Surprise Opportunity- Reality TV Show

Reality TV Show Casting Call

Now casting a fun new reality pilot for a major broadcast network. The upcoming reality TV show casting call is searching for people to nominate someone they know who is talented and needs help with their big break! Filming will be in the New York tri state area in late September/ early October. The team is looking for friends and family to nominate kids, teens and adults. They are open to those between the ages of 10 and 90. The series will give the opportunity to showcase their talent and help make their dreams a reality. From amazing artists and talented singers to inspiring teachers and coaches, anyone who is talented can be submitted. Check out the reality TV show casting call to get the audition details.

About Surprise Opportunity

We’re looking for great people with great stories and talents to be on this new pilot, and with your help, we’ll give them a surprise opportunity to showcase themselves and make their dreams come true!

What They Are Looking For

Do you have a friend or family member (age 10-90) who is extremely talented at something, but hasn’t gotten the chance to show their talent or skill to the public, or be rewarded for that talent or skill or work, for one reason or another?

Maybe they’re an amazing opera singer, or an impressive athlete/dancer, or a brilliant artist.

Or maybe they have a great idea for a business and need help getting it going, or they’re an awesome teacher/coach, or they’re a comedian or motivational speaker who deserves a wider audience.

Shoots in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) in late September/early October. If you’re selected, the production will reimburse you if you need to miss work to be at the shoot.

How to Apply

Email Mark at with the subject SURPRISE OPPORTUNITY and tell us about your friend/family member, what makes them so special, and what obstacles have limited them from getting their big break. Please do not tell them you’re nominating them… If chosen, this will be a big surprise! Please include photos of you both and your contact information when e-mailing. You CAN NOT nominate/submit yourself, as that doesn’t make sense for this type of program. Thanks!

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