Survivor's Remorse (Produced by LeBron James)

Survivor’s Remorse (Produced by LeBron James)

He’s tackled the basketball world, he’s tackled the endorsement world and now he has set his sights on the world of television. Global NBA icon LeBron James has been developing his own entertainment production company for a few years now and his first project has just been picked up by the fabulous STARZ Network. Survivor’s Remorse is being prepped to roll in front of cameras very soon and now King James and his team of producing partners and casting directors are on the lookout for several talented aspiring performers to be a part thing new project. Casting calls for a number of exciting roles will be up for grabs and interested performers can submit themselves today for consideration.

Survivor’s Remorse is a semi-autobiographical and comedic take on LeBron’s meteoric rise to the top of the basketball world. The series will follow Reggie Vaughn and Cam Calloway, a pair of highly rated pro basketball players who have risen from one of the worst neighborhoods in north Philadelphia to become two of the most revered figures in sports.

With that incredible success also comes difficulties for the superstars, though. This hilarious comedy will focus on what happens in the world off of the court – filled with fortune, fame, romance, friends and family looking for money and not knowing how to handle it and the feelings of guilt over having “escaped” form their humble beginnings.

King James will executive produce alongside Primetime Emmy nominated actor/director/writer Mike O’Malley (Glee, Behind the Candelabra, Yes, Dear) and the series has lined up a very promising cast that includes Jessie Usher (Level Up, When the Game Stands Tall, Hannah Montana), Anthony Michael Frederick (Treme, Terminator: Genesis, Contraband) and Anna Colwell (The Game, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Fast & Furious 7). Now the search is on for more talented player to fill in the rest of the troop and work alongside on the most recognizable people on the face of the earth.

Casting calls for LeBron James’ Survivor’s Remorse will be taking place soon and actors of all ages looking to audition can head to and for more information on this fantastic production.

Leave a message below and tell us what you think of LeBron James’ new entertainment venture and why you want to be a part of the casting calls for Survivor’s Remorse.

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141 Casting Responses

  1. Aaron Dorsey

    First, I would like to congratulate LeBron on all of his success thus far. Now I would like to express my interest in obtaining a role on the upcoming show Survivor’s Remorse. I am a 5’7″, 150 lbs., 36 yo black male with long hair (worn in various styles) and great smile who reside in Washington DC. I believe I would be a great asset to the cast due to my various abilities and talents. I have a great sense of humor in addition to having the ability to deliver passionate emotion and/or serious drama as well. I am not afraid of cameras or crowds. I possess great eye for detail, natural talents in addition to having the ability to learn and adopt new talents and characteristics quickly. I look forward to hearing from you soon for consideration.


  2. little fatfat

    I know what i could bring to the table, my skilled along with the truth of my life story. hard working women trying to get to my goal in life which from time to time it is very hard. it take time to get where you need to be in life and to be happy in where you at. some people dont understand the real meaning of work hard and play harder. I’m the true meaning of that statement, I’m sure everyone think they are but at the end of the day is not what you know is what you can and will prove. anyway give me a chance to show the world my story and i mean the world cause the world would be watchin lol.

  3. Ieisha Donnell

    Hello im Ieisha Donnell. I believe this show will be a hit and I’d love to be apart of the history. I love Lebron James and everything he stands for he’s helping so many people fulfill there dreams of acting.

  4. Frank Carter

    I would love to be a part of this. My wife and I are professional touring musicians, and are getting into the acting world as well. Check out my website,

  5. Reah Mann

    Hi my name is Reah mann I live in england and id like to audition because I’ve always been interested in acting but there aren’t that many opportunities here but i could easily fly to other countries for acting as my mum works for a airline. acting is what i really what to do in life unfortunately i haven’t had much experience apart from in things such as school plays but i watch a lot of movies and i have seen how actors act and this has taught me a lot.

    Age: 14 years old (15 in 17 days)
    height: 5’1 (so i look a bit young for my age)
    gender: Female
    hair: dark brown, long hair
    skin: brown
    languages:english and a bit of spanish
    weight: 5.9
    skills:dance and i have a strong passion for sports

    i would really appreciate the opportunity thank you


  6. Huston Rogers

    Hi I am Huston Rogers. I am 12 years old. I will be 13 on August 26. The reason I like to act is because I feel like I am a different person and I can just be myself. I use to get bullied in school and when I act all of that emotion just let out and its just me by myself. I have been told by multiple people that I have a well spoken voice. I have been on stage sometimes and I have seen a lot of people on stage and I learned a lot from them. Below are some details about me!
    1. I am African American
    2. I am 12 years old
    3. I am 5’0
    4. I have black hair and brown eyes
    5. I am very active and energetic
    Thanks you for reading Have a Bless day!

  7. Aaliyah Nelson

    My name is Aaliyah S. Nelson and I’m a 13 years old, African American girl, and I live in Atlanta,Ga. I have dark brown/ black hair and eyes and light brown skin (without my seriously gorgeous tan I have right now).My birthday is April 15, 2001 , so yeah I just turned 13. And honestly ….. I don’t feel any different. I have been wanting a chance to be on Disney for a while , since I was 5 actually and I hope to act or sing some day. I am very observant at first but once I get comfortable with the people around me I am very outspoken and quite random. If my friends could describe me I think they would either say I’m crazy,funny , and random. People that don’t know me would say I’m shy ,smart, and tall. I hope you consider me as one of the roles you are casting for.

  8. Zakierra Webb

    I want discover more about myself and watch as I continue to become more confident and view the world bigger than what I view it as now. As an actor you can change other’s views on things which is unbelievable. I’m African American, 16, 5’4, and I also want to prove to my family that I am more than an athlete, I can accomplish more, and experience something no one in my family has. I want to also open doors for people my age, and who come from my background.

  9. Margaret Mapp

    Steve Harvey said I’ll never get anywhere in life if I don’t ‘jump and let my parachute open.” I know they’ll be bumps in the road along the way but hell even LeBron had to start somewhere. I want my parachute to soar just as his has come to be.

  10. Jasmine Knight

    I am a multi talented young woman. Who has worked on the set of 3 different movies as an extra and supporting role in the Next Three Days. I would love to be apart of this. look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you
    Jasmine K

  11. Desmond Barnett

    I have been following Lebron since he played high school basketball. He is my favorite basketball player of all time. Lebron is someone that I look up to. He is such a great role model. He never gets in any off court trouble. I would be honored to participate in this up and coming film.

  12. Marguerite

    Respect! I’ve watched the King grow up and mature before me. Unflinching I supported him…mostly because of his Mother. Moreover we all have story. This being the first of many chapters, how Blessed to be a part in Any capacity.
    The story of poverty Must be explained…juxtapposed with the wealth. It is often emotionally depleating having to be in both worlds simultaneously. The push me pull you’s of having to have both feet planted , yet firmly in both lack (poverty) and needing nothing Comfort and than the Generations are secured Wealth.
    I’d love to be a part of the team that serves at court…:) There is full need of understanding the heart and true baseness of poverty and need and unmet hopes and constant begging.
    Lines and waiting to wait. Working to bearly breathe.
    How I applaud the Queen…that being his Mum, for she had heart,
    I find myself knowing, living and having lost much to such a fate as duel living. I pray without giving out, handing over and attempting to satisfy the people close and dear, the foundation of self is formed and accepted…solid. Thus the future will not be at risk, the freeloaders will reveal themselves and drift
    There is a way to manage….and still keep you r joy!….:)


  13. A'Tyana Montgomery

    Hello how are you?
    My name is A’Tyana Nicole Montgomery and I am 20 years old (9/26/1993). I am a rising junior at Paine College in Augusta, Ga majoring in Business Management.
    When I finish college I plan to start a non profit organization for underprivileged teenage females who want to pursue their goals/dreams of going to college while facing rough demographics and hardships like I once did.
    I am very passionate at whatever I do and I have a strong speaking voice.
    I am 5’5 in height and about 160 lbs in weight. My ethnicity is African American and I am a female.
    My personality is very vibrant and open and I adapt well to anything!
    Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and I hope to hear from you.
    God bless, and have a great day!

  14. Lori steed

    Acting has always been one of my dreams, I’m a native of Omaha Nebraska been in Georgia 9 years now. I would love to be a part of this production because I’ve always dreamed of being on the Big screen. I feel it’s one of my purposes for being put in this world.

  15. Sgt Nate Wright

    Im a highly decorated Sgt of marines, personal trainer, father, 2x afghan vet, athletic driven person thats willing to work hard to get to the top. Just need ONE chance. Willing to learn!
    6% body fat

    Check me out!!!

  16. Tahriq Hamed

    How you guys doing I come from a city Berkeley ca im have a real passion for acting Ive done it in the past but nothing really to big but my dream is to see myself on the big screen. My goal is to get my family in a better predicament everything haven’t been great but I see it as one day acting and screen playing will pay off one day . So God bless and thank you for this opportunity

  17. Brandon

    Hello, My name is Brandon and I am from a little town 45 minutes outside of Orlando FL known as Mount Dora. I am 21 years of age, 6’4 and 225 lbs with an athletic build; my ethnicity is African American & Hawaiian. I would like to be considered for a part/role in this epic upcoming feature with Lebron James for a push into an acting career and for experience. All my life I’ve been told I couldn’t do something or was pushed aside, I myself have been in a bad environment and achieved so much within the slow start of my life; so who better as a casting member of your team than someone who has been there also. I’m not looking for anything extravagant just a chance to live out my dream beside your amazing film crew,staff, director and 2 time champion Lebron. For more info I can be reached by my email, don’t hesitate to message me and thank you for your time.

  18. Danielle Richter

    My name is Danielle, I am 22 years old and I live in Hollywood, FL. I LOVE LeBron James and would love nothing more than to be a part of this upcoming movie!! Please email me for more details! Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing back from you!!!

  19. Calvin Curtis Jr

    Hello to you all , my name is calvin i’m 25 yrs of age, 5’7 200 lbs soft athletic build.i’m african american with a very laid back demeanor, only acting experience is that of stage plays in church and school.i can sing, very comedic. Can Dance when practiced. Very fast learner and a southern draw. I’m a natural goof and love interacting with others. portraying different personalities and of a character intrigues me a lot. i have always chased the dream of being on tv, I just chose to work first. i’m finally taking a step in my true hearts desire to act sing and exct. i love to make people laugh feel good and or relate, nothing brings me more joy. i reside in Houston,Tx and i’m always checking my email in search of my break. thank you for listening. i ask you see fit to give me a shot.

  20. Trin'Te Breaux

    My name is Trin’Te (Trinity). I have been trying to persue an acting career for a while now and I love LeBron James. I would love to give this a chance. This is my dream, please help me out.
    i play basketball and lebron is my inspiration. thank you for your time.

  21. Deirdre Jones

    Height: 6″11
    Hi I’m 15 yrs old an very tall to be 15. Having a chance to star in this movie would be life changing because I play basketball an I come from a neighborhood were success don’t come easy but work hard an you’ll achieve great out comes!! I have the body an the skills to represent the brand that’s needed an basketball is my passion.

  22. Ana Hernandez

    Hi I think I can bring what you are looking for on set,
    DONT FORGET ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Tavareys


    Height: 5″9


    I Work Out, I’m Hilarious, A Little TOO Much Fun To Be With, & I’m A New Highschool Graduate, Just Looking To Finally Do What I’ve Been Dreaming Of For The Rest Of My Life. ACTING. It Looks Like A Lot Of Fun, Working With People In This Type Of Environment, & I Want EVERYTHING To Do With It! Please?

  24. Spencer Shelton

    Hey! Spencer here. Since I was younger I used to get bullied a lot, it felt no one was listening or helping. I turned to writing and performing and it helped me so much. I love to write poetry, act, dance, and sing. I’ve been in choir at my school, dance team at my school, acting at church and school, and writing for a long time even before the bullying. I want to inspire people and make sure they know no matter your past you can achieve your dreams. I’ve always wanted to act as a career no matter the struggles. Ive been running track and cheering since I was six also. I hope my dreams come true so I can live it and so I can inspire others. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and hopefully you pick me got any job you have out there.
    Name: Spencer Shelton
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’1
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark brown
    Age: 16

  25. Theodore Fortes

    There’s not really much for me to say about how I could fit into the show or why I should be on there. I’m a US veteran who is fairly young but with an old soul due to a life full of struggle (which I still go through to this day). I do have a minimal amount of acting experience but have shown great potential with skills that cause me to become the characters I play. From the different voices I can make to the ambiguity of my ethnicity, I am capable of fitting many roles. Acting experience and military experience have taught me how to keep my bearing and stay focused and professional.

  26. Maureen Jan Paulo


    My name is Maureen Paulo. I am from the island of Oahu now living in Irvine, CA. You could say that I am jack of all trades. I’ve worked as a bartender and manager in the busiest nightclubs on Oahu, managed different corporate companies, a makeup artist and more. I was recently in college obtaining my Music Business degree till I decide to make a leap of faith. I currently play the ukulele, learning the piano and love to sing. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle and is very active. I am known to be energetic, spunky, witty and backed with a beautiful smile. I am 33 years old 5’2 with nice tan skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. Hope to hear from you soon.

  27. Joann Miller

    Hi, I am an aspiring actress.

    I’m just praying for the chance to live my dream. I am extremely proud and excited for Lebron James’ new venture. He is truly an outstanding and talented individual. I am definitely a big fan and admire of his talents. I would give anything to be a part his great venture. I know that it will be a success! There’s nothing or no one like “Mr. Lebron James” and I will love to display some of my basketball skills one on one!! Please give me a shot and you will not regret it!!!

  28. tiana spikes

    Hi Im Tiana Spikes everyone calls me hoops .. I am a 17 year old D1 prospect point guard at my high school . I am a huge fan and supporter of Lebron James . I don’t come from a silver spoon family but I am very appreciative of what I have . When most meet me they always say I leave a good impression on whoever im around . I am Puerto rican and black and if you were to see me you would think I was a cheerleader before a hooper

  29. Manuel Prades

    My name is Manuel Prades. I would love to take part in this cast. I feel that I can be a great asset to the show. I am friendly and an overall funny person to be around. I love to act and a chance given is all I need to make it happen in this show. I am 6’3. Ethnicity is Cuban. I weigh 143lbs. Looking foward to hearing from you all. Thank you and God bless!

  30. Alphonso Joshua

    First Off… I express omnipotent benedictions too you and your family abroad, I truly hope day all is well and in good spirit! I am the new sure thing that’ll jump off the screen. I am a male going after my apparent vision! Too give emphasis on my holy moly effect on screen! I tell you what… give me an audition. I. I gaurantee you will say … my brother God loves you. God bless you Lebron thank you for you time. Contact. Number ..2094758749

  31. Roger Rabmatic Smith

    I’m a 27 year old black male
    I look about 23 in appearance (with facial hair)
    5’10 1/2 in height
    weigh around 134 lbs.
    From Toledo, Ohio

    I consider myself a good pick or candidate for a role because Im a well balanced and dedicated individual who never stops learning. I’m also a fan of the STARZ network series. It would be a great honor and priviledge receiving a role in this fresh and new project.

  32. Brittni Patterson

    Hello my name is Brittni Patterson and I’m 27 yrs old but often told that I look 12 Lol. Well I feel I’m a great candidate for a roll because I think I have a great since of humor,I’m talented ,athletic, dedicated and I’m able to handle stress,pressure whatever comes my way. I have always loved Disney channel and was always told I could go for one of Disney channel actresses. I love to travel. I have never auditioned, so this will be my new experience in something I have wished for as a child

  33. Omarion Purser

    Hi I’m Omarion and I’m 6yrs old I should be chosen because I’m a very talented young man, active and I’m always told I’m a great actor by my teacher’s,mom, friends and family. I have good grades and my mom and step dad are very supportive and they motivate me.I have the look lol, I can be very handsome, I can look strange,etc….choose me and I can show you

  34. Leila Castro

    I’m Leila (female)
    Location; Montreal, Quebec Canada
    Age: 14 y/o
    Height; 5ft4
    Reason: I want to help out my other family, who lives in a 3rd world country. I can act, sing and i can pretty much dance. I’m not camera shy, I have curly black/brown hair, dark brown eyes and well i’m Asian BUT! I look hispanic. It don’t bother me to do small extra roles.. it doesn’t bother me not to be ‘THE MAIN’ character. I just really want to persuade my dreams.. My dream is to be an actress and a singer.. I maybe 14 years old but i look older ( 17-18) I’ve been told a lot about.. I REALLY HOPE I GET A CHANCE IN THE AUDITIONING!

  35. Kassinda Mowatt

    Good morning, afternoon, or night! My name is Kassinda Mowatt and when I saw this open call, I couldn’t resist. I am a sporty 12 year old and i am 5’2. I have been looking for opportunities like this because I dream is to be on the big screen. I have tried my hardest to get knot any type of auditions. Unfortunately, I got into disney, but it was too expensive. I can be very dramatic, and I am also very good in remembering lines. I love sports and basketball and volleyball are my favorites. I enjoy sports and doing skits with friends and family during my free time.

    Thank you a lot got this opportunity!!
    -Kassinda Mowatt

  36. Zahria Davis

    Hey my name is Zahria and I’m 11 years old….. I would love to be in this movie even as a extra I love basketball slot… and LeBron is one of my favorite players of all time I would love to meet him!!! I am a female and I’m about 4″6 and I’m not camera shy.

  37. Tijuana Ryals

    Hi, My Name Is Tijuana. Mainly Go By Tia. I’m 19 Years Old. Very Talented In Acting. My Dream Is To Become An Actress Someday, Soon. I Often Have An Acting Capability Of Playing ANY Role. I Know You’re Like, “What She Mean By That?”. Well, What I Mean Is I Can Play Roles From A 13 Year Old Girl To An Older Woman. I’m VERY Versatile. That’s Mainly One Of My Talents In Acting, I Can Be Whoever U Need Me To Be (Physical Appearance As Well As Mentally) Lol Sometimes It Scares Me. As I Read The Description, I Came Across That It Would Also Be “Comedic”. I Don’t See Myself As Being “Funny” Because Honestly, I Don’t Try. From What I Gather From Others Opinions, Is That I’m Hilarious! I Don’t See It But Hey, It’s The Audience Opinion I Care About The Most. To Be Honest, I Know Little About LeBron James. OUCH! I Know That Probably Hurt Me Some But I Believe There’s Always Room To Get To Know Someone & The REAL Someone From Their Point Of View. I Already Like The Idea Of The Movie. It Sounds Very Promising & Inspirational. I Like The Idea Of “Life Off The Court” Because A lot Of Famous Stars Go Through Just As Much As Their Fans Do Or Regular Unseen People In The World. They Have A Life Too But What “WE” See Out Here Is What They Show Us (Glitter, Glam, Fame & Fortune). When In Reality They Go Through Just As Much As We Do Behind The Scenes. They Cry, They Hurt, They Lose, They Win, ETC. At The End Of The Day, We Are ALL Human. Even If I Do Not Get Favored Enough To Get A Role In This Movie, I Still Look Forward To Seeing This Because I Really Believe This Will Be An Eye Opener To A lot Of People, Even “Famous Stars” Because Believe It Or Not, They Think In Order To KEEP Their Fans Loving Them, Worshipping Them, Admiring Them, Etc.) That They Have To Appear As “PERFECT”. Again, My Name Is Tijuana (Tee-Yah-Wahn-Ah) Like The City Lol & This Is Why I Want To Be Apart Of The Casting Calls For “Survivor’s Remorse” – Remember Me 🙂 <3

    Thanks For Your Time!

  38. Joha Harrison

    I would be a great fit in any role. I am a well rounded person, so being myself wont be hard.

  39. joshelle

    hi , im a 17 year old girl. being searching for an audition thats suites me well and this might be it. very athletic w and outgoing personality. very funny and a peoples person

  40. haylee

    My name is Haylee I’m almost 12 years old, and I play select basketball, I don’t have experience in ackting but I’m not shy at all and I am an amazing actress even though I don’t have experience.

  41. Munashe Chiwashira

    Sex: Male
    age: 17
    Height: 5’12
    Weight: 11 stone
    Ethnicity: African
    Accents: English
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: dark brown
    Skin: Black

    Hey there, I’m just looking for an opportunity to be in the acting industry, I don’t mind the part in given, just as long as I’m part of the team, it has always been my dream to own my own film and TV production company, and this dream is what I will pursue until I achieve it, I also do want to act aswell as that, unfortunately I have no experience, but I’m determined.

  42. Torin O'Toole

    Hey my name is Torin O’Toole, i’m 16 years old and im an aspiring actor. I’ve had about a year of experience doing stand up comedy and improv and I have been in a number of plays at my high school. I’ve also had alot of experience writing scripts as well. Im a very dedicated and motivated person with whatever I am doing. I just want this opportunity to set myself apart from the rest in the entertainment industry. I would love the opportunity to work alongside everybody else in this production, please contact if interested.

  43. Devante Wilson

    Basketball ismy first love. Although LeBron is not my favorite player, he is a man I have much admiration for. The way he has carried himself throughout his entire career, I would love to have the opportunity to work with him. I am a 22 year old college student that always makes the most out of every opportunity I receive. This would be a dream come true if I were just to be considered for a role. Regardless of your decision, thank you.

  44. Kelvin Scullark

    Hi I am kelvin scullark young man who is really into acting. I started off being a really good football player, but didn’t have the grades to go somewhere big after high school, so I ended up in community college falling in love with acting. I am 20 years old, originally from the Bronx but now lives in Virginia, I’m good in all sports, I’m African American, 6’0, and my personality is always described as an golden heart. I really think I would be the prefect candidate for a role on this film.

  45. Ricardo Ortega Cordova


    16 years old and applying for an acting job. I’ll be simple. I’m from Puerto Rico, been living here since born, I just graduated 10th and I like politics. Pretty much my life is dedicated around my brother and parents but I won’t enter into detail since everyone can see this. I would’ve attached a picture but I don’t know how to change the monster face. Ha-ha.

    Interest: Acting


  46. Hasan Samuels

    ummm. im 34 from akron ohio.. i have always been told that i should really pursue this type of career. After going through my own trial and tribulations. i finally feel that im am ready to do it. but not only do it, but be great at it!. My options are to blow up (ebonically speaking) or do telemarketing…You think i wont kill it given the chance?. I know im ready. just need a chance. my kids already look to me as a hero. But i want to make them proud of me also.

  47. James DeJean

    Hello my name is James DeJean
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 185 LBS
    Race: Biracial- Italian/African American
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    I am an aspiring Actor in which I am trying to get my foot in the door at entry level or any level, Get some exposure and pursue my dream , I have a very positive attitude and I am charismatic, I am professional and focused on anything that I do. Please contact me if you are interested.

  48. Luis Santos

    Hello, mi name is Luis, I have no experience in acting but I have a great pasion for it and for basketball. I would really appreciate to act along side Lebron. Thanks for the oportunity!!!

    About me:
    Puerto Rican, 16 years old, 190 pounds, 5’8, basketball lover and player(not profesionally),black hair.

    Love life, live it, and peace!!!!

  49. Adam Flores


    My name is Adam Flores. I am a 21 year old aspiring actor. A Puerto Rican who was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. In high school, I had acting classes for two years and thoroughly enjoyed them (passed both classes with an A+). Within those classes, I have played roles for numerous acting categories such as comedy, drama, action/adventure, horror, etc. Acting has always been a passion of mine and I am ready to take on any role/challenge that I am presented. Any photographs needed, I can provide them upon request. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. Thank you.

  50. Adam Flores


    My name is Adam Flores. I am a 21 year old aspiring actor. I had acting classes for two years in high school and thoroughly enjoyed it (passed both classes with an A+). Originally born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Most of my life in New York, I lived in areas that weren’t the best. Exposed to things I probably shouldn’t have learned about until I was older, but that’s life. I was able to embrace that life and make myself a better person from it. While reading the summary of the project, I felt as though it related to myself. I have been heavily into sports my whole life as well. Basically, I am confident enough to know that I can portray any role for the series because I actually lived it. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. Thank you.

  51. Amber Ramos

    Hello My name is Amber Ramos, I am a 20 year old Medical Student. I go to school Monday Through Friday but on the weekends I go to several acting workshops. I have been modeling and acting for as long as I can remember. I would LOVE to be apart of this production, I would bring a breath of fresh air to the set, and floor everyone with my performance! I would give it 100% at all times if given this opportunity, its my calling…I hope you consider getting to know more about me.
    Thank You 🙂

  52. Darius Vickers

    My name is Darius Vickers, I am 16 yrs old, 5 ft 10, and Lebron is one of my favorite basketball players. he is very aspiring and I would love to work with him. this will be a great opportunity for my acting career.I have alot of example. but I can be contacted at 386-530-2523 or on Facebook

  53. Timothy L. Jones, Sr.

    My name is Timothy L. Jones, Sr. I have always wanted to get into acting as a young child but as you well know, life events sometimes change your goals. I feel as if it is never too late to begin a career in acting because it is one that can last a lifetime. I am a 26 year, two-war Army veteran. I retired in May of 2013 as a Sergeant Major (E-9). I was formally a police officer for 8 years in Trenton, NJ before deciding to become a federal police officer in Washington, DC. I actually provided police security for Lebron James when he came to Trenton while he was still in highschool. I have been with the federal government for just over 10 years and I am currently a lieutenant for my agency. Although I am 45 years old, I do not look my age. I maintain myself in great physical condition because of my years of military service and my job as a law enforcement officer.
    I am more than capable of portraying a vast variety of roles if given the opportunity. I have many different levels of life experiences that I feel would benefit me greatly in casting for a role. Below are my physical attributes:

    Ht: 5’11”
    Wt: 194 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Shoe: 10
    Waist: 34″
    Inseam: 32
    Build: athletic
    Hobbies: weight training, running, golf, basketball, boxing

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

  54. Salima Azzouz

    Hi, my name is Salima Azzouz and I am 14 years old. I would love to be an actress. This is my dream for years! I like to act people and I love to play another character than myself.

    Below some information about me:
    Name: Salima Priscilla Azzouz.
    Age: 14 years.
    Hair Color: Brown.
    Eye Color: Brown.
    Skin Color: slightly tinted.
    Nationality: Moroccan/Dutch
    Height: 5’6.

    I would very much appreciate it if you would give me a chance.

    Sincerely, Salima

    PS. I hope you would help me to make my biggest dream come true.

    Thank you!

  55. Jacarris Jackson

    Hi my name is Jacarris Jackson. I am an aspiring actor and director. I own my own company called Breed & Grounds Ent. For right now, it is a small time video filming production company. I act and direct in it as well. I am 6’5, 180lbs, lean athletic type, bass toned voice and people always ask me do I play basketball or do voiceover because my voice is so deep. I also have my own youtube channel as well (breedandgroundsent). I think this would be a great start for me to at least get one toe into the industry. Hopefully I hear from you. Thank you for the opportunity.

  56. Daniela Sathler

    Hello, my name is Daniela Sathler, I’m 15 years old now, and I am from Brazil!
    I always knew I would be something different in my life, getting twenty-four hours in a hospital, or behind a desk working with laws, its not for me.
    I like being the center of attention, I LOVE acting , I LOVE dancing and I LOVE singing!
    I do drama class, voice lessons, inglish course (since 2010), and preparatory for military schools. ( I also love to study)!
    In my free time, I like to decorate anything, like an ad behind a magazine or the safety rules of my elevator (anything)!
    My friends say I have a lot of talent, because at school I like to play with them a little bit, like “Why are you not giving me attention today?” And I start to cry.. They have been very supportive to me, my friend always says, “Daniela, what are you doing here at school? go chase your dreams! I know you can!” I love her so much..
    Also my family, my mom next month will take me on a test for an agency.
    But you know what? My DREAM is work to disney! I grew up watching disney channel! My passions are: Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, and everyday I watch videos on youtube about them.
    If I were famous and if I had a dilemma, would be: It just depends on you. To me, you can be who you want to be. You can do what you want to do. You can be better than Messi, smarter than Einstein, it just depends on you!!
    And it’s why I am here, I want more than everything one chance to work with you guys, please give it to me, I promise you will not be disappointed, I travel around the world for a test at disney… Its my dream.. I would be the happiest girl in the world 🙁 🙂 ..
    Well, that’s all. I hope you read this, and I hope deep in my heart that one day I become a disney’s star.

  57. alexis smalls

    I’m a King James fan since the Cavilers that’s why I like Miami Heat. In Alexis and I’m 22 years old from Atlantic city New Jersey. I want top model and act. Very talented in both departments. I tend you shock people with my many accents that I can do, such has voice over or not. Please contact me I will love to apply.

  58. Adison Mitchell

    My name is Adison Mitchell and I’m 22 years old. I have played basketball for over 15 years and I’m a huge Lebron James fan! I would love to a part of this new show because I’m outgoing and love acting and sports and this show is the perfect combo. I have the name and personality for tv and I’d like the opportunity to prove it! Love playing different and new roles.

  59. Rachael Meehan

    Age:15 can pass for older
    Height: 5’6- 5’7
    Hair: Straight and very dark brown, almost black
    Ethnicity: Ethnically ambiguous. I can pass for Caucasion, Latino/Hispanic, (and if lighted correctly) Asian
    I am a tall thin Sophmore in high school. I live in Cumming, Georgia and I have been in multiple plays in Middle and High school and I have very good facial expressions. Comedy is my best subject when acting and that is what Disney mostly focuses on. My family has some experience in movie production with my mom being in “Remember the Titans” (as an extra) because it was being filmed at her High School. I think that if I get a part in this movie it will give me an idea of whether or not I want to have acting be my full time job or not. Please consider me.

  60. Hollie Santos

    My name is Hollie and I would love to take any opportunity you have to offer. Here are some facts about me.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’3
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair:I have naturally Light brown hair but since i like dying my hair once in a while my naturally hair really don’t show. Right now I have dark red/brown hair, but I am willing to change my hair color if needed too.
    Eyes: I have light brown eyes.
    Speak: I speak English. I also have a NY/NJ accent. While I love.

    I will love to get a part in this movie because ever since I was 10 I fell in love with acting and enjoy it very much. To be honest I never Took acting class because it was to much money for one class. So i decided why not go on the internet and look for some scrip to read from. Beginning in this movie will not just make me so happy it will also proud to everyone I know that i can reach my dreams. I may not have experience but I am ready for a challenge. Thank you. 🙂

  61. Jahelle Augustave

    Wow! Lebron James is doing his thing. This is awesome. I would love to be apart of this new series because not only am I a Lebron James fan but I am also from Miami and know how it feels like growing up in the streets. I know I will be a great contribution to his series. I’ve been acting since I was four and am very rotational when it comes to role playing. I memorize my scripts fast and am very focused. I am one of the greatest you can ever have play in your series. Just let me show you. There will be no regrets.
    Black (Haitian descent)
    135 lbs
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes

  62. Sade Williams

    Hi m name is Sade Williams I am 13 years old and I would like to tryout for the new show or movie that is coming out I have acting experience I was in plays I can sing please email me back if I can get the part and audition thank you so much

  63. Tracy Yarbrough

    I am a African American that’s is from Miami florida. I have many experience from doing musical shows, and plays. I am 18 years of age I just finished highschool and acting is my dream career for me. Plus I would love to work for Lebron james because he plays for my favorite basketball team. Not only that it just because I have the experience of acting in front of people.

  64. Ryan Reyes

    My name is Ryan Reyes. I am a 17 year old heavy set Puerto Rican actor. Very diverse, I can play any role given. I am from New Jersey.

  65. Jmarie Hilton

    This is so amazing that leborn is taking on the production world. My Is Jmarie I am 23 years old an I am trying to Persue my career as a actress. My height is 5’2 An I weigh 120 pounds. I’m from flushing queens In September I will be going back to school this summer to finish my degree in surgical tech. I have lots of energy an very bubbly I have a can do attitude. I am fully aware of how much time an dedication this will take an I’m ready for it.The reason I wanna audition for this show is because I read the story line an it sounds like something I would love to be apart of I’m willing to try out for which over role there is left.

  66. Spencer

    Hey, I’m 20 year old Spencer Cage from Perth Amboy, New Jersey. I want to start off by saying that I think it’s absolutely fantastic that LeBron is expanding his career thus showing others to always strive for more. To be honest, football is more of my thing, but I haven’t heard of any players attempting to do what LeBron is on the verge of doing so way more power to you LeBron! As for myself, I’m more than interested in having the chance to work with you. I mentioned before that I’m 20 years old, I’m also a paralegal student who is very anxious to enter the entertainment industry instead of having a “real career”, as others would put it. This has been a childhood goal of mine and even though I’m experiencing the adult world, I’m not quite ready to give up on that goal. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever feel accomplished until I go for it at least once. With that being said, LeBron, if you end up reading this I just want to say I’m quite sure you’re excited about this production and I hope that, with or without my casting (come on, you had to know I was going to throw that in there!), this production is more successful than you intend it to be.

    Best of Luck,
    Spencer Cage

  67. antonio meadows

    my name is Antonio Meadows and i would love a chance to be in this movie.great story line,and im sure it would be a greaty experience.i have no acting experience but i have done some runway modeling for sean currently a mma fighter and martial artist.i’v also written action movie scripts that king james would be interested face book is blackmamba meadows…my email is for your time.

  68. Patrick J. McKenna

    I know what it feels like to survive in a rough neighbourhood. I’ve been bullied and tormented by others and felt like an outsider trying to achieve dreams that are longshots. Yet, I always retain the passion and am always eager to learn more.

    I have made many short films and have done many promotional videos for various projects. I am 21 years old and my You tube channel is here:

  69. Rachael Kigbu

    I believe I should be considered to be part of this because I am a 27 year old Nigerian (African) with a gift / desire for acting. I was born of an eggon ethnic tribe royal family, raised by a military Dad & a politician as a mother. I have a B.A in Linguistics and Communications. I speak English ( Fluent), French ( Fluent), Arabic (Non-fluent), Pidgin (Fluent), Hausa ( African Dialect – Fluent) & Yoruba ( African Dialect- Fluent). I was a billboard model back in college in Nigeria.
    Height- 5″4
    Weight- 160
    Hair color- Brown
    Eyes- Brown
    Thank you

  70. Aimee

    My name is aimee munoz im 20 years old I would like this opportunity to audition because my dream as a little girl was always acting and its my passion and I also use to wear his shoes

  71. Tammuz El

    I think it’s great that LeBron James is showing the world that he is more than just a basketball player. He’s a producer as well! This sounds like a hit show and I would love to be a part of it. I’m 5’4″, black, 16 year old actor from philly who has much experience in front of the camera. If there are any teenaged roles I’d fit that part perfectly. Thank you for considering.

  72. Bradley Casserly

    Age: 19 (04-11-94) Age range: 15-21.
    Ethnicity: White british.
    Accents and languages: I am from leeds, west yorkshire, england. I can pull of many accents:
    Liverpudlian, american, mexican, irish, australian and more.
    I am 5ft6 and i would think of myself as a well organised , confident actor. I like to meet new people and have a laugh, while i love to make great stuff on the screen.
    Previous experience in mini movies and shows.. Looking for my next big break. Looking to utilise my skills in crime, comedy and action. Thank you.

  73. Donald

    Hello my name is Donald Craft I am a sports fan as well as an aspiring comedian I have been doing stand up for about a year and I have been continuing to find ways to better myself however I am young and willing to captivate the roll of Lebron James if I am given the chance

  74. Donald

    My name is Donald Craft and I am 24 years old and I am a aspiring comedian I have been doing stand up for a year and in between small things such as practicing on other creative ways I can better myself I can do some voice overs however I will not lie that I have not put it to use however If I am giving the chance I can try and meet your qualifications my YouTube page is my play ground I am working on parodies such as commercials and music videos soon hope to hear from you guys

  75. Brady wilcox

    Hi my name is Brady! I am 20 years old have been trying to perdue acting as a career for quite sometime. I would love to give it a shot at an audition for a role in this movie. I love the storyline and the message. Thank you for your time