The Hangover 3 – Movie

The biggest comedy franchise of the last decade is coming back for one more wacky adventure. The Hangover 3 has been confirmed and will be shooting soon. Casting calls and auditions for the all new escapades of the world’s most crazy party guys will be happening shortly. This is your chance to be a part of one the most amazing comedy series in Hollywood history.

The whole gang is set to reassemble for The Hangover 3 festivities. Director-writer Todd Phillips is bringing Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha and Zach Galifianakis back for the next installment of the most outrageous film sequel ever. This time around the boys will have to try and piece together another epic night but there’s a twist, Phil (Cooper) and Stu (Helms) will have to break Alan (Galifianakis) out of a mental institution! The laughs are sure to come fast, furious and a little fuzzy as the boys find themselves traveling between Los Angeles and Tijuana, Mexico on their journey of destruction and hilarity. With a combined worldwide box office of over one BILLION dollars there has never been a collection of comedic films as  successful as this. Being cast in The Hangover 3 would be an amazing opportunity for any up and coming actor and the break of a lifetime. If you are interested in being a part of this historic comedy stay tuned for all of the updated details as they become available and leave a comment for us below and tell us what you think about The Hangover Part 3.

The long wait is soon to be over. The waiting that the world has endured for the next fantastic Hangover movie and the waiting that you have experienced for the project that launches your performance career. Auditions and casting calls will be coming soon so keep checking in for the latest casting news for The Hangover 3.

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  1. Melissa

    My name is Melissa Grindon, and I am an eighteen year old Irish actress. I am 5ft’6, and I am of a slender build. I have light brown hair and blue eyes.
    I have been acting ever since the age of eight. I starred in school plays and pantomimes, taking on lead roles, and I am also a singer/songwriter in my free time. I have dreamed of acting for years, particularly in films. It was due to my family’s unfortunate financial state that I was unable to hire an agent in order to gain more opportunities in the world of performing arts.
    Acting is what makes me feel beautiful. This is for one reason; I am portraying myself as someone completely different to others. I am free, observed in a completely unique world, away from my regular life. I feel like I can connect with an audience. As I have done many live performances, I feel that when I look into someones eyes and act as a character, I can create a convincing yet haunting performance, and provoke emotion upon them. Whether or not that emotive reaction shown is humorous or hear wrenching, it breaks down the fourth wall between an audience and an actor completely. This is what makes a true actress.
    I would greatly love to be considered for this amazing opportunity.
    Thank you,

  2. Toniann Amodeo

    I am a very funny Italian Mom from Brooklyn. I would be perfect if you need someone to play a 50 year (my age) with a very heavy brooklyn accent. Thank you for the consideration

  3. Olivia

    Hello I am Olivia Rodriguez and I’m an aspiring actress. Words can’t explain what an amazing opportunity it would be to be in this production. I know it’ll be HILARIOUS and give me what I need to make my break. I am new talent, never performing in any production before. The biggest productions I’ve been in before have been my school plays and musicals each year.
    Age: 14 (Could pass for older)
    Height: 5 foot, 3 inches
    weight: 125 pounds
    Hair: Brunette. Curly/wavy. Medium length
    Eye color: Hazel/green
    Skin: light
    I live in Denver, Colorado. Please give me this opportunity to show my talent and make it where I belong! Give me a chance to audition and keep me in contact! Thank you.

  4. NAT

    I am from Switzerland and i be Sick as hell to have a Part…My Life is a Movie and I am acting since i’m Born…so i have any Diploms. I am 36 years Old. Give me One chance…

  5. bryan

    Name: Bryan Lomeli

    Height: 5’8

    Weight: 135

    Ethnicity: Hispanic

    Speak: English, Spanish

    Age: 15

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Black

    Hair Type: Short

    Physique: Slim

    Gender: Male

    Talent: Actor

    Location: AZ

  6. Richard " dick" Evans

    Well Richard “dick” evans is my uncle and he was really not into today’s technology of computers to write this comment so I decided to write it for him. Dick and myself, and my entire family think it would it be hilarious for him to be in the hangover 3 movie, he doesn’t have any legs and he has alot of stories that could light the movie up!!! He could play great with the cast because hes a real people person and he is really into the ladies at 70 years old. He just retired cutting trees 8 years ago and has been a smoker for 50 years. His legs had blood clots in them and had several surgeries before he found out he had to get both his legs amputated,but don’t let that fool you because he has healed and has some problems with his health and with alcohol but lives life to the fullest.

    Richard “Dick” Evans
    Born November 11, 1942
    Raised in Chicago Illonoise
    Submitted by Cody Smith

  7. james towers

    well for starters i hate my curent job it sucks and i want to try something new im willing to do anything to be part of hangover 3 im 6 ft 165lbs red hair

  8. Janae Waldron

    Heyy, I’m Janae and I’ve been in 4 school plays. I love to sing and act:). Some people say I have ADHD but I was tested (lol), I don’t.
    It would mean a lot if you could consider me. I have seen part 1 and 2, can’t wait for 3;).
    Good luck to everyone who tried. XD

  9. Noel Cecil

    I am English but have lived in Tijuana for a short while and am returning shortly. I would be very interested in any roles in Mexico and speak fluent Spanish. I am in the process of doing a show reel in Spanish too.
    Should you need any further information or show reel,please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you.
    Kind regards,
    Noel Cecil.

  10. Alexandra klempay

    Hiya! My name is Alexandra I am 5 foot one and very proud of every inch! I have short brown hair and brown eyes. I am 19 years old and am a very bubbly person. I also know what I want and will make it happen. Really looking for a chance to show you what I got!

  11. jennifer tavarez

    hey my names jennifer and i just wanted to let you know i am thirteen and i know im way too young but i can can be an amazing actress and i can also be and extra i always wanted to be an actress but never got the chance will you guys help me im 5’3 and have dark brown hair i love to make people laugh i can pull off a script follow directions and be steady when needed i am able to pull off any type pf acting like horror comdey ( my favorite) drama romance and so forth

    I would LOVE

    the opertunity

  12. Lindsey Rencoukos

    My name is lindsey i would love to be in this movie! I am an inspiring actress just waiting to break out! I am 21 yrs old,5’9, brown hair and green eyes.
    please give me this chance:)

  13. Caitlynne Sloan

    hi im caitlynne im 15 i have blue eyes and redish hair. im 5 foot 3 and im kinda chubby but i have more muscle than fat. i would love to get into acting because with acting you get paid and the most imortant thing to me os my family and i would love to be able to give my family money. i have a great personality im easy to be around im fun, im shy at first but not after a little while. im a great girl and hopefully you guys will give me at least a chance to help me get started in acting thanks!

  14. Evan Barry

    I will make this short and sweet. Im a 6′ 1″ blonde good looking Caucasian male with Hazel eyes(They change colors, its weird) I weigh about 170. Im in good shape, toned out, and funny. Hopefully you guys hit me up because that would be an amazing opportunity to work with the amazing cast. Thnx for reading

  15. Alex Creamer

    Hello, my name is Alex Creamer. I am an actor currently looking for work. Currently working on theater acting and would like to act in a film. No problem playing any type of roles, small or large. I am 19 years old, ex-military, and have many hobbies.

    Age: 19
    Height: 6’1
    Weight: 160lbs athletic build
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Hair Color: Blonde

    If you are interested please contact me for a headshot

    Best Regards,

  16. Alexis Conner

    I absolutely LOVE the hangover,my friends and i watch it all the time, i would love to be in this movies. I am 15 years old, brownish/ purpulish/ yellowish hair, brown eyes and i am over weight. But i aspire to be an actor. You could say that i am weird but a good kind of weird. I think i would fit in perfectly at the mental institution c: But yeah zack is my comedy idol and i think i would get a long with him very well. I want to take part in a crazy adventure. (even if it isnt real) i just think it would be and amazing opportunity and im hoping you read this because honestly it has been my dream to be in The Hangover. I envy their Insane adventures and i want to be apart of the wolf pack. (:

    Alexis Conner

  17. Brandon Wyman


    I’m Brandon Wyman. I live in Omaha, NE. I was born and raised in Council Bluffs, IA. I’m 21 years old, I’m about 5 feet 9 inches tall. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and I weigh about 180 pounds. Ever since I was 13 I’ve wanted to be an actor. Not so much for the money or for the fame, but because I know how that certain movie or show, or that specific scene can make someone feel. How it can make someone believe in love, or peace, or friendship. Whatever it is in the world, movies and shows have the ability to change people, to help people. My favorite show, One Tree Hill, I’ve followed since the very beginning. I get lost in that show, I get lost in my emotions in that show. It made me believe in love and trust, and that you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. The show was so inspiring in my life. I want to make people feel like that. Not because of the fame or money, but because I want to make people feel good. The fame and money is just a plus. I’m so determined, and driven to chase my dreams, I strive for greatness. I know that if given the chance I could play any character, any role. I just need you guys to believe in me and give me that shot.

    Thank you,
    Brandon Wyman

  18. Alexis Conner

    I absolutely LOVE the hangover,my friends and i watch it all the time, i would love to be in this movies. I am 15 years old, brownish/ purpulish/ yellowish hair, brown eyes and i am over weight. But i aspire to be an actor. You vould say that i am weird but a good kind of weird. I think i would fit in perfectly at the mental institution c: But yeah zack is my conedy idol and i think i would get a long with him very well. I want to take part in a crazy adventure. (even if it isnt real) i just think it would be and amazing opportunity and im hoping you read this because honestly it has been my dream to be in The Hangover. I envy their Insane adventures and i want to be apart of the wolf pack. (:

    Alexis Conner

  19. Ryan Cobb

    Spent many years in a hung over state. Now trying to be an up and coming actor. Its Fate! It was meant to be! Ya gotta cast me!!

  20. Adam D

    Name – ADAM D.
    Age – 17
    Sex- MALE
    Height- 5 , 10
    Weight – 150
    Hair- Black
    Eyes- Hazel
    Fluent in English ,Russian ,Spanish ,French
    Muay thai Kick Boxing
    Roman Grecko Wrestling
    Mixed Martial Arts

  21. Bana

    I have experience and have time would love to work on set for this movie if its not late I can still submit please let me know

  22. lacee williams

    Hi im lacee 16 years old 5’6 hazel eyes black hair i want to start my dream of acting and really would like an opportunity i can be super hilarious and serious or be a complete sarcastic person in a funny wayXD. please email me for my resume and headshots please and thank you i look forward to hopefully working in this movie, thank you!

  23. Sedan Scott

    Hello My name is Sedan Scott. Im very interested in trying out acting for this film. Its one of my favorite comedy films out and to be able to star or be an extra in this would be more than Great!!

    Location:Cincinnati Ohio

    Thank you for your time.

  24. Randi Petersen

    Hey! Im Randi! Im a female from Michigan. Just your average pretty face, cute figure, crazy teen living life to the fullest!
    Age? Just turned 16 ( i do look younger )
    Im about 5’2 and 94lbs. Slim, peite, and beatiful inside and out!
    I may be tiny, but inside is the biggest heart! Its probablly 92lbs of me!
    Im a singer, actress, dancer!, preformer! And modeling 🙂
    I am also homeschooled, i use my time wisely and balence it out between being the strong person i know i am and the dancer i dream of…
    Point is… I have lost soo many friends(passed away) and let options slip through my fingers. I just need a little push to help me out and i’ll promise i wont turn down anything that i love doing. I have lost enough stuff and time to gain the fame, and the self-confidence i need!
    Thanks for spending your time reading all about me. Maybe i’ll hear all about you!? 😉
    ( email for pictures and phone number! )

  25. Lone Hellan

    Have you ever had a dream? A dream you’ve had for years? a dream that at times can seem impossible to achieve!

    You’re probably wondering what this dream of mine is. It is to be an actor! I know there are many teenagers who want to be an actor because they want there face on the cover of a magazine or that they only want it so they’ll be rich! But that’s where the difference between me and all the others. I don`t care about the whole publicity thing. The only thing I care about is to do what I love and what I’m meant to do.

    I absolutely enjoyed “Hangover 1&2”. Humor is one of my specialties. Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms are three of my idols. It would be an honour to act with them.

    I am 5`6, has blue / green eyes. I`m born in Trondheim, Norway on 20 December 1996 and have lived here all my life. I speak Norwegian daily, but have been in USA several times so I speak american. However I also speak British. I`m studying at Charlottenlund vgs. Where I studdy music, dance and drama with a major in drama.

    I`m energetic, happy and creative. Love everything with music, dance and drama. I am stubborn and independent, yet willing cooperation. Improvisation is no case. I am a committed and energetic girl who likes to work with new people. I love new challenges and always ready to try new things. I very often have some funny pranks on the sly, I have high aspirations and are determined.

    I play trombone, guitar and some can some piano / keyboard. He has played trombone for 7 years. I play in the school band and going on the arts. I also dance in my spare time. Has sung in the choir and I sing a lot in my spare time. Has participated in theater pieces that have been set up throughout the school and school bands. Has also played for a short film, so I have some experience playing on camera.

    You may think that because I live in Norway it would be hard to work with me, or something. But I`m willing to move for an acting job if it`ll make my dream come true. Because of the distance I will a sure you that I’m determinant and going to give it a 100%. If I weren’t, why would I bother to writing to you?

    Lots of love
    Lone Hellan

  26. Anna Lepke

    My name is Anna Lepke. Like many, I love to act; it is my true passion in life. I’ve been involved in theatre since elementary school. I have been cast in my high school plays as lead and supporting characters. It’s pretty safe to say that I have known from a young age that I want to act for the rest of my life. I have decided to do whatever it takes to make my dream come true. I plan on attending University of Iowa in Fall of 2013 to major in Theatre- Acting to continue my love for acting and get as much experience under my belt as possible to make it happen. I hope to land any type of acting role in any film possible before then to really kick start my dream. I’m hoping being an extra does it!


    Age: 17
    Nationality: American
    Hometown: Il.
    Race: Caucasion/White
    Hair color: Red/Auburn w/ blonde highlights
    Eye Color: Green
    Height: 5′ 6.5”
    Body Type: Thin/Average
    Jobs: Lifeguard and LaserQuest Marshal.
    3.0 GPA
    Interests: Acting, singing, art, softball

    All one needs is a chance.

  27. jaqueline machado

    hi,my name is jaqueline machado i would love act in this movie, with this awesome actors and i would love do part of this , and i don’t know if it’s even possible, because i’m brazilian and i live here , anyway, tkank you for your attention.( i hope i wrote everything correctly).
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Brown curly
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 119
    Thank You , Jaqueline.

  28. Suegeily Alvelo

    Age: 18
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Latino
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 97
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Hair Length: medium/long
    Location: Florida

  29. Michael

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I have always wanted to be an actor but never had the chance. Thought about it for years. I would love to be apart of this project.

    5 ft3
    155 pounds
    Hazel eyes
    Semi long blond hair

  30. Lunnaris

    21 years old
    Puerto Rico
    Like to learn and do new stuff
    I would like to be part of this

  31. Rene

    Height: 5’7″/5’8″
    Age: 15
    Weight: 140
    Eye Color: Honey Brown
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    My name is Rene Rosa and I have always loved to act although I’ve never participated in any school plays recently, but I would love to be part the franchise that has had people peeing their pants of laughter ever since it first came out. I love to make others laugh for I am known for my comical comments. I’m a sophmore in high school living in Colorado but traveling is always a good experience. Even though I don’t have any previous acting experience, it would be am honor to be part of a wonderful cast that enjoys the laughter of others as well as I do. Thank you.

  32. Richard L

    I would love to be considered for a role in a movie. I was an extra in several movies with actors such as, Terrance Howard, Wayne Brady,Colin Farrell and Bokeem Woodbine. Acting has been a dream for me since I was a young boy. If given the chance to be apart of this movie, I know I would not let you down. This would be a start off to a new career for me. My information is below.

    Gender: Male
    Race: African American
    Age: 33
    Height: 5″8
    Weight: 140
    Hair: Bald
    Eyes: Brown

  33. Meg

    My name is Meg, I’m an 18 year old Philosophy and Journalism major at a college in Pennsylvania. I graduated from a Performing Arts high school near Pittsburgh, where I was a Musical Theatre major. Acting and Singing have both been passions of mine since I was a child. I’ve also been professionally trained in Jazz, Pointe/Ballet, Tap, singing and acting.

    Age: 18
    Occupation: Full Time Student
    Height: 5′ 4″
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Body Type: Athletic
    Hair: Extremely short/Dark Brown
    “Style”: Very “indie” and edgy
    Ethnicity: White

    I will gladly send you my resume and headshots upon request.

  34. Jim C

    I can follow a script,keep my mouth shut and it would be a different movie with me in it.

  35. Alejandro Leos

    I am 18 years old and i would love to be part of this hangover third part.
    I’ve been testing my acting talent since i was a child, i live in México and i think i could make a really good ambiental starring as they go on the roadtrip through Tijuana.

  36. Jessica

    Hi my name is Jessica, I am 24 years old. I would be the greatest person to have a role in this movie. I am pretty, hilarious, outgoing, and very friendly. I would make a great actress and can fulfill any role. If you have any questions or concerns please email me. I will be happy to send a headshot and full body shot. You can’t go wrong with me!

  37. Matthew Bingler

    I think you should consider me for a part of the movie because, I am newish to acting I have some experience but, I am willing to do anything you ask. I am 15 years old, 5’8, athletic build, blonde hair, blue eyes, and want to get my first start in the movie industry.

  38. Michelle Pham

    My name is Michelle, I’ve always had dreams of becoming an actress ever since I was a little girl. I never had opportunity too because I came to America when I was 8 years old, my dad had to make ends meet, nothing extra. Now that I’ve grown up I would just love to take one chance and see where it goes.

    Name Michelle
    Age 21
    Location Detroit MI
    Hair Brown
    Eyes Brown
    Height 5’0
    Weight 90lbs

  39. Heather Owen

    I’m Heather, I’m 23 years old and I’m enthusiatic, productive and unique. I’ve done a little bit of everything, ranging from being Miss Teen Kentucky, to being a casting assistant/ extra for Disney’s Secretariat, to modeling tactical gear/ swimsuits for a military tribute calendar. I’ve received my Associate’s degree in Arts and I’m working on my Bachelor’s, and with all that I’ve done, I still havent been able to get enough acting worked in there. I would be ecstatic to have any part in this film.
    Height: 5’8″
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Brown/ midway down back

  40. Terrell Martin

    well…my Name Is Terrell Martin i’ve been acting around the house ever since i can remember and i would love to give my raw Talent a try!

  41. Daniel Schriedel

    Height – 6’3
    Hair Color – Dark Brown
    Gender – Male
    Age – 20
    Eye Color – Dark Blue
    Body type – A little extra padding
    I’m Caucasian
    I would love a part in this movie, but lets face it who wouldnt? Though I feel like I would be an exceptional addition to the cast. I am very fun and easy going, good with people and words and I could see myself being good fit for something like this. An audition would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

  42. Rachael Liptak

    Hey! I want to be the sleeper hit sensation of the Hangover!! Lol..why? Because I’m funny, and not too funny lookin’ ; ) I’m a local model in Buffalo, Ny, and have dabbled in a bit of everything that our city has to offer the industry. I’m really a lot of fun, I firmly believe in it, and I get along with other people very well. : ) feel free to leave me a message! : )
    ~ Thanks!! Rachael

  43. Dalton

    i don’t know how to start this thing should i say hi, hello, or how are you, never mind. Sup i am 18 and i would like a part in this movie because i have a bet going on seeing if alan put the roofies in the cookies. Oh and my special talent is doing anything for a laugh.

  44. Tamara

    Because having fun laughing and making people laugh is someyhing i enjoy and have been wanting to do on screen for years …

  45. Brandon Avella

    I currently live in Maine but I love to travel!
    I am a sophomore in high school and I am 15 years old! I have never done any acting but I’d love to get involved!

  46. Shyla Schwartz

    Height – 5’6
    Hair Color – dirty blonde
    Gender – Female
    Age – 16
    Eye Color – Blue
    Body type – skinny, average
    I’m Caucasian
    School – I’m home schooled so it would be great.
    I have little experience, I’ve been in some school plays and I fell in love with it. I really want to prove to myself an my parents that I can do it, and will not give up on my dream. All I want is a chance to show someone what I can do and for someone to believe in me. I don’t care how small the part is i would be honored to do it. I can help you in any way you need all I’m asking for is a chance, just a chance thats all. My dream is to act or model. I would be speechless if i was just called in! something. Well i hope you read this and give me a chance. Please email me!
    Shyla Schwartz

  47. Gino Gualtieri

    sup bro. im Gino Gualtieri and i’ve always wanted to play in a major motion picture and im a fan of the Hangover movies. i have no acting experience but i pranked my mom into thinking i was dead for about 15 minutes!! i can act really well, the description said alan is in a mental institution and i am really good at acting crazy!! here are my details:

    Gender: Male
    Age: 14 (almost 15)
    height: 5’9
    weight: 112 (no shoes)
    hair: long and wavy
    eyes: dark brown
    Personality: funny and smart

    Come back to me!!

  48. sonda

    I would love to be associated with this film: in anyway i loved the first two film’s comedy is one of my favorite genres

  49. tina

    Hello, my name is Tina
    i REALLY REALLY want to be an extra for this movie! I live in
    Garden Grove which is part of so-cal and itll be close from
    where the movie will be filming. Please let me know how i can be an extra. Thank you

  50. Joseph Morganelli

    Hello! My name is Joseph, but feel free to call me Joey. I just turned eighteen the fourth of this month, and I’ve been an aspiring actor ever since I can remember. I have watched the Hangover 1 and Hangover 2 and absolutely love the movies. They’re such big hits and it’d be an honor to try and make the movie any better if I could with my acting. I would be really grateful if you guys considered me for a role in the third installation of the series.

    I’m 6’1″, 320 pounds, flamboyant as can be, and as full of life as anyone can be.

    E-mail me for any questions or any opportunities! Thank you so much.

  51. kelly

    hi my little boy seth auditioned for a roll on this, just wondering if you are still looking for a little boy or have already casted one…he would love to do this 🙂

  52. Cory Byers

    Hi my name is Cory Byers I am twenty-two years young. I like goofing off and I have a funny personality. I have acted in the lead roles at church plays and starred in a high school play of M.A.S.H as Private Boone. I’m currently working as a pharmacy technician in Indiana and going to school. I watch movies in my spare time. I am very talented and I love doing impersonations. I am 6’2 and about 240lbs and I’m built like a football player and have very broad shoulders. I like to have a good time and enjoy making people laugh and feel like they can be there selves.



  54. Mike

    Would be extremely happy to be part of one of the best modern comedy franchises in recent history.

    Thanks for any extra information.

  55. Christina Tirpak

    Hi my name is Christina TIrpak. I live in Corpus Christi, TX. Im an aspiring actress and I would love to be apart of this amazing movie experience. I have alot of training and experience with acting from being in theater class from 2002-2008. Also I performed in the International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) Regional Showcase. I love to work, I guess you can say Im a workaholic, I never give up or quit. I know I might seem older but many people have told me I can pass as a 16 year old. Im willing to move from my home to pursue my dreams and my dream is to be able to wake up every day and do what I love and that is to act. It would be incredible to be able to auditon for a role in this movie, and I promise if you choose me to audition I wont let you or anyone else down. Ill do my best and try my hardest. I want this more than anything. I hope to hear back soon. Please and thank you. =)

    Age: 22
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 135lbs
    Ethnicity: White, and Asian
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown


    IPOP Payton Guenter 2012

    Theater class Hamlin Middle School & Ray High School 2002-2008


    Grease Hamlin Middle School Production 2004

    Bang Bang Your Dead Ray High School Production 2006

    Chicago Ray High School Production 2006

    Special Skills:

    Creative, DIY projects, horseback riding, swimming, can name all 50 states in alphabetical order, awesome driver, fast runner, can go without many hours of sleep, great with computers, people person, easy to get along with, community service volunteer, great with animals, amazing dancer, quick learner, zumba, works at a fast pace, good listener, great with kids, great at any mario game challenge given, knows some ASL.

  56. Alan Ruiz

    Hello there my name is Alan Ruiz. I’m 18 years old and i am a student at one of the best party universities in the nation at Arizona State. I should be considered for a spot in this film because people back home in the bay area consider me as the “Life of the PARTY.” I also have played football my entire life so who wouldnt want a football player that parties a lot like the Blue Mountain State cast? The Hangover has got to be the best movie in terms of comedy and raging, so i believe I’m a perfect fit for the film.

    PS: My ethnicity is Mexican and since this film is going to deal with being in Tijuana, my bilingual skills would also be a perfect fit in this film.

    Please, the guy you are searching for is right here. Thanks for having time to read this, best of luck on everything!

  57. Kyra Belwood

    My name is Kyra B. and I would love to be apart of the movie ‘The Hangover 3’! I will attach all of my information down below. I think this new movie will be a huge hit! I love the previous movies leading up to this movie a lot and I’d love to be able to work with them in a professional environment. I don’t have any acting experience so I would hope for a smaller part. I understand that being in a movie takes up a lot of time and energy but I’m willing to put in as much work as I possibly can!

    Age: 15 (16 in December 2012)
    Height: 5’3″-5’4″
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Green/ Blue
    Body Type: Skinny

  58. Kathy Zhu

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’5 1/2
    Weight: 96 lbs.
    Gender: Female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Birth Date: September 23, 1998
    Hobbys: Singing, Dancing, Modeling, Acting, Playing Piano, and Violin
    Experience: I have had training in all these areas
    I am an outgoing person. I always have a big smile on my face (Unless my role is to act like a sad person haha). I have had training in acting before from real celebrities such as Adrian R’ Mante. I am very interested in this.

  59. Katrena Nelson

    Hi there! My name is Katrena and I would love an opertunity to be apart of something as epic as “The Hangover” movies. I have been singing, dancing, performing, and anything to do with drama from my mothers womb!!!! I love everything about creating my own characters to following another’s creation!! I love to laugh and make people laugh, no matter how corny I may be. My family and friends love reciting and acting out sense from the first two movies!!

    Hope to hear from you,
    Katrena Nelson 😉

  60. Sesshoumaru Tamashii


    Doesn’t matter if you can’t say my name, my friends call me “Sessh”, I’m a 3rd genration Afro-Brasillian Japanese currently I live in Detroit Mi. Don’t worry, I love to migrate! Anyway I’m 27, 6 ft 4″ and 195lbs with an athletic body type. The Hangover 1 & 2 are definitely in my top list of favorite films, with a ton of my favorite actors. I’d do anything to get a chance to work with such awesome cast… Anything!

    As far as skills and abilities, I won’t say that I’m comedian but I’m know to keep the room smiling. Also I’ve have my share of experience from my own adventures, that I believe will go well with any role in The Hangover 3.

    Please email me if your interested me for any part in the movie.

    Thank you. Looking forward to your response.

  61. Michelle T

    Full Name:Michelle Taylor
    Age: 30
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 182 lbs
    Hair : Black
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Live: Cayman Islands (American citizen)
    Talents: Goggling and Singing, but would like to take a shot at Acting

    Hi, my name is Michelle, I am 30 years old living in the beautiful Cayman Islands. My current occupation is an Office Assistant, but I have always dreamed of becoming an actress. So I said what the heck, why not give this a try. I’m a huge movie buff, and I am a Hangover junkie, every one keeps getter better. Why not give me a chance. I would love to be considered for a part in this film.Please dont hesitate to contact me.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours truly,


  62. Mary Helen Rigney

    Because I am hispanic, have training and Eric Stone told me I belonged in Hollywood during a recent audition for his pilot!
    It would be an awesome opportunity that I would be forever grateful for!

  63. Rebekah F.

    Hey I’m Rebekah I’m almost 16 and I understand that I may be young for a movie like this, but c’mon, there was a baby in the first one 😉 Yeah I love these movies and always get a kick out of them. I can do any kind of acting that I need to. Oh heres some info: turn 16 on jan. 2nd. (look older and more mature), blonde, green/gold eyes, about 125 pounds, 5 foot 2.

  64. Justin

    I love the Hangover movies as well as the actors themselves. I have a great personality that would be perfect for this type of film.

  65. Ti Andrews

    Hello!!!! My name is Ti (pronounced Tye) and I’m what most people call “funny for no reason!” I’m easy to get along with, I take directions very well and I love to laugh!!! I have to be honest, I’ve never had any experience with acting before but if something comes naturally its worth giving it a shot! I truly enjoyed part 1 and 2 and it would be fitting for me to be castes in part 3 because I’m random!!!! One of a kind and believe it or not I’ve experienced ridiculously funny and unexplainable experiences that I can definitely bring to the table. What’s the worst that can happen…either I can be a candidate or I don’t make the cut and the person your looking for is still out there. I can promise you my personality and smile is one to remember and I’m worth a try. Thank you in advance!!

  66. Callista

    Hello, name is Callista Grout. Love for you to look me up on facebook. I am a Miss Colorado Contestant. I am your girl!!! I hope this website is the real deal because a girl like me needs a big break such as this one. I am a spit fire, humble, genuine, exciting young lady! I If you want someone who can get attention and possitive reviews I am her. I am a humanitarian, love people and try to make their lives nothing but the best. I am not only a fan but a great actor trying to find a great oppurtunity.

    DOB: 8-10-1992
    Hair: Dirty Blonde with a hint of Carmel Highlights
    Weight: 130
    Hobbies: Acting, Modeling, Singing, Dancing, Competing Miss Colorado, Fundraising for the Childern’s Miracle Network, Fundraising for True Colors Fund.

    Look me up!

    Callista Grout

    A.K.A Cali Girl

  67. Manel Bechiri


    my name is Manel Bechiri. I am 18 years old, their hair brown. my eyes are green and gray blues. I measure 1m69. I am Algerian, French.
    I’m doing theater since the age of 11, I love it! I think I’m good! I’ve played in plays. I am funny, dynamic, smiling, extravagant, I am very sociable and When I’m acting I’m in my world because I like to play, improvise and write plays. I want to share my talent and my knowledge to younger this is why I teach theater to children and they love it. I think up a school and later do my job. Acting in films is different but I want to try! Even though I live in France, the French cinema does not interest me I think American cinema is better and corresponds me .I know that later I will be an actress in america! I believe! I try my luck for casting, I hope to be chosen even if I think I have no chance because I live in France.. we never know! 😉

  68. Sandy

    Omg. First of all, can I PLEASE just start off by saying how amazing and funny these movies are. Hello! My name is Sandy. I would really like to be a part of this opportunity because..well..let’s face it. I’m an awesome person and pretty hilarious if I do say so myself. If I don’t say so myself, then everyone I know and meet will tell you this about me anyways 😛 but seriously. This would be an amazing experience and I would be incredibly grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. I am a little heavyset, 22 years of age, 5′ 6″ in height, blonde hair, and hazel eyes. If you would like to know anything else, feel free to contact me and ask!

    Thank you for your consideration,


  69. rosa

    Hello, my name is Rosa I have 17 years old, I love act and do a good work, this movie is so funny and I wanna be considerate for this movie, I speak spanish and english, well I want tell that I try to put the best of me in the works that I do and of course enjoy with the partners, I obey all the instructions and I’m so sociable, I memorise easy and well I don’t go to disappoint you.
    Thanks and have a good day.

  70. Torey Beare

    My name is Torey Beare, I grew up in West Bloomfield same town as “Doug” so I get what partying is all about. I am a raised Michigander and has what it takes to join the wolf pack. I am motivated and quite funny! I currently live in LA and am willing to travel to Vegas as soon as you need me. If you interested you can reach me

  71. Tanya Price

    I am quite a perfectionist, but not so that it makes me arrogant.
    My ambition is to do well in my acting as well as modelling. I’m confident outgoing and a natural blonde with a brain. “YOU DON’T CAST TANYA, YOU DISCOVER HER” ……..!!! I am a dress size 12, shoe size 6,long blonde hair blue eyes and 5’9″ in height, aged 34 but look mid 20’s. Trying for my lucky break and NEVER GIVING UP!!….got down to the final six in the auditions for the role of ‘Serena the mermaid’ in latest Pirates of the Caribbean (4) movie.
    My philosophy is ‘its not about the fame, its about the life experience, the places you discover and the people you meet”

  72. Saro Cardona

    why should I be considered?
    Because I am 100% italian, good looking chunky guy (37y.o.) with full brown beard, light blue eyes, 6’00 tall and very great smile…
    I loved all the previously hangover movies and I wish I could be part of it.
    I am building-civil engineer teaching and doing research at University of Genoa in 3D reconstruction.


  73. Jacob

    Hi my name is Jacob Blosser. I am 21 years old. I am white, 6ft 170lbs fit body type. I have short brown hair and blue eyes. I live in Fort Wayne Indiana

    I will be great for any role in the film. I am funny outgoing guy. I’m not shy. I have great emotion and can act great for any scene. I think I will be a great actor for this movie. I love the movies. And I’m willing to do whatever is needed for the film.

  74. Danielle Jones

    Hi! The names Danielle Jones and I would love if I could get a chance to be in the best comedy, Ever. I, myself, am very outgoing, witty, and I have a great sense of humor. I don’t have any major roles to my name but I can get the job done. I’m a fast learner and love taking tips to enhance my acting abilites. Having a lead role is something that I know I could do, and do perfect if given the chance. IF given a role, I could make it my own and make it that much better.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 17 (But I look 19)
    Height: 5″7
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Long, Wavy, Brunette
    Eyes: Dark Brown

  75. Vanessa Losoya

    Hi there! My name is Vanessa Losoya. I live in Los Angeles, CA. I’m 14. I’m 5’5. I weigh 109. I’m Hispanic. I’m doing very well in school. I’m a nice, caring person. I should be considered to be in the movie “Hangover 3” because acting is my life. I’ve been taking drama classes for 3 years and i realized acting is my passion. I have watched all of “The Hangover” movies and i think to myself, “One day, I’m going to be in one of their movies.” It would be a big opportunity for me to be in a movie. It would be my dream. Please email me if your interested in picking me to be part of the movie. Thank you. Have a nice day.