Teen Wolf – MTV

Teen Wolf – MTV

MTV has seen it’s slate of scripted programming come alive in the last year with hits such as Awkward and The Inbetweeners but none have taken off quite like the supernatural hit Teen Wolf.  New episodes of this mesmerizing program are coming soon and casting directors and producers are searching far and wide for undiscovered talent for auditions and casting calls which they will be holding soon.

Teen Wolf is a dark spin on the hit feature film starring Michale J. Fox. Much like the Buffy The Vampire Slayer television adaptation creator Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds) has dropped the campy aspects of the original film and brought a whole new energy to the series. Teen Wolf follows awkward high school teen  Scott McCall who is attacked by a werewolf and inherits new and exciting powers. Scott experiences increased strength, hearing, sports prowess and self confidence, but all is not rosy for Scott as he must keep his new identity from all but a few trusted friends in his life as he protects those he loves from danger. The show features the talents of Tyler Posey (Lincoln Heights, Doc), Dylan O’Brien (High Road, The First Time), Tyler Hoechlin (7th Heaven, Hall Pass) and Crystal Reed (Crazy, Stupid, Love., Skyline) as the leads and now new roles are soon to be available. Teen Wolf is an exciting and whip-smart drama series and could be a major casting for up and coming actors looking to make their break in the world of television. Casting calls and auditions for several roles including day players, guest stars and extras will be going on soon and last throughout the season. If you are interested in auditioning for this fantastic MTV hit series you can send emails here sandealessicasting@gmail.com and be sure to stay tuned right here for all of the up to the minute casting updates and leave us a comment in the space below and tell us why you would be perfect for Teen Wolf.

You chance is coming. The chance to be featured on one of the most popular and well written action-drama series on television today. Stay tuned for all of the exciting casting information on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

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  1. andy

    Hello My names Andy Ashley Arries
    I’m 23 years old I’m 167 cm tall
    I have really brown eyes
    Curly hair I’m from South Africa. I’ve never really played a good guy I’m my movies always a bad guy Im hoping I would to play a role of a good guy but any role will do in teen wolf I love to run in the morning to keep fit I love werewolfs mostly the black werewolf

  2. AdisynnePerez

    My names Adisynne Perez
    I’m 13 almost 14
    I’m around 5’5 5’6
    I have really dark brown eyes
    I’m from CO
    I know I’m not perfect for the role but I know I’m good enough…. I’ve never really gotten a lead role in anything…. but I’m hoping maybe I will in this

  3. AdisynnePerez

    I don’t think I’ll be perfect for a role in Teen Wolf, but I know I’m good enough to maybe try and get one…

  4. Sophie VanDenBergh

    Hiiii i’m Sophie VanDenBergh, im 15 years old, blonde, have gray/blue eyes, and am roughly 5’3. To be honest, I’ve never acted before except for in short films I make for fun or in my video communication class at school but i enjoy doing it! Also, LACROSSE IS MY FAVORITE SPORT TO PLAY EVER!!! and i have always wanted to be an actor for some werid reason… i just love movie magic. Sooooo anyway, hit me up! : )

  5. LeeAnn

    I am Madison McKiddy but I go by my middle name LeeAnn.
    Height: 5’6.5
    age: 14 15 in May.
    Location: Georgia about an hour away from Atlanta Ga.
    ethnicity : Black and white.
    eye color :brown
    hair: Long and brown
    Talent: Singer/Dancer/Actress
    Grades in school: A’s and B’s

    If headshots are needed please just email me and I’ll be happy to send them in. Though I am very young I think I will be in your best interest for casting.

  6. Genesis Goodridge

    I’m 25 from New York . I’m 5’6 and lives in Georgia with my mom & brother who’s also a fan of Teen Wolf as well.
    I would be perfect for Teen Wolf because I want to be the first “Special needs”person . Also , I did acting in 9th grade at my high school & I love the series Teen Wolf because teens can relate to the show & characters . I would like to play a character who’s edgy but smart and has a weird past from The Hamptons named Autumn
    Who’s a hybrid of a vampire & a raven .

  7. Kavy1813

    Hey guys I now I’m a bit late but I’m a huge fan of teen wolf and I would really love to be in it. I have blue-green eyes and long brown, blonde hair I currently live in South Africa. I’m 13 turning 14 in November. I know a lot about werewolves. I’m an amazing actress and I play guitar. I’m also tall for my age

  8. Kayne Gordon

    Name: Kayne Gordon
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5.9ft
    Weight: 70kg
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Black
    Ethnicity: Mixed – White & Black Caribbean
    Location: North London

    A highly motivated, hardworking and likeable individual, currently in sixth form studying dance, drama and music, and a student and troupe member at Platinum Performing Arts School, seeking dance teacher/coordinator and acting opportunities. Eventual career goal is to become a fully-qualified and experienced dance choreographer, with the longer-term aspiration of moving into large scale performance participation and management, and eventual mentoring.

  9. Tatiana Hamp

    Please send me updates!!

  10. Kirra

    Hi I’m kirra, I have amber brown eyes but it changes in sunlight, and I have brown hair that goes past my chest that looks gold in sunlight, I’m Caucasian and I’m 5’7 and weigh around 65 kg. I don’t have experience but I can fit many roles, and I would love to play any role because I want to maybe start a career in acting but don’t know where to start. Im 13 turning 14 in April but I get mistaken for being 17 and 18 a lot.

  11. Daisy Alvarez

    Hey, my name is Daisy im currently 13 and im from California. I am a brunette with hazel eyes with tanned skin and I’m 5’2. I absolutely love the show, watch it every Tuesday night and would love to be a part of it. I think the cast and crew are the coolest people ever, they’re like family which is awesome and Jeff is a freaking genius! The show is sadly coming to end so I would love to have the opportunity to audition for a part to be on my favorite show.

    Thanks to whoever is reading this!

  12. jennifer reinoso

    Hello, my name is Jennifer and i am 16 years old, I was born in Cuba but i was raised in Florida, I have dark brown hair shoulder length(curly) dark brown eyes and somewhat pale skin. I’m 5’2 and very energetic but serious when the time comes i would love to be part of this cast the crew looks wonderful and it would be a very good acting opportunity. I hope that you receive this.

    Thank You.
    Jennifer Reinoso

  13. Olivia May

    Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m 16 years old, 17 in June. I’m from Cambridge and have long/medium length blonde hair, grey/blue eyes and very pale skin. I’m also 5″5 and currently study English literature, art and media at A levels. I would absolutely love an opportunity to have an audition for the cast of teen wolf as everyone involved has really grown as an actor/actress and I’m fascinated by the whole storyline and plot of Teen Wolf.
    Thank you!
    Olivia May

  14. Sophie Robb

    Hi my name is Sophie Robb and I’m from Glasgow, Scotland. I’m 12 (13 in march) and I have dark brown mid length hair, brown eyes and I’m about 5’5. I am an aspiring actress and I can sing and I’m a grade 2 acoustic guitarist. I would love the opportunity to audition for teen wolf. If the distance is a people’s that can be arranged.

    Thanks for your time,
    Sophie Robb

  15. Lauren Chan

    Name: Lauren Chan
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Height: Somewhere between 150-155 (I know I am short)
    Weight: 47kg
    Eye Color: Black
    Hair color: Brown Black
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Location: Hong Kong, China

    Though I live half way across the world, I still can speak fluent English and a tiny bit of Spanish, Cantonese is my mother tongue and I am quite good at Putonghua.

    I have always wanted to have acting as my career since I was a little kid, I am a dedicated actress as I am in my junior years in primary school, winning the best actress at the age of 11.

    Now, in Secondary School, I am a member in the drama ensemble, participating in various productions and also caprturing best actress last year. I am also a member of the school choir as performance arts is always my passion.

    I am looking for auditions for a few months and when this popped up I literally screamed, I am always a fan of Teen Wolf, the supernatural creatures, the story and the mystery behind it always fascinated me as a teenager. Not to mention the relationship behind. One good thing is that, I have a really good memory, scripts are easy to me and I always try my best in emerging myself in the character.

    I am quite a bubbly person, might sound and look quite serious but mostly I am the class clown in a group.

    I would be thrilled to be a part of this amazing show and if you do take notice of me

  16. Ambir Kaur

    Name: Ambi
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’2
    Location: Leicester, UK

    Hey I would love to be in this series even if it is an extra. To just work on a set is an experience itself.

    I have thought about an acting career before when I was younger and started thinking about it recently. I believe this would give me the perfect chance to begin my career.

    I hope you consider me!

  17. Amy

    My name is Amy smith and I’m from the West Midlands, England. I’m 14, I have brown hair, blue eyes and I’m 5’7. Teen Wolf is my favourite show and I would absolutely love the chance to be in it. I have also always wanted to visit America and would be able to fly over there for any opportunity.

  18. Jabari Jones

    Name: Jabari Jones
    Age: 22
    Height: 6’2″
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: black
    Location: Stockton, CA

    Hello, I would love to be pa part of the Teen Wolf cast. I want to start an career and I want to start it with Teen Wolf.
    I have some theatre experience with Bay Peace in Oakland, CA. Please consider me for a role in Teen Wolf.

    Thank you,
    Jabari Jones

  19. Mananki Christina

    I was wondering maybe I could become one of the actress in teenwolf play.Now that it’s no longer going ahead.I feel very akward.I was looking forward to act this series.It’s so lovely and more enjoyable.

  20. Andrea Mora

    Hello, my name is Andrea. I have been a big fan since season 1. And it would be a dream to even get an audition. I have always loved being on stage when I was younger even if it was dancing or acting. I am 19 years and will be turning 20 soon. The only experience I have was little things when I was little when I danced and I took a Drama Class in high school.

  21. Tatum Ives

    Hi my name is Tatum and I love Teen Wolf so much I mean I can’t get enough of it. It is my biggest dream to be on Teen Wolf. Everything about the show is perfect I mean it’s just truly amazing. I’m 14, 5.5 ft tall, dirty blond curly hair, hazel eyes. I have a passion for acting and it would mean the world to me if you were to get in touch with me. ?

  22. Sarah Moffatt

    Hey! I’m totally obsessed with Teen Wolf and it would be a DREAM COME TRUE to be a part of my favourite show! Nothing compares to it- it’s the perfect blend of gruesome horror, heart-wrenching romance and thrilling drama!! ? My name is Sarah and I’m English. I’m 16, 5ft 3 and a half, I have deep, dark brown hair, fair, freckled skin and hazel eyes. I train with Stagecoach and have acting experience.
    I would love for you to get in touch-I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEW SEASON! ❤️

  23. Charity Grady

    Hi my name is charity and I’m 15 years young. I would love to be on your show because it is very good. It would also make my dream come true if you choose me. So if you choose me I will make sure you won’t regret it.

  24. Varujan Manukyan

    Hello my name is Varujan Manukyan. I am 17 years old and I live in Los Angeles. I’ve watch Teen Wolf throughout my middle and Highschool years, and I’m still currently a senior, but since the series is coming to an end I wanted to help out as much as I can besides being a huge fan. If I do get a role even if it’s a extra or a big role I just want to help finish the series off the best way I can. I know that I’m eligible to play a role, thank you for your time

  25. Marena Gloth

    Hi! My name is Marena Gloth. I am 18 years old and an aspiring female actor. I have had lots of theatrical experience and look forward to expanding my career. I have played a variety of roles and look forward to playing many different parts in the future. I am extremely dedicated and hope you consider me.

  26. makayla mckay

    I will like to audition for teen wolf give

  27. Scout Wallace

    I guess I probably should’ve put more info in that comment ha.
    Male 19
    Light brown eyes; green and gold in the sunlight
    Brown hair
    I’ve done school plays but I just know the camera is for me and it calls out to me. I hope to hear something soon. Thanks in advance

  28. Scout Wallace

    Hi, my name is Scout Wallace. I am 19 and a male. I would love to be able to be in this series. It’s funny because I was looking for shows like teen wolf and boom, found teen wolf

  29. Alessia Zunino

    Hi, my name is Alessia, I’m 14 years old- turning 15 and I’m italian.
    I really love Teen Wolf, I know all the episodes of all seasons.
    I’m really good actress because I’m acting since 2004.
    I heard the 6th season will the last, but I have a lot of ideas for other seasons (I’m also a writer and a singer).
    I speak Italian, English and a little bit of Spanish

    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’5 (170cm)
    Weight: 80kg (I’m doing a diet)
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Dark Brown with light brown shatush
    Free Time Activities: Volleyball, Act, Sing, Writing and Friends

  30. Abbigail Jennings

    Hi, im Abbi Rose Jennings
    Brown hair, hazel eyes

    I havent done alot of acting (middle school plays and highschool plays) but if i were given a chance, i would give it my all. I have been wanting to become an actress for a long time, and trying to get started is hard, i just want to let you know that i am a bit goofy also.

  31. Abbigail Jennings

    Hi, im Abbigail Jennings.
    Brown hair, hazel eyes

    I havent done alot of acting (middle school plays and highschool plays) but if i were given a chance, i would give it my all. I have been wanting to become an actress for a long time, and trying to get started is hard, i just want to let you know that i am a bit goofy also.

  32. Ambrie white

    Hi my name is Ambrie white, I am 14 and am looking for new experiences. I have done acting and played many leads in plays and musicals. So I do have experience in that just not movie or TV sets.?
    Height- 5-4
    Living in st.George utah
    P.s. Teen wolf is my favorite tv show of all time and it is s dream of mine to be cast in it!!!!

  33. Raven Brown

    My name is Raven Brown and I’m 18 years old. I live in Tuscaloosa Alabama. I love the show! I would love to be a part of the teen wolf family. I have watched it since it first came on tv. Why would I believe perfect for teen wolf because I have watched more supernatural tv shows and movies!

  34. Leooonnarrd

    Hi, I’m badass. Teen wolf is for me. Give me a job, please.

  35. Natalie

    Hi, my name is Natalie Saldarriaga. I am fourteen years of age, and I am a teenage girl living in Greenville, North Carolina. I love the show Teen Wolf, and once I started watching the show, it made me want to act. That is why I am leaving this reply, it would be amazing if I got a part in the show, even if I was just an extra in the background, whatever job you have for me, I can do it. Thank you!

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’4
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Ethnicity: Latina
    Parents: 2
    Siblings: none
    School: High School
    Allergies: no
    Notes: I am fluent in Spanish (and English obviously)

  36. Elena Mir Fakhraei

    I forgot to mention that i have short hair.

  37. Elena Mir Fakhraei

    Hi my name is Elena, i live in germany (persian ancestry) and i’m 14 years old. I fell in love with the show and it also inspired me to become an actress.
    Height: 5’1
    Hair color: dark brown-black
    Eye color: brown
    Body type: athletic
    Languages: english, german, persian,a little spanish

  38. Kiana Wright

    Hello, my name is Kiana, I’m 17 and would absolutely love to be a part of Teen Wolf. I don’t have a lot of experience but this has always been something I’ve wanted to try. For years now, and I could only dream of it coming true! I’m quite good at keeping character and would be honored to try out. I’m about 5’7/5’8, live in southern California, and have a completely open schedule as of right now. Thank you!

  39. Danny

    Name: Danny
    Age: 19yrs old
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5’10 (177cm)
    Weight: 164Lbs
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Dark Brown
    Hello, I enjoy watching this show I’ve seen it when it came out in Netflix with the first two seasons and I loved the show after that and I kept on watching it after and I’ve take theatre for three years and I’m continuing in college I also have an uncle and cousin in the acting business and I will be very delighted if you can contact me
    I’m a hard worker and I’m good in memorizing I love to act ever since I was a kid and you can countact my uncle too if you like proof his name is John Olvera and my cousin Brook Brenner you can find them online in imbd

    Sincerely: Danny M Romero

    Thank you??

  40. Alexandra Galea

    Hi my name is Alexandra and I have been watching Teen Wolf since it came out. I am a massive fan of the show and it would be my dream to be apart of it. I am 12 years old, turning 13 in October and I live in Sydney, Australia. I am still growing but at the moment I am 165cm tall. I have light brown eyes and brown hair. My friends and family say that I am really outgoing and that I pick up on things quickly. I think that I would be a great fit for the part as I have seen every episode of Teen Wolf and I love every single one. The cast is also my favourite cast ever and I cannot imagine a better one. I hope you notice this and let me have a chance.
    Thank you,

  41. Taina Giboyeaux

    Hello. I’m Taina, I’am 18 years old turning 19 on September 26th. I live in Kissimmee, Florida, and I absolutely love acting and I’m a huge fan of the show and know a lot about it. I don’t have much experience with acting in front of a crowd but I love to act scripts to myself. I have a big feeling that i’ll play my part perfectly.


    Name: Sandra Mitrov
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13 years old
    Hair Colour: brown
    Eye Colour: brown
    Skin Colour: tanned/olive
    Height: 159 cm tall
    Bust: 83 cm
    Waist: 67 cm
    Hips: 77 cm
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Nationality: Macedonian
    Currently living in Sydney, Australia

    I would be perfect for a role in this television series because I look sweet and harmless but when I open my mouth the viewers with love to hate me but I can also portray a great, kind and helpful young girl. I have little acting experience apart from acting in all of my school plays but I really have no experience at all. my lack of experience will not hold back rom doing everything I can to succeed, I will not stop working to improve myself as an actress.

    – experienced singer
    – very fast learner
    – great American ascent
    – did 8 weeks of leadership training
    -able to do any role

  43. Charlotte Maldonado

    Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am 13 years old. I live in Sydney, Australia. I know I do not live in the USA but I would really like to be in Teen Wolf. I have been watching Teen Wolf since it came out. It would be really cool if you could think of putting me in the show. Thanks!!!

  44. Johny Gomez

    Hello my name is johny and I am looking for papers for teen wolf, I would love to be in this, especially because in addition to being sobreanatural it is something that we think of those who are the cause of the killings and is something that I’ve followed since 2011, something that I’m trying to get is a casting for the series , I would like to participate in this series, I will write my personal data for you:
    Height: 1’79
    weight: 59
    Eyes: 2 Green with blue tone
    Hair: yellow with Golden reflections (natural)
    skin color: white
    sex: male
    age: 16
    I live in venezuela

  45. Rebecca Freed

    I would love to be on your show. I think it is very entertaining and of course all of the great looking guys help!
    I am currently 20 years old, a female, and looking to begin my acting career.
    I am 5’7” and about 145lbs.
    I have blonde hair and blue eyes, am very personable and friendly. Willing to work with anyone, good in front of the camera, and love the show.

  46. Jenna

    Hello my name is Jenna I am 15 year old girl who lives in South Africa. I absolutely love teen wolf.I watch it al the time, I would love to get a chance to get an audition to have a part in teen wolf

    Eye color: blou green
    Hair color:dark brown
    Skin color:white
    Activities : I like being active and to sing write and act

    If you are stil looking for someone I would really love the opportunity

  47. Gina

    Hiii! my Name is Gina I am 15 years old turning 16 on 7th November2016.
    I’ve watched all the Teen Wolf episodes 3 times and i love it.
    I live in Germany.
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’9
    Hair: Brown and Curly
    Languages: German English

  48. Alondra

    I would love to be a part of teen wolf because I’ve always loved supernatural shows. Teen wolf has this dark side and that’s always interested me in shows, movies and books.

  49. Cristina Kearbey

    Hi! My name is Cristina. I’m 16 and I live in Texas near Houston. I love the show so much and it would be amazing if I could play a part on the show. It’s my dream to become and actress and I would love to show y’all what I can do

  50. Shira Behore

    Hi my name is Shira,
    I’m 15 years old and I live in FL.
    I am a dancer and I dance in all genres but I excel in ballet. I have taken acting classes in the the past and I’ve modeled as a child.
    I like to write (stories mostly) and dance in my spare time, I also like to read.
    Eye color: Green
    Hair color: Brown
    Skin tone: tan-ish
    I love teen wolf and I would be happy to be considered.

  51. Aliyah

    Hello , my name is Aliyah Angel , I’m 15 years old &’ I’ve always loved acting &’ teen wolf is one of my favorite shows ! It would be such an honor to get the chance to audition for a role in the new season of teen wolf , I hope you’ll consider me . You can always get in contact with me through my email , thank you (:

  52. Romena suknarine

    I’m of indian decent my name is Romena suknarine. I’m from guyana in south america. I can perform well I just need a chance to prove myself

  53. Jadyn Berner

    I’m 5ft 4 and I’m 14,I have dark blonde hair and blue eyes with an athletic type body. I’m an aspiring actress and would love for this opportunity, I live in Corona, California and hope to be part of the series

  54. Christopher

    Hey guys my name is Christopher trimmer I come from the Jersey shore seaside heights to be exact I am 24 nice body 140 pounds brown eyes dark dark brown hair and people say I should be on TV get in touch with me

  55. Christopher

    Hey guys I look like I should be on the show dark brown hair 140 pounds nice body Brown eyes 5 foot 7 from seaside heights 24 years young

  56. Madison

    Hi my name is Madison and I am 15 years old. I am blonde, 5’2, and I have light brown eyes. I don’t have any acting experience but I would like to give it a try even as an extra. I don’t really watch Teen Wolf, but my sisters do and I have watch a few episodes with them. I think that Teen Wolf is a really good show and would be fun to act on.

  57. Martin Caron

    Hi my name is martin, I would love to be on teen Wolf for any role any age. If you are looking for another gay character I would be willing to do it because I am gay and I have been made fun of for it but I think it is time to show the world that being gay is OK. I am 14 years old, have hazel eyes,brown hair, and a great personality. Ever since the first time I saw the show I would always play/pretend to be a werewolf like on teen Wolf. I love the show and I would love it if I was on the show.

  58. Mj farmer

    Hello I’m MJ. I’m 15 years old and I live in Southaven, Mississippi. Teen wolf has always been a thing for me. I love the tv show and would love to be in it. I would be perfect for this tv show because I’ve always wanted to be and actor. It would be an honor if I was in it. My cousin Is shemar Moore from criminal minds. It would be great if I was on the red carpet with the cast and the producers of teen wolf. I wanted to be on the tv show since the first season of teen wolf. If you need more information you can contact me by my email or on my Instagram page which is Royal_king43. Please contact me. Have a heart day. ?

  59. mj farmer

    Hello, my name is Mj Farmer. I’m from Southaven, Mississippi. I am 15 years old. I love Teen wolf. I enjoy watching it all the time. It would be a great honor if I was a part of the show. Watching teen wolf is a great thing, dreaming of the dred doctors is another. Being apart of the cast would mean a lot to me. And I honestly want it so bad. If you need more information.

  60. Adrianna perez

    Hello my name is Adrianna Perez . My dreams to be an actress or even to be in a movie or show is beyond what u could think of … I have been in plays at school and have had some acting classes! I think everyone should have a chance to show what talents they have and i hope i get to show you . I am very outgoing and never give up ! I hope to be able to audition ! I live in orlando florida , im 17 years old , im 5’2 , hazel eyes , black hair … Etc !! I will be sure to email as well !!

  61. Brett Herring

    Let amp this show up.

  62. Patrick

    Hi I’m a 16 year old boy I’m about 6 foot I get that I look older then I really am alot more like 18 , 19ish I have blue eyes I am Caucasian have brown hair. I’m graduated out of high school already and I work out alot at the gym I’m in shape I can provide photos in email anyways I’ve seen ur show and all my friends say they could see me on the show and it would be awesome so yeah thanks for the consideration

  63. Tiana Orange

    Hi my name is Tiana Orange I am 17 years old I love dancing, singing, and acting I love Teen Wolf I never missed a season on Teen Wolf since that the first season so I been dying to get a acting job for a long time but if there was a audition i would definitely go to one I know the lines by heart of Teen Wolf so thank you so much!!

  64. Owen Beck

    Name: Owen Beck
    Age: 13
    Height: 5.3
    Birthday: 31July 2002

    I would like to audition for a part in teen wolf. I’m not looking for a big part however, it would be good if I could get a big part. I am not an actor but I don’t see way that should stopping my chance.
    I am from England in Newcastle and I have brown eyes, slightly tanned skin, brown hair. I am 14 in July and getting a part in teen wolf would be great. I have watched the show and I know a lot about it and I’m a fan of mythology and know a bit about that too.