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Have you ever dreamed landing a casting call for So Random! on the Disney Channel?

A quirky and clever sketch comedy show by kids and for kids, So Random delivers laughs. Premiering on June 5, 2011 this Disney Channel show is a favorite of teens and tweens throughout the world. Initially a show featured in the TV series Sonny With A Chance, this show stars nearly all the familiar faces from the original show.Sterling Knight, Doug Brochu, Tiffany Thornton, Allisyn Ashely Arm and Brandon Mychal Smith all play dual roles, keeping the world of Sonny With A Chance alive by playing their Sonny characters while also playing characters for the sketches.

The half hour show consists of between five to six sketches with special guest stars and great musical guests, both from Disney Channel and beyond. Miss Piggy even had her chance to shine on this show.

Recurring sketch themes and characters are just two reasons the show remains popular. Tantrum Girl, M.C. Grammar, Rufus: Kid with Excuses, and Sally Jenson, Kid Lawyer are just a few of the returning favorites, while Harry Potter faces reality in Harry Potter In The Real World, Wheel of Fortune (guest starring Pat Sajak himself) contestants can’t seem to keep on track, and funny happenings are always afoot in the Chilly Slab Ice Cream Shop. Funny and smart, So Random keeps the hilarity rolling.

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  1. Phoebe


    My name is Phoebe Gao, I just saw your audition, and I really want to be a part of it.

    I am almost 16 now, and live in CA. and I have been learning singing for 9 years,and dancing for 6 years. I always perform in my school’s show, and I once performed in a Chinese national TV shows called “pop stars”.

    I just wanna say that I really love acting and will be really appreciate if you
    give me this chance to perform.

  2. Esme Howard

    Hi my name is Esme Howard I am 14 years old from England i have watched most Disney Channel Series since the age of 7. I have always wanted to be an actress/singer and that will always remain my dream. I am not the type of person who will go crazy over celebrities unless it is the harry potter cast or twilight. I am quite smart so I have the chance to pursue acting. If anyone is reading this i would love to show you my talent however i can’t travel to far from home as I am the eldest of 5. I moved to the north east in when i was 9 years old so i don’t really have an accent. If you are interested in my my email is I can sing ,act and i don’t look ugly( i think). I am not small I am 5.6 foot please consider letting me do an audition by emailing me i would love to do any type of film .I have dark blond straight hair and blue eyes.I know lots of other people have sent a message and I know that you will probably not read mine anyway but if you do please think about letting me audition and I will be so great full. Thank you so much for reading this I really hope you will consider me.
    Hope you will get in contact.

  3. Abeer Husham

    Hi my name is Abeer Husham
    I’m 5’2
    I’m 14, Birthday- 9/12/2001
    I have brown eyes and dark brown hair
    I weight about 160 pounds
    I Also speak another language – Arabic
    I’m really funny and I like to entertain people, this would be a huge opportunity.
    Thank You

  4. Ryleigh Whiteside

    I live in Longview Texas.
    I’m 16 years old, I’m 5’5
    I’m very small. Only 90-100lbs.
    I’m in dance, I used to be in gymnastics.
    I’m also homeschooled so I could work with any schedule.

  5. Abigail Marie Nicol

    Name: Abigail Marie Nicol
    Age: 10
    Lives: Orlando FL
    Hobbies: Acting,Dancing,Singing,Swimming,Dogwalking,Hanging with my friends and siblings!

    Thank You!!

  6. Emaan rajper

    Hey my name is Emaan Rajper
    I’m a Girl that is 14 Years Old
    My hair color is black
    My eye color is black
    I love acting I used to act in my school programs a d dance there too and I’m really good at those ..
    Is there any role available for me??
    Thank you

  7. Antigoni Papakosta

    Hi my name is Antigoni Papakosta and I really want to be a part of Disney. I always loved Disney and I imagined how would it be if I was a part of it.That is my dream. I hope you’ll give me a chance make my dream come true because I really want this .

    Those are some information about me:

    Name: Antigoni Papakosta
    Date of birth: January 9th 2002
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: between brown & blonde
    Eye color: blue
    Grades: good
    I speak 2-3 languages
    I can memorize easily
    I am a fast learner
    I believe that if you try to make your dreams come true you can and that is what i’m doing now
    I really love acting. My dream is not to be famous my dream is to become an actress
    Thank you for your time

  8. Jaslyne

    Hair: long dark and light brown
    Eyes: brown
    Height: medium 4-5
    Age: 12
    Grade: 7th
    Weight: 60 pounds
    Skin: white

    Hobbies: dancing do it yourself projects, drawling, fashion, doing hair and makeup, modeling, and organizing
    Sports: basketball, football, volleyball, cheerleading, track, and gymnastics

  9. Kevin Spratley

    hi my name is kevin and i want to be an actor i am an 17 year old 145lb 5’11 African american meal with brown eyes looking to be a big help i can be reached at 646-821-7622 i would love to do this

  10. Gassia

    Hello , i live in lebanon
    I’m 18 years old , i have been acting since i was 10 taking lead roles in plays and have done to short movies and so on .. All i want to do is act, because i am in love with . All a person needs is just a chance to be explored
    So it will be nice to hear from you
    It would be a dream come true

  11. Ulyana

    Name: Ulyana
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: gray/blue/green
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 110,2lbs
    Experience: I don’t have any(and this is killing me)
    I’m from Belarus so I almost have no chances but if I would have a chance it’d change all my life! I’m so tired of all this routine I wanna do something exciting, fun, the things make me smile from my soul. So if I have a small chance please contact me! Help my dream come true!

  12. bri aiesi

    brown hair curly brown eyes i am 8 ,5’0 80 pounds hope u pick me i love this show its so funny

  13. T'mya

    Hi my name is T’mya and I really want to be on this show. I’m very wacky and funny and annoying sometimes. This could be a jump start to my carrier and I hope you guys would give me the chance to follow my dreams.
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’2
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Gender: Female
    Race: African American
    Weight: 92lbs

  14. James William Woods

    my names james and i alwas wanted to be in a movie or show but heres some facts about me.
    age- 15
    eyes- light brown
    height- 5’7
    hair- dark brown
    im Puerto Rican but im from ohio
    hobbies- i like to draw, sing and act loke another person other then myself and thats why i love to cosplay. i dress up like other characters then myself and that’s why i would be good for this show in anyway.

    please use my email!!!

  15. Andres Rodriguez

    Hello! let me start by introducing my self to whom ever may read this i am Andres Rodriguez i am current high school student that would love to be apart of this show. i am taking drama classes so i am not afraid to acted in from of an audience. Acting has always been a big dream of mine and i would like to pursue it please get back to be i would really be honored to be apart oh this show .
    Name: Andres Rodriguez

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5’10”

    Weight: 132lbs

    Shirt size: M

    Shoe size: 10

    Pants size: 29/30

    Hair: dark brown

    Eyes: light brown

    Build: wrestling,baseball,football


    Location: orange county ,CA

  16. Sereniti

    Hi, my name is Sereniti i am 8 years old turning 9 on the 26 day of January. I love every show on the Disney Channel. I love to sing , dance and be goofey!

  17. Lola Oyenusi

    Hi my name is Lola I am eleven years old, in year seven and live in London. I have brown eyes, black hair and have a dark-ish, light-ish brown skin tone. I am very bubbly funny and always smile. Like the name of the show, I am SO RANDOM! I hope that I get the part and really wish you will understand how much I want this.
    From, Lola

  18. Roselena V

    my name is Roselena, i have just turned ten but am very mature for my age making it easier for you to work with. i have written my own songs for four years i also act, dance, model, compete in pageants and sing. i am a very cool kid to hang with as i like everyone, even the people who don’t like me :p i wont let you down i promise, this is something i really want and things i really want are things i work hard to get so please give me a chance to ace my audition’s everything worth a try right 🙂

  19. Autumn Bryant

    I am very interested in being in this show. I have a little experience being in school films.
    Age: 15
    Hair color: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’5
    Thank you for your consideration.

  20. Brianna Harris

    Race: African American
    Location: South Carolina
    Weight 140
    I’ve always wanted to become an actress and get to experience all the emotions, and effort that is being put into it. I feel it would be a great opportunity and start for me. I’m very outgoing, and I’m a peoples person.

  21. Sasha

    Hi my name is sasha I’m 11 years old I love acting. I go to drama school.i can sing,dance and act

  22. Tracy

    Hi my name is Tracy Fonu and I’m 19 years old. I’m black, 6″ tall with dark brown eyes and black hair. I will like to be considered because I have always aspired to work with Disney and expand my acting career. Thank you.

  23. Erin rose

    hi i am Erin,
    I love your show!
    i love drama, dancing and singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the plays i do everybody says i was amazing (even my teacher).I do lot of plays and pantos!
    i am skinny and very sporty.
    I do gymnastics, running, triple/long jump, trampolining, football and netball.
    I love tree climbing, swimming, drama, dancing,singing and cooking.
    it will not be a disappointment if you pick me!

    body structure:athletic built, thin and tall
    hair: blonde/brown, really curly
    weight: 6 stone
    height 4.02feet
    face;no spots,dark eyelashes
    ps: you will be glad you pick me(if you do)
    PPS: l can come to america

  24. kayla

    hello my name is kayla. and my dream is to be a actress or singer or dancer seeing that i am really good at all of those things this is my dream to be someone to make something of my life and not to just be a nobody with everyone looking down on you. please this is the chance that i have been dreaming of all my life i really want to be a part of this i am really funny tho and i really like this show a lot i really want to be a part of this i would do my best and nothing but my best i would never let you down this is a dream come trough for me please help me make my dream come trough i don’t just want to be a part of this for the fame i am not like other people i want to do this because this is my dream and my passion and i want to make my parents proud.
    age 16
    height 5’6
    location trinidad
    hobbies drawing dancing singing acting and playing instruments and speaking other languages
    race mixed asian
    hair brown
    eyes green
    thank you for your time

  25. Alexis Hampton

    Hello my name is Alexis Hampton and mother of two amazingly Talented kids. Henry 9 years old and Olivia 6 years old. Henry and Olivia have the power to light up a room when they walk in. Henry dream is to someday become a comedian star actor. Henry stands 5 feet, biracial, brown hair and eyes and a smile that will melt your. Miss Olivia is my singer/actor the singing never stops with her and she love to act out her own shows starring that’s right Olivia lol. Standing at 4 feet,biracial, long curly brown hair, eyes brown/gray with the longest eye lashes anyone has ever seen and a smile that will turn anyone’s bad day into a good day!

  26. Zora

    Hey there my name is Zora and Im a blogger and Youtuber. On my Youtube channel I make funny comedy sketches and everything else fashion and beauty related. I think you should pick me cause I’m perfect for So Random and I could be like the new Demi Lovato ;P I currently live in Austria but I wanna move to California someday. I’m 18 years old and I have blonde and turquoise hair. I speak fluent English and I love Disney! I always dreamed my life to be like the life of Sonny in Sonny with a chance haha that’s be epic.

  27. mohamed abukar

    i’d love to be on this/any show i will tell more info on myself if i get a role

  28. Krista Heuertz

    Hi I am Krista, I am 13 and Female. I do Martial Arts and I love to sing and act. I love to hang with my friends, and be weird. I can be very nice, confident, awkward, funny. I have been told i learn very quickly. I am smart, loving and funny 24/7.

    Height: 5’2
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde/Ginger
    Hobby: Singing and Acting.

    I really hope I didn’t waste your time with this, But THANK YOU for YOUR Time.
    Krista Heuertz

  29. Keiti Corcoran

    Hello my name is Keiti I am from the uk and I’m 13 years old. I’m very energetic and a hard worker. I have a wide range of interests, but my passion is singing and dancing. Thankyou for your time, I would love to be considered.

  30. brittany berg

    Hi my name is Brittany and I love acting and singing
    eyes: green
    hair: dirty blonde
    passions: acting singing modeling cheerleading
    sports: dance cheer track cross country
    I hope u put me on the show