"Spiders" Seeking Child, Teen & Adult Actors

Movie Audition Casting Call

There is a new movie casting call in Detroit that is searching for actors.  Auditions are being held for male and female child, teen and adult actors to star in the upcoming student film.  Michigan talent are needed for the upcoming project “Spiders”.  Film auditions are being held in Michigan on Monday, February 13th, 2017.  Exact filming dates are still being determined but will be for three days between February 15th and April 2nd.   The plot will follow a damaged foster child who is seeking revenge.

About the Movie

When a dangerously damaged foster child is confronted by her elderly foster father’s heinous crime, she seeks revenge.

What They Are Looking For

Mare :Female, 17. A dangerously damaged foster child, she is streetwise, quick-witted, and sharp- tongued. She’s cool, and can instantly run cold. But even at her iciest, the friction of her chronic anxiety, her repressed rage, and the embers of love in her broken heart are explosive. Strong urban street language and physical agility are required.

John Renfield : Male, retirement age. A monstrous train-wreck of contradictions, he is chronically ill, mostly walker-bound, and dependent on both oxygen and cheap cigars. He’s the modern, urban version of a fairy tale villain, the Big Bad Wolf, an ogre, the Grinch, who lives next door — but with a shred of heart. Strong language is required.

Destiny : Female, 4-10. A little angel with a speech impediment and a learning disability, she can shift like the wind from bubbly high spirits to blank depression and all states and emotions between. She’s adorable, blessed with irresistible charm.

Alma Brady : Female, middle-aged (45-65). A matronly and world-weary Child Protective Services agent, she’s streetwise, dutiful, and can have a judgmental compassion for her clients.

The movie roles are unpaid, but you will receive a copy of the film, IMDB credit, and craft services. All SAG-AFTRA guidelines, as found in the Student Film Agreement, will be followed.

How to Apply

Please email jameskeithlacroix2017@gmail.com  with your headshot, resume, and link to acting reel if you have one available.


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6 Casting Responses

  1. thais

    I want very much to get on Match Game – the best show ever!

  2. Tajiana Scott

    I would love to do this! I am an African- American and think i would be perfect for this roll for Destiny. Please email me for any questions and I already emailed. lol.

  3. Kendrick Branch

    I would love a chance to be on a movie its been my dream for the longest im a black 17 year old with a haircut n a lil tap of facial hair people say i look like Ice Cube if you would want to see how i look email for a photo

  4. Louisa Rodriguez

    Hi my my name is Louisa Rodriguez and I am Dominican. I think I’m a great candidate for this movie. This will be my first time acting and I’d love to get the part.

  5. Marina Sauceda

    i think i would be good for the role mare. Please Contact me. I am very interested.

  6. Chris Reefer

    I really would love a big part in a movie or T.V. show… I know from the bottom of my heart that I was made for this Life. Everyone I EVER came across just loves me and always see the magic and shine in my spirits. Anytime. I won’t do reality show’s , but a T.V. Series or an important movie role would be a blessing. Keep up the great work.
    Thank You ,
    Chris Reefer