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Queen Latifah has found her next starring vehicle and it is a remake of the hit 1989 film Steel Magnolias. Queen will also executive produce this heartfelt dramedy for the Lifetime Network. Auditions and casting calls will be coming soon for a spring/summer shoot. This is your chance to star alongside one of the most talented and strong women in entertainment.

Steel Magnolias follows a group of six Louisiana ladies who work and socialize at Truvy’s beauty shop as they help each other through love, loss and life. The productions outstanding cast will have Queen Latifah playing M’Lynn, Tony Award Winner Phylicia Rashad as Clairee, Oscar nominee Alfre Woodard as Ouiser, Grammy winner Jill Scott as Truvy, Adepero Oduye as Annelle and Rashad’s daughter Condola Rashad as Shelby (the character originally played to an Oscar nomination by Julia Roberts). This has all of the makings of an American classic for audiences young and old. This a production that up and coming actors work all of their lives for and now this could be your big break ! Leave a comment below if you would like to work and most of all learn alongside some of the finest actors today and stay tuned for all of the production details.

This could be it, That opportunity that you have been working so hard for. A project and a cast like this does not come around often so act today. Steel Magnolias is coming to The Lifetime Network and they are looking for undiscovered talent just like you.

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  1. Alma Burwell

    I would love to have a role in steele magnolias. Please consider me for a role in your production.
    I have a profile on and
    Thank you so much for your time !

    Alma Burwell

  2. Monique Empath

    Alright.. here I am ..just let me know when and where is call time and I’m there ..let’s go ! Let me tell you I’m ready and I can bet I’m what you are looking for ..I got this .. where’s my mark ☺️

  3. Jessica

    My name is jessica castleman and I’m interested in working on the set of steel magnolias.

    A little bit about me, 5’7 blonde hazel eyes and very outgoing and fun.

    My email if you would like to consider me for an audition or whatever need be.
    Thank you.

  4. Anisha

    Hi,my name is Anisha, I am a 26 yr old African-American female, from Louisiana born and raised. I’m 5’3 weigh 167ilbs. I have always wanted to pursue a career in acting .I have counted myself out due to my lupus and MS. But, I would absolutely love the opportunity to audition to be a member of this cast. I have some experience from elementary school through high school i was placed if the gifted and talented program. I performed in a few stage plays but nothing major and this could be a life changing opportunity. I can put my heart & mind to it. Hopefully I’ll have my dream come true, even if it’s not a big part.Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  5. Za'Mya Perry

    Hello , I am very interested in this film and would love to participate. Could you please get back at me to let me know what I need to have in order to participate in this film. I would do anything to match all the needs and please consider contacting me on my email.

  6. Jeannica Lane

    I would love to work on the Steel Magnolias Project
    African American female 29 years old, new to acting, dependable, prompt, and coachable

  7. Cartria M Ratcliff

    I would like to work on the Steel magnolias project.

  8. Tiffany Janos

    Hello, My name is Tiffany Janos. I am 35 yr old Caucasian female. Approximately 5’4 and 115 lbs. I am absolutely interested in filming the exquisite Steel Magnolias film with you. If you get a moment and would email me, I could give you my contact info and maybe we could talk to see if I’m fit for the part you have opening calls for. I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you

  9. Alyssa

    I’m your 25 year old, 5’4, whatever you need me for, girl! 😉

  10. Asaia Davis

    Hi my name is Asaia Davis (pronounced as Asia). I’m 26 years old I’m a carung, witty, dedicated, open-minded, and optimistic just to name a few thing about myself. I would absolutely love being apart of this film alongside one of the most influential people who’s apart of this industry and is a great role model who’s strong and independent and shows young women like me that anything is possible.

  11. Lachandra

    Hi, my name is Lachandra, I am a 33yr old African-American female, from Louisiana born and raised. I’m 5’3 weigh 132. I have always wanted to pursue a career in acting .I would love the opportunity to audition to be a member of this cast. I have no acting experience, but, I can act if I put my heart & mind to it. Hopefully I’ll have my dream come true, even if it’s not a big part.

  12. Helen Galindo

    Hello, My name is Helen Galindo and My city is Austin TX. I am 20 years old and I have an outgoing personality. It has been my dream to act, and hopefully this can be my first one!
    Thank you,
    Helen Galindo

  13. Helen Galindo

    Hello, My name is Helen Galindo and My city is Austin TX. It would be a great opportunity to star in the movie steel magnolias, Exspecially working with Queen Latifah! and I am about 5’3; I am 20 years old and I have an outgoing personality. It has been my dream to act, and hopefully this can be my first one!
    Thank you,
    Helen Galindo

  14. Sylsmn

    I have never studied drama or been on stage. I would love this opportunity as my first. Being that I have no experience I would love a position as a background actress or extra.

  15. Diamond

    Hey my name is diamond and i am really interested in auditioning for this show. I always wanted to act but never hand the money to pay for it you can contact me
    I also dance and rap plz relpy back

  16. La'Shawn

    Hi I am from Las Vegas Nevada. I would love to be apart of this film in any way that I can. being in a lifetime movie has always been a huge dream of mines. I am 19 years old and I also dance and act. I really hope that you do decide to hear me out and contact me soon, I promise I will not let you down, getting a part in this film as an actress, background actress or extra would be absolutely amazing.

  17. Gabrielle Butler

    Want to apply for casting call, Steel Magnolias.

  18. Anndrea Griffin

    Please my name is Anndrea Griffin, I’m 13 (and yes my mom is informed about this) I live in Staten Island, New york and currently go to I.S.27 Anning S. Prall Intermediate School and I’ve been accepted into Susan E. Wagner’s High School for performing art I understand its not a huge name brand school but I did have to do a in school Audition. I would really love to be starred in anything you throw at me and any part just please I have instagram were I post my singing @theyloveeedrea just help I will do anything to make it up.

  19. Tara Foxxx

    Hi! My name is important but I go by Tara Foxxx. I am 25 years old, and I am currently living in New Orleans, LA. I am not experienced in the acting or screenplay business but I have been told by numerous friends,colleagues,and coaches that “I have what it takes”. I grew up in rural Mississippi( it’s almost all rural land) and I am of Haitian/Dominican descent. I have a southern accent ,but not an ole country bumpkin one that most of Hollywood assigns to “Southern Folk”. I grew up watching Steel Magnolias and loved how the stereotypical and realistic perceptions of Southern women were shown for the world to see. The fact that it is being told from a Ebony woman’s point of view makes me even more intrigued! I have dreams of showing that there is “Talent in the South”.

  20. Mallorie Kramer

    This is an amazing cast and I loved this movie. An opportunity like this would be life changing for me!

  21. selina

    I love this movie!

  22. Christina Coleman

    Hi My name is Christina Coleman and I will like to work with this production. I’m 19 years old, I don’t have any acting experiences but I’m sure I can do this. I’ve been wanting to act all my life but my family didnt have the funds for it. Hopefully you hear me out, I will really appreciate it. I’m a very out going person and I love to have fun. I love to sing and dance.

  23. Ebony Holmes

    I am looking to audition for Lifetime movies. Please reply with guidelines and procedures to do so.

    Thank you

  24. Madison Patrick

    Interested! Very, very interested!!

  25. Seren

    I’m Interested to be an extra or background actress.

  26. Jade

    It would be a dream come true to not only be working with Queen, but to also be in this film, I used monologues from this movie for auditions for plays and would love to actually be apart of the film. This is a beautiful movie and im sure this remake will be just as amazing.

  27. Audrianna Martinez

    I would love to work along side these amazing actors, I’m very much interested in acting and have been for a long time now, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.
    A little bit about myself
    I am 22, Latina, plus size, dark hair , brown eyes. From Orlando, Florida.
    I’m really looking for an opportunity to show off my talent.
    Thank you,
    Audrianna Martinez

  28. Meg Whitney

    I am a southern girl born and raised and actually starred in Dolly Parton’s commercials for Dollywood as a kid so to say I am a fan of her (as a legend) and a remake of this movie is an understatement. I am actually a Jewelry Television show host seeking new opportunities. Here is my demo reel for any interested casting opportunities fitting for my look etc… My main work is as a spokesperson and tv show host.

  29. Nyla Franklin

    I would love to work in this production!

  30. Ashlee Boyd

    Hello I am interested in working with actress and singers. I am just starting out with the business just trying to get my foot in the door and looking for somebody to give a chance in a lifetime. One of my goals have always been to act beside the wonderful Queen Latifah and Jill Scott. I am 27 african american born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have attend a couple of acting classes at the Leeann Dearing Studio in Phoneix, Arizona. I am 5’3 weigh 217. All i ask for is a chance i am able to travel and relocate if necessary.

  31. Tori


  32. Brittany

    I am interested! I would like to audition.

  33. B Beck

    Hello. I would love to be considered for a role in this upcoming movie. Queen Latifah is one of my favorite actresses of all time! I am 34 years old. 5’8″ and weigh roughly 140lbs. I am average build and have brown eyes and brown hair. I am black and have a medium complexion. No acting experience, but I can act and would love for this to be my stepping stone into the acting world. It’s always been a dream of mine.
    Thanks for you consideration.

  34. Letha Stevens

    I would love to work aside of many stars in Steel Magnolias. Acting has been my dream. I hope to feel it before I turn 50. I promise you won’t be disappointed working with me. I haven’t been noticed and this will be my time.

  35. Shavon Bush

    Hi! My name is Shavon, I am35 years old and I live in Atlanta


    Yes l would be interested in this project, working in the film: Steel Magnolias the American Classic…with the cast members Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rashad, AlfreWoodward,Jill Scott, Condola Rashad, and Adepero Oduye…l am a professional actress and jazz vocalist and it would be a great opportunity to work with the Stars…

  37. luis mateo

    Good morning I like to introduce myself and I like to tell you a little about myself I live here in Chicago Illinois I was born here my race is Puerto Rican I work in Chicago for the Chicago Transit Authority I’m a painter I paint the CTA buses I was also a professional boxer I was champion of the world I was just inducted into the Chicago Boxing Hall of Fame and also I I sing with my own Latin group I also train boxers here city of Chicago Oakley boxing gym The Saturdays I go to school for acting Armitage Ashland n Elston Chicago acting school i am 5 7 tall i weigh 180 pounds i have green eyes end i am built i speak English spanish

  38. Macayla Evans

    hi . My name is Macayla Evans. I am a 15 year old caucasian female who is very interested . i’m not very experienced but i want this as experience. i am very smart tho and i have acted in church plays plenty of times .i wouldn’t care if was even just an extra or a main person. i promise i do not care . i just want some exposure.

  39. Elenyjanice

    Hi my name is Eleny Janíce
    I am from New Orleans Louisiana
    I am 24 years old
    I would love the opportunity to be in his show Not Only because I am from Louisiana but because I know I have what it takes ! Please email me hope to hear from you soon!

  40. Lara O'Rourke

    Hi! My name is Lara O’Rourke I am a Caucasian 19 year old actress from New York. I would love an opportunity to audition for the film. I am 5’9 and 130 pounds with hazel eyes and brown hair.

  41. Lyn Wise

    Hello, my name is Lyn and I would truly admire being casted in such a classic movie.

  42. Briana

    Hello, I’m Briana and I am from a small town called Benson NC. It would be a great opportunity to star in the movie steel magnolias, Exspecially working with Queen Latifah! I weigh 125 and I am about 5’3; I am 17 years old and I have a outgoing personality. I have been in 2 musical plays when I was younger and I sing at church for different events that we have. I have alot to offer and I’d love to show and prove myself.
    Thank you,
    Briana Raynor

  43. Nichelle Hagins

    Hello. my name is Nichelle from Washington, DC. I would be honored to work alongside Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rashad, Alfre Woodard and Jill Scott. As a training consultant, I am known for my enthusiastic and engaging training style, and being blessed with the gift of acting I am certain that this opportunity is a perfect fit. I am a 46 year old African American Women eagerly waiting to make my debut.

  44. Nichelle Hagins

    Hello, My name is Nichelle from Washington, DC. I would be honored to work alongside Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rhashad, Alfre Woodard, and Jill Scott. I am a natural thespian looking for an opportunity for my debut. I am a 46 year, 5’7″ old African American.women

  45. Siobhon Storme Milligan

    My name is Siobhon Storme Milligan and I live in a small town in Ontario, Canada. However, I was born in South Africa. I am a Caucasian female with long brown hair, blue eyes and am 5’5″ and am about 115 lbs. I currently attend Conestoga College for marketing however, I have had some stage acting and modeling experience. In all honesty, I feel like I am destined to do more because I have the personality, the passion and the story to be able to perform in an acting environment. I would love to have the opportunity to show you my talents if you gave me the chance. Please consider me for anything. Thank you.

  46. Molly

    Hello. I have always wanted to try acting. In only 26 years I have faced things that not only will most people never experience, they probably couldn’t even dream it up. I feel that I have a voice inside waiting to be heard, and acting just might be my outlet. Thank you.

  47. christina

    I love her … I belive alot of ppl no how to act they just need that push and ok from somone like every one has i wanna act so bad i love dis lady

  48. Jamilia Mills

    Faith. That seems to be the only reason why I have the courage to be up at this God forsaking hour thinking that someone would actually inquire about me. But sometimes when you have nothing to lose, what’s the worst that can really happen.

    I don’t know much about acting. I’ve never been a star in a school play or auditioned for a big role such as this. I’ve played Mary, mother of Jesus almost every year in my church but who would they really turn down, right?! One thing I do know, one thing I’m certain of is that I have a passion for telling stories. You can’t tell a really good story without evoking emotion. That! I can do. And for the things I can’t do, God will equip me with the skills I need to make it to the end. If you haven’t noticed, I’m interested in more than auditioning. I’m ready for a challenge to play the part.

    Please send me more information 😉

  49. Fatim

    hey. Pick me! Wanna know why? Because I have the attitude like the Queen and I am super funny. I also have great fashion sense I could probably even be the Queens sassy daughter or enemy! Anyways pick me! Sassy and funny. Don’t worry im not spoiled. byeee.

  50. Zuri

    This sounds absolutely amazing , I would love to be apart of this journey. I am 21 years old and full of energy

  51. Quanita Tyus

    I would love to see these amazing women work and to be their beside them to learn an evolve my skills. That would b a dream cum true.

  52. Randi Padgett

    Hello!!(: my name is Randi and Im a 16 year old,Portuguese, female. I would like to audition because if I was even given a small role I would still get to work with some of the greatest actresses in the business! I’ve been in one BIG school play, The Wizard of Oz(I played Dorothy), and a few small elementary school productions and church productions. I am in 2 choirs, a concert choir and an acapella choir, and I am very interested in a solo career, if that’s what is in store for my life. I would love for you to contact me, if there is any possible chance of an audition in my future!

  53. Angela Perry

    Hello, my name is Angela Perry and I would like to audition for “Steel Magnolias” starring Queen Latifah.

    The reason I would like to audition for a role is that “Steel Magnolias” was a movie filled with emotion and love and was beautiful. It would be an honor to audition for any part in a remake of such a historic film.

    Below is a link to my Actors Access where My personal information, such as acting history, height, weight, and such are available.

    Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you,
    Angela Perry
    Cell: 469-554-5261

  54. Leah H

    My name is Leah and I am 22 years old. I have half African American and half Caucasian. I would love an opportunity to get into the acting scene. I am on the heavier side about 250. Think black curly afro-ish hair and a great complextion. I was born and raised just outside of Boston MA. I would truly love an oppertuiny to become a part of this movie.

  55. Melody Hudson

    Hello my name is Melody I am a 33yr old African-American female from the Alabama area .I have always wanted to pursue a career in acting .I would love the opportunity to audition to be a member of this cast

  56. Meerah

    Hello, my name is Meerah I am an African American 29 year old mother of two 146lbs 5’6 from Newark , NJ. I have always had a passion for acting and music, as a young girl I song in the church choir and performed shows for my grandmother pretending to be Billie Holiday in Lady Sings the Bules. My childhood was short lived and my dream as an actress would have to wait. Motherhood at 15 was now my full time gig along with being a student. Regardless of motherhood my passion for acting never changed only postponed. My opportunity starts here I’ve made mistakes granted ,regrets no my children are my inspiration their my reason my struggle is their gain my accomplishments are there success.

  57. Jada Craig

    Jada Craig
    Age 35
    New castle, Indiana

    Queen Latifah is a terrific actress and musician. Pairing her brilliance with Steel Magnolias, well that makes me admire her even more.!
    I grew up on the original movie. My childhood friends and I would re-enact this heart warming movie all the time. The opportunity to be part of this brilliant collaboration, would be a living dream.

  58. Erin Outar

    Hello, my name is Erin Outar(Female). I am 19 years old, Jamaican, Indian, and Black. I would love a chance to show people that size doesnt matter. Im 5’0 at 180lbs. By looking at me you would never guess thats my weight but I look pretty darn good if you ask me. Its difficult to get a chance to land a role being a little stubby or chubby. I would like to shpw everybody that doubted me that they were wrong, besides, I love acting. If interested to learn more about me you can reach me at my email Thanks!

  59. Fetima Rahming

    I’m extremely interested !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please contact me please .
    My name is Fetima S. Rahming , African American & Bahamian , I’m nineteen years young , lol . I’m 5’3 139 Lbs .
    I absolutely love both QUEEN & JILL SCOTT . This would be the upmost HONOR . All I’m asking for is a CHANCE & yes I’m willing to travel . Omg I’m so excited.

  60. Jada Johnson

    Hi my name is Jada I live in Baltimore and I discovered my love for acting/entertaining at a very young age when I played the role of an angle for a Christmas play at church. Now I’m at the point where acting is something I want to do for a lifetime its my passion and dream and when Im not working towards this dream I feel like its a waste of time. Since this is my first time auditioning for the big leagues I’m happy to play any role you have to offer. There are 3 reasons why I believe this is the right audition for me

    1. The learning experience.
    2.queen latifah is outstanding at what she does. what it say at the top of this page “this could be it the opportunity you have been working hard for!”

  61. Deirdre

    I am a huge fan of Queen Latifah. I am 22 years old, I’m white, and athletic. I have never acted before but have been in multiple plays and apart of drama for many years. I am 5’8 and my body is very porportionate, I weigh about 175. It has always been my dream to be an actor and would love the opportunity to audition.

  62. Faith Gonzalez

    hi I am Faith and I am 13 years old. I would love to work with the cast of steel magnolias, it would be a dream of mine . I have worked with the company Barbizon. I auditioned, modeled, and took acting classes with Barbizon as well . thank u for taking the time to read my message and hope to get feed back from u soon. thank u. 🙂

  63. Ila Lambert

    Hello, my name is Ila, I presently reside in Illinois. I have been involved in theater for over 30 years, both on stage, back stage, assistant director of “Hairspray”, on casting committees, in charge of hair and makeup, costumes, and props. I played the part of “Annelle” for our community theater in 1998, and it was a huge success! I have also been cast as the part of “Stella” in ” A Streetcar Named Desire”. I have worked with dramas, musicals, skits, comedies, tragedies, and dinner theaters. I am also a licensed Cosmetologost and Licensed Cosmetology Instructor. I have several years experience in theatrical hair, wigs, and makeup. I am familiar with all aspects of the theater, very organized, and would be a great asset to the production team, or crew. Thank you for this opportunity.

  64. Danielle Woodhouse

    My name is Danielle W. and this movie would be perfect for me because I feel like I have been acting all my life. Trust me, I didn’t want to. There where times I felt I had to act as if i were happy with my LIFE when, in fact, that was very
    far from the truth. I haven’t lost anyone close to me as of yet but, I have been suffering from this horrible feeling of LOSS of LOVE. These things help my passion burn stronger. WEIRD, but i renact situations that do not go the way i want them to. I add and delete, i scream, i cry, whatever i have to do to be a happy Mommy again. Acting would be therapy for me. I’m 29yrs old suffering from Bi-Polar disorder. I just need someone to prescribe me a character. just like Hillary Swank I’m definitely someones Million Dollar Baby!

  65. Angelique


    My name is Angelique Lynn Middleton. I’m a female. I’m 18 years old D.OB 06/27/1996, I’m African American . I’m 5’€™2. weight about 95-110. brownish/ black hair. Black eyes. I Wear A XS in tops and a juniors 3/4 in bottoms, 4 1/2 in men shoes and 6 in women shoes. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have always wanted be a actress. I’m a out going person, and I would love to hear from you. you can email me at Thank you.

  66. Debbiiee

    Hey,my name is Debbiiee.I’m a Nigerian living in the US.I’m 17.I have brown eyes and pitch black hair.I love acting it’s something I’ve been doing since I was 5 and I’ve dreamt of this moment for a very long time.I’ll really appreciate it if I can get the role and help my single mom pay my college fees please I’ll really appreciate it if you can please reply me back.Thank you

  67. Destiny Hughes

    I would like to be apart of the film because acting is my first love music my second and last but not least I can represent this film to the fullest the pay is irrelevant but if by some miracle I don’t work for the film I won’t take any pay, I love and respect the craft of acting.

  68. Char Calloway

    Hello Casting Department:
    My name is Char I am very interested in a chance to be apart of a great movie and a team player alongside a great cast. I have worked on several movies as a back ground extra since 1999 I have not had a speaking role yet or a real chance. I love all that Life time has to offer. I know this will be a great experience. I believe real dreams do come true.
    Thank you for your time!

  69. Tamika

    My name is Tamika and I am very interested in being a part of the Steel Magnolias lifetime Movie. I was born in New York but raised in the South. I have watched the Premier showing of Steel Magnolias and I really enjoyed the premier when it aired. I have a city side of me and a country side. I am funny, outgoing, loving, gets along well with people I meet, not shy at all, I really would like to be apart of this movie because I am inspired by all these ladies that are going to be staring in this film. I have no experience in acting but I know I would be a great fit due to my many different personalities. My family has always told me I should have been an actress but I never pursued it in my career. I never thought that a normal young lady would ever get discovered so I never continued the journey for acting. It would give me great pleasure being able to be apart of this awesome cast.

  70. Shadasia smith

    Hello, my name is Sha’Dasia Smith , I’am 21 years old, Standing at 5’2 and weighing 125 pounds. I’ve recently visit a site by the name of casting call, and came across your casting ad. I’ve only acted in high school, theater. Therefore, I don’t have a resume, hopefully, that doesn’t affect me auditioning.

    I know the chances of you reading this may be slim . But hopefully you do . I’ve been searching for casting calls for 10 years now and even re located myself and still haven’t found any . Hopefully I will get lucky this time.

    Thank you ,


  71. Linette Wainwright

    Frankly, reading the other comments at first discouraged me a bit because I’m not very experienced, as I’m only 16, but I’m very, very dedicated to being an actress. I love everything about the business and being able to act, even as an extra, in one of my favorite moves, would be the chance of a lifetime. I’m multi-racial, 5 foot 7 inches and have brown hair and brown eyes. I hope you consider me for this amazing opportunity.
    Thank you,

  72. tammy reese

    My favorite movie ever. I was just a extra in Irrefutable Proof movie that filmed in Syracuse NY Jan 2015. I was a ensemble cast member in the Redhouse Theatre production of the Color Purple. Dec 2014. I won a award in Jun 2014 for writing and featuring in a suicide prevention PSA called Hear My Call. In Dec 2014 I had my first news article published with the syracuse based the Stand Newspaper . the article is called Fashion Dreams. I am a great writer and actress. I am 29 and I have been acting since I was 12 years old. I am a alum of the Media UNit tv and stage company in Syraucse I have tons of experience. I am just waiting for my chance to show the world I already shown my town

  73. Clarissa

    my name is Clarissa B im 25 years young, I always wanted to act ESPECIALLY with Queen Latifah she is one of my role models and inspirations, growing up being plus size you dont really have much inspiration in anything in the acting, tv, theater world until woemn like Queen Latifah come along and prove to the world that talent comes in a size bigger than zero ( even tho zero is not a size) and i hope to do that on day myself and if given the opportunity to work with someone as great as she is will be a dream come true

  74. Dametre

    Hey my name is Dametre Williams I live in Hollywood Florida im 6 foot athletic smart very much talented I can sing dance act I hear that I have a glowing personality and that I am funny and comfortable to be around I think I can make this movie a big hit and I can change my voice and im great with facial expressions and dangerous scenes I am an ametuer in parkour and I write my own scripts amd I have soo much more to offer
    My email is

  75. maria

    My name is María i am 45 years of age and 190 lbs.5’7inches brown eyes dark brown hair currently living in Miami,fl. I am interested in being apart of the recreation of the classic movie Steel magnolias