Soccer Superstar - Nickelodeon

Soccer Superstar – Nickelodeon

The world’s most watched network and the producers of So You Think You Can Dance are teaming up for a reality TV series searching for the next transcendent talent of the world’s most popular team sport. Soccer Superstar is already a monster hit around the globe and now Nick is ready to bring the series home. This American version of a global phenomenon is a sure to be hit and the ultimate platform for anyone looking to take their love the game to the next level. Aspiring soccer stars can apply today for their chance at participating in televisions next sports sensation.

Hosted by Heather Mitts, the lovely and legendary 3-time Gold Medal winning defender for the United States Women’s National Soccer Team, Soccer Superstar is set

to turn not only reality television on it’s head, but the sport itself. This groundbreaking reality series boats an impressive judging panel consisting of world renowned coach and actor Dan “Soccer Dan” Metcalfe, former national team midfielder and 2-time Olympic Gold medal winner Angela Hucles and Marcelo Balboa, former U.S. National Team captain and National Soccer Hall of Fame member. Submissions from female soccer players around the country are being accepted now for trials that will be taking place in various cities. From those trials 15 players will be invited to participate in the ultimate soccer training course in Southern California where the competitors will be able to showcase their skills for a national Nickelodeon audience and scores of college coaches and talent scouts. One lucky player will be chosen as the ultimate Soccer Superstar and get to visit a premier European soccer club.

Tryouts for Soccer Superstar, a first of it’s kind reality TV competition series, will be taking place very soon with selected players vying for sporting glory and worldwide exposure. Interested female soccer talents ages 15 to 18 can head to the shows official website here, pre-register for upcoming qualifying rounds here and send emails for more audition information here More details for this fabulous television spectacular will be on their way and will be posted here upon release. Check back for more competition new and updates and leave a message in the box below and tell us what you think of this new series and why you should be chosen to compete on Nickelodeon’s Soccer Superstar.

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79 Casting Responses

  1. Kelvin stephen

    Hi am Kelvin stephen njoroge am 15 I’ll turn 16 July 2017 . I live in Kenya I love soccer and I play soccer very well I play central midfielder I love acting and I can act any role and I will be ready to audition thanks

  2. caleb sylvester

    hi am caleb i would like to be part of your tv program

  3. Heidi

    Hey! I believe I should be chosen for this role as I am passionate about soccer. Soccer is my life and it is what I aspire to do for as long as I can live and I believe to have someone who is as passionate as soccer as I am, will be great for the role.

    Heidi Gebbo

  4. Holly Salem

    Hello my name is Holly, I am a 14 year old girl who lives in Ontario, Canada. I play for one of the 5th best soccer teams in the country! My team and I have won multilple tournaments and international cups! I have been playing soccer ever since I was 4 and started competitive soccer at the youngest age I could which was 8 years of age! I am extremely passionate about the sport! Every year I tryout for the Ontario Provincial soccer team. I have also had the chance to be coached by the Canadians women soccer team coach! I have always been looking for ways to peruse my dream and this is definitely it! Please take my comment into consideration! Thank you!

  5. Olorunnisomo Boluwatife

    Hey, I am Bolu and I’m 17yrs. I love soccer a lot and I have been playing soccer since a very young age. I would like to join the show. I think this will be a great show

  6. Olorunnisomo Boluwatife

    Hello, I am Boluwatife(Bolu) and I am 16yrs. I love soccer a lot and l have been playing soccer since a very young age. I think this show is great

  7. Russell Tawanda Makore

    Hi Nickelodeon
    My name is Russell Makore From Southern Africa in Zimbabwe. It is my dream to be casting in one of your shows. I have been playing soccer since I was 6 years old.I am 13 years old with a height of 1m 56cm and black hair. For further notice contact me
    I will be very grateful if you choose me for your show.

  8. Russell Tawanda Makore

    My name is Russell Makore and I have Been Playing soccer since I was 6 years old.
    I hope you will consider me as one of your actors
    1M 53cm
    From Harare

  9. Mariam maweunam

    Hi my name is Mariam aka Mimi.I have beening playing soccer since I was 5 and now am 15 .I love playing soccer were I grew (West Africa Ghana) I was the only girl who was crazy enough to play soccer with teen boys at first they
    Went easy on me ,but then when they boys saw how good I was they treated me as one of the guys .next Soccer super star is the frist step in the right direction for me because it will help me take on bigger challenges on the field and it also be a great learning experience for me . I have an advantage over the other girls because I play volleyball ,basketball and am a mixed martial artist .I never let the ball get pass me .finally I should be considered because I want use the tv show as an opportunity to show the world that I can do all things through Christ who straightens me .
    ( hey nickelodeon watch out for the next Hope Solo)
    Mariam Maweunam
    Age :15
    From : New Jersey .

  10. Michelle Clardy

    I would love to see a show like this hosted for boys! My son is 10 and is natural at soccer.

  11. Valeria gutierrez

    Hi my name is valeria I’ve been playing soccer since I was 7. I play for the eagles soccer club and I am truly in love with the sport, I hope you will consider me
    Age: 13
    5 foot 3 inches

  12. Crystal

    Hello Soccer Superstar,
    My name is Crystal Jazelle Muñoz and I come from a small town located in the South called Douglas Az. I currently am 17 years old and I am going to be an upcoming Senior this year. While attending the Douglas High School I maintain my studies greatly throughout the years I’ve been present here and also have been a starter for our soccer team since my Freshman year and the leading scorer. I’ve played soccer for a while now and have recently decided that I want to take this to the next level. I’m 110% confident that I have the strive to pursue this dream of mine. There’s always room for improvement, but where I stand now I greatly believe that I have the skills, character, leadership, coach-ability and sportsmanship to go on to the next level. For giving this a shot, I greatly hope this opportunity will get me a spot on the show, which might maybe just be a life changer for me. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear back.

  13. Robert Hannon

    Hey! My name is Robert and I’m 19 years old, I’m from Europe. I love soccer and I’ve been playing it and would like to try to go casting for your project!

  14. Jerra

    Hello my name is tavon i would love it if you got my aunt on this show please think about it?? she is14

  15. Jerra

    Hello my name is tavon i would love it if you got my aunt on this show please think about it??

  16. waldemar siegler

    nickelodeon, please give chloe lang from your kids show “lazy town” who played the stephanie a new chance to act for you. she is 15 j.o. in this november and i would love it to see her in a new role in your upcoming show “soccer” or in another show. she is a very good actress and dancer and she has fans all over the world.

  17. jordan

    I also am 11 and 4’11 or 5 ft

  18. jordan

    Hi my name is Jordan I have been playing soccer since I was 2. I also score all of the goals on my team. I am on a travel team. I would love to be on the show

  19. nic lewis

    I have been playing soccer since I was 5. I play Division 1 club soccer, ODP, PDP and Varsity soccer as of my freshman year. I have worked extremely hard and can juggle over 1000 on my feet, run the mile in under 6:25 min and love the game of soccer and my team more than anything! Email me!

  20. Ibrahim Ahmed

    Hello Nickelodeon,

    I would like to tryout for the new show soccer superstars because I am one of the top players in Ohio my family can’t afford much but we all have lov e for soccer thank you.
    Sincerely, Ibrahim Ahmed

  21. Heather Marshall

    Is this only for females?

  22. patricia

    Hi my name is patricia I have been playing football since I was 5 years old to say the truth I really love football and I hope I will consider me

  23. Heaven Garcia

    Greetings, my name is Heaven, let me introduce my self. I am a 16 yr old girl, who lives for soccer, I play year around for my club and my high school. My freshman year I made varsity and I am captain of my club team. I have been through a lot of challenges that has tested my dedication to the sport and at the end of the day I choose soccer all the way. Remember my name cause I will be playing for the USA National Women League and I will make my country proud.

  24. Karina Barth

    Hi. My name is Karina. I am 14 years old and i have been playing soccer for 12 years and i would love to e apart of this show.

  25. Juan Puentes

    Hello, my name is Juan Puentes and I would love the opportunity to audition my twin sister for Soccer Superstar 2016! My sisters name is Selinda Puentes and she is a very competitive soccer player. She is currently a freshman and is ranked number one in our class! She has also been playing soccer for about 7 years now and is a midfielder / forward. She is 15 years old and plays with girls older than her, because she can handle the pressure. She is tough, quick, and can handle the ball under control. Being on varsity her freshman year for soccer, she has turned games around to win them by scoring amazing goals. Please consider her for this opportunity to play the game she loves. Thank You.

  26. Alizea Sager

    Hi I have been playing soccer since I was three years old and I really want to be a part of this show last season my team and I were undefeated I really want a part thanks.

    9 years old
    4 foot 9 inches
    Blond hair
    Blue eyes

  27. Angel Ramos

    Hey I’m angel and I like soccer a lot

  28. Sojia

    Is there one for boys?

  29. Anna

    You might want to consider me for your show because I have been playing soccer on various different levels of teams for 9 years and am very competitive and just overall love this sport!

  30. Faith Deuschel

    I’m Faith. I love to play soccer.l started to play when l was 4 years old.
    Plz pick me!! L love to watch Soccer Superstar at home.I practice almost every day for 3 hours

    Age:9 years old
    l am from West Orange,NJ

  31. Faith Deuschel

    I’m Faith,l love to play soccer
    I started to play soccer when l was 4 years old.Plz pick me,I love to watch Soccer Superstar…it’s amazing.

    Age:9 years old

  32. Rosie lipman

    Hello, I am Rosie Lipman I am 14 years old an have been playing soccer since I was 2. Once I turned 7 I was on a highly competitive soccer team and now play for a team that is specifically for kids who want to play in college and go even farther. We go to college showcases in Florida ,Virginia and New Jersey. I practice soccer drills and skills everyday outside, My foot is always on the soccer ball. I take soccer very seriously as I want to go far and I think this will be a great experience for me and will lead me to higher harder and better challenges. My dream is to play on a national team and I will work and won’t stop until I achieve this goal. I play center mid and I have amazing foots kills and can hold off defenders and have extremely accurate passing skills. I hope to hear back from you as I would love to be part of the soccer superstars team!

  33. Savannah McAvaney

    hello, my name is Savannah, and I am 13 years old and have been playing soccer for 10 years. Last night I had gotten back from my clubs soccer presentation, and I had received 3 awards, the coaches choice, most outstanding on the team and I recieved a $400 scholarship certificate, which is a thing that pays my fees, gives me some new equipment and I get to go to the sports shop and buy whatever pair of boots I want.
    Gender: female
    From: Australia, NSW, in the town of Broken Hill
    Weight 45kg
    Experience: 10 years
    Position: sweeper
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  34. Emmanuel Kamara

    Hi my name is Emmanuel Kamara a Sierra Leoneian (from Sierra Leone west Africa),
    I’m 15 years old I Love soccer And I’d love to be on the show i will be great full for the opportunity.

  35. Emmanuel Kamara

    Hi my name is Emmanuel Kamara a Sierra Leoneian (from Sierra Leone west Africa),
    I’m 15 years old I Love soccer And I’d love to be on the show.

  36. Ayomide

    Hi ! my name is Ayomide and i am 13 i live in Lagos Nigeria. I just want to tell you guys that why don’t you guys bring nick to the different part of the world. As for me i can sing, act, and play soccer but i know i will definitely hear from you, thank you

  37. peter musisi

    Age: 14
    sex: male
    Location: kenya nairobi
    Hair color: black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Birth date: may 31
    Talents: Acting,music,dance
    my names peter my dyslexia but i can work hard i like acting and dancing. I would love to be chosen to be on the show. I really want you what i can do and i show people what i can do
    thank you for reading this i would be happy if you reply

  38. Natalie Jalovec

    Hi my name is Natalie.

    I would love to do this because soccer is my life. I love to play soccer and it would be an amazing opportunity for me if I could do this. Please get back to me at the email address that I have given you. Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. Marina Vera

    Hi my name is Marina Vera I am just turning thirteen. I have played soccer for 9 years now. I play all over the west coast as much as possible it is my passion. I would love an opportunity to share my skills and love of the game. My coach recently took a group of us to Spain to play I scored 12 goals internationally I average at least 3 goals a game, and I finished the school year with straight A’s.

  40. allison ramirez loza

    i really want to be there because my dream was to be a actress and to be in nick i really want to you to pick me please i will do anything you tell me to act thank you.

    Live:Santa Rosa

  41. Dania

    I would love to be on this show and it is a very big deal for me and I love Soccer you can ask anybody this would be the chance of a life time and also ask anybody who knows me during soccer season I am the happiest person ever and I am constantly practicing but in the off season I am still in practicing but I am very upset that the soccer season is over anyway I would love to do this I can be contacted at (please hide from public 786-319-0255 ) and my info is
    Name: Dania
    Age: 10
    Hair Color: Dark Brown (black)
    Eye Color: Brown
    Gender: Female
    Race: African American
    (if also needed DOB 12/12/2004)

  42. Anthony ( Tony)

    Hi my name is Anthony Vincent Smolinski, and Im 10 year old..
    I have been playing soccer since I was in my mommy’s tummy, to be honest now football is my life. I started to play soccer in Raleigh, North Carolina where I was born, I started at XL soccer world where I have been scouted by coaches Floyd Franks, and Sam Stockley professional soccer players and moved very soon after that to a advanced training program. Next after that I’ve been accepted to CAYA (Children’s Advanced Youth Association) and I have been the top best player on the top best team.
    A year ago my family and I have moved to Boca Raton FL, and I have been invited by Eric Eichmann to Boca United Advanced Training Program, where I’m until now.
    It’s not humble to say I’m the best, but born in America with a European blood and God is with me, I’m the best. Let me show you what I can do.
    Best in Football,
    Anthony (Tony)

  43. Taylor Peat

    Name: Taylor Peat
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 95lbs
    Sex: female
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: dirty blonde
    Skin Tone: white
    Talents: Acting, Singing, Dancing
    Reason for Applying: Soccer is one of my passions. I am currently playing Rep soccer for the York soccer league in Ontario. I have played soccer for 14 years and it has always been the one thing I do where I stand out from all of the others and actually show my talent. I am always told by my coach that I can go places and that I am a very talented player, and hearing that makes me work even harder. I am one of the hardest working girls that you will ever see playing in a soccer game. Even though I am small, I am one of the toughest girls on my soccer team and I am ever single year. I don’t let some silly injury or little bruise stop my from accomplishing my goal of winning the game and playing my heart out. Every time I get hurt, I get up, walk it off and continue to play. I believe that I would be absolutely perfect for this role. If given this opportunity I promise you that you will not be disappointed.

  44. Jaymar Mcanuff

    Hi my name is Jaymar where I come from we call soccer football but I really like the sports and I would like to be a part of the show

  45. Riley Murphy

    Hi my name is Riley Murphy I am 13 years old. I live in Shirley MA. And I have been playing soccer for about 10 years now. I love soccer I play on a middle school team (caption) and I am sadly not playing club soccer because my family doesn’t have that much money but I am hoping to show off my skills on this show. And prove that I am able to get scholarships if people looked at me close enough. Because also sadly no scouts of any sort come to Shirley which is a shame because I can tell u me have lots of talent. I am an all around player I can play any position even keeper ( which I am told I can quite good at ) I just love this sports and would love to move foward in my career in playing and I think this show might help a lot because I know I can be the next Soccer Superstar.

  46. Danielle Schmeling

    Hi, My name is Dani which is short for Danielle. I have been in love with soccer since I first touched one. Soccer is my passion and my way of life. I love acting it’s extremely fun but I’m one of those girls in my school that has the Jock stereo type so I never have. I really want this part. I am 13 years old and I have thick, long blonde hair with bright blue eyes I am 5.5″ and I really would love this part if you even get the chance to read this

  47. felipe

    I’m 10 years old plz let me know

  48. felipe

    I have been playing soccer 7 years and I really want to play that’s my dream I play defence, middle, right, left, and front

  49. felipejair

    My dream is to play soccer I want to be a good soccer player like messi plz call me

  50. Wesley Preston

    I play soccer, sing, dance and act. I’ve been playing soccer for 10 years. I’m 14 years old and I’m a huge fan of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. This would be my dream !!

  51. Mikayla Glancy

    Hello, My name is Mikayla Glancy. I am 13 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’6, I live in Phoenix, AZ and Caucasian. I have loved to act since I was about 5. I am so sillexcited and outgoing it’s crazy! I have done multiple shows and I love photography and I Paul’s love to have a part in this show!

  52. Christian larsen

    Hi I’m Christian Larsen I’m 11 years old I’ve played many sports but I’ve been playing soccer the longest I would love this role I belive that it would be an opportunity for me to meet new people thanks and I hope I will be hearing back from you soon

  53. Hanna James

    Hi,my name is Hanna. I am a 11 and very energetic girl, comedian like and LOVES SOCCER.!!!!! I have been in 8 productions and have had multiple solos. I am capable of performing any part big or small.

  54. ᑭO

    I love to act I always get the part in plays I’ve been playing soccer for 9 years I have blondish hair Iam under the age of 14 I have blue eyes.i can make emotions believable

  55. Raven Curry

    Hello , My name is Raven 15 I am 15 years old.
    I am willing, ready to learn, and competitive . I have played soccer for about 4 years ongoing, I’m on a club and highschool soccer team . The new series is great for teens that aspire to take their game to the next level . Which is a fantastic idea for those who only could dream of making it big by doing what they love. I should be chosen to compete because I love the game of soccer and want to become a better player and strengthen my skills while doing so .

  56. Kiara

    My name is Kiara Roland I’m 12 years old, 5’5 and a guitarist, pianist and singer along with singing I would love to take up acting I live in Arizona and I can easily take a plane to wherever this will be casted because of my fathers great fortune. I love music and acting. I have hazel eyes and brown hair. I always loved acting and singing I started singing when I was able to talk. I started wanting to be an actor when I started watching I Carly and I knew at that time I wanted to be an actress and I hope this will be my shot.

  57. Leilani fellowes

    Hey I’m Leilani Fellowes but I prefer to be called Lani, I’m female.
    I live in Hamilton, New Zealand.
    Bit about myself:
    I love playing soccer and can play all round the field but mostly in defence. I played for New Zealand cross whites last year and again this year. I truly enjoy the sport.

  58. Delaney

    I’m fifteen. I’ve been playing soccer since I was four years old. I’ve played club for seven years now. I’ve been on the South Texas Olympic Development team for the past five years. I am continuing to work and improve and learn at the game. I just love to play soccer. I have now moved and am working on building myself back up through my soccer. I’m currently writing a book over my crazy experiences on soccer.

  59. John Ovalle

    Name: John Ovalle
    Ethnicity: Mixed
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Birth date: 3/8/98
    Location: Texas
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Body: Slim
    Experience: 3 years Sinton High School Theatre Production
    High School Director: Rebecca Williams (email
    Talents: Acting, Modeling, Gymnastics
    Availability: Anytime
    High School: Sinton High School (Junior)
    Weight: 121lb
    Cell: 361-587-1148

  60. anesh a harris

    I got the pretty guy for you and smile fits thisrole 269 3175416 anesha

  61. Cynthia

    My name is cynthia love singing and dancing am 11 years old and would love this role

  62. Julianisse Carolina

    Hey i’m Julianisse.i live in Puerto rico .i’m 9 years old.i’m very interested because i am a soccer superstar .where are the auditions.

  63. Joseph Hennessy

    Hi I’m Joseph I’m a great soccer player you name it I can do it I’m 12 have ginger hair

  64. cecilia

    Hi I’m 13 years old I love soccer for me it’s like everything I love it seen I was 4 and I love people to see what I got . I will do anything to enter soccer superstar .I will be so glad if u pick me im 5’1 I weight 150. I’m from anaheim ,California.

    Sincerely , cecilia

  65. Patricija

    Hello, my name is Patricia. I want to be an actress for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I was a part of drama club. I also dance since I was 4 or 5 – used to train, now just in free time. I also trained gymnastics for a couple of years. I’m a fast learner. I live in Slovenia and there is not a lot of options, not even oportunities, so I am hoping to get a part in some movie or series to ”get out” of the country so I hope to hear from you.

    Age: 19
    Height: 5″3
    Hair colour: brown
    Eye colour: brown
    Experience: little
    Weight: 53kg
    Origin: Slovenia
    Living in: Maribor, Slovenia
    I’m finishing highschool in 2 months

    Hope I get the role!
    If I convinced you or you need more info please contact me via email address

  66. Shelby hudgens

    Hi, my name is Shelby, I’m 13 years old and I live in caldwell, idaho. I’ve played soccer my whole life, I’ve played for only one team and have had the same coach since I started playing soccer. For the past 6 months or so I’ve been really thinking about acting. I’ve tried to make it to local auditions in caldwell but I just couldn’t find time to do it. This television show Soccer Superstar would definitely fit how i live my life in reality! Please take into consideration of this request! I would mean the whole world to me!

  67. Liam

    I love soccer alot and always wanted to be an actor. My mom said I have potential so thought about it and it would be nice. Please pick me!!
    P.S – I am 13.

  68. Madison

    I’m 9 years old
    Like soccer
    I’d love to be on the show

  69. Majo hdz

    Hi I am 12 years old but i look bigger i will really love to act for these show, i love soccer and I play well but I am not the best, hope you give me an opportunity!! It will be amazing!!

  70. janine

    i’m janine
    i am a girl
    age 13
    height 165(cm)
    i am playing soccer from whenn i whas 4/5 years old
    i’m from the netherlands but can speak english pretty good
    so if you pick me i will be so happy
    let me know

    bye janine

  71. nathaniel

    hey I’m Nathaniel
    I think Soccer Superstar is very good , I ‘m a fan of Soccer Superstar and it would be nice if I can join
    i am 13 years old
    i am from holland (rotterdam)

  72. Tyran Jones

    Hello I am a young boy who have been watching your shows since I saw a TV. Sometimes I think the names r lame but after watching the show, I get interested in to it. I would love to be part of Nickeloden and hope I can get any main part. I’m a light skin African American .
    Age: 11 (12 in September)
    Hair color: black
    Skin color: light brown
    Eye color: dark brown
    Actor: soon to be I hope.
    Favorite Nickoloden show: Thunder mans
    Favorite Nickoloden Actor: Ariana Grande in Victorious
    Instagram: Tyran_01
    To see how I look check my Instagram.(I get hair cuts but it regrows fast.
    Email me for any additional information or needed scenes/location to audition.
    Thank you for at least considering me to become part of Nickoloden. I am also a soccer player

  73. Chris

    Hello. I am Chris. I have been playing soccer for 8 years. I am 13 now. I have played for three different select soccer teams, 1 team for 1 year, the next for three, and my current one, my first year on this new team. The teams names are: Kixx, in Illinois, BFC, Belleville Futbol Club, Which is now known as Metro East Legacy, And my current team, Gateway FC, or Futbol Club. I think I have what it takes to be on your show. My sister, who is 15, turning 16 in a month, also has a long history of soccer and is very good as well. I hope to be on your show. Thanks!

  74. Danmatteucci

    I’m European been playing soccer for a long time plz pick me!!

  75. Kaitlyn David

    I have been playing soccer at a very competitive level for 6 years but unfortunately I had to give it up for college. I have been playing on teams since I was 5 so I have deep appreciation and love for the game. I played for the soccer club in Raleigh, NC called CASL throughout my soccer career. I also attended Wakefield High School and played for the soccer team all 4 years.