The Internship – Movie

Get ready because two of Hollywood’s most skilled comedic actors are set to reunite for the first time since the smash 2005 hit The Wedding Crashers and you could be a part of it. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are preparing to shoot The Internship shortly and producers and casting directors for the film are on the lookout for talented and eager performers to round out this outstanding cast. Auditions and casting calls for roles in this fantastic new project are happening soon. This is your chance to be involved in comedy history.

The Internship will find Vaughn and Wilson playing best friends who are victims of downsizing and lose their sales jobs. With the economy struggling and few prospects the two decide to start back from the beginning and take internship positions at a high tech corporation. The Internship was written by Vince Vaughn himself and will be directed by Shawn Levy the man behind such hits as The Pink Panther, Night At The Museum and Real Steel. This is the perfect vehicle for this monster comedy duo to get together for and it could be the perfect project for you to make your big break in. Casting calls and auditions for The internship will be held shortly and submissions for extras are being accepted now. If you are interested in being considered for available roles you can send you information here Casting updates will be coming soon so stay tuned right here and leave a comment below and tell us why you would like to be cast in The Internship.

You could be a part of the project that reunites two of the finest comedic actors of this generation. Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and you on the big screen. Submit yourself today and make the magic happen.

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146 Casting Responses

  1. Callie McLaughlin

    Hi I’m Callie, I would do anything to get any part. I take acting seriously and want to pursue it as a career. I’m very creative, and I’m in a couple theatre classes. I have auditioned for the xfactor too so I know what auditions are like. I am athletic, artistic, and creative. I love acting and will take any character or part.
    eyes: blue grey
    hair: Brown with a little bit of blonde at the bottom
    height: 5’4

  2. christopher

    I have always wanted an acting job and would love an opportunity to work alongside two amazingly, skilled actors. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would love to be chosen. I am easy going and love to work around people. I always have a smile on my face and am very cheerful. I take work very seriously and am very competitive. Please give me an opportunity to work with two wonderful actors! Thank you!

  3. Fiorella Meta

    Hey,my name is Fiorella (Ella) Meta,I´m 14 years old and I live in Norway.
    I´ve been acting since as long as I can remember,I love acting it´s something I want to spend my life doing,in front of an audience,I would love for others to see my talent and to show everyone that I can be the next big actress in America.
    I have more than just acting as a talent,i also love to sing and dance,witch I got to say I´m not bad at.
    I also love to work with people,I am very social and work with anyone from children to adults.
    English is not my first language,but I speak english very well,many adults have given me credit for my english,and I am a very fast learner,I can today as a 14 years old speak 4 completely different languages .(Italian,Albanian,English,Norwegian and I can also understand Spanish and some French) People don´t ever notice me not being American if I speak english with strangers.
    To be able to act every day and show people my talents its something i´ve dream about and wanted to accomplish my whole life.
    I am a very kind person that has been through a lot and can easily take that into my acting,I can within a second cry and act sad then the next one laugh and act like nothing has happened,I so often find a part in a movie and try to remake it myself,and I am pretty good at making it look realistic.
    Acting it´s my dream,it´s a dream I would love to come true,and I know I´ve got what you guys are looking for,I really hope someone sees this and notices me because I really could be big someday!:)

  4. Steve Schwartz

    I would love a chance to be in a movie with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. I have already been on the set with Michael Madsen and done a couple of scenes with Country music legend Mr. Billy Joe Royal as well as Cody McCarver ( former guitarist for Confederate Railroad) in the movie Billy the Kid. Please email me for more info. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Matthew J. Smith

    Matthew J Smith
    19 (looks 19-25)
    black hair
    blue eyes

    Hello I am an actor from Michigan looking to break into film. I have been acting since grade school but I am looking to be in front of the camera for the first time. I prefer a comedic role, and believe I would fit right in with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. I can be reached anytime at for any additional information. Thank you and have a great day.

  6. Morgan Alise Preston

    Name: Morgan Peston
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 95 lbs
    Age: 13
    Other:Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes
    Credits: I’ve been In school plays with lines Tom Sauyer, Ground hogs day, and many different old England plays.
    Training: I’ve taken creative arts classes and drama classes I learned about projecting my voice and line techniques I’ve learned about body langague while speaking and I can fake cry
    Special skills: I speak a little Spanish I’ve taken simple classes I play soccer and run I can’t drive yet but I will in a year and nine months
    I have always loved acting and I would love to do it on a professional level

  7. Luis Apatiga

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 164 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: Latin America
    Knows Spanish and English

    Hey, my name is Luis, i’m actually living in Canada. I have family in LA and Orange County. I like acting and making people laugh and smile, my dream is to bo a comedy actor. I am smart, I like to read books, play football and have fun. I work hard for the things I like and love.

  8. Lily Thompson

    Hey I’m Lily. I would love to be apart of this film. I am an actress/sing and am pretty funny if I do say so myself. I go to a preforming arts school so you could say I have some experience. I look forward to doing something big with my life and I’m hoping this could be my start. Thanks fo considering me. I won’t disappoint.

    age: 16
    Ethnicity: african american/caucasian (mixed)
    Hair color: curly dark brown
    eye color: brown
    height: 5’5

  9. Rana

    Name: Rana Sobh
    Nationality: Lebanese
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 feet 1 inch
    Weight: 154 lbs
    Light skinned, hazel eyes, brown hair

    I am a dedicated actress that is willing to learn new skills to take on any role!

  10. Jessica

    I just would want to try to be an extra, I don’t mind doing not normal things because I’m weird as it is. I got the funny, I got the faces, Bring it on. I could be that “oops” moment where everything messes up, close up on their face then my face. I know how this goes.

  11. Clayvion Winn

    Hey my name is Clayvion, and it is my dream to become a actor and work with all the greats out there. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life till I graduated high school. I did plays such as To Kill A Mocking Bird and Guys and Dolls. But it’s my goal to work with all the great talent that is out there, I’m in my early 20’s and I know I have what it takes to show my talents and what I can present to the table. I’m very diverse and outgoing and love to be social. My personality is unique and I have a big heart I love entertaining people

  12. Tianna

    Tianna Renee Lewis
    Las Vegas native
    light brown eyes
    beautiful fit physique
    lengthy black hair
    African American
    sketch comedy
    classically trained

    I’m funny as hell. I’m also very serious about my craft. Great cold reader, good at thinking on my feet, I know how to connect with fellow actors. I live in the moment. I was made for this, and I’d love the opportunity to take initiative on set, and be a part of the magic that is film.

    Take a chance on a true talent, and pure individual.

  13. Meagan rymer

    Hi, my name is Meagan rymer, I would love to be part of this show! For the longest time I’ve been trying to find my big break. I think this will be a great opportunity for me! In whatever I do in life I try to do it the best and make sure people are satisfied. I live for making people laugh, ever since I was a little girl I was always the person to brighten up there day with just a smile or a laugh! I do have a little experience in acting when I was 7 years old I was in the oz play and I played the wicked witch of the west! It was a lot of fun and I never was nervous in front of an audience. I have the best facial expressions which gets the audience intrigued and keeps them laughing! You will not be disappointed! 

    Eye color: hazel 
    Height: 5″7
    Hair: brown
    Age: 20
    Sent from my iPhone

  14. Stephan Alexander Bernard

    Hey! FIRST OF ALL, I STAND OUT! I KNOW I should be casted for this film not only because I have the looks, and talent, but my complete and 100% devotion to on the screen acting. It is hard to get discovered..but you have to start somewhere. Every audition I have been to I have made the cut..modeling..local acting..ect. But something like this is so hard to locate its unreal. i truly believe if I was dicovered I do have what it takes to become a star. i most definately would not let you all down. I can be extremely funny and am told that frequently..and that I should be discovered. I have a great body..a 6 pack…GREAT HAIR..people tell me all the time I should have my own show. I have a sexy vibe…and I can play a great hero..or a terrible villian…any role you put me in I am like a chameleon and will adapt to my surroundings. I am a 26 year old male with a very young look…if I grow any facial hair I can change that. Take a chance on me…please. i ALSO DO ACCENTS VERY WELL!

    height -6’0
    weight – 155
    eye color – blue
    sex – male
    skin – caucasian
    hair – GORGEOUS

  15. Alejandra Mendoza

    Age: 15
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown (Turns Hazel sometimes)
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: American/Hispanic/Latina
    Height: 5’4 , 5’5
    Weight: 120
    Languages: Fluent English and Spanish
    Hair length: Medium (Getting longer)
    Personality : Spontaneous, out going, fun, (Carefree in a good way) Enthusiastic, Friendly !
    Skills : Acting, Singing,Creativity .
    About me: I’m 15 ! I’m American but my parents are Colombian !
    I absolutely love love love acting ! I was once in a movie when I was younger . I take it serious . I love singing . I’m very spontaneous always joking around and doing pranks but when it comes to work I’m serious. I’m friendly and fun and I love meeting people and making new friends. I’m myself . haha . I love acting different personalities . You want me to act sweet, rude,evil,lovable,Jealous,Selfish,Weird,Awkward,Scary,Ambitious,Shy, Anything i’ll do it !
    I enjoy doing it . It’s fun and also new experiences for me .
    That’s pretty much all . Thank You !

  16. Telisha Gonzales

    My name is Telisha Gonzales I’m 24 years old, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am looking for someone to give a girl from a small place a chance to do something I dream of. A chance to be a part of something they love more then anything in the world. I know that I have the heart, passion, and drive to do something like this.I want to make people laugh, and cry, and feel all the things I do when I see a movie. I want the chance to be anything I have ever imagined, A superhero or an adventure seeker like Indian Jones, maybe even the girl that gets the guy. All I need is someone willing to help me make it possible. I hope that you read this and find it in your heart to consider giving me an opportunity to make all of this a reality. Thank you for the time you took to read this.

  17. xi zhao lucy

    Asian American
    speak English and chinese
    125 lb
    brown eye/hair
    19 years but could play up to 25

  18. Ashley irene

    Hello(: My name is Ashley Liufau. Acting is my absolute passion. I am samoan and caucasian. Im tan, carmal brown hair. I am about 5’4″ 16 years old but will soon be 17. I Dance, Sing, and most off all act. ive been in multiple plays. But now I want to get my face out there so I could be in movies(: my dream(: im very outgoing and show great emotion.(: I dont mind if im just in a minutes or second of the film. I just want my face seen.(: This opportunity would be the very best for me(: Thank you!(:

  19. Ric-Chara Pina

    I’d be better than anyone else who commented because I’m currently a intern and If i can help supply people with happiness then everything about this internship is up my alley.

    African American
    A “Beyonce” +10 pounds in the right places body lol
    University cheerleader

    Ric-Chara Pina

  20. Ashley Smith

    My name is Ashley Smith and I am 20 years old. I am a Caucasian female. I have dark brown hair with hazel eyes and stand 5’4″ tall and weigh about 115 pounds. I can send all measurements and a resume per request. I have been acting since I was 9 years old and have 11 years of stage experience. I work hard and I’m a quick study. I love to memorize so lines are never a problem. I will be the hardest worker you have ever cast. Acting has always been my passion and I am willing to try all types of roles and genres. I love doing everything and anythings especially when it comes to stunt work. I’d love to have the opportunity to send in an audition tape so you can be pleasantly surprised with what I can do.

  21. Kitty Harren

    Hello, my name is Kitty Harren and i’m from Va. I am 17 years old, 5′ 2″, and 115 lbs. I am caucasian with naturally tan skin, brown hair and brown eyes. I am a cheerleader and a gymnast with an athletic body. I love acting and would love to have the chance to work with Vaughn or Wilson. I am very outgoing and love everyone. I would love ANY part available for someone like me, and would be willing to change any physical look for a part.



  22. Joe Bain

    I am a 16 year old 6ft dude thats like 230 pounds

    . I can be the fat kid. Like in every movie man

  23. Dayna Davis


    I would love to be apart of this #1 movie. I love these two comedians in the Wedding Crashers and by them being reunited it smells like success. I would love to gain experience in what I love. I am an inspiring actress, singer, dancer, and songwriter. I learn quickly, i’m outgoing, and take direction very well. I am also a perfectionist. I would love to be apart of this great movie even if its just being an extra. I am 24 years old and would love the experience.

    Thanks, Dayna Davis

  24. James Williams

    Hello my name is James Williams my age is 26 I’m a African American male, slim 145 pounds , 5,8 in height , I run & workout, I like to watch CNN & listen a lot of different music I have a great sense of humor , I live in Springfield Illinois, I know this will be be such a great experience for me , I live working with others Im truly a great people person , always able to help & give a hand when needed to others , & always having my own great opinion when someone needs it always have a thought & a mind for greatness putting things together & giving certain things a taste of style when needed it needed , I know with my character & talent I have I can make any great thing better just by adding myself & applying just a line or two or just even giving my input on something I have a natch for style & putting items together , an also I can give show character when needed in case it may be changeling up to fit any scene I may be placed into showing my different talents & characters casting is a great way to offer to world your creative side & enjoy a career all at the same time I know for a fact if I get a chance to make someone have feelings because of me by acting or even just giving my advice I will & I know I will enjoy I love working with people & this will be a grand chance to do so .

    Thank You For Your Time

    James Williams

    Hope To Hear From You Soon

  25. Janae Waldron

    Heyy, I’m Janae. I have been in 4 school plays. I love to sing and act;). I’m fine with being an extra but if you have something better that would be great:).
    Good luck to everyone. XD

  26. Austin Moore

    hey i’m Austin and i’m a white male who has seen a monsterous amount of movies and has a great deal of knowledge in the movie industry i have been in a couple school plays and did a extra job for the CW’s One Tree Hill i’m from North Carolina and i have always wanted to be an actor. I’m 16 but i can pass for younger or older and even when i was 2 i have wanted to be the best looking and the funniest kid in the room. I’m confident and outgoing and i will do anything to be one of the best actors out there. I can do comedy and drama and any other genre that u ask. i have black hair and brown eyes and im pretty good dancer and an ok singer and im 5’11 and very athletic and could do any physical tasks for a role. Please make me a star like i wanna be.

  27. Brandon Wyman


    I’m Brandon Wyman. I live in Omaha, NE. I was born and raised in Council Bluffs, IA. I’m 21 years old, I’m about 5 feet 9 inches tall. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and I weigh about 180 pounds. Ever since I was 13 I’ve wanted to be an actor. Not so much for the money or for the fame, but because I know how that certain movie or show, or that specific scene can make someone feel. How it can make someone believe in love, or peace, or friendship. Whatever it is in the world, movies and shows have the ability to change people, to help people. My favorite show, One Tree Hill, I’ve followed since the very beginning. I get lost in that show, I get lost in my emotions in that show. It made me believe in love and trust, and that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. The show was so inspiring in my life. I want to make people feel like that. Not because of the fame or money, but because I want to make people feel good. The fame and money is just a plus. I’m so determined, and driven to chase my dreams, I strive for greatness. I know that if given the chance I could play any character, any role. I just need you guys to believe in me and give me that shot.

    Thank you,
    Brandon Wyman

  28. Jennifer McGuire

    I have over 5 years modeling experience and have been told I am a natural at acting.
    Age: 31
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 140
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Location: West Carrollton, OH
    Talent: Dancing and Acting

  29. erik estrada

    hey im erik well i would love to work on a movie with vince vaughn i know ill be great for any part! consider me if u wanna make this movie a funny ass movie! im really funny im 5’7 latino 16 years old common u have to consider me 🙂 ill be great for any part

  30. Harry Baldino

    So hhmm it seems like you have alot of people to choose from so I might not have a shot but I have like a low chance so here it is I’m an actor ive been in actingclasses for a couple years now now in college going to major in acting and it is not my dream to get famous or make money thats just a perk I just want to step out of my older sisters shadow the perfect sister all A’s for her still in college to now at 19 I wanna excel in life and this maybe be my way

  31. Meg

    My name is Meg, I’m an 18 year old Philosophy and Journalism major at a college in Pennsylvania. I graduated from a Performing Arts high school near Pittsburgh, where I was a Musical Theatre major. Acting and Singing have both been passions of mine since I was a child. I’ve also been professionally trained in Jazz, Pointe/Ballet, Tap, singing and acting.

    Age: 18
    Occupation: Full Time Student
    Height: 5′ 4″
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Body Type: Athletic
    Hair: Extremely short/Dark Brown
    “Style”: Very “indie” and edgy
    Ethnicity: White

    I will gladly send you my resume and headshots upon request.

  32. Carly

    Hi! This role sounds soo cool, I would love to be considered for a role. Here are some atrbutes!
    Race: Caucasian
    Past Roles: Once on this Island(MAMA), Jack and the Beanstalk(Cow), Cinderella(Town Crier), Ten more unmmentionable roles.
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair: Wavy Brown Hair, longer than the shoulder
    I have had plenty of practice and i absoulety love acting i hope I could even be looked over! Thanks;)

  33. Michelle Pham

    My name is Michelle, I’ve always had dreams of becoming an actress ever since I was a little girl. I never had opportunity too because I came to America when I was 8 years old, my dad had to make ends meet, nothing extra. Now that I’ve grown up I would just love to take one chance and see where it goes.

    Name Michelle
    Age 21
    Location Detroit MI
    Hair Brown
    Eyes Brown
    Height 5’0
    Weight 90lbs

  34. Scipio Mundine

    Name: Scipio Mundine
    Height: 6’0
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Hair Color: black
    Hair Type: short
    Gender: male
    Talent: actor
    Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca
    School: Santa Monica Community College (in the Spring

    Hello, my name is Scipio Mundine. I have some experience in acting, such as a few Theatre classes i took in High School. For the longest, I’ve been looking for some film work. Im very interested in Television and Film Acting. I had a pleasure of working in short films in acting classes i’ve taken in highschool before. I am very intelligent, personable young man who is gifted with the talent I have, in acting. My learning skills and dedication are excellent. I have the ability to move and speak in precise manner at right moment for particular impact; pacing of action. Im really good to understand and utilise the rhythmic expression of the play, dictated by script, director, other actors, type of pla. I catch on fast and could regulate speed of delivery and speed of action. I have good communication with other actors also. I also can control my breath for vocal projection, maintain energy. Im really glad that I heard about this castingcall through web and would love to hear back from you guys soon and also to meet with you guys.

  35. Arthur Raynor

    I would love to have a part in the new movie.
    In the past 3 months, I have just completed working as a background extra in both Scary Movie 5 & Last Vegas.
    I am a multi talented retired firefighter/EMT, ventriloquist and a funny guy. I am an Bermudian/ American having relocated to GA from Bermuda 3 years ago. Have a Bermudian accent but can do British and Jamaican.accent also. Have 10 years of stage experience with one man School “Say No to Drugs! assembly shows and fire prevention shows both using puppets, music and magic.
    Pick me for any role…you won’t be disappointed.

  36. Kimberly Banks

    To whom it may Concern:
    I would love to try my hand at the oldest profession. I could tell you all the things you have heard before about all my talents and how much I think the movie will be amazing. You guys already know how awsome the movie is and have no Idea if im telling you the truth! So that being said I would love a chance to try an art form that comes from experience in life not just classes.

    Age: 31, Caucasian
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 139
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blond

  37. Christina Tirpak

    Hi my name is Christina TIrpak. I live in Corpus Christi, TX. Im an aspiring actress and I would love to be apart of this amazing movie experience. I have alot of training and experience with acting from being in theater class from 2002-2008. Also I performed in the International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) Regional Showcase. I love to work, I guess you can say Im a workaholic, I never give up or quit. I know I might seem older but many people have told me I can pass as a 16 year old. Im willing to move from my home to pursue my dreams and my dream is to be able to wake up every day and do what I love and that is to act. It would be incredible to be able to auditon for a role in this movie, and I promise if you choose me to audition I wont let you or anyone else down. Ill do my best and try my hardest. I want this more than anything. I hope to hear back soon. Please and thank you. =)

    Age: 22
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 135lbs
    Ethnicity: White, and Asian
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown


    IPOP Payton Guenter 2012

    Theater class Hamlin Middle School & Ray High School 2002-2008


    Grease Hamlin Middle School Production 2004

    Bang Bang Your Dead Ray High School Production 2006

    Chicago Ray High School Production 2006

    Special Skills:

    Creative, DIY projects, horseback riding, swimming, can name all 50 states in alphabetical order, awesome driver, fast runner, can go without many hours of sleep, great with computers, people person, easy to get along with, community service volunteer, great with animals, amazing dancer, quick learner, zumba, works at a fast pace, good listener, great with kids, great at any mario game challenge given, knows some ASL.

  38. Mark Henry VanDenBerg

    I am a 38 year old salesman myself. It would be a natural fit. I’m ready to be a part of something bigger than what I’m doing now

  39. donna walters

    Well I love to make people laugh.
    I can improv and ad lib.
    I’m not easily embarrassed or shy.
    I think I could and work well with this movie.
    Thank you

  40. Arina

    Hello! I am an interesting and enthusiastic 22 year old girl. I have blue eyes and natural blond long hair, people always say I look younger when I am. I am currently located in Manchester, United Kingdom, but I am willing to travel! I am always very bright and people highlight me from the crowd. I have playing some leading roles at the School Theater as well as was chosen to be part of the promotion videos for university. I can speak fluently 3 languages: English, Russian and Lithuanian as well as I am learning Spanish during my free time. Have been doing part-time modelling in the past. Have an architecture degree. I am always very positive and try all different sort of opportunities. I have a very good taste of music and films and I was always very challenged to take part in filming in something great! I am happy to provide you with more information and pictures if required. You can reach me via email. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards. Arina

  41. Meagan

    Meagan Davis.
    Weight: 118
    Race: White
    Talents- Dance, Softball, Acting and Soccer
    I was born on April 21, 1993. In Selma,Alabama
    I have never been in a tv show, movie or anything but I have the ambition and the drive in my heart to be the best at whatever I do.
    I am a very fast learner and have a very good memory
    If you picked me, you would not be disappointed. This is my second application I have sent in to get picked for a role in a movie.
    I would also like to add, just because I have never been to acting school or in a minor show, does not mean I don’t know how to act. Acting
    is in your heart.
    I have also done some modeling.

  42. Callista

    Hello, name is Callista Grout. Love for you to look me up on facebook. I am a Miss Colorado Contestant. I am your girl!!! I hope this website is the real deal because a girl like me needs a big break such as this one. I am a spit fire, humble, genuine, exciting young lady! I If you want someone who can get attention and possitive reviews I am her. I am a humanitarian, love people and try to make their lives nothing but the best. I am not only a fan but a great actor trying to find a great oppurtunity.

    DOB: 8-10-1992
    Hair: Dirty Blonde with a hint of Carmel Highlights
    Weight: 130
    Hobbies: Acting, Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Competing Miss Colorado, Fundraising for the Childern’s Miracle Network, Fundraising for True Colors Fund.

    Look me up!

    Callista Grout

    A.K.A Cali Girl

  43. Sandy

    Hello! My name is Sandy. I would really like to be a part of this opportunity because..well..let’s face it. I’m an awesome person and pretty hilarious if I do say so myself. If I don’t say so myself, then everyone I know and meet will tell you this about me anyways 😛 but seriously. This would be an amazing experience and I would be incredibly grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am a little heavyset, 22 years of age, 5′ 6″ in height, blonde hair, and hazel eyes. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to contact me and ask!

    Thank you for your consideration,


  44. Loselea Naufahu

    Hello and good morning. I am very much interested in being a part of this movie! I do believe that I should be considered because I have a great desire to act and to bring to life the ideas of those behind the scenes (directors, producers and the like), and conveying the messages thereof to the world! I some from a culture of people that are underrepresented in film, and I believe that I can bring attention to talent within my community. I am of Tongan (Polynesian/Pacific Islander) descent, but can pass for something else, as well. I am also wiling and able to work hard and do whatever it takes to be the actress that is needed for the movie and more! I really do hope and look forward to hearing from you. Please, take a chance on me and I know that I can make it happen for you and the work you are involved in. Thank you.

    Please, feel free to contact me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  45. Summer McCabe

    Gender; Female
    Age; 15
    Height; 5″6
    Weight; 120lbs
    Eyes; Brown
    Hair; Brown
    Race; White
    Talents; Acting, Singing, Dancing.
    Experience; -I have been in theater for 8 years.
    -I played Sheela (a minor role) In the new upcoming movie Ping Pong Summer, starring Susan Surandon, Lea Thompson, and John Hannah.
    References; Mike Tully, Cedric Vara, Micheal Gottwald. (all producers/directors of pingpongsummer and more.)

    -I should be in The Internship because I have plenty of acting experience, I am easy to work with, I am energetic, I can portray any personality/role, and I can take direction quickly and easily.

  46. Avia fuller

    I am a young woman have her furture in front of her im 23 years old have to little boys i always wont to become at actor i will love for my fream to come true in help my family out if i become a actor i will give bace help evety one out poor people just everyone. I just need one changes to show the world what i have

    Please consider me for the job thank u very much.

  47. Christian Heyn

    Hello, my name is christian heyn I am an actor/model. I’m 5’10” , green eyes, dark blonde hair, 23 years old. I am very charismatic and funny. Owen wilson is an idol of mine and has been all my life and an opportunity to work on a project with him would be an amazing experience. If you need any further information please contact the email above. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Christian Daniel Heyn

  48. Jake Hamilton

    Hello, i would like to apply for any suitable positions you may have available.
    My names Jake Hamilton, i’m 17 years old from Manchester, England, and live in Perth Western Australia. I would be committed to fly overseas for the audition.
    I Would love this opportunity, and be honored to be able to take part in your production.
    I’ve been waiting for a big break for ages now in acting, and coming across opportunities like this is unbelievable.

    Feel free to email me

    Thank you for your time!

  49. Rhett R. Rhodes

    Hello There, My name is Rhett Rhodes, I am 14 years old and i would be a great movie extra, if you need a movie extra for a 14 year old, then i’m perfect for it. Thank You

  50. machelle lei

    If you have any openings left..let me know..:) i would love to be a part of this would be right up my alley….thanks machelle…..

  51. Merrilea Hatchett

    My name is Merri Hatchett, I love comedy, and would love to try out for this movie! I am 5’6 medium to heavy build, with long shiny brown hair, beautiful eyes and a fabulous smile 🙂 I played as an extra zombie in the movie Zombieland in 2009. During that time I met and spent time w/ Bill Murray who told me to “pursue my dreams”, so here I am. I ABSOLUTELY love Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and would do anything if I could be any part of this movie making venture!! Thanks so much!!
    M Hatchett

  52. Cassandra Jones

    Hey! My name is Cassandra jones and I am a cheerleader from Indiana . I am 15 I years old , I weigh 110 pounds And I am 5 foot 4 inches tall. I am mixed of black and white. I look like leona lewis. I have brown hair and eyes. I am very loud and outgoing and love to make people laugh. I can play roles from comedy to sad to scary. I have always wanted to become an actress or be in the entertainment business all my life, just to get my name and people to look up to me is a dream. I hope you will give me the chance to live my dream 🙂 thank you!

  53. Ian

    Man this would be a great opportunity to work with two of the most brilliant comedic actors in the game. Wedding is my all time fav, can’t wait for my shot to work with baba Ganoosh!!!!!

  54. Abigail Null

    Hello, I am Abigail, Abbey for short, and I would be honored to be a part of the “The Internship” – Movie

    Age:19 (Look and sounds much younger)
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Brown
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 135
    Body Type: Athletic
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Personality: Outgoing, energetic, determined

    About Me: I have experience in dance, cheer, dive, singing, and acting. I’m a dancer and I love to act and perform. I have been in multiple productions such as, dance shows/competitions, theater productions, & small skits. I enjoy meeting new people and influencing those that surround me. I am a very determined, hard working young woman who is just trying to get discovered.

    Short Resume: Personal Summary
    • Seven years as a dancer and performer.
    • Experience in multiple theater/dance productions/shows/competitions
    • Very bubbly, determined, and flexible.
    • Outstanding coordination and sense of rhythm.
    • Great performer with confidence.
    • Very determined & hardworking
    Expertise In
    • Dance: Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom, Contemporary, and Ballet
    • Other Skills: Choreography, Quick Learner, adaptable for Change, memorizing lines, practicing till perfect
    Experience in Fine Arts

    West Dance Academy Studio Peoria, AZ (2002-2006) Dance Member

    • Performed in multiple productions at Glendale Glitters
    • Dance: Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, and Acro

    Raymond S. Kellis High School – Glendale, AZ (2008-2011) 3-year HS Varsity Cheerleader/Dancer/Theater
    • Promoting school spirit for athletics by cheering/dancing at various athletic events.
    • Choreographed several half time and sideline routines as well as for dance pieces in dance productions.
    • Participated in multiple dance, cheer, and hip hop competitions.
    • Senior year Dance team Co-Captain (2010-2011)

  55. Mark

    I would love the opportunity to be a part of this movie. I am 19 and have always had a passion for acting. I am willing to give 110%. I have background experience.


  56. Adamyz Aviles

    my name is Adamyz i am 14 years old, i was born in April in San Juan Puerto Rico. I’ve been modeling since i was three and took acting classes since. I participate in school plays ever year, and also take Theater classes. I work for premiere modeling management and i will be perfect for the job. What makes me different from others is my passion, I will do whatever it takes to make this audition and hope i get a call.
    Thank you.

  57. Sasha

    Hello! I am Sasha : ) I’m 20 years old graduate of sociology and a skin care professional. I can play as a 14 year old and higher. I look young and most people think I’m that age. I can say I’m an attractive individual. I have confidence in myself and with my body.
    I’m well experienced in front of cameras and am well with direction. I’ve been in school musicals and armature movies. I’d like to expand my acting career and I believe this will be the best opportunity for me. I’m very down to earth, I love to have fun, I’m out going and friendly. Others will describe me as loyal, respectful, independent, determined, organized and social. I love to try new things. I like to play all sorts of sports especially volleyball and swimming. I love to stay in shape and exercise and eat healthy. I love dancing, singing and acting. I have great communication skills. I’m mature and I can adapt to things easily. I have the ability to work under pressure. I am a hard worker. I spoke both English and Spanish fluently and I have a knowledge of basic French. I love to travel I’ve been to 12 different countries. I love to explore new cities, meet new people, try different cuisines and explore at the moment I work as a visual designer. On my free time I volunteer at the boys and girls club. I have been living in central Florida for 3 years now. I was born & am originally from Connecticut.
    Measurements: 34-24-35
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Ethnicity: Puerto Rican descent
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown
    DOB: April 14, 1992
    Shoe size: 6
    Hair length: below shoulder length (curly)
    Skin tone: olive

  58. Alex Crowder

    Vince Vaughn has been my idol since dodgeball came out. He is the one who inspired me to give acting a chance and I have been doing it wer since in my community. I am 16 years old and have always dreams of acting. I. An offer grey acting talents and fit into most any character positions. Patiently waiting a response.
    Sincerely, Alex Crowder

  59. Halee Dion

    Hey there ! My name is Halee Dion and I just moved to LA from Detroit, MI to attend USC. I have never thought of persuing a career in acting but since moving to California, its safe to say the ‘Californication’ has set in. I have always loved to entertain, and been known as somewhat of a ‘Drama-Queen’ back home. People have always told me to pick up acting or modeling, but I have never thought much of it until now. This show seems simply fantastic and would die to be appart of it. I am an incredible worker, a blast to be around, and by far a perfectionist.
    I’ve been known as nothing less than an ‘italian goddess’ or a female Daniel Tosh. I am 5’5, 115lbs, 19 years young (always pass as a 21 year old), athletic build (I’ve been in sports since I was 5yrs. old) caucasian, dark brown hair, and the prettiest blue eyes you have ever seen.
    Hope to hear from you soon! (:

  60. David

    I’m David Yarnall. I’m 48, FUNNY, goofy-looking, I have acting experience, I work in the IT business and I work cheap. I’m basically the perfect boss or obnoxious coworker for this movie.

  61. Billy Diggs

    Consider this:
    Gregarious, outgoing, funny and should have listened to my mother (only this once). Would be happy being an extra but if you need somebody who is:

    37 years old (look 30)
    6′ 4″
    pretty hot (so I’ve been told)
    Which brings up humble


  62. Athena Pikras

    I’ve been a part-time actress on a tv show filming in Pittsburgh, if needed I can provide a number for a reference from the Editor and Script Supervisor, Sandy Schklair. I just did a movie (The Lifeguard) featuring Kristen Bell, and can provide a reference from actor Alex Shaffer AKA Kyle from the movie Win Win with Paul Giamautti.

    I can work any amount of hours, I do exactly what I am told to do on set. I work to get it right and make the scene perfect. In the many short films I have done, I have acted as anything from a tough, edgy and rebellious to soft hearted and frilly. I become the role which I am filling. Consider me for a role. Thank you.

  63. Rachel

    Hello, my name is rachel. I am 25 years old 5’7 and 120lbs. It has been my dream to become an actress since I was little. It would be such an honor to work with these amazing actors and it would be a dream come true. I have watch so many movies even as far back as where it all began with charlie champlin. When I was growing up I watch actors and actress such as, Lucy Ball, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, John Wayne, Ginger Rogers and so many more. I do not have favorites because all of them are so amazing at what they do. A littile about myself I am outgoing, great personality, a very hard worker, and a people person. I know I am the right person you are looking for. Not only do I have the talent I have the determination to do this. I hope you consider me Thank you.

  64. sidney

    I’m very interested!

  65. Franny Phipps

    Hi I’m Franny, I am 19 years old. I am averaging 5’9 in height and pushing about 145-150 lbs.
    I have acted in school plays as long as I can remember, and always participated in drama class. My mother was an small time actress and enjoyed what she did and I always wanted to be just like her in that way. I think everyone acts on a daily basis, I know I do because working in customer service you always have to be happy even when you are hysterical about something. I am willing to travel, and would thoroughly enjoy working with such fine and talented actors.

  66. Ashley

    I have submitted to this casting on different casting sites. This should be a funny movie based on the castings I have seen and the actors that are already in it. Hopefully I get the opportunity for an audition.

  67. ahenk

    im interested !

  68. Cyrus

    Hello i go by Cyrus I am 21 years old( i am 5’9-10″ with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes) 1st generation persian I participated in theater throughout my time in catholic schools because my parents thought the city i was being raised in did not have good public schools (haha) i graduated high school from a public school near by because of my curious nature. I am very disciplined(i train in martial arts all and have received my black belt) I am considering finishing my pre law schedule however i thought id give this a shot please let me know if you would like a hard worker who is willing to work with others and happy to show plenty of respect and follow instruction while giving his individual flavor to things.

  69. Amanda Layman

    My info: I’m a 24yro female, long brown hair, hazel eyes, married, two children under 2, I am 5’3 and 102lbs. I have always wanted an acting job and would love an opportunity to work alongside two amazingly, skilled actors. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would love to be chosen. I am easy going and love to work around people. I always have a smile on my face and am very cheerful. I take work very seriously and am very competitive. Please give me an opportunity to work with two wonderful actors! Thank you!

  70. Rosario sherman

    Hello, I would love work with you guys on this movie and be a part of comedy history. I think I would be good for this movie.

    Name: Rosario Sherman
    Ethnicity: African American
    Age: 19
    Dob: 05/15/93
    Weight: 158
    Eye color: light brown
    Hair color: black

    I think I can do great in this film. I hope to hear from you. Email me

  71. Dessux Dessous Reizwäsche Onlineshop

    You recognize thus considerably when it comes to this subject, produced me in my view imagine it from a lot of various angles. Its like women and men don’t seem to be fascinated except it is one thing to do with Girl gaga! Your individual stuffs great. At all times care for it up!