"That’s So Raven" Spin-off Disney Channel Kids Audition

Disney Channel Kids Lead Role Auditions

Does your child want to be the next Disney Channel star? You can apply for a Disney Channel audition today!  A new Disney Channel audition for the spin off series of “That’s So Raven” is now casting kids! The Disney Channel casting call is looking for a boy and a girl to play Raven’s kids in the new show! Producers are looking for a female who is ages 10 to 13 years old of any ethnicity to play Raven’s daughter Nia. They are also looking for a boy who is ages 8 to 10 years old to play her son Booker. Auditions are being held in Atlanta, Georgia. Filming is set to take place in Los Angeles, California in February of 2017.

About “That’s So Raven”

On the new show, Raven is a divorced mother to two pre-teen kids (a son and daughter), one of whom has inherited her ability to catch glimpses of the future, according to Deadline. Raven will be back to reprise her title role of Raven Baxter. In the original show, Raven Baxter was a teen who had the ability to see flashes of the future and it got her into trouble.

What They Are Looking For

UMMI is searching for child actors for an upcoming audition for the new Disney Channel spin-off series “That’s So Raven”. They are searching for kids who are local to the Atlanta area as that is where auditions will be held. Filming will be in Los Angeles in February. They are looking for kids who are SAG or SAG eligible and who have strong comedic skills.


[NIA] Female, 10-13 yr old, Raven’s daughter. ANY ETHNICITY.

[BOOKER] 8-10, Raven’s son. ANY ETHNICITY.

How to Apply

If you child has what it takes to be the next Disney Channel TV show star, email casting@ummiagency.com with the subject line of the email being That’s So Raven TV Pilot. All submissions must include your child’s name, city/ state, age, ethnicity, parent name and contact information, talent resume and recent headshots. All submissions must be in by January 1st, 2017.

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58 Casting Responses

  1. Leena

    Hi my name is leena and I have Been in many different shoes on Disney junior and Disney channel and I know I’m too late for auditioning now but if there would be any show u need for a girl from 11-15 please I would be ready to join and I have a professional agent I can sing dance and everything the shows that I had be to were bizardvark and stuck in the middle with Jenna Ortega and I also went to Nickelodeon to in I Carly so please I would love to join u for any role and I also acted in 20 different big roles in theaters and I have a headshot and big resume ready so I would really love to join u not because I just want to because that’s my hobby and as Disney says “all dreams come true”. So I would appreciate if my dream would be true and I live in the uae but I am Egyptian and American and I’m 11 years old

  2. Gugulethu

    I want to go to audition because i want my talent to be seen by people in the world

  3. Zack

    Trying to get my step kids and myself on auditions for Ravens home or any Disney shows

  4. jeasica hubbard

    Hi I’m jessica and I would love to join ravens home.

  5. jeasica hubbard

    Hi I’m jessica hubbard and I would love to be on ravens home I would lovve to play nia her daughter I watch that show every Sunday and I gotta tell ya its a great show to watch.

  6. D.J. Tarquinio

    I know it’s already season 2 of ravens home, but I would make a great character that is just like a male friend from school who ends up really involved in the characters lives

  7. Chloe Johansen

    Hi my name is Chloe Johansen I live in pennsylvania. I would like to auditition for Ravens Home. If you have any open spots, please let me know. Its always been my biggest dream to be an actress.

  8. Yamara Taylor

    Hi my name is Yamara Taylor and my one only dream is to become a tv star actress. I’ve had modeling and acting experience since I was 7yrs old

  9. Sabrina DeiMedici

    I am Sabrina DeiMedici and I would love to play Raven or Nia, or even the girl with the sass and I got sass. So feel free to pick me for anything you got my email and your in contact with me so plz pick me you would make me the happiest girl in the world but if you don’t pick me you would make me the saddest girl in the world and would make me cry for days. That’s so raven is my favorite show because every season and episode I finish makes me laugh so hard. I can’t imagine not laughing at an episode 😃😃😃😃😃😂😂😁😁😀😀😀😊😊☺☺😀😂😃😃😄😄😄😅😆😆 I also can’t imagine not going on in life without starting my acting career on my favorite show. Plz pick me and fill my heart with joy instead of filling it with sadness.

  10. Le'Onie Robinson

    Hi my name is Le’Onie I know they already found the roles for the main characters I feel like I could be good as an extra

  11. Micah Ramsey Jr

    Hi I’m Micah Jr and I want to play the role of booker and I am 12 years old and I realot want the role.

  12. Chama'ni

    I think I would be a great nia for the That’s So Raven spinoff I am also 13 a would love to be acting as Raven daughter so I hope I can get this role

  13. Marilee

    hi I am Marilee i am 10 but look like i am 13 i am a traveler so i go a lot off states and i hope that i can play the role off Nia even just being the an extra i just want to meet raven she is my favorite role model so please pick me for anything .

  14. Chloe

    Is it to late to even reply it probably is well anyways I’m 12 almost 13 and I would love to play nia as ravens daughter

  15. Alicia kromah

    Hi my name is Alicia Kromah and I know that I already sent you guy a letter but I really want a chance oh I am 14 years old and I live in New Jersey and yes I know that’s not what you guys want and I know you guys already have someone to play Nia and that fine. Thanks.

  16. Alicia kromah

    Hi my name is Alicia Kromah I am 14 years old and I live in New Jersey and I know that’s not what you guys are looking for but I would love the chance to addiction for the role Nia. This is my dream. When I was kid I would watch the show it basically raised and I really want a chance it’s ok if I don’t get it but I just want a chance. Please this is my dream.

  17. Olive

    Even though I do live in England, I would love to play the role as Nia. I am 10 years old and hope one day to be a Disney star and this could be my chance. If I did get the role, how would it work as I live in England?

  18. Eshal

    Hi i’m eshal tabit i know this is really late but i would like to audition for the role of nia.
    When i saw thar i was too late i thought whats the point of doing this but it keeps haunting me abd i keep on thinking how we act the same why and i just really want to audition and even if i don’t get the role I’ll know that i tried so please i your reading this just message me via my Gmail and thanks for reading this .

  19. Shaimaa

    I hope it’s not too late for this message? But Anyways im 13 years old but look 12 and I still ride the bus here for free? I live here in Toronto and really hope you can make an acception for me and let me come to the U.S. And work with you guys it would be awesome! So yeah that’s basically it thanks for reading!

  20. Corinne Lillywhite

    Hi my name is Corinne Lillywhite I live in Eugene Oregon I’m 13 years old i will will 14 in July I have watched Disney ever since I was a little girl I can sing and act I would love to have this opportunity to be one of the next Disney stars thanks.

  21. Timmra

    Hi I’m Timmira I’m 13 I live with a family of four and if been in love with theater and singing since I was little and I grew up watching Disney and I know everything about that’s so raven this was my number one dream

  22. Jaquan palmer

    Hi my name is jaquan palmer I’m 14 years old I live in Benton Harbor I’m funny and Intergenic I know everything about that’s so raven like it will be a dream come true to audition for you guys to get in contact with me call Thank you

  23. Victoria

    Hi my name is victoria i am 11 years old i always cry when i especially see zuri acting on bunk but i am crying right now cos u probably wont see this but it is worth a try i not doing this for money im doing this because i enjoy it and u probaby wont choose me cos im in england and…..well bye say hi to zuri for me she inspires me:)bye:)

  24. Rozhana Mason

    Hi I’m Rozhana and it would be an honor if you were to cast me as Nia. I’m 12 years old and will be 13 in June. I can sing and dance and I’m definitely all the drama of acting. Please make my dream come true.

  25. Christopher

    Hi my name is Christopher Jean-Gilles I’m 12 years old and I live In Farmington Connecticut I hope it’s not too late to audition can you make an exception to ages I would love to play the male part Brooker.

  26. Chidinma Okafor

    Dear Disney channel,
    I would like to audition for the role of Nia I am 11 years old.
    Thank you

  27. Aileen

    When does it start and where is the place at let me know plz thank you?

  28. rabiya

    I signed up on Disney Applause does that counnt

  29. Massa

    Hi my name is massa I’m 13 and African Australian I would love to be bia because I have so much talent that I want to show people

  30. Erica Lee

    My daughter is thirteen years old and she has a lot of talent.She has comedic spots like you want and if you pick her thank you so much.

  31. Abdoul

    Hi my name is Abdoul I’m African I speak French and perfect English I always wanted to act my idle will smith he’s acting is so awesome I’m a smart kid plz this will be a perfect opportunity for me to show my skills

  32. Rebecca Assongba

    Hi my name is Rebecca i’m 15 years old and i’m African American. I’ve been watching that’s so Raven for so long and i always wanted to be in in. When i heard about this i knew i had to be Nia. I can act and i love making people laugh. please contact me back. I know i can be Nia the daughter of Raven Baxter.

  33. Kanignja

    Hi I’m also thirteen I can act to any thing you please. I will love the role of nia! It would be a fun experience. I can act a little bit of singing and quite the drama queen.

  34. Aaliyah

    Hi Again this is Aaliyah I want to prove to everyone I can live my dream.So it would be an honor if you cast me as Nia.My family and friends would support me either way.

  35. Aaliyah

    My name is Aaliyah I am 13 years old I am African American. I love to act.My mom calls me a drama queen because I act so dramatic.I love making people laugh and I can do ballet.I think I can make it as nia.Wait I know I can make it as Nia the daughter of Raven.I am sorry if I’m late.I have the same dream like anybody else to become famous.

  36. Kylie

    I just saw this and I’m 10 I’d love to be Nia it’s my dream to pursue being an actor with y’all I’m American just plz gimme a respond

  37. Emma Hawthorne

    hi! my name is emma hawthorne, i live in marblehead, ma. i love acting and have tons of experience with school plays and i’ve done a lot with my local theater. i am pretty tall. i have brown hair and eyes. i am a caucasian and Latina mix. it would mean the world to me just to audition for the show, let alone get a part. even if i cant be Nia, it would be amazing to get any role. if your intrested, please email me.

    – Emma

  38. Gwyneth Kate Skinner

    Hello Disney! My name isn’t Gwyneth, I am 11years old, and is caucasian, also Ihave blond hair and blue eyes. I live on the island of Oahu in Hawaii but am willing to fly WHEREEVER to be able to audition for this sequel series. I am an amazing singer, am a beginner in guitar and love to dance and act. I enjoy traveling, horseback riding and hanging with friends. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my response and I hope you can get back to me

  39. Kamaile Wa'a

    Hi my name is Kamaile Wa’a and I am 12 years old. My birthday is October 14 2004. I live in Corvallis, Oregon. My ethnicity is Hawaiian. I am quite a character. I have a passion for acting. I am a big fan off that’s so raven and I would love to play as Nia in that’s so raven spinoff. I am so sorry this is late. Can you please send me a audition script. I would love to film and send it to you guys. I act and model and I would definitely be very happy if I got the part please email me

  40. Sarah C

    I am so sorry this is so late, but I’m begging you here.

  41. Sarah C

    Hello, My name is Sarah and I live in the state of Colorado. Disney Channel is my favorite show of all time and I love to act, I am really hoping to get a shot at being on Disney Channel and I was wondering when I might get a chance.

  42. Noemi. Rossi

    Hi my name is noemi I loved this channel when I was younger now I’m 13 and want to be given a chance to meet my star…I love acting I can sing and do a little dance!!I want to be given a cahmce for Disney but if I am to be given I chaneed I feel he need to let you know I would not be able to come to the live auditions as it’s to expensiverify but would be truLeyton grateful if I could meet you on Skype thank you!!!I’ve tried to email so many times but no one’s ever replied

  43. Duwain Mwangi

    hi, My name is Duwain Mwangi and i am 14 years. I have an interest in your THAT’S SO RAVEN SPINOFF.
    I understand you are doing the casting in the united states but i am in Kenya…………but even so, i would like to try out and i would really like it if you sent me a scene and i will try to audition.i understand you want a boy of 10 to 13 years of age but you can make an exception. SO, i would really like to audition for the part of Booker by sending a video. THANKYOU.

  44. Kiera

    Hi. My name Is Kiera Noelia Alvarado. I am 10 years old and I live in taneytown MD. I would love to play Nia. I am Hispanic. We are willing to move for this role and what I love about Nia is that she is very outgoing and brave. I am very sorry for how late this is and I hope you will still consider me for this role. -Kiera Noelia Alvarado

  45. Beatriz Blanco

    Hi my name is Beatriz Blanco and I am 13 years old. I love act and I’ve already done two years of theater class and also participated in a play from my school. Actually I live in São Paulo, Brasil, but my dad was transferred for United States so we will change soon. And I have another parents who lives in United States. So i don’t know if it’s too late, but if isn’t I would like to do an audition!

    Beatriz Blanco

  46. Alysa murgo

    Again sorry for being so late I didn’t see the add till today so sorry that this is late

  47. Alysa murgo

    Hi my name is Alysa murgo and I love to act and I didn’t see the add till today so sorry that this is late it would be an amazing honor to have the part of raven’s daughter Nia I love acting and acting is what I do so you don’t even have to pay me I’ll do it for free because I love acting and I feel like I’m perfect for the part of raven’s daughter I know enough about the TV show that’s so raven and I would love to be on it and it is my dream to be on a Disney channel TV show so please make my dream come true and let me have the part of raven’s daughter Nia ….. And sorry that this is late
    Alysa murgo

  48. Tania

    My name is Tania Berrys and I am 13 years old. I’m an African-American citizen and ever since I moved to America I wanted to be on Disney. The first show I ever saw on Disney was “That So Raven” and I’ve been obsessed. When I heard there was going to be a spinoff I was SUPER EXCITED! At the time I didn’t know there was a casting call and I may be late but please consider me. I have what it takes I can defiantly promise you that. Even my friends and family support me and believe in me. I also want this because I am a HUGE FAN of Raven Simone. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RAVEN SIMONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Tia

    I’m Tia and I have no idea what this show is and I don’t live in Orlando (bummer) I live in England but I’d love to be a Disney star

  50. Caryse

    I’m 13 next year can I join??

  51. Janiaya

    I know its the 23rd and submissions are do the 1st of January but I’m still giving it a shot because acting is my dream

  52. Marissa Dumetz

    Hi I’m Marissa dumetz I am 13 years old I’m willing to audition for the part of Nia I loved that’s so raven well the reruns and it was a huge impact on my life

  53. Audrey Ann Jean-Jacques

    HI my name is Audrey and i’m 13 and been acting, for 4 years now . I think i could be able to act the daughter of Raven .

  54. Breana Wyrick

    I am Breana Wyrick. I am 12 years old and I would love to play the daughter on this show! I am a big That’s so Raven fan!! If you choose me, please contact me I live in Forsyth, GA!! ??

  55. Samson

    My name is Samson and I’m 13 and I’m a boy and I could for anyone

  56. Nyia Lamb

    I am 14 years old and my name is Nyia can you make an acception

  57. Asia Popa

    I love Disney channel and one of my favorite shows was That’s So Raven. I love acting and I have lots of acting experience.

  58. Asia Saffold

    I would love to become an actor on disney channel so im taking this opportunity in a life time.