish
    Grade: 10th
    Age: 14 (Almost 15 in November)
    Sports: Tennis, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Swimming
    Instruments: Violin, a little bit of piano, I can somewhat sing, and I can dance well but only with choreography.
    Personality: I am fun, loving, cheerful, goofy, and smart. When it’s time to get serious, I will get serious. I am very responsible and respectful. I am a hard worker and will tire myself out until I get what I have to do done…
    Other: I can draw, I read and write a lot, and I have dabbled a little in kempo, tai kwon do, and ballet.

  44. Robert Woodry

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Hair: Short Black
    Eyes: Brown but beautiful
    Ethnicity: Hispanic (Cuban American)
    Build: Slim with a bit of muscle tone and decently well built (sexy)
    Skin: A nice tan
    Skills: Adaptability, Quick Learning, Acting, extremely Charismatic, Music, Martial Arts, Poi, Sailing, other Circus tricks. Can produce an Irish and English accent. Mastermind Roleplayer.

    Look. Yes I love the series. But I like telling a story. Not to be in one, not for the money, but to tell a story of one of my favorite genres of dark mythology out there. When I act I not only tell a story I involve the audience in a sense that they feel drawn to the performance.
    I am a psychology major and I love what makes people tick and body language is a big must use for me.

    Previous experience:
    Play acting for kids in hospitals for a couple of years as well as a few school projects that have been highly commended on performance and story value.

  45. Eric Livingston

    My name is Eric Livingston, I am 25 years old, 5’8, 140 lbs, athletic build, African American male and I have been acting and modeling since the age of 8 years old. I would love a chance to be apart of this project and to work along side the great talent that will be apart of this. I have done a lot of print modeling and most of my acting gigs have been low budget/indie works and I would love to step my career up and onto the big screen. Beside acting and modeling, I have a music focused Bachelors of Science Degree, I write music and lyrics, I work along side local artists in the studio and I am a music producer and also I am an Iraq War Veteran. I have worked in the entertainment field for most of my life in many different aspects and would love a shot in advancement.

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Eric Livingston

  46. Jasmine Jean-Baptiste

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 112
    Hair color: brown
    Hair length: Neck Wise
    Eye Color: brown
    Extras: Glasses
    Talents: Dancing, Singing, And I can’t play the piano a little
    I smile a lot I think that could help a lot
    I have great emotions(crying randomly, laughing then making a serious face
    I live in Tampa Fl
    My experiences have been in drama plays and in talent shows, I even write my own plays sometimes and have my friends star in it because I just love acting l