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Terminales – ABC Family Casting Calls

The Secret Life Of An American Teenager, Switched At Birth, Make It Or Break It, Pretty Little Liars – these are just a few of the fantastic ABC Family dramas that have captured the hearts of millions each week on cables family network and now another amazing series is preparing to debut. Terminales is currently in pre-production and casting calls will soon be underway for roles of all kinds for actors of all ages. Submissions are being accepted today for this all new sure to be hit production.

Terminales will follow April a young talented and extremely driven reporter at a big city newspaper as she tries to excel in her writing and impress her difficult editor, devout time to her loving family and try her luck in romance. April’s life is challenging but rewarding and things seem to be on the rise when she is diagnosed with a terminal illness. She must now reevaluate everything in her life and start on a new path to healing and happiness. This will be yet another gripping and emotional production for ABC Family and must see viewing for the millions and millions of loyal fans that tune in each week to the networks impressive line up of quality family programming. Terminales has begun casting principle roles and have so far landed the fabulous talents of Italia Ricci (Secret Girlfriend, Unnatural History, Don Jon’s Addiction), Mary Page Keller (Hart Of Dixie, The Negotiator, Mad Men), Tamara Hickey (Bad As I Wanna Be: The Dennis Rodman Story, One Life to Live, Army Wives) and Haley Ramm (X-Men: The Last Stand, Into the Wild, Yours, Mine and Ours). Are you ready to throw your hat into the ring and be the next star of this exciting new ABC Family series? Auditions are being planned now and submissions are being accepted today. To apply for any role or for more information on the project you can go here facebook.com/CentralCastingOnLocation. Casting call updates will be posted as soon as they are released so keep checking back and leave a comment for us in the space below and tell us why you want to be cast in ABC Family’s Terminales.

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  1. Isabella Avila

    Name: Isabella Avila
    Height: 5″1″
    Experience: None
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Hispanic

    Hi my name is Isabella Avila, I live in San Antonio, TX, I am a 7th grader at Coke R. Stevenson Middle School. I went to John Casablancas MTM. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this for awhile now and now I can.
    Hope for a response!

  2. Brianna Prescott

    Brianna Prescott
    Height: 5’4
    weight: 120lbs
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Black
    Live: Houston, Texas

    I am a trained dancer. I have been dancing since the age of 3. I have basic training in acting. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me to do something that I love to do. I am such a big fan of every single ABC Family tv show even just a audition for a show would be a dream come true. I am willing to travel for an audition or send in a video.

  3. Josh Pr

    I’m josh I’m a male can play a male role great actor and really determined. I can do whatever is asked. And I’m really muscular have a great body so that can being ratings. I’m Hispanic so people would like that and cute. I can memories lines perfectly
    Body type: muscular

  4. Amy Overby

    Name: Amy Overby
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 135
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Green
    Ethnicity: White

    To be in a production like this would be the upmost exciting and most amazing thing for me. I have a love and passion for acting. I do a lot of small film work here in my home town of st.louis, and I love every minute of it. Being able to be around a cast of very experienced actors/actresses is something that excites me! Getting to watch and learn even more from them. Getting to be apart of this production would be a dream. I love acting wether one or one million people see my performance. Getting to step out of my persona and become a completely different person and learn that person and become that person for a brief time is why I love acting so much. You can become and be anything. Acting is the most beautiful art. I always give my all on every production I do, no mater how big or small. Acting is my passion it’s my art, and being able to take it to the next level would be incredible. Thank you for the opportunity!

  5. Erika aguilar

    Hello my name is Erika Aguilar and I’m 16 years old. I am Mexican American, I’ve been in the business since I was about 6year old of dancing singing acting and of course modeling. I take pride in my work and I am very dedicated. I’m 5’2 light skin with long brown hair, skinny but with nice curves. I’m very confident with myself. My level of acting with very professional and I take this very serious. It’s always been my dream to be on t.v. Overall I am a very unique young Hispanic girl on this world. Please help me by taking a huge step into my career.

  6. andrea Borja

    Hi! my name is andrea Borja,
    Age: 16
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 112
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: dark brown

    I’m, very outgoing, ambitious, athletic, and energetic. I really enjoy the ABC family shows. I would really love and look forward to be in a role for this show. I really want to take my acting to a new level and have my dreams come true. Thank you for your time.

  7. Abigail Awode


    My name is Abigail Awode. I am originally from Buchanan, Liberia. I currently reside in Minneapolis, MN. I am 18 years of age (will be 19 on December 4th, 2013). I am 5’6” and weight 145 lbs. I am a junior at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities studying neuroscience. I aspire to become a professional actor. Some ways that I have been preparing myself include; participating in my school’s drama club, taking acting classes and participating in plays.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my brief biography.

  8. Allison Taylor

    Hi my name is Allison Taylor

    I am 15 year old girl but i look older. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am about 5’9′ and I am in good shape. Acting has always been a dream of mine and i think i would be a great addition to this show. ABC Family is my favorite channel and i would love to be apart of it. I don’t know if this is relevant to this show but i am also a singer. The show seems very interesting.
    Please feel free contact me by email which is allison_taylor1011@yahoo.com .
    Thank you.

  9. Karina Macedo

    hi my name is karina and I’m interested in learning more about the casting going on for this show as well as leaning more about the behind the scenes as well…this would be a great opportunity to do some that no one in my family has ever tried to do and something that’s a great learning experience
    age :20
    height: 4’10
    hair: brown
    eyes: brown/ hazel
    ethnicity : hispanic
    age range :14-21

  10. Raquel Mendez

    Ethnicity:Italian and Latin ( but I can pull of like almost any race)
    Have been in showcases and dance shows. I’m a very easy person to work with have excellent memorization, people skills, and have a really strong control over my emotions.

    I am the person for this show it’s destiny, I just know it!

    I’ve have been through a lot and I’m only 24. I have worked harder than almost anyone my age and that’s not a lie. No matter what though I always remember what Walt Disney said “Keep moving forward” and that’s what I hope I’m doing here.

    Thanks so much for taking your time to read what I had to say.

  11. Megan Troeller

    Hi my name is Megan and I am a 22 year old recent college grad from Rutgers. After graduating I look a job in NYC to help pay my bills and loans back. I am leaving my job in December just because it is not a good fit for me, however while on the job a few employees mentioned that I should try acting. I am extremely outgoing, funny and love being a part of a team and working with a fun group of people. I also speak very clearly and some tell me that I have an “authentic look” although I’m not sure of exactly what they mean. I am about 5’9″ with an average athletic build. Bright blue eyes and light brown hair. If you need any more information feel free to use my email. Thank you for your time.

  12. kayla corona

    Hi Im Kayla Corona
    I am 12 years old and turning 13 in January.
    I weight 80 pounds.
    I am 4`11″
    I have long brown hair.
    I have light brown eyes.
    I live in Texas.
    I am a GCMS Cheerleader
    I am a straight A student
    I am a social butterfly
    I love talking to people and just making their day better
    I am very dramatic and absolutely love acting.
    I like to think that I have a good personality.
    I am kinda (very) sarcastic
    I may be sarcastic but I am very polite.
    My friends and family are the most important things to me.
    I am in tumbling
    I am very flexible
    I have been through a lot for my age
    My eyes twinkle with amazement of the world
    I have a tooth gap (._.)
    I have a horrible singing voice but I love singing
    I am a flyer
    I love to laugh
    I am sometimes so ditzy
    I have a flat stomach but I hate running
    I love stretching though
    I get really hyper sometimes
    I just really hate seeing people sad
    My favorite show is Pretty Little Liars
    My favorite cheer team is Smoed
    I love window shopping
    My favorite singers are One Direction^.^
    I absolutely love them
    I am so sassy
    I am Spanish but I don’t speak Spanish
    Like at all
    The only word I know well is ocho
    I don’t have any acting experience other than me acting everyday with my friends
    I am not afraid to be myself
    I think everybody is beautiful
    I know that is so cheesy and cliché but im being serious
    My instagram name is kaylacorona_19 if you want to stalk me/.^
    I really hope you consider me.
    Im just a little girl with a big dream
    (so cliché)

  13. Jennifer Costello

    Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what show it is; I just want to be cast in an ABC family show because it’s the ONLY station I watch; their shows are always realistic and include a great deal of morals, life lessons, and daily struggles, while at the same time being highly entertaining. I am always at the edge of my seat while watching their shows. The two I LOVE are switched at birth (because I am a signer who lives with a deaf roommate) and The Fosters (because I am also a foster parent AND a foster care social worker; as WELL as an actress). I would be a great addition to any set due to my spunky yet humble personality and I am a redheaded Italian (so I’m a natural when it comes to performing). 😉
    Red hair, blue eyes, 5’6″ 120 lbs.
    Experience; Stage acting, documentary, film extra, music video, reality tv

  14. Julius Robinson

    hello, my name is Julius Robinson I am 16 years old . I have been interested in becoming a actor for this position because I love acting I dedicated to it. I been a actor since 1st grade. I been in school plays for acting as the gate keeper for the wiz, and the stick bug for bugs on a picnic. Also I dose hip hop dance since I was in 7th grade. I performed at block clubs, the Chicago theater, and my high school homecoming prep rally. I wonted to be a famous actor and dancer since I was little. I am also taking acting class at school .. drama class. thank your for your time and hope u like my background .

    RACE: white, black
    HAIR: straight black hair
    glasses: yes and contact
    height: 5’7
    if you will like any more information contact me at my email

    thank you

  15. Linnea Dahl

    Hello, my name is Linnea Dahl and I am a 15 year old actress and dancer. I am currently in a performing arts studio that lets me do just that. I love performing and have done many musicals including the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. Though I have done musicals I would love to get into camera work. It would be an honor if you would would let me audition for you. I have a great work ethic and can handle anything you throw my way. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  16. Elena Cruz

    Name: Elena Cruz

    Age: 17

    Ethnicity: Hispanic

    Height: 5″6

    Hair Type: straight and sometimes wavy

    Hair color: (Dyed: Black) (Natural: Brown with Blonde highlights)

    Eye Color: Blue, Green, Grey

    Skin Tone: Pale

    Body Type: Average

    Current Occupation: Student

    Background: I am of a Cuban back ground,I`ve lived in Miami Fl my whole life. I am very white, I got into acting because I believe acting can get me places and i just LOVE to act. I am a very eager and fast learning and very easy to work with. Any task/role you give me I will commit to it 110%, I have what it takes to be on the show and would like to be a part of Terminales. I really need the job because my family is going to a rough time and i would like to be the one who helps them through this rough time, but i would also want this job because i love books and shows that are emotional and suspenseful, and it would be my dream come to be an actress.
    Thank you

  17. Chunhong Young

    Hello everyone!I am a 16 years old girl from China.My name is Chunhong Young.When I was a little girl,I have already fell in love with the Disney cartoons,it was cute and interesting.When I was 10 years old,I played a part in my school play.And I was considered as the best actress.And my hobby is reading and seeing the movies.Actually my favourite actress is Vivien Leigh.She is awesome!My dream is to be an actress.And I am really good at dancing.Especially the Chinese dance.I believe that I will never disappoint you.Because I sure that I am a beautiful girl.I have black hair and grey eyes. I promise I will be the hardest and firmest girl!Can I send you a video of Chinese dance?And introduce myself in this video?Please just give me a chance and let me prove it.I will do my best.please.It is so important to me and I don’t know how to describe it.Thanks a lot.
    Chunhong Young

  18. Kathlyn Ofosuhene

    Age- 16
    Hair color- brown
    Eye color- brown
    Skin color- brown
    Ethnicity- African American
    Height- 5 foot 4 inches
    Weight- 106

    Hello, my name is Kathlyn Ofosuhene and I would definetly love to be in this tv drama series. I love ABC Family and all the shows like Pretty Little Liars, Swith at Birth, The Lying Games, and my ultimate favorite The Fosters. I sing, dance and play piano. I love to model and it would be a great honor and privelage to be in the casting. I hope and pray that you will reply back and thank you.

  19. Nathan Banks Jr.

    My name is Nathan Banks Jr.
    Ethnic-African American
    Hair- Dark Brown
    Weight -178
    Eye color -Brown
    Hobbies- swimming , track, dancing , having fun , acting , singing

    I want to act for ABC Family because I love all the shows especially PLL .
    I am very ambitious when I see something I like I go straight for it .
    Everyone says I am great actor ,I acted in a couple plays called , Freedom also ,Angels . I really want to get out there and work with such ambitious people like me . I know I can do this because i’m a really hard worker . I feel that my part in life is acting and entertaining people and a audience . I feel that acting is the only place I fit in.

    Thanks very much ,

    Nathan Banks Jr.
    Email: twins166@gmail.com

    Have a blessed day

  20. takhya hunt

    Ohh and I also think I have a lot in common with April it kind of sounds like my life right now I really understand how she’s probably feeling

  21. takhya hunt

    I think I should be on your show because I’m young age:13 I’m very talented , I’m nice, hard working and available for any position possible, and I think I’m talented enough that I should be given a shot at a big chance after all my grandma always told me to follow your dreams and don’t let nobody stop you for following them your very talented and beautiful.

  22. Eduardo Trejo

    Hello I’m Eduardo and I’m 19 years old. I would love to join the Abc family cast because I want to show everyone who ever doubted me that dreams can come true. I would love to have a role in the this amazing Terminals cast. I’ve always wanted to be and actor I may not have a lot of experience like a lot of people but I would love to give it try and show the world and specially the producers what I’m capable of doing. I honestly want to do this so I can help out my family and show all the people who bullied me that I can make it and I didn’t let them get to me. Thank you for your time hopefully my dreams come true! God Bless You!

  23. Ryan Jordan Reed

    Current Number

    Name: Ryan Jordan Reed

    Age: 19

    Ethnicity: Barbados/ Costa Rican

    Race: Islander

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Weight: 189 lbs

    Hair Type: curley

    Hair color: Dark Black

    Eye Color: brown

    Skin Tone: Redish Tan

    Body Type: Athletic

    Current Occupation: Model/Actor

    Latest Gig: Abercrombie & Fitch

    Backround: I both model, Dj & act and currently just finished a role in a short fim called “Behind the Chair” which has me starring as a man by the name of Troy Davis who is a cocky and smooth street drug dealer/ pimp who is known for being very calm but underline crazy, who finds himself involved with a woman who might just be as crazy if not crazier than he is.


    Hi I’m Natalie! I’m 13 (14 this November) living in Canada. Being in Canada I haven’t had too many opportunities to act so this is amazing. I’ve wanted to be an actor ever since kindergarten! I may still be young but I look older and for sure have the potential. I also love abc’s shows. I would work really well, it would mean everything to be apart of it.
    Height: 5″4
    Eyes: Grey, Green
    Race: Caucasian
    Birth year: 1999
    Hair: Medium length, Dirty blonde

  25. Fiorella Meta

    Hey,my name is Fiorella (Ella) Meta,I´m 14 years old and I live in Norway.
    I´ve been acting since as long as I can remember,I love acting it´s something I want to spend my life doing,in front of an audience,I would love for others to see my talent and to show everyone that I can be the next big actress in America.
    I have more than just acting as a talent,i also love to sing and dance,witch I got to say I´m not bad at.
    I also love to work with people,I am very social and work with anyone from children to adults.
    English is not my first language,but I speak english very well,many adults have given me credit for my english,and I am a very fast learner,I can today as a 14 years old speak 4 completely different languages .(Italian,Albanian,English,Norwegian and I can also understand Spanish and some French) People don´t ever notice me not being American if I speak english with strangers.
    To be able to act every day and show people my talents its something i´ve dream about and wanted to accomplish my whole life.
    I am a very kind person that has been through a lot and can easily take that into my acting,I can within a second cry and act sad then the next one laugh and act like nothing has happened,I so often find a part in a movie and try to remake it myself,and I am pretty good at making it look realistic.
    Acting it´s my dream,it´s a dream I would love to come true,and I know I´ve got what you guys are looking for,I really hope someone sees this and notices me because I really could be big someday!:)

  26. Satara Friedli

    Hey Im Satara Friedli. I am 17 and i was born in D.C. but raised in Maryland. Im Mixed and ‘ve been acting, singing, dancing, rapping and playing piano, drums and saxophone since I was little. Being featured on abc was a dream of mine it seems like forever. It would be crazy and amazing if I could be on the show. Thanks SO much!!!! 🙂

  27. Clayton Sallee

    Hi, my name is Clayton
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’8
    Eyes: green
    Hair: brown
    Gender: male

    I llive in Michigan. I am a singer and actor. I have been apart of my schools musicals for two years. I am very good with people. And I would be happy to play any role.

  28. Victoria

    I’m Victoria Perez.
    I’m 19 years old. I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I speak English, French and Spanish. I’ve 10 years of acting experience . I’m very special, I can be who you need, where and when you need. I’m very motivated. I’m pretty sure that I’m what you need for that show.
    I’m always smiling and I’m very happy. You need me. Just contact me for more information and contact me if you want to know who I am. I need you. I want to do everyday of my life. It’s my passion. Its the only think that I love to do. Acting all the time. That show would be perfect for me.

    I’m brunette, I’ve brown eyes ( Latino)
    My weight : 99
    My height: 54

    Hope to read you son. (Please contact me)

  29. Dekayla Hunter

    Hi my name is Dekayla and I would love to be on this show! This show is interesting to me. I have been in plays at my school that was thru casa manana in fort worth, Tx. I also was involved in the Texas Girls Choir when I was younger. I love to act, sing, dance and play sports.
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 185 pounds
    Hair color: black
    Eye color: brown
    Body: Medium
    Hobbies: dancing, singing, acting, modeling, playing sports

  30. Cidney Russell

    My name is Cidney,
    Im a 17 year old female from Upper Marlboro, MD

    I am at least 5’8 in height
    125 pounds
    I have black (light brown in the sun) hair (shoulder length)
    I have braces

    I am currently a senior in class (CLASS OF 2014)
    I have an outgoing attitude, fun and spontaneous.
    I am BIGGG on acting, although I have never acted before for a big time company. Me and my cousins have done small time movies and clips for YouTube.com

    I know there are billions of other experiences actors replying and trying to take in a part of this acting, you should consider me because I am up for anything. Willing to learn what I do now know and willing to bring fun and excitement to the floor. I have no training what so ever in acting but I am really good at it. I practice with online scripts with my friends and I enjoy reading and remembering on a daily basis.


  31. Lauren


    Hard working, & dedicated aspiring actress! Searching for the big break!
    Would love to be apart of this show! Passionate on making this a successful career!
    Have had practice in acting. Willing to give it all I can! Choose me and you won’t be sorry!

  32. Nicole Olivera

    Hi I am Nicole I am 19 years old and I would like to be apart of Terminales because it seems like a relatable show. I would be happy with a small or big role I just really feel this show will connect with the youth

  33. Nikki Sin


    I currently reside in Toronto, ON, Canada. But I am always able to send an audition tape in!

    Nikki Sin
    height: 5’2
    weight: 96 lbs
    eyes: green
    hair: dark brown (long)
    race: caucasian

    Film: Club Lost: Alicia(supporting actor) Student Film
    Infactuated.exe: Nikki (lead) Life Less Literal productions
    Revenge of the Seth: female 2 (supporting actor) Student Film
    Colors of Autumn: Gemma (supporting actor) Gyro Films
    Farewell :Nikki (lead) Life Less Literal productions (link in cover letter)

    Theatre: Alice Keta (lead) CP Theatre/Loreal Luminato
    Alpha AF Jessie (lead) APOP

    Music: Rainbow Sherbert by Smut Pushers Ice cream girl 4 (avail on youtube)

    Training: Notre Dame CSS,Humber College

    Special Skills: Minor fight scene training, minimal stunt work, improv, director/writer/editor,horror film screaming

    I am an outgoing, resourceful individual with a creative flair in all that I do. I have been casted in, and worked on several short films, and student films. As well as music videos, and some theatre.

    Including 2013 award winning films “The Colours of Autumn”, and “Infatuated.exe” (http://vimeo.com/64234663), both in which I was awarded best female actor awards for., Lifeless Literal’s short: “Farewell” (http://vimeo.com/64234665)
    And most recently appeared as a ninja in a stage production in Toronto.

  34. Allyson Xiong

    Hi. My name is Ally Xiong. I am 17 and I live in Stillwater, MN. I have been dancing and acting since I was 3 years old. I love to sing and I love music. I have been singing since I was 3 as well. I singed in the Metropolitan Choralaires Choir from the age of 3-6, I joined elementary choir, and my highschool auditioned women’s choir. I also sing covers with some friends and write my own songs. Dance is my life. Dance has saved me so many times and I just want to show the world how much it means to me and to others. I went to a performing arts charter high school in Saint Paul, MN called Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists for dance. The different types of dances that I’ve learned are jazz, ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, lyrical, character, African, musical theater, and hip-hop (studio and original). I have also taken choreography class and dance teaching classes. I officially started musicals and plays in elementary school, such as Sound of Music and Annie. Then, I continues in the beginning of high school with dance theatre, and now (Senior year) I am doing both! I am just a perky, loving, caring, respectful girl who would love to get a chance to show the world what she loves to do and what others love to do as well. Just getting an audition would be just amazing. And if I don’t, of course I’ll be a bit bummed, but I am still so excited to watch it! I love dance and singing movies and tv shows. 🙂 Thanks so much for all you’ve done and have a good one.
    Stay Lovely, God Bless,

  35. Donnie B

    Hi My name is Donnie B , I’m looking to act and wanna act i love to act. I dont care about money at all i just wanna do what i love to do and work hard and thats acting. I am a great great fantastic actor I love to act i been acting since i waz 4 yrs old im very hurting funny make you laugh so hard til it hurt lol i can be very funny and i can be very serious acting as well to i can be mad with rage and sad and cry on camera i can do action,drama or thriller or horror acting.what ever role n feeling you want me to do you name it i can do it. im 21 years old brn May 27 1992 im african american male, im 5ft4 n i weigh 134 brown eyes black hair low fade and brown skin all over LOL, i love too act n take it seriously. Im very nice n easy to get along with i listen and learn and practice and follow directions very well. Im also a great singer and i write as well , i do alot im blessed and thankful and wana show my talent and show that i can do it been threw alot in my life and want sumthing good for change Hope you gie e a chance. contact me at this email markuswilliams501@yahoo.com i check it everyday. have a great one.

  36. Dalana Collins

    Hello! My name is Dalana. My hobbies are singing and dancing. I also act. I have a little experience in acting, not a lot but some is better than none. I am fun to be with I am always smiles and eager to learn all sorts of stuff. I love singing, acting, dancing, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends just having a good time. I live in Akron, Ohio, Im African American, I have brown eyes, brown hair mid-length, I am 14 years old, female, 5’1″and in 9th grade. That’s me !  If you have any questions for me or need a picture of me just email me please. Thank you!!!!!!! P.S: I am a non–union actor,so I will work for free (background) *gasp* work for free that’s crazy. Me: No that’s not crazy I love acting. I don’t care if I get paid or not. What I always say is money shouldn’t matter if you really love doing something. Go for it and have fun!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

  37. Spencer McCoy

    Gender: Female
    Experience: 3 Years of High School drama, a short film called “Feste” accepted into John Robert Powers for acting and modeling
    Height: 5’4 1/2
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair color: Curly, black, short
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Age: 17, most people say I look 14-16
    Weight: 110
    Body type: Athletic

    Hobbies/ Interests: Acting, Singing, Dancing, Cheerleading, Cooking, Baking

  38. Peyton Nicole

    Hi! My name is Peyton Nicole and my dream is to become an actress, i couldn’t tell you an age since i wanted to be an actress, honestly it has been as long as i can remember its the only thing ive ever wanted to do and will be the only thing. there is nothing i love more and anything i want to do more than be a successful actress, and when i have this much passion about something i do my absolute best and nothing less, i promiss if you pick me you wont be disappointed!

    Gender- Female
    Height- 5’7
    ethnicity- Caucasian
    eye color- green/hazel
    age- im 14 ( will be turning 15 on october 26th, 2013) but people always mistake me for being 16, 17 years old.
    and i live in florida.

    my dream is too be on an ABC family tv show, then later on be in a movie and win an oscar. acting is my passion there is nothing i love more than to act! and there is absolutly nothing more on this earth i wanna do more than be an actress! i promiss if you pick me i wont let you down! and i also promise you there is no one that has more determaniation to do this than me and no one that wants this more than me. thank you!

  39. lauren Briscoe

    interest: cooking, singing, acting, dancing,soccer, volleyball
    years of experience:12 years
    ethnicity: african american/Caucasian
    hair color: dark brown
    eyes: dark brown
    age: 14 but easily confused as a 16 year old
    weight: 130
    body size: athletic

  40. Alex Diehl

    USC BA Acting, Interlochen Arts Academy–
    I am extremely passionate and hardworking. Very professional and reliable.
    Reel available upon request.

  41. kaitelyn heitzman

    I am exited for this new series I love all of abc-family’s tv series’ and I really am hoping to get a part in this. it would be a great way to start an acting career.

  42. Nina Rabes

    My name is Nina and I’m a 16 year old student from Germany.
    I would love to be a part of “Terminales”.

    To my look:
    I have brown, long, straight hair and brown eyes and well, I`m relatively big (1,75m).

    To my character:

    I’m absolutely in love acting and also music and for me that is just all I need to live.
    I’m a fantast in a way but I also have ambition to do this. I also love dancing, but well, it’s not professional. I was dancing ballet and also the basic steps for classical dance. When I was little I also was part of different dancing groups.
    Moreover I play guitar and write my own songs.
    In school I also was part of the musical group and as child I was often standing on stage in my village for dancing or acting.
    I love to be outside with my dog and with my friends. Also I love shopping and watching movies.
    I’m a really assiduous person and when I want to do something then I do it from the bottom of my heart.

    It would be an amazing opportunity to be a part of “Terminales”. I love to play someone different and I’m a pretty understanding person, so I could follow the feelings of character well.

    I often think about myself and I’m not the person with the most self-confidence but I know that everything can happen if you just try and this is my first step to get closer to my dreams.

    It’s amazing what dreams can do with you.
    But I love to know that something can happen now and i want it.
    I really do.

    So thank you for reading.
    I hope you found not that much mistakes in my speaking. 😀
    Well, I’m from Germany like I said before and I will work on it.

    But that’s just a little piece of me.
    Hope you keep me in your mind.



  43. Skyler Pierce

    Hello ABC Family my name is Skyler Pierce and i would love to be part of the new hit show Terminals. I love the channel ABC Family because of many of the great versatile shows from The Fosters, Switched at Birth, and Pretty Little Liars.

    Age: 15 ( will be 16 on September 17th)
    Ethnicity: African American
    I was born and raise in San Diego California

    I have shoulder length Dark Brown hair ( it sometimes looks like a reddish color in the sun), brown eyes, I am 5’5, and i weigh about 116 pounds.

    My Acting Experiences:
    In 1998 I played Tiger Woods as a newborn in the film “The Tiger Woods Story” directed by Levar Burton.

    On the Disney Cruise I filmed this new project/short film that has not been released yet called “Zombified” we spent about a week filming it. Its about teenagers trying to have a good time but then get invaded by zombies.

    If you knew me you’d know that I am avery talkative person. 24/7 all day i talk non stop to people. People say I am hilarious (even though i don’t think so).

    As in an acting perspective I can play multiple roles from the wired awkward nerdy girl to the really funny class clown, it does not matter what type of character it is i can adapt easily .

    you can contact me at my email if you have any more information. thank you

  44. Ava lea

    Hi there! I’m ava an I’m 18 years old. I would love to be in the show for one simple reason I love to act. Not to mention I love abc family shows. Ever since I was little it’s been a dream of mine to act. I’ve been in most of my middle and high school plays and have gotten the lead alot of the time. If you would please consider me that would be amazing. Well thank you for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Ava lea Raimondi

  45. Brandon Dion

    My name is Brandon Dion I’m a 19 year old college student, but acting is my life.
    I would very much would like to be apart of this amazing story line Drama.

  46. Alejandra Almaguer

    Hey! My name is Alejandra, 5’2, 115lbs, light brown hair, brown eyes, Latina, Spanish/English/ a bit of Italian, athletic, I’m currently 19 years old, attending college I love love love acting, i have my sights high and whatever i put into mind i give it my all. I would love to be given the opprtunity here to accomplish everything I’ve ever wanted. I’ll highly appreciated. Thank you.

  47. Jennifer Prado

    Hey i’m Jennifer everyone calls me Jenny i am 14 years old going to be 15 this October i am a sophomore in high school, i would love to be apart of this movie. i promise if you give me a chance you wont regret it i’m the most dedicated person i love to change my character and act like other people i am also very athletic, i am outgoing and funny and amazing person to get along with. i live in Palm Springs, California i am Latin/American i have brown eyes and brown hair, promise you will not be disappointed in my acting
    height, 5’0
    106 lbs
    cell phone (760)984-6044

  48. Maria

    I am a 16 year old girl. I’m deaf and adopted from Guatemala. I’ve always had a dream of being made. Creating myself and creating a life. I always wanted to make a change and get a chance. I know it’ll probably never happen, but you just never know. I want to be made.
    I am 5’1
    Brown eyes
    Long black curly hair

  49. Amber S

    My name is Amber. I am very interested in being a part of this show. I have been in many plays and have modeled with Rhode Island Modeling Agency and Zutopia. I am very outgoing, always laughing , and smiling!! I have been told I look like Emma Stone.

    Height: 5’3
    Build: Average
    Eyes: hazel
    Hair: Auburn (changes colors during different seasons)
    Age: 21

    Thank you for your time!

  50. Tobias Ramey

    Hi my name is tobias for starters i love acting i played in a small low budget sci/fi filn called teleporter chronicles so my acting experience i feel is up to par. I love abc family and all there shows although i dont watch it constantly i watch it enough to love the drama filled lives of the people. Please get back to me thank you

  51. Nina Rabes

    My name is Nina and I’m a 16 year old student from Germany.
    I would love to be a part of “Terminales”.

    To my look: I have brown, long, straight hair and brown eyes and well, I`m relatively big.

    To my character: I’m absolutely in love acting and also music and for me that is just all I need to live.
    I’m a fantast in a way but I also have ambition to do this. I also love dancing, but well, it’s not profesional. I was dancing ballett and also the basic steps for classical dance. When I was little I also was part of different dancing groups.
    Moreover I play guitar and write my own songs.
    In school I also was part of the musical group and as child I was often standing on the stage in my village for dancing or acting.

    It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of “Terminales”. I love to play someone diffrent and I’m a pretty understanding person, so I could follow the feelings of character well.

    I often think about myself and I’m not the person with the most self confidence but I know that everything can happen if you just try and this is my first step to get closer to my dreams.

    It’s amazing what dreams can do with you.
    But I love to know that something can happen now and i want it.
    I really do.

    So thankyou for reading.
    I hope you found not that much mistakes in my speaking. 😀
    Well, I’m from Germany like I said before and I will work on it.

    But that’s just a little piece of myself.
    Hope you keep me in your mind.



  52. Arlene A.

    Name: Arlene A.
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 145
    Ethnicity: Latina
    Location: California
    I am a hard worker, willing to even be background, and am available anytime, thank you.
    Contact me through e-mail or http://www.twitter.com/arlenegemini

  53. Kaylee Skinner

    Hello I’m Kaylee Skinner,

    I’m 21 years old
    115 pounds
    Brownish green eyes
    Brown hair

    I would love to be on the show! Everything I do I put 150 % into it and I’m always positive. I’ve been an extra for a couple of short films and I’ve modeled when I was younger for California Waves wet suits. I’ve also been dancing and doing musical theater since I was four. I love entertaining people and putting a smile on their face.
    I’ve religiously watched The Secret Life of an American Teenager and always wondered how I could get on a show like that. Help me make my dream come true!

    Kaylee Skinner

  54. Evelyn Soto

    Date of birth: 08.08.00
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5.3o
    I am 13 and I would love to become an actress and start at ABC Family so pls contact me

  55. camila

    Age: 13
    Hair Color: black
    Eye Color: brown
    Gender: Female
    Languages: Spanish (I’m from Colombia), English, Italian basic.
    Hair length: mid back
    Personality (what people say mine is): Friendly, Outgoing, Funny, almost always Happy, Willing to learn/do new tasks, love cry, I love languages.
    Lives in: Colombia (but can work free, the dream of my life is be on films)
    Skills: Acting, Drawing, singer (just a little but I can learn), karate.
    About me: Hi my name is camila (you can call me, Camille) I’m from Colombia (actually I live in Colombia). I’ve always loved to act, I am a fast learner, and am really hoping to be able to act for more than just school projects. If you’d like to see a picture of me you can send me an email (camilaandreapalencia@gmaill.com). I am not the best player in some sports but I still try my best. I can be shy and quiet at times, but I hate being quiet so I am quite loud and spunky. I really am a fast learner so I won’t let you down if you choose me. I would really appreciate it if you thought about using me in your show. Thanks for reading

  56. nicholas Conley

    Hey.. I am 20 years old. 20 years in the making been doing tis since I was 2 seriously. Italian decent and 6ft even. I live in Los Angeles, California now! I have a video reel Ill have by Monday of next week. I’ve had my 100 no’s and Im just urging for that one YES that could put my career on the map. I would like to move forward with you! I am seeking work. I live in Los Angels now. So Im available for pursuing my acting career.
    Phone I really enjoy this film and see myself being a principle appeal in the film!
    Dark Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
    6ft 1
    187 lbs Just a chance to show you why im right for this role and youll see!!!


  57. Kayla Nelson

    Hello , My Name is Rekayla ( Re.Kay.La.) But People Call Me Kayla . Im 14 Years old & Will be 15 in December . i Would LOVE a Spot on Disney channel because people Say Im Being ” Too Dramatic ” or ” Over Reacting ” & i think that there is no Such Thing ! Im An 3.0 Student & im Trying Harder To Get my GPA higher . Also i Cheer , Run Track & Play volleyball At My School . Im a Freshman at Wharton High School in Tampa Florida . Im an African American Female & im 5’3 . 125 Pounds & i’d Like To Say im Pretty Funny (: but only you will be the judge of that . Being chosen for this role Would Mean The World to me . If You’re interested Email me : kayla.nelson24@yahoo.com if you’d like pictures or anything else . thank you <3

  58. Nina Rabes

    My name is Nina and I’m a 16 year old student from Germany.
    I would love to be a part of “Terminales”.

    To my look: I have brown, long, straight hair and brown eyes and well, I`m relatively big.

    To my character: I’m absolutely in love acting and also music and for me that is just all I need to live.
    I’m a fantast in a way but I also have ambition to do this. I also love dancing, but well, it’s not profesional. I was dancing ballett and also the basic steps for classical dance. When I was little I also was part of different dancing groups.
    Moreover I play guitar and write my own songs.
    In school I also was part of the musical group and as child I was often standing on the stage in my village for dancing or acting.

    It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of “Terminales ”. I love to play someone diffrent and I’m a pretty understanding person, so I could follow the feelings of character well.

    I often think about myself and I’m not the person with the most self confidence but I know that everything can happen if you just try and this is my first step to get closer to my dreams.

    It’s amazing what dreams can do with you.
    But I love to know that something can happen now and i want it.
    I really do.

    So thankyou for reading.
    I hope you found not that much mistakes in my speaking. 😀
    Well, I’m from Germany like I said before and I will work on it.

    But that’s just a little piece of myself.
    Hope you keep me in your mind.



  59. Raneisha Morris

    NAME: Raneisha Nicole Morris
    HEIGHT: 4’9 1/2
    WEIGHT: 98
    AGE: 15 nov. i’ll be 16
    SEX: Female
    RACE: Afican american
    TALENTS: Singing Acting
    MY INTERESTS WITH YOU: A pretty new face is exactly what this show needs. I love to sing, dance, and my OVERLYDRAMATIC attitude shows how interested in acting i am. I am very respetful to adults and try my best to treat my peers equaly, but i don’t ever allow myself to be disrepected by anyone. It angers me when i’m doing my best and working hard on a “project” and someone doesn’t help by also giving they’re all. I highly feel i deserve a role of some sort because i am so determine dfor success. I would realy appreciate you considering then later accepting my reasons for this. Thank you

  60. Zhade Thomas

    Hi my name is Zhade I’m 14yrs old ( almost 15in September ) I will love to be apart of ABC family series I have been watching ABC family since I was little I have always dreamed of being on ABC family I’m a hard work I ever quite I love work with new people I’m a fun and loving girl I take direction and corrections really good and I promise if you pick me you will not regret it

    Hair Color: Brown
    Eyes Color: Brown
    Skin Color: Brown
    Sex: female
    Ethnicity: African American

  61. Tre'Chelle Thigpen

    I know I should be on the 2013 cast because I jump right into character I don’t really need to be directed but I do take direction always I can keep the moment in a scene going, I listen and react , when I act it doesn’t sound like I am a robot talking I get in to character and I’m not my self but I become my character . Also I’m not afraid of large groups of people watching me and most importantly I have a huge personality.
    Tre’Chelle Thigpen
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’1
    Hair: brown and black and I’m willing to change it
    Ethnicity: african American
    Eye color: hazel and grey
    Complexion: very light skin
    State: Ohio
    Language: English and willing to learn others
    Talent: acting

  62. Fauzi Fathurahman

    Hi! , My name is Fauzi, you can call me Uzi (read:oozee) , male/16yrs old, 167cm. (can play role of 15-20 years old) black hair, dark brown eyes, light brown skin, not fat or thin body~everybody says i’m good looking. good at singin’.
    I am real Indonesian – born and still live in west java, Indonesia. BUT WILLING TO GO TO AMERICA.
    have been dreaming about being a hollywood actor since i was 12. I LOVE acting and have been ACTIVE in acting since i was 14, in 15 i join drama-cabaret club in my school and chosen to be the main ‘psycho’ antagonist-i beat all the seniors in that club- in a play, playing mr.bean on the comedy play and won the best actor, playing protagonist -and again after beat my seniors who want that part- in a heroic play, playing king of zombie in the “resident evil/plant vs. zombies” play, and much other play.
    i have ability to quickly adapt and improve in almost any situations,
    And i would love to contribute in this series, for further info or photos you can contact me at…
    contact me : fauzi_fathurahman@yahoo.com
    thanks for the consideration

  63. bryn

    Hi, my name i bryn taylor. Im curently 11 years old but i look very old for my age. im really girly and i love abc family shows! i have done some different plays here and there so i have acting excperience. im 5’7 and i have long brown hair. i have green eyes and im not super skinny but im not fat. ive been trying to find a show to get a roll on and i really hope i at least get considered thank you so much, and i hope you get the right people for your show!

  64. Gipsy

    To whom this may concern:
    I am 16 years old (look older).
    130 lbs
    dark brown hair
    brown eyes
    I would love to be in this show! There are so many things I want to do with my life and this is definitely something I want to do. I’m dedicated to anything and everything I commit to! I’ve been a dance for about 4 years, very responsible and this would be a dream come true! I’ve given a talk in front of 25 hundred youth so I am not shy!
    Thank you so much
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Gipsy Castellanos

  65. Morgan Chan

    Name : morgan anja chan
    Age : 22 years old
    Hight : 5.0″
    Weight -115. 32 C
    Medium brown hair
    Deep brown eyes
    Contact me hanja.anja@yahoo.com
    Or 6176098849
    Chicago Illinois

  66. Ashari moore

    I am a 17 year old female who is 5’4 . Im a big fan of pretty little liars and twisted. i love a good mystery. I have black hair and brown eyes.
    I think I would be a good candidate because I like to act and show a different side of me. I love to take on different roles and act as different characters. I’m very goofy and I love to be different. This would be my first acting role but I’m ready for something new. I’m ready for something to pull me out my shy ways and show everyone the person that’s deep down inside of me. Thank you ashari moore

  67. Krystal Cutlip

    DONT MISS THIS!!!!!!
    HELLO MY NAME IS KRYSTAL, I am 21 will be 22 in 2 weeks. I’ve been modeling, acting , dancing since I was 3. I’ve been with agencies since AGE 4. This past Friday I worked on set as an extra for a artist names lil wayne. Acting is and will be my career, its what i love and its what im good at. Acting came natural since I could speak. Any opportunity to better my future in this industry is my number one priority because I do know how hard it is to make it. I actually love this show as well. YOU WONT BE DISPOINTED I PROMISE.
    HEIGHT- 5

  68. Lacey Boutchyard

    Hello. I would be honored to be a part of ABC Family. I watch PLL every week and have been a huge fan of ABC Family for a long time.
    Eye color:Hazel
    Hair:red and black, long
    I also wear glasses

  69. Miete Georgewill

    Hi my name is Miete and I would give the world to this show. I have always wanted to be an actress/dancer/model. This sounds magnificent and could be my chance. I have been in the play “Romeo and Juliet” when i was 8 in theater, in London England. I was born there and moved to the US about 5 years ago. if you need me to use my British accent, i will. I have done some runway and print. also i am a former cheerleader. i absolutely love to entertain and i have fun doing it. this is my dream! please.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’4 and a half
    Weight: 138 pounds
    Hair color: black but brown in sun
    Eye color: brown
    Body: Medium
    Likes: Acting, Modeling, Dancing, Cheer leading, Entertaining
    Email: mietecg@gmail.com

  70. Yesenia chaidez

    Hello , my name is Yesenia chaidez. I’m 12 years old , my height is 5’2 and I live in California . I would love to be in this show.Why? Well I have a passion for acting. I really haven’t been in a audition but I think this is a good way to start. I would like to be in the show but well if you don’t want me in it its ok but I would like to 🙂 People tell me I’m very good at acting I can fake cry really good. If I work with abc family it’s going to be a fantastic expirence . Thank you for taking the time and reading this .

  71. Yesenia chaidez

    Hello , my name is yesenia chaidez, I’m 12 years old, my height is 5’2. I would really want to be I’m th

  72. Celina Bonilla

    Hey! , My Name Is Celina , I’m 14 Years Old , I’ve Ben Playing The Violin For Almost 4 Years. I Love Acting , I Have Yet No Acting Experience But I’m Very Good At Remembering My Lines , And Bring A Good Audience , I Would Often Get Laughed At By My Family Members Just By The Fact That Becoming An Actress Is Something They Don’t See Me As. I Would Beg You Guys To Please Email Me . It’s My Ultimate Dream. Thank You For Reading My Comment

  73. Mekenna

    Hair:dark brown
    I am a perfect candidate for any acting position available because I will give a hundred and ten percent! Thanks:)

  74. Tiffany Aponte

    This sounds like an amazing show very touching, heart felt and emotional. I would love to be apart of it. Haven’t had really any acting experience but want to become a professional actress have been for as long as I could remember. I have sent something like this for the show ravenswood but you got to be ambitious. I really want to be in a show and be apart of the abc family I love there shows. It would mean everything to me to be apart of it.

  75. Destini Caviness

    Hi , my name is Destini and I would love to be apart of Terminales. I am currently 13 years old. I have blue eyes and long brunette hair. I am 95 pounds and I’m 5’3 tall. I’m very athletic and I love Basketball . I’m kind of girly, but I also like the whole Demi Lovato punk kind of look. I love ABC Family. My favorite show is Pretty Little Liars and I loved Secret Life Of An American Teenager . Twisted is also very good ! I have always wanted to be an actress , it’s really my dream. My goal in life is to become an actress and if that doesn’t work out I want to be a veterinarian . I’m really good with animals, my favorites are Cats and Sloths. Ever since I was little I have tried acting because I really want to do it and I’m honestly not that bad. But if you’re interested in giving me an audition to have a chance to be in the show , you can contact me at my email. Thank you !