"The Greatest Showman on Earth" Starring Zac Efron

Movie Auditions for Kids and Adults

Do you want to be in a movie with Zac Efron? The former Disney star is teaming up with Academy Award nominee Hugh Jackman for the upcoming movie “The Greatest Showman on Earth”. An audition notice has been released for Albino men and women who are over the age of 18 to play 1860’s Barnum circus performers. If you are ready to work with one of the most popular actors of our time, check out the casting call below!

About the Movie

Hugh Jackman will play the showman P.T. Barnum with a penchant for hoaxing a gullible public as he creates the three-ring circus that made him famous. The musical also focuses on his infatuation with singer Jenny Lind — the so-called Swedish Nightingale. The film will have a contemporary musical score, and the studio is in talks with British singer-songwriter Mika to write music and lyrics. [ComingSoon.net] Also starring in the film are Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya Coleman

What They Are Looking For

Casting directors are now casting men and women to work on the new movie and they are also seeking brown haired children with short hair who are between the ages of 4 and 17 years old.
GWC is seeking SAGAFTRA and Non-Union Albino Men and Women ages 18 and up to portray 1860s Barnum circus “oddities” for the feature film THE GREATEST SHOWMAN ON EARTH!

Filming dates tbd December 2016-March 2017.

Please note this film takes place in the 1860s.

Everyone must have 2 valid forms of US-issued ID to work.

No visible tattoos.

Seeking brown-haired children with short hair (light to medium skin tone – Caucasian, Latino, or Pacific Islander) aged 4-17 years, who are 2’5 to 3’6″ in height for photodouble work, ongoing from December 2016-March 2017 in NYC for the feature film THE GREATEST SHOWMAN ON EARTH.

How to Apply

Please email submissions to showman@gwcnyc.com ad include:
-your name
-union status
-all sizes (MEN- height, weight, suit, shirt, pants, and shoe / WOMEN- height, weight, bust-waist-hip, dress, and shoe)
-recent candid/selfie that shows your current look and hairstyle
-confirm you are over 18
Please write in the subject line: “Facebook, Albino Actors, [your name], [your phone number].”
Please note this film takes place in the 1860s. Please email name, union status (SAG-AFTRA or NonUnion), phone number, height, weight, and clothing sizes, age of child, and current picture/snapshot to showman@gwcnyc.com. Write the role for which you are submitting in the subject line of your email.

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  1. Tale

    hey i was just wondering if you were filming the greatest showman 2 and if i could audition. Im able to cut my hair and do anything

  2. Megan Evans

    I want to meet Zac Efron xxxxx