The Finest Hours - Movie

The Finest Hours – Movie

Hollywood has a rich tradition of turning true life stories of tragedy and inspiration into unforgettable theatrical experiences and now another incredible tale is set to get the big screen treatment. Following the fabulous success of such award winning based on a true story movies as Titanic, Apollo 13 and Zero Dark Thirty comes Walt Disney Pictures The Finest Hours and casting calls for several roles in it. Actors of all ages and experience levels will be needed to round out a top-notch cast and submissions for available parts are being accepted now.

The Finest Hours will tell the gripping tale of a group of Coast Guard members who attempted to make a daring rescue when a pair of oil tankers where destroyed during a historic blizzard off of the coast of Cap Cod in 1952. Between the perilous mission, unforgiving sea and the extreme weather conditions this nail-biting adventure will have audiences the world over at the edge of their seats from the opening frame until the remarkable conclusion.

The cast compiled by thus far by director Craig Gillespie (Million Dollar Arm, Fright Night, Lars and the Real Girl) and the project’s top-tier production team of Dorothy Aufiero (The Fighter, State and Main, Session 9) and James Whitaker (Cinderella Man, 8 Mile, American Gangster) and Douglas C. Merrifield is one of the strongest in recent memory and will feature the talents of Chris Pine (Star Trek Into Darkness, Unstoppable, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), Screen Actors Guild Award nominee Ben Foster (X-Men: The Last Stand, The Messenger, Lone Survivor), Academy Award nominee Casey Affleck (Good Will Hunting, Ocean’s Eleven, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford), Holliday Grainger (Jane Eyre, Cinderella, Bonnie and Clyde), Graham McTavish (The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, 24, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life), Michael Raymond-James (Once Upon a Time, True Blood, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) and Josh Stewart (The Dark Knight Rises, The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds).

Casting for The Finest Hours is set to start very soon and interested performers can apply today for available roles of all sizes by sending emails here More details for this production will be posted promptly upon their release so check back for further audition updates and leave a message below and tell us why you want to be involved in the casting process for The Finest Hours.

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  1. Mary Itorcheak

    My name is Mary Itorcheak I am a Canadian girl. I’ve been a bit experince in acting. Been involved with the qaggiq summit here in Iqaluit it’s where artists and actors come together from Nunavut Nunavik and Nunatsiavut to perform a play. I have a little speaking role in a movie that is shooting still called “The Grizzlies”. In 2014 I’ve been chosen for the lead role in heavens floor but sadly I turn them down for a sport. Which I will never turn down an amazing opportunity again. I will put my all into this if you give me a chance. I am a really nice person. Gets along with everyone. Flexable with time and have good patients. I love meeting new pepole. I hope you guys give me a chance 🙂

    Age: 15

    Highet: 5″4

    Hair colour: Redish Brown. Natural hair colour is brown/black

    Eye colour: Brown

    Race: Inuit

    I hope to hear back from you guys you can Email me at.

  2. Victoria Skeith

    My name is Victoria Skeith (Vyktorea)
    Im 27 and canadian (Japanese Irish Cree & French)
    I have brown hair but sometimes go as a blonde
    I have brown eyes
    Im 5’1 with a slim/athletic build

  3. Grace Barber

    Hi my name is Grace.
    Height- 5’7
    Eye color- hazel/ green
    Hair color- brown
    Ethnicity- white
    I would like to be given a shot. I have never acted before, but it has always been a dream of mine. Any feedback would be great. I know I’m not the obvious choice, but anything would be greatly appreciated even if they are just tips to getting started. Thank you!

  4. Sydney Smith

    Hello my name is Sydney Smith
    I currently live in Brandon manitoba and Brisbane Australia going back and forth.
    I’m 5″5
    Blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    I love meeting new people and have a great drive to work hard.
    I’m currently do modelling on the side and am making a travel documentary. I graduated high school, I’m taking this year to pursue my love for entertainment and modelling
    I would to work with everyone and be part of this!
    Thank you

  5. Elise Belmar

    Hi my name is Elise I live Georgia. I am a girl
    that is always excited to try new things. My dream
    Of be coming an actress has gone on when I saw
    Disney Channel. I have a few experience as an actor
    Always when I audition for something I always put
    110%, I practice until I am perfect! I hope you
    choose me to be apart of this film :).
    Race: African American
    Height: 4’4
    Age: 11
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: dark brown
    I hope you choose me to be apart of a new experience like this
    – Elise Belmar

  6. Kelli Thomas

    Hi, my name is Kelli Thomas, I am 14 years old, African American and I believe acting is my destiny. Ever since I was a young child I have always loved to be in the spotlight and I am waiting for my big break. Acting is my passion and transforming into another character rather than myself is one of my favorite things to do! I am writing this to receive more information about this upcoming project and would love to be a part of it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you will consider me to be apart of such a great experience! It would truly be a dream come true!

  7. Taylor and Calla Martin

    Hi we are Taylor and Calla and we are identical twins who are are 17 and eager to try new things and possibly be a part of this movie. We have a YouTube channel called TaylorandCalla so you should most defiantly check it out to see us. Thanks so much!

  8. Sam Scow

    Hello my name is Sam and I have wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember. Acting is an art, not just a ticket to fame and I could care less if I become famous or not. Acting just stands out to me as something worth my while. I am 15, blond haired, and blue eyed. I have been told by many I could be successful as an actor and I just want a chance to show them they were right. Whatever role you can offer will be fantastic! Thanks

  9. Ramandeep Multani

    HELLO! =D My name is (as you might have noticed above) Ramandeep Multani, but Raman is fine as well. I am a 20-year old who loves to experience new things! I have been an extra for a small production and absolutely loved what I was doing. Being able to meet new people was an amazing experience, I love it! I am a singer and dancer and would really like to get more involved in TV shows or movies.

    Gender: Female
    Location: BC, Canada
    Height: 5’4″
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color/texture: Brown, Wavy (Can make it straight or curl it)

    I feel that I would be a great addition (even if temporary) to the crew with my extremely optimistic, fun, and outgoing personality! Of course, I can be serious when required (or sad or mad, and so it goes…)!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Ramandeep Multani

  10. Matthew Fields

    My name is Matthew Fields and I am 15. I do not have much experience but have bee in plays at my school and a cast member of the folk festival. I would love to be in your movie no matter how small or how large the part may be. I would be extremely happy to be part of this movie based upon a true incident.

  11. Megan Parra

    Hi, I’m Megan Parra. I am 18 years old and my height is 5’3. Im hispanic and i live in Houston, Texas. I want to be casted because acting is my passion. I’ve always had a love for cinema and acting. To me acting is all I know and I can even mimick accents and it has become second nature. Just hearing someone with accent makes me want to talk like them. I don’t have professional training but I promise I won’t disappoint. I’m an only child, so growing up alone with parents on the borderline of poverty, cinema is all I have. I’ve seen countless number of movies and TV shows. As a child, acting was my escape from my reality and now I want make my passion a reality.

  12. Bonnie Gardner

    Hello it’s always been a dream of my mom’s she always said that I should go into acting that I would be amazing. Well I am going to try and full fill her dream and mine, only one thing she won’t be here to see me. Lost her to Cancer a year ago. So this is for you mom.
    125 pds
    Hazel eyes

  13. Jacinta Doreen

    Age 15, 5’4″, Deseronto, ON, Canada

    Hello, my name is Jacinta (Ja SIN ta) Doreen, and I am interested in a role in The Finest Hours. I am in a specialized arts program at Centennial Secondary School, I had to go through and audition process to be accepted, my acceptance was unanimous. I haven’t had much experience as an actress, but I am exceptionally good at doing various voices. I’m from a very small town of only 2000 people, so it’s very difficult to find anyplace to act. I would be extremely honored to be included in the making of The Finest Hours. If you need anymore information, please email me at

    Thank you for your consideration,
    Jacinta Doreen

  14. Nicole Guzman

    Name: nicole guzman
    age: 16
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    experience: participated in many plays mostly drama and comedy. Also attended john casablancas modeling and career center

  15. Mikayla

    Hi my name is Mikayla. I am 13 years old and love acting. I have my whole life. I will be going to Eastwood (an art school) next year for drama. I have always thought that being in a movie would be such a great experience not only to help with my drama skills but for the joy of it.
    Thank you for reading.
    Have a great day!

    Name : Mikayla Edwards
    Height : 5’1
    Age : 13
    Hair : Dirty blonde
    Sex : Female
    Eye : blue/green
    Weight : 150

  16. Sarah Nazareth

    My name is Sarah Nazareth I am 16 years old I live in Ontario, Canada, my background is Indian and I am a citizen of Canada. I am obsessed with acting and watching movies. To be honest I cannot go a day without watching a movie. I love how movies can inspire and help change the world. I would love to create a positive change in the world and follow my dreams. Ever since I was 6 I have wanted to become an actor, I love to act out movies with my friends and pretend I am different person. The only experience I have is in school productions, I took Drama class in grade 9 and 10, I am in grade 11 now turning 17 on May 26. It would be a dream come true and I promise I will put my full attention and dedication if you give me role as a main character or extra. Please let me know. I promise I will not let you down.

  17. Daniela todorov

    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 110
    Hair/eyes: brown
    Age:12 turnubg13
    It has been a dream of mine to be an actress ever since I was a little girl. I have the confidence and I’m outgoing. It would be a honor to be a part of this movie as a main character or even an extra. I pick up on things quikly, I can be a dark character are a silly character, anything you want me to be I can be.
    That you for your time
    Have a nice march break

  18. Shawn

    Hey, I’m Shawn Wang. I am a average Chinese but with a great passion for acting. My dad is Caucasian, he is my stepfather. I’m only 12 but turning 13 this year place me in any film and I will try my best to be as best of me! I don’t have much experience, but I have won many speech contest in both Chinese and English. I often practice my acting my watching movies over and over, and reading the lines like the person and got to be kinda good. Thank you! I hope I will make my self helpful!