SpongeBob SquarePants 2 - Movie

SpongeBob SquarePants 2 – Movie

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and is set to begin production on his second feature film? SpongeBob SquarePants! And who can submit themselves today for exciting roles of all sizes? Performers of all ages! This could be your chance to land the part of a lifetime in the incredible new major motion picture adventure, SpongeBob SquarePants 2. Auditions will be starting soon for this fantastic new production and submissions are being accepted now.

SpongeBob Squarepants has been entertaining audiences both young and old worldwide since 1999 and it’s popularity only continue to grow. Now Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures are once again teaming up with the creative super team of creator Stephen Hillenburg, writers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger and director Paul Tibbitt for the all new animation-live action hybrid movie SpongeBob SquarePants 2. Everyone’s favorite characters will be back for the first time on the big screen since 2004’s The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie along with fabulous new additions and filming is set to begin shortly. The oustanding voice talent from the TV series will be featured once again including Tom Kenny (SpongeBob), Bill Fagerbakke (Patrick), Carolyn Lawrence (Sandy Cheeks), Rodger Bumpass (Squidward) and Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs) and international superstar Antonio Banderas (Puss in Boots, The Mask of Zorro, Once Upon a Time in Mexico) will be lending his impressive talents as well.

Casting call submissions for SpongeBob SquarePants 2 are being accepted now from aspiring talent of all ages and interested performers can send emails here SpongebobExtras@gmail.com  with the subject line SpongeBob and your gender and age range you can play and your first and last name, email, cell phone number, height, weight, age and ethnicity in the body. More information can also be found here martysiucasting.com/ and updates will be attached here as soon as they are posted so keep checking back so leave a message below and tell us what you think of SpongeBob and why you want to be a part of his latest movie project SpongeBob SquarePants 2.

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  1. Carolina

    Hi!!! I am a 13 year old girl and my name is Carolina. I have been watching Spongebob since I could remember and still watch it a lot. It is my favorite cartoon ever and it would be an honor to get a role in its new movie. I have a huge passion for acting and modeling and will do whatever it takes to fulfill my dreams. I am very hard working and I hope you consider me for a role. Thank you for your time.

  2. Jada Williams

    Name : Jada Williams
    Age : 11 ( I look older than my age )
    Birth date : 02/24/2003
    Gender : Female
    Grade : 6
    Height: 5″5
    Eye color : Brown
    Hair color : Brown
    Weight : 124 lbs
    Preferable Audition Locations :
    • New York • Delaware • Washington D.C
    I live in Philadelphia. I have been in my schools choir for 3 years. I go to Acting & Modeling School. I’ve always watched Disney and Nickelodeon. Ever since I started watching Nickelodeon and Disney it inspired me to become an actress, singer and dancer. I travel with my mom. So getting around wouldn’t be a problem for me at all if I get the job. I would like a role that fits my character. Also , if I get this job it will be the first professional job ! I can add that to my resumè !!

  3. Ja'michael Anthony

    My name is Ja’michael Anthony.
    Age: 15
    Nationality: African-American
    Height: 5’4
    Eye Color: brown
    Hair Color: black with strings of gray
    Spongebob is the best cartoon in history. I want; to be apart of this movie because it’s my career in life. I first started out writing about plays, drama movies, and also animated cartoons when I was 6. My whole life has been about directing, producing, and acting. It would be a honor to be apart of this wonderful movie. Hope to hear from you! You can email me to give more information about this movie @superheries2826@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  4. Haylie Pevley

    Im haylie and I love Spongebob. Please email me. Im thirteen years old and off you need more information contact me.

  5. Caitlyn

    I’m Caitlyn Bryant. I’m from Tennesse. I have an accent, but it’s not as noticible as Sandys
    Age- 15
    I’ve always wanted to do something like this since I was little so please consider me

  6. Annyiah Murry

    HI i’m Annyiah Murry I would love to audition for Sponge bob 2.
    Nationality: American
    Race: Black
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 106 lbs.
    I am interested because I want to experience in becoming a character and having fun in doing what I love like acting or singing. I have always wanted to do something for Nickelodeon it can be for any show so I hope I would get a chance to enter. Sometimes I can be dramatic in acting because my mother said I should be an actor/ singer someday because I would put on a show for them a little bit by acting and singing. I also love working and cooperating with other people and getting to know each other and be friendly. Thank you I hope I get the part from you guys and I did tell this from my heart. 🙂

  7. Kiana Cole-Johnson

    Hello, my name is Kiana Cole-Johnson, I am 15 years old, and I would appreciate it if this opportunity was given to me. I love SpongeBob! I grew up watching the show and now I watch the show everyday with my two little brothers. If I could become a part of the show I woulf be greatly honored.

  8. Tiffany

    Hello or Aloha!! I am Tiffany
    Height: 5’2″
    Age: 13
    Accents: American but I can do a bit of British
    Ethnicity: Caucasian, skin tone is Tanned
    Hair: Shoulder length brown hair
    Eye color: brownish Hazel

    I have had a small bit of experience in voice acting however this would be an amazing opportunity from watching spongebob snice I was little! I would love to be considered for just auditioning at least!
    I just want to show that I can follow my dreams!

  9. Reagan Young

    My brother and I LOVE to watch SpongeBob together! My favorite character is Mr. Krabs because he is so funny!
    I am a 10 year old boy who lives in Virginia. However, I am home-schooled so my schedule is flexible and I enjoy travel. I love to read, and have a clear voice. I am 4 ft. 11 in. and weigh 110 pounds. My hair is dark blonde, and my eyes are green/hazel.
    I have taken several acting/modeling classes, and would love the chance to audition.

  10. Sarah Herrera

    I’m Sarah, I’m 14.
    Im 5’3 1/2.
    I weigh 160lbs
    I’m Mexican American, So I have tan skin but I’m not really dark
    I have long brown hair.
    It would be pretty rad if I got an opportunity to do this,

  11. Stephanie Baker

    Hi my name is Stephanie and it would be great to join the cast of Sponge Bob SquarePants2 I grew up seeing every episode I think I drove my own mom mad the amount of times I watched the same couple of episodes.

    Age: 19
    Accents: I can do a variety of different accents

    Other: Been to Performing Arts School, Took part in many dance shows and performances

    Languages I can speak: English, Spanish and a little French

    I Live in the UK

    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    About me: I’m extremley hard working and will always try my best at everything and I dont let any negative comments get me down, it would also be an honour to meet Antonio Banderas.

    Thank you for your timend hope to hear off you in the future

  12. Erin rose

    hi i am Erin,
    I am very good at voices
    i love drama, dancing and singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the plays i do everybody says i was amazing (even my teacher).I do lot of plays and pantos!
    i am skinny and very sporty.
    I do gymnastics, running, triple/long jump, trampolining, football and netball.
    I love tree climbing, swimming, drama, dancing,singing and cooking.
    it will not be a disappointment if you pick me!

    body structure:athletic built, thin and tall
    hair: blonde/brown, really curly
    weight: 6 stone
    height 4.02feet
    face;no spots,dark eyelashes
    ps: you will be glad you pick me(if you do)
    PPS: l can come to america

  13. Megan

    I have 4 children that all love sponge bob. This would be an amazing opportunity for any or all of them. Hope to hear back. Thank you and have an amazing day

  14. Shannya Smith

    Hello . My name is shannya smith. Im 14 years old. I started watching sponge bob every since i was 5. Andl to this day i still watch it. I would love to be in sponge bob the movie even if im just an extra. I would love to meet all the cast and be apart of it. If you get the chance, please email me back. Have a nice day.

  15. brooke patton

    i’m Brooke and i love this show i have watched all the episode a million time.

    *i’m six
    *birthday Jan 16 2008
    *blond wavey hair
    *please give me a shot ppppppppllllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Kiana Montemayor

    Hi I’m kiana i just love this show . I grew up watching this show for a long time now. And i still love it. It would be an honor if i would get a part in this . I love to act, but I don’t know if I’m a goodsinging hope that not a problem if I cant well I’m 14 and I’m Mexican my height is “5” well I really do hope get me this part and reply cause I really do like acting

  17. Gaby amick

    Hai ^.^ my name is Gabrielle Amick, but people call me Gaby. I love acting and singing and my life long dream is to be an actress. I’m 15 and a female. I dye my hair a lot and I’m 5’6. I live in Florida and I’m always up to date on all my favorite shows. I am in drama and have been in many plays for my school and a few musicals. Also, I can always make people laugh and smile and I want my family to have a better living. We were so poor once that we ending up homeless and we are barely getting by. So please give me a chance. Thank you so much!

  18. Kiana Short

    Hi my name is Kiana. I am a 14 year old Caucasian girl who loves acting but has never got the chance to. I have been told before that i have a lovely voice and that i am a great actor. I have been in a couple of school plays but i have never been in a real movie. I can speak english and french and can learn languages pretty fast.I am also a huge Spongebob fan and have been ever since i was younger. I hope to see you soon.

    Height: 5f7
    Weight: 126
    Hair: Darkish brown
    Eyes: Green with a little blue
    Location: Alberta, Canada

  19. Kayla Bendickson

    My name is Kayla Bendickson. I live in a small town located in BC, Canada. I have not had any acting experience before, however, I enjoy acting in drama class. I would just love an opportunity to act, even for just a stand-in role. It has always been a dream of mine to act. Plus, I absolutely LOVE spongebob square pants, I’ve watched it since I was probably three years old.
    Age: 13
    Birthdate: February 4, 2001
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Natural curly red hair
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 52kg
    Languages: English, French
    Special skills: Playing flute, riding horses, writing

  20. Chiara Berthelot

    Hey! My name is Chiara and I am 15 years old! I am a caucasian female with black hair and blue-green eyes. I stand 5’3 and i have a stalkier build. I have been watching Spongebob ever since I can remember and It’s one of my favourite childhood T.V. series of all time! I remember coming home after school on bad days, turning on the T.V. and Spongebob, Patrick and the rest of the gang were there to cheer me up! I am easy to work with and can change my voice dramatically! I am also up for any new challenge!

  21. Tommy saroda

    Hey there, my names Tommy Saroda. I’m 29 years old, I’m 6 foot 1, I’m mixed Ethnicity, black hair, brown eyes, and I live in New York. Im smart, funny, open minded and down to earth individual. As a young teen, i watched Sponge bob the cartoon series as well as the first Spongebob Movie. I’m a huge fan of SpongebobSquarepants because hes funny, weird, awkward and has a very cool annoying personality

    The reason why I should be considered for the role in Spongebon2 the movie because i can get into character with unique personalities whether it may be vigilante or villain, or just a regular average person cause everyone’s role in a scene is very important. I like making funny cartoon voices which suits the part for this upcoming movie. SO give me a chance of a try to prove myself worthy for the role on film. Thank you for your time and opportunity for letting me express myself here on what i have to say.

  22. Eero

    I know you’ve read a thousand of these begging comments and emails all day, but I’ll hope you’ll find the time to take my application into consideration. Screen play and drama have been passions in my life for a long time, and I constantly chase the dream to become an actor for a televised production. I think Spongebob is an awesome television show, and the second movie looks very promising as well. My value for hard work and persistent dedication to become an actor is what drives me to take advantage of opportunities in the industry. I’ve read the description of this production and would be greatly interested in applying my talent to this producers vision. I can dance, have a nice smile, am very confident in my abilities to act (as I have been in a few productions before as lead and background), and can tell bad jokes. I’m very capable of doing voice acting as well, and am confident in my abilities of doing so. I’d be ecstatic to be a lead or background actor because experience as being an actor is really what I want and need.

    Age: 19
    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 160
    Ethnicity: Hispanic and American
    Hair/eye: brown/brown

    If you care for more details, you have my email. 🙂

  23. madison

    hi I am Madison and I love sponge bob I hope u pick me

    5’0 maybe taller
    hazel eyes

  24. Marie Raino

    Hello, my name is Marie and this project sounds wonderful. I would like to audition for a role. My eyes and hair color are brown, I’m half Italian and half Puerto Rican, I’m 5’3, 170 pounds, a female and I newly turned 18 years old. I live in New York and I’m just a train ride away from the city. I love to act, as it’s my passion. Other hobbies include drawing and anything involving animals. I also love Spongebob! I’m very outgoing and I’ve been told by many others that I have a good sense of humor. Although I have minimal experience I practice every day and have achieved a unique talent. Thank you for reading and considering me.

  25. thomas mees

    I’m 11, blonde hair, blue eyes, around 5ft and I’m quiet but not shy I would love a role as I want to be an actor when I’m older. I’m English and live in peterborugh. I watch spongebob everyday its like my favourite show I would love a role so please consider me!

  26. Talitha Cullum

    I am a 13 year old girl who is looking to become an actor/voice actor. Since this is a voice acting opportunity i am from CA but with a tongue tie so i sound slightly british. Please consider me. Thank you

  27. Jack Erickson

    I love sponge bob.im ten and I still watch sponge bob.my dream is to become an actor.i have been in school plays before.im a boy that lives in marietta Georgia,and I am five feet tall.i weigh about 80 pounds,my race is white.i made my own charity association called jacks three charitys.its called that because I have three charity’s,one for people,one for animals,and one for nature.so far I’ve made $200.if any one wants to donate go to http://www.jacksthreecharitys.org.

  28. Matthewos

    Hi am matthewos, am 16 and a black male. I use to watch spongebob as a kid nonstop, but now I still do, but not as much. I am a good actor and I know the show. Please take me into consideration. Thank You

  29. Michael Williams

    My name is Michael Williams, I am fourteen years old, and I would really love to have the opportunity to have a part in the new Spongebob Squarepants movie. I hope you consider my application.

  30. Viviany Lopez

    Hi there my name is Viviany Monique Lopez. I would love to be a part of this movie because acting is my life. I’ve always wanted to be an actor since I was young. I do have experience. I’ve taken theatre classes since my 7th grade year. I’ve been in a commercial for a Mexican restaurant. I was also an extra in a movie that has not yet been released. I’m also in a group called Valleywood. I’m such a hard worker. I’m a really friendly girl & easy to get along with. I love joking around. I’m the type of girl you will see in a good mood everyday. I know I have what it takes to be an actor. I just really want to be able to work with actors & directors & have fun & enjoy time. All I need is a chance.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’2
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Long & Brown

  31. teairra williams

    im teairra williams from savannah georgia im 17 years old go to beach high school i love spongebob that is my favorite show i did a application last year and my resume i know how to dance and act so please pick me i love to have fun i love people so please pick me

  32. james smith

    Hi, my name is James I am 15 years old. I love to act and improvise.

    Name: James Smith
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 133
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    I would love to act in this production, thank you for taking your time reading this.

  33. Kiara Mitchell

    Hi, I am Kiara Mitchell.
    Gender: Female
    Age can play: 10-13
    Email: mmitchell27@outlook.com
    Phone Number: 912-667-8505
    Race: African American but light skin
    I have done a one-day audition for “The`’ and “IPOP” and made it through. Ihave met Jennifer Cota from “Victorious” . If you pick me I will work my hardest everyday and make you proud. Thank you for this opportunity!!!! <3

  34. Ella b

    Hi there my names Ella,
    I’m 12 years old and living in canada. I love spongebob in think I will be great in the movie. I’m blond with blue eyes and light skin, I’m about 5″1 and love to act. Acting is a passion not and activity. Email me ella.boldt@me.com
    Your never to old for cartoons, Ella

  35. Alexander Gillman

    Name: Alex Gillman
    Age: 15
    Height: 5′ 5″
    Gender: Male
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Straight, Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Hi my name is Alexander Gillman, I am 15 years old and I love tv shows. I love to watch disney channel. I have always wanted to be on the tv shows you guys play. I have heart for acting I will work all day and night to be perfect. You guys are my inspiration. I love to act and have fun. I have been in a play for the sun sentinel. Any theater or tv acting job I would be very interested in. I would love to be in any part of a disney channel show. I would even die to be an extra. If I even got a response I would die. I’d love to have an opportunity to work for you. Please contact me if their is anything open, thank you.

  36. carson wells

    hi i love Spongebob Squarepants I have seen every one and i have the game i love to act
    10 year old

  37. shannan

    Hi my name is shannan i know i’m a little old i’m 13 but spongebob is my all time favorite shows and when the movie came out i was so stocked i love singing and i’m in 8th grade 120 lbs my email is scortez009@gmail.com it would be an honor to be in spongebob

  38. Theresa Michaels

    Stage Name : Theresa Michaels
    Real Name : Chelsea Goode
    Gender : Girl
    Ethnicity : African American
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Eye Color : Brown
    Age : 11
    Height : 5’0
    Grade : 7th
    DOB : August 1, 2002
    Location : Richmond, VA
    Weight : 119 (last checked in April)

    For my entire tenure at Elementary school, I worked and achieved honor roll. This carried on through my sixth grade year where I undertook AP honors classes and continued my honor roll status.

    I will strive towards acting as I do with my studies at school. I’m outgoing, funny, sensitive, patient, kind, and CUTE. I’m the perfect package and the young lady your looking for.

    Aside from my studies, I love drawing! Some would also say I have a passion for it. In fact, my artwork has been displayed in local galleries and malls.

    Aside from my many times across the stage to accept my honors awards, I’ve participated in several school plays including ” And The Giants Fell ” written by Todd Ford, a look at the lives affected by 911; a special rendition of ” A Raisin In The Sun ” written by Lorraine Hansberry, a look at a black family’s struggle with life issues and a play written and directed by my drama teacher titled ” Seasons ” a play based on the views of the different seasons.

    It would be a honor to be on this show. Please consider me for SpongeBob SquarePants. Thank you and God bless you.

  39. Emanuel Bentley

    Hi I’m Emanuel I’m 8 the reason I want to be on the spongebob movie 2 is because it is my favorite show the first movie is sopose to be comming on tv Saturday at 8:00 I live in Southaven Mississippi I was born in Chicago il I love singing I’m in 4 grade so please hire me

  40. Emanuel

    I’m Emanuel Bentley I’m 8 years old i love spongebob if I be on this movie I will do any thing
    See ya later guys p.s let be be on the movie!

  41. Cody barker

    Name:Cody barker
    Age /11
    Ages play-9-13
    Email alex1964@gmail.com
    Reasons why i should be considered
    I think I should be considered because it would be a good
    Experience to me and my family.

  42. ian beckroege

    My name is Ian Beckroege and I am 17 years old I am 6,2 with dark blond hair and blue eyes. I am good at doing characters and impersonations. When I act I put everything into the character my mindset goes from being myself to that character and on set Ian doesnt exist anymore. When I act I truly believe I am that person. Its always been my dream to become an actor I am easy to get along with. My friends say I am an excellent liar in fact it has gotten me out of trouble on several occasions. I am athletic and I love to be active. Please, I beg of you, give me a chance and you wont regret it.

  43. Isabel Juarez

    Hello. My name is Isabel Juarez. I am currently 16 years of age, turning 17 in February. Growing up i become very independent at a young age. In school i participated with helping plan activities, history day, band, colorguard, took a few singing lessons and acting for fun. My family i guess you would say wasnt the easiest thing so i learned how to play my character just right to stay strong. I am currently going to be a Junior in High School. My dream jobs are to be an actress and a designer. I may not have to much experience in the acting world as others but i do try hard and never stop trying. I live in Fresno, Ca and would love to have this chance to make my dreams come true. I am 5’3 Hispanic not thin but not too “big” either. My hair color changes because i dye it but i am willing to kept it one color for the show. I would love this chance i hope to hear back. Thank you for your time.

  44. Theresa Michaels

    Stage Name : Theresa Michaels
    Real Name : Chelsea Goode
    Gender : Girl
    Ethnicity : African American
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Eye Color : Brown
    Age : 11
    Height : 5’0
    Grade : 7th
    DOB : August 1, 2002
    Location : Richmond, VA
    Weight : 119 (last checked in April)

    For my entire tenure at Elementary school, I worked and achieved honor roll. This carried on through my sixth grade year where I undertook AP honors classes and continued my honor roll status.

    I will strive towards acting as I do with my studies at school. I’m outgoing, funny, sensitive, patient, kind, and CUTE. I’m the perfect package and the young lady your looking for.

    Aside from my studies, I love drawing! Some would also say I have a passion for it. In fact, my artwork has been displayed in local galleries and malls.

    Aside from my many times across the stage to accept my honors awards, I’ve participated in several school plays including ” And The Giants Fell ” written by Todd Ford, a look at the lives affected by 911; a special rendition of ” A Raisin In The Sun ” written by Lorraine Hansberry, a look at a black family’s struggle with life issues and a play written and directed by my drama teacher titled ” Seasons ” a play based on the views of the different seasons.

    It would be a honor to be on this show. Please consider me for SpongeBob Square pants 2. Thank you and God bless you.

  45. Jamala

    Hi I’m Jamala I’m 19 , I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but I live in Atlanta GA. I would love to SpongeBob because I am very out going goofy and I can change my voice if I have to.

  46. Rayjon Thomas

    Hi my name is Rayjon I’ve been watching SpongeBob since
    I was a baby I Always watch it and I’ve always
    Wanted to be on an episode and voice act
    I really want to jumpstart my acting career for a while

  47. Leilani Aponte

    Hi, my name is Leilani Aponte and I’m 12 and I would love to be apart of the show I was born watching and I still am watching it. Please let me be apart of this I have a good voice for it even if I say 1 word but just please let me. Thank you so much. Give me a chance and I won’t disappoint.

  48. Jada Robinson

    Hi I’m Jada.I hace been watching Spongebob since I was a little girl and now I wacth it all the time with my cousins.I would love to be a voice for this movie so I can start my acting career and take off from there.

  49. Matera Pegues

    Hi my name is Matera Pegues I’m 16 almost 17 I would love to be the new voice on the new upcoming SpongeBob movie 2 .

  50. Deven Parker

    Hi my name is Deven Parker. I have always been a fan of spongebob when i was little my mom said i used to sing to the song and then i would play my nose i guess that is sill but i was 3 years old i am 11 years old i have blue eyes dirty blond hair i am 125 pounds i am 5’2 i love acting i hope i can get the job we really need this money since we are really poor i really think thi could be the job for me i do really funny voices my contact email is parkdeve@gmail.com my moms phone number is 208 270 9087 i live in soda springs idaho 83276 please consider me deven parker for the role in spongebob and thanks

  51. Sophia owen daughter and Katie Oconner mother

    Hi my name is Katie but my daughter is Sophia she loves her spongebob square pants she knows the song by heart and dances to the song. She is expressive and happy little girl who would make a great candidate for the casting. She will make u laugh and just be amazed in what she can do. Please give this girl a chance she won’t let u down. She born to act and it comes natural for her

  52. Lionel Hebert

    Good evening,
    I found your email on a casting call site that I happen to look up. If you would ever need a 6’1″ male with green eyes that needs to work out a bit and is bald( I know, sound to go to be true) and with a slight stutter, I’m your guy. If anything thank you for you time. Have a pleasant evening.
    Lionel J. Hebert

    Sent from my iPhone

  53. Eric olivares

    I love spongebob.I really want to be in the movie.I’ve done concerts at school. I’m 10 years old.my height is 4’9.it would be awesome to be in the
    Movie .

  54. Dannella mezzanotte

    Hi my name is Dannella… Since I was little I love to act and there’s other thing that I love more, will be act for a comedy, fiction or action movie, I just love how close I can be with the story, I see this like an opportunity for realize my dreams.
    Nationality: Hispanic
    Height: 5.6″
    Thank you for your time

  55. Paige Berrigan

    Hi! My name is Paige Berrigan (girl) and I’m 12 turning 13 this October. I have short dark hair and brown eyes. I Am 5’0. I would love to be a part of this T.V show because I’m a huge SpongeBob fan and it would kick start my acting career.

    My hobbies include:
    Competitive Gymnastics (acro to be exact)
    Competitive Snowboarding
    Field Hockey

    I haven’t acted much except for small community plays and school plays but I would to start here!

    Thank you for your consideration!

  56. Priscilla Soo

    Hi, my name is Priscilla Soo and I am 15 years old. I should be considered because I have been in plays in my school such as The Importance of Being Earnest, The Eight Immortals, and I have also worked behind the scenes as well such as lighting and costume design. I joined a company called JRP and lost large amount of money. However, my family & I continued & I received a scholarship to continue trying to be signed. Also, I went to an intervention in LA called iPOP which stands for International Presentation of Performers. I was offered contracts by the Crawford Agency, The Envy Agency, and Gray Talent to name a few. However, I had to pay fees to sign with them and my family couldn’t afford it. So I would love an opportunity to do what I love and share what I enjoy with the world. Thanks for your time.

  57. michelle landreth

    Age: 13
    Ex: School plays
    Hair: blonde
    Why I Want To:I love spongebobalways have, i watch it everyday! I can recite some shows! So give me a thought?

  58. Kim abrams

    Hi my name is Carson, I’m 12 years old and love the sponge bob show. I have watched this show since I was a little kid. I’m a pretty big kid, I’m about 5’6 and weight about 150 pounds but all muscle. Lol I’m not big with words but all I can say is this would be my dream. Thank u

  59. Katelyn Brown

    Hey hey hey, my name is Katelyn Brown and I’m 12 years old from California. I have medium length blonde hair and blue eyes, I’m super duper athletic and skinny. I’m 5’7″ almost 5’8″.
    I am so excited for this new movie and want to take part so badly. I have a little experience from skits from cosplay competitions and roleplaying as certain characters with my friends. I enjoy it! I can practically do any type of character needed. So yup, I hope do be used in did awesome film!

  60. Alijah bunkley

    Hey my name is alijah bunkley yes i am an female and im 12 years young i believe you should pick me because yall will never find someone like me I’m unique in my own way i love fashion and i love acting with modeling i have three p’s that everybody no i have i have passion,personality , and potiential to do anything i put my mind to so should pick me theres not alot to say because i believe god will make away for me too do wat he think is for me

  61. Tya Smith

    I’m really good at voices and really good at acting and watched spongebob squarepants my entire life.

  62. Casey

    Hi I love anamation

  63. nick

    Hello I’m nick I’m seventeen years old I’ve been a fan of spongebob from the beginning from when spongebob first for hired till today.

  64. Rose Muthiora

    Hi my name is Rose Muthiora and i want to be in this movie. I am 11 yrs old and ill be turning 12 on September 20th. Even though im young i have a great voice and would love to be in a voice over especially for spongebob. I’ve watched spongebob for forever and its always been funny. I hope im considered for a voice over in spongebob 2. Thanks!!

  65. chase robinette

    my name is chase
    im 15
    live in Atlanta Georgia
    I have a great voice which should fit this role well and I have been a fan of sponge bob since 2002 I hope you pick me

  66. Santiago Vallejo

    Hello! My name is Santiago! I am a very friendly kid with a nice tone of voice. I am a SUPER DUPER fan of Spongebob and have always wanted to be in a movie. Finally, my chance has come! I am very excited and would like to take auditions for the movie. I have sang many solos at my school and I have had many school plays were I say big lines. I am a very smart kid, too. I can memorize lots of things. In just like five to eight days. I hope I can be chosen to have a part at the movie.

    Age: 11
    Blackish-brownish hair
    Tannish white
    Brown eyes
    Kinda skinny, flexible
    Weight: 80 pounds
    Height: 4’6

  67. Tj Davis

    Hey my name is Thomas Davis people usually call me Tj im 15 turning 16 in september

    i have grown up watching spongebob for years and i mean my whole childhood was about him,he was hilarious and the most funniest cartoon character on tv.It would mean the world if i got to be in this movie as a live action character and get my career started.This could be my breakthrough and the start of a new star.

  68. Yana Mack

    10/11 in August
    I would love to be in this movie I am very spongebob crazy!

  69. Britney Rivera

    hello, my name is Britney Rivera and I would like to audition for this. I am really hoping you can consider me to take a roll. I am twelve turning thirteen in two months. I am short for my age (4’11) but very mature. I can control my feelings and when I need to cry, I have my tears ready. I smile a lot and I love to dance and act.
    I am:
    My skin is a medium tan
    People consider me mature
    My hair length is last my back
    I have dark brown eyes
    My hair is black, but caramel at the tips
    you may see how I look on my Instagram @britnvy_
    I hope you really consider me because I would love this opportunity. My biggest dream so far is to be on Disney Channel, and soon I will have even bigger plans if you consider me. Also, if I didn’t mention, I am very ambitious. I hope you really consider me.

    ~With all due respect, Britney Jackeline Rivera♥

    P.S I live in Florida and I would love to be able to get a chance here around the area I live in. sooner or later I will move to L.A. or New York to make my dream have a better chance if you don’t consider me. Either way, I want you to consider me. Thank you✴

  70. Tristan Walls

    Hi I’m Tristan Walls. I’m 16 and in the theatre program at my school. I act and sing.
    Height: 6’1
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye color: Brown
    Where do I live? Hampton,GA
    I want you to consider me because I used to watch this show all the time when I was younger and I think it would be awesome to be on it. Thanks for the consideration.

  71. Destiny Reimnitz

    Hello, my name is Destiny Reimnitz. I would love to be apart of this film. I believe that i would fit any role that you have. I am 17 years old and every energetic and spunky. I am very active in my school; I play Basketball and volleyball, as well as sing in choir and play clarinet in band, and act in the plays. I am an active member of National Honor Society as well as Student Council. I can play ukulele, piano, clarinet, guitar, and the Cajon. I love to sing and make music it is one of my passions along side acting. I am very good with animals as well, I have 3 cows, lots of chickens, 1 dog, and fish. I also scuba dive; I am not afraid to try new things, actually i love to try new things. I would love to be apart of this movie. No matter whether i get pick for something or not i believe this movie will do very good. I wish you the best of luck.

    Age: 17 Years old
    Race: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 130 lbs

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. God Bless You

  72. Tina

    Hi, my name is Tina, and I have absolutely no experience as a actress. Never auditioned for anything, let alone a school play. Although, I am willing to be a part of this movie because I have a decent singing voice, and I always intended on trying out acting. I know this doesn’t seem like a very throughful paragraph of why I should be able to go into the acting industry, but I know that I am well at acting just don’t never considered trying it out for real. I learn things in a middle tempo and can get it well. If a song is something I need to learn I learn it in within 4-7 days. I am not a dancer, I’ve never knew how to exactly dance. And it would look very weird if I ever try. Hopefully you will give me a chance at this. I live in the CT area. Spongebob is absolutely amazingly hilarious and clever and I’d love to be a part of it! I would love to be in a cartoon!
    Age : 12, turning 13 in September.

  73. Julia Allan

    Hey, my name is Julia Allan and I have literally been watching spongebob my whole life, basically since I was little. I have no experience of acting but a lot of people and teachers say I have a lot of charisma and that I’m very dramatic. I am 13 years old and I have wanted to be an actress ever since I could talk. Being an actress is my dream. Its the path that I wanna follow until I’m older. So please if I am good enough for this then I hope you will accept me.
    Location: USA, FL
    Hair Color: Longish black with light brown high lights
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 135
    Eyes: Brown

  74. Jada Wilson

    I’ve been watching spongebob since I was a baby !, I’m now watching spongebob , I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to have your own cartoon on the best nickelodeon cartoon show ever! Now that I’m 13 I’ve realized that I would like to be apart of something very special from my childhood till now .

  75. Max Bacall

    I’m Max Bacall, and I’ve been watching SpongeBob since I was born! I’m 15 now, and I would love to get involved with the production of my favorite childhood show. Voice acting has always interested me, and what could be better than a part in SpongeBob SquarePants 2?