Teen Chopped - Food Network

Teen Chopped – Food Network

Television’s most challenging cooking show is ready for a little child’s play. The Food Network’s hit series, Chopped is set to introduce an another all new kid edition and casting calls for aspiring young chefs are happening now. Teen Chopped will be hitting the airwaves soon and interested boys and girls can submit themselves today for their shot at showing their cooking skills to millions of viewers and walking away with fabulous prizes.

Teen Chopped will pit four culinary enthusiasts against each other in one of the most fun and creative cooking shows ever created. At the beginning of the show the chefs are given a basket full of four mystery ingredients that they must incorporate into their appetizer course. Most time the ingredients given would not ever be paired together which makes the task all the more challenging and exciting. After a twenty minute time limit the contestants must turn their dishes into the guest judges who judge each dish based on the criteria of taste, creativity and presentation, the judges then “chop” the worst dish and it’s chef. The three remaining contestants then move on to the thirty minute entree’ round where they are judged and one is eliminated once again. Finally two chefs remain standing for the desert round where the last contestant standing is named Chopped Champion. This cooking contest is a must for any young foodie and quite possibly the reality TV casting of the year.

Teens interested in showing their skills for some of the most accomplished chef judges in the world and for the millions and millions of viewers watching at home can submit themselves for consideration for upcoming episodes today by heading here choppedcasting.com/special.php to fill out their casting application. We will keep you updated on all Chopped news right here so stay tuned for more details and leave a message below and tell us how you got into cooking and why you should be chosen for the new episodes of Teen Chopped.

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  1. Janae Ash

    Hi, I am Janae and I am 16 years old. I started helping my mom and grandma in the kitchen since I was two and started cooking by myself by the time I was seven.I love any type of cooking and I love experimenting with flavors and food combinations. I am planning to go to a culinary program next year and would love a opportunity to be on chopped. I am allergic to many food but use my smell to make sure its just right and I am good at it.

  2. Camron Hawkins

    Hi my name is Camron Hawkins i am 14 years old I love to make healthy alternatives for foods I also love to bake and I can make gourmet dishes. I also love fried chicken. Any type of way you can cook chicken I can make it. I would love to be on you show I’m from Detroit Michigan and am pursuing to be a chef one day

  3. Isabel Smith

    Hi, I am Isabel and I am 14 years old. I love to find healthier alternatives to comfort foods and traditional dishes as well as creamy, delicious desserts and gourmet dishes. I cook almost every single night and cooking is my escape from the world. I love to experiment with flavor and texture and make food that is flavorful and interesting. I am currently pursuing a summer internship at Dominique Crenn’s San Fransisco restaurant. Being on Chopped Teen would be the experience of a lifetime and I am always trying to learn and expand my cooking horizon!

  4. Morgan La Plants

    Hi, My name is Morgan La Plante. I am 16 years of age. I have been cooking since I was 5 years old and have a passion for culinary arts. I am currently in my second year of the culinary arts program at my schhool. This program I am currently in is a top notch- no messing around program. It teaches me how to be self disciplined and helps my skills in the kitchen at Home. I cook for my family often. I would like to presure my passion for cooking at the culinary institute of America. I am also a head officer of FCCLA and a goalie on the school Lacrosse team. Setting aside sports, my main two focuses are school and the art of cooking.

  5. Leetha lobos

    Hello there ! My name is Leetha Lobos! I am now 14 years old about too turn 15 in February! I’ve been striving to do my best and get on tv again! Yes you read that right AGAIN! I was on an episode of Kids BBQ Championship S2 E2! I almost won for cyring our loud! I love cooking so much, I’ve been cooking ever since I was a little kid! Ive