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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to date a celebrity?  Do you think it you have what it takes to keep up with all of the glitz, glamour, fame and fortune? If you answered yes than this is the show for you. Star Date is coming to television and is looking to cast people just like you and give you the chance to date a real life Hollywood celebrity!

Star Date is being brought to televisions across the country by MysticArt Pictures, the production company behind the hit series Wipeout and this time they’re taking the excitement to another level.  The producers of Star Date are on the lookout for men and women with that special something, a charming and charismatic personality to pair with a big time celebrity for the date of a lifetime! Star Date will fly the lucky chosen to Hollywood for their V.I.P. date with a high profile celebrity. Will true love be in the air? Casting submissions are being accepted now for the most fantastic reality dating show ever ! For more information on Star Date you can head here and leave a comment below to stay updated on all of the exciting details.

This is a call for men and women across the country to have their dreams come true. Whether you are an aspiring actor, model, singer or just looking for love and an amazing date with a Hollywood icon – this is your one in a million chance! Apply today to become the star of television next reality TV phenomenon. You could be on your way to a fabulous Star Date.

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  1. Robert A Wolf

    I used to live in L.A and met, worked with, and partied with many of a celeb, I really enjoyed the interactions I experienced however I never dated a celebrity. I believe I could handle that very well. And am able to keep it interesting for them as well too.

  2. Chris D. Bentley


  3. Shaye

    So intrested!

  4. Danielle DiDomenico

    I am totally interested !!

  5. Lary

    Sure why not

  6. Rio Durevenue

    Looking forward to it

  7. Eric Drake

    I’m a teacher who is tired of being alone and would love to meet that special someone to spen life with

  8. Jennifer

    This sounds like fun. I am an average woman, bla, bla, bla… Do you have the Rock or Adam Sandler available? I wouldn’t expect love, but this sounds like a good time. Also, do they pay? Lol

  9. Nicole Johnson

    Nicole here! 37 y/o woman looking like a pyt. Awaiting to hopefully be a part of this show. Looking for my Star date and I’ll be his star. Lol. Kind of corny huh.

  10. Sydney Avaritt

    I am interested in being on Star Date. I have always dreamed of dating a star and being in the light

  11. Bernadine C Rainey

    I ran across your information while strolling so here I am sending out a message that will most likely never be read by anyone. I’m very interested in being on the show Star Date actually it would be a dream come true.

  12. Michaela

    My name is Michaela. I am 21 years old. I’m a pastry chef and wanting to go to school to become a bartender and hopefully open up my own businesses. A cafe and a bar. I’m hoping to find my missing piece.

  13. Joshua

    36 year old wealth manager bachelor in Dallas

  14. R Davis


  15. whittney

    how do you sign up for this

  16. Kelsey Kehler

    I got this

  17. Amber

    I’m a 30 year old woman in college for Nursing. I want a dream man. Honored, respectful, kind, loves to have fun. ?

  18. fay

    did this come out yet? I want to check it out, haha

  19. terry

    dont know where to sign up at but im 20 yeras old looking for my perfect dream girl im looking for someone fun who can feel like themselves around me instead of being famous someone i can laugh with and just lay back and have a good time with the person

  20. Stephanie Dauenhauer

    I would be perfect for this show! I’m 25 from Denver, CO; never married and no children. I have a job and an independent life. I’m looking for someone who can mentally enrich my life.

  21. Megan S

    I’m a 22 year old girl that loves adventure and lives life to the fullest. I love working out and being physical. I have a very optimistic view on life. I am just a couple of months away from graduating with my degree in marketing amd finance. I plan to go into sports marketing or work for a financial institution as a portfolio manager. I believe i can go anywhere in life, and have the determination and work ethic to make it there. I enjoy being in warm weather and going out with friends and family.

  22. Jasmin Rojas

    Hello ,
    My name is Jasmin I am 22 years old this show sounds super exciting and I would love to be a part of this amazing experience !!!

  23. chanel

    Hi, I’m a 25 year old teacher from Namibia, Africa. I’m also a single mother of an 2 and a half year old boy. I would love to be part of this show. I think its an amazing opportunity for any one. keep us all posted.

  24. Michelle Brown

    I’m not your average woman. I’m 45, a professional athlete, business owner, and single. I’d love to see what this is all about.
    Michelle Brown, IFBB Pro

  25. Shenita laury

    Hi how can I be cast for the show I’m beautiful fun sexy sweet

  26. Sydney

    Star date!??? ????

    Hello! My name is Sydney. I’m 21, single and perfect for this show!

  27. Ashley Lewis

    Hello everyone. Honestly I think I would be great for this show. I’m single, 28 years old, no children, college student for now. I’m unemployed, but have been searching for the perfect job for myself. I’m funny, smart, easygoing, caring, nice until someone piss me off, and more.

  28. Cindia

    I know I would be perfect for this show I’m 33 single and fabulous! My name is Cindia I’m Puerto rican..I’m outgoing..loving and ready for this show!

  29. Shannon

    I’m very excited to hopefully see a different type of show. For someone like myself, a very simple but awesome woman to get a chance to meet someone “different” that can show a girl a good time. This seems like an awesome opportunity. My name is Shannon from Brooklyn, NY. 27 Jamaican-American. No kids, single, complicated, shy at times, but outgoing, educated.

  30. Dayanie Norris

    I can’t find a email to contact but hi my name is Dayanie and I would love try things with Quincy from Netflix movie brotherly love

  31. Geneva

    Geneva,columbian indian African American,slender long hair,brown eyes,God Fearing,outgoing,courageous,goofy,intelligent,sharp mind,very rare individual

  32. Daericka Goodge

    Hi my name is Daericka Goodge I’m 25 years old live in rockford il birthday February 13 1991 I filled everything but won’t let me summit my application if you get this anytime soon please get ahold of me I would love to be apart of your show.

  33. Sophia Reyes

    Hello! I’m Sophia. I’m Cuban/black and full of fun. I would love to be on your show and it wouldn’t let me up pictures but if someone can reply. I would gladly send some. Thanks

  34. Tiffany Morgan

    I’m Tiffany. I’m 21 year old Montana resident. I live in Billings, which is the biggest city in Montana.. I would really love the chance to meet a celebrity, to go on a single date would be be amazing!!

  35. Jade Amber Vignapiano


    Jade Amber Rose is my full name. I will be 21 years of age the seventh of March. I currently reside in Staten Island, New York. Born in Brooklyn. My nationality is Mostly Sicilian and a quarter Syrian…which I would not change for the world. I am 5’3 with tan skin and all dark features. I am bikini/fitness competitor of NPC where I have won and placed very well due to my hard body disciplined diet and consistency over the past 4 passion is dance and music I have tried out for the Knicks and made call backs and was a hair away from getting the spot so now I am on a mission to achieve Many goals…one of them is a relationship and well where I live the women are supporting the men.. I come from a Italian Catholic family and excuse my language but that sh*t doesn’t fly with us if ya know what I mean? So hear me out!! Xoxoxo 🙂

  36. Antwon watson

    Hello, I am a aspiring actor and model. I am really interested in this opportunity and I am sure I would be a good pick. I’ve been single for three years after the love of my life cheated on me, but I am over that. I live in the state of Pennsylvania and the city of Harrisburg which is the capital of Pennsylvania. I work at a hotel to earn money, but living pay check to check isn’t cutting it for me. My dream is to be a model and actor for the rest of my life.

  37. Ms.perez

    23 years old from nj would love to be apart of the show a chance to find true love

  38. Alesia Rodriguez

    Hey there sign me up lol besos ??

  39. UniqueSioux

    Name is Unique and I am interested in auditioning.

  40. Bee

    Hello there! Many only dream of an experience like the one your pitching, and since last night was a dream of such. I thought I should reply. I’m a woman from the Midwest area of the age 27. My whole life Ive only saw myself as finding love very early. That never did seem to happen. I was in a relationship for 4 years and had the blessing of having a 2 year old out of it. Her father has been missing in action ever since her birth. Although I have chances of settling for less daily. I refuse too. I’m at kind of a stand still in life. I have been in the Health and Beauty field for 10 years. Although I’m not where I aspire to be in my career. I have dreams and plans. The perfect partner would be more the encouraged and appreciated. Love Bee

  41. Imani

    I’m interested can you email me with more info ?

  42. Annita D Newell

    Hii, my name is Annita..I’m African American with grey eyes 5’5 150lb in athletic shape. I love working out, outdoors and modeling.I was in a 14yr relationship that ended two yrs ago. Between working everyday and hanging with my 3boys 14,12 and 3yr olds, don’t make time to do the date thing. Just turned 31 and ready to see who the world offers? A date with Idris Elba or Kevin Durand.OMG..IM IN!!

  43. Samantha Horney

    My name is Samantha Horney and im 18. I am hilarious to be honest and would be great on a reality tv show. I love meeting people and dating and I love celebrities so this is just the show for me. I am white but look mexican (as told by everyone I meet) and love the glamorous life even though I am not living it all currently. I have had a horrible breakup with who I thought was the love of my life and he made me hate life but now i am independant and Rihanna is my spirit animal. I would love to fall in love with a celebrity so pick me:)

  44. Des

    I am a 34yr old native of islander origin. I live in Australia. Have never been to America. Never seen famous celebrities. To have a date with a famous lady celebrity would be a one in a million wish that was never possible.
    Worth a

  45. Kristina Kirkland

    It would be like a Cinderella story for me ? I’m a single mom so trying to date , work and be a full time mom can be really hard but I can do !

  46. Felicia Tensley

    I would love to have a celebrity date

  47. Jamar Dowdell

    My name is Jamar Dowdell. I’m 20 years old and to be honest I am attracted to a lot of Female celebrities but if there is one I would love to be on a date with Serayah Mcniell from the hit Show Empire. She’s talented,beautiful and she seems like a very fun and energetic person to be around and if anything I would really love to go on a date with her.

  48. Stacia Bangerter

    I know that I might be a little young for this. I am 15 years old. I don’t have anything special about me. I am the fourth oldest of ten kids. I don’t have a favorite Actor. I can cook and clean. I take care of kids of any age. I have light brown hair with blond streaks. I have added purple to my hair and I am going to add red. I have light blue eyes. I am about 65″ I have a curvy body and I whey average. I like to read and be outside. I love to camp. I like to play with younger kids. I don’t like eggs or electrical outlets. I do hope that you consider me even though I am kinda young.
    Thank you for being willing to read this. I hope you pick me


    Let me get a date with the Game….he will say she is fun, cool, sexy, with a great heart


    Hi, I don’t know if this is gonna happen, but Im a 33 yr old female who can act, model, love, and whatever else if I put my mind to it. I will looooooooove to have a date with Chris Brown

  51. Brandon

    my name is brandon wygal and i would love to go out on a date with either adam lambert or sam smith maybe even adam levine and channing tatum because i think id be able to keep up with their schedules

  52. Cheryl

    I’m 33 years old woman living in Toronto Canada. I’m pretty, educated, sexy and have a great all around personality.
    Would love a chance to be part of the show!!

  53. Ashley Adams

    24 years old! just looking for love whether its a celebrity or not but who wouldn’t want to date a celebrity crush?

  54. Ashley Adams

    24 years old ! just looking for love, weather its a celebrity or not.

  55. Briana Hart

    Hello, my name is Briana Hart, I’m 21 years old but not your average. I have been looking to love someone who is as ambitious as me, creative and real. You can definitely say I am charming and have a charismatic personality to pair with a big time celebrity. Since I was 17 years old trying to break into the entertainment industry, throughout my experiences I have been asked out and taken out to a few places by celebrities so it’s something that I am used to but out of all of them I haven’t been able to find what I want. & that’s real love. Dates are interesting & fun. Getting to know someone and looking to see if they’re the one for you is definitely worth doing. I think I would be perfect for this show because not only am I beautiful, and super confident, but I can handle any man that I allow into my life. From the regular to the altimate high. On top that, I’m always getting stopped by strangers who ask me if I’m dating a Celebrity, NBA Star, or if I’m a actress. It happens natrually for me. So yes, I am interested in this show, & I am ready to love someone for who they are, and support them & their career. I am the one!

  56. Kaliyah butler

    My Names is Kaliyah Butler I am interested in coming to your show in 21 years old African American 5″4 127 Lbs , I’m an aspiring actress and currently working with the Office Depot company.

  57. karen williams

    Hello, sounds quit interesting and I would absolutely love to be casted for the show please contact me throw email. thank you!

  58. Shatarra Jackson

    Hey I’m Shatarra! I know this is a long shot but if this is real, I would LOVE to date Michael B Jordan! I am 24 and I’m known as being entertaining, energetic, friendly, and fun!

  59. Mike So

    My name is Mike So. I would love to go on a date with Gavin Macintosh. I think we have a couple things in common. He like to skate, agaisnt bullying, love to set good examples to younger kids, and hes really out spoken. Now for me, I love skaters, i;m against bullying, i love doing things that helps the world, and i love giving postive vibes to people. it would mean everything to me if this actually happens. it’ll be a dream come true. Gavin Macintosh i love you sexy!
    Name: Mike So
    Age:15 (turning 16 in 17 days)
    Birthday: 07/17/1999
    Race: Cambodian

  60. Alex Resnikoff

    I always hoped that one day some one would actually make a show like this. So many people made movies of these kinds of scenarios. I am in. I want to be apart of this experience. What do I need to to do to, really enter?

  61. Simone

    well this is just perfect. who doesnt want to date a celebrity? and be on reality tv!
    my name is simone. im 21. I live in spring tx. 5’1. curvy. mixed. I also do makeup if you need a makeup artist 😉 I sing as well

  62. Ebony Jackson

    My name is Ebony Jackson, and I am 18 years old. I am interested in auditioning for the show. Thank you!

  63. Terrance D Brown (t.I.)

    Well I think I would be perfect for this show simply because most people think I am rapper T.I. I could really use this show for publicity and to get my face out to the public. I also have incredible ways of talking and interacting with the ladies, famous or not. I have a year until I graduate with my degree and I served seven years in the military so I have something to offer.

  64. Soncya Noelle


    I am Soncya Noelle of Nashville, Tn and I am TRULY looking forward to this opportunity. It has been my dream to at minimum talk to a celebrity let alone DATE THEM!! I am very outgoing and can hold great conversation. I love to party, but I am well aware of when to turn it down for the likes of a potential companion. You will not regret granting me this opportunity. I am very excited about this and looking forward to a call, text, and or email of you all excepting me to be apart of this great adventure and experience. My email of course is above, but if you need further contact information please do not hesitate to ask.


  65. Mtorolite

    My name is Adonai Trevino. I’m 18. I know this post is probably hopeless since the link included in the OP is dead but I just wanted to say I want to date Marilyn Manson. If he ever sees this shit, hit me up at my kik (kvltampora). I’m opinionated, dfab, and I have experience dealing with alcoholics and their bullshit.