The Fifth Wave - Movie

The Fifth Wave – Movie

Rising star Chloë Grace Moretz is taking the film world by storm and now she is poised to tackle other worlds as well with an all new science fiction production. Ms. Moretz has signed on to star in an adaptation of the mega-popular young adult novel The Fifth Wave and the first casting calls for this exciting project are starting to roll in. This could be an incredible chance for up and coming actors to land a role in what could be the next Hunger Games or Divergent sized hit.

The Fifth Wave tells the story of 16 year old Cassie Sullivan, a gritty and resourceful young woman living in a future world devastated by alien invasions. With wave after wave of aliens destroying Earth and knocking out most of it’s population, Cassie must get past her hardened personality and learn to trust others in order to band together with them and defeat The Fifth Wave.

The Fifth Wave is being produced by the high-profile tandem of Screen Actors Guild Award nominee Tobey Maguire (Spider-Man, The Great Gatsby, Seabiscuit) and Academy Award winner Graham King (The Departed, Argo, World War Z).

This dynamic duo has compiled an impressive creative team thus far with a cast that includes Young Artist Award winner Moretz ((500) Days of Summer, Hugo, Let Me In), 2-time Golden Globe nominee Liev Schreiber (Ray Donovan, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Walking and Talking), Maika Monroe (The Bling Ring, At Any Price, The Guest), Nick Robinson (The Kings of Summer, Boardwalk Empire, Jurassic World), Alex Roe (The Fugitives, The Jury II, The Cut) and Lindsey Elizabeth (Men, Women & Children, Gone Girl, Trainwreck), director J Blakeson (The Disappearance of Alice Creed) who will work from a screenplay by Oscar nominee Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich, 28 Days, Charlotte’s Web) based on the best-selling novel by Rick Yancey. This fabulous sci-fi blockbuster has it all going for it, the only missing piece may be you.

Casting calls for The Fifth Wave are happening now and performers can apply for consideration for any and all available parts by sending emails with your first and last name, phone number, email address, city and state, age height, weight, clothing sizes and current photos to We will be posting more audition information as it is released so keep checking in for more updates and leave a message for us below and tell us what you think of this project and why you want to apply for a chance to be a part of the next great young adult production, The Fifth Wave.

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  1. Shemaiah

    Would like to do this

  2. narjis

    Name: Narjis
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    I come from germany but I can speak English very well. I have got also many eperience in acting. My hair and eye color is brown. Hope you give me the chance!

  3. Shelby cox

    Hi!! I am Shelby
    I am a 17 year old female
    I am 5’7
    I have Black hair
    I have brown eyes
    I love to sing and have been told I am good
    I play volleyball and soccer
    Let me just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. Like I’ve literally read it 3 times its that good. But I feel like this would be such an amazing movie to be apart of ans I hope to hear from you soon!
    Thank you for reading this!!
    -Shelby Cox

  4. Daniel Spruill

    Name: Daniel Spruill
    Age: 19 (June 9, 1996)
    Sex: male
    Height: 5′ 7.5″
    Weight: 125lbs
    Eye Color: Blue-grey
    Hair Color: Light-Medium Brown -no facial hair-
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Build: Small- not heavily muscled but no body fat
    Hi, I’m Daniel Spruill and this sounds like an amazing idea for a movie, especially with Chloe starring. Science fiction is my absolute favorite genre to work in because it allows a level of individual creativity that other genres don’t come close too. The concept of alien invasion in waves is very intriguing and would allow for a stunning picture. I am a quite person by nature but can project myself as boisterous and carefree or as a serious/no questions asked kind of person in a role. I don’t have much experience with acting outside of my family or small group, however I have played the part of a witness in a mock trial where I won the award for best acting in this program. I have an American accent though I can do a decently good impression of British accent. When I take a role I try to learn my character so well that I think and act like them with relative ease. I can take directions well and react well to critiques of my acting. I am 19 but look rather 16-20. I have slight acne that is going away (finally). I would really be interested in working alongside of a great cast and being part of this movie! I am in college and would have no trouble at all maneuvering my schedule to accommodate this role.

  5. Barron Allison

    I think the production of this movie is a great idea! There are many great novels out that would make perfect movies and this is definitely one of them. I’m applying for auditions because I love to act when I’m with my friends and brother. Like many others, I find the idea of working with Chloë fascinating – I’ve watched many movies that starred her and to get the chance to collaborate together would be amazing!

  6. Jessie

    Hi I’m Jessie and I’m 13 years old. It would mean the world to me if I could be in this movie.
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’1
    Eye color: green
    Hair color/type: brown with red hints, long and wavy
    I hope you will consider me for a role in this film.

  7. Malcom sturdivant

    My name is Malcom sturdivant an I would love to be on this show I act all the time!, and think it would be a great way to start off and get my name out their I’m 6’1 I have a athletic body type. Thank you for your consideration and my race is: black

  8. Jasmine burch

    Age:25 African American
    Winston Salem,NC.
    No Experience,been in Church plays
    Love to be giving the opertunity to try,very dedicated individual and ready for the work and whatever it takes..I’m your girl!

  9. Jacqueline Love

    There are plenty of amazing, young, talented children out in the world and some of them just want to be found. I’m not writing this to brag or be mean. I have tried to apply to some of these movies and TV series and I have this yearning to be an actor, to be noticed, to do what I lov, and most of all to follow my dreams. My family is not rich and people say I can’t become an actor but I know I can if I just can be noticed. JUST TO BE NOTICED. that is all I need and I’ll be satisfied, but until then I’ll keep tho rowing myself at agent and hope that they see me in the road. I know that I can act and sing and be hilarious, all I need is a chance. So if you are an agent that is reading this read it again and if you are a talent that’s not found yet just hang in there and make sure everyone sees you as you are, a BRIGHT SHINING STAR that you are.

  10. Alejandra Galeana -Tompai

    Hiyo! My name’s Alejandra but I go by Ali.
    Im 13 years old about to turn 14, I was born on October 30,2001(which almost makes me a halloween baby), I have dark brown hair and eyes ( which i guess looks like the color of a choclate Hershey’s bar but the ones without the almonds), im 5’1″ ( and that makes me feel short for my age but oh well what can you do), im Mexican mixed with Hungarian (and if you don’t know where Hungary is, its in Europe, but besides that what a weird combination, right?!), and also if you wondering what color a Hungarian and Mexican person makes, its like a light brown skinned child, which is obviously the color of my skin, but you probably don’t care so ill just stop boring you with the basics.

    Anyways, I woukd like to be in this movie because first if all i love Chloë Grace Moretz and would love to meet her and work with her and second of all i love acting! Ever since i was 5 years old i loved to act. Not to mention acting in a sci-fi movie is the COOLEST thing EVER!!!

  11. Kaleigh Woodruff

    Hi, my name is Kaleigh Woodruff and i would love to play this role with chloe! Ever since If I Stay came out i dreamed of acting with her! So hers some things about me>
    RACE;African American

  12. Paula Parra

    Hello, I’m Paula Parra and I would really like to be in this movie. I have experience in acting in a live stage performance such as, plays and musicals. I was in choir for 4 years. I have played many sports and have won trophies and medals. I am also willing to learn anything that is required for the role (I am a fast learner)….
    Home: Haines City, Florida
    Gender: Female
    Body Type: Slender/Curvy/Athletic
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 120
    Eye Color: Light Brown
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Type: Curly/Wavy
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Languages: English (I can also do a Southern accent) and Spanish
    Grade: 10th
    Age: 14 (Almost 15 in November)
    Sports: Tennis, Softball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Swimming
    Instruments: Violin, a little bit of piano, I can somewhat sing, and I can dance well but only with choreography.
    Personality: I am fun, loving, cheerful, goofy, and smart. When it’s time to get serious, I will get serious. I am very responsible and respectful. I am a hard worker and will tire myself out until I get what I have to do done…
    Other: I can draw, I read and write a lot, and I have dabbled a little in kempo, tai kwon do, and ballet.

  13. Jayla Wright

    I’m Jayla. I think this project sounds like it’s going to be very good and I’d like to be apart of it; and I happen to be a fan of Chloe Grace.

  14. Kevin He

    Hi !

    Name: Kevin He
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 180cm (5″10)
    Weight: 72kg
    Body: Rather Slim
    Eyes: Dark Brown (comfortable with contacts)
    Hair: Short Black (willing to dye to any colour if needed)
    Languages: English, Chinese. Basic Portuguese. Early beginners AUSLAN
    Appearance: Chinese
    Due to Chinese parents, I have an Asian appearance. Born and raised in Australia so the entirety of my life is western influenced.

    I have limited experience in acting, due to limited opportunities, however working in a cinema for the past 2 years has given me insight. I have many life ambitions, with the highest priority; seeking experience in acting on a large scale. I love the entertainment industry and would be amazed with the opportunity to be apart of something that has brought me so much joy.

    I’d love an email requesting any further information that you may need or if you just want someone to talk to. 🙂

    Kind regards,


    P.S. I’m willing to travel anywhere, anytime (travel being another life ambition)

  15. Kaylen Mann

    Hi, my name is Kaylen. I live in mount Vernon ohio. I want to act. If there’s any parts for me I am up for it!
    Gender. Female
    Weight. 125
    Height. 5″1′
    Age. 13
    Hair. Long and brown
    Eyes. Blue

  16. Monserrat Rico

    Hello, my name is Monserrat, acting has been something that I’ve been attracted since I was little and I’d love to be part of the cast, it would be an amazing experience and a huge opportunity to do what I’m good at.

    Location: Laguna Hills, CA
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5″
    Hair color: Brown, long by my waist
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity: Mexican

    I’m very fast learning, I can accept critics and be able to adapt my self to any situation.

    I am very interested in this movie, please consider me.

  17. Taylor Edens Ward

    hi my name is Taylor
    13 (but people say i look much older)
    blonde hair
    blue eyes
    i would really love tp be in a movie it has always been a dream of mine even if i am just an extra to start but eventually i would like to further my career and play some bigger roles
    i believe this movie could be a great start for me

  18. Myesha Jones

    Hey, I’m Myesha Jones!

    Age: 15

    Gender: female

    Birthday: May 1,2000

    Height: 5’6″ I was told the last time I got a checkup.

    Weight: 110lb

    Hair Color: Dark brown

    Eye Color: Brown

    Ethnicity: African American

    I’m currently trying to kick-off my career as an actress. I enjoy working with others, and I’m starting in dance, dreams, and viola player in school. My grades are excellent, and I would love to take part in the fun adventures with the cast. I’m fun to work with and very dedicated to anything I work in. I can more than likely pull off any attitude you put me in, so you’ll be pleased with the results you get from choosing me if I’m chosen. It would be nice to work with Chloë Moretz in this movie.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    If by chance I do get accepted, you can contact me by my email, my phone number (229) 854-3952 or my mom’s number (229) 886-4966

  19. Josh Schaefer

    I’m 17. I’m fit/skinny. Brown hair. Brown eyes. 5’8. Weigh 126 lbs. would love to be in this movie I will travel if nessesary I live in Wilmington NC

  20. Alessia Hutchings

    Hey! My name is Alessia
    i am 14 years old
    i weigh-113
    i have brown eyes
    i have brown /sandy red hair
    i am African American
    i am an athlete,twirler,and cheerleader
    it would be such an honor to be able to act
    You can contact me by email


  21. Erica Andrews

    Hi. My name is Erica Andrews and I am 12 years old but will be 13 in about 2 months. I want to be a part of this movie because it seems like an opportunity that I cannot miss out on. I hope you will choose me for a role in this movie because I am spontaneous, emotional, and very easy to travel. I have noticed that most of these responses are alike. I am different, however. I look like I am about 14(so I am told). I have brown hair with blonde highlights and blue eyes. I am 5′ 6″. Thank you for your consideration.


  22. Gillian Sellers

    Hi my name is Gillian Sellers. I am 12 years old and I live in North Carolina. I have no acting experience. But acting had always been a dream of mine but I’ve never had the chance. The most I’ve ever done is elementary school plays. I am mixed (Caucasian/ African American) and have a normal build. I am 5,4 and have brown medium length curly hair. Please consider for any part.

  23. Tondalaya Burney

    Hi my name is Tondalaya Burney. I am 16 years old , black female that would love to be a part of this production. I feel that this project would give me a great opportunity and also a chance to put my foot in the door. I know that this project will be a big hit and I am want to be involved in it. I am currently taking acting classes and have experience in drama and theater classes I have taken at my high school. Thank you for taking the time to look over my reason to be involved in this production.

  24. Daniel

    Name: Daniel
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Race: Hispanic

  25. Tara young

    hi!! my name is Tara Young. i live in florida. I’m 5’2, and i weigh 103. Since you mentioned clothing size, i usually wear a size XS/S in shirts, and in bottoms a size 0. i am fourteen years old, ill be fifteen in October. Im a natural brunette. i recently have dyed my hair back brown but my hair was blonde for 3 years. Im often mistaken for Emma Stones twin which is sort of great. Shes an awesome actress with a great personality. Our voices are somewhat similar. I have big blueish greenish (rather blue) eyes. I recently took a model/ acting class with Marsha Dolls in Tallahassee, Fl. I loved it. I love the feeling of playing a character. I also, auditioned at FSU film school a few weeks ago. I love acting. Ive always wanted to be in films, plays, tv shows, movies. I love that feeling. They say if you really want something, youll do whatever it takes to get it. This is my dream. And i hope it will come true. Im really good at being dramatic and excited, and im not afraid to curse if needed for a character. I get along with everyone and i love to see everyone happy. I laugh alot, and in my opinion laughter is great. I could also play a serious character. Id be so honored. Itd mean the world to me. I really hope you can contact me! All the love p.s, i love Chloe. Shes great. And cute.

  26. Jasmine Salgado

    Hi, I’m Jasmine Salgado and I’m 14 years old.

    Due to so many applicants, hopefully you take the time to read my response to this.

    I have such a strong devotion into acting because I feel I can express who I am as a person. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved acting and was never interested in any other career. I joined the drama class at school and it was the best decision I ever made. I was in a lot of school plays (which I had a blast doing). Having the opportunity to be in a movie would be a dream come true, no matter what role I play. I’m a devoted person that will do anything to make my dream come true. Acting is something that isn’t just fun and games, it takes hard work and determination but I am willing to take that.

    I’m originally from Turlock, CA but currently living in Seaside, CA – next to lovely Monterey, CA. I’m a young Hispanic girl who thrives with ambition to become a successful actress. I have long brown hair, hazel eyes, 5’0, and weighs 103 lbs. I am petite with a tan complexion.

    I have always loved Cloe Grace Mortez and the work she’s done. I would be honored and blessed to work in a production with her. Hopefully I get the chance to be a part of this film. Thank you.

  27. Amber

    Hi! My name is Amber and I am 12 years old. I love to sing and dance. I LOVE animals especially cats. I am very smart and creative. I am an animator and love art. I am very interested in aliens and science fiction. I have been in 3 very small plays and want to show the world who I am. I love drama and comedy. I would be a great addition to this movie. Please think about it.

  28. Taylor and Calla Martin

    Hi we are Taylor and Calla and we are identical twins who are 17 and live in Atlanta GA. We are eager to try new things and this would be an exciting opportunity. We have a YouTube channel called TaylorandCalla so you should most defiantly check it out to see us. Thanks so much!

  29. Mikayla

    Hello my name is Mikayla Carroll. I am 15 years old. I love to act and sing. If I need to travel to a different state I will.

  30. Archita Shrivastava

    Hi my name is Archita and I am turning 12 years old in July. I live in Atlanta,GA and being a part of this movie would be such an honor. Plus, I would get to work with such incredible actors! I would be great either as an extra or a speaking role. I am easy to work with and I love to make people smile and laugh while still taking acting very seriously. I am 4’11 and I have long black curly hair, big brown eyes, long eyelashes, and very athletic due to cheerleading competitively. I am very compassionate and so very determined. I hope you’ll consider me, thanks!

  31. Shawna Hamm

    Hi my name is Shawna Hamm. I am 15 years old turning 16 on July fifth. I take acting very seriously. My personality is fun and inspiring and I’m great in serious scenes. That’s why I think I would be good for this movie. I am 5ft 8in. And I am an athlete. I am a female

  32. Shannon

    Name: Shannon Lindsey
    Age: 15
    Birthday: November 22, 1999
    Born: Indiana, moved to South Carolina
    Height: 5’5ish
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Race: White/Quarter Hispanic
    Personality: I’d like to say I’m funny, I can very weird sometimes(but in a good way). I’m corky but I’m also nice.

    Hi, my name is Shannon Lindsey. I am more on the chubby side I’ll admit that, and I have freckles on my arms and face not sure if that would be a problem. I have had zero experience acting, and that might sound like a bad thing, but I think maybe it could be a good thing. I’m more on the shy side, but I really want to change that. I want to be more outgoing and be more confident with myself and I think acting could help. I dont need a big part, even being an extra would be good with me. It might be good to start out small anyway.
    Even if nobody reads this, its worth a shot. I hope you’ll consider me. Thanks.

  33. Shadaisha Mustapher

    Name : Shadaisha
    Gender : Female
    Age : 13
    Ethnicity : African American
    Height : 5’4″
    I would absolutely, most definitely, would love to be in a movie with Chloe. To descibe a little about myself, I have a great sense of humor, I am very focused, and I LOVE to act. Thank You!

  34. Dannielle Zinkovich

    Name : Dannielle
    Gender : Female
    Age : 14
    Ethnicity : Native American, Alaskan
    Height : 5’4″
    Weight : 112
    DOB : May 4th 2001

    Hi, my names Dannielle I’m going to high school next year and will be taking acting classes. I’m new to acting I’ve been in school plays and have gotten big role but have never auditioned for something as big as this. If I could just start off my career now that would mean everything to me. I’m a good singer and am pro at makeup. Right now I’m located in California, but will travel. Thank you.

  35. Naomi Rays

    Hello, my name is Naomi. I am 15-years-old, turning 16 in December. First of all, this is a huge thing for me. I’ve started to read the book, and love it so far. I’ve had past experiences with theatre (Antigone, the Greek tragedy, and Hairspray the Musical), and am looking forward to experiencing more of acting. I’ve wanted to be an actress for a long time, and this is the perfect opportunity. I am hardworking, very humorous, and a friendly girl. I get along with others well, and have a very good sense of humor. I would enjoy being a cast member or extra because it would be a miracle and a dream come true. Something big like this is what I’d love to do for a living.

    I see myself as a fellow survivor of the alien apocalypse. I also LOVE Chloë Grace Moretz and have seen almost every movie with her in it. She’s my favorite actress, and it would be earthshaking if I got to work with her.

    This audition would be life changing for me and I would appreciate it greatly if you considered me. I will email pictures and more information about me to the email given above.

    Thank you for your time of reading this.

  36. Keon Gates

    Sex: Male
    Age: 16 (17 in October)
    Height: 5’11-6’0
    Weight: 160-170
    Ethnicity: Black/African American
    State: Florida

    Business inquiries: Please email,

  37. Miah rose

    I’m Miah and I have been looking for some more acting jobs in the area. I’m almost 13 and I have blonde hair that reaches to the middle of my chest. I’m 5/4 and weigh about 85-90 pounds. I Have some experience in acting. I have been in 2 short films, both directed by Katy Damian. One of the films went to the cons film festival. I’m super in to acting and singing and would find this movie to be a fun, exciting, learning experience. If I were to discribe my personality, it would be that I’m corky, outgoing, a wishful thinker, humerus, expressive, talkative, and open minded, and I could take on any role and be one with my character. I have a 15 year old brother who is a sucsessful actor and model. Also a 5 year old sister that has starred in 3 commercials. Thank you for considering me! For pictures look up miah_rosey on Instagram, or email me. -Miah Rose Smith *classified*

  38. Leta

    Name: Leta
    Height: 4’10
    Weight: 92 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Age: 13
    Race: Asian

    Hi! My name is Leta and I was born and raised in California! This movie sounds very interesting and I’d love to be a part of it! I make YouTube videos and I love acting, singing, dancing, and having fun! I want to start my professional acting career and this seems like a great start! I have been in a school musical but that is my only experience. I took one class of drama in my middle school and I had a blast. All these stars are amazingly talented and I’d love to work and learn beside them. Hope you will consider me! Thank you for this opportunity.

  39. Brooke O'Shea

    My name is Brooke O’Shea
    I’m 13 years old
    I was born December 22nd
    I am 5″5
    I have brown hair and brown eye
    Race: White

    I’ve always wanted to be in a movie and I think this is my chance. I would love to do this if you would consider me that would be great. I read the summary of this movie and it sounds really good. I have braces so that might limit my chances but I would love to try this. I live in a small town in Iowa. If you gave me a chance I could email you a picture of me. This is a mine I would love if you could turn this into a memory for me. I may be young but can do many things. I play sports and do a lot of stuff. This movie sounds great. Thanks for reading this even if I don’t make it. You probably get a lot of these.

  40. Laila little

    Hi my name is Laila, I enjoy acting very much. I do not have an agent but I have taken part in John Casablanca.
    I am just barely 140 pounds,
    I am also barely 5’4
    I have dark brown hair that’s past my should a little bit.
    I have a brown skin complexion
    I also have dark brown eyes
    My race is African American
    I live in Charlotte North Carolina, I have not done any major acting roles. Small plays for my school. I can adapt well and able to improve and I will always try my hardest for anything that I do. Acting for a big movie or tv show has always been my dream. Being able to work in this movie would honestly be s dream.
    Thank you for considering me, Laila little

  41. Jessenia Mills

    EVERYBODY’S RESPONSE IS THE SAME. Allow me to say something different. I am crazy optimistic and I come with a lot of personality and laughter. You want to see what I’m made of? Try me on for a size. I’m 17 by the way!

  42. Danny Parks

    Hi my name is Danny parks I’m 5’3″. I’m 14 (soon to be 15) and blonde. I love acting and singing and would love to play any part you think is best! 🙂

  43. kelena ashton

    My name is kelena ashton i am 12 turning 13 this year i live in sydney i have brown hair and i really want to become a actress i am a good actress and i’v been told that i shoud become one i am a really easy person to work with. And i would love to be in this movie it sounds really good i can fake cry

  44. emily

    I love acting. I love chloe and I know I can make this movie. I want to be in this movie so badly. I have been in the school play twice and I have experiiance with singing and acting. please consider me. You wont regret it

  45. Jessica Armstrong

    Name: Jessica Armstrong
    Age: 15
    Birthday: August 2,1999
    Born & Raised: WIlson. NC
    Height: 5’9”
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Race: African American

    All my life ive been acting. I use to go to a school called Sallie B. Howard for the Arts & Education and thats where i did all my acting like Willy Wonka, Anansi and the Spider, Cinderella etc. and im doing another called the Lion King and ill be playing Pumbaa im one out of 2 high schoolers that will be in it and it will be in May. Acting is like a way to build your confidence. Its a way to express yourself without people judging you and its like a whole step forward towards that. And thats coming from a person who use to get picked on all the time. I love acting and making people laugh and every time i tried to go to websites and sign u for stuff they dont notice mean and i hope yall will change that. :))

  46. Emilie Hutchinson

    Hi my name is Emilie Hutchinson and I am currently 16 years old.

    I understand that you have received a lot of these comments and probably don’t have the time to read them all, but I will test my luck anyway (which isn’t very lucky).

    I have a passion for acting because it enables me to step into another persons skin and walk around in it (mind my quote from ‘To kill a mockingbird”). For as long as I can remember, I have yearned for something more, something different and exciting. I feel that acting is the best way to express myself and my passions.

    I live in a small town in Victoria, Australia, but I have always wanted to travel and see what the world has to offer, but more importantly, show the world what I have to offer. I not only want to make an impact, I want to make a difference. Even if it’s a small difference, like inspiring someone to chase after their dreams, regardless of whether they seem unattainable or nearly possible.

    So far, I have wanted to be an archaeologist, mythologist, a travel blogger, a singer, an explorer (or more specifically, Indiana Jones as a women), and most significantly, an actor. But I never believed that I could achieve any of that as I’m a country girl from a small seaside town. In all likelihood, I’ll settle on being a physiotherapist because I’m good at anatomy and physiology. Honestly, I don’t want to settle on a life that I might enjoy, with endless routines and schedules. I am officially deciding to believe that I can do the impossible, beat the odds and be what and who I want to be. I just need to convince you to take a leap of faith and trust in my convictions.

    My name is Emilie Hutchinson and I believe that I would be a good member of the fifth wave cast

    I have long dark brown hair that gradually turns caramel brown and Indigo coloured eyes (light blue with grey). I am slim and tall(ish) with a fair complexion. Unfortunately, this fair skin of mine is accompanied by a few freckles, not many on my face but a lot on my arms.

    Please contact me if you are interested in exercising a small town girls dream. If you do contact me, I will send a picture, my height and any other information you need. Please, take that leap of faith with me.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

  47. Jordyn McGie

    My name is Jordyn McGie. I am 14 years old, I weigh 171 lbs (roughly), I am 5’4″ and I live in Lakeland, FL. My hair is in a pixie cut and it’s gray/grey but I am going to let it grow out. If I ever wanted my hair to grow out again, I had to cut it. Also, I’m going to dye my hair dark brown after I write this. I’ve had a little experience with acting. Ever since I was a little girl, I always played the mischevious little angel role. Of course, that’s not all that I did. I did school and church plays. I grew up in a small town and, unfortunately for me, there were no acting teachers who could increase my ways and develop me into a better and much more skilled actress. I was always told that there is a one in a million chance that I’d ever get a chance to become something I’m not already. A professional actor. One of the biggest offenders was my mother’s boyfriend. He never believed in me and he would push me down (sometimes literally) and tell me that no matter how hard I tried, there is always going to be someone who beats my rep. I know I’ll have a one in a million chance but at least I can say I’ve tried. I love acting and I’m hoping I can pursue my dreams into becoming an inspiring young actress who proved her hating peers wrong. Hopefully, I can support other youngs teens or even adults in doing what they love most.
    Thank you so much,
    Jordyn McGie

  48. Heidi Mendiola

    Hello my name is Heidi i;m 15 and i live in California. I speak both Spanish and English.
    I’m a kind person and enjoy working with people. I’m a fun silly girl but when it comes having a role or having to do something i’m very committed. Having an opportunity to come out in a movie even as an extra would be a dream come true.
    I’m a hard working person that never gives up. I know that acting is hard work and takes responsibilities but im willing to take that. Being a part of a movie starring Chloe is awesome. Shes a great actress. I like being in front of cameras and interacting with people. Hopefully i get a chance to be part of the film . Thank you for taking your time to read this.