Tag Starring Ed Helms & Jeremy Renner

Movie Extras Casting Call – Atlanta, GA

A star studded cast is hitting the big screen in the new film “Tag”. Two-time Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner is teaming up with Ed Helms, Isla Fisher, Hannibal Buress, Jon Hamm and Rashida Jones for the project. A 2018 movie casting call for extras needs you to help bring it to life! “Tag” is looking for Caucasian men to portray bar patrons. This roles calls for guys who are ages 18 through 50’s. Also needed are a Caucasian bald male in his 30’s, a Caucasian females ages ‘s to 60’s and a Caucasian male who is 18 through 20’s. In addition, an African American female ages 20 through 30 is needed. These are all paid extra roles. Having the opportunity to work on a movie with so many movie stars is incredible. Actors and models will be needed on Sunday, March 11th in Atlanta, Georgia. All of the comedy movie extras audition information is below!

About “Tag”

The movie “Tag” is based on Russell Adams’ 2013 story in The Wall Street Journal, titled “Tag, He’s ‘It’ for Another Year,” about a group of friends who have been playing a cutthroat version of the children’s game for the last 30 years. [Variety]

What They Are Looking For

Seeking a Caucasian Males to portray patrons at a bar, ages 18-50’s. Must be fresh face to TAG
Subject: BAR 3/11

Caucasian Male that is bald, with a full beard, age 30s.
Subject: BEER-D

Caucasian Female, ages 50-60s with Grey/Blonde Hair

Caucasian Male, ages 18-20s, slim/skinny body type and buzzcut hairstyle. Glasses a plus!

African American Female, ages 20-30 with Short Natural Hair and full chest.
Subject: FINE WINE

Date(s): Sunday, March 11
Rate: $75/8
Location: ATLANTA, GA

How to Apply

To submit, please email 3 pictures, your name, age, height, weight, ALL OF YOUR SIZES, and cell phone number to Submissions@CatrettCasting.com

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  1. Konstantinos Nikiforidis

    I’m subscribing for the Bar 3/11 thank you

  2. Konstantinos Nikiforidis

    Bar 3/11

  3. George Bridle

    I’m looking for an opportunity to become an actor,just need an opportunity to show I have what it takes.


    Hi, I’ve been working as Extra in small scenes and other background work. recently I played a portrait painter in a scene on Dynasty and background on Superfly, would love to have the opportunity to work as a stand in or body double and other Extras work.