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Disney Auditions for Kids, Teens & Parents – Orlando, FL

Have you always wanted to appear in a project for Disney but haven’t taken a leap to make it happen? Now is the time to jump! Apply for a Disney audition today! The magical company is looking for kids, teens and adults to appear in a new commercial. This is an audition for people with no experience. The production team is looking for new and aspiring models as well as real families and couples. Filming will be near Orlando, Florida so local talent are needed. Casting directors are looking for Caucasian, Hispanic and African American families who have kids and teens. In addition they are seeking couples ages 25 to 34 and grandparents. This acting casting call for Disney is for three spots. One will be for Hollywood Studios, one for Epcot and the other is for Disney Springs. This is a fabulous opportunity for fresh, fit, hip and trending males and females. The audition will be held on November 18th with callbacks on November 20th. It will shoot between December 6th and December 8th.

About Disney

From classic animated features and exhilarating theme park attractions to cutting edge sports coverage and the hottest shows on television, The Walt Disney Company is the global leader in family entertainment. For 90 years, their outstanding storytelling has enchanted, inspired and thrilled audiences everywhere. [Disney]

What They Are Looking For

We are looking for new faces that have not submitted casting for Disney before .- all Rookie models and or real families/ couples are welcome!!

1. DHS Family #1: Caucasian Family of four; dad/mom/tween to teenage kids
2. DHS Family #2: Hispanic Extended family – dad/mom/grandparents/child 6-8/tween
3. DHS Family #3: African-American Family of four; parents/tween to teenage kids
4. DHS Couple #1 & • DHS Couple #2: Young Couple (25-34) – any ethnicity
5. DHS Couple #3: Hispanic Grandparents from family#2

1. DS Family #1 And • DS Family #2 : Any Ethnicity Family of four; dad/mom/tween to teenage kids
2. DS Couple #1: Young Couple (25-34) – any ethnicity

1. EPCOT Family #1: Caucasian Family of four; dad/mom/children 6-8/tweens/grandparents
2. EPCOT Family #2: Hispanic Extended family – dad/mom/children 6-8/tweens/grandparents
3. EPCOT Family #3: African-American Family of four; parents/children 6-8/tweens/grandparents

Talent need to be fit, look fresh hip and trendy!
RATE: $500 + 20% session/buyout
CASTING: 11/18 –
SHOOT: Between 12/6-12/8 late afternoon/night
Location: (will be email upon confirmation)

How to Apply

If you feel that you fit any of the roles above, please email me at maria@theparadymgroup.com 3-5 clear pictures, full name and contact information.
SUBJECT LINE: Disney (Role you are applying for).

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39 Casting Responses

  1. Garrett Fedor

    From fl I sing act and do theatre I’d love to help in anyway I can I’m 17 and I’m 5’8

  2. Danijha

    Hi my name is Danijha I am 15 years old I am an social media brand ambassador for 3 small companies I am in theatre now I take acting lessons for 6weeks I am in improv theatre every Thursday I would love to go to auditions I also am a dancer I have majored in majorettes and hip-hop my my dream is to be an actress, your work my dream please contact me

  3. Sienna Sayle

    Hi my name is sienna and imp 14 years old and I would really appreciate any job roles and I’m super enthusiastic for any jobs in acting. Thank you for your time.

  4. Stephanie

    Hello im a 15 year old youtuber and would love to be on disney that has been my dream for the longest iam 4’10 i am latina i live in San Diego and i love acting i have long natural hair brown eyes nothing amazing lol iam funny love being spotlight lol jk hopefully i get a role it would mean alot love u all

  5. oliaeva

    hi my name is taleah i would love to go on disney

  6. jasmine

    hey I am Jasmine Temich im 5’3 and I’m from a small town in missouri called crane I just turned 13 in april I was born on 4/21/2005 my dad is full mexican my mom is american and part native american. i have been watching disney for i can remember i have always wanted to act everytime my school had a play i always tryed out as i get older i want to make something out of it but im not a good good reader when it comes to talking in front of people but im not going to let that stop me. I live to be athletic i would like to act in alot of running movies or maybe try something else. but i would really like to get in because i want my dad and my mom to know i have did something big in my like like when i run in cross country

  7. Sasha

    I would love to be in Disney

  8. Courtland Herman

    Im Courtland herman i’d love to be in an episdoe or comercials and im 14 about to be 15 on april15,2018

  9. Delia mirabelli

    Hello i’m delia and i’m 12 years old i LOVE disney and i’d love To be in a commercial. The only problema is that i’m from italy…. But hey lets try☺

  10. Marvis Cherry

    I’m Marvis I’m 15 and I’d love to be in a commercial!

  11. Ben

    i love Disney!!!!!!!!!!!! and from canada

  12. Chloe Etienne

    Hello I’m Chloe Etienne I’m 11 years old about to turn 12 and I would love to be in a commercial.

    • Chloe Etienne

      Hi I would also love to be in a TV show, or really any option you give me.

  13. Atiana benitez

    Hi my Name is Atiana and I’m 12 years old i rlly love to sing but now what really gets to me is acting . Ever since the movie Zombies came out on disney channel I got inspired by milo manheim and meg dennelly to be an actor on disney channel . i really hope my dream comes try and someday be just like milo and meg on tv acting, singing, and dancing . hope to be a great actor … btw Ive been taking a lot of notes and I’ve been looking for auditions everywhere so hope this might the one .

  14. Trynston Lamonte Carpenter

    Hi, My name is Trynston i’m 12 years old I and i’m a african american boy with really good grammar.I have had a dream of acting for years even for commercial i would love to have a positive impact on kids.I’m currently in South Carolina. (Birthday April 5,2005) last name:Carpenter.I would really appreciate it if I got this role and thankyou for even looking.

  15. Breasia brown

    Hi. I’m breasia brown I live in Pensacola FL. I’m an African-American girl with 20% of white in me I’m 14 i have hazel eyes im 5’2 at the weight of 105 pounds I have curly frizzy hair that is shoulder length it’s a brownish-blackish color. Please Accept Me

  16. Breasia brown

    Hi. I’m breasia brown I live in Pensacola FL. I’m not from a great place and I understand that’s not a good way to start a career but I have a clean record I promise. I’m not very professional either but will you please try to accept me I’ll try my ever most best.

  17. Arlete

    I really hope this works I will be praying for so long. I have also been acting, singing, and dancing since i was 3. I was in cheerleading and gymnastics. I hope this works and I live in Boston!

    Love, Arlete

  18. Arlete

    Hi, my name is Arlete and I have dreaming to be an actress or work in Disney. For all my childhood I would watch Disney channel and think, ” I want to be like them”. I am never going to give up this dream so i’m going to continue to be determined to enter Disney! I hope I will get in because it is my dream and will be the happiest girl! I have worked on school plays a lot and all the teachers have said I was a good actress. This makes me even more inspired. I am 11 years old and I hope I get in! Have a wonderful day.

    Love, Arlete

  19. Chase Golphin

    19 male, younger than average looks can play younger characters, Hispanic race.

  20. Lewis

    Hi my name is Lewis and I’m 13 years old. I have brunet hair and I am around 5’0 and have a passion for acting. It is my dream to be an actor and I’m a known as an amusing person.

  21. Lewis

    Hi I’m Lewis and I love acting and would love to be able to be part of a Disney channel series.

  22. Maggie

    I’m from Maryville, tennessee… and I would really want a role… thank you for making your auditions free, it’s hard to find that now…. oh and forgot to mention, I’m 14 years old!!! I wanna get a role for Disney before it’s to late

  23. bryanna

    Hi, My name is Bryanna Dixon i live in Jackson Alabama i am fifteen years old and i have been singing, acting, dancing, and rapping since i was 7 and i would love to get noticed i have a dance of twenty girls and we are called the beautiful princesses and we would love if we got noticed and go viral on social media and anyone famous reads this we would love to join you guys and make entertainment very exciting but i am going to stop typing because if i don’t it’s going to be a lot to read.

  24. Siyabonga

    hi my name is Siyabonga Ntinga from Durban (South Africa) and I love acting. I would like to act that guy who doesn’t know much, doesn’t speak much but who can do much.

  25. Essence Mosby

    I am 13 years old from Memphis Tennessee I wanna be a actress so bad I can sing but I wanna act my younger sibling is gonna be on a casting call and I wanted to too. I was receiving many calls but mom wouldn’t let me but now she will.

  26. tosh

    13 5´6 and looking a way to make some money to help my mom and work towards my passion: Townsend Montana

  27. tosh

    dang im 13 live in montana smh

  28. jada makayla shavon owens

    hey i am jada i love to sing dance act and make people laugh i am 14 years old i am a bright bubbly person i am african american i cant spell all that good but i can read a script .

    i audition for AMTC and i got a call back at 9:00 am i went there for singing but they said i was a little pitchy but my acting was on point but i could not do it because something happend in my family and we did not have enough money nor do we now i want this bad no i need this bad i am 5,6 wear glasses and have dark brown hair except in the sunlight you may not like this but i kinda have a deep voice my last year of middle school i went to all state chours (that means your the best of the best) and at my school (Enka high) we put on productions like Hair spray, Footloose, back to the 80’s is next oh yeah The Addams Family i loved that one.

    if i were in a disney show i would want my character to be independent outgoing genorus funny sweet strong brave sassy oh wait i just discribed me

    i want to be on screen to show little big short tall fat/fluffy skinny people that its not whats on the outside but its whats on the inside that matters red yellow black white blue purple green i dont matter
    and i want them to see that they can be who they wanna be and live there life just to ignore your haters remember( they hate me because they aint me) and not to let the world turn you in to someone your not sure somebody might have your name but there is only 1 of you and the world needs you

    im not really sure i was supost to put this here but i didnt know what to do

    i really think there should be a show or movie about teen depression sexuality gender you know oooo or one about a girl faded into the background who trys to let people know that she is here but no one will listen to her

    or one about a 14 year old girl who strugles with depression and finding herself after a very rough past and loves to draw anlges

    ok well all of those are sad but i dont know t guess i can relate to all of those well the last one was all about me

    i am Jada from Enka Candler/Asheville North Carolina
    and i hope and pray this works

  29. Jennifer Gonzalez

    Hello to whom this may concern,I am Jennifer González and i live in florida i am 14 and Hispanic

  30. Leslie

    I been acting since 5 years old and i stll do. Please give me a chance


    I am 14, I am up for the role: DHS Family #1: Caucasian Family of four; dad/mom/tween to teenage kids, I am female and live in San Diego.

  32. Jolie

    I live in Las Vegas and just have a question cause my mom. I am 13, are the audition free?

  33. Bria Gresham

    I am a 13 year old actress and looking for role I have experienced acting I attended to a class at my school acting to me it timing emotion and also memory

  34. gail Hack

    i love it

  35. Brooklyn Clemett

    I am looking for a teenage roll I could play

  36. Carter York

    Hi my name is Carter York i made an older comment and i messed up on it so i’m making a new one.

    Age: 12.
    Height: 4 feet 5 inches.
    From: Menomonie Wisconsin .
    Hobbies: Soccer, Running, Acting.

  37. Carter York

    I am 12 years old 4 feet 5 inches, and I want to be on TV so , people will know who i am and i an get bigger roles, so i want to try out for a part on a part for a Disney commercial.

  38. Isabel

    is there any options for teens who live in different countries?