The Conjuring 2 - Movie

The Conjuring 2 – Movie

Already responsible for some of the most successful horror franchises of the past decade including Saw and Insidious, James Wan broke out this spring with the billion dollar (and growing) grossing auto action extravaganza Furious Seven and now for his next film he will be heading back to his chilling horror roots. The Conjuring 2 will be rolling in front of cameras soon and online submissions from up and coming actors for incredible roles in the next chapter of this hit horror series are being accepted today. Your chance to snag a major role in what will surely be one of the biggest films of the new year starts now.

Academy Award nominee Vera Farmiga (The Departed, Up In The Aire, Bates Motel) and Golden Globe nominee Patrick Wilson (Little Children, The A-Team, Watchmen) will reprise their roles as Lorraine and Ed Warren in a story that will this time find the married demonologists investigating supernatural activity haunting single mother Peggy Hodgson and her four children

in their North London home in the late 1970’s. Mr. Wan will be directing as well as producing alongside Peter Safran (Scary Movie, Annabelle, ATM) and Rob Cowan (The Crazies, San Andreas, Chernobyl Diaries). The film will feature a script by the original The Conjuring duo of Carey and Chad Hayes with rewrites by David Johnson (The Walking Dead).

Casting calls for outstanding roles in the horror phenomenon The Conjuring 2 are happening very soon and online submissions are being accepted now. Boys and girls can apply today at the official casting website where you will find detailed instructions on how to enter video auditions. Previous experience is not required! More updates will be posted here as they become available so be sure to check back for more news and information and leave a message in the space below and tell us your thoughts on this movie and why you would like to be chosen to be a part of the cast of the all new feature film The Conjuring 2 directed by James Wan and starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

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  1. Christian Daley

    My name is Christian Daley, and I am 23 years old. I am 6’2, 180lbs in weight; a tall and slender look with brown hair and brown eyes. As for experience in acting, I have participated within 7 musical productions; 6 of them during my time in high school in which I played a lead role in 5 productions, Aladdin, Little Women, Secret Garden, H.M.S. Pinafore, Calamity Jane. While studying for my psychology degree in college I began to help work on a production for the University of Mercyhurst. It is something I have always enjoyed and had fun with.

    In relation to my thoughts on the film “The Conjuring 2,” I absolutely love it. The first Conjuring by far was one of the best horror films I have seen, and to be apart of the second one would be fantastic. Especially along side the characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren. I have seen as much horror films as I possibly could from the first conjuring, IT, Annabelle, Shutter, Lights out, and many more. And although I love a great selection of movies from multiple genres. I cant help but to be completely immersed when watching a horror film. I love the thrill, the excitement, the adrenaline of getting scared. People love to watch movies and to act for multiple reasons including to escape reality, to become someone else, or to briefly live that excitement, fear, the love, sorrow, that of which is outside of our own reality. It can honestly be such a phenomenal experience. I find that it would be amazing to be a part of that experience, a part of what completely immerses others when watching the film, helping to form that experience of fear, excitement, love within the viewers.

    -Christian Daley
    Thank you, and hope to hear from you.

  2. Tiffany- Diandra Botnick

    Hi there,

    I’m Tiffany- Diandra Botnick and I am a 17 year old female from Toronto, Canada. Upon hearing about this television show, my first thoughts were that horror is for some people while it completely scares others. I for one, personally love horror, and I would like to be a part of this project.

    I would like to say that I have had a moderate amount of acting and on-stage performances. I have taken Drama classes at my high school for the past three years. There, I have taken part in performances such as radio dramas, and monologues, as well as intensive drama performances along with the rest of my class. I have also done a performance for my Musical Theater class, titled ”Anything Goes”. While I played the role of the reporter in this production, I had the opportunity to act, sing and dance. To bring the end of the school year to a close, my class and I presented the hour-long musical to the rest of the school, which possessed over 2000 students. However, although this was my longest performance, it was not my only performance. I have also done various solo monologues, music performances where I have sang, and a few dance performances.

    I am 5”7 with brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. My ethnicity is Caucasian.

    Thank you,

    – Tiffany- Diandra Botnick
    This film possesses a magnificent plot. Please contact me.

  3. Madlen

    Hi! My name is Madlen and I am 16 years old. I would love to audition please notify me.

  4. Mariia Shpuntova

    Hi dear,
    My name is Mariia, I am from Ukraine, but now I moved in Toronto, Canada.
    I never had an experience in professional filming, but I really dreaming about it and I hope and would love to say that I am sure that I will.

    I was born on 21 September 1999. I am 18 years old right now and really afraid of how fast time goes, hopefully, will get a response from you.

    I actually can play saxophone and flute as well and dance ( just in case).
    Thanks) Looking forward to your answer!

  5. Michelle

    Hello my name is Phalon Arias. I am Honduran. I am 22 years old and I am 5’3. I’m very interested because I always wanted to be part of a scary movie. Back then my siblings and I would make “zombies” clips. I’m very fun to be around, funny, sweet, and loves to risk.

  6. Vinay Sandhu

    Hi, My name is Vinay Sandhu. I am 24 years old, I have black hair, light brown skin and I am 5’9 tall. I am in great shape, weigh 150 pounds and regularly enjoy excercising/working out. I would be a perfect candidate for Shadowhunters because I am flexible when it comes to getting things done and I enjoy a challenge. Although I have not persuade acting as a career in the past, this would be an excellent opportunity because I have a lot of skills to offer and I am always open to learning. I love watching horror movies and that just makes this opportunity that much more attractive. Furthermore, I love to have fun and make people feel comfortable when they are around me.

  7. Tiffany Anderson

    Tiffany Anderson
    Savannah Ga

    “Throw me to the wolves, tomorrow I will come back leader of the whole pack.”

    Gender: female
    Age: 22
    Hair: strawberry blonde (currently)
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 125 Lbs
    Ethnicity: Italian And Irish
    Body type: slender with cures, athletic

    Can supply headshots and portfolio upon request.

    Have previous acting experience as a child.

    U.S Veteran, physically active, outgoing, hard working, takes criticism and makes corrective actions.

    Willing to travel. Single with no children.

  8. Jennifer Bonilla

    Name: Jennifer Bonilla
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Black, shoulder length
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 142
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Location: Mooresville, NC
    Hello, I am Jennifer Bonilla. Recently I have been interested in acting and would love to participate in a film. I have been practicing for a couple of months now and I think be apart of something like this would be amazing!

  9. Cassandra Rhynold

    I am interested in this role, I am from British Columbia, Canada.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Eye: Brown
    Hair: Brown, long
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 136

  10. Mackenzie Hughes

    Hello, I’m Mackenzie!
    Name: Mackenzie Hughes
    Age: 10 (11 in one month)
    Ethnicity: French-Canadian
    Skin Tone: White
    Hair Color: Golden Brown
    Eye Color: Ocean Blue with a Hint of Yellow
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4’10 (still growing)
    Weight: 70lbs
    Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

    I would love this acting job. I have been obsessed with acting since I saw my first movie. I enjoy acting, dancing, modeling, and singing. I have done some acting work with Jennetta Howell Theatricals, I was in the Kids Cabaret and her theatre group. I currently do ballet with Crystal River Ballet School, I am not en pointe yet but I have been Clara in the Nutcracker. I have done choir for a couple of years with Shanti Gruber. I would love to get this acting job, I respect your decisions. Xoxo, Mackenzie!

  11. Kate Flagg

    Name: Kate Flagg
    Age: 12 (turning 13 July 16)
    Height/Weight: 5’0/83.3Ibs
    Ethnicity : American
    Skin tone: Olive
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Gender : Female
    Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

    I have always wanted to be in a horror movie (or any type of movie), I’ve been acting, dancing, and singing since I was 6 years old (not professionally). I’m a quick learner and always give my best focus and effort. I usually act with my siblings (triplets with an older sister so i’m one of 4). I also do NCT and other acting companies. It would be a dream to be working with the cast and crew of The Conjuring 2
    Thanks you so much.

    Kate Flagg

  12. Natasha Kurz

    Name: Natasha Kurz
    Age: 21
    Height/Weight: 5’4/115Ibs
    Modelling Agency: Numa Models (Lifestyle)

    I have always wanted to be in a horror movie, whether it be a leading role or an extra. I absolutely love the thrill of watching these kinds of movies, and I believe it would be more of a thrill to be apart of one! Would be a dream come true.
    Thanks and hope to hear back if roles are still available!

    Natasha Kurz

  13. puneet sharma

    puneet sharma
    Age: 42
    Ethnicity : indian
    Skin tone: brown
    Hair: black
    Eye Color: light brown
    Gender : male
    Height : 5’8
    Weight: 60kgs
    Location: montreal canada

    This will be my first acting experience.I believe that I can become good actor.
    I personally love the movie The Conjuring i love it. I know The Conjuring 2 will be amazing too with it horror story. I would love to be a part of the cast because it will be a great opportunity as an upcoming actor.

  14. Arianna Mintah-Myers

    Arianna Mintah-Myers
    Age: 11
    Ethnicity: African American and Caucasian
    Skin Tone: Half Black
    Hair: Brown and Curly but not too frizzy
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 129 lbs
    Location: Ferndale, Washington
    Goal: To be a famous actor and singer
    I would totally love to be apart of this movie. Not that just my parents and I love the first movie but that it is really hard at school for me to show who I really am, I’m stuck in this shell only able to be this one person. Acting is so fun and when I’m with my friends we shoot little movies and do plays. A lot of my friends say how I act and all the facial expressions I have and my nice and funny personality. When I grow up I should be a comedian or actress. It would totally be truly amazing if I got the chance to be in my first ever movie! I have no experience but I do practice at home what an actor would do. I feel like I got it down. And I would feel so happy and blessed if I was able to be in this movie! I also sing really well and I would love to be able to be or write a song for this movie! Acting and singing are my total passion, and I would love it if you could make my dream come true. Thank you!

  15. Suthaney Sundar

    Suthaney Sundar
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity : Sri Lankan
    Skin tone: Dark
    Hair: Thick Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Gender : female
    Height : 5’2
    Weight: 104 lbs
    Location: Westborough, MA

    I would absolutely love to be a part of this production! I have done parts in theatrical plays, but this would be my first movie. I think this would be a fascinating experience in the realm of horror.

  16. Julianna D

    Age: 15
    Ethnicity : Caucasian
    Skin tone: white
    Hair: Thick Brown
    Eye Color: light brown
    Gender : female
    Height : 5’7
    Weight: 155 Lbs
    Location: Wimauma, FL

    This will be my first acting experience however I am more than thrilled to be part of this movie! I am an artist also a musician, I believe that I can do in acting as well!

  17. Sara Carlin

    Age: 15
    Ethnicity : Irish
    Skin tone: Fair
    Hair: Blondish Brown
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Gender : Female
    Height : 5’5
    Weight: 115lbs
    Location: Houston, Tx
    I’m new to acting, but I’ve always wanted to do it since I was very young. I also loved horror movies since I was 4yrs old so I thought this would be a great opportunity to apply for the Conjuring 2, the first one was great.

  18. Griselda Orizco

    I personally love the movie The Conjuring , it was a great hit . I know The Conjuring 2 will be amazing too with it horror story. I would love to be a part of the cast because it will be a great opportunity as an upcoming actor. I believe this movie in particular will be a great learning experience.

  19. Amiya Keno

    hi my name is amiya im 13 years old and i will love to be in a conjuring 2 and i love scary movies bye

  20. Cheryl knowles

    Name :Cheryl Knowles
    Age :10
    Skin : color Tan
    HairLight brown
    Eye color Brown
    Gender Female
    Height 5ft
    Weight 85 pounds
    Utah (but willing to travel)

  21. Ellie

    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Skin: Very fair
    Hair: Medium, dirty blonde, wavy
    Eyes: Grey-blue
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 168lbs.
    Location: Tampa, FL

    Hi, I’m Ellie and although new to professional acting I have experienced onstage acting since I was very little. I love the idea of participating in a horror movie and it seems like a really fun experience and a great starting place.

  22. Jaden Dudley

    Greetings, my name is Jaden Dudley and I am currently 14, but will be finally turning 15 on the 28th of September. I am African American and is from New York. Now I am living in Richmond, VA, but I will do anything to be associated with this opportunity. I have experience in acting and I will be honored and extremely grateful to be chosen for a role because I am a fan of James Wan work and will be more than glad to be working with the rest of the cast. Thank You.

  23. Madison Braman

    My name Madison. I love horror and I have The Conjuring on DVD and I LOVE it.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Brown shoulder length
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 4’11
    Weight: 100lbs
    Body type: Petite
    Location: Columbia, SC

  24. michelle remigio

    hello my name is michelle remigio i am 5″‘4 i have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and i am hispanic i am 14 years old i am a hardworking girl who can make anything you tell me happen i can cry i can fake a death i am very advanced to the level you put me to the test to i guarantee that i will be working my very best to my potential needs i am looking forward to meeting the cast as well as the producers and director i have seen part 1 multiple times and hoping to be apart of this next chapter! i will bring a 110% every day of the week !!!!!!

  25. dose not say

    hi i’m looking to audititon for Byron because I am 11 years old and i’m Mexican I also have brown eyes and brown hair

  26. Elena Lopez

    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Height: 5’4″
    Hair: brown/black
    Eye color: dark brown
    Wight: 144 lbs
    Location: Gilbert, Arizona

    Never had any acting experience but I’m getting interested. Mostly horror movies and comedies are my favorite. So I’m leaning towards the way of wanting to become a young actress.

  27. Phoebe Varley

    Hi this phoebe
    I have had a fair bit of experience in the industry and am on grade 6 in my LAMDA lessons
    I am 11 years old although my playing age is from 13-15 as I am 5,7 and people tell me I look and act very mature for my age
    I would like to apply for the role of Margaret Hodgson
    I have experience in acting as I have been doing it since I was 4
    I can also sing very well
    I have seen that you would be shooting in England and Los Angeles
    I live in England
    I feel that I would fit in the role as Margaret and I am up for an online audition or one in person
    I wear glasses and have hair that naturally goes into ringlets ( it brown with a little bit of blonde)
    I have White skin too
    I can take my glasses of and I can straighten my hair if I need to
    I can learn lines over night and can cry on the spot
    I work well with younger children and am up for anything
    Thank you

  28. Phoebe Varley

    Hello I am an 11 year old girl although my acting age is 13-15 so i would be auditioning for the part of Margaret Hodgson
    I am 5,7
    I have brown hair with a bit of blonde in it
    It is naturally curly ( ringlets) but I can straighten if it need be
    I wear glasses but I don’t have to wear them on set
    I have large green eyes
    I have a lot of experience in acting and have been doing it since I was 4

  29. Summer

    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: White
    Skin tone: Fair
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5″
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Location: Pinellas County, Florida, United States
    New to acting, but I’d love to be a part of this production! Horror movies are so cool! My family and I loved the first movie 🙂

  30. Charles

    Age: 17
    Ethnicity : Caucasian
    Skin tone: Tan
    Hair: Thick Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Gender : Male
    Height : 5’9
    Weight: 155 Lbs
    Location: California, US

    New to acting but I’ve always been fascinated by horror movies and how they stir up the emotions of people. I’m a fan of The Conjuring and would love to be a part of The Conjuring 2.

  31. byron

    im byron gacia i am 11 years old i have brown hair im 4,9 height brown eyes full mexican half asian and half american and i weight 84 lbs and i know how to talk spanish and talk in a british acsent please contact me.

  32. Katherine

    Gender: Female
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    height: 5’4
    weight; 100
    Race: Chinese
    Location: British Columbia, Canada

    Hi my name is Katherine! I absolutely love acting and I love horror movies! Conjuring was one of my favourite horror movies! I would love to be a part of this!

    Thank you~


    Hello, my name is Jolíe, I’m 39 but people always think I’m still in my twenties, which I love.I have black hair and brown eyes. I’m 5’7″, I’m a big girl( a fatty) at the moment, have been working out and losing weight. I’m pierced and tattooed( which can be covered). I absolutely love scary movies. I thrive on them. I’m always ready to meet new people. I live 5 minutes outside New Orleans Louisiana. I’ve been back in school for a few years now, but taking the summer off and looking to make some cash.

  34. Victoria Skeith

    My name is Victoria Skeith (Vyktorea)
    Im 27 and canadian (Japanese Irish Cree & French)
    I have brown hair but sometimes go as a blonde
    I have brown eyes
    Im 5’1 with a slim/athletic build

  35. Angel Womble

    Name: Angel Womble
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 125 lbs

  36. bria

    I would love to be a part of this scary movie. I have been in theater arts for a long time and I just love acting.
    my name is Bria
    I’m sixteen
    5’4 and chubby but overall I’m a good actress

  37. Essence Tanksley

    Hello my name is Essence Tanksley I am an African american 16 year old female who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Fl and i actually like scary/thriller movies and I always been saying I want to play in one. I will love to be given a chance to play in this movie. I ha e no experience at all in acting but I have took drama class and have a great imagination.

  38. Camryn Wilson

    Hello. My name is Camryn Wilson. Im 5 6′ and 112 lbs. I’d absolutely love to be apart of this movie. You couldn’t get better than me. Give me a shot, I know I won’t waste your time.

  39. Juliana Baggatta

    I am Juliana. I am a 14 year old girl and I love horror movies. I would really love to play in the Conjuring 2. I have watched the first one and it looks like so much fun. I would really love to be a part of the Conjuring family.
    Name:Juliana Baggatta
    Age:14 will be 15 June 22
    Height: 5’4 or 5’5
    Brown eyes

  40. Michael Dominguez

    Hello my name is Michael Dominguez I would love to work with Vera Farmiga. She is the most attractive Lady on the TV screen from Bates Motel to Running Scared iv always had a crush on her. I have no experience and this is my first time reaching out for something that I have always wanted to do, I think it is time to start chasing what I really want.
    I’m 6’3 about 175 lbs black hair and very dark brown eyes. I’m slim but do go to the gym 2-3 times a week. Also I miss scary movies that really scared people. Not saying I would make it better but I would like the start somewhere . Lol this isn’t even where you get chosen for the movie haha anyway still just throwing this out there.

  41. Sean Freeman

    Hi im Sean Freeman
    Height – 6’2
    Weight – 210
    Sex- Male
    Tall , athletic and hazel eyes & im in love with horror movies and i would love to be a part of this movie.

  42. Ashly Abbey

    My name is Ashly
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Hair color: Light brown/ Brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 5’4
    Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

    I’m a big fan of horror movies! Being in a horror movie would be an amazing opportunity. I did drama in school, and I did acting and modeling classes to learn the basics in acting. I’m very dedicated to what ever I do. I give 100% in what I do, I try my hardest and do my best. Acting has always been a big wish of mine.

  43. Alyssa

    Hello, I am interested in a role of “The Conjuring 2” acting has always been a dream of mine. I like doing plays for my school whenever they’re avaliable . I am familiar with the first movie,The Conjuring . I live in New York.
    My name is Alyssa Santana
    I’m 13, in the 8th grade.
    I have medium length dark brown hair.
    Brown eyes .
    I’m 5’2 .
    My birthday is July 20,2002.
    Thank you for your time and consideration,