Term Life Starring Vince Vaughn

Term Life Starring Vince Vaughn

Old School. Wedding Crashers, Swingers – the list of classic Vince Vaughn films is a long and distinguished one and now the iconic jokester has set his sights on something a bit different, and several up and coming performers have a chance to be a part of it. Vaughn has signed on to star in and produce the crime drama Term Life and casting calls for a number of exciting roles are happening now. Aspiring actors of all ages can apply today for a shot at landing a part in the next hit feature film from one of cinemas most beloved stars.

Term Life will find Screen Actors Guild Award nominee Vaughn (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, The Internship) as Nick Barrow, a chronic deadbeat on the run from nearly every seedy character in his world. As hordes of mob bosses, dirty cops and contract killers hunt him down he makes the decision to take out a million dollar insurance policy on himself to be payed out to his estranged daughter Carrie, now he just has to survive the next 21 days so that the policy can kick in. This edgy and action packed story is sure to show a different side of the hilarious Mr. Vaughn while delighting audiences the world over.

Vaughn’s longtime producing partner Peter Billingsley (Iron Man, Couples Retreat, Sullivan & Son) will direct from a script by A.J. Lieberman based on the hit graphic novel by Lieberman and Nick Thornborrow. A tremendous supporting cast has been assembled to work alongside Mr. Vaughn that includes the talents of Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, Ender’s Game, Can a Song Save Your Life?) playing Carrie Barrow along with two-time Emmy Award nominee Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, Beverly Hills Cop, Community), Jordi Mollà (Bad Boys II, Knight and Day, Riddick) and Screen Actors Guild Award winner Bill Paxton (Titanic, Apollo 13, Hatfields & McCoys).

Casting calls for Term Life are happening now and actors of all ages can submit themselves today for available roles by sending emails to TLExtras@gmail.com. More audition and production updates will be posted as they are released so keep checking in for more details and leave a message below and tell us what you think of the project and why you want to be a part of the casting calls for Term Life starring Vince Vaughn.

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  1. Drew McGuire

    Hello my name is Drew! I am 24 years young. I do have acting experience as I have attended A.M.T.C. (Actors, Models, and Talent Company. I was selected to go to National Auditiona in Orlando, Florida. Upon my completion in Orlando I did receive two call backs! Unfortunately it required relocation and my parents were unable to move at the time do to their jobs. (I was not 18 at the time). I have experience in musicals and plays as I scored lead rolls in all of them! I am 5 ft 11 in tall, 145 pounds, black hair, hazel eyes, caucasion, olive skin tone, and I do have an athletic build. I want to continue and further my career in acting. Contact me via email or at any time. Thank you so much!

  2. Joseph A. Pellicane

    Hello, my name is Joseph, and I am a 46 years old, 220lb 6’ft tall American Italian self employed sports and exercise fan. Love the show and its cast. I have appeared on a episode of SMASH and done a few Independent films years back. Absolutely, Love this man and his work. Nothing but respect for Vince and all his work.
    I believe this would be a great stage for me to prove that a mid life crisis, lol is Only in your head with my creative energy, humor, and the adventure seeking side of me. I recently relocated to Sunny South, FL from Long Island, NY. I have always Enjoyed watching anything that Vince has done from day one. I have been quoted as having very similar humor.
    It’s always wonderful, hilarious, and entertaining and you can’t go wrong with that !
    If I am chosen I can definitely say you wouldn’t regret your decision!

  3. Gunner Harmon

    I started watching a lot of the movies Vince Vaughn did with Jon Favreau back in 2008. I recently watched “The Internship” which I loved. I have recently started looking into acting as I’ve been thinking about doing it for awhile I’m hoping I get a shot at it. I’m about 5’5″, 120 lbs, 27 years old , brown hair, black beard

  4. Bailey Stimpson

    Hello my name is Bailey and I would love to be a part of this project.
    Age- 14
    Gender- Male
    Height- 5 ft 3 inches
    Weight- 115 lbs
    Previous Movies- Zombie World, Our Final Days
    I would love to be in this and I am a great actor for my age. Thank you!

  5. Timothy Ammendola

    Age: 23
    blue eyes
    Strong build played hockey all my life
    Longer flowing hockey hair

    Not only is vince vaughn my favorite actor I would give anything.in the world to have a back and forth conversation with him. My friends say my rants parallel him and I know I have a confidence and presence to play off his banter and bring a dynamic to the screen that will be highly unexpected but incredibly enthralling to an audience and would love to the opportunity. My life can be described as a serious of wild events which truly once in them i can barely understand how I got there. I can remember lines of many of the frat pack movies almost verbatim for his characters and the others. That just goes to show learning lines is not a hassle. Making movoes is a business and hiring people which increase the cost of production with more takes and editting is not something you want. I can deliver I would understand its not all fun and games but an opportunity. Vince vaughn is a god and if I was ever given a shot to work in film I would only want to be in a film with Vince Vaughn. I have the heart to do this l the desire and as he put it LETS GET JACKED UP.

  6. James Krause

    Have always had the passion of acting and working hard to have a successful product. Willing to work hard, work out, and make it count! Many of my friends and coworkers have told me I should go into acting just by the way I am.
    James Krause
    19 years old, American Indian
    Brown Hair and brown eyes, 5′ 10″ 225 lbs

  7. Kayla Manning

    I would love the opportunity to work with such great comedic talent. I am 26. Caucasian. 5 ft 7. Love Macaroni and Cheese. Willing to work!

  8. Eero

    I know you’ve read a thousand of these begging comments and emails all day, but I’ll hope you’ll find the time to take my application into consideration. Screen play and drama have been passions in my life for a long time, and I constantly chase the dream to become an actor for a televised production. My value for hard work and persistent dedication to become an actor is what drives me to take advantage of opportunities in the industry. I’ve read the description of this production and would be greatly interested in applying my talent to this producers vision. I can dance, have a nice smile, am very confident in my abilities to act (as I have been in a few productions before as lead and background), and can tell bad jokes. I’m very capable of doing voice acting as well, and am confident in my abilities of doing so. I’d be ecstatic to be a lead or background actor because experience as being an actor is really what I want and need.

    Age: 19
    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 160
    Ethnicity: Hispanic and American
    Hair/eye: brown/brown

    If you care for more details, you have my email. 🙂

  9. Brenden cooper

    Hey, my name is brenden cooper I am 17 years oldand being apart of a Hollywood production like this one is a huge goal of mine. I never really knew what I wanted to do in life. I realized that making people laugh and be happy or sad or whatever the movie is, all I know is that I want to inspire and be a part of peoples lives. Nothing really anything exciting is happening in my life, I just sort of go with the flow and I don’t want that anymore. I am ready to take on this project and make acting a part of my life. I am always willing to learn and take on a new role. I don’t have an ego at all so I guess that it will be easy to work with me if you choose too. I don’t even know who I’m writing to but I only hope that if you believe in me and give me a chance to be in this production that I will not disappoint you. This opportunity is that I need to get my foot in the door. Thank you for your time reading this and I can only hope for the best. Please email me for any other opportunities that come up to help me out or anyone that could help me full fill my life long dream

  10. Bryan McNair

    The essence of entertainment lives within me. Standing at 5.5 and a half feet of heart and passion, I should be featured in this production because I am capable of bringing screens to life. The name “Bryan McNair” is one that brings with it a desire to entertain, a desire to learn and grow in the world of theater and film, and the desire to give life to any role that might be put in front of me. Aside from being a very animated personality, I also sing and capture the attention of crowds fairly easily. I love improvisation, and there is no greater feeling than to be naturally funny and to successfully garner the attention of complete strangers. I live to be under the light of entertainment. With a huge imagination, there is no angle that I cannot play and master with personal spark and infinite charisma. If selected, my positive energy will fill any missing piece of a production’s puzzle.

  11. Danya Gallegos

    Hi my name is Danya and I would like to have the opportunity to audition for some of your productions. Being an actress has been my dream job since I was a child. Right now I’m in college and I’m miserable there. I forced myself to go for my family because I wanted to make them proud and if I told them I want to become an actress I feel like I would disappoint them and I don’t want to because of everything they had done for me and I’m thankful for it it and them. This is the only way I could contact producers or someone who can give an opportunity of a lifetime and help me have my dream job since I don’t have a camera to record, or money to travel. I’m broke as can be and so is my family that’s another reason I don’t travel to a place where I can accomplish my dream. We are in so much debt it’s not even funny and now even more with college, which I feel guilty for because I really don’t want to go. Some details about me are:
    Ethnicity: Hispanic(Mexican American
    Age: 18 but seem younger to some
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: around 158
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown, straight and right under my bust
    Extra: Bilingual (Spanish, English)
    I really hope you can give me a chance to show you I can be a great actress even though I’ve had no experience and give me the opportunity to help my family economically because now both my parents work two jobs and my 17 yr old brother is also working and my 14 yr old brother doesn’t get to see my parents for more than 30 minutes which saddens me deeply. So PLEASE give me an opportunity to have my dream job. Thanks for taking your time to read this and may God bless you and all your work.

    Danya Gallegos

  12. Amanda Sleight

    Hello my name is Amanda Sleight. I’m 13 years old but I could pass as a 16 year old, dark brown hair and eyes. 5’3 feet tall, white skinned, and have a passion for acting. I have some experience from school plays and musicals. I have not done any movie or Tv auditions but, hey, you have to start somewhere. I live in South Florida but willing to travel to auditions. Acting has been my dream since I was 7 years old and I’m up for anything including commercials, being an extra, or a character. I do not have stage fright and I have so much personality and emotion in acting. I am on the morning announcements at my school as an anchor, and I’m not embarrassed or shy to be crazy on camera.

  13. Robert Arias

    races: Caucasian/ Hispanic( Spaniard )/ German/ French/ Indian
    hair: Brown and short/ curly when longer/ straight when shorter
    Eyes: Brown
    height: 5’20
    weight: 185-190 on average lower or higher depending on how often I am able to work out. Fairly consistent though.

    Ha ha. I like the sound of this movie first off. It sounds interesting. Vince Vaughn is both a good actor, and comic. I would love the chance to be in a series or movie whether acting, or as an extra.

  14. james smith

    Hi, my name is James I am 15 years old. I love to act and improvise.

    Name: James Smith
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 133
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    I would love to act in this production, thank you for taking your time reading this.

  15. Brandon Millay

    I have always loved watching Vince Vaughns movies. He is an amazing actor.
    I think I would be a good at any part if given a chance, because I am good at memorizing lines. Not only am I good at memorizing lines I know how to use tones, dramatic effect for what scenes. This would be an amazing opportunity for me.

    Myself: 5’6, Brown Hair, Brown eyes, 200 lbs

  16. Jason Harris

    Jason Harris
    Age: 41
    Height: 6’4″
    Weight: 225 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Light blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hometown: Copperhill, TN
    Sex: Male
    Age range: Late twenties to early forties
    Background: 9 years service in the US Navy (Advanced Electronics), 4 years as a police officer in Virginia Beach, VA, Fugitive Recovery Agent (bounty hunter), Repossession Agent (repo man), and Nightclub Security (bouncer)

  17. Simone Taylor

    Good day all,
    My name is Simone Taylor; I live on the beautiful island of Barbados.
    Gender: Female
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Dark Brown

    From a child I knew there was something significant about me but I never knew what it was but life, it is the greatest teacher and it is through my life experiences I found out who I am and my passion for life.
    Creative arts are my passion; singing, dancing, acting and I am interested in pursuing an acting career as this is my strong point.
    I am ready to make this move and I would like to be a part of this movie.
    I have done some stage plays in my church, a local sitcom here is Barbados called “Keeping up with the Joneses” and I had the opportunity to star in a BET Rising Starts short film “Oh to forgive”.
    Simone Taylor

  18. William Rogers

    It would be an honor to play a part in this! No matter the part I’m sure I can manage to wow everyone! I have wanted to try my hand at acting for a long time but never knew how to get started! I’m 22, with a definite passion for it, and would love to have the opportunity to work alongside a superior actor like Vince Vaughn. He is such a phenomenal actor and his movies have made me laugh so hard and his serious movies have made me want to be just like it. Please give me a chance to show it!

  19. Dannella mezzanotte

    Hi my name is Dannella… Since I was little I love to act and there’s other thing that I love more, will be act for a comedy movie, I just love how close I can be with the story, I see this like an opportunity for realize my dreams.
    Nationality: Hispanic
    Height: 5.6″
    Thank you for your time

  20. Laina Malwa

    Hi? Hi? I am Laina Kemanguluko Malwa black Female I am 23 years old, originally from Namibia (Africa)
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5.5
    Body shape: hour glass
    Size: 29-30 UK
    I love dancing; witting movie scripts not to talk about acting; i also have a soccer foundation that keep young males of bad doing among the village. Have a unique Namibian-African talent that I want to share.
    I am currently in Namibia (Africa) (Direction: where Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born: Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt’s first child) this two actors inspired me in so may ways. So any time i receive an auditions am ready to relocate .
    Main point is to bring in the new African flavor to storm up the industry with my fantastic acting skills. Thank you in advance for considering me as part of the most awesome cast.
    With a big smile on my face
    Laina “Kema” Malwa

  21. Rebecca Ritchie

    Hi my name is Rebecca Ritchie I’m 18 years old 5’4″ blonde hair blue eyes. I would love to audition for this film because it has a great story line. It also seems like it would have good action and I love action films. I believe I would do great in a movie like this and I would love to have the chance to prove it. Thank You.

  22. dustin lester

    Hello my name is dusty Lester I just moved here Knoxville Tennessee i am 19 years old but i have been theater since i was five i have done drama suspense romance and comedy !! I started doing stand up comedy when i was 17 and i have been the opening act for such big entertainers like Tim Wilson who has been ShowTime and Alonzo bodden who has been on ABC comedy central and HBO !! I moved out here 3 weeks ago and i have already been as an extra on the tv show Hollywood hillbillies!! I love acting so much i have been doing it all my life an i would love to hear back from you all:)) i am 150 pounds dark skin 5’9 brown hair and brown eyes

  23. Aaliyah Nelson

    My name is Aaliyah S. Nelson and I’m a 13 years old, African American girl, and I live in Atlanta,Ga. I have dark brown/ black hair and eyes and light brown skin (without my seriously gorgeous tan I have right now).My birthday is April 15, 2001 , so yeah I just turned 13. And honestly ….. I don’t feel any different. I have been wanting a chance to be on Disney for a while , since I was 5 actually and I hope to act or sing some day. I am very observant at first but once I get comfortable with the people around me I am very outspoken and quite random. If my friends could describe me I think they would either say I’m crazy,funny , and random. People that don’t know me would say I’m shy ,smart, and tall. I hope you consider me as one of the roles you are casting for.

  24. Richard Smith

    I know i will be great for the movie because im a cool guy and back in high school i used to be in drama classes so i know how to act …. i get away with alot of stuff justby acting in front of them so i know i will be great

  25. "Trey" Jerome Schneider

    I have little acting experience aside from a few small productions in my school years, but I feel as though that means few or no bad acting habits and the ability to learn key parts with a clean slate. I’m extremely hardworking, but am struggling to start a career and have always thought about acting in the back of my mind. For me, something like this could be a complete life and career-changing opportunity. I would love to get a start in something that I can fully enjoy and express myself through. Playing a role in a movie would be a great break from reality and a chance to immerse myself into being someone else. Willing to work hard and do whatever is necessary to start a career that I can have fun with and enjoy.

    23 years old
    athletic 185 lbs (can gain or lose weight for role)
    brown hair and eyes

    I can also provide photos or even a video if necessary.

  26. Jesse Hayes

    Hi my name is Jesse Hayes i’m outgoing, i’m charming and i have a great personality and i would like to share it with the world! I’m very driven and will strive and work hard to be successful. My talents are i’m athletic, i’m artistic (sketching, graphic design, pastels), dance (swing dancing, ballroom dancing, free style), and magic. My interests are anything to do with TV, movies and sports, chess, video games, exercise and weight lifting…….and of course looking good!…..oh and modeling. 🙂
    The reason you should choose me for an audition is because if you give me the chance i’ll put a 150% of time and effort into learning my part and i will not disappoint! Thank you!

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 131
    Age: 14
    D.O.B. 8/17/1999
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Grade: 9th

  27. matthew barrows

    hello my name is matthew barrows and i belive me playing this part with Vince Vaughn will be a dream come true becaue he can make you get so sad and happy in these films and here can pool that out of me and i can pool thtat out of him as well a go far as acter in this line of work, thank you for your time

  28. Tahriq Hamed

    My name is Tahriq and I come from Berkeley ca my dream is to be in films im very passion in everything I do and I just want to get my family in a better predicament I will love to star in any movie not just this one I can play any role and if my surroundings are perfect everything will be perfect thank you God bless and I hope to hear back soon thank you

  29. Hanadi

    Hello, I am Hanadi Richard. I am 15 years old. I have been told that I could be a wonderful actress and it is my dream to become one. I am spontaneous, smart, confident, fun, loving, and outgoing. I am very flexible and fit.

    Age: 15
    Birthday: September 28, 1998
    Height: 5’2
    Ethnicity: Caucasian/Cajun French/Palestinian
    Eye Color: Hazel Green
    Weight: 106 lbs.
    Hair color: Dark brown
    City: Carencro, Louisiana

  30. Manuel Escobar

    Hello there! I am Manuel, i am 17 years old, have brown eyes, short curly-ish hair, around 5’7, speak both English and Spanish, I have a beard that make me look 18 and if i shave I look around 14 or 15 , and I am very funny! Also serious. I would love to have a part in this project. Vince Vaughn is an awesome actor to me, I’d love to try or even actually work side with him or just around him. Id love to have a role as an extra, or a supporting role or even a lead role if possible. It sounds like fun and i would like to s start acting now. I have never actually acted before in a play or something, but multiple of my friends and family members say I’m very good to be an actor. Please let me know if I’m able to participate in this awesome project!

  31. Calvin Curtis Jr

    Hello to you all , my name is calvin i’m 25 yrs of age, 5’7 200 lbs soft athletic build.i’m african american with a very laid back demeanor, only acting experience is that of stage plays in church and school.i can sing, very comedic. Can Dance when practiced. Very fast learner and a southern draw. I’m a natural goof and love interacting with others. portraying different personalities and of a character intrigues me a lot. i have always chased the dream of being on tv, I just chose to work first. i’m finally taking a step in my true hearts desire to act sing and exct. i love to make people laugh feel good and or relate, nothing brings me more joy. i reside in Houston,Tx and i’m always checking my email in search of my break. thank you for listening. i ask you see fit to give me a shot. Prior Military NAVY

  32. Cornelia Williamson


    My name is Cornelia Williamson and I am a 21 year old aspiring model/actress motivated in establishing myself in the fashion/entertainment industry. I am biracial (mother is Jamaican, father is Af.American and Cherokee) and I’m a petite, fit dancer, former gymnast at 5 foot 5, 110 lbs 32A-24-34 measurements.

    I believe I would be an excellent addition to the movie because I am a humorous, quirky person who’s kind of odd, and I take direction easily. Because I have done acting before in my youth, I believe I have raw talent. I just need an opportunity to show the world! Needless to say, I would love any opportunity to be on set.

    Please visit my modeling page at modelmayhem.com/3371281 for more about me, and for more personal candid shots of me please click on the link to my Instagram profile from that page.

    Hope to hear from you guys soon!



  33. Cody Frankel

    Hi, I’m currently 21 years old, and roughly 5’10, 170 pounds, and Caucasian. I have light brown hair with light blue eyes. I live right near New York City, and I am going to be a senior in college. I have a good personality and I would love the chance to be apart of a movie, especially with Vince as the leading role. I don’t have a ton of acting experience in plays and such, but I’m a natural and am a good actor as well as have a great memory. My friends and family have always told me I should give acting a shot so I would love for this movie to be my chance. I have a few hobbies which include going to the gym every day after work, watching and playing sports, watching movies, and hanging out with my friends. If you give me a chance to audition, I won’t disappoint, and I would do a great job. Thank you for your time.

  34. Katherine

    My name is Katherine Saussy and I am very interested in this audition.

    I have long brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5’3 and 125 lbs. I have done some acting and singing in the past and have been in a number of plays. I would like to have the opportunity to play a role in this movie. I am a huge Vince Vaughn fan, so I know this will be an excellent movie. I would really like to experience an acting role and I will not let you down if I am chosen for a role. I take direction very well and am very outgoing.

    Thank you for your time.

  35. Fallon

    Im the next big thing…

  36. Apollo

    age 16
    got a beard
    height 5.8
    skin milk chocolate
    hair color golden curls
    eye color hazel

    will become a great actor.

  37. DeAtra Fleming

    My name is DeAtra Fleming; mother of 3; wife to active duty army soldier, and I would love to have the opportunity to audition for a role. I do love to sing, dance, and I do have a little experience in acting. I have done some local community plays.

    Name: DeAtra Fleming
    Hometown: Huntsville, AL
    Current City: Ft. Polk, LA
    Age: 24
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Hair: curly/ long/ black
    Race: African-American
    Gender: Female

  38. Brandon Williams

    I am from Baton Rouge la. I want to become a movie extra and one day start a career in the movie business. I am 5’11 165lbs African American I play sports and love to make people laugh. I just want to have the chance to make others smile

  39. Ricardo Ortega Cordova


    16 years old and applying for an acting job. I’ll be simple. I’m from Puerto Rico, been living here since born, I just graduated 10th and I like politics. Pretty much my life is dedicated around my brother and parents but I won’t enter into detail since everyone can see this. I would’ve attached a picture but I don’t know how to change the monster face. Ha-ha.

    Interest: Acting
    Picture: facebook.com/GotRicardo


  40. Amir

    Hi . Iranian speaking English with iranian accent . 5’11 . Black hair . I am thin guy with kinda big stomach .

  41. Jessica de Armas

    Give me a chance.

  42. Iris

    Hi I’m 13
    Pacific Islander
    Dark brown hair and dark brown eyes
    Around 5’5
    Around 100 lbs
    Long hair

  43. Madeline

    Im 5′ 2 Female 26 yrs white. Attractive, eccentric magnetic personality. Just wanting to try something new.

  44. Hollie Santos

    My name is Hollie and I would love to take any opportunity you have to offer. Here are some facts about me.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’3
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair:I have naturally Light brown hair but since i like dying my hair once in a while my naturally hair really don’t show. Right now I have dark red/brown hair, but I am willing to change my hair color if needed too.
    Eyes: I have light brown eyes.
    Speak: I speak English. I also have a NY/NJ accent. While I love.

    I will love to get a part in this movie because ever since I was 10 I fell in love with acting and enjoy it very much. To be honest I never Took acting class because it was to much money for one class. So i decided why not go on the internet and look for some scrip to read from. Beginning in this movie will not just make me so happy it will also proud to everyone I know that i can reach my dreams. I may not have experience but I am ready for a challenge. Thank you. 🙂

  45. aurely

    hi, thanks to take the time to read , im a hardworker, act is my passion , you will not regret to give me a role.god bless you

  46. Amber Miller

    Name: Amber Miller
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Weight: 120lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Long strawberry blonde

    Hello there! My name is Amber Miller and I am 19 years old. I have long strawberry blonde hair with big brown eyes. I’m extremely interested in a part for this movie. I would be thrilled just to be part of the background as an extra. I’ll even be thrilled with being a tree! (Joke intended) A position as an extra is all I am asking and I would be gladly paid in experience and good times. I am extremely responsible and very punctual and am a fast learner. I hope to get the opportunity to show off my talent.

  47. Eulycess Guzman

    Hey my name is Eulycess (U-lee-C’s) I am 16 years old, 5’9 , black hair, brown eyes, light skinned. I have been acting for about 6 years now, I am also a model, I have been in print jobs and have done runway and I also have been in theater and continue to take theater, and I have played a teenage boy in an auto – insurance commercial. Im a comedic type of teen. I Love making people laugh and when im acting my greatest focus is making that character come to life. Im so sure , certain, and positive in my acting I KNOW id be perfect for a role in this movie! You guys WONT regret a thing!

  48. angelle pagan

    I’m not going to bs you or sell myself to you on why I want to act. I just want to, It’s something I’m passionate about and would love the opportunity to see if I have what it takes or not. I’ll do anything or go anywhere to get my chance to try to do what I love.
    I’ve already filled out an application by the same name and email so I’m not going to put anything about how I look. I don’t really have an experience besides the school plays I’ve been in and all the lies I tell people. If you guys have anything available, please let me know. I don’t care what role it is, I’ll do it. I know you have hundreds of these same applications and its a hard industry to get it, but like i said before, i just want a shot to see if i have what it takes or not. Thank you for you time you can always contact me at epagan2011@yahoo.com

  49. Rachael Kigbu

    I believe I should be considered to be part of this because I am a 27 year old Nigerian (African) with a gift / desire for acting. I was born of an eggon ethnic tribe royal family, raised by a military Dad & a politician as a mother. I have a B.A in Linguistics and Communications. I speak English ( Fluent), French ( Fluent), Arabic (Non-fluent), Pidgin (Fluent), Hausa ( African Dialect – Fluent) & Yoruba ( African Dialect- Fluent). I was a billboard model back in college in Nigeria & can sing too.
    Height- 5″4
    Weight- 160
    Hair color- Brown [naturally curly but now straightened]
    Eyes- Brown
    Thank you

  50. Donald Smith

    I would love the chance to expand my portfolio I have experience Back ground acting plus been studing acting for a year now been getting instruction from rick olivo studios in lakeland florida

  51. Linda

    I am not an actor. I just want to be in a movie. I would follow direction and play a part as the job required. You need everyday people well, that’s me.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    La Mirada, CA

  52. Nazar Stukalo

    My name Nazarii Stukalo,i from Ukraine.My live is theatre and movie! If in theatre i playing 7 years,in movie i don t pla.If you catch my star i will show garmony play and something specialiy in yours project!

  53. Merari Reyes

    Hi! It would me a dream come true if you would consider me!! I just love acting!!! and you know its my passion!!
    please contact me at (520-302-3469) and email merari_o19@hotmail.com

  54. Kyle Cupples

    Height: 6’2″
    Weight: 230
    Hair Color-Dark Brown

    Hello, my name is Kyle Cupples and I am an aspiring actor. I am currently a college student and taking acting classes as we speak. I am easy to get a long with and very teachable. I am a perfectionist and will work hard until the job is done. I have had minor success on social media. I have over 34,000 followers on Vine, 10,000 on instagram and 3,500 on Twitter. I know what people like in order to make them feel good about themselves, hence all of the followers. My goal in life is to just make a different person smile every day and I believe it starts with this movie. Looking forward to hearing back from you guys.

  55. Lindsay Contardo Wirth

    Hello, my name is Lindsay, i’m a Chilean actress, i’m 29 (but i look like 24), and i would like to participate on this show because i’m good at my job and very professional and who wouldn’t like a Chilean in a Show, latin people is always loved in these shows, thanks. And everybody deserves an opportunity, even when they are far far away.

    170 cm
    green eyes
    black hair

  56. Shermal Brooks


    I’m Shermal Brooks and I’m currently in the United States Air Force, and I always wanted to be an actor. I never got the chance to pursue my dreams because I joined the military when I was 18, now I’m 25 and I really want to purse my dream. I know many people may apply but I just show my wife and kid that dreams do come true. I don’t have any experience but I’m willing to learn and give my all. Thanks in advance.
    25 years old/5’8/150 pounds

  57. Chad

    28 years old
    Hazel eyes
    Athletic build
    Considered to be handsome. Many people have told me I look like an actor.
    Shaved I can pass for much younger. With a beard I look even older.
    I have always had a passion for acting. I’ve been in a few plays and YouTube comedy skits

  58. Mel.J Richards

    Hi im Mel.J a stand up comedian/actress from australia do shows all over AU and a few in USA been in tv shows and short films in AU , i would love to get the chance to work with Vince he is one of my idols! It would be a dream come true if i got to work with him or be an extra in his movie. You can facebook seach me or utube seach me if you like i would do anyyhing and i mean anything to work along with vince! 🙂
    Thank you for your time

    Kind regards

  59. Hawa Kosia

    Hello Dear
    My name is Hawa kosia I’m 21years old Am passionate about acting and experienced too, I have studied acting for 4 years now in my acting classes. This is an opportunity for me to share my talent to the world and face hard challenges on the way. Am a hard working person energetic, confident and also I love working with people in a positive environment. Thank you for your time and I hope I get considered. And God Bless

  60. Ka'lynn Mozee

    Hello! My name is Ka’lynn and I’m an Undergraduate aspiring actress! I live in Kentucky so not many opportunities come around for a girl like me, but I won’t let that get me down! I’m minoring in theatre and love to act! I have an outgoing and fun loving attitude, I’m headstrong and will not stop no matter how hard something gets, I listen well! I had doubts about myself, would I be a good actress, would I make it to the big screen one day? And the doubts were weighing me down more and more, but I finally got my courage to actually try to get out there! I would love to be considered to be apart of this movie rather it’s an speaking part or just an extra! It would be a great opportunity for me! Please take me into consideration!

    Name: Ka’lynn Mozee
    Weight: 115
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: African American

  61. Hawa Kosia

    Hello Dear
    My name is Hawa Kosia I’m 21 years old Am black African. Am really passionate about acting and experienced too, I have studied drama for 4years now. This is an opportunity for me to share my talent the world, Am a hard working person confident, energetic and love working with people. I hop I get consideration and thank you for your time. And God Bless

  62. Jasmine Alvarez

    Hi, my name is Jasmine Alvarez I am 22 years old and I would just love being in a film with Vince Vaughn.I think he is an amazing and talented actor. He has his own style of charm that I feel he brings to every film he is on, I feel the same way about Jonathan Banks in Breaking Bad, another talented man. Overall film is my life whether it may be in front of the camera or behind it, I feel that I can bring something to the table and if I am giving the chance I will do great.
    You can Email me at Jasminealvarez2@yahoo.com
    Thank you.

  63. Presley

    Vince Vaughn is my comedic idol along with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley and others! I love to make people laugh and I can sing and entertain people! I’m going to be a freshman in high school but my 5’10, 206 size suggests otherwise! Would love an opportunity to be part of a Vince Vaughn movie!

  64. Chris Jones

    Actor, writer, director. years of improv experience with the childhood crew. Oldschool was the cusp of my search for a humorous and playful life.

    Bottomline: Just do it. Don’t think about it. Write my name down right on that clipboard. “Chris Jones”, its the name buzzing all around the water cooler. Who is that guy? how many chicks does he pick up a night? no one knows, they still think he’s a virgin. But what they do know….this kids goin places whether they cast him or not. Got an archive of screenplays ready for production, 30 minute stand up bit that kills it on a drunk enough crowd, and lets be real, daddy and mommy issues deep enough to actually inspire a real artist.

  65. Taylor M

    Age: 25
    Sex: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 6’7
    Weight: 260
    Body: Very Muscular

    My name is Taylor, I am currently a graduate student at the University of Central Florida where I am getting a masters degree in finance and real estate. I grew up playing sports and played college baseball. I was Bachelor of the month for February in Florida Golf Central Magazine and have some modeling experience. I am a big guy with a big personality and am interested in auditioning for any roles that require someone tall with a muscular build. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  66. Tovia

    I would make amazing actress Because i have the face and i am very photogenic. And i love to be around people. I am very easy to work with and i will take any roll or posison given. I have long legs and arms and light brown golden colored skin i have light brown almost hazel slanted eyes and very full lips i have always wanted to be an actress and i am willing to almost do any thing to reach my dreams i am very willing to travel because i do my schooling online and besides the camara just loves me and i love it just as much back. i just am whaiting and trying to find my perfect chance so please contact me back

  67. brenden cooper

    I know that people say the same things like “ever since i was a kid i wanted to be an actor”. I know i have what it takes to be in this movie. All i need os to get my foot in the door to start my life as an actor. I have potential and i know it. You will not be dissiponted in my performance. I understand if i dont get picked for a part but it would mean the world to me if i can be apart of this movie. This is the perfect oppertunity for me to get started doing what i know i want to do with my life. All im asking for is a chance to prove to the world and myself that i can do something great. This might sound fake when your reading this but just imagine that im telling this to you face to face. I want a part in this movie more than anything. I am more than willing to do what it takes yo be a great actor and im ready to start an amazing career in acting. Thank you for reading this.

  68. chloe Jackson

    My name is chloe Skye
    I live in North Carolina
    Ever since I was 5 years old I have wanted to be in a movie with Vince Vaughn.
    He is so funny.
    My hobbies include singing, dancing, writing and of course acting.
    I have been in a lot of school plays.
    I am 11 years old I have brown hair, Blue eyes, freckles, and white

    Sincerely,Buddy the elf