Spider-Man: Homecoming Actress for Featured Role

Auditions for New Spider-Man Movie

The new Spider-Man Movie, Homecoming, is now casting an older woman for a featured role in the movie. Casting directors are looking for a woman who is ages 65 to 90 years old and is Latin American, Dominican, Panamanian, Puerto Rican or Hatian. If needed, they will also pay a friend or relative of the actress to drive her to set as well! Spider-Man: Homecoming is filming in Atlanta, so producers are looking for local actresses.

About Spider-Man: Homecoming

The 2017 reboot of Spider-Man will be directed by Jon Watts. Tom Holland will star as the webbed super hero. He is reprising the role he played in Captain America: Civil War. The movie is set to star Marisa Tomei as Aunty May and Zendaya as Michelle. There isn’t a whole lot that has been released about the plot just yet, but according to Deadline, Holland said “Peter (Parker) is trying to find his way home”. They also report that Holland introduced footage from Captain America: Civil War, which Disney is actually showing to exhibitors and CinemaCon attendees, where Parker enters his home to find Aunt May with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). Stark tells Parker that he has applied for a special grant, and that he has been accepted.

What They Are Looking For

Casting for an older woman, Latin American , Dominican, Panamanian, Puerto Rican or Haitian!!
Age 65 to 90
A shorter or smaller size lady!
This woman will be featured as a neighbor of our lead actors
walking up a flight of stairs.

NOTE: We will also PAY someone to DRIVE this person (a son, daughter, friend, etc…)

If you are any of the ethnicities above and can send us a message that you are working on referring someone , that would be great WORKs this MON 9/19 in Fayetteville (not a long day!) and hopefully a fitting tomorrow FRI 9/16 afternoon, as well, if possible..

Pay rate for the work day – $100 with O.T. after 8hrs
The fitting will pay 1/4 check ($25)
We will pay someone to be the driver of this person if needed,
$68 for the work day and $25 for the fitting if possible.
We will add gas money if necessary! We need this woman!!

How to Apply

If you fit the requirements and would like to apply for a role you can submit by emailing SoGextras@tscasting.com and put applicable SUBJECT LINE as:“NEIGHBOR LADY”
Emails should contain the following information:
Current Photos
One that shows face and hair well (NO hats or sunglasses please) as well as one that is from the knees or waist up)
A photo you can have that was taken recently, in good light.
First and Last NAME
First and Last NAME of parent (if submitting for a minor)
Email address
CITY and STATE where you live (or will be coming from)
Women: Dress, bust/bra, waist, shoe
You MUST be LOCAL to the GREATER ATLANTA, GEORGIA AREA (or willing to work as a local hire)

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4 Casting Responses

  1. Camila Mendez

    please help me I wish more than nobody one oportiunity in hollywood I am very talentous please help me
    Camila Mendez
    14 years old
    from Ecuador

  2. Starr

    I’m graetful you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

  3. Raven Jewels McRae

    12 years old.
    African American
    Brown-ishblond locs.
    Brown eyes.
    Big Glasses.
    Size 8 feet.

  4. Jewelle

    My first thought when I saw the title for Spiderman: homecoming I literally freaked out. I love Spiderman, but I was hoping for a spot for my age in which for 13 years old. But I am totally fine that, and for that i am looking for movie roles like Spider-Man. I hope Marvel has opening spots for ages of 13 years old. 🙂