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Game Show Casting Call

Are you ready to compete on a fun new game show? A TV show casting call is available for you to apply to in 2017! Casting directors are now in search of contestants for and upcoming game show series on the TBS network, “The Joker’s Wild!”. Casting directors are searching for Southern California locals to be contestants! They are looking for men and women who are well versed in pop culture, current events and a little history. People who are upbeat, outgoing and dynamic who are competitive are wanted. The game show casting call is accepting submissions from males and females who are at least 18 years old and who live in California where the show is filming. Selected individuals will compete for a cash prize.

About The Joker’s Wild

Variety recently reported on this iconic 1970s and ’80s game show reboot and pointed out that it will feature Snoop Dogg leading contestants through “Snoop-ified” games for a chance at some cash and prizes. The game show will be set in the rapper’s “own casino,” and will feature the big slot machine that anchored the earlier versions of the series. “I’m a huge fan of game shows and The Joker’s Wild was my favorite show growing up,” said Snoop. “It always matched the flavor and personality of Snoop Dogg. Me and the Snoopadelic team are excited to bring back the show and put my own personal touch on it. Get ready, ya’ll, it’s gonna be a wild ride!”

The Joker’s Wild is Executive Produced by Michael Strahan & Snoop Dogg. This Snoop-ified version will be set in a faux-casino with giant dice, playing cards, and mini games – in addition to the original giant slot machine!

What They Are Looking For

Are you interested in taking a spin on this new game show? See the following Casting Call information below for more details:

Now Casting Game Show Contestants In Southern California!

TBS & The Casting Firm are seeking contestants with big personalities for the outrageously fun reboot of the iconic game show “The Joker’s Wild” hosted by Snoop Dogg!

Want to compete for a cash prize and have a blast doing it?

Think you know pop culture, current events and some history?

Are you upbeat and uber-competitive, with a dynamic personality?

** Must be a legal US Resident and at least 18 years old.

*** Must be local in Los Angeles for the taping of the show.

How to Apply

If you’re ready to play to win and have a once-in- a-lifetime game show experience, click the apply now button at the website below!

Email the casting team at: if you have any questions.

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17 Casting Responses

  1. Vee

    Why must u be a local of California to be cast in a game show if ur willing to travel to the show if ur not????

  2. Sheila Turan

    Hi, my name Is Sheila Turan, from upstate N.Y., a single mom with kids grown and gone, this whole year has been about beating stage 3 breast cancer..i have always been very outgoing, did some acting in school, have loved snoop dogg for years. I would love the opportunity to meet him as now my life is for living, and would love to win the prize money to take a much needed vacation and always wanted to be on a game show. Thank you for your consideration.
    Sheila Turan.

  3. Valerie Rivera

    Hey! My name is Valerie , MY FAVORITE GAME SHOW ! I’m a nurse certainly not in show biz I just really love the show it looks like a lot of fun & I would love to be apart of it . To be in the presence of SNOOP …. what an honor!!!!

  4. Jennifer Hellard

    HI! My name is Jennifer and I live in Southern California. I love Snoop and I LOVE this show!!! I am a mom of three kids and a school librarian at the local elementary school. I have always wanted to be on a game show and this is my favorite one! I especially love mind meld and I’m always on the edge of my seat to see if the contestants and Snoop will come up with the same answer. I am fun and outgoing and have experience with acting, as I was a theater major in college! Thank you for your consideration!

  5. DuVacha Todd


    My name is DuVacha and I live in Northern California (Bay Area) and I’ve been praying and hoping like millions of people who play the lotto and want to attended your game show. Looking to win to give a step closer to my goals and being selected for my chance because I’ve had one set back in one way or another and I have faith I have all the game to win the $25 bands. I am going to open up some non-profit boarding home to help mental/aging/VA clients/patients.

  6. Mary Armstead

    Pick me! I have a huge personality, very upbeat, and funny! It will be a show to remember!

  7. scott forrest

    what up jokers wild! holla at ya boy and let me be apart of the panel on this great game show! ill bring some great energy and have TBS rocking’ !

  8. Jordan D'Von Meekins

    Hey Everyone,

    My name is Jordan. I am twenty-five years-old and a newly married man. I would love to be able to take my wife on the honeymoon she deserves. We’ve been together seven years but haven’t been able to go anywhere special. I’ve also been a snoop fan my whole life and it would mean so much to meet him and participate in his show. All my wife and I do are watch gameshows on TV, and Jokers Wild is our absolute favorite!!

  9. Frederick Jones

    I would love to do a gameshow on live tv, travel, win some money, met snoop dog, and have some fun. So let’s do it!

  10. Nick

    My name is Nick and my brother name is Marquis we live the Atlanta area and we would like to be contestants on game shoows like fear factor, family feud,and joker’s wild

  11. Elsie Little

    Hi. My name is Elsie Little I live in New York but I don’t mind going where the show is. I have took acting calls before and I’m just showing my kids a different world it could be.

  12. Troy Keesee

    I would love to cast in Jokers Wild! Bring some Southern charm out there . I’m ready to roll, plus my wife tells me I’m an encyclopedia of what I call useless info. Hope to see you guys! 👀

  13. Tara Brandel

    My name is Tara Brandel I curgently work in the medical field but have a vibrant personality and acting experience.I live here in southern California.

  14. Brian chance

    im brian chance aka professor-chance i gave my self that name see im and im dyslexia im 26 year i have a lap top im trying to buy a box truck and be a ower operator im not a greedy person but the more the better off i be if this contest is what is for my name is professorchance and im a real person just looking for a little help with a box truck i live in denver colorado

  15. sheri kluss

    Love, love, love the show!!!! Can’t wait to be a contestant!!!

  16. De’ja

    I would like to start doing game shows to earn some extra money so I can finally get a car instead of my invisible whip.