Syfy & USA The Purge TV Show

TV Show Casting Call – New Orleans, LA

The success of The Purge movies have prompted producers to turn the hit film series into a television show! It will be airing on Syfy and USA Network! A 2018 casting call for The Purge is looking for musicians to mime music with their own instruments for some upcoming scenes. Specifically casting directors are looking for men and women to portray a string quartet and a band. The TV show casting call is open to models, actors and musicians who play any sort of instrument. Filming is taking place on May 30th and June 4th. The is a spectacular opportunity to work on a television show. Extras chosen will likely be used for future episodes! Pay for chosen talent is $250.00 for ten hours. Because it is shooting in New Orleans, only men and women who are local to the area are being accepted. Anyone who wants the chance to be on the new Purge series, can sign up for the TV show casting call below!

About The Purge

A TV Series adaptation on “The Purge” film series. This is a fun new series that is sure to be a hit! It will air on both the USA Network and Syfy.

What They Are Looking For

1. STRING QUARTET-This will film in NOLA May 31st & June 1st.
These people may be on set late into the night.
If you play a STRING INSTRUMENT and could work both days apply

2. BAND-This will film in NOLA May 30th & June 4th
These people may be on set late into the night.
Pay Rate: $250/10

How to Apply

If you plan ANY sort of instrument and could work both days:
send an email to
Include: Name, Age, Contact #, height/weight, city/state you reside, photos of your instrument that you play and photos of yourself. You should include one head shot and one full body! Please include video footage or photos playing instrument as well.
These people will probably be needed again on future episodes so we prefer people with FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES!!!

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9 Casting Responses

  1. Bridget Roncaglia

    My name is Bridget Roncaglia I’m 15 years old and I live in Florence, Italy. I speak English fluently and acting is one of my greatest passions and has been for years. I love acting because I feel most myself when I’m acting. Strange uh? that I feel most myself when I’m acting. I guess, its because I am at an age when I’m still struggling to identify myself, still searching for my own character that I’m supposed to play. I’m searching for who I am, for who I’m supposed to be, and acting helps me do that. I fell that acting is where I stand out, that I’m built for it. It would be a dream come true If I managed to prove it. I strive to be part of “The Purge” cast.

    Thank you : )


  2. Regina Scott

    Hi my name Regina Scott I work with Central casting and interest in being a extra just contact Central casting for more information.

  3. Elijah Brown

    Dear Syfy Please Bring Me On TV Thank You


    I am musician. I am available for this role.

    Tony Carlucci

  5. Rosie

    Is experience necessary?

  6. Latasha

    I am interested in participating in this project, I would like to send my head shoot to your email, can some please provide me with that info an I will send it.
    Name Latasha thank you for your help. Sincerely

  7. Chris bowe

    I am 6,4 190 pounds , I an 47, but look 37, I am fit, I sing I am under Chris bowe, you tube, long blond hair, 25 songs, I am old school, I don’t no how to put picture up, on face book Chris bowe, be nice to have a shot, I blow it when was young, I was asked for free to be a modle at big company that chaged 10,000, I felt bad because my girl friend paired 10,000,stupid me,PS I still look the same, brad Pitt got nothing on me and never did lol, gifted in sports, baseball, PS thank you much

  8. Chris bowe

    I would be a perfect fit

  9. Nathan Houser

    No I can’t play an instrument, but I can act my ……. off, check me out in this thriller, if this don’t set you on fire, your wood is wet, The Forever People, watch it on Facebook for free, I am the black man in this thriller SEBASTIAN, hit me up if you can use me, ok???