Teen Beach Movie 2

Teen Beach Movie 2

Get ready Disney fans! Get ready musical fans! Get ready performers of all ages! The announcement of the year has just been made and it could not be a more exciting one for up and coming actors, singers and dancers looking to star in the next great musical movie – The Disney Channel has given a greenlight to Teen Beach Movie 2 and production will be starting soon. Casting calls for the sequel to the outstanding 2013 hit will be happening soon and interested performers can submit themselves today for their shot at one of the many roles up for grabs in this huge Mouse House hit.

Teen Beach Movie 2 will be set in the months following the originals fantastic adventure wherein surfers Brady and McKenzie were magically transported into the classic 1960’s set beach party movie Wet Side Story. This time around they will get a surprise visit from all of their old real world friends and some fabulous new ones as the dancing, singing and laughter grows even bigger and better. TBM2 will return all of the fans favorites from the first film including rising stars Ross Lynch (Austin & Ally, Jessie, Muppets Most Wanted), Maia Mitchell (The Fosters, Castaway, Trapped), Garrett Clayton (Shake It Up!, Holiday Spin, Days of Our Lives), John DeLuca (Twisted, Wizards of Waverly Place, The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Grace Phillips (The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Nine Lives of Chloe King). Directors Guild nominee Jeff Hornaday (Geek Charming) will return to direct once again from another song filled script from the wildly talented Robert Horn (The Suite Life Movie, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, Designing Women).Teen Beach Movie quickly became one of the biggest hits in Disney history upon his release and this next rockin’ chapter should prove to be even more unforgettable and one of the best casting opportunities of the year.

Casting calls for Disney’s Teen Beach Movie 2 will be starting very soon and roles of all sizes will be up for grabs for aspiring actors singers and dancers. Interested performers can head here lapaduraandhart.com/about-us/#!/about-us/ or here centralcasting.com to submit themselves for consideration. More audition details for this incredible project will be posted upon their release so check back for updates and be sure to leave a message below and tell us what you think of this epic Disney Channel Original Movie and why you want to audition for a chance to be a part of Teen Beach Movie 2.

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Heaven Jordan

    It has been my dream to work with the people who made the best channel and showit has been my dream sence i was 3 and i would really like if you would give me a chance.

  2. Beth

    Hi I’m Beth and I love the movie. My favourite part is the amount of dance and fun which goes into it, I love acting and dancing they are my passion

  3. Zoey McKenzie

    Hi, My name is Zoey. I am 14 years old and LOVE everything Disney! I’m a huge fan of the Disney shows and actors and have always wanted to be a part of the Disney family. I have never acted professionally before, but I do write my own short stories and songs. I can sing; I’ve was a member of my middle school’s Advance Chorus for two years straight. I was also in band in my sixth grade year of middle school. I played the trumpet. I love music and am learning to play guitar. I am a rising 9th grader and am excited and nervous at the same time. I always put forth 100% effort when doing something and this opportunity (if chosen) would be no different. I have a dog named Beauty and she is my best friend. We do everything together. We live with my mom and I think she’s the best mom ever! She always tells me I can do ‘it’ and has my back no matter what. She is a single mother and I just, one day, would like to repay her half of what she’s given to me.
    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your time! Have a wonderful day.

  4. Evelyn

    My name is Alondra Martinez check out my YouTube video Alondra Martinez(559)

  5. Devontae green

    Hi im devontae green im brown skin black hair brown eyes .im 5`9.

  6. Yadiel Feliciano

    Name: Yadiel Feliciano
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6″
    Appearance: Tan (like milk chocolate), black, curly hair, slim body structure.
    Talents: Singing, Playing guitar, Acting
    Experience/ Abilities : I have been in 5 School plays and have had roles with 100+ lines. I can portray many types characters, I was the detective in Murder’s in the Heir and a few months later I was Beast in Beauty and the Beast. I can also speak both English and Spanish very fluently.

  7. Manon

    My name is Manon and I’m fond of the Teen Beach Show ! Since the beginning I fell in love with the movie. The whole picture is beautiful, the acting, the music and the dance. The reason I love it so much is because the energy that emerges from the show is communicative, and I just can’t stand in front of it without moving ! To be clear, I pretend to be a part of the movie while I’m actually dancing in front of the computer ! Musicals have always been a source of inspiration to me, and thanks to the atmosphere created, in a way, I see myself in this show, so it’s natural for me to propose myself to become a member of this incredible production ! I’m only asking to share the love for dance.
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me any time. Thank you.


    Hello my name is Coryn Howell, I’ve been dancing since I was 3 and I would love to be considered for this epic production. I’m 5’2″ brown hair, brown eyes. I love dancing, it has been my passion since my mom put me in dance class at the age of 7. I attend the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Philadelphia and am about to graduate. I would love to pursue a career in dancing and be a part of this movie. I know all genres of dance and am a very quick learner when it come to choreography. I hope to hear back from you.

  9. manuel

    hola me llamo manuel ruiz tengo 15 años pais peru ………. bueno me gustaria ser un gran actor pero no estudie actuación….. pero me gustaria ser un gran actor de novelas o de peliculas ……como los de mas actores ………. bueno de me numero de celular porsiacas grasias…grasis

  10. Judith Moreno

    Hello my name is Judith Moreno and I’m 12 years old!Singing has been my passion since i started kindergarten! I would come home singing songs my teacher taught us back in my kindergarten days.Anyway music impacted my life so much it helped me go through stressful times especially school days.In fourth grade I got my very first iPod which I used for music and singing apps that helped me learn to sing a little more!When the fourth grade year was about to end my school had,La Voz auditions which I proudly audition but they didn’t picked me because I didn’t have much of the materials needed to sing good even though I watched voice lessons on my iPod!So I gave up singing in the fifth grade year to peruse being an A honor student.Later on I felt like something was missing in my spirit and I felt that missing puzzle was music!I knew that I needed music back in my life.Since my parents saw me singing again they put me in vocal lessons which helped me A LOT more! I also found a great internet vocal coach Felicia Ricci that also helped me!I am practicing my singing and hope I get the audition to sing in the cast of Teen Beach 2.And if I don’t get the audition I will try even harder in the near future.Thank you and agin this is Judith Moreno.

  11. Zyanya Gomez

    hi, my name is zyanya and I’m 16, Hispanic , 5’2, brown eyes and hair
    I’m outgoing, funny, love to make people laugh, and am very passionate when it comes to acting. It’s always been a dream of mine but it never been able to go to auditions because my mom can’t afford to take me around because she has to work. But I fell I. Love with acting since a little girl I would make up my own story’s and play them out bymyself. I’ve always been a creative person and I love how I can be a complete different person with acting and bring out so much different emotions from a person by a TV screen and make them forget, escape in a way. I think that’s why I fell in love with acting because it always helped me escape and make me feel better when I was sad or when I just wanted to relax and have fun. I would love if you contacted me it would be a dream come true and I would do whatever I can to make it to an interview! I would be dedicated and always bring lots of energy. This is something I really love doing and something I want to do for the rest of my life. Please and thank you. Feel free to contact me anytime at my email or phone number 1(818)4926795

  12. Nicolle Trujillo

    Hello, My name is Nicolle Trujillo!

    Age:17. 18 in November
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 120
    Hair: Brown/Red
    Eyes: Brown

    I have danced for most of my childhood. Ive been in two plays. I am outgoing, reliable, and hardworking. I would love to be apart of this film.

    If interested please feel free to email at trujillonicolle@yahoo.com

  13. Josephine Paul

    I’m a popular opera singer in the GTA, Canada. I’m Josephine Paul, 12 years old on September 29. I wish that you will pick me because my birthday wish is to be in this movie. I’m not shy in public or in the front of the cameras. I am a beautiful girl, long brown hair (about one meter long), brown eyes and light tan skin color. Check me on YouTube as SuperNova Arizona. PS. I live in Toronto, Canada.

  14. Julia

    I’m Julia. I’m 18 and I’m professional Pole Dancer.The moment I walked into my first pole class, I knew I was in a world where I belong. Power and freedom of movement became so present through pole, and I realised what this style of dance could really do for my mind, body and soul. I dropped everything in my home country, and moved to NY, dedicating all of my time to training on the pole and stretching . Participated in many dance performances. I dance everywhere when I hear the music. I dance to be free. I can dance for you and I’m sure you will dance with me because I have so much energy and I wanna share it with you

  15. Sydney Smith

    Hello my name is Sydney Smith
    I currently live in Brandon manitoba and Brisbane Australia going back and forth.
    I’m 5″5
    Blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    I love meeting new people and have a great drive to work hard. I’m very outgoing and talkative, a lot of my life has been around acting as I did drama in high school, dance classes and my family wrote some episodes of Yo GABA GABA as well as act in it.
    I’m currently do modelling on the side and am making a travel documentary. I graduated high school, I’m taking this year to pursue my love for entertainment and modelling
    I would love to work with everyone and be part of this!
    Thank you