"The Green Book" Starring Mahershala Ali

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Two-time Academy Award nominated actor and star in the “Lord of the Rings” series Viggo Mortensen is teaming up with newcomer and 2017 Academy Award winner for his acting in “Moonlight” Mahershala Ali for a new movie. “The Green Book” tells the real story of one of New York City’s best bouncers. Filming will be taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana. General submissions are now being accepted. Because it takes place in the 1960’s, you cannot have any trendy hairstyles or cuts or crazy hair colors. All types of models and actors are needed for this 2017 movie casting call. Anyone selected to be in the film will be paid.

About “The Green Book”

The true story is set in 1962 and follows Tony Lip (Vallelonga’s real life father), one of the best bouncers in New York City who is in need of work after his nightclub, the Copacabana, shuts down. He takes a gig chauffeuring a highly educated piano-playing prodigy who wants Lip to go on tour with him in the Deep South. While the two clash at first, a bond eventually grows as they travel deeper into the racially charged region.[Variety]

What They Are looking For

We are beginning prep on The Green Book which will begin shooting in the New Orleans area in the next couple of weeks.

We are now accepting submissions for General background actors.

This is a period piece that takes place in the 1960s so NO CRAZY HAIR COLORS, no super trendy hair cuts, and NO LARGE TATTOOS that aren’t easily covered by clothing.

We will need all types from farm hands and rednecks to high society.

Men, you must be willing to go without a hair cut once booked.

How to Apply

To submit, please send current photos (TAKEN TODAY) to thegreenbook@caballerocasting.com subject:General BG
3 photos required-
1 up close, 1 full body and 1 holding a piece of paper with today’s date on it.
*No selfies. no black and white photos (or any other filters) And make sure that you have good lighting and that your photos are clear.

You will not be considered for background on this show unless we receive new photos of you

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Elly

    I am interested my name is Elissa but i like to be called Elly I am 14 years old turning 15 i live in Australia is that too far away ?

  2. Dione

    I am interested, but I am 14. Is that to young?